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Copic, Martin2002 Azimuthal and Zenithal Anchoring Strengths of a Nematic Liquid Crystal Measured by Dynamic Light Scattering
 2002 Dynamic light scattering measurements of azimuthal and zenithal anchoring of nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Structure and dynamics of ferroelectric liquid crystal cells exhibiting thresholdless switching
 2002 Temperature dependence of azimuthal anchoring strength measured by dynamic light scattering
 2003 Azimuthal and zenithal anchoring of nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Effect of spontaneous polarization and polar surface anchoring on the director and layer structure in surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 2003 Thermal fluctuations of disclination lines in a thin nematic film
 2006 Influence of alignment layer thickness on ferroelectric liquid-crystal structure
 2006 Interparticle Potential and Drag Coefficient in Nematic Colloids
 2006 Magneto-Optic Tweezers Studies of Interactions in Liquid Crystal Colloids
 2007 Modulated Structures in Bent-Core Liquid Crystals: Two Faces of One Phase
 2008 Confinement Effect on Interparticle Potential in Nematic Colloids
 2009 Observation of a Soft Mode of Elastic Instability in Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Copland, Melissa J.2005 Lipid based particulate formulations for the delivery of antigen
Copley, J.R.2007 Partial Field-Induced Magnetic Order in the Spin-Liquid Kagomé Nd3Ga5SiO14
Copley, Mark P.2005 Pore Size Engineering in Mesoporous Silicas Using Supercritical CO2
 2008 Supercritical Fluid Swelling of Liquid Crystal Films
Copp, Tracy L.2001 Characterization of optical and mechanical modification of surface alignment layers for liquid crystal devices
Coppa, G.G.2002 Noncollisional kinetic model for non-neutral plasmas in a Penning trap: General properties and stationary solutions
Coppage, F.N.1967 Generation of Electrons and Holes in Anthracene by Ruby Laser Light
Coppede, N.2003 Sub-micron scale optical read/write/erase on azo-polymethacrylate thin films by scanning near-field optical microscopy
Coppens, M.-O.2003 Power-law distribution of pressure fluctuations in multiphase flow
Coppens, Marc-Olivier2003 Synthesis of Bimodal Nanostructured Silicas with Independently Controlled Small and Large Mesopore Sizes
 2005 Synthesis and Characterization of Stable Hollow Ti-Silica Microspheres with a Mesoporous Shell
Coppeta, David A.1991 Hybrid digital/optical ATR system
Coppex, F.2004 Extinction dynamics of Lotka-Volterra ecosystems on evolving networks
Coppex, Francois2002 Dynamics of the breakdown of granular clusters
 2003 Some exact results for Boltzmann's annihilation dynamics
 2004 Hydrodynamics of probabilistic ballistic annihilation
 2004 Probabilistic ballistic annihilation with continuous velocity distributions
Coppey-Moisan, Maite2005 Three-dimensional holographic optical tweezers implemented on spatial light modulator
Coppey, M.2002 Trapping reactions with randomly moving traps: Exact asymptotic results for compact exploration
 2003 Pascal principle for diffusion-controlled trapping reactions
 2004 Catalytic reactions with bulk-mediated excursions: Mixing fails to restore chemical equilibrium
 2004 Lattice theory of trapping reactions with mobile species
Coppin, Chris M.1992 Quantitation of liquid - crystalline ordering in F-actin solutions
Coppock, Patrick S.2009 Atomistic Simulations of Mixed-Lipid Bilayers in Gel and Fluid Phases
Coppola, G.2005 Photonics Devices Based on Hybrid Approach Combining Liquid Crystals and Sol-Gel Waveguides
Coppola, Giuseppe2001 Optoelectronic router based on a liquid crystal waveguide
 2001 Optoelectronic switch and continuously tunable filter based on a liquid crystal waveguide
 2002 Optical multimode interference router in sol-gel waveguide with a liquid crystal cladding
 2003 Electro-optical switch based on a Bragg grating in a liquid crystal waveguide
 2003 Optoelectronic router in glass waveguide with a liquid crystal cladding
