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Dalcanale, Enrico1989 Macrocyclic tetramers having columnar tridimensional mesophases
 1990 Pyramidal liquid-crystal macrocyclic tetramers, their preparation, and their use in display and nonlinear optical devices
 1991 Mixtures of pyramidal columnar liquid crystals and their preparation and use
 1991 Thermotropic dodecasubstituted macrocyclic tetramers as ferroelectric pyramidal liquid crystals, and their preparation and use
 1992 A new, conformationally mobile macrocyclic core for bowl-shaped columnar liquid crystals
 1992 Mesogenic aromatic esters with sulfur containing alkyl chains
 1993 Design and synthesis of thermotropic liquid crystals
 1993 Influence of steric interactions and random side chain variations on the mesomorphic properties of bowlic mesogens
 1994 Molecular Conformation and Magnetic Behavior of Macrocyclic Columnar Liquid Crystals
 1995 Influence of macrocyclic core configuration of the mesomorphic properties of liquid crystalline calixarenes
 1995 Microscopic Heterogeneity in a Bowlic Columnar Mesophase as Probed with Fluorescence Depolarization Measurements
 1996 Self-organization in stable and metastable Langmuir-Blodgett films of liquid crystalline porphyrins
 1998 Nickel(II) complexes of 2,6-disubstituted pyridine bishydrazones as potential metallomesogens. Suppression of the mesogenic properties induced by dimerization
 1999 Synthesis and mesogenic properties of porphyrin octaesters
 2000 Molecular dynamics and conformational behaviour of mesogenic resorcinarenes
 2000 Molecular Reorganization in Langmuir-Blodgett Films of Mesogenic Zn-Porphyrin Octaesters
 2004 Design and preparation of mesogenic cavitands
 2005 Proton Driven Vase-to-Kite Conformational Change in Cavitands at an Air-Water Interface Monitored by Surface SHG
Dalchiele, Enrique A.2007 Contrast enhancement in double-layered dye-doped polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal cells
 2008 Effect of size polydispersity in polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
Daldosso, N.2004 Silicon-based near-infrared tunable filters filled with positive or negative dielectric anisotropic liquid crystals
Dale, Johannes1957 Infrared absorption spectra of ortho- and para-linked polyphenyls
 1957 Ultraviolet absorption spectra of ortho- and para-linked polyphenyls
Dale, Robert E.2006 Two-dimensional Förster resonance energy transfer (2-D FRET) and the membrane raft hypothesis
d'Alessandro, A.1996 A construction for an analog grey scale SSFLC display
 1996 Influence of charge transfer complex doping of polyamide alignment film on SSFLC cell performance
 1997 Influence of Alignment Techniques on Switching Behavior of SSFLC Cells
 1997 Influence of the Aligning Materials on the Dielectric Spectra of Thin Surface Stabilized FLC Cells
 1997 Matrix addressing waveforms for gray shades SSFLC displays
 1997 Use of PTFE alignment layers in passive addressed SSFLC displays
 1998 Influence of alignment techniques on switching behavior of SSFLC cells
 1998 Studies of anchoring conditions for different aligning materials from dielectric behavior of SSFLC cells
 1998 Video speed low total voltage matrix addressing technique for SSFLC displays
 2002 BPM analysis of an integrated optical switch using polymeric optical waveguides and SSFLC at 1.55 μm
 2003 Liquid crystal devices for photonic switching applications: state of the art and future developments
 2003 Optical characterization at wavelengths of 632.8 nm and 1549 nm of policryps switchable diffraction gratings
 2004 A polarization independent liquid crystal assisted vertical coupler switch
 2009 Realization of a Liquid Crystal Electrically Controlled Optical Waveguide on Micromachined Silicon
 2010 Integration and Characterization of LC/Polymer Gratings on Glass and Silicon Platform
d'Alessandro, Antonio1998 Design of an ultrashort directional coupler with an SSFLC coupling layer
 1999 SSFLC Polarization Switch for Zeeman Laser Stabilization Loop
