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Alexe-Ionescu, Anca Luisa1998 Liquid crystal cell comprising controlled anchoring plate and process for fabricating this plate
Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza1993 Flexoelectric polarization and second order elasticity for nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Gradient flexoelectric effect and thickness dependence of anchoring energy
 1993 Influence of the surface topography on the surface transitions in nematics
 1993 Local and non-local terms in the elastic energy for piezoelectric materials
 1993 On an orientation transition in nematic liquid crystals induced by the thickness of the sample
 1993 On the temperature dependence of the surface elastic constant K13
 1993 One- and two-dimensional deformations in nematic liquid crystals: influence of the flexoelectric polarization
 1993 Some considerations on the influence of the flexoelectricity on the critical thickness of a hybrid, aligned, nematic cell
 1993 Surface transitions in nematic liquid crystals oriented with Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1994 Anchoring energy for nematic liquid crystals: contribution from the spatial variation of the elastic constants
 1994 Measuring the birefringence of a nematic liquid crystal at temperatures very close to the clearing point
 1994 Stochastic contribution to the anchoring energy: deviation from the Rapini-Papoular expression
 1994 Surface elastic properties of nematic liquid crystals
 1994 Temperature surface transitions in nematic liquid crystals. Elastic model
 1995 Dependence of the nematic liquid crystal pretilt angle on the thickness of the orientation layer
 1995 Dielectric relaxation investigations of new synthesized organo-metallic liquid crystal
 1995 Influence of spatial inhomogeneities on the Fréedericksz threshold
 1995 Landau theory for the surface induced order transitions in the nematic phase with hydrogen bonded molecules
 1995 Langmuir-Blodgett film and nematic interface
 1995 Lifchitz invariant in the elastic energy density for Langmuir-Blodgett films
Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza (cont...)1995 Transitions from smectic C to isotropic phase in an applied electric field
 1996 Anchoring energy for the nematic liquid crystal-Langmuir Blodgett film interface
 1996 Elastic theory for Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1996 Nematic surface transitions induced by anchoring competition
 1996 Surface fields and the splay-bend elastic constant
 1997 Measurement of the splay-blend elastic constant in lyotropic ferronematic liquid crystals: the influence of the bounding surfaces
 1997 Non-Monotonous Behavior of the Optical Phase Retardation in a Nematic Layer
 1997 Subsurface deformations in nematic liquid crystals: the hexagonal lattice approach
 1997 Surface Properties of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
 1998 Bistable nematic azimuthal alignment induced by anchoring competition
 1998 Magnetic field controlled optical phase retardation in a hybrid nematic cell
 1998 Non-local description of nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Order distribution function of a linear polymerized photopolymer orienting a nematic liquid crystal
 1998 Surface-induced nematic order variation: Intrinsic anchoring and subsurface director deformations
 1999 Nematic ordering in a cell with modulated surface anchoring: Effects of flexoelectricity
 1999 Surface breaking in lyotropic nematic liquid crystals induced by a magnetic field
 2001 A tool to control the nematic surface alignment: anchoring competition
 2001 Effects of Charge Asymmetry in a Nematic Liquid Crystal in Contact with an Amorphous Tungsten Trioxide Layer
 2001 Liquid-crystal-electrochromic-material interface: A p-n-like electro-optic junction
 2002 Periodic deformations in nematic liquid crystals
Alexe-Ionescu, Anca-Luiza (cont...)2002 Statistical approach to the orienting photopolymer-nematic-liquid-crystal anchoring energy
 2002 Statistical theory of the compensating effect when anchoring with two orthogonal photoaligned polymers
 2003 Influence of an elastic deformation on the scalar nematic order parameter
 2003 Role of Surface Order on the Total Electric Conduction in NLC Samples
 2004 Fast electro-optic switching in nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Role of Delocalized Electrons in Polyaniline-Nematogen Cyanobiphenyls Interaction
 2005 Role of the diffuse layer of the ionic charge on the impedance spectroscopy of a cell of liquid
 2006 Transient effects in electrolytic cells submitted to an external electric field
 2006 Voltage decay time of a liquid crystal cell submitted to a large difference of potential
 2007 Relaxation Times of an Electrolytic Cell Subject to an External Electric Field: Role of Ambipolar and Free Diffusion Phenomena
 2008 Current measurements across a nematic cell submitted to an external voltage and its equivalent electrical circuit
 2008 Reorientation effect on the current–voltage characteristics of a nematic cell
