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Cruz, C.2008 Shear-induced lamellar phase of an ionic liquid crystal at room temperature
 2009 Collective Modes and Biaxial Ordering Observed by Deuterium NMR in the Nematic Phases of an Organosiloxane Tetrapode
 2010 Shear-induced lamellar ionic liquid-crystal foam
Cruz, Carlos2004 Anomalous Thermal Behavior of Salicylsalicylic Acid and Evidence for a Monotropic Transition to a Nematic Phase
Cruz, K.L.2003 Self-organized criticality in a bead pile
Cruz, L.2004 Discrete molecular dynamics simulations of peptide aggregation
Cruzeiro-Hansson, Leonor2002 Comment on "Improvement of the Davydov theory of bioenergy transport in protein molecular systems"
Cruzeiro, Leonor1985 Quantum mechanical model for passive transport through bilayer lipid membranes
Crystal, E.2004 Stimulation of unidirectional pulses in excitable systems
Csajka, Felix S.2004 Transition path sampling study of flip-flop transitions in model lipid bilayer membranes
Csanyi, Gabor2004 Fractal-small-world dichotomy in real-world networks
 2004 Structure of a large social network
Csardi, Gabor2003 Properties of a random attachment growing network
Csaszar, Jozsef1987 Preparation and UV spectral studies of 4-(3β-cholesteryloxycarbonyloxy)benzylidene-4'-acetaminoaniline
Csaszar, Kalman1981 3β-(2-Hydroxyethoxy)cholest-5-ene esters
 1981 Cholesteryl (substituted phenyl) carbonates and liquid crystal systems containing these compounds
 1981 O-Cholesteryl carbamates
 1981 Thiocholesterol-n-alkyl ethers and a liquid-crystal containing system
Csath-Stincel, Zamfira1978 Correlations between HLB values and physicochemical parameters of emulsion components. II. HLB correlations, surface activity of tensides, interfacial layer structure
Csathy, G.A.2004 Possible Observation of Phase Coexistence of the ?=1/3 Fractional Quantum Hall Liquid and a Solid
 2007 Astability and Negative Differential Resistance of the Wigner Solid
Cseh, Liliana2006 The Design and Investigation of Room Temperature Thermotropic Nematic Gold Nanoparticles
 2008 New Compounds with Potential Liquid Crystal Properties. Copper(II) and Nickel(II) Complexes of N,N'-bis(4-decyloxysalicyliden-N-n-propyl)-Piperazine. Synthesis and Characterization
 2008 Testing the triple network structure of the cubic Imm (I) phase by isomorphous replacement and model refinement
 2009 3D Ordered Gold Strings by Coating Nanoparticles with Mesogens
 2009 Ordered Gold Nanoarrays: 3D Ordered Gold Strings by Coating Nanoparticles with Mesogens (Adv. Mater. 17/2009)
Cselik, G.1969 Investigations in the field of radiation-induced solid-state polymerization-XXIV The polymerization of cetyl vinyl ether
Cselik, Gyorgy1968 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXIV. Polymerization of vinyl cetyl ether
Csellich, Franz1994 Preparation and use of liquid crystalline pigments whose reflected color depends on the observation angle
Csencsits, Roseann2001 Nanoparticle Arrays Formed by Spatial Compartmentalization in a Complex Fluid
Cser, Adrienn2002 Fluorescence lifetime of Nile Red as a probe for the hydrogen bonding strength with its microenvironment
Cser, F.1969 Investigations in the field of radiation-induced solid-state polymerization-XXIV The polymerization of cetyl vinyl ether
 1977 Polymerization in liquid crystals. II [1]. Copolymerization of p-methyl-p-acryloyloxy-azoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate in the mesophase
 1977 Polymerization in liquid crystals. III [1]. Studies on the structures of some polymeric azoxyacrylates
 1977 State conditions of polymer and monomer with liquid crystalline phases
 1978 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IV. The polymerization of cholesteryl-vinyl-succinate
 1979 Nematic polymers and related structures
 1980 Investigation of the mesomorphic structure of p-alkoxyphenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate polymers
 1980 Mesomorphic polymers: hopes and facts
 1981 Detection of existence of copolymers with mesomorphic structure using thermal analysis
 1981 Metal-containing coordination polymers. XI. Crystallization and melting behavior of a semicrystalline polyester and its magnesium(II) complexes
 1981 Mixing enthalpies of polymers with mesomorphic properties and mesogenic plasticizers
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IX. Structural investigations of copolymers containing p-methyl-p-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XI. Copolymerization of N-acryloylpiperidine with cholesteryl acrylate and phenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate
 1981 Study of Phase-Diagram and Copolymerization of p-Ethoxy-p'-acryloyloxy-azobeiizene with Cholesteryl Acrylate
 1982 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIII. Copolymerization of mesogenic monomers