 2003 Performance optimization of optical switches in ferroelectric liquid crystals and polymers operating at 1550 nm
 2004 An Integrated 2 × 2 SSFLC Optical Switch with Channel Ion-Exchanged Glass Waveguides
 2004 Integrated optic devices using liquid crystals: design and fabrication issues
 2005 A Tuneable Waveguided Optical Filter Made of Polymer and Liquid Crystal Slices Operating in C-band: Analysis of Transmission and Reflection Properties
 2005 Characterisation of Photoalignment Materials for Photonic Applications at Visible and Infrared Wavelengths
 2006 A Switchable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer using Ion-Exchange Waveguides and a POLICRYPS Grating Overlayer
 2006 Integrated Optics Using Smectic and Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2007 Integrated Optics Devices Based on Liquid Crystals
 2007 Switches and tunable filters based on ring resonators and liquid crystals
 2007 Theoretical Performance Analysis of an Integrated Optic Filter Made of Glass Waveguides and POLICRYPS Holographic Gratings
 2008 Realization of an Optical Filter Using POLICRYPS Holographic Gratings on Glass Waveguides
d'Alessandro, G.1991 Spontaneous hexagon formation in a nonlinear optical medium with feedback mirror
 1992 Hexagonal spatial patterns for a Kerr slice with a feedback mirror
 1995 Amplitude equations and pattern formation in a liquid-crystal light-valve experiment
 2003 Bistability of liquid crystal microcavities
 2004 Average patterns and coherent phenomena in wide aperture lasers
 2005 Photoconductive polymer-liquid crystal systems for efficient beam control and amplification
 2009 Spectral properties and modes of surface microcavities
d'Alessandro, Giampaolo1991 Spatiotemporal instabilities of lasers in models reduced via center manifold techniques
 2004 Surface charge screening and boundary conditions for high two-beam coupling gain in pure liquid crystals
d'Alessandro, Maira2002 Coherent dynamics in a butane molecule
d'Alessio, Giuseppe1994 Bovine seminal ribonuclease destabilizes negatively charged membranes
Daley, A.J.2002 Early time diffusion for the quantum kicked rotor with narrow initial momentum distributions
Daley, R.1987 Light scattering in monomeric and polymeric smectics
 1988 Gray scale in laser-addressed smectic storage displays
 1989 Light on dark laser addressed smectic liquid crystal projection displays
Dalgliesh, R.M.2004 Millisecond time resolution neutron reflection from a nematic liquid crystal
 2007 Surface ordering at the air-nematic interface. Part 1. A neutron reflection study of translational order
Dalgliesh, Robert M.2006 Interfacial Structure in Conjugated Polymers: Characterization and Control of the Interface between Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) and Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-alt-benzothiadiazole)
Dalhaimer, P.2004 Elongation and Fluctuations of Semiflexible Polymers in a Nematic Solvent
Dalhaimer, Paul2003 Single Molecule Visualization of Stable, Stiffness-Tunable, Flow-Conforming Worm Micelles
 2007 Crosslinked actin networks show liquid crystal elastomer behaviour, including soft-mode elasticity
Dali-Youcef, B.2005 Preparation and characterization of polymer network/liquid crystal systems
 2006 Dynamic swelling behaviour of isotropic polyacrylate networks in 4-cyano-4'-n-pentyl-biphenyl (5CB)
Daliani, I.1999 Effects of cannabinoids in membrane bilayers containing cholesterol
 2003 Losartan's molecular basis of interaction with membranes and AT1 receptor
Daligault, Jerome2003 Continued fraction matrix representation of response functions in multicomponent systems
Dalisa, A.L.1973 Convolution scattering model for ferroelectric ceramics and other display media
Dall, Jesper2002 Random geometric graphs
Dalla Torre, Michael1996 White K-mica evolution from phengite to muscovite in shales and shale matrix melange, Diablo Range, California
Dallakyan, A.Yu.1983 Self-modulation of light waves in homotropically oriented nematic liquid crystals
Dallakyan, S.2003 Network rigidity at finite temperature: Relationships between thermodynamic stability, the nonadditivity of entropy, and cooperativity in molecular systems