Coppola, L.1988 Structure of the lamellar lyomesophase in water/ammonium perfluorononanoate mixtures: PFG NMR and deuteron NMR investigations
 1989 Water self-diffusion in micellar solutions and in lyotropic mesophases of the system water/Triton TX-100
 1991 Proton NMR measurements of longitudinal relaxation times in liquid-crystalline poly(ester β-sulfides)
 1991 Simulation of restricted self-diffusion
 1993 Analysis of water self-diffusion in polycrystalline lamellar systems by pulsed-field-gradient, nuclear-magnetic-resonance experiments
 1994 Analysis of the PFG-SE NMR experiments in lyotropic mesophases: the hexagonal case
 1994 Pulsed field gradient spin-echo NMR experiments in micellar solutions of the water/cetyltrimethylammonium bromide system
 1995 Characterization of the Lamellar Phase Aerosol OT/Water System by NMR Diffusion Measurements
 1996 Temperature dependence of water self-diffusion in the gel phase of a potassium palmitate system
 1997 Microstructures in an Oil-In-Water Microemulsion: A Nmr Self-Diffusion Study
 2000 A self-diffusion study in aqueous solution and lyotropic mesophases of amphiphilic block copolymers
 2000 Characterization of a reverse hexagonal lyomesophase by a PGSE NMR water self-diffusion study
 2002 Phase equilibria and physical-chemical properties of sugar-based surfactants in aqueous solutions
 2003 A defective lamellar phase in a nonionic surfactant water system studied by NMR methods
Coppola, Luigi1987 Water translational diffusion in micellar and mesomorphous phases
 1992 Phase diagram and phase properties of the system water-hexane-Aerosol OT
 1992 Water self-diffusion in lyotropic systems by simulation of pulsed field gradient-spin echo nuclear magnetic resonance experiments
 1995 Melting of Block Copolymer Self-Assemblies Induced by a Hydrophilic Surfactant
 1996 Water self-diffusion in lyotropic liquid crystals: pulsed gradient spin-echo NMR and simulation techniques
 2001 The Structural Fingerprint in Lyotropic Mesophases by the Use of Inverse Laplace Transform Applied to PGSE NMR Data
 2003 Solution and Liquid Crystalline Microstructures in Sodium Taurodeoxycholate/D2O Mixtures
 2008 A new physicochemical characterization of sodium taurodeoxycholate/water system
Coppola, Stephen M.2009 Correlating objective and subjective evaluation of texture appearance with applications to camera phone imaging
Copyn, Marc J.1994 The Effect of Structural Modifications on Charge Migration in Mesomorphic Phthalocyanines
 1995 Charge recombination via long-distance electron transfer through frozen and molten n-alkyl chains in pulse-irradiated mesomorphic phthalocyanines
Coquerel, G.2007 Chiral Discrimination at the Solid State of Methyl 2-(Diphenylmethylsulfinyl)acetate
Coqueret, X.1992 Thermophysical study of the liquid - crystal behavior of photocrosslinkable functional polysiloxanes
 1996 Electro-optical and morphological characterization of electron beam cured liquid crystal-polymer composite materials
 1996 Structural behavior and photochemical reactivity of silicone copolymers with functional side groups
 1997 Influence of liquid crystal concentration on the electrooptical behavior of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films prepared by electron beam processing
 1997 Study of optical and thermophysical properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals prepared by electron bombardment treatment
 1997 Thermophysical and electro-optical characterization of nematic liquid crystal/acrylate systems
 1998 Liquid crystal-polymer composite materials a thermophysical and electro-optical study
 1999 Dependence of cure parameters on PDLC films prepared by electron beam and ultraviolet curing
 1999 Light scattering from acrylate-based polymer dispersed liquid crystals: theoretical considerations and experimental examples
 1999 Phase behavior of poly(ethylhexylacrylate)/E7 mixtures
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Phase equilibrium of poly(n-butyl acrylate) and E7