 1984 Identification of the Structure of Mesomorphic Polymers by Means of their Miscibility
 1984 Mesomorphic Polymers as three Component Systems
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystal. XX. Study on the copolymerization of phenyl ester-type monomers comprising mesogenic groups in the side chain
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XVII. Effect of flexible substituents in the mesogenic side chain on the behavior of mesogenic polymers
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XVIII. Effect of the polyethylene oxide main chain on the properties of polymers containing mesogenic groups in the side chain
Cser, F. (cont...)1985 The effect of the structural elements on the properties of side chain mesomorphic polymers
 1990 Relationship between chemistry and properties of liquid-crystalline polymers
Cser, Ferenc1968 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXIV. Polymerization of vinyl cetyl ether
 1968 Radiation-induced solid state polymerization. XXV. Influence of a second component on the solid state polymerization of vinyl cetyl ether
 1970 Radiation-induced solid-state polymerization. XXVI. Structural studies related to the polymerization of cholesteryl acrylate
 1970 Radiation-induced solid-state polymerization. XXVI. Structural studies related to the polymerization of cholesteryl acrylate
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, I. Vinyl oleate
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, II. The mesophase copolymerization of p-methyl-p'-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, III. Structural studies on some azoxyacrylate polymers
 1976 Polymerization in liquid crystals, IV. Polymerization studies on cholesteryl vinyl succinate
 1977 Monomer-Polymer Interactions in Liquid-Crystalline State Polymerization
 1977 Polymerizations in liquid crystals, I. Vinyl oleate
 1978 Polymerization in the liquid crystalline state: monomer-polymer interactions
 1979 Mesomorphic polymers
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals, V. The synthesis of some polymerizable compounds with a liquid crystalline state
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals. V. Synthesis of polymerizable compounds with a liquid crystalline state
 1979 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VIII. Copolymerization in liquid crystalline media
 1980 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VI. Study on the mesomorphic structure of p-alkoxyphenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate polymers
 1980 Polymerization in liquid crystals. VII. Mesomorphic polymers
 1980 Studies in the field of solid state polymerization. XXXVIII. Radiation-induced solid state polymerization of long-chain substituted vinyl monomers
 1981 Nematic polymeric structures
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IX. Investigation of the structure of copolymers containing p-methyl-p'-acryloyloxyazoxybenzene and cholesteryl vinyl succinate
Cser, Ferenc (cont...)1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. X. Investigation of the copolymerization of p-ethoxy-p'-acryloyloxyazobenzene and cholesteryl acrylate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XI. Copolymerization of N-acryloylpiperidine with cholesteryl acrylate and phenyl p-acryloyloxybenzoate
 1981 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XII. Investigation of the orientation of poly[phenyl p-(acryloyloxy)benzoate] in a magnetic field
 1983 Copolymerization of cholesterol-based mesogenic monomers
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIII. Study of copolymerization of mesogenic monomers
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIV. Studies of the mesomorphic structure of poly[p-methoxyphenyl p-(methacryloyloxyethoxy)benzoate]
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XV. Copolymerization of mesogenic monomers with a cholesteric group
 1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVI. Study of the copolymerization of hexadecylacrylamide
 1983 Studies on copolymerizations of hexadecylacrylamide
 1984 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVII. Effect of the substituents of the mesogenic side chain on the properties of mesogenic polymers
 1984 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVIII. Effect of the poly(ethylene oxide) main chain on the properties of polymers containing mesogenic side groups
 1984 Structure of side chain mesogenic polymers as a function of their soft elements
 1984 Studies on the mesomorphic structure of poly(p-methoxyphenyl p-methacryloyloxyethoxybenzoate)
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XIX. Study of the mesomorphic phase of acrylate polymers without spacers
 1985 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XX. Study of the copolymerization of phenyl ester-type monomers containing mesogenic groups in the side chain.
