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da Sylva, J.2004 The Alignment of Liquid Crystals on a Semifluorinated Polyacrylate
da Veiga, Paulo A.2002 Energy-momentum spectrum of some two-particle lattice Schrödinger Hamiltonians
da Veiga, Paulo A. Faria2002 Excitation spectrum and staggering transformations in lattice quantum models
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 1994 Synthesis and characterization of silica gels obtained in lamellar media
 1995 Sol-gel derived silica membranes with tailored microporous structures
 1995 Synthesis of inorganic gels in a lyotropic liquid crystal medium. I. Synthesis of silica gels in lamellar phases obtained from non-ionic surfactants
Dabadie, Thierry1996 Synthesis and characterization of inorganic gels in a lyotropic liquid crystal medium. Part 2. Synthesis of silica gels in lyotropic crystal phases obtained from cationic surfactants
Dabaghian, Yu.2003 Explicit analytical solution for scaling quantum graphs
 2004 Explicit spectral formulas for scaling quantum graphs
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Dabbagh, Gary1997 Apparatus and method for filling liquid crystal display cell
Dabboue, Hinda2008 Carbon Nanotubes as Structural Nanofibers for Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Scaffolds
Dabbs, D.M.1997 Formation of a silicate L3 phase with continuously adjustable pore sizes
 2000 Silica Gels with Tunable Nanopores through Templating of the L3 Phase
Dabbs, Daniel M.1998 Mesoporous monolithic ceramics, their manufacture using a lyotropic liquid crystalline L3 phase, and their use
 2006 Silica Monoliths Templated on L3 Liquid Crystal
 2006 The Stability of L3 Sponge Phase in Acidic Solutions
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Dabos-Seignon, S.2006 Self-Induced Diffraction Grating Storage in Polymer Films
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Dabral, Mahendra2001 Near-surface structure formation in chemically imidized polyimide films
Dabros, Wojciech1997 The use of Congo Red as a lyotropic liquid crystal to carry stains in a model immunotargeting system - microscopic studies
Dabrowski, B.2005 Negative Refraction in Ferromagnet-Superconductor Superlattices
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Dabrowski, R.1978 Properties of p-cyano-p'-alkyloxyazoxybenzene liquid crystals as stationary phases in small-bore packed columns
 1979 Liquid crystalline cyanoazoxybenzene alkyl carbonates as stationary phases in small-bore packed micro-columns
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 1979 Structure of liquid crystal molecules and properties of liquid-crystalline stationary phases in gas chromatography
 1980 A new simple method for obtaining 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1980 Effect of the support surface on the structure of the film of liquid crystalline stationary phase
 1980 Liquid-crystalline and spectral properties of position isomers of 4-cyano-4'-alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1980 Properties of liquid crystalline cyanoazoxybenzene alkyl carbonates as stationary phases in gas chromatography
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 1982 Anisotropy of x-ray critical scattering in 4,4'-dipentylbiphenyl liquid crystal
 1982 Induced smectic phases. - Densities of binary mixtures of 4,4'-dialkylazoxybenzenes with 4-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl (PCB)
 1982 Investigations of the properties of liquid-crystalline stationary phases containing naphthalene fragments in their molecules
 1982 Mesomorphic properties of 4-n-pentylbiphenyl derivatives
 1982 On the intermolecular forces operating in induced smectics
 1983 X-ray study of the smectic A-nematic phase transition in 4-n-pentylphenyl 4-(trans-4'-n-pentylcyclohexyl)benzoate
 1984 4-(Trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzenes. A new class of low-melting stable nematics
 1984 Anisotropy of critical x-ray scattering in the vicinity of smectic B-nematic phase transition in EPPCB
 1984 Anisotropy of x-ray critical scattering in BPPCB liquid crystal
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)1984 Binary systems of smectics A with enhanced nematic phase
 1984 Comparison of diphenylethane derivatives with lateral substituents as liquid-crystalline stationary phases in gas chromatography
 1984 Comparison of methods for determining the eutectic compositions of ternary liquid-crystalline mixtures
 1984 Disk-like liquid crystalline stationary phases from the triphenylene derivatives group