Dallas, W.J.2007 Measurement of luminance noise and chromaticity noise of LCDs with a colorimeter and a color camera
Dallas, William J.2004 Error diffusion applied to the manipulation of liquid-crystal display subpixels
 2004 Spatial noise of high-resolution liquid-crystal displays for medical imaging: quantitative analysis, estimation, and compensation
 2005 Increasing contrast resolution and decreasing spatial noise for liquid-crystal displays using digital dithering
 2007 Image quality analysis of a color LCD as well as a monochrome LCD using a Foveon color CMOS camera
 2007 Image quality evaluation of color displays using a Fovean color camera
 2008 Temporal-noise measurements of a CMOS camera used for image quality measurements
 2008 Three-dimensional display: stereo and beyond
Dalle, Vedove Walter2003 Liquid crystalline derivatives for electronic devices
d'Allest, J.F.1988 Experimental evidence of chain extension at the transition temperature of a nematic polymer
 1988 Molecular segregation in thermotropic nematic main-chain polymeric liquid crystals
D'Allest, J.F.1986 Segregation by molecular mass in a flexible main chain nematic polyester
 1988 Blue phase in liquid crystal polymer mixtures
 1988 Investigation of the nematic-isotropic biphase in thermotropic main chain polymers. Homogeneity of the pure isotropic and nematic phases. Part III. NMR study
 1988 Investigation of the nematic-isotropic biphase in thermotropic main chain polymers. Homogeneity of the pure nematic and isotropic phases. Part I. Microscopy and fractionation
 1988 Investigation of the nematic-isotropic biphase in thermotropic main chain polymers. Homogeneity of the pure nematic and isotropic phases. Part II. Study by DSC
 1988 Small angle neutron scattering from liquid crystalline main chain polyesters
 1988 Studies of the phase transition and the surface induced order in a polydisperse nematic polymer
Dalling, Don K.1984 Chemical shift and relaxation in rapidly spinning nematic liquid-crystal systems
Dallner, Gustav1985 The influence of dolichol, dolichol esters, and dolichyl phosphate on phospholipid polymorphism and fluidity in model membranes
Dalmazi, D.2003 Yang-Lee zeros of the two- and three-state Potts model defined on f3 Feynman diagrams
Dalmolen, L.G.P.1981 Is the Orientational Order in Terminally Polar Liquid Crystals Different from other Compounds?
 1983 Order parameters of some nematic p, p' substituted tolanes as determined by polarized Raman scattering
 1983 Theories of nematic order
 1984 Molecular Association and in nematic p,p'-Alkylcyanobiphenyls
 1984 Molecular Association and 4> In Nematic P,P'-Alkylcyanobifenyls
 1984 Order parameters of a nematic liquid crystal with low optical anisotropy as determined by depolarized Raman scattering
 1985 The order parameters and in nematic p-alkyl-p'-cyano-biphenyls: polarized Raman measurements and the influence of molecular association
Dalmolin, Emilene2005 Synthesis and Thermal Behavior of New N-Heterotolan Liquid Crystals
Dalnoki-Veress, Kari2006 Droplet Shape of an Anisotropic Liquid
Dalpian, G.M.2009 Effects of Side-Chain and Electron Exchange Correlation on the Band Structure of Perylene Diimide Liquid Crystals: A Density Functional Study
Dalton, A.B.2003 Optical Spectroscopy of Isolated and Aggregate Hexabenzocoronene Derivatives: A Study of Self-Assembling Molecular Nanowires
Dalton, Dennis M.2000 Aggregates having attached polymer groups and polymer foams
 2003 Carbon-silicon aggregates having attached polymer groups
Dalton, Gulliver T.2009 Organometallic Complexes for Nonlinear Optics. 42.(1) Syntheses, Linear, and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Ligated Metal-Functionalized Oligo(p-phenyleneethynylene)s
Dalton, John1977 N.M.R. studies of dimethyl cadmium partially oriented in the nematic phase of EBBA
Dalton, L.A.1975 Dynamics of strained ring systems as studied by ESR and saturation transfer sensitive spectroscopic techniques
