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 1976 Liquid crystal-rubber dispersions
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 2003 Directional photon transfer between two wires
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 2004 Band structure and omnidirectional photonic band gap in lamellar structures with left-handed materials
 2004 Guided elastic waves along a rod defect of a two-dimensional phononic crystal
 2004 Simple nanometric plasmon multiplexer
 2004 Tunable filtering and demultiplexing in phononic crystals with hollow cylinders
 2008 Electrotunable band gaps of one- and two-dimensional photonic crystal structures based on silicon and liquid crystals
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 1998 Tensile drawing of ethylene/vinyl-alcohol copolymers: 4. Influence of iodine treatment
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 1990 Effect of liquid-crystalline medium on the decomposition of p-nitrophenyl dimethyl thiophosphate
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 2007 Photomagnetism of A-DNAs Intercalated with Photoresponsive Molecules
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 2006 Relationship between the liquid crystallinity and field-effect-transistor behavior of fluorene-thiophene-based conjugated copolymers
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 1976 Theoretical Prediction of the Thermodynamic Properties of Liquid-Crystalline p-Azoxyanisole
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 1989 Electrooptic response of PDLC light shutters
 1989 Electrooptics of polymer dispersed liquid crystals; infrared applications
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 1991 Molecular anchoring at the droplet wall in PDLC materials
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 1991 Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal shutters for IR imaging
 1992 Infrared modulating material comprising a liquid crystal and a medium, its preparation, and IR shutters using it
 1992 Liquid - crystal light-modulating device and material
 1993 Liquid-crystal light-modulating device and its operation
Doane, J. William (cont...)1994 Impressions of China ... / ... and Impressions of Beijing
 1995 Grey scale liquid crystal material
 1995 Liquid crystal order in a highly restrictive porous glass
 1995 Polymer modified and stabilized cholesteric liquid crystal materials for flat panel application
 1995 Polymer modified TN and STN devices
 1995 Surface and polymer network stabilized reflective cholesteric liquid crystal displays
 1995 Transient dielec. study of bistable reflective cholesteric displays and design of rapid drive scheme
 1997 Conducting polymer films for plastic liquid crystal displays
 1997 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals: nematic droplets and related systems
 1997 Polymer stabilized liquid crystalline light modulating device and material
 1998 Novel bistable reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display device for use with night vision goggles
 1999 Advances in Ch-LCD devices using plastic substrates with conducting polymer
 1999 Full-color reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display
 2000 Bistable polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid-crystal display device
 2002 A New High Twisting Power Material For Use as a Single Asymmetric Dopant in Cholesteric Displays With a Temperature Independence of the Helical Twisting Power
 2002 Reflective cholesteric displays: development and applications
 2006 Magical Smectic Liquid Crystal Tube: Simple Illustration of Mechanical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Smectic Liquid Crystals
 2006 PDLC shutters: where has this technology gone?
 2007 New developments in flexible cholesteric liquid crystal displays
 2009 Novel flexible Reflex displays
Doane, J.W.1969 N.M.R. study of molecular configuration and order in a fluorinated-liquid-crystalline Schiff base
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 1970 Spin-lattice relaxation in the nematic liquid crystalline phase
 1970 Structure and physical properties of liquid crystals
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 1971 NMR measurement of the diffusion anisotropy in a nematic liquid crystal
 1972 Mechanisms for spin-lattice relaxation in nematic liquid crystals
 1972 Possible second-order nematic-smectic-A phase transition
 1973 Impurity diffusion in the smectic A and smectic B phases
 1973 Molecular diffusion in the nematic and smectic C phase of 4-4'-di-n-heptyloxyazoxybenzene (HOAB)
 1973 Nematic-smectic a transition entropies in a homologous series
 1973 Nuclear magnetic resonance in the smectic C phase
 1974 Anisotropy of the self-diffusion tensorin nematic MBBA
 1974 Liquid crystals and some of their applications. Brief review
 1974 Nuclear spin-lattice relaxation in liquid crystals by fluctuations in the nematic director
 1974 The approach to a second order nematic-smectic A phase transition using mixtures
