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 1999 Powder coatings giving color effects depending on the viewing angle
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 1999 Preparation of thin films from non-aqueous dispersions for use in effect pigments with color dependent on viewing angle
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 2004 Study of different modes of dielectric relaxation in a newly synthesized material exhibiting ferro-, ferri- and antiferro-electric phases
 2004 Study of different modes of dielectric relaxation in the ferro- and antiferroelectric phases of a newly-synthesized highly tilted chiral liquid crystal material 6H6B
 2004 Study of different modes of dielectric relaxations in antiferroelectric liquid crystal MOPB(H)PBC
 2004 Synthesis, Characterization and Mesomorphic Properties of n-(4-n-Alkoxy-2-Hydroxybenzylidene)-4-Carbethoxyaniline and their Copper Complexes
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 2005 Synthesis, characterization and mesomorphic behaviour of lanthanide (III) 4-alkoxybenzoates
 2006 Dielectric Investigations of Induced Twist Grain Boundary Phases in the Binary Mixtures of Cholesteryl Benzoate and Di-Heptyloxyazoxybenzene
 2006 Dielectric Spectroscopy of a Newly Synthesized Chlorinated Analogue of MHPOBC Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
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 2006 Twisted-grain-boundary (TGB) phases: nanostructured liquid-crystal analogue of Abrikosov vortex lattices
 2008 Optimization of the Display Parameters of a Room Temperature Twisted Nematic Display Material by Doping Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes
 2008 Switching and electrical properties of ferro- and antiferroelectric phases of MOPB(H)PBC
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 2006 Characterization of Nematic Phase of Banana Liquid Crystal
 2007 Characterization of Nematic Phase of Banana Liquid Crystal
 2007 Experimental Investigation on Pretilt Angle in Binary Liquid Crystal Composed of Highly Polar Molecules
 2007 Experimental Investigation on the Pretilt Angle in a Binary Liquid Crystal Composed of Highly Polar Molecules
 2008 Physical characterisation of 4'-butyl-4-heptyl- bicyclohexyl-4-carbonitrile
 2009 Syntheses and characterization of novel asymmetric bent-core mesogens exhibiting polar smectic phases
 2010 Perfluoropolymer Surface for Shock-free Homeotropic Alignment of Smectic Liquid Crystals
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 2002 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of (Octadecylamino)dihydroxysalicylaldehyde at Air/Water Interface
 2008 How does urea really denature myoglobin?
Dhathathreyan, Aruna2001 Synthesis of nickel sulfide using Langmuir–Blodgett films of nickel complex of 2-hydroxy-5-nitro-N-benzylidene hexadecylamine monolayers at air/water interface
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 2003 Synthesis of Ordered Hexagonal Mesostructured Nickel Oxide
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 2001 Unique Electro-Optical Properties of Liquid Crystals Designed for Molecular Optics
 2002 The Optical Properties of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
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D'have, Koen1999 Electrical and optical measurements of the image sticking effect in nematic LCD'S
 2000 Solution of the dark state problem in antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 2000 Surface trapping of ions and symmetric addressing scheme for FLCDs
 2003 Beam steering by combing two binary-phase-modulated FLC SLMs
 2005 A study of near-lossless analog phase modulation in V-shaped switching FLC cells
 1999 Analogue Grey Level in SSFLCD by Varying Surface Anchoring
 1999 Influence of Transverse Dipole Statistics on Transmission Characteristics of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays
 2002 Fully leaky guided mode study of an orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystal cell deviating from perfect horizontal surface stabilization
 2002 Polymer Dispersed Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2002 Properties of New Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixtures
 2005 Alignment and switching of AFLC materials using various boundary conditions
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 2008 Optics: Against the spread of the light
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 2009 Studies of Nano-Particle Doped Liquid Crystal Mixtures
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 1989 New binary liquid crystal systems with the phase sequence smectic A-smectic C-smectic A
