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Coles, H.J.2004 From nanostructured liquid crystals to electro-optic devices and lasers
 2004 Investigation of the Visco-Elastic Properties of Mixtures with Different Birefringence
 2004 Novel electroclinic organosiloxane materials for optoelectronic devices
 2004 Structural consideration of the additive effects on the electro-optical properties of commercial nematic liquid crystal materials
 2004 Structure-property relations of photonic band edge lasers
 2005 Comparison of spectral properties of chiral liquid crystal and distributed feedback structures
 2005 Electronic control of nonresonant random lasing from a dye-doped smectic A* liquid crystal scattering device
 2005 Enhanced emission from liquid-crystal lasers
 2005 Optical and electro-optical properties of bimesogenic organosiloxane antiferroelectric liquid crystals with molecular tilt approaching 45 degrees
 2005 Optimized flexoelectric response in a chiral liquid-crystal phase device
 2005 Physical Properties of Siloxane Containing Oxycyanobiphenyl Derivatives for Smectic-A Device Applications
 2005 The Effects of Introducing Ester Linking Groups on the Flexoelectro-Optic Properties of Symmetric Bimesogens
 2005 Wide temperature range blue phase as a tunable photonic crystal
 2006 Effect of polymer concentration on stabilized large-tilt-angle flexoelectro-optic switching
 2006 Electro-optic bistability in organosiloxane bimesogenic liquid crystals
 2006 Highly anisotropic conductivity in organosiloxane liquid crystals
 2006 Strong flexoelectric behavior in bimesogenic liquid crystals
 2007 A comparison of the flexoelectro-optic effect in the uniform lying helix and standing helix geometries
 2007 High-solubility liquid crystal dye guest-host device
 2007 Random lasing in a bistable smectic A liquid crystal
Coles, H.J. (cont...)2007 The influence of fluorosurfactants on the flexoelectro-optic properties of a chiral nematic liquid crystal
 2009 Red-green-blue 2 D tuneable liquid crystal lasers
 2010 Thermodynamically Stable Blue Phases
 2010 Ultrafast switching liquid crystals for next-generation transmissive and reflective displays
Coles, Harry1993 A new series of low molar mass ferroelectric organosiloxanes with unusual electrooptic properties
 1993 Electro-optic behavior of low molar mass FELC's doped with liquid crystal polymers
 1993 Ferroelectric and electroclinic characterization of a new organic siloxane bimesogen
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polysiloxanes designed for high second-order nonlinear susceptibilities
 1994 Synthesis and properties of low-molar-mass liquid-crystalline siloxane derivatives
 1995 Electro-optic effects in novel siloxane containing oligomeric liquid crystals. I. Smectic A materials
 1995 Electro-optic effects in novel siloxane containing oligomeric liquid crystals. II. Smectic C materials
 1995 Fluorescent ferroelectric liquid crystalline copolyacrylates
 1995 New LMM organosiloxanes with photoisomerizing azo groups
 1995 PTFE drawn films as alignment agents for liquid crystals
 1996 A tilted ferroelectric smectic phase emerging from monomer/polymer mixtures
 1997 Structural characterization of mono- and di- mesogenic organosiloxanes: The impact of siloxane content on biphenyl benzoate systems