 2001 Effects of polymer architecture on the phase properties of polymethylsiloxane/liquid crystal blends
 2001 Electro-Optical, Spectroscopical, and Calorimetric Investigations of Electron Beam- and Ultraviolet- Cured Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Materials
 2001 Equilibrium phase properties of polymer/liquid crystal blends: theory and experiments
 2001 Phase diagrams of monomeric and electron beam cured propoxylated glyceroltriacrylate/low molecular weight liquid crystal systems
 2001 Phase properties of hexanedioldiacrylate/E7 blends
 2001 Phase properties of monomer/liquid crystal and polymer/liquid crystal mixtures
Coqueret, X. (cont...)2001 Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films Prepared by Electron Beam Curing: Influence of the Nature of the Polymer Precursor
 2001 Thermo-optical investigations of polysiloxane/liquid crystal mixtures
 2002 Electro-optical properties of EB-cured PDLC systems
 2002 Onset and end of transitions in PDMS/5CB blends as revealed by static light scattering
 2002 Polarized light scattering and off-state transmission of electron-beam cured polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 2003 Physical properties of electron beam-cured tripropyleneglycol-diacrylate and liquid crystal systems
 2003 Physico-chemical characterization of ultraviolet and electron beam cured polymer / liquid crystal films
 2003 Swelling/deswelling behaviour of poly(n-butylacrylate)networks in nematic solvents
 2004 A Comparative Study of UV- and EB-Cured PDLC Films via Electro-Optical Properties
 2004 A Static and Dynamic Study of the Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam Cured PDLC Films
 2004 Development of electro-optical devices exhibiting high spectral selectivity for telecommunication applications
 2004 Effects of Ultraviolet-curing conditions on the electro-optical behavior of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 2004 Electro-optical and Morphological Properties of Ultraviolet- and Electron Beam - cured Monomer/liquid Crystal Mixtures
 2004 Electro-Optical Properties of Electron Beam Cured Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films based on Polysiloxanes and Liquid Crystals
 2004 Investigation of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal films exhibiting nanosized liquid crystalline domains
 2004 Miscibility studies of nematic liquid crystal / poly(methylphenylsiloxane) mixtures
 2004 Phase Behaviour of Uncured and UV-cured (2-ethylhexylacrylate-1,6-hexanedioldiacrylate)/E7 Mixtures
 2004 Phase Diagrams and Thermophysical Properties of Polysiloxane and E7 Systems
 2004 Phase Properties of Poly(2-ethylhexylacrylate)/E7 Systems
 2004 Physical Properties of Electron Beam-Cured Tripropyleneglycoldiacrylate and Liquid Crystal Systems
Coqueret, X. (cont...)2004 Properties of Electron Beam Cured Reverse Mode PDLC Films
 2004 Selective Solubility of E7 Components in Poly(n-butylacrylate)
 2004 Swelling and Deswelling of Poly (n-butylacrylate) Networks in Isotropic and Nematic Solvents
 2004 Thermo-physical investigation of PDLC materials prepared by polymerization induced phase separation
 2004 Time Relaxation of the Light Transmission of PDLC films
 2004 UV-Cured Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals with Nanosized Droplets
Coqueret, Xavier1991 Photocurable polymers for use in nonlinear optics
 1994 Thermophysical study of the liquid crystalline behavior of polysiloxanes with pendant photoreactive groups connected through a dimethylsilyl spacer
 1995 Electron beam processing for polymerization induced phase separation: Preparation of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1995 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal materials prepared by electron-beam-initiated polymerization
 1997 Electron beam cured liquid crystal - polymer composite materials: electro-optical enhancement effect
 1997 Networks and blends in liquid crystal polymer composite materials