 2008 The Role of an Insulating Surface Layer on the Relaxation Time of the Ionic Redistribution in an Electrolytic Cell
Alexeev, Alexander2007 Mechanical Characterization of Polymers on a Nanometer Scale through Nanoindentation. A Study on Pile-up and Viscoelasticity
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Alexeyev, A.N.2006 Generic optical vortex in a strongly elliptic optical fibre
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Alexeyev, C.N.2006 Generic optical vortex in a strongly elliptic optical fibre
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Alfano, R.R.1978 Relaxation kinetics of the plastic crystal succinonitrile
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 2004 Cross-correlation frequency-resolved optical gating coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering with frequency-converting photonic-crystal fibers
 2004 Phase-matched four-wave mixing of sub-100-TW/cm2 femtosecond laser pulses in isolated air-guided modes of a hollow photonic-crystal fiber
Alfimov, Michael V.2007 Influence of Monolayer State on Spectroscopy and Photoisomerization of an Amphiphilic Styryl-Pyridinium Dye on a Solid Substrate
Alfons, K.1998 Solvent-induced sponge (L3) phases in the solvent-monoolein-water system
Alfonso, Giovanni C.1991 Crystallization of poly(aryl ether ether ketones) blends
 2004 Spatially Resolved Flow-Induced Crystallization Precursors in Isotactic Polystyrene by Simultaneous Small- and Wide-Angle X-ray Microdiffraction
Alfonso, Giovanni Carlo1994 Formation and stability of fibrillar domains of a liquid crystalline copolyester in an amorphous poly(phenylene ether ketone) matrix
Alfredsson, Viveka1994 High-resolution transmission electron microscopy of mesoporous MCM-41 type materials
 1997 Cubosome Description of the Inorganic Mesoporous Structure MCM-48
 2001 Triblock Copolymers as Templates in Mesoporous Silica Formation: Structural Dependence on Polymer Chain Length and Synthesis Temperature
 2002 Macroscopic Alignment of Silver Nanoparticles in Reverse Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Templates
 2003 Phase behavior and structure of amphiphilic poly(ethylene oxide)-poly(propylene oxide) triblock copolymers ((EO)4(PO)59(EO)4 and (EO)17(PO)59(EO)17) in ternary mixtures with water and xylene
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 2004 Mechanism of Mesoporous Silica Formation. A Time-Resolved NMR and TEM Study of Silica-Block Copolymer Aggregation
 2004 Time-Resolved in Situ Studies of the Formation of Cubic Mesoporous Silica Formed with Triblock Copolymers
 2005 Cryo-TEM studies of DNA and DNA-lipid structures
 2006 Transmission electron microscopy in formation and growth of ordered mesoporous materials
 2008 Growth and Morphology of Mesoporous SBA-15 Particles
 2008 Solubilization of sphingomyelin vesicles by addition of a bile salt
 2009 In Situ Observation of the Genesis of Mesoporous Silica SBA-15: Dynamics on Length Scales from 1 nm to 1 µm
Alfter, Frank2006 Fine-particled azo pigment for color filters for LC displays and procedure for its production
 2006 Pigment concentrate based on azo pigment and containing disazo compounds as dispersing agents
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 1991 Formation of highly ordered thin films of perfluorinated carboxylic acids and azobenzenes by thermal evaporation
 1991 Liquid crystal side chain copolymers as Langmuir-Blodgett and magnetically aligned thin films
 1991 Magnetic orientation of phthalocyaninatopolysiloxanes
 1994 AFM and X-ray studies of films formed by thermal evaporation and by the LB technique
 1996 Synthesis and Characterization of Mesogenic Phthalocyanines Containing a Single Poly(oxyethylene) Side Chain: An Example of Steric Disturbance of the Hexagonal Columnar Mesophase
Ali-Adib, Ziad1995 Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett films of derivatives of α-olefin-maleic anhydride alternating copolymers prepared from olefins containing hydrophilic groups
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 1998 A Study of Lyotropic Mesophases of Concentrated Solutions of a Triblock Copolymer of Ethylene Oxide and 1,2-Butylene Oxide, E16B10E16, Using Rheometry, Polarized Light Microscopy, and Small-Angle X-ray Scattering
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 2005 Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Preformed Polymers Containing Biphenyl Groups
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 2000 A differential scanning calorimetry study of phosphocholines mixed with paclitaxel and its bromoacylated taxanes
Aliaga, Cesar2008 Sum Frequency Generation Studies of Ammonium and Pyrrolidinium Ionic Liquids Based on the Bis-trifluoromethanesulfonimide Anion
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Aliev, A.F.1980 Behavior of a smectic C2 phase in electrical fields
Aliev, D.F.1977 Behavior of a nematic liquid crystal in alternating electric fields
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 1978 Electrooptical memory effects in nematic liquid crystals doped with optically active molecules
