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Aksay, I.A.1997 Gemini Surfactants at Solid-Liquid Interfaces: Control of Interfacial Aggregate Geometry
 1997 Titanium Dioxide-Surfactant Mesophases and Ti-TMS1
 2000 Silica Gels with Tunable Nanopores through Templating of the L3 Phase
 2004 Assembly of colloidal aggregates by electrohydrodynamic flow: Kinetic experiments and scaling analysis
 2006 Enhanced Resonator Sensitivity with Nanostructured Porous Silica Coatings
Aksay, Ilhan A.1989 Liquid crystal-like phase separation in systems of macroscopic rods
 1998 Mesoporous monolithic ceramics, their manufacture using a lyotropic liquid crystalline L3 phase, and their use
 2000 Disorder-Order Transition in Mesoscopic Silica Thin Films
 2000 Synthesis of Mesostructured Nickel Oxide with Silica
 2006 Silica Monoliths Templated on L3 Liquid Crystal
 2006 The Stability of L3 Sponge Phase in Acidic Solutions
Aksel'rod, E.G.1980 Disclinations and the director field in nematic-cholesteric mixtures with a concentration gradient
 1981 Disclination instability mechanism in a nematic-cholesteric mixture
 1988 Radiation inhibition of the liquid crystal phases in cholesteryl pelargonate
 1989 Anomalous phase transition in liquid crystals
 1989 Radiation-stimulated structural state changes of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1990 Radiation effects and characteristics of crystallization of an anisotropic melt
 1993 Post-radiation effects during liquid - crystal phase transitions: electron and electromagnetic pulse emissions
 1994 Anomalous thermodielectric effect in γ-irradiated liquid crystal
 1995 Acoustic emission during first-order phase transition in a liquid crystal
Aksel'rod, M.S.1979 Apparatus for the study of the electrophysical properties of biologically active substances
Akselvoll, Jorgen2004 Interaction model for magnetic holes in a ferrofluid layer
Aksenov, V.2005 Strain-induced compression of smectic layers in free-standing liquid crystalline elastomer films
 2006 Mechanical manipulation of molecular lattice parameters in smectic elastomers
 2006 Smectic membranes: Rupture dynamics and foam coarsening
 2006 Strain induced compression of smectic-A layers in free standing liquid crystalline elastomer films
 2007 Manipulation of smectic layer thickness in smectic elastomers by means of uniaxial stretching
 2008 Structure and dynamics of 2D smectic foams
Aksenov, Victor2007 FTIR spectroscopy of smectic elastomer films under lateral strain
Aksenova, E.V.2002 Landau-Peierls Instability in Smectic-A Films: New Aspects
 2002 Optical and Statistical Properties of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with the Large Pitch
 2004 Calculation of correlation function of the director fluctuations in cholesteric liquid crystals by WKB method
 2004 Extraordinary Ray Refraction in a Large Pitch Helical Medium
 2004 Light Scattering in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with a Large Pitch
 2007 Features of light propagation in chiral media
 2008 Light Propagation in Chiral Media with Large Pitch
 2008 Propagation and Scattering of Light in Helical Liquid Crystals with Large Pitch
 2009 Coherent backscattering of light in nematic liquid crystals
Aksenova, Elena V.2001 Waveguide propagation of light in cholesterics with large pitch
Aksenova, N.A.1997 The structure, slip systems, and microhardness of C60 crystals
 1998 Structure and microhardness of low pressure polymerized fullerite C60
Aksimentiev, A.2001 Morhological Transformation During Phase-Separation/Ordering Phenomena
Aksimentiev, Aleksij1999 Phase behavior of gradient copolymers
Aksimentyeva, O.2002 Effect of electrosynthesis conditions on the structure and optical properties of the polyphenylacetylene films
 2004 Electro-optical characteristics of the novelty system: ionic doped liquid crystal-conductive polymer
 2007 Electronic Processes in the Porous Silicon-Conducting Polymer Heterostructures
 2008 Polyaniline - Organic Semiconductor Heterostructures
Aksimentyeva, O.I.2002 Temperature induced change in epr spectrum of fE3+ ion in the complex of iron with 2-hydroxy-1-nitrozonaphthalene
 2007 Plastic Deformation-Induced Orientation of Kaolinite Nanocrystals in Ultrahigh-Molecular Weight Polyethylene
 2007 Thermo-Vacuum Deposition and Electrooptical Properties of Polyaniline Thin Films
 2008 Conductivity in Modified Polyethylene Films
 2008 Lateral Semiconductive and Polymer Conductive Nanolayered Structures: Preparation, Properties, and Application
 2008 Nanostructured Electrochromic Layers
 2008 Sensors Based on Conducting Polyaminoarenes to Control the Animal Food Freshness
Aksimentyeva, Olena2007 Percolation Phenomena and Electron Spin Resonance in Nanoscale Polyaniline-Polymethylmethacrylate Blends
 2007 Spectral and Impedance Study of the Charge Transport in Electrochromic Polymer Layers
Aksnes, D.W.1979 The peculiar temperature dependence of 13C N.M.R. chemical shifts of pivalic acid in the liquid and plastic crystal phases