 1984 Effect of lateral substituents on the properties of liquid crystal molecules as stationary phases in gas chromatography
 1984 Liquid-crystalline 4-(trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl) benzoates. The effect of terminal and lateral substituents on the mesomorphic, thermodynamic and dielectric properties
 1984 Mesomorphic characteristics of some new homologic series with the isocyanato terminal group
 1984 Mesomorphous properties of azo- and azoxyarylethanes as potential stationary phases in gas chromatography
 1984 Reentrant phases in four ring aromatic esters
 1984 Some physical properties of mesogenic 4-(trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)-4-isothiocyanatophenyls
 1984 Synthesis and testing of new high-temperature liquid crystalline stationary phases
 1985 6th Liq. Cryst. Conf. Soc. Countries, Halle
 1985 Mesomorphic characteristics of some new homologous series with the isothiocyanato terminal group
 1985 Reentrant phases of four-ring aromatic esters
 1985 Some physical properties of mesogenic 4-(trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzenes
 1986 A nematic gap in mixtures of smectics A1 and Ad
 1986 Creation of a nematic phase in mixtures of smectic A1 phases
 1986 Effect of the Terminal Substituents on the Smectic Layer Spacings in 4-(trans-4'-n-Alkylcyclohexyl) Benzoates
 1987 A nematic gap in binary smectic mixtures of compounds without a strong polar group
 1987 A nematic phase created in mixtures by depressing smectic stability of the system
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)1987 Binary smectic systems including trinuclear pyrimidines with and without nematic gap
 1987 Dielectric relaxation in the nematic and isotropic phases of 4-(trans-4'-n-hexylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzene
 1987 Dielectric studies on binary mixtures containing 4-trans-4'-n-hexyl-cyclohexyl-isothiocyanato-benzene
 1987 Nematic phases created in binary mixtures of smectics A
 1987 The nematic reentrant phase in binary mixtures composed of a 4-(trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)-1-(2-cyanoethenyl)-benzene and 60CB
 1988 A neutron scattering study of dimerization and pairing of molecules in liquid crystal mixtures
 1988 Anisotropy of x-ray critical scattering in nematic phase connected with the nematic-smectic E transition in 2CHPD4 liquid crystal
 1988 Development trends in the synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 Dielectric properties of room temperature ferroelectric liquid crystal 4-octyloxybenzoic acid 4-[(2-methylbutyloxy)carbonyl]phenyl ester
 1988 Effect of polarity of smectic Ad molecules on the induction of the nematic phase in binary mixtures of smectics A1 and Ad
 1988 Isothiocyanate as a liquid crystalline stationary phase in capillary gas chromatography for the separation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons
 1988 X-ray critical scattering near smectic Ad-reentrant nematic phase transition
 1988 X-ray critical scattering study of nematic-smectic A phase transition in a 8DBT/120CB mixture
 1988 X-ray investigations of ferroelectric liquid crystal 2M4P8BC
 1989 A nematic phase created in mixtures of polar smectics: the effect of smectic layer properties
 1989 Creation of the nematic phase in binary smectic mixtures, comparison of the theoretical and experimental phase boundaries
 1989 Development trends in the synthesis of liquid-crystalline substances
 1989 Effect of properties of the smectic Ad phase on the induction of a nematic phase in binary mixtures of smectics A1 and Ad
 1989 New liquid-crystalline isothiocyanates with high clearing points, low viscosities and strong nematic character
 1990 Dielectric studies of the structure in some homologous series of esters and their mixtures
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)1990 Some properties of isothiocyanate liquid crystals as stationary phases in capillary gas chromatography
 1990 The phase transitions and the x-ray critical scattering in the mixture of the smectic B-smectic C liquid crystals (SB + SC)
 1990 X-ray critical scattering in hexatic smectic B-smectic C binary mixture
 1990 X-ray critical scattering in the 5-butyl-2-(4'-isothiocyanatophenyl)-1,3-dioxane (4DBT)/5-dodecy-2-(4'-isothiocyanatophenyl)-1,3-dioxane (12DBT) binary mixture near the isotropic-nematic-smectic A (INA) point
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystal materials. 4-[2-(4-alkylbicyclo[2,2,2]octyl)ethyl]phenyl 4-alkoxybenzoates, their mesomorphic properties and behavior in mixtures