 1998 On the phase behavior of blends of polymers and nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Optical and thermophysical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals (PDLC)
 1998 Phase Behavior of Blends of Polymers and Smectic -A Liquid Crystals
 1998 Photopolymerization kinetics and phase behavior of acrylate based polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1999 Equilibrium phase diagram of polystyrene and 8CB
 1999 Light scattering from poly(acrylate)/E7 mixtures
 1999 Mixtures of polymer networks and nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Model phase diagrams of binary nematic mixtures. A comparative study between linear and crosslinked polymers
 1999 On the miscibility of crosslinked networks and solvents with and without nematic order
 1999 Phase Behavior of Cured and Uncured Propoxylated Glyceroltriacrylate/8CB Mixtures
 2000 Effect of Molecular Weight on the Phase Diagram and Thermal Properties of Poly(styrene)/8CB Mixtures
 2000 Miscibility in Cross-Linked Polymer-Solvent Systems with Nematic Interactions
 2000 On the phase equilibria of nematic mixtures
 2000 Phase behavior of electron beam cured and uncured propoxylated glyceroltriacrylate/E7 mixtures
Coqueret, Xavier (cont...)2000 Phase diagrams and morphology of polymer dispersed liquid crystals based on nematic-liquid-crystal-monofunctional-acrylate mixtures
 2001 Phase Diagrams of Cured and Uncured Propoxylated Glyceroltriacrylate/5CB Mixtures
 2001 Phase diagrams of poly(dimethylsiloxane) and 5CB blends
 2002 A Comparative Study of UV and EB Cured PDLC Films: Electro-Optical Properties
 2002 A Study of Morphology, Structure and Electro-Optical Responses of Polysiloxane and Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Mechanical Properties of Electron Beam Cured Monomer and Monomer/Liquid Crystal Films
 2002 Phase Diagrams and Thermophysical Properties of Poly(Siloxane) and Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Phase Diagrams of Mixtures of Nematic Liquid Crystals and Linear or Crosslinked Polymers
 2002 Phase diagrams of monomer and uv-cured difunctional-acrylate-nematic-liquid-crystal systems
 2002 Phase Properties of Poly(2-Ethylhexylacrylate) / Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Physical Properties of Electron Beam Cured Tri-Propylene Glycol Diacrylate and Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Selective Solubility of E7 Components in Poly(N-Butylacrylate)
 2002 Swelling/Deswelling of Poly(Acrylate) Networks in Isotropic and Nematic Solvents
 2002 Time Decay of the Off-State Transmission of Electron Beam Cured PDLC Films
 2003 Calorimetric studies of poly (2-phenoxyethylacrylate)/5CB mixtures
 2003 Phase diagrams of poly(siloxane)/liquid crystal blends
 2004 Phase Behavior of Poly(butyl acrylate) Networks in Nematic Liquid Crystal Solvents
Coqueret, Xaview2002 Morphology and Optical Properties of Polymer/Liquid Crystal Composites with Nanodroplets
Coquille, R.1997 Comparison of twisted and parallel nematic liquid crystal polarization controllers. Application to a 4x4 free space optical switch at 1.5 μm
Coradin, T.2007 Aqueous Silicates in Biological Sol - Gel Applications: New Perspectives for Old Precursors
Coradin, Thibaud2005 Type I collagen, a versatile liquid crystal biological template for silica structuration from nano- to microscopic scales
Coratger, R.1990 Scanning tunneling microscopy of a liquid crystalline phase of poly((dA-dT).(dA-dT)) induced by a histone H1 peptide
Corazza, P.1984 Phase equilibria of cellulose in N,N-dimethylacetamide/lithium chloride solutions
Corazza, Paola1982 Electric field-induced instabilities in nematic and cholesteric polyesters
Corazzi, Lanfranco1990 Microsomal Protein Mediates a pH-Dependent Fusion of Liposomes to Rat Brain Microsomes
Corbalan-Garcia, Senena2004 Diacylglycerols as activators of protein kinase C (Review)
 2007 Diacylglycerols, multivalent membrane modulators
Corbalan, R.2002 Phase scaling properties of perturbation-induced multistability in a driven nonlinear system