 1995 NMR and low-frequency Raman studies of the liquid and solid phases of bicyclohexyl
Aksoy, Serpil2001 Synthesis and characterization of fully aromatic thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters containing m-hydroxybenzoic acid units
 2007 Thermal Properties and Crystallinity of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters Prepared from Poly(ethylene terephtalate) (PET) and Rigid Aromatic Units
 2008 Effect of Polycondensation Reaction Conditions on the Properties of Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Copolyester
 2006 Synthesis and Properties of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters Containing p-Hydroxyphenylacetic Acid and m-Hydroxybenzoic Acid Units
Aksyuk, V.2000 Dynamic studies of vortices in NbSe2, from single flux lines to lattices
Akthakul, A.2002 ATRP of Amphiphilic Graft Copolymers Based on PVDF and Their Use as Membrane Additives
Aktsipetrov, O.A.2002 Direct Studies of Surface Electroclinic Effect by Second Harmonic Generation
 2004 Ferroelectric ordering and electroclinic effect in chiral smectic liquid crystals
Aktsipetrov, Oleg A.2002 Second harmonic generation studies of phase transitions in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Akubuiro, E.C.1981 Liquid crystal block copolyesters. 2. Preparation and properties of block copolyesters containing cyclohexane and benzene rings
 1982 Liquid crystal block copolyesters. 1. Preparation and properties of block copolyesters containing cyclohexane and benzene rings
Akubuiro, Edmond C.1984 Block copolyamides. 1. Preparation and properties of block copolyamides containing cyclohexane and benzene rings
Akulich, N.A.1979 Study of phase states of p-n-butyl-p'-(heptanoyloxy)azoxybenzene by an infrared spectroscopic method
 1979 Study of surface phenomena in a liquid crystal-orienting coating system
Akulin, Yu.I.1990 Evolution of rheological properties and structure of the system during copolycondensation of poly(ethylene terephthalate) with p-hydroxybenzoic acid
Akutagawa, Ryutaro1990 Color filter for liquid-crystal color television and solid-state television camera
 1992 Method for formation of protecting layer for color filter for liquid -crystal display device
Akutagawa, Susumu1987 Liquid crystalline alkoxybiphenylcarboxylates
 1988 Benzene and biphenyl derivative liquid crystals
 1988 Liquid crystal compounds
 1988 Optically active phenyl benzoate derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Process for producing optically active terpenyl alcohols by hydrogenation in presence of bis(diphenylphosphino)binaphthyls
Akutagawa, T.1992 Effects of polysubstitution of mesomorphic properties: methyl derivatives of 4-alkanoyloxy-4'-ethoxy- and 4-(4-alkoxybenzoyloxy)-4'-ethoxyazobenzenes
 1994 Mesomorphic behavior of 1,3-phenylene bis[4-(4-alkoxyphenyliminomethyl)benzoates] and related compounds
 1994 Novel nematogens derived from N,N'-dialkanoyl-4-alkanoyloxy-1,3-benzenediamines
 2000 Mesomorphic behaviour of N,N-dialkanoyl-3,4,5,6-tetramethylbenzene-1,2-diamines and related compounds
Akutagawa, Tomoyuki2006 Organic Nanodots of a Cation Radical Salt of Amphiphilic Bis-TTF Annulated Macrocycle
 2008 Solid-State Molecular Rotators of Anilinium and Adamantylammonium in [Ni(dmit)2]- Salts with Diverse Magnetic Properties
Akutsu, Eiichi1999 Method of forming fine patterns on color filter substrate using electrodeposition
 1999 Patterning method for manufacturing color filter
 2000 Electrodeposition method for manufacturing TiO2 thin film and color filter for liquid crystal display
Akutsu, Hideo1981 Molecular structure and interaction of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine in multilayers. Comparative study with phosphatidylethanolamine
 1984 Phase transitions of phosphatidylcholine bilayers as revealed by cross-polarization efficiency of phosphorus-31
 1995 Microdomain formation in phosphatidylethanolamine bilayers detected by 2H-NMR
Akutsu, Hiroki2000 Apparent Violation of the Third Law without a Detectable Glass Transition in Simple Molecular Solids: Calorimetric Entropy of p-Bromochlorobenzene
 2000 Novel CT complexes derived from 4-alkylamino-TEMPO and 2,4,6,8-tetracyanoazulene
 2001 Preparation and properties of biphenyl and cholesterol derivatives with nitroxide radicals
 2001 Preparation and properties of novel mesogenic spin system
 2002 Development of new organic metals and superconductors from a non-ttf donor system
 2002 Preparation and properties of organic radical compounds with mesogenic cores
 2002 Structures and properties of organic photo-responsive spin systems
 2004 Structures and Magnetic Properties of Organic Biradical Compounds with an Aromatic Core and Long Alkyl Groups
 2005 Glass-forming organic radical compounds with cholesterol and benzylideneamine cores
 2005 Thermotropic properties of ferrocene derivatives bearing a cholesteryl unit: Structure-properties correlations
Akutsu, Mitsuo1995 Cyclohexanedimethyl derivative for liquid crystal composition