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 1979 Stable preferred orientations and characteristics of electrohydrodynamic instability in cholesterol liquid crystals with a large pitch of the helix
 1979 Stimulation of the electrohydrodynamic instability in the smectic A phase
 1980 Electro-optical effect in the smectic C phase of a liquid crystal
 1981 Electric conductivity and electrooptical effects in a liquid crystal smectic C-phase
 1981 Electric conductivity and the effect of turning of domains in smectic C
 1981 Electrooptical properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1981 Induced electrohydrodynamic instability in smectic A mesophases and control of their characteristics
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 1982 Behavior of a ferroelectric liquid crystal in variable fields
 1982 Homeotropic-planar transition in the smectic A phase of a liquid crystal
 1982 Light scattering during the electrically negative memory effect in smectic liquid crystals
 1982 Optical properties of a homolytic series of ferroelectric liquid rystals
 1982 Phase transition in the smectic A phase of a liquid crystal
Aliev, D.F. (cont...)1982 Phase transitions in mixtures of A- and C-modifications of smectic liquid crystals
 1983 New type of instability in the smectic C phase of a liquid crystal
 1983 Orientation effects in smectic liquid crystals and their reversibility
 1983 Photoelectric properties of a liquid crystal-silicon contact
 1983 Smectic liquid crystals in color imaging devices
 1983 Some physicochemical properties of mixtures of smectic C-phase with cholesteryl pelargonate
 1983 Whirl electrohydrodynamic instability in smectic A phase liquid crystals
 1984 Electric field-induced Freedericks transition in smectic C liquid crystals
 1984 Mechanism of electric conductivity of liquid-crystal layers
 1984 Physicochemical properties of mixtures of smectic C phase with cholesteryl chloride
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 1985 On the mechanism of formation of an instability in the smectic C phase of a liquid crystal
 1985 Rotational electrohydrodynamic instability in the smectic A phase of a liquid crystal
 1986 Domain instability in twisted smectic C liquid crystal phase
 1986 Influence of cholesteric liquid crystals on the smectic-C phase properties
 1987 Effect of L-menthone derivatives on the properties of the liquid-crystal smectic C phase
 1987 Influence of ionizing radiation on the threshold potential of the homeotropic-planar transition in the smectic phase of cholesteryl pelargonate
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Aliev, F.2004 Dielectric Relaxation in Liquid Crystal Confined to Cylindrical Pores: Effect of Different Layer Thicknesses and Boundary Conditions
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 1992 “Whitenights Conference” St Petersburg, Russia, May 27 - June 2, 1992
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Aliev, F.M. (cont...)1997 Broad-band dielectric spectroscopy of liquid crystals confined in random and cylindrical pores
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 1999 Dielectric relaxation in deeply supercooled liquid crystals confined in random porous media
 1999 Dielectric relaxation in filled nematic liquid crystals
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 2001 Glass-like relaxation in confined liquid crystals
 2001 Non-debye relaxation and glass-like behavior of confined liquid crystals
Aliev, Fouad M.1994 Dynamics, structure, and phase transitions of ferroelectric liquid crystal confined in a porous matrix
 1994 Orientational Susceptibility in Porous Glass near a Bulk Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition
 1994 Orientational susceptibility in porous glass near a bulk nematic-isotropic phase transition
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 1996 Dynamic light scattering in 5CB confined in disordered porous media
 1996 Ellipsometry at the nematic-isotropic phase transition in a confined geometry
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 1997 Dielectric relaxation of nematic liquid crystal confined in porous matrixes
 1997 Influence of confinement on dynamics of molecular motion and collective modes of liquid crystal dispersed in pores
 1997 Liquid crystalline behavior of octylcyanobiphenyl confined to submicron-size randomly connected porous glasses
 1997 Optical Rotatory Power of a Chiral Liquid Crystal in a Confined Geometry
 1998 Appearance of Ferrielectric Phases in a Confined Liquid Crystal Investigated by Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
 1999 Photon correlation spectroscopy of confined liquid crystals in isotropic, nematic, and smectic phases
 1999 Slow dynamics and glass-like behavior of liquid crystals confined in porous media
 1999 The appearance of ferrielectric phases in confined liquid crystal studied by photon correlation spectroscopy
 2001 Dynamics of molecular and collective modes in filled nematic
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 2003 Origin and Scaling of the Permanent Dipole Moment in CdSe Nanorods
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