 1986 Conformation and optical anisotropy of short-chain molecules with mesogenic side groups
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XXI. Investigation of the mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers with ethyloxy group as spacer
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals, XXII Mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers with hexyloxy group as spacer.
 1986 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XIX. Miscibility study on the mesomorphic phase of acrylic polymers without spacers
 1987 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XXI. Investigation of mesomorphic phases of acrylate polymers containing an ethoxy group as spacer
Cser, Ferenc (cont...)1987 Polymerization in liquid crystals - XXII. Investigation of mesomorphic phase of acrylate polymers containing an hexyloxy group as spacer
 1988 NMR studies on side chain mesomorphic polymers
 1990 Mesomorphic polydiacetylenes
Csermely, G.1978 Polymerization in liquid crystals. IV. The polymerization of cholesteryl-vinyl-succinate
Csernyeva, Anna1983 Polymerization in liquid crystals. XVI. Study of the copolymerization of hexadecylacrylamide
Cserti, Jozsef2003 Tunable Lyapunov exponent in inverse magnetic billiards
Cseslik, C.1994 On the existence of bicontinuous cubic phases in dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine
Csiba, M.1993 Liquid crystalline 5,6-O-acetals of L-galactono-1,4-lactone prepared by a microwave irradiation on montmorillonite
Csillag, L.1980 Effect of a light wave field on the nematic phase of an octyl-cyano-biphenyl liquid crystal
 1980 Effect of a light wave field on the nematic phase of an oriented MBBA liquid crystal and thermal lens effect in this crystal
 1981 Fredericks' transitions in MBBA crystals induced by the field of a light wave
 1981 Laser induced reorientation of nematic liquid crystals
 1982 Nature of the aberration pattern during self-focusing of a light beam caused by director reorientation in liquid crystals
 1982 Reorientation of liquid crystals by superposed optical and quasistatic electric fields
 1982 The influence of the finite size of the light spot on the laser induced reorientation of liquid crystals
 1983 Light diffraction by laser beam created "channels" in nematic liquid crystals
 1983 Orientation saturation in nematic liquid crystals
 1984 Nonlinear total internal reflection in nematic layers
 1989 Inelastic light scattering from the liquid crystal and solid phases of MBBA
 1991 Temperature dependence of the optical Freedericksz transition in dyed nematic liquid crystals
 1992 Light-induced structures in smectic liquid crystals. Memory effect
 1993 Polarization dynamics of an ordinary light wave interacting with a nematic liquid crystal
 1993 The influence of a narrow light beam on a smectic liquid crystal
Csillag, Laszlo1984 Persistent nematic liquid crystal director oscillations in the field of an ordinary light wave
Csillaq, L.1984 Nonlinear total internal reflection in nematic layers
Csiszar, Agnes2006 The phase transition behavior of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine (DPPC) model membrane influenced by 2,4-dichlorophenol-an FT-Raman Spectroscopy Study
 2003 Effect of 2,4-dichlorophenol on DPPC/water liposomes studied by X-ray and freeze-fracture electron microscopy
Csoknyai, George1995 Factors affecting fluorescent backlight operation
Csongar, Christian1987 Bis-2H-tetrazoles. 2. Synthesis of 2,2'-diphenyl-5,5'-bis-2H-tetrazoles
Csunderlik, C.1980 Liquid crystals. II. Synthesis of p-alkylanilines for benzylidenaniline liquid crystals
Cuansing, E.2004 Quantum interference effects in particle transport through square lattices
Cubeddu, Rinaldo2007 Multi-spectral fluorescence imaging for cultural heritage
 2008 A portable UV-fluorescence multispectral imaging system for the analysis of painted surfaces