 1991 Investigations on a new chiral liquid crystal mixture W-22
 1991 Smectic C compounds with bicyclo[2,2,2]octane ring
 1992 Comparison of Electrooptic Properties of PDLC Containing Different Liquid Crystals
 1992 Creation of Nematic and Reentrant Nematic Phases in Bi- and Multicomponent Smectic Mixtures
 1992 Dielectric Investigation of Diamagnetic Anisotropy and Elasticity of 4-Trans-4'-N-Hexyl-Cyclohexyl Isothiocyanatobenzene (6CHBT)
 1992 Ferroelectric Mixtures. Three Ring Dioxanes as Dopants Enhancing the Stability of the Smectic C Phase
 1992 Gas chromatographic separation of cis-trans isomers of alkylcyclohexyl-benzenes on a capillary column with a liquid crystalline stationary phase
 1992 Mesogenic Properties of some Novel Derivatives of 1,3-Dioxa-2-Borane
 1992 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Characteristic of 4-Alkyl-4-Methylbiphenyl or 4-(4-Alkyl-3-Methyl-Cyclohex-3-enyl-1)Phenyl Esters of Some Carbocyclic and Heterocyclic Acids
 1992 The effect of terminal substituents on the molecular dipole moments of liquid crystalline 4-(trans-4'-alkylcyclohexyl)benzoates
 1992 The Goldstone Mode in Mixtures Containing Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1992 The Stability of the Smectic C Phase in mixtures. Influence of a dopant on the phase sequence and the tilt angle
 1992 Thickness dependence of dielectric properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1993 Creation of nematic and reentrant nematic phases in bi- and multi-component smectic mixtures
 1993 Determination of the molecular parameters of 4-(2'-methylbutyl)phenyl 4'-n-octylbiphenyl-4-carboxylate
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)1993 Deuteron-NMR study of molecular order and dynamics in mixtures of 8OBCAB and nTPCHB
 1993 Diamagnetic anisotropy and splay and bend elastic constants of 4-trans-n-hexylcyclohexyl-isothiocyanatobenzene (6CHBT)
 1993 Dielectric properties of LC mixtures containing ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Dielectric properties of mesomorphic n-TPEB's in isotropic phase
 1993 Dielectric relaxation in isotropic phase of mesomorphic n-TPEB's
 1993 Investigation of the smectic layer spacing in the homologous series of 4-isothiocyanatophenyl 4-(trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)benzoates
 1993 Liquid crystal materials for supertwisted nematic (STN) electrooptical effect
 1993 Optical investigation of the vector field of directors in the L. C. boundaries nematic medium under electric and magnetic fields
 1993 Technical aspects of measurement of elastic constants and diamagnetic anisotropy of nematic liquid crystals
 1993 The Goldstone mode in mixtures containing ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Three ring dioxanes as dopants enhancing the stability of the smectic C phase
 1994 Optical investigation of the vector field of directors in the L. C. boundaried nematic medium under electric and magnetic fields
 1994 Technical aspects of measurement of elastic constants and diamagnetic anisotropy of nematic liquid crystals
 1995 3,6-Disubstituted cyclohex-2-en-1-ones as intermediates for synthesis of liquid crystals with lateral substituted cyclohexane or benzene rings
 1995 Determination of the hindered rotation degree of chiral molecules around their long molecular axes in the SC* phase of 4-(2'-methylbutyl) 4'-n-octylbiphenyl-4-carboxylate
 1995 Induction of smectic Ad phase in mixtures of polar compounds
 1995 Induction of smectic Ad phase in polar systems of nCBB-nCB
 1995 Induction of smectic Ad phase in polar systems. I. Mixtures of nCBB and nOCB
 1995 Investigation of 4'-[(S)-2-propoxypropoxy]phenyl 4-(4-decyloxy)benzoate (PPPhDB) by complementary methods
 1995 Low frequency dielectric modes in the SmC phases of the ferroelectric liquid crystals
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)1995 Mesomorphic properties of phenyl 4-(5-alkyl-1,3,2-dioxaborin-2-yl)benzoates. Influence of terminal and lateral substitution
 1995 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of mesogens containing two ethane or carbonyloxy bridge groups
 1995 X-ray high pressure and DSC investigation of 4-trans-4-hexylcyclohexylisothiocyanatobenzene (6CHBT)
 1996 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 1996 A convenient method of synthesis of mesomorphic 2,5-disubstituted cyclohexan-1-ones by a catalytic reduction of 3,6-disubstituted cyclohex-2-en-1-ones
 1996 Dielectric investigations in smectic B-phases