 1998 Chiral nematics: physical properties and applications
 1998 Liquid - crystal material with high contrast and liquid - crystal display
 1998 Liquid - crystal material with high contrast and liquid - crystal display device
 1998 Surface uniformity and induced surface pretilt for PTFE alignment layers
 2000 Mesogenic estradiol for liquid-crystal display device
 2005 Photonic band edge lasing in dye-doped chiral nematic bimesogen liquid crystals
Coles, Harry J.1985 Electrooptic effects in side-chain polymer liquid crystals
 1988 Pretransitional isotropic Kerr effect in eutectic mixtures E120, E130 and E140
 1993 New low molar mass organosiloxanes with unusual ferroelectric properties
 1993 Photomechanically induced phase transitions in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Sublayer adequacy in smectic ordering: structural characterization of new low molar mass liquid-crystalline siloxanes
 1993 Two different temperature dependencies of the cone angle in SSFLC cells
 1995 Second-order nonlinear optical properties of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers studied by second harmonic generation from thin films
 1995 Structural characterization of linear dimeric and cyclic tetrameric liquid crystalline siloxane derivatives
 1996 Structural characterization of new ferroelectric liquid-crystalline siloxanes
 1996 Synthesis and properties of a new series of low-molar-mass organo-siloxane derivatives
 1999 First ferrocene-containing low molar mass organosiloxane liquid-crystalline materials
 2002 Electro-optic Properties of Chiral Nematics and Smectics: New Devices and Applications
 2002 Influence of Additives on Surface Anchoring Energy of TN-LC Mixture
 2002 Novel Ferroelectric Fluorinated Organosiloxane Materials
 2002 PTFE alignment for rapid prototyping of LCDs
 2002 Structure-Flexoelectric Properties of Liquid Crystal Bimesogens
 2003 Flexoelectric liquid crystal bimesogens
 2005 Effect of pump efficiency on lasing in dye-doped chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2005 Electro-optic Telecommunication Devices at 1550 nm Employing Electroclinic and Ferroelectric Switching of an Organosiloxane Liquid Crystal
 2005 Fast electro-optic liquid crystal switch and attenuator with large extinction ratio at 1550 nm
Coles, Harry J. (cont...)2005 Liquid crystal "blue phases" with a wide temperature range
 2005 Liquid crystal based continuous phase retarder: from optically neutral to a quarter waveplate in 200 microseconds
 2005 Liquid crystal lasers: coherent and incoherent microsources
 2005 Molecular size effect of additives on the electro-optical properties of eutectic liquid crystal mixtures
 2005 Nonresonant random lasing from a dye-doped smectic A* scattering device
 2005 Optimization of organosiloxane mesogenic properties for use in a smectic-A display
 2007 Bimesogenic liquid crystals: new materials for high-performance photonics devices and displays
 2007 Multi-colour switching of polymer stabilized chiral nematic liquid crystal devices
 2007 Reversible color switching from blue to red in a polymer stabilized chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2007 Wavelength tuning the photonic band gap in chiral nematic liquid crystals using electrically commanded surfaces