Corbe, E.2007 Role of ceramide structure and its microenvironment on the conformational order of model stratum corneum lipids mixtures: an approach by FTIR spectroscopy
Corbeil, Elizabeth M.2004 Cosurfactant Impact on Probe Molecule in Reverse Micelles
Corbel, Serge1999 Microstereolithography using a dynamic mask generator and a noncoherent visible light source
Corberi, F.2002 Ordering of the lamellar phase under a shear flow
Corberi, Federico2003 Scaling of the linear response function from zero-field-cooled and thermoremanent magnetization in phase-ordering kinetics
 2004 Generic features of the fluctuation dissipation relation in coarsening systems
Corbett, D.2006 Nonlinear Photoresponse of Disordered Elastomers
 2007 Linear and Nonlinear Photoinduced Deformations of Cantilevers
 2008 Thermal diffusion and bending kinetics in nematic elastomer cantilever
 2009 Changing liquid crystal elastomer ordering with light - a route to opto-mechanically responsive materials
Corbett, Daniel2006 Non-linear photo-response of disordered elastomers.
 2007 Linear and non-linear photo-induced deformations of cantilevers
 2008 Bending Dynamics and Directionality Reversal in Liquid Crystal Network Photoactuators
 2009 Deformation and rotations of free nematic elastomers in response to electric fields
 2009 Polarization dependence of optically-driven elastomer mechanics.
Corbier, Catherine2008 Interfacial Approach to Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Toxicity: Phosphoglyceride and Cholesterol Monolayer Response to Phenantrene, Anthracene, Pyrene, Chrysene, and Benzo[a]pyrene
Corbin, David Richard1998 Composition containing liquid crystalline polymer
Corbusier, C.1973 Lung surface-active fraction as a model system for macromolecular ultrastructural studies with Crotalus atrox venom
 1978 Liquid crystals and cholesterol nucleation during equilibration in supersaturated bile analogs
Corcelli, Angela2009 Archaebacterial lipid membranes as models to study the interaction of 10-N-nonyl acridine orange with phospholipids
Corcoran, Jaqueline1992 Amphitropic liquid crystals. Part 1.: Effect of a thermotropic mesogen on lyotropic mesomorphism, and of a surfactant on thermotropic mesomorphism. The C16EO8–5-CB–water system
Corcoran, Robert C.2002 Chirality in Giant Phospholipid Tubule Formation
Cordeiro, M. Natalia D.S.2009 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Early Stages of the Synthesis of Periodic Mesoporous Silica
Cordeiro, M.N.D.S.2006 Molecular dynamics study of nitrobenzene and 2-nitrophenyloctyl ether saturated with water
Cordeiro, Rodrigo M.2006 Molecular Weight Dependence of Chain Orientation and Optical Constants of Thin Films of the Conjugated Polymer MEH-PPV
Cordero-Davila, A.2006 Generation of aberration polynomials in a Fourier optical processor using a liquid crystal display
 2006 Generation of aberration polynomials in a Fourier optical processor using a liquid crystal display
Cordes, Eugene H.1977 Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance studies of cholesteryl esters and cholesteryl ester/triglyceride mixtures
Cordes, Michael1999 Color calibration of liquid crystal displays
Cordes, Michael James2001 Focused particle beam processing for use in electronic apparatus manufacturing
Cordier, Stephane2010 Clustomesogens: Liquid Crystal Materials Containing Transition-Metal Clusters
Cordoba de Torresi, Susana I.2003 Determination of the Formation of Ladder Structure in Poly(5-amino-1-naphthol) by Resonant Raman and XPS Characterization
Cordoba-Torres, P.2004 Spatial fluctuations and anomalous reaction order in a reactive scheme involving a cooperative full desorption
Cordobes, F.1996 Linear viscoelasticity of the hexagonal liquid-crystalline phase of nonionic surfactant/hydrocarbon/water system
 1997 Linear viscoelasticity of the direct hexagonal liquid crystalline phase for a heptane/nonionic surfactant/water system