Cubero, O.1999 Quantum description of the orientational degrees of freedom in a biaxial nematic liquid
Cubillos, Maria A.2001 Kinetics of peroxidation of linoleic acid incorporated into DPPC vesicles initiated by the thermal decomposition of 2,2'-azobis(2-amidinopropane) dihydrochloride
Cubitt, R.1997 Glancing-angle neutron diffraction from smectic C liquid - crystal surfaces
 1999 Adsorption of the Lamellar Phase of Aerosol-OT at the Solid/Liquid and Air/Liquid Interfaces
 2002 A neutron reflectometry study of the interface between poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) and poly(methyl methacrylate)
 2006 Smectic order induced at homeotropically aligned nematic surfaces: A neutron reflection study
Cubitt, Robert2006 Interfacial Structure in Conjugated Polymers: Characterization and Control of the Interface between Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene) and Poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene-alt-benzothiadiazole)
Cubukcu, E.2003 Subwavelength Resolution in a Two-Dimensional Photonic-Crystal-Based Superlens
Cucchietti, Fernando M.2003 Many-spin quantum dynamics during cross polarization in 8CB
Cuccia, Louis1996 Self-assembled monolayers on gold nanoparticles
 1997 Structure and Dynamics in Alkanethiolate Monolayers Self-Assembled on Gold Nanoparticles: A DSC, FT-IR, and Deuterium NMR Study
Cucinelli, C.2002 Liquid crystal comb polymer with polar mesogenic and aliphatic side groups I. Preparation and structural properties
 2002 Liquid crystal comb polymer with polar mesogenic and aliphatic side groups II. Noise of the scattered light
Cucnik, Sasa2007 Coalescence of phospholipid membranes as a possible origin of anticoagulant effect of serum proteins
Cuculescu, I.1979 Electrooptic color effect in binary compensated cholesteric mixtures with guest Rhodamine 6G
 1980 Dynamic scattering in binary compensate cholesteric mixture with pleochroic dye added
 1980 Guest host interaction in the compensated cholesteric mixture of cholesteryl chloride and cholesteryl laurate 74:26% molar
 1981 The effect of Rhodamine 6G on phase transitions in cholesteryl ester mixtures
 1983 Costa Ribeiro effect in some cholesteryl esters
 1983 Costa Ribeiro effect in some cholesteryl esters
 1983 New pulsatory instability in cholesteric mixtures
 1983 Study of the phase transition in some cholesteryl and B-norcholesteryl derivatives
 1983 Thermoelectrets formed by the phase transition in cholesteryl caproate and its derivatives
 1984 Optical and electrohydrodynamical effects in a compensated cholesteric mixture
 1991 The polymorphism of the binary smectic mixture terephthal-bis-butyl-aniline (TBBA) and cholesteryl myristate (CM)
 1992 Study of the Electric Relaxation in Some Fatty Acids in the Mesomorphic State
 1992 Thermoelectret Method Revealing Phase Transitions in Fatty Acids
 1994 Build-up of thermoelectrets at phase transitions in fatty acids
 1994 Nonlinear effects on the electrical conduction of smectic mesophases
 1995 Transitions from smectic C to isotropic phase in an applied electric field
Cuculescu, Iuliana1977 Bistability effects in mixtures of cholesteric liquid crystals under electric fields
 1977 Cholesteric liquid crystal devices exhibiting optical bistable behavior under electric fields and applications
 1977 Determination of the birefringence of some mixtures of cholesteric liquid crystals with the Abbe refractometer
 1977 Microstructural changes and depolarized light studies in cholesteryl chloride and cholesteryl crotonate mixtures
 1977 Storage effects in cholesteric liquid crystal mixtures
 1977 Study of some properties at the semiconductor-liquid crystal interface
 1977 Transmission of polarized light in a cholesteric mixture in the presence of a d.c. electric field
 1978 Applications of smectic liquid crystals in devices for memorizing some process parameters