Dalton, L.R.1975 Dynamics of strained ring systems as studied by ESR and saturation transfer sensitive spectroscopic techniques
 1990 New synthesis/processing routes to materials exhibiting large optical nonlinearity
 1992 Room-temperature diphenyl-diacetylene liquid crystals
 1994 Potential liquid crystal mixtures for CO2 laser application
 1994 Synthesis and physical properties of asymmetric diphenyldiacetylenic liquid crystals
 1995 Synthesis and Processing of Improved Organic Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Materials for Applications in Photonics
 2005 DNA Photonics [Deoxyribonucleic Acid]
Dalton, Larry2002 New liquid crystal materials enabling revolutionary display devices
 2003 Electrically tunable ring resonators incorporating nematic liquid crystals as cladding layers
 2005 A novel approach to achieve higher order using pseudo-discotic chromophores in electro-optic materials and devices
Dalton, Larry R.1991 Diphenyl-diacetylene liquid crystals for electro-optic application
 1992 New routes to large optical nonlinearities (Invited Paper)
 1994 Asymmetric nonpolar diphenyl-diacetylene liquid crystals and eutectic mixtures
 2001 Mean-field theory of acentric order of chromophores with displaced dipoles
 2002 Synthesis of terminally substituted stilbene-tolane liquid crystals
Dalvi, M.C.1995 Mechanisms of Chain Diffusion in Lamellar Block Copolymers
Daly, Brian2005 Large Pore Methylene-Bridged Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas: Synthesis, Bifunctionalization and Their Use as Nanotemplates
Daly, C.2003 Friction in the zero sliding velocity limit
Daly, Edoardo2004 Similarity solutions of nonlinear diffusion problems related to mathematical hydraulics and the Fokker-Planck equation
Daly, H. Ben1997 Determination of molecular orientation in molded samples of PEEK, HDPE and LCP
 1999 An experimental technique for the characterization of molecular orientation through the thickness of plastic products
 1999 Effect of polymer properties on the structure of injection-molded parts
Daly, John J.2000 Forming connectorized substrate in semiconductor device fabrication
Daly, Scott2006 Spatio-velocity CSF as a function of retinal velocity using unstabilized stimuli
Daly, Scott J.2003 Bit-depth extension using spatiotemporal microdither based on models of the equivalent input noise of the visual system
 2005 Improving color characteristics of LCD
 2005 Predicting visible differences in high dynamic range images: model and its calibration
 2009 Sub-pixel-based MVA LCTV characterization and color modeling
Daly, W.H.1991 Side-chain crystallinity and thermal transitions in thermotropic liquid-crystalline poly(γ-alkyl α,L-glutamates)
 1996 Poly(γ-stearyl-α,L-glutamate) lyotropic liquid crystals
Daly, William H.1989 Synthesis and properties of poly(γ-stearyl L-glutamate)
 1992 Multiple Thermal Transitions in Poly(γ-Alkyl-α,L-Glutamate)s and Related Model Compounds
 1992 Side-chain crystallinity and thermal transitions in thermotropic liquid-crystalline poly(γ-alkyl-α,L-glutamates)
 1992 Synthesis and properties of rodlike polypeptide stars
 1993 Dielectric relaxations in thermotropic liquid crystalline polypeptides
 1993 Polymeric rigid rod/flexible coil molecular blends
 1993 Thermotropic models for liquid crystalline polypeptides
 1994 Rigid rod star polymers derived from γ-stearyl α-L-Glutamate
 1996 Monolayer properties of a fuzzy rod polymer: Poly(gamma-stearyl α, L-glutamate)
Dalziel, Adam W.1984 Effects of ganglioside GM1 on the thermotropic behavior of cholera toxin B subunit
 1988 Differential scanning calorimetric study of the thermotropic phase behavior of a polymerizable, tubule-forming lipid
 1988 Liquid-crystalline solvents as mechanistic probes. 29. Chiral discotic columnar mesophases from the α and β anomers of penta-O-n-alkanoylglucopyranoses
Dam, Jeppe Seidelin2003 Direct observation of period-doubled nonspherical states in single-bubble sonoluminescence
 2003 Stable nonspherical bubble collapse including period doubling in sonoluminescence