Cordomi, Arnau2008 Effect of Ions on a Dipalmitoyl Phosphatidylcholine Bilayer. A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Cordone, Lorenzo1999 Stabilization of the monoolein Pn3m cubic structure on trehalose glasses
 2005 Lipid Phase Transition in Saccharide-Coated Cholate-Containing Liposomes: Coupling to the Surrounding Matrix
Cordovilla, Carlos2006 Dinuclear Gold(I) Isocyanide Complexes with Luminescent Properties, and Displaying Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Behavior
 2008 Self-organization of dendritic supermolecules, based on isocyanide-gold(I), -copper(I), -palladium(II), and -platinum(II) complexes, into micellar cubic mesophases
 2009 Columnar Mesophases in Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Supramolecular Aggregates: Liquid Crystals of Fe, Cr, Mo, and W at Room Temperature, Built from Triazines and Metalloacid Complexes
 2010 Liquid-Crystalline Self-Organization of Isocyanide-Containing Dendrimers Induced by Coordination to Gold(I) Fragments
Cordoyiannis, G.2003 Dielectric and Thermal Study of the Influence of Aerosils on the Ferroelectric SmA-SmC Phase Transition
 2009 High-resolution calorimetric study of the phase transitions of tridecylcyanobiphenyl and tetradecylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
 2010 Thermal study of the Isotropic to Smectic C phase transition in main-chain liquid-crystalline elastomers
Cordoyiannis, George2005 Calorimetric study of phase transitions in a liquid-crystal-based microemulsion
 2005 Confinement-Induced Orientational Order in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Containing Dispersed Aerosils
 2007 Criticality Controlled by Cross-Linking Density in Liquid Single-Crystal Elastomers
 2007 Presmectic wetting and supercritical-like phase behavior of octylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystal confined to controlled-pore glass matrices
 2009 Controlling the Critical Behavior of Paranematic to Nematic Transition in Main-Chain Liquid Single-Crystal Elastomers
 2009 High-resolution calorimetric investigation of the existence of a nematic phase for the dodecylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystal
 2009 Investigations of phase transitions in liquid crystals by means of adiabatic scanning calorimetry
 2009 Temperature-Driven Mixing-Demixing Behavior of Binary Mixtures of the Ionic Liquid Choline Bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)imide and Water
Cordray, Jared2009 Speckle-field simulator characterization
Cordy, Joanna M.2006 The involvement of lipid rafts in Alzheimer's disease (Review)
Corella-Madueno, A.2008 Electrorheological response and orientational bistability of a homogeneously aligned nematic capillary
 2009 Resonant modes for both handedness for circularly polarized light in elastomers
 2009 Twist defect in an imprinted cholesteric elastomer
Corella-Madueno, Adalberto2006 Thermically tuned nematic guide
Corey, Elias J.1953 The Stereochemistry of the 3-Carboxy-, 3-Carboxymethyl- and 3-Acetylcholestanes and δ5-Cholestenes
Corezzi, S.2004 Slow dynamics of salol: A pressure- and temperature-dependent light scattering study
Corfdir, A.2003 Shear with comminution of a granular material: Microscopic deformations outside the shear band
Coriani, Sonia2006 Optically induced circular and axial birefringences in achiral fluids: an ab initio study of the optical Faraday effect
Corinaldesi, M.1977 Evidence for cybotactic cluster pretransition formation in TBBA liquid crystal
Corish, J.1997 Drug delivery from a liquid crystalline base across Visking and human stratum corneum
Corker, G.A.1976 Diffusion kinetics in phospholipid vesicles
Corker, J.M.1998 Synthesis and characterization of metal incorporated HI SiO2 materials
Corker, Judith M.1997 Liquid - crystal templates for nanostructured metals
Corkery, R.W.1996 On the Swelling of Amphiphiles in Water
 1999 Laser spectroscopy and hole burning of europium laurate and europium-doped lanthanum laurate
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Corkery, Robert W.2004 A variation on Luzzati's soap phases. Room temperature thermotropic liquid crystals