 1978 Devices with cholesteric liquid crystals for storing some information from various industrial processes
 1978 Effect of external fields on cholesteric liquid crystal mixtures with positive dielectric anisotropy
 1978 Field effect in a mixture of cholesteryl chloride and cholesteryl crotonate (75:25% by weight)
 1978 On the conduction mechanism in cholesteryl laurate and cholesteryl caprylate
 1978 On the conduction mechanism in cholesteryl laurate and cholesteryl caprylate mixtures
 1979 Electrooptical properties of two binary cholesteric mixtures
 1979 Some electrooptical properties of mixtures of cholesteric liquid crystals; possibilities of application to information storage
 1979 Use of liquid crystals for testing high-power transistors
 1980 Laser and dc electric field-induced effects on light diffraction patterns and texture changes in a compensated cholesteric mixture
 1980 Rotatory power in the cholesteryl cloride + cholesteryl laurate mixture
 1980 Some electrical properties of cells with nematic liquid crystals having differently doped electrodes
 1981 Color filter using a compensated binary cholesteric mixture and a cumylphenol azo dye derivative
Cuculescu, Iuliana (cont...)1981 Periodic change of birefringence in cholesteric compensated mixtures
 1981 Thermoelectret effect in cholesteryl caprylate
 1981 Two color filter achieved with a ternary mixture of liquid crystals
 1982 Coherent pulsing electrohydrodynamic instabilities in compensated cholesteric mixture
 1982 Color filter with high contrast in the blue range of spectrum
 1982 Optical transmissions of cholesteryl choride - cholesteryl laurate cholesteric mixture with Rhodamine 6G added
 1984 Determination of the orientational order of a dye in a compensated cholesteric liquid cristal
 1985 Phase transitions in smectic liquid crystals by thermodielectric effect
 1986 Determination of phase transitions in binary systems of mesogenic compounds by optical absorption spectroscopy
 1989 Determination of the anchoring constant for a compensated binary cholesteric mixture
Cuculescu, J.1983 Thermodielectric effect during phase transition in liquid crystals
Cuculescu, Juliana1980 Some techniques employed for liquid crystal characterization
Cuculescu, Mirela1990 Some considerations on optical bistability
Cuculo, J.A.1988 Structure development of fibers from liquid-crystalline PET/60PHB copolyester
 1991 Gelation and mesophase formation of cellulose in ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate
 1991 Light-scattering studies on solutions of cellulose in the ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solvent system. II. Quasielastic light-scattering and liquid crystal study
 1998 Effect of liquid isothermal bath position in modified poly(ethylene terephthalate) PET melt spinning process on properties and structure of as-spun and annealed filaments
Cuculo, John A.1982 The solubility of cellulose in liquid ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solutions: Thermoreversible gelation and a preliminary report on fiber formation
 1986 Lyotropic mesophase of cellulose in ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solution
 1988 Anisotropic cellulose solutions and fibers and films formed therefrom
 1988 Extrusion, fiber formation, and characterization of thermotropic copolyesters
 1989 Lyotropic mesophases of cellulose in the ammonia-ammonium thiocyanate solvent system. Effects of system composition on phase types
 1990 Formation and characterization of cellulose films from a liquid-crystalline solution of cellulose in ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate
 1992 Lyotropic mesophases of cellulose in the ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solvent system: phase relationships
 1995 A review of lattice theory for lyotropic liquid crystalline polymers, spinodal decomposition, and gel formation
 1995 Unique crystalline structure and performance of poly(ethylene terephthalate) melt spun fibers