 1996 Dielectric relaxation studies of 4-n-alkyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls (nOCB, n = 5-8)
 1996 Goldstone mode and domain mode relaxation in ferroelectric phases of 4'-[(S,S) - 2,3 - epoxyhexyloxy] phenyl 4-(decyloxy)benzoate (EHPDB)
 1996 Induction of the smectic Ad phase in polar systems. II. Role of steric effects in the smectic Ad phase induction
 1996 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid crystals having a chlorine atom in the lateral position of a benzene ring
 1996 Synthesis and properties of some laterally substituted liquid crystals
 1996 x-ray investigation of 8CB and 8OCB under high pressure
 1997 Achromatic Phase Retarders Using Double Layer Liquid Crystals Cells
 1997 Differential thermal analysis under high pressure on 6-TPEB
 1997 Dynamical properties of two ferroelectric phases of epoxy compound
 1997 Induction of the Smectic Adphase-Structure Correlations
 1997 Influence of the structure of two ring ester on the induction of smectic Ad phase in bicomponent mixtures containing a compound with virtual Ad phase
 1997 Investigation of the biased rotation of chiral molecule around its long molecular axis in the ferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 1997 Low-frequency dielectric relaxation process in liquid crystals with nematic and liquid-like smectic phases
 1997 Measurements of Rotational Viscosity of SMC* Mixtures
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)1997 New Analogues of MHPOBC
 1997 Phenyl Cyclohexanes Containing Ketogroup
 1997 Progress in Liquid Crystalline Optical Fiber Systems for Pressure Monitoring
 1997 Proton Spin Relaxation Study of Polar Liquid Crystals with Induced Smectic Phases
 1997 Room Temperature Ferroelectric Mixtures Based on Chiral Epoxy Compound
 1997 Separation of Two Main Dielectric Relaxation Processes in the Nematic and Isotropic Phases of 6BAP(F) (1-[4-(Hexylbicyclo[2,2,2]octyl]-2-(3-Flouro-4-Methoxyphenyl)ethane)
 1997 Small Angle X-Ray Diffraction Study of Mesomorphic Mixtures of 7CBB and 7OCB
 1997 Study of a Liquid Crystalline Mixture Showing Re-Entrant Nematic Phase
 1997 Synthesis and Mesogenic Properties of the Compounds with Lateral Substituted Cyclohexane and Cyclohexene Ring
 1997 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of the Liquid Crystalline Diketones -Derivates of 5-Aryl-2-Alkylcyklohexan-1-Ones
 1997 The synthesis and properties of some mesomorphic cyclohexene derivatives
 1998 17th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Strasbourg
 1998 Achromatic phase retarders using double layer liquid crystal cells
 1998 Dielectric spectroscopy and electrooptical studies of new MHPOBC analogues
 1998 Dielectric studies of a 5-n-alkyl-2-(4'-isothiocyanatophenyl)-1,3-dioxane (nDBT) homologous series (n = 4-10)
 1998 Dielectric studies of a substance with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1998 Dielectric studies of smectogenic dioxane mixtures revealing a nematic gap
 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1998 Influence of dopant structure on material properties in induced smectic C* phases
 1998 Investigation of electrooptical properties of supertwisted nematic effect for multibottle liquid crystal mixture system
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)1998 Measurements of rotational viscosity of SmC* mixtures
 1998 New analogs of MHPOBC
 1998 Phenylcyclohexanes containing ketogroup
 1998 Progress in liquid crystalline optical fiber systems for pressure monitoring
 1998 Room temperature ferroelectric mixtures based on a chiral epoxy compound
 1998 Separation of two main dielectric relaxation processes in the nematic and isotropic phase of 6BAP(F) (1-[4-hexylbicyclo[2.2.2]octyl]-2-(3-fluoro-4-methoxyphenyl)ethane)
 1998 Small angle x-ray diffraction study of mixtures showing re-entrant nematic phase and induced smectic Ad phase
 1998 Synthesis and mesogenic properties of compounds with lateral substituted cyclohexane and cyclohexene ring
 1998 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of liquid crystalline diketones - derivatives of 5-aryl-2-alkyl-1-cyclohexanones
 1998 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of some cyclohex-2-en-1-one derivatives
 1999 Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) under high pressure on 10-TPEB
 1999 Influence of quadrupolar ordering factor on supermolecular structure in ferroelectric Sm C*
 1999 New liquid crystalline compounds with antiferroelectric properties