 1989 Reentrant nematic phases in binary systems of terminal-nonpolar compounds. III. Systems of homologous n-alkyloxyphenyl 4-[4-n-alkylcyclohexanoyloxy]benzoates
 1989 Sulfur ligated siamese twin mesogens
 1989 Twin Mesogens - A Substance Class with Non-Conventional Properties
 1990 Filled SA phases in binary liquid crystalline systems of terminal-nonpolar compounds (III). The role of the molecule length of the rod-like component
 1990 Filled smectic A phases in binary liquid-crystalline systems of terminal-nonpolar compounds
 1990 Filled smectic A phases in binary liquid-crystalline systems of terminal-nonpolar compounds. V. Smectic A phases with unusually high ratio of the layer spacing and the average molecular length
Diele, Siegmar (cont...)1990 From laterally branched mesogens to novel twin molecules. II
 1990 Induced SA phases and reentrant nematic phases in binary systems of homologous terminal-nonpolar compounds
 1990 Liquid crystal compounds. 53. 2,3,4-Trihexyloxycinnamic acid - the first example of a novel series of biaxial nematic liquid crystals
 1990 Liquid crystal compounds. Part 56. Thermotropic biaxial nematic phases with negative optical character
 1990 Mischbarkeitsuntersuchungen zur Einordnung der Smektischen M Phase in das Klassifikationsschema
 1990 Miscibility between the smectic A phase of a conventional liquid crystal and the lamellar phase of an inverse salt
 1990 Neuartige nematisch-biaxiale Flüssigkristalle
 1990 Neuartige nematisch-biaxiale Flüssigkristalle
 1990 New naphthalene derivatives with liquid crystalline glassy states
 1990 Study of the microphase separation in liquid-crystalline polymers with paired mesogens
 1990 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline polyesters with y-shaped mesogens
 1990 The steric influence on the formation of smectic layers in binary systems
 1990 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers. 28. Structural transformation "nematic-smectic A - reentrant nematic" in a comblike polymer and its mixture with a low-molar-mass liquid-crystal compound
 1990 X-ray investigation of combined main-chain/side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 X-ray studies of liquid-crystalline phases of polycatenar substances: evidence for a rectangular columnar structure
 1991 Columnar phases from semi-discoid molecules. Phase induction via hydrogen bonding and charge transfer interactions
 1991 Comparing x-ray studies of smectic A phases formed by laterally branched molecules
 1991 Dialkynyl malonate derivatives and their uses
 1991 Liquid crystalline compounds. 58. News on nematic-biaxial liquid crystals
 1991 Molecular Design of Amphotropic Materials: Double Headed Diol-Based Mesogens
Diele, Siegmar (cont...)1991 Stabilization of monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett films of mesogenic components by mixing
 1991 Structure and Packing in Smectic E and Smectic A Phases in the Series of 4-n-Alkyloxy-4'-alkanoylbiphenyls
 1991 The SM phase: evidence for a new type of tilted smectic phase
 1992 Discotic Liquid Crystals Based on Star-Like Oligomeric Triphenylene Derivatives
 1992 Liquid-crystalline side-group polyesters with definite lengths of the main-chain spacers
 1992 Mesophase characterization of some long chain vicinal multihydroxy amphiphiles [1,2]
 1992 Stabilization and Destabilization of SmecticA Phases Caused by Steric Interaction
 1992 Volumetric measurements on a liquid-crystalline polysiloxane with phenylbenzoate moiety in the side-group
 1992 X-ray investigations in low-molecular-weight glassy mesophases
 1992 X-Ray, Microscopic and Colorimetric Measurements of Thermotropic Cubic Phases
 1993 Bowl-shaped liquid crystals - new derivatives of cyclotriveratrylene and calix[4]arene
 1993 Mesomorphe Multinucleare Pallado-Discogene
 1993 New smectic phase sequences in chiral substances
 1993 PS inversion in three homologous series of ferroelectric 5-(2-fluoro-alkyloxy)-2-(4-n-alkylphenyl) pyrimidines
 1993 Structure and intermolecular interaction in liquid crystalline mixed phases. Progress report
 1993 Strukturen und Eigenschaften neuer diskotischer Palldiumorganyle
 1993 Synthesis and Polymorphism of New Swallow-tailed Mesogens
 1993 The polymorphism of a new chiral compound with smectic C and CA phases
 1993 Untersuchungen an einer neuen chiralen Substanzgruppe mit antiferroelektrischer Phase
 1993 X-Ray Investigations of the Homologous Series of MnTAC
Diele, Siegmar (cont...)1994 An Induced Ferrielectric Smectic Phase in a New Polymorphism Scheme?