 2009 Electrically tuneable liquid crystal photonic bandgaps
 2009 The switching properties of chiral nematic liquid crystals using electrically commanded surfaces
 2010 Simultaneous red-green-blue reflection and wavelength tuning from an achiral liquid crystal and a polymer template
Coles, Harry James1994 Liquid crystal siloxanes
 1994 Liquid-crystal composition and device
 1994 Liquid-crystal compositions and display elements
 1994 Liquid-crystal device
 1995 Liquid crystal devices.
 1998 Electric field dynamic light scattering for studying the splay and twist elastic constants and viscosity coefficients of nematogenic liquid crystals
 2001 Bimesogenic compounds and their use in flexoelectric liquid crystal devices
Coles, J.A.1999 A rapid wavelength changer based on liquid crystal shutters for use in ratiometric microspectrophotometry
Coles, M.J.1998 Influence of the fabrication shear rate on the electro-optic characteristics of PDFLC devices
 1999 A highly bistable fast-shear aligned polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal device
 1999 A new multi layer wide angle electro-optic shutter
 2001 Enhanced Flexoelectric Switching Behaviour in the Chiral Nematic Phase
 2001 The effect of the molecular structure on flexoelectric coupling in the chiral nematic phase
 2001 The Flexoelectric Behaviour of a Hypertwisted Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2002 Chiral Nematic Bimesogens: Properties and Applications
 2002 Lasing in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with Fluorescent Dyes
 2002 Self-organized patterns and spatial solitons in liquid-crystal microcavities
 2002 The Individual Viscotic and Elastic Constants Obtained Using an Applied Magnetic Field in a Novel Dynamic Light Scattering Experiment
 2004 Comparison of relative flexoelectric coefficients measured by different techniques
 2004 Novel electroclinic organosiloxane materials for optoelectronic devices
Coles, Marcus J.1998 Liquid - crystal material with high contrast and liquid - crystal display device
 2002 Structure-Flexoelectric Properties of Liquid Crystal Bimesogens
 2003 Flexoelectric liquid crystal bimesogens
 2005 Electro-optic Telecommunication Devices at 1550 nm Employing Electroclinic and Ferroelectric Switching of an Organosiloxane Liquid Crystal
 2005 Fast electro-optic liquid crystal switch and attenuator with large extinction ratio at 1550 nm
Coles, Marcus James2001 Bimesogenic compounds and their use in flexoelectric liquid crystal devices
Coles, Simon J.2000 Synthesis of dinuclear complexes of rhenium(I) as potential metallomesogens
 2000 The synthesis and properties of surfactant aza macrocycles
 2002 Mesomorphic silver(I) complexes of 4-alkyloxy-2'-stilbazoles and 4-alkyloxy-3'-stilbazoles. Crystal and molecular structure of 4-methoxy-2'-stilbazole
 2003 Temperature-resolved study of the structural behaviour of nickel octahexyl phthalocyanine up to the liquid crystal transition