 1996 Morphological characteristics of the lyotropic and gel phases in the cellulose/NH3/NH4SCN system
 1996 Rheology and gelation of cellulose/ammonia/ammonium thiocyanate solutions
 1997 Morphological and rheological analyses of the gel phase in the cellulose/NH3/NH4SCN system
 2002 New solvents for cellulose: Hydrazine/thiocyanate salt system
 2009 Direct Formation and Characterization of a Unique Precursor Morphology in the Melt-Spinning of Polyesters
Cudby, M.E.A.1990 The re-evaluation of multiple peaks in the DSC melting endotherm of isotactic polypropylene
Cuddihy, M.2005 Molecularly Engineered Nanocomposites: Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Cellulose Nanocrystals
Cuddy, A.1986 Anisotropic fluorophors for liquid crystal displays
Cuenda, Sara2004 Nonlinear excitations in DNA: Aperiodic models versus actual genome sequences
Cuendet, P.A.1980 Infrared spectroscopic and ultrastructural studies of a hydrophobic membrane protein in a monolayer
Cuervo, Laura Gonzalez2002 Hexacatenar liquid-crystalline complexes of palladium(II) and platinum(II) based on trialkoxystilbazole esters
Cuesta, J.A.1989 Isotropic-nematic transition of hard ellipses
 1990 Monte Carlo simulation of two-dimensional hard ellipses
 1991 Second virial coefficient of the D-dimensional hard Gaussian overlap model
 1993 Hard-sphere and hard-disk freezing from the differential formulation of the generalized effective liquid approximation
 1999 Nematic to smectic: a "hard" transition
 1999 Phase transitions in simple models of rod-like and disc-like micelles
Cuesta, Jose A.1991 Effective-liquid approach to the generalized Onsager theories of the isotropic-nematic transition of hard convex bodies
 1992 Isotropic-nematic transition of D-dimensional hard convex bodies within the effective-liquid approach
 2002 Enhancement by Polydispersity of the Biaxial Nematic Phase in a Mixture of Hard Rods and Plates
 2003 Apparent phase transitions in finite one-dimensional sine-Gordon lattices
 2003 Density functional theory for nearest-neighbor exclusion lattice gases in two and three dimensions
 2003 Phase diagrams of Zwanzig models: The effect of polydispersity
 2008 Phase behavior of parallel hard cylinders
 2009 Smectic and columnar ordering in length-polydisperse fluids of parallel hard cylinders
Cuetos, A.2002 Monte Carlo study of liquid crystal phases of hard and soft spherocylinders
 2003 Liquid crystal behavior of the Kihara fluid
 2003 Solution of the Percus-Yevick equation for square well spherocylinders
 2005 A novel orientation-dependent potential model for prolate mesogens
 2005 Parsons-Lee and Monte Carlo Study of Soft Repulsive Nematogens
 2007 Stability of Nematic and Smectic Phases in Rod-Like Mesogens with Orientation-Dependent Attractive Interactions
Cuetos, Alejandro2002 Rotational viscosities of Gay-Berne mesogens
 2007 Kinetic Pathways for the Isotropic-Nematic Phase Transition in a System of Colloidal Hard Rods: A Simulation Study
 2008 Columnar phases of discotic spherocylinders
 2008 Thermotropic Biaxial Liquid Crystalline Phases in a Mixture of Attractive Uniaxial Rod and Disk Particles
 2009 Columnar phases of discotics with orientation-dependent interactions
 2009 Liquid crystal phase behavior of hard oblate spherocylinders
Cuevas-Diarte, M.A.1996 Non Isomorphism and Miscibility in The Solid State: Determination of The Equilibrium Phase Diagram n-Octadecane C18H38 n-Nonadecane C19H40
 2002 Ordered Phases in n-Heptacosane (C27H56). Structure Determination of the Mdci Phase
Cuevas-Diarte, Miquel Angel2008 Polymorphism and solid-state miscibility in the pentadecanoic acid–heptadecanoic acid binary system
Cuevas, Hector2004 Competition between short-ranged attraction and short-ranged repulsion in crowded configurational space: A lattice model description
Cuevas, J.2004 Breather statics and dynamics in Klein-Gordon chains with a bend