 1994 Cubic Phases by Lateral Substitution of Polycatenar Mesogens
 1994 Destruction of an intercalated structure in a smectic A phase
 1994 Liquid crystalline 2-[4-(2-chloroalkanoyloxy)phenyl]-5-(4-n-hexyloxyphenyl)pyrimidines. New ferroelectric compounds exhibiting interesting polymorphism
 1994 Molecular design of amphotropic materials: double-headed diol-based mesogens incorporating rigid structural units
 1994 New liquid crystalline materials by combination of pyramidic and calamitic structural units
 1994 On the structure of the thermotropic cubic mesophases
 1994 Stabilization and destabilization of the SA phase in mixtures of 4-nitrobenzyl-2,5-bis(4-n-alkyloxybenzoyloxy)benzoates
 1994 Stabilization and induction of liquid crystalline phases by hydrogen bonds
 1994 Structure and dielectric investigation of a binary system of a bi-swallow-tailed and a terminally-polar compound
 1994 Synthesis and Dielectric Measurements of Cyanoethyl Esters
 1994 Synthesis and Structural Investigations of Polycatenar Compounds
 1994 The Polymorphism of a New Homologous Series of Chiral Substances
 1994 Thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of 1,2,.psi.,ω-n-alkanetetraols
 1994 X-Ray Studies of Liquid Crystalline Phases of Derivatives of the Benzene- and Cyclohexene 1,3,5-Carboxylicacids
 1995 A re-entrant smectic C phase in a sequence smectic C-oblique columnar-smectic C-nematic
 1995 Crystalline-smectic C-cubic-isotropic-nematic-isotropic polymorphism: synthesis and unexpected behavior of a new series of double-swallow-tailed mesogens
 1995 Double-Swallow-Tailed Compounds as Connecting Link between Lamellar and Comnar Mesophases
 1995 Heterotrimeric liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1995 High Ordered Smectic Phases in New "Swallow-Tailed" Compounds
Diele, Siegmar (cont...)1995 Induction of smectic A phases and cubic phases in binary systems of new hexacatenar substances
 1995 Lamellar, columnar and cubic mesophases in binary systems of a new double-swallow-tailed compound
 1995 Laterally connected 'trimesogens'
 1995 Liquid-crystalline compounds. Part 89. On the molecular and mesophase structures of disk-like tetrapalladium liquid crystals
 1995 Mesomorphic properties and magnetic behavior of di-(5-substituted-salicylidene)ethylenediaminato cobalt(II) complexes
 1995 Phase transitions between smectic A phases as well as smectic C* phases and undulated structures in terminal non-polar compounds
 1995 Re-entrant isotropic behavior of a pure double-swallow-tailed compound
 1995 Star-like discotic liquid crystals
 1995 Structures, properties and miscibility behavior of liquid crystalline polycatenar tetrone derivatives
 1995 Synthesis and investigations of new liquid-crystalline compounds by combination of the pyramidic tribenzocyclononene unit and calamitic structural units
 1996 A new high temperature mesophase of a double-swallow-tailed compound with weak optical anisotropy
 1996 Ferrocene-Containing Liquid Crystalline Twins
 1996 Ferrocene-containing thermotropic liquid crystals: laterally connected twins
 1996 Liquid Crystalline Derivatives of 1,3,5-Triazacyclohexane
 1996 Liquid crystalline phases of perfluorinated compounds with segregated sublayers
 1996 Mesomorphic behavior of new double swallow-tailed compounds
 1996 Mesomorphic properties and monolayer behavior of novel liquid crystalline exo-calix[4]arene derivatives
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