 1999 On the molecular interpretation of the static dielectric properties of nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Polymorphism of right handed (S)-4-(2-methylbutyl)-4'-cyanobiphenyl
 1999 Refractive index, density and order parameter of two binary mixtures showing reentrant nematic phase
 1999 Small angle X-ray diffraction studies on the homologous series of mesogenic 4-(trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzenes
 1999 The physical and molecular properties of new low melting nematics with negative dielectric anisotropy
 2000 Antiferroelectric compounds with trifluoromethyl group in ω-position of terminal chain
 2000 Antiferroelectric liquid crystals studied by different methods
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)2000 Antiferroelectric liquid crystals with 45° tilt - a new class of promising electro-optic materials
 2000 Bicomponent systems with induced or enhanced antiferroelectric SmCA* phase
 2000 Electrooptic and dielectric properties of new antiferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 2000 Linear and quadratic electrooptic effects in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Polarization properties of liquid crystal-core optical fiber waveguides
 2000 Shear viscosity of the homologous series of nCHBT (n = 0-12) in the isotropic and nematic phases
 2000 The effect of confinements on phase behaviour of the mixture possessing smectic CA phase
 2001 3-Aryl- or 3-(trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)- 6-arylcyclohex-2-enones: synthesis, transformations and mesomorphic properties
 2001 Determination of Molecular Parameters of the MHPB(H)PBC and MHPB(F)PBC Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2001 Electro-Optic and Dielectric Properties of an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Material
 2001 Electro-Optic Kerr Effect Investigations in a New Homologous Series of Liquid Crystal
 2001 Kinetics of the Transition between Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric States in Liquid-Crystalline Mixtures
 2001 Molecular and Collective Processes in the Antiferroelectric Phase of a Chlorinated Compound
 2001 Phase Behaviour and Electrooptic Properties of a New Fluorinated MFPOBC Analogue
 2001 Properties of System with Induced SmCA* Phase
 2001 Unique Electro-Optical Properties of Liquid Crystals Designed for Molecular Optics
 2002 Anomalous Dielectric Behaviour of Para-, Ferro- and Ferrielectric Phases
 2002 Antiferroelectric and V-shape liquid crystal on silicon microdisplays
 2002 Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Electrooptic Methods
 2002 Electrooptic, Dieletric and DSC Studies of Ferroelectric and Sub-Phase Alpha of a Highly Polar Compound
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)2002 Induced Antiferroelectric Smectic C A * Phase Structural Correlations
 2002 Investigation of the SmCc* Phase by Dielectric Measurements
 2002 Investigations of the diffraction efficiency in dye-doped LC cells under low frequency AC voltage
 2002 Mean-Field Behavior of the Paraelectric-Ferroelectric Phase Transition of a Fluorinated Compound
 2002 Order Parameter Fluctuations in Ferro- and Antiferroelectric Phases of Two Selected Fluorinated Compounds
 2002 Phase Transitions in a Liquid Crystal with Long-Range Dipole Order
 2002 Photorefractive Effects in Pure Multicomponet Isothiocyanate Liquid Crystals under Low Power Illumination
 2002 Room Temperature Antifferroelectric Phase Studied by Electrooptic Methods
 2002 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Achiral Esters with High Tilted Synclinic and Anticlinic Phases
 2002 Synthesis, Mesomorphic and Optic Properties of Isothiocyanato-Tolanes
 2003 Complex dielectric relaxation in supercooling and superpressing liquid-crystalline chiral isopentylcyanobiphenyl
 2003 DTA and Dielectric Studies of a Substance with Nematic, Smectic A and Smectic C Polymorphism at Ambient and Elevated Pressures
 2003 Low frequency dielectric spectroscopy of two room temperature chiral liquid crystal mixtures
 2003 The molecular and crystal structure of a polar mesogen 4-cyanobiphenyl-4'-hexylbiphenyl carboxylate
 2003 V-Shaped Switching in Multi-Component Systems
 2004 Alpha sub-phase in a new ferroelectric fluorinated compound
 2004 Apparent Tilt Angle and Structural Investigations of the Fluorinated Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Material for Display Application
 2004 Comparison of Mesomorphic Properties in Chiral and Achiral Homologous Series of High Tilted Ferroelectrics and Antiferroelectrics