Cuevas, S.2004 Optimal behavior of viscoelastic flow at resonant frequencies
Cugliandolo, Leticia F.2008 Experimental Test of Curvature-Driven Dynamics in the Phase Ordering of a Two Dimensional Liquid Crystal
Cugola, Ruggero2006 Thermal characterization and annealing effects of polythiophene/fullerene photoactive layers for solar cells
Cui, Aili2007 Photo-induced Valence Tautomerism in Co Complexes
Cui, C.X.1989 Two helical conformations of polythiophene, polypyrrole, and their derivatives
Cui, Chunming1999 Influence of syndiotacticity and annealing temperature on the double melting peak behavior of syndiotactic polypropylene
Cui, Di2008 A spectroscopy-based detector to monitor tomato growth condition in greenhouse
 2008 Development of a wireless crop growth monitor based on optical principle
Cui, Guodi1997 Study on aromatic polyesters with β-diketone spacer
Cui, H.1994 Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
Cui, Hao2008 Reduction of Viewing-Angle Dependent Color Shift in a Reflective Type Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Color Filter
Cui, Jianxia2003 Synchronization of spatiotemporal patterns in locally coupled excitable media
Cui, Jiaxi2007 Synthesis and characterization of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline poly[2,5-bis(4'-alkoxycarbonylphenyl) styrene]
 2007 Thermotropic and Chiroptical Properties of Poly{(+)-2,5-bis[4-((S)-2-methylbutoxy)phenyl]styrene} and Its Random Copolymer with Polystyrene
 2008 Odd-Even Effect in Free Radical Polymerization of Optically Active 2,5-Bis[(4'-alkoxycarbonyl)- phenyl]styrene
 2008 Synthesis and Characterization of Branched Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystal Polymers Based on 2,5-Bis[(4'-methoxyphenyl)oxycarbonyl]styrene and 4-Chloromethylstyrene
 2009 Synthesis and characterization of optically active helical vinyl polymers via free radical polymerization
Cui, Jinzhong2007 Palaeontological evidence for membrane fusion between a unit membrane and a half-unit membrane
Cui, Jun1997 Synthesis of liquid crystalline conducting poly(2,5-dialkoxyphenylene) with side chain
Cui, L.2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2003 Liquid crystalline low molecular and polymeric compounds
Cui, Lei2009 Labeling of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells by Oleic-Acid-Modified Magnetic Nanoparticles
Cui, Li1996 High-strength declination points in the smectic schlieren texture of o-hydroxy Schiff base-type liquid crystal
 1997 A novel orientation material for liquid crystals based on modified ladder-like polysiloxanes
 1997 Studies on carbosilane liquid crystalline dendrimer
 1998 Stable photoalignment layer for nematic liquid crystals based on ladder-like polysilsesquioxanes
 1999 A combined method based on rubbing and UV-irradiation for preparing stable alignment-layers with high pretilt angles
 1999 A glance at the relation of stepwise coupling polymerization to supramolecular chemistry
 1999 High strength disclinations induced by hydrogen bond dissociation in the nematic phases of p-alkoxycinnamic acids
 1999 Ladder silsesquioxane alignment film for liquid-crystal display device and its preparation
 1999 Photo-driven liquid crystal cell with high sensitivity
 2000 Improvement of LPS-based command surfaces: effect of inserting a flexible disiloxane segment into the azo side chain on photo-driven response
 2000 Synthesis and low dimensional conductive behaviour of columnar bis(β-diketonato)copper(II) complexes with oligo(ethylene oxide) groups
 2000 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of novel fishbone-like liquid crystalline polysilsesquioxanes VI. Fishbone-like, ester-based liquid crystalline polysilsesquioxanes
 2002 Liquid Crystalline Ionic Polymers, Prepared from New Poly(acrylate)s and Poly(methacrylate)s with Propyl Spacer-separated Pyridine Cores