Dam, Niels1999 Singlet Oxygen as a Reactive Intermediate in the Photodegradation of Phenylenevinylene Oligomers
Damaschun, G.1986 Polymer condensed DNA: a study by small-angle x-ray scattering, intermediate-angle x-ray scattering, and circular dichroitic spectroscopy
 1986 Supramolecular organization of condensed DNA with and without simple order
 1990 Effect of platinum(II) chemotherapeutic agents on properties of DNA liquid crystals
Damaschun, Gregor1985 Compensated structure of the liquid-crystalline microphases of nucleic acids
Damaschun, H.1986 Polymer condensed DNA: a study by small-angle x-ray scattering, intermediate-angle x-ray scattering, and circular dichroitic spectroscopy
 1986 Supramolecular organization of condensed DNA with and without simple order
 1987 Two types of thermal transitions of liquid crystals formed from poly(I).poly(C) molecules
 1990 Effect of platinum(II) chemotherapeutic agents on properties of DNA liquid crystals
Damaschun, Hilde1985 Compensated structure of the liquid-crystalline microphases of nucleic acids
Damask, A.C.1967 The Heat Capacity Anomaly in Phenanthrene; Effects of Deuteration, Purification and Dissolution
 1977 Pressure dependence of the lattice parameters of naphthalene up to 5.5 kbar and a re-evaluation of the elastic constants
Damaskin, B.B.1989 Phase diagrams of the electric double layer at the interface between a mercury electrode and electrolyte solutions in mixtures of water with propanol and isopropanol
Damen, J.P.M.1992 Surface induced liquid-crystal alignment studied by optical second-harmonic generation
Damen, Johannes Hermanus Maria1997 Thin-type display device
Damerau, U.1999 Low aspect ratio transverse optical patterns in dye-doped nematic liquid crystals
Dames, M.P.1996 Optically accessed electronic memory
Damian, G.2003 Rotational Correlation Times of 3-Carbamoyl-2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-3-pyrrolin-1-yloxy Spin Label with Respect to Heme and Nonheme Proteins
Damian, Luminita2009 Interaction of Na2B12H11SH with dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine liposomes
Damiao, Valeria B.2004 Polarimetry using liquid crystal variable retarders
D'Amico, A.2002 Thickness Dependence of the Optical Anisotropy for Porphyrin Octaester Langmuir-Schaefer Films
Damien, J.C.1981 Critical behavior in the shear elasticity of adamantane in the plastic phase
Damilov, V.V.1993 Problems of the photodynamics of liquid-crystal systems
Damin, Alessandro2008 The Poly-A Interaction and Interfaces with Carbon Nanotubes
Damkale, Subhangi R.2001 Photosensitive polyimides
Damle, Kedar2006 Spin Nematics and Magnetization Plateau Transition in Anisotropic Kagome Magnets
 2008 Magnetization Plateaus and Sublattice Ordering in Easy-Axis Kagome Lattice Antiferromagnets
Damm, Cornelia2006 Luminescence and photoconductivity in mononuclear ortho-platinated metallomesogens
Damm, Reinhart1988 Holographic stereograms generated with a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Damman, P.1997 Time-Resolved SAXS, WAXS, and DSC Study of Melting of Poly(aryl ether ether ketone) (PEEK) Annealed from the Amorphous State
 1998 Preparation and characterization of side-chain liquid crystalline polymer thin films aligned on PTFE friction-transferred layers
Damman, Pascal2008 Wrinkling of Stimuloresponsive Surfaces: Mechanical Instability Coupled to Diffusion
Damman, S.B.1993 Liquid - crystalline main-chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone. 1. Synthesis, characterization and rheology of polyesters with alkoxy side chains
 1993 Liquid - crystalline main-chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone. 3. Drawing, structure development and ultimate mechanical properties of films of the polyester with dodecyloxy side chains
 1993 Liquid - crystalline main-chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone. 4. X-ray diffraction of the polyester with dodecyloxy side chains
 1993 Liquid crystalline main chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone. 2. Fiber spinning and mechanical properties of polyesters with alkoxy side chains