 2004 Computer Calculation for Refractive Indices in Smectic Phases
 2004 Detection of Alpha Sub-Phase Between Para- and Ferroelectric Phase of a Fluorinated Compound
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)2004 Experimental characterization of hexatic smectic phases through electro-optic studies and dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
 2004 Features of the smectic e phases in some strongly polar biphenyls and tolanes
 2004 Improving Electro-Optic Response in V-Shape Chiral Smectic Displays
 2004 New Liquid Crystalline Materials for Photonic Applications
 2004 Non-conventional Alignment Surfaces for Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2004 On the origin of high optical director tilt in a partially fluorinated orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 2004 Optically addressed holographic gratings in LC cells with different layers and high optical anisotropy liquid crystals
 2004 Polarization Mode Dispersion in an Elliptical Liquid Crystal-Core Fiber
 2004 Room Temperature Antiferroelectric Phase Studied by Electrooptic Methods
 2004 Study of different modes of dielectric relaxation in a newly synthesized material exhibiting ferro-, ferri- and antiferro-electric phases
 2004 Study of different modes of dielectric relaxation in the ferro- and antiferroelectric phases of a newly-synthesized highly tilted chiral liquid crystal material 6H6B
 2004 Study of the SmCa * phase by dielectric measurements
 2004 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Achiral and Chiral Esters with High Tilted Synclinic and Anticlinic Phases
 2004 Temperature Dependence of Dielectric Behaviour of MHPB(H)PBC Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2004 Video-rate multiplexed driving scheme for passive antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 2005 Antiferroelectric Modes Behaviour in a Wide Temperature Range SmC*A Phase
 2005 Comparison of phase situation in recently prepared chiral, racemic and achiral anticlinic high tilted compounds
 2005 Comparison of the mesogenic and physical properties of polar tolanes, biphenyls, and terphenyls
 2005 Dielectric properties of liquid crystalline isothiocyanato-tolane derivatives with fluorine atom at various lateral positions
 2005 Dielectric relaxation studies in ferro-, ferri- and antiferro-electric phases of (S)-4'-octyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylic acid 3-chloro-4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl ester
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)2005 Doping calamitic smectic phases with banana-shaped molecules, a way to OAFLC mixtures?
 2005 Electric birefringence of some nematic liquid crystals having hexyl tail
 2005 Electro-optical and dielectric relaxation studies of an antiferroelectric liquid-crystal mixture (W-132A)
 2005 High birefringence liquid crystals for photonic applications
 2005 Induction of Antiferroelectric Phases in High Tilt Chiral Smectics by Doping with Bent-Shaped Liquid Crystals
 2005 Influence of electrical field on light propagation in microstructured liquid crystal fibers.
 2005 Phase behaviour and dynamics of exemplary MHPOBC analogue
 2005 Propagation properties of photonic crystal fibers filled with nematic liquid crystals
 2005 Retardation of Molecular Relaxation in Highly Ordered Antiferroelectric Phase
 2005 Structure and electrooptical properties of orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystalline materials
 2005 The Origin of High Optical Tilt in a Homologous Series of Fluorinated Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2006 A Study of a Binary Liquid-Crystalline Mixtures with the Wide Antiferroelectric Phase
 2006 Complementary studies of de Vries type SmA* phase
 2006 Design and simulation of single-electrode liquid crystal phased arrays
 2006 Dielectric Spectroscopy of a Newly Synthesized Chlorinated Analogue of MHPOBC Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2006 Electrooptic study of antiferroelectric mixtures for display application
 2006 High Stability Synclinic and Anticlinic Achiral Phases in Novel Two and Three Rings Esters with Isopropyl Terminal Group
 2006 Highly ordered hexatic phases with large spontaneous polarization
 2006 Kerr Effect Investigations in Liquid Crystals Containing the Isothiocyanato and Cyano Groups with Identical Flexible Tails
 2006 Low threshold voltage asymmetric antiferroelectric liquid crystal cells
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)2006 New Antiferroelectric Compounds from Chiral Terphenyls