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 1981 Reply to "Comment on the NMR determination of molecular order in the smectic-C phase"
 1981 Twist impeded self-diffusion in a cholesteric
 1982 2D NMR observation of pairing in materials forming the reentrant nematic phase
 1982 Investigation of the ribbon structure of a lyotropic liquid crystal by deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance
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 1982 Space modulation of self-diffusion in the cholesteric phase distorted by a magnetic field
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 1983 New variant of reentrant polymorphism in liquid crystals
 1983 On the Landau description of the reentrant behavior in liquid crystals
 1983 Reentrant cholesteric phase
 1984 Magneto-alignment and orientational ordering in the smectic E and chiral smectic C phases
Doane, J.W. (cont...)1984 Mesomorphic behavior of some new fluorene compounds
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 1984 Synthesis of some new fluorine esters with mesomorphic behaviour
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 1985 Molecular distribution among regions of different curvature in aggregates of a lyotropic ternary system: A NMR measurement
 1985 Studies on the smectic phase of some Schiff's bases with a terminal trifluoromethyl group
 1985 Synthesis of some new fluorene esters with mesomorphic behavior
 1985 Time-resolved NMR study of self-diffusion in the cholesteric phase
 1986 A mixture-induced nematic phase
 1986 Dynamic behavior of water in lyotropic ternary mixtures
 1986 Field controlled light scattering from nematic microdroplets
 1986 Light scattering from a small nematic droplet
 1987 Curvature-related molecular segregation in lyotropic aggregates of potassium palmitate and benzyl alcohol: a deuteron NMR study
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 1987 Nematic Liquid Crystal Microdroplets Studied by Nuclear Spin Relaxation
Doane, J.W. (cont...)1987 Nematic mesophases in 9-methyl- and 9-bromo-2-fluorenyl 4-alkoxybenzoates
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 1988 Continuous nematic-isotropic transition in submicron-size liquid-crystal droplets
 1988 Deuterium NMR of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1988 Dielectric relaxation of water molecules in different lyotropic structures of nonylphenoxypoly(ethylenoxy)ethanol (Ark. 9)
 1988 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals for display application
 1988 Proton spin-lattice relaxation in nematic microdroplets
 1989 An isotopic effect in the dielectric spectra of Ark. 9/water systems
 1989 Electrooptic properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1989 Electrooptics of polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1989 Light extinction in a dispersion of small nematic droplets
 1989 Temperature dependence of molecular tilt angle and rotatory power in a ferroelectric liquid crystal with polarization sign reversal
 1990 Color modulator based on polymer dispersed liquid-crystal shutters
 1991 Determination of the liquid-crystal surface elastic constant K24
 1991 Escaped-radial nematic configuration in submicrometer-size cylindrical cavities: Deuterium nuclear-magnetic-resonance study
 1991 Finite molecular anchoring in the escaped-radial nematic configuration: a deuterium-NMR study
 1991 Nematic director orientation in a liquid-crystal-dispersed polymer: a deuterium nuclear-magnetic-resonance approach
 1991 Nematic Director Orientation in Liquid Crystal Dispersed Polymers
 1991 Ordering and self-diffusion in the first molecular layer at a liquid crystal-polymer interface
Doane, J.W. (cont...)1991 Surface-induced orientational order in the isotropic phase of a liquid-crystal material
 1991 Two-dimensional deuteron nuclear magnetic resonance of a polymer dispersed nematic liquid crystal
 1992 Alignment and Ordering Mechanisms at a Liquid Crystal-Solid Interface
 1992 Bistable Color Reflecting Display
 1992 Characterization of the cylindrical cavities of Anopore and Nuclepore membranes
 1992 Cholesteric liquid crystal/polymer gel dispersion for flat panel displays
 1992 Cholesteric liquid crystal/polymer dispersion for haze-free light shutters
 1992 K33/K11 determination in nematic liquid crystals: an optical birefringence technique
 1992 Microconfined Nematic Liquid Crystals: 2H Relaxation Study of Molecular Dynamics
 1992 Molecular Anchoring and the Saddle-Splay Surface Elastic Distortion
 1992 Molecular Anchoring of Confined Liquid Crystals
 1992 Orientational effects of confined 5CB
 1992 Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Infrared Shutter
 1992 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1992 Surface elastic and molecular-anchoring properties of nematic liquid crystals confined to cylindrical cavities
 1992 Theory of Saddle-Splay Elasticity of Nematics in Cyclindrical Cavities
 1992 Volume Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display