 1994 Liquid crystalline main chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone: 7. Thermal expansion of oriented films of the polyester with dodecyloxy side chains
 1994 Liquid-crystalline main-chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone: 5. Dynamic mechanical behavior of the polyester with dodecyloxy side chains
 1994 Liquid-crystalline main-chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone: 6. Dielectric relaxations in the polyester with dodecyloxy side chains
 1994 Morphology and physical properties of a liquid-crystalline main-chain polymer with flexible side chains
 1996 Electron beam crosslinking of rigid-rod polyesters with flexible aliphatic side chains
Damman, Sebastiaan B.1994 Liquid-crystalline main-chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone. 8. Synthesis and characterization of polyesters with 3-ethoxypropoxy and 6-(pentyloxy)hexyloxy side chains
 1997 Synthesis, thermal, and mechanical characterization of liquid-crystalline polyhydroxyethers
Damman, Sebastian B.1994 Liquid-crystalline main-chain polymers with a poly(p-phenylene terephthalate) backbone. 9. Dynamic mechanical and dielectric behavior of the polyester with 6-(pentyloxy)hexyloxy side chains
Dammer, Stephan M.2003 Epidemic spreading with immunization and mutations
Dammers, A.J.1982 Computation of magnetic resonance spectra from the stochastic liouville equation with padé approximants
Damodharan, L.2004 Solvent interactions with β-Cyclodextrin as observed in crystal structures
Damon, David B.2008 Mesophase Formation in Regioregular Poly(3-alkylthiophene)s Containing Long Chain Alkyl Groups
D'Amore, Alberto1998 The rheological and extrusion behavior of blends based on phenolphthalein poly(ether-ether-sulfone) and thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1999 The effect of prepolymer composition of amino-hardened liquid crystalline epoxy resins on physical properties of cured thermoset
D'Amore, F.2004 Spectroscopic ellipsometry study of liquid crystal and polymeric thin films in visible and near infrared
D'Amore, Franco2004 Spectroscopic Ellipsometry Study of Liquid Crystal and Polymeric Thin Films in Visible and Near Infrared
Damshkaln, L.G.1992 Some specific features of the thermotropic gelation of carp actomyosin
Damski, B.2005 Atomic Fermi Gas in the Trimerized Kagomé Lattice at 2/3 Filling
Damski, Bogdan2005 The Simplest Quantum Model Supporting the Kibble-Zurek Mechanism of Topological Defect Production: Landau-Zener Transitions from a New Perspective
Dan, Debasis2002 Giant diffusion and coherent transport in tilted periodic inhomogeneous systems
Dan, Masayuki1999 Composition of black matrix for color filters in liquid crystal displays and solid state imaging devices
 2000 Compositions for black matrix and formation of black matrix in color liquid crystal display devices
Dan, Nily1997 Multilamellar structures of DNA complexes with cationic liposomes
Dan, Shigeyuki1999 Black matrix formation material for color liquid crystal display device and manufacture of the matrix
 2000 Photopolymerizable materials for forming black matrix of color liquid crystal displays
Dan, V.1980 Some electrical properties of cells with nematic liquid crystals having differently doped electrodes
Dana, Itzhack2003 Chaotic diffusion on periodic orbits: The perturbed Arnold cat map
 2004 Global superdiffusion of weak chaos
Dana, S.S.1979 High resolution x-ray and light scattering studies of bilayer smectic A compounds
 1979 High-resolution x-ray and light-scattering study of critical behavior associated with the nematic-smectic-A transition in 4-cyano-4'-octylbiphenyl
Danaila, L.2004 Similarity solution of temperature structure functions in decaying homogeneous isotropic turbulence
Danailov, Miltcho B.2004 Design and implementation of optical tweezer arrays using diffractive optical elements
Dance, Ian G.1991 Buckminsterfullerene and liquid-crystal mesophase
 1991 Layered structure of crystalline compounds silver thiolates (AgSR)
 1995 Competitive Reactions During Plasma Arcing of Carbonaceous Materials