 2007 A Case for Discotic Liquid Crystals in Molten Triglycerides
 2008 Metal organic framework (MOF) liquid crystals. 1D, 2D and 3D ionic coordination polymer structures in the thermotropic mesophases of metal soaps, including alkaline earth, transition metal and lanthanide soaps
Corkill, John M.1967 Thermodynamics of nonionic surface-active agent-water systems
 1969 Nuclear magnetic resonance of aqueous solutions of alkyl(polyoxyethylene) glycol monoethers
Corlatan, Dorina1996 Optimization of the design of a discrete CdSe - FLC OASLM
Corliss, D.1992 Fluctuation Effects in the Blue Phases and Their Relationship to the Landau-Peierls Instability of the Cholesteric Phase
Corma, A.1997 Hydrocracking-hydroisomerization of n-decane on amorphous silica-alumina with uniform pore diameter
 2005 Surface Characterization and Properties of Ordered Arrays of CeO2 Nanoparticles Embedded in Thin Layers of SiO2
Corma, Avelino1993 Solid-state NMR study of ordered mesoporous aluminosilicate MCM-41 synthesized on a liquid-crystal template
 1997 Synthesis of MCM-41 with Different Pore Diameters without Addition of Auxiliary Organics
 2000 Observation of a 390-nm Emission Band Associated with Framework Ti in Mesoporous Titanosilicates
 2004 Hierarchically mesostructured doped CeO2 with potential for solar-cell use
 2005 A general method for the synthesis of nanostructured large-surface-area materials through the self-assembly of functionalized nanoparticles
 2007 Single Gold Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Monodispersed Regular Spheres of Mesostructured Silica Produced by Pseudomorphic Transformation
 2009 Monodispersed Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles with Very Large Pores for Enhanced Adsorption and Release of DNA
Cormack, Peter A.G.1996 Solid phase synthesis of liquid crystalline oligopeptides
 1997 Monodisperse liquid crystalline peptides
Cormier, Russell A.1997 Self-Organization in Thin Films of Liquid Crystalline Perylene Diimides
 1998 Liquid Crystal Perylene Diimide Films Characterized by Electrochemical, Spectroelectrochemical, and Conductivity versus Potential Measurements
 1998 Synthesis and Characterization of Liquid Crystalline Perylene Diimides
 2001 Doping molecular semiconductors. n-Type doping of a liquid crystal perylene diimide
 2002 Self-Assembly of Liquid Crystal Semiconductor Molecules at the Air/Water Interface
 2002 Self-Organizing Liquid Crystal Perylene Diimide Thin Films: Spectroscopy, Crystallinity, and Molecular Orientation
 2004 Substitutional n-Type Doping of an Organic Semiconductor Investigated by Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Cormier, Ryan J.2004 Director reorientation of a side-chain liquid crystalline polymer under extensional flow
Cornacchia, M.2002 Fundamental and harmonic microbunching in a high-gain self-amplified spontaneous-emission free-electron laser
Corne, S.A.1984 Electrical conductivity in macroscopically aligned nematic and lamellar mesophases of the cesium perfluorooctanoate-water system
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 1986 Order-disorder transitions in solutions of discoid micelles
Corne, Simon A.1987 Lyotropic mesomorphism of the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate/water system: high-resolution phase diagram
Cornejo-R., Alejandro2010 Ronchi test with equivalent wavelength
Cornejo-Rodriguez, Alejandro2006 Ronchi test with sub-structured gratings
Cornejo, Joaquin2005 Hybrid JTC using DSP technology
Cornelissen, H.J.1995 Analysis of Scattering Behaviour of PDLC for Active Matrix LC Projection Systems
 2004 Polarized back- and frontlights for LCDs
 2004 Transparent Slanted Phase Gratings in Emissive Waveguides
Cornelissen, Hugo J.1997 Multiple light scattering from polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1997 Multiple scattering of light from polymer dispersed liquid crystal material
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 2008 Efficient and cost-effective polarized-light backlights for LCDs