 2005 Possible transition from rod-like to disc-like behaviour in ortho-metallated imine complexes of palladium(II): crystal and molecular structure of three palladium complexes
 2005 Thiophene and Selenophene Copolymers Incorporating Fluorinated Phenylene Units in the Main Chain: Synthesis, Characterization, and Application in Organic Field-Effect Transistors
Colet, P.1990 Theory for relaxation at a subcritical pitchfork bifurcation
Colet, Pere2002 Fluctuations and correlations in hexagonal optical patterns
 2003 Synchronization of vectorial noise-sustained structures
 2004 Effect of parameter mismatch on the synchronization of chaotic semiconductor lasers with electro-optical feedback
 2004 Phase synchronization and polarization ordering of globally coupled oscillators
 2004 Secondary bifurcations of hexagonal patterns in a nonlinear optical system: Alkali metal vapor in a single-mirror arrangement
Coley, D.A.1997 Fitting reflectivity data from liquid crystal cells using genetic algorithms
 1998 Detailing smectic SSFLC director profiles by half-leaky guided mode technique and genetic algorithm
Cölfen, H.2002 Biomimetic Crystallization of Calcium Carbonate Spherules with Controlled Surface Structures and Sizes by Double-Hydrophilic Block Copolymers
Cölfen, Helmut1998 Inorganic/organic mesostructures with complex architectures: precipitation of calcium phosphate in the presence of double-hydrophilic block copolymers
 2000 Surfactant-encapsulated clusters (SECs): (DODA)20(NH4)[H3Mo57V6(NO)6O183(H2O)18], a case study
 2009 Pigment Synthesis: PY181 Pigment Microspheres of Nanoplates Synthesized via Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursors (Adv. Funct. Mater. 13/2009)
 2009 PY181 Pigment Microspheres of Nanoplates Synthesized via Polymer-Induced Liquid Precursors
 2009 Solvent-Free Protein Liquids and Liquid Crystals
Colgan, E.1998 High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
 1999 High conductivity gate metallurgy for TFT/LCD's
Colgan, E.G.1998 Electrical test sites for AMLCD-TFT array process characterization
 1998 Evaluation of Al(Nd)-alloy films for application to thin-film-transistor liquid crystal displays
Colgan, Evan1998 Multidomain homeotropic liquid crystal display based on ridge and fringe field structure
Colgan, Evan G.2001 Self-aligned structures for improved wide viewing angle for Liquid crystal displays
 2002 Passive Liquid crystal display having pre-tilt control structure and light absorbent material at a center
Colgan, Evan George2001 Pixel capacitor formed from multiple layers for Liquid crystal displays
Colgan, J.2004 Collisional-radiative study of lithium plasmas
Colhoun, Frederick L.2001 Orientation Relaxation in Sheared Polystyrene Melts Measured by 13C SMAS-DECODER NMR
Colic, Miroslav1998 Effect of the size and affinity for water of excluded ions on interparticle forces
Colicchio, M.1998 Optical Kerr-like response of dye-doped nematics
Colilla, Montserrat2008 L-Trp adsorption into silica mesoporous materials to promote bone formation