Dance, S.L.2003 Particle density stratification in transient sedimentation
Danch, A.1997 Thermodynamic and Structure Investigations on a New Side-Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer
 1998 Thermal analysis of the conformational disorder in side-chain liquid crystal (SCLC) polymers with rigid backbone. Glass transition studies
 1998 Thermodynamic and structure investigations of new side-chain liquid crystal polymer
 1999 Structure-dynamic relationship of side-chain liquid crystal polymer with rigid backbone
Danch, Adam2001 Dielectric Study of Relaxation Processes of Polynorbornene Derivatives
Danchuk, V.2008 Spectral Effects in Cholesteryl Myristate for the Region of Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions
Danchura, W.1987 Carbon-13 study of relaxation in the 5CB homologous series
Danckaert, Jan2003 Stochastic resonance in vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers based on a multiple time-scale analysis
 2004 Modulation frequency response of a bistable system with noise
Danckworth, Jens2003 Procedure for manufacture of a composite material with temperature-resistant adhesion promoter
Dandiker, Yogesh1996 The in vitro release of some antimuscarinic drugs from monoolein/water lyotropic liquid crystalline gels
Dändliker, R.2001 High Quality Adaptive Liquid Crystal Microlenses
Dändliker, Rene2002 Improved red color with cholesteric liquid crystals in Bragg reflection mode
Dandoloff, R.1987 The double twist connection and the S3 blue phase
 1993 On the twisted director field of the blue phases
Dandoloff, Rossen2008 Curvature-induced quantum behaviour on a helical nanotube
D'Andrade, B.W.2004 White Organic Light-Emitting Devices for Solid-State Lighting
D'Andrea, J.F.1977 Development of interfilament matrix structures in CVD-infiltrated carbon-carbon
Dandurand, J.1990 Dielectric behavior of side chain liquid crystal polymers: a study by the thermally stimulated current (TSC) method
 2004 HRTEM, TSC and broadband dielectric spectroscopy of a discotic liquid crystal
Dane, Elisabeth1942 Synthesen in der hydroaromatischen Reihe. VII. Die Darstellung von partiell hydrierten Derivaten der 7-Methoxyphenanthren-2-carbonsäure und des 7-Methoxy-2-acetophenanthrens
Danel, A.2006 Synthesis and Electro-Optic Properties of Pirazolo[3,4-b]Chinoline - PVK Copolymers
Danelon, Christophe2004 Fields and forces acting on a planar membrane with a conducting channel
Danev, Radostin2008 Growth Process and Molecular Packing of a Self-assembled Lipid Nanotube: Phase-Contrast Transmission Electron Microscopy and XRD Analyses
Dang, Dong-Feng2009 Synthesis of liquid crystalline poly (9-substituted fluorenylidene-phenylene) and influence of the catalysts on the stereoregularity, mesophase and optical properties
Dang, Fuquan1991 Study of chiral liquid crystals . VII. Synthesis and properties of new ferroelectric phenylpyrimidine family liquid crystals
Dang, Liqin2007 Nickel-Catalyzed Fabrication of SiO2, TiO2/Graphitized Carbon, and the Resultant Graphitized Carbon with Periodically Macroporous Structure
Dang, Nhan C.2009 Hyperquenched Glassy Water and Hyperquenched Glassy Ethanol Probed by Single Molecule Spectroscopy
Dang, Quoc Quan1983 A new synthesis of bis(diacylglycero)phosphate
Dang, T.D.1993 Ionic conductivity of conjugated water-soluble rigid-rod polymers
 1994 Pseudo-ladder rigid-rod polymers: dihydroxy pendent benzothiazole aromatic heterocyclic polymer and copolymers
 2000 Aromatic benzobisazole polymers based on 1H-pyrazole-3,5-diyl moiety
Dang, Thuy D.2005 Crystal Structure of Poly(1,5-naphthalenebenzobisthiazole)
 2006 Rigid-rod benzobisazole polymers incorporating naphthalene-1,5-diyl structure units
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 1981 Two diacetate liquid crystals
 1983 A new liquid crystal: nonyl-α,ω-bis[oxy-4-(benzoyloxy)benzoic acid]
Dang, Van Luyen1976 Liquid crystals: synthesis and application
 1978 Liquid crystals: synthesis and application. III. Application of 4,4'-methoxyethoxyazoxybenzene liquid crystals in the static phase for separating xylene isomers in the gas phase
