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 1999 Two modes of domain oscillations during electrohydrodynamic convection in nematic liquid crystals
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 2001 Crossover between Flexoelectric Stripe Patterns and Electroconvection in Hybrid Aligned Nematics
 2001 Drifting Abnormal Rolls in Electroconvection of Hybrid Aligned Nematic
 2002 Dielectric Regime of Electroconvection in Twisted Nematics
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Delfyett, Peter2004 Programmable multiwavelength modelocked laser
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 2007 Synthesis and Micrometer-Scale Assembly of Colloidal CdSe/CdS Nanorods Prepared by a Seeded Growth Approach
Dellago, Christoph2003 Simulation strategies and signatures of chaos in classical nonlinear response
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 1984 Intramolecular behaviour in the smectic F and I phases
 1985 Deuterium-NMR investigation of the two-dimensional smectic F and I phases
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 2008 7Li NMR Spectroscopy and Multiquantum Relaxation as a Probe of the Microstructure and Dynamics of Confined Li+ Cations: An Application to Dense Clay Sediments
 2009 Long-Time Scale Ionic Dynamics in Dense Clay Sediments Measured by the Frequency Variation of the 7Li Multiple-Quantum NMR Relaxation Rates in Relation with a Multiscale Modeling
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 1986 EDA complexes in liquid crystalline mixed phases of novel compounds with lateral dicyanoethenyl substituents
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 1986 Intercalated smectic-A structures in a new class of laterally branched substances
 1986 Liquid crystalline substances
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 1987 Binary systems with induced smectic phases due to EDA complex formation
 1987 Bistability and domain wall motion in smectic C phases induced by strong electric fields
 1987 Freedericksz transition of planar oriented smectic C phases
 1987 Glassy nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Induced SA phases in binary systems with EDA complexing
 1987 Intermediate nematic phases in binary systems with complex formation
 1987 Liquid crystal compounds for mixtures with negative dielectric anisotropy and method for preparing these compounds
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