Colin, A.1998 A dynamic study of onion phases under shear flow: size changes
 2000 Undulation instability under shear: a model to explain the different orientations of a lamellar phase under shear?
 2001 Oscillating Viscosity in a Lyotropic Lamellar Phase under Shear Flow
 2004 A spatio-temporal study of rheo-oscillations in a sheared lamellar phase using ultrasound
Colin, Annie1999 Dynamics of lamellar phase under flow.
 2002 Dynamical behavior of a complex fluid near an out-of-equilibrium transition: Approaching simple rheological chaos
 2003 Shear banding in a lyotropic lamellar phase. I. Time-averaged velocity profiles
 2003 Shear banding in a lyotropic lamellar phase. II. Temporal fluctuations
 2003 Velocity Profiles in Shear-Banding Wormlike Micelles
 2004 Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Wormlike Micelles under Shear
 2008 Nonlocal Effects in Flows of Wormlike Micellar Solutions
Colin, Jerome1998 Optical implementation of correlation filters for a photorefractive joint transform correlator
Colin, T.2000 Undulation instability under shear: a model to explain the different orientations of a lamellar phase under shear?
Colin, Yves1997 Phosphatidylserine exposure and aminophospholipid translocase activity in Rh-deficient erythrocytes
Colineau, J.2009 Coherent fiber combining by digital holography
Colinet, P.2002 Anticonvection with an inclined temperature gradient
 2003 Influence of a nonlinear reference temperature profile on oscillatory Bénard-Marangoni convection
 2003 Interfacial nonequilibrium and Bénard-Marangoni instability of a liquid-vapor system
Colizza, Vittoria2002 Fluctuation-dissipation ratio for compacting granular media
Coll, C. Salom1996 Melting behavior and miscibility of poly(ε-caprolactone) + poly(4-hydroxystyrene) blends
Collados, M.2006 Detailed design of the imaging magnetograph experiment (IMaX): a visible imager magnetograph for the Sunrise mission
Collados, Manuel2003 Liquid crystal optical retarders for IMaX to fly with SUNRISE
Collados, Manuel V.2004 The imaging magnetograph eXperiment for the SUNRISE balloon Antarctica project
Collard, D.1988 Spectroscopic characterization of side-chain disordering processes in discotic liquid crystals
 1989 Spectroscopic analysis of discotic liquid-crystalline molecules and polymers on external surfaces
 2006 Suppression of the pull-in instability for parallel-plate electrostatic actuators operated in dielectric liquids
Collard, D.M.1988 Spectroscopic characterization of mesogen order in discotic liquid crystal
 1990 Phase structure and orientation behavior of discotic liquid crystals
 1990 The effect of halogen substitution on the side chains of discotic liquid crystals
 2003 Comparison of statistical and blocky copolymers of ethylene terephthalate and ethylene 4,4'-bibenzoate based on thermal behavior and oxygen transport properties
Collard, David M.1989 Control of thermal phase behavior of disklike molecules by modification of side-chain structure
 1991 Effect of heteroatoms in the side chains of disklike molecules on the formation of discotic liquid crystalline phases
 1991 Structure-property relationships for the thermal phase behavior of discotic liquid crystals: the effect of branching and unsaturation in the side chains of disklike molecules
 1995 Dynamic properties of discotic liquid crystals with triphenylene and benzene cores, studied by broadband dielectric spectroscopy
 2002 Control of the Anchoring Behavior of Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals: Effect of Branching in the Side Chains of Polyacrylates
 2003 Synthesis and Characterization of PET-Based Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters Containing 6-Oxynaphthalene-2-carboxylate and 6-Oxyanthracene-2-carboxylate Units
 2005 Control of Anchoring of Nematic Fluids at Polymer Surfaces Created by in Situ Photopolymerization
 2005 Hydroquinone and Resorcinol-Containing Copolyesters
Collart, O.2001 A High-Yield Reproducible Synthesis of MCM-48 Starting from Fumed Silica
Collart, Olivier2003 The Influence of the Alcohol Concentration on the Structural Ordering of Mesoporous Silica: Cosurfactant versus Cosolvent
Collazo, Nancy1992 Molecular-dynamics studies of the structure and properties of monolayers of perfluorinated amphiphiles
Colle, Renato2004 Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Hexakis(pentyloxy)triphenylene: Structure and Translational Dynamics of Its Columnar State
 2008 Structural, electronic, and optical properties of a prototype columnar discotic liquid crystal
Collen, K.R.1987 Thin-cell dielectric response of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
Collen, Pi Nyvall2009 Enzymatic Degradation of κ-Carrageenan in Aqueous Solution
Collera, O.2000 Formation of J-aggregates of cyanine dyes in bilayer lipid vesicles
Colleraine, A.P.1996 High heat flux testing of CFC composites for the tokamak physics experiment
Collet, A.1986 X-ray structural study of the mesophases of some cone-shaped molecules
Collet, Andre1985 Exciton approach to the optical activity of C3-cyclotriveratrylene derivatives
 1985 Liquid crystals with a cone-shaped cyclotriveratrylene core.
 1987 Inversion of the Cyclotribenzylene Cone in a Columnar Mesophase: A Potential Way to Ferroelectric Materials
 1989 Mesogens containing the 3,4,5-tris-(p-dodecyloxybenzyloxy)benzoyloxy (DOBOB) group
 1993 Cyclotriveratrylenes and cryptophanes: their synthesis and applications to host-guest chemistry and to design of new materials
 1999 Engineering of transparent diphenylpolyene derivatives for optical power limiting at visible wavelengths
 2004 Acrylic monomers and polymers with perfluoroalkylated biphenyl side groups: Synthesis and phase transitions
 2006 Acrylic Copolymers with Perfluoroalkylated Biphenyl Side Groups: Correlation Structure-Surface Properties
Collet, C.2000 Low temperature polysilicon technology. A low cost SOI technology?