Dangami, Keiji1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device containing UV-hardenable sealant
Dangel, Roger2007 Low-cost electro-optical package for use with PCB-embedded waveguides
Dangelmayr, G.2002 A Ginzburg Landau Study of Electroconvection in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Dangelmayr, Gerhard2004 A Bifurcation Study of Wave Patterns for Electroconvection in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2007 Quantitative and qualitative characterization of zigzag spatiotemporal chaos in a system of amplitude equations for nematic electroconvection
D'Angelo, G.2008 Physical study of dynamics in fully hydrated phospholipid bilayers
D'Angelo, Jacopo2006 A Switchable Optical Add-Drop Multiplexer using Ion-Exchange Waveguides and a POLICRYPS Grating Overlayer
D'Angelo, M.1995 Infrared Investigation of the Water Structure in Perfluoropolyether/Water System
D'Angelo, P.2000 FT-IR and dielectric study of water/AOT liquid crystals
D'Angelo, Yves2004 Lifetimes of flame balls dragged by model turbulent flows: Role of velocity gradient fluctuations
Dangoisse, D.1996 Transverse mode competition in a CO2 laser
Dangor, A.E.2002 Measurements of relativistic self-phase-modulation in plasma
 2004 Laboratory measurements of 0.7 GG magnetic fields generated during high-intensity laser interactions with dense plasmas
 2004 Observations of the filamentation of high-intensity laser-produced electron beams
Daniel, Christophe2000 Effect of Shear on the Face-Centered Cubic Phase in a Diblock Copolymer Gel
 2000 Rheology and Structures of Aqueous Gels of Diblock(Oxyethylene/Oxybutylene) Copolymer E22B7
Daniel, Jurgen H.2005 Method of sealing an array of cell microstructures using microencapsulated adhesive
Daniel, M.2004 Director oscillation in a one-dimensional nematic liquid crystal
 2008 Soliton-like molecular deformations in a nematic liquid crystal film
Daniel, M.F.1978 Structure of the ferrocene carboxaldehyde mesophase by x-ray diffraction and Mössbauer spectroscopy
 1983 Investigations into the Langmuir-Blodgett film formation ability of amphiphiles with cyano head groups
 1984 Liquid crystal alignment on Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1985 Liquid crystal alignment on Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1985 The influence of shear viscosity of spread monolayers on the Langmuir-Blodgett process
 1987 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-Octa-alkyl phthalocyanines: new discotic liquid crystal materials
 1988 Fabrication of ordered Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers of octa-n-alkoxy phthalocyanines
Daniel, Mervyn Frank1988 Infrared-absorbing substituted phthalocyanines
Daniel, Robert2005 An embedded system developed for hand held assay used in water monitoring
Daniel, S.2001 Liquid Crystals Posessing 1,2,4 Trisubstituted Benzene Derivatives
Danieli, Roberto1976 Liquid crystal nuclear magnetic resonance investigation on the structure of a molecule formed by two fused six-membered rings. 2,7-Naphthyridine
Danielius, R.2004 Spatiotemporal three-dimensional mapping of nonlinear X waves
D'Aniello, C.1995 Influence of constitutional defects on polymorphic behavior and properties of alternating ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
 1996 Transport properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate) crystallized from the glassy state
 1996 Transport properties of the mesomorphic form of poly(ethylene terephthalate)
 1998 Cold crystallization of isotactic polystyrene
 2001 Effect of annealing treatments on deformed poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) films
D'Aniello, Concetta2002 Elasticity of the Oriented Mesomorphic Form of Syndiotactic Polypropylene
 2002 Influence of molecular weight on the structure and ageing behavior of quenched syndiotactic poly(propylene)
 2002 Structural changes during annealing of the crystalline helical form of syndiotactic polypropylene
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