Cornelissen, Jeroen J.L.M.2003 Conformational analysis of dipeptide-derived polyisocyanides
 2006 Synthesis, characterization, and folding behavior of β-amino acid derived polyisocyanides
 2007 Lyotropic liquid-crystalline behavior of polyisocyanodipeptides
Cornelius, H.-J.1993 View Angular Transmissive Characteristics of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Displays
 1994 Wavelength Dependent Transmissive Characteristics of LC-Director Configurations in Liquid Crystal Displays
 1995 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Phase Transitions Under the Condition of Directed Heat Transfer - a Method for Improving Surface Alignment and Bulk Orientation -
 1996 Optical Filters with LC-Elements
Cornelius, Hans-Joachim2003 Production method of liquid crystal cell for extended temperature range
Cornelius, Maximilian2004 In situ Synchrotron SAXS/XRD Study on the Formation of Ordered Mesoscopic Hybrid Materials with Crystal-Like Walls
 2005 Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas with a Bifunctional Conjugated Organic Unit and Crystal-like Pore Walls
Cornell, B.A.1974 A pulsed N.M.R. study of D2O bound to 1,2 dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine
 1979 A pulsed NMR study of lipids, bound water and sodium ions in macroscopically-oriented lecithin/water lyotropic liquid crystal model membrane systems
 1979 Random close-packed arrays of membrane components
 1980 The dynamics of the carbonyl groups in phospholipid bilayers from a study of their carbon-13 chemical shift anisotropy
 1981 NMR study of synthetic lecithin bilayers in the vicinity of the gel-liquid-crystal transition
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 1982 A study of the angular dependence of NMR relaxation times in macroscopically oriented lyotropic liquid crystal lamellar phases
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 1990 Solid-state carbon-13 NMR studies of the effects of sodium ions on the gramicidin A ion channel
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 2000 Process for making high denier filaments of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers and composition thereof
Cornetta, John Edward1999 Process for making high denier filaments of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers and compositions thereof
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 1975 An examination of the origins and growth of mesophase in the liquid phase of carbonization
 1977 Quantitative optical reflectivity studies of graphitizable carbons prepared from coal-tar pitch, poly(vinyl chloride) and acenaphthylene
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 1976 Mesophase: the precursor to graphitizable carbon
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 2004 1,3,6,8-Tetraphenylpyrene Derivatives: Towards Fluorescent Liquid-Crystalline Columns?
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 2004 Electronic Delocalization in Discotic Liquid Crystals: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study
 2005 High charge-carrier mobility in π-deficient discotic mesogens: Design and structure-property relationship
 2005 Liquid Crystalline Metal-Free Phthalocyanines Designed for Charge and Exciton Transport
 2006 Highly Fluorescent Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Columnar Phases of Pyrene-Based Structures
 2007 Liquid crystalline octaalkoxycarbonyl phthalocyanines: design, synthesis, electronic structure, self-aggregation and mesomorphism
 2008 Charge Transport in Conjugated Materials: From Theoretical Models to Experimental Systems
 2009 Metal-Free Phthalocyanines Bearing Eight Alkylsulfonyl Substituents: Design, Synthesis, Electronic Structure, and Mesomorphism of New Electron-Deficient Mesogens
Cornilescu, Gabriel1998 Validation of Protein Structure from Anisotropic Carbonyl Chemical Shifts in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase
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