Collet, Jeffrey P.2006 Supramolecular Self-Assembly in a Disk-Cube Dyad Molecule Based on Triphenylene and Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxane (POSS)
Collet, Olivier2003 Conformational rigidity in a lattice model of proteins
Collett, G.W.1978 Rheological characteristics of pitch materials and their pyrolysis products
 1978 Thixotropic changes occurring on reheating a coal tar pitch containing mesophase
Collett, George W.1978 Rheological investigation of coal-tar pitch during its transformation to mesophase
Collett, J.1982 Synchrotron X-Ray Study of Novel Crystalline-B Phases in Heptyloxybenzylidene-Heptylaniline (7O.7)
 1984 Dislocation model for restacking phase transitions in crystalline-B liquid crystals
 1985 X-ray studies of tilted hexatic phases in thin liquid-crystal films
 1987 X-ray and optical studies of the thickness dependence of the phase diagram of liquid-crystal films
Collett, J.A.1984 X-ray scattering studies of variable thickness freely suspended smectic B films
 2000 Structural study of the smectic-I to smectic-F transition in freely suspended films
Collett, J.H.1994 The release of drugs from monoglyceride-water liquid crystalline phases
Collett, Jeffrey1984 Synchrotron X-Ray Study of the Thickness Dependence of the Phase Diagram of Thin Liquid-Crystal Films
 1984 Synchrotron x-ray study of the thickness dependence of the phase diagram of thin liquid-crystal films
 1985 X-ray scattering study of restacking transitions in the crystalline-B phases of (heptyloxybenzylidene)heptylaniline (70.7)
Collett, John H.1996 The in vitro release of some antimuscarinic drugs from monoolein/water lyotropic liquid crystalline gels
Collette, Annick1998 Cosmetic compositions containing liquid crystal coloring agents
Collette, Wayne N.1996 Oxygen scavenging composition for multilayer preform and container
 1996 Transparent package with aliphatic polyketone oxygen-scavenger layer
Colli, Eduardo2004 Bistability in bubble formation
Collias, D.1994 Dynamic rheological properties of polyether imide/polyether ether ketone/liquid crystalline polymer ternary blends
Collier, Billie J.1996 Complete recycling of textile components from cotton/polyester fabrics
Collier, C. Patrick2005 Two-component membrane lithography via lipid backfilling
Collier, C.P.2002 The Structure of a Tetraazapentacene Molecular Monolayer
Collier, John R.1996 Complete recycling of textile components from cotton/polyester fabrics
Collier, M.C.1998 The reclamation of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer by the chemical degradation of polypropylene via reactive extrusion
 1999 The effects of reclamation on a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
Collier, Monty C.1999 Separation of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer from polypropylene composites
Colliex, C.1976 Recognition of Defects in Water-Lecithin Lα Phases
 1994 Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays Formed by Cutting a Polymer Resin-Nanotube Composite
Colligiani, A.1992 Improved Longitudinally Detected Electron Spin Resonance Technique Applied to Investigation of Polymeric Mesophases
Collin-Djangone, Christine2006 Incorporation of dsRNA into cationic particles for topical application
Collin, D.1986 Nonconventional hydrodynamics of smectic-A phases of liquid crystals: an experimental study of various compounds with the use of ultrasound
 1987 Abnormal sound damping in the smectic-C phase of terephthal-bis-p-p'-butylaniline (TBBA): evidence for anharmonic effects
 1988 Abnormal behavior of sound velocity and damping in the vicinity of the smectic-A-smectic-C transition in terephthal-bis[p-p'-butylaniline] (TBBA)
 1990 Abnormal sound attenuation in lamellar systems
 1992 Abnormal Behaviour of Ultrasound in the Vicinity of a Smectic C - Hexatic F Transition
 1992 Critical behavior of velocity and damping of ultrasound in the vicinity of the smectic A-smectic C transition
 1992 Critical Behaviour of Ultrasound Velocity and Damping in the Vicinity of the Nematic - Smectic A Transition of TBBA
 1992 Kerr effect in the isotropic phase of a side-chain polymeric liquid crystal
 1994 Critical behavior of sound damping in the vicinity of the smectic-A-smectic-C transition in 8S5
 1994 New interpretation of second-sound measurements at the nematic-smectic-A transition: nonhydrodynamic behavior of the layer-compression elastic constant
 1996 Critical sound damping: when does scaling hold?
 1998 Hydrodynamic and Nonhydrodynamic Behavior of Layer-Compression Modulus B at the Nematic-Smectic-A Phase Transition in 8OCB
 1998 Sound propagation and damping in the vicinity of the smectic -A-hexatic-B phase transition of 4-propionyl-4'-n-heptanoyloxyazobenzene
 1999 Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers: Gel-like Behavior below Their Gelation Points
 2000 Critical Behavior of the de Gennes Elastic Constants near the Nematic-Smectic-A Transition of TBBA
 2000 Dynamic Scaling of Ultrasonic Damping near the Nematic-Smectic-A Transition of TBBA
 2002 Hydrodynamic and Nonhydrodynamic Behavior of the Layer Compression Modulus B Near the Nematic-Smectic-A Transition
 2004 Behavior of the layer compression modulus as a function of frequency near the nematic-smectic-A and re-entrant nematic-smectic-A phase transitions