 2006 NMR determination of the symmetry of liquid crystal phases. How reliable are spin probes?
 2006 Optical microscopy, DSC and dielectric relaxation spectroscopy studies on a partially fluorinated ferroelectric liquid crystalline compound MHPO(13F)BC
 2006 Photonic liquid crystal fibers – a new challenge for fiber optics and liquid
 2006 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid crystals having a chlorine atom in the lateral position of a benzene ring
 2006 The Synthesis and Properties of Novel Partially Fluorinated Ethers with High Tilted Anticlinic Phase
 2007 Crystal structure of a polar nematogen 4-(trans- 4-undecylcyclohexyl) isothiocyanatobenzene
 2007 Dielectric properties of the phenyl 4-(5-alkyl-1,3,2-dioxaborin-2-yl)benzoates with different terminal and lateral substitutes
 2007 Ferroelectric and antiferroelectric phases studied by dielectric spectroscopy
 2007 Low viscosity, high birefringence liquid crystalline compounds and mixtures
 2007 On the Importance of the Molecular Core Interactions on the Induction of the High Optical Tilt Angle
 2007 Orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystals containing a terphenyl rigid core
 2007 Orthoconic antiferroelectric liquid crystals containing biphenyl, terphenyl, or naphthyl mesogenic unit
 2007 Spectral properties of photonic liquid crystal fibers
 2007 Temperature tuning of polarization mode dispersion in single-core and two-core photonic liquid crystal fibers
 2007 The synthesis of new liquid - crystalline mesogens containing bicyclohexane units
 2007 Thermodynamic and dielectric studies on antiferroelectric liquid crystal (S)-4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4-(6-heptanoyloxyhex-1-oxy)biphenylate
 2007 2H NMR and X-Ray Studies of a Substance Exhibiting Crystal-Like Smectic Phases
 2008 Amplitude and phase fluctuation modes in the smectic Cα* phase of an antiferroelectric compound
 2008 Dielectric measurements of new antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)2008 Dielectric properties of three-ring fluorinated compounds
 2008 Electro-optical properties of an orthoconic liquid crystal mixture (W-182) and its molecular dynamics
 2008 Electron beam irradiation induced changes in liquid-crystal compound 5CB
 2008 Electrophysical Properties of an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal MOPB(H)PBC
 2008 Experimental study of de Vries properties in antiferroelectric smectic liquid crystals
 2008 Mesomorphic, dielectric, and optical properties of fluorosubstituted biphenyls, terphenyls, and quaterphenyls
 2008 New High Frequency Dielectric Mode in Fluorinated Antiferroelecteric Liquid Crystals
 2008 Orientational Order of Difluorinated Liquid Crystals: A Comparative 13C-NMR, Optical, and Dielectric Study in Nematic and Smectic B Phases
 2008 Photonic liquid crystal fibers for electric field and hydrostatic pressure sensing
 2008 Physical properties of laterally fluorinated isothiocyanato phenyl-tolane liquid crystals
 2008 Switching and characteristic dielectric parameters of a room temperature antiferroelectric liquid crystal mixture
 2008 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Chiral Esters Comprising Partially Fluorinated Alkoxyalkoxy Terminal Chains and a 1-methylheptyl Chiral Moiety
 2008 Synthesis and properties of high tilted antiferroelectric esters with partially fluorinated alkoxyalkoxy terminal chains
 2008 Temperature and bias electric field dependence of dielectric parameters of (S)-(+)-4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl) phenyl-4'-(3-butanoiloxyprop-1-oxy)biphenyl-4'-carboxylate
 2008 Tuning of the electrical parameters of a twisted-nematic display material by using electron beam irradiation
 2009 An Influence of the Fluorosubstitution and the Spacer Length on the Phase Transitions and Helical Pitch Value in High Tilted Antiferroelectric Esters
 2009 Characteristic dielectric parameters of para-, ferro- and antiferro-electric phases of (S)-4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl-4'-(6-pentanoyloxyhex-1-oxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylate
 2009 Dielectric Properties of New Fluorinated Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2009 Effect of fluorination of molecular rigid core in liquid crystal biphenyl benzoate based homologous series
 2009 Electron beam irradiation-induced transformations in the electrical properties of 4’-octyl-4-cyanobiphenyl (8CB)
Dabrowski, R. (cont...)2009 Light propagation in highly birefringent photonic liquid crystal fibers
 2009 Mesomorphic and dielectric properties of esters useful for formulation of nematic mixtures for dual frequency addressing system
 2009 Nearly-analogue blazed phase grating using high birefringence liquid crystal
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