 2002 Synthesis and thermal behaviour of liquid crystalline pyridinium bromides containing a biphenyl core
 2004 Azopyridine Side Chain Polymers: An Efficient Way To Prepare Photoactive Liquid Crystalline Materials through Self-Assembly
 2004 Confinement Effects on Photoalignment, Photochemical Phase Transition, and Thermochromic Behavior of Liquid Crystalline Azobenzene-Containing Diblock Copolymers
 2004 Photoactive Thermoplastic Elastomers of Azobenzene-Containing Triblock Copolymers Prepared through Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
 2005 Confined Discotic Liquid Crystalline Self-Assembly in a Novel Coil-Coil-Disk Triblock Oligomer
 2005 Using Self-Assembly To Prepare Multifunctional Diblock Copolymers Containing Azopyridine Moiety
 2006 Ionic interaction induced novel ordered columnar mesophases in asymmetric discotic triphenylene salts
Cui, Li (cont...)2006 Lamellar to Inverted Hexagonal Mesophase Transition in DNA Complexes with Calamitic, Discotic, and Cubic Shaped Cationic Lipids
 2006 Spacer Length Controlled Oblique-Columnar to Lamello-Columnar Mesophase Transition in Liquid Crystalline DNA-Discotic Cationic Lipid Complexes
 2006 Supramolecular Self-Assembly in a Disk-Cube Dyad Molecule Based on Triphenylene and Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS)
 2008 Conformation Transformation Determined by Different Self-Assembled Phases in a DNA Complex with Cationic Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane Lipid
Cui, M.1999 Temperature dependence of visco-elastic properties of 5CB
Cui, Meng1999 ZINDO-SOS study on nonlinear second-order optical properties of unsymmetric bis(phenylethynyl)benzene series derivatives
Cui, Ming2007 Suzuki coupling reaction catalyzed by Pd(Ph2PCH2COO)2 for synthesis of biaryl type liquid crystal containing fluorine
Cui, Mingji1999 Simulation of the dynamics of twisted nematic devices including flow
Cui, Qian2009 The detection of chiral perturbations in ferroelectric liquid crystals induced by dopants with axially chiral 2,2'-spirobiindan-1,1'-dione cores
Cui, Qinghua2004 Vision system based on optical wavelet transform
Cui, S.T.2004 Structure of a sheared soft-disk fluid from a nonequilibrium potential
Cui, Shi-Min1994 Columnar and smectic order in binary mixtures of aligned hard cylinders
 1994 Semiflexible Polyelectrolytes at the Liquid-Crystal Phase Transition
 1995 Isotropic-nematic interface of liquid-crystalline polymers
 1995 Orientational wetting layer of semiflexible polymers near a hard wall
Cui, Shuxun2002 Hydrogen-Bonding-Directed Layer-by-Layer Multilayer Assembly: Reconformation Yielding Microporous Films
Cui, Tianfang2007 Synthesis and characterization of lyotropic liquid crystal macromolecule PBO
Cui, Weina2004 Second-harmonic generation in optical fibers on a continuous-wave background
Cui, X.L.1999 Ferrocene Mediated Transmembrane Electron Transfer on Gold Electrode Modified by Hybrid Bilayer Membrane Consisting of Octadecanethiol and Phospholipid
Cui, Xianlin1998 Photocurable epoxy resin acrylate adhesive for LCD sealing
Cui, Xiao-Peng2009 Studies on the electro-optical properties of polymer stabilised cholesteric liquid crystal/aerosil particles composites
 2009 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of novel tolane-type liquid crystals
Cui, Xiaoli1999 Studies of Structural Disorder of Gold Supported Thiol-Lipid Bilayers
Cui, Xin2007 Anticlinic antiferroelectric smectic liquid crystal formed by an asymmetric banana-shaped molecule
Cui, Xiuguo2000 Synthesis of mesoporous silica by templating of amphiphilic poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(propylene glycol)-block-poly(ethylene glycol)
 2001 Synthesis of meso-porous silica by templating of amphiphilic diblock copolymer under neutral condition
Cui, Y.1998 Surface dependent V-shaped switching in a chiral smectic liquid crystal
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