 2006 Commentary on "solid-like rheological response of non-entangled polymers in the molten state" by H. Mendil et al.
 2007 Comment on "The Frozen State in the Liquid Phase of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polymers"
Collin, D.T.1965 Differential Thermal Analysis of Phospholipids
Collin, E.2008 Strong Orientational Effect of Stretched Aerogel on the 3He Order Parameter
Collin, Gerd1993 A review of the significance of polycyclic aromatic chemistry for pitch science
Collin, P.J.1982 Hydrogenation of Liddell vitrinite: effects of metal halide catalysts in the temperature range 200-480°C
Colling, C.N.1975 Structure of a number of nematogens
Collings, B.C.1995 A structural study of temperature influence on the effect of grated substrates on smectic liquid crystal films
Collings, Jonathan C.2004 Arene-perfluoroarene interactions in crystal engineering: structural preferences in polyfluorinated tolans
 2004 Structure and phase behavior of a 2:1 complex between arene- and fluoroarene-based conjugated rigid rods
 2005 Synthesis, optical properties, crystal structures and phase behaviour of symmetric, conjugated ethynylarene-based rigid rods with terminal carboxylate groups
Collings, N.1988 An amorphous silicon/chiral smectic spatial light modulator
 1989 Evolutionary development of advanced liquid crystal spatial light modulators
 2004 Comparison Between Pixelated-Metal-Mirrored and Non-Mirrored Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Oaslm Devices
 2005 Optical Studies of Non-linear Behaviour of Dye-doped Liquid Crystal Systems
 2006 Single layer liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulators
 2006 Topological alignment of NLCs using nanoscale metallic grooves
 2007 Implementation of colorless shutter-based free-space optical interconnections using ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
 2007 Switching properties of VAN LCoS devices with ultra-microscale electrodes
 2009 Measurement of Dielectric Anisotropy of Some Liquid Crystals for Microwave Applications
 2010 High quality assembly of liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) devices for phase-only holography
Collings, Neil1991 Efficiency of liquid-crystal light valves as polarization rotators
 1998 High-contrast twisted nematic liquid crystal cells for optical switching at 1.5 μm
 1998 Progress in the construction of a multilayer optical neural network
 1998 Spatial light modulators based on chalcogenide glass photoconductor/liquid-crystal structure operating in pulse regime
 2000 Image-tiling system using optically addressed spatial light modulator for high-resolution and multiview 3D display
 2000 Spatial light modulator based on hydrogenated amorphous silicon/deformed-helix ferroelectric liquid crystal structure: Influence of dielectric mirror
 2002 Ferroelectric liquid crystal OASLMs for image tiling and autostereoscopic display
 2003 Optically addressed spatial light modulator: performance and applications
 2004 Charge-injecting layers for liquid crystal light valves
 2004 SLM reconfiguration time in optically interconnected packet switch
 2004 Stable dopant for liquid crystals as materials for optically addressed spatial light modulators
Collings, P.2002 Smectic Liquid Crystals that Tilt Without Layer Contraction: Theory and Experiment
 2006 Light Control of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Using Azoxy-Based Host Materials
Collings, P.J.1978 A comparison of orientational order measurements in cholesteric and nematic liquid crystals
 1986 Comment on "Chiral-racemic phase diagram of a blue-phase liquid crystal"
 1987 Temperature-concentration phase diagram for the blue phases of a highly chiral liquid crystal
 1991 Pretransitional optical activity in chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1992 Optical Activity and Light Scattering in the Isotropic and Smectic A* Phases of a Highly Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystal
 1993 High pressure optical measurements on BP III and the isotropic phase of a highly chiral liquid crystal
 1995 Lattice melting at the clearing point in frustrated systems