 1993 A method for the determination of the elastic constant ratio K33/K11 in nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Alignment and ordering mechanisms at a liquid crystal-solid interface
 1993 Anchoring and orientational wetting transitions of confined liquid crystals
Doane, J.W. (cont...)1993 Cholesteric/polymer dispersed light shutters
 1993 Curvature-induced configuration transition in confined nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Deuteron spin relaxation and molecular dynamics of a nematic liquid crystal (5CB) in cylindrical microcavities
 1993 Light scattering from a dispersion of aligned nematic droplets
 1993 Ordering and ordering transitions in confined liquid crystals
 1993 Randomly constrained orientational order in porous glass
 1993 Surface molecular anchoring in microconfined liquid crystals near the nematic-smectic-A transition
 1994 Captured liquid crystalline order in polymer networks
 1994 Cholesteric reflective display: drive scheme and contrast
 1994 Constrained liquid crystals and polymer networks: a texture study of elasticity and ordering
 1994 Control of reflectivity and bistability in displays using cholesteric liquid crystals
 1994 Nematic director-fields captured in polymer networks confined to spherical droplets
 1994 Optical determination of the saddle-splay elastic constant K24 in nematic liquid crystals
 1994 Orientational order in the smectic F and G phases: deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) study
 1994 Pitch-induced transition of chiral nematic liquid crystals in submicrometer cylindrical cavities
 1995 Characterization of reflective cholesteric liquid-crystal displays
 1995 Dynamics of a nematic liquid crystal constrained by a polymer network: a proton NMR study
 1995 Fellowship of the Royal Society for Professor Frank Leslie
 1995 Internal surface, orientational order, and distribution of a polymer network in a liquid crystal matrix
 1995 New chiral monomers for polymer stabilized cholesteric textures
Doane, J.W. (cont...)1995 Polymer network volume stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 1995 Polymer networks formed in liquid crystals
 1995 Recent advances in materials for polymer stabilized liquid crystals
 1995 Surface phenomena in microconfined liquid crystals: from cylindrical cavities to polymer networks
 1995 Ukranian Liquid Crystal Society
 1996 Cholesteric liquid-crystal displays illuminated by diffuse and partially diffuse light
 1996 Nematic ordering in highly restrictive Vycor glass
 1996 Polymer stabilized-liquid crystals: Color patterning method and materials
 1996 Systematic study of orientational wetting and anchoring at a liquid-crystal-surfactant interface
 1997 Correlation of electrooptical and Raman characteristics of polymer-stabilized cholesteric texture films
 1997 High resolution plastic reflective cholesteric liquid crystal displays
 1997 Pretransitional nematic ordering in liquid crystals with dispersed polymer networks
 1997 Reflective cholesteric displays from conducting polymer substrates
 2004 A New High Twisting Power Material for Use as a Single Asymmetric Dopant in Cholesteric Displays with a Temperature Independence of the Helical Twisting Power
 2005 Recent advances in low power and flexible cholesteric LCDs (Invited Paper)
 2005 Rugged and drapable cholesteric liquid crystal displays
 2006 Recent advances in flexible low power cholesteric LCDs
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 1995 Captured Orientational Order in Polymer Network Assemblies
 1997 Conducting polymer substrates for plastic liquid crystal display
 1997 Plastic liquid crystal displays from conducting polymer
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Dobal, P.S.1999 Micro-Raman investigations of pressure-induced transformations in MBBA
Dobarro, A.1995 Synthesis and pPhase Characerization of New Carbazole Containing Liquid Crystal Side Chain Polysiloxanes
Dobarro, Alicia1996 Synthesis and phase behavior of new carbazole-containing liquid crystalline side chain polysiloxanes
 1997 Synthesis of symmetric and asymmetric carbazolyl monomers and their siloxane polymers. Effect of the 2,3,6,7,9-substitution in the carbazole unit on its mesomorphic behavior
 2001 Structure and Optical Properties of 2,3,7,9-Polysubstituted Carbazole Derivatives. Experimental and Theoretical Studies
Dobashi, T.2007 Dynamics of Liquid Crystalline Gelation of DNA
 2008 Liquid crystalline gelation of aqueous solutions of structure proteins
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 1995 Metal circuits, thin film transistors, liquid crystal display device, and wiring method
Dobashi, Toshiaki2004 Liquid Crystalline Gel with Refractive Index Gradient of Curdlan
 2005 Dynamics in Dialysis Process for Liquid Crystalline Gel Formation
 2005 Liquid Crystalline Gel Beads of Curdlan
 2006 Mono-and multilayered aluminum ion-induced liquid crystalline gel of DNA
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