 1996 Observation of light diffusion and correlation transport in nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Light diffusion and diffusing-wave spectroscopy in nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Nature of the Blue-Phase-III-isotropic critical point: an analogy with the liquid-gas transition
 2002 Effective index of refraction, optical rotation, and circular dichroism in isotropic chiral liquid crystals
 2009 High Magnetic Field-Induced Birefringence in Lyotropic Chromonic Liquid Crystals
Collings, Peter J.1975 Methods to measure the orientational order in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1976 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in cholesteric liquid crystals. I. Orientational order parameter measurements
 1978 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in cholesteric liquid crystals. II. The blue phase
 1979 NMR in spinning samples of biaxial liquid crystals
 1980 Optical activity in the blue phase of a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1982 High pressure measurements in phospholipid bilayers using adiabatic compression
 1982 High-pressure measurements in a homologous series of liquid crystals
 1983 Comment on "Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in cholesteric liquid crystals. I. Orientational order parameter measurements"
 1983 Nonreentrant and reentrant nematic liquid crystals under high pressure: a volumetric study
 1984 Adiabatic Compression: A new Method to Measure Latent Heats in Phospholipid Bilayers
 1984 Optical rotatory dispersion in single crystals of the cholesteric blue phases
 1984 Optical rotatory dispersion measurements in the third cholesteric blue phase
 1985 Phase diagrams of the blue phases
 1986 High-pressure volumetric measurements near a smectic-nematic-isotropic triple point
 1986 Optical rotatory power in the isotropic phase of four cholesteryl esters
 1987 Pretransitional optical activity in a liquid-crystal system of high chirality
 1989 Coupling between structural modes in the isotropic phase of highly chiral liquid crystals
 1989 Optical activity measurements at long wavelengths in the blue phases of highly chiral liquid crystals
 1991 A comparison of pressure induced and concentration induced smectic A-nematic-isotropic triple points
 1992 Light scattering in the isotropic phase of highly chiral liquid crystals
Collings, Peter J. (cont...)1993 Optical activity and light scattering in the isotropic and smectic A* phases of a highly chiral smectic liquid crystal
 1993 Optical activity in the smectic-A phase of a highly chiral liquid crystal
 1993 Phase diagrams for the blue phases of highly chiral liquid crystals
 1995 Optical measurements on the BP III to isotropic phase transition in highly chiral liquid crystals
 1995 Supercritical conversion of the third blue phase to the isotropic phase in a highly chiral liquid crystal
 1996 Critical point for the blue-phase-III-isotropic phase transition in chiral liquid crystals
 1997 Introduction to the science and technology of liquid crystals
 1997 Phase structures and transitions in thermotropic liquid crystals
 1997 Point and line disclinations in models of the blue phases
 1997 Static and dynamic light scattering near the liquid crystalline blue phase III-isotropic liquid critical point
 1997 The Contributions of Horst Stegemeyer to Blue Phase Research: Remarks Made on the Occasion of His Retirement 14 October 1996
 2000 Helix inversion in the chiral nematic and isotropic phases of a liquid crystal
 2001 Field-dependent tilt and birefringence of electroclinic liquid crystals: Theory and experiment
 2001 Optical activity measurements in the smectic blue phases.
 2001 Short range order in the isotropic phase of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2003 Order parameter measurements of dichroic dyes dissolved in smectic liquid crystals that tilt without layer contraction
 2007 Trans-cis isomerization of an azoxybenzene liquid crystal
 2008 Aggregation Behavior and Chromonic Liquid Crystal Phase of a Dye Derived from Naphthalenecarboxylic Acid
 2009 Aggregate Structure and Free Energy Changes in Chromonic Liquid Crystals
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 2001 Absorptive dynamic diffraction gratings in a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal
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