 1995 Cyclohexanedimethyl derivative for raising nematic-isotropic transition point of liquid crystal composition
 1995 Formyloxybenzene derivative for electrooptical liquid-crystal display material
 1995 Liquid crystal compositions containing esters and tolan derivatives
 1995 Liquid crystal compositions for electrooptical display devices
 1995 Liquid crystalline UV absorbers for use in polymers
 1995 p-(4-Alkylidenecyclohexyl)benzonitrile
 1995 Spiro compound for liquid crystal composition
 1996 Liquid crystal composition with improved UV resistance
 1996 liquid crystal compositions containing carboxylic acids
 1997 N-Phenyl-3-phenyl-3-hydroxy-2-propylene-1-imine and liquid-crystal composition for display
 1998 Low-temperature sinterable curable compositions having good rubbing properties for liquid crystal alignment layers
 1998 Thermosetting resin composition containing liquid -crystal polymer
Akutsu, Tadatomo2006 One-Beam Polarization Multiplex Recordings in Photocrosslinkable Polymer Liquid Crystals
Akutsu, Yasushi2000 Adhesive films with anisotropic conductivity
 2000 Insulated adhesive films for bonding LSI chips on liquid crystal display devices
Akyama, Eiichi1994 Diamine monomers for polyimides and polyamides containing liquid crystal side chains
 1994 Synthesis of polymerizable group-containing silanols and monomers with liquid crystal groups
 1995 Liquid-crystalline polyethers and glycidyl ethers
 1996 Driving method of polymeric liquid crystal and liquid crystal shutter
Akyama, Fumio1993 Liquid crystalline resin compositions and molding products
 1995 Liquid crystalline polymer compositions and short ribbons, pellets, and molded products made from them
 1995 Liquid crystalline polymer compositions and tubes, pellets, and molded products made from them
 1995 Liquid crystalline resin compositions and molded products
 1995 Liquid-crystalline resin compositions with good mechanical properties and heat resistance and low linear expansion, moldings therefrom, and manufacture thereof
 1995 Polythiophenylene-liquid crystalline polymer blend moldings
 1995 Polythiophenylene-liquid crystalline polymer compositions
 1995 Polythiophenylene-liquid crystalline polymer compositions
 1996 Polyester liquid crystals, their compositions and moldings
 1996 Resin compositions containing liquid crystal polymers, their manufacturing method, and molded articles
 1996 Thermoplastic compositions and moldings prepared from the compositions
Akyama, Hisashi1996 Liquid crystal display and its manufacture
Akyama, Koji1996 Liquid crystal display and its driving method
 1996 Space light modulator and projection-type liquid crystal display device
Akyama, Masahiko1995 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display
 1995 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display
 1996 Active matrix TFT liquid crystal display
 1997 Active matrix liquid crystal display device with amorphous silicon light-blocking film
Akyama, Masami1995 Heat-resistant and electrically conducting polycarbonate-polyester-polysulfone blends and their use for trays for integrated circuits
Akyama, Norimasa1996 Liquid crystal display panel with improved displaying quality
Akyama, Tomoyuki1996 Manufacture of quartz glass substrates
 1996 Manufacture of transparent quartz glass sheets
Akyoshi, Fumihiro1992 Liquid-crystal display cold cathode-ray tube backlight back panels and backlights
Akyoshi, Muneharu1994 Liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Manufacture of liquid crystal display devices with wide-viewing-angles
 1996 Color filter manufacture for liquid crystal display with improved color reproduction
Akyüz, Sevim1992 FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic studies of some lyotropic liquid crystals
 1993 The FT-IR and Raman spectroscopic studies of some liquid crystals
Al-Aasar, M.2007 Possibility of mesophase formation in some model compounds based on the N-aryl benzamide group
Al abdi, Rabah2008 Validation of near infrared spectroscopic (NIRS) imaging using programmable phantoms
Al-Adhami, Miad1976 Phase equilibriums studies of sodium lauryl sulfate. Part I: phase equilibrium diagram of sodium lauryl sulfate amyl alcohol and water
Al Ali, Fatima2002 Self-Organization Properties of New (α-Aminoalkyl)phosphonic- and (α-Aminoalkyl)phosphonocarboxylic Acid Amphiphiles in Water and at the Air/Water Interface
Al-Ali, Fatima2003 New Catanionic Amphiphiles Derived from the Associative Systems (α-Hydroxyalkyl)-phosphinic or (α-Hydroxyalkyl)-phosphonic Acid/Cetyltrimethylammonium Hydroxide. Preparation, Characterization, and Self-Organization Properties
Al-Ammar, K.H.1992 Electrooptical properties of liquid-crystal copolymers and their relationship to structural order
 1993 The effect of the molecular weight on the electrooptic properties of methacrylate-based side-chain liquid crystal polymers
Al-Angary, A.A.1996 Evaluation of liposomal formulations containing the antimalarial agent, arteether
Al-Ani, E.A.1999 Synthesis and properties of some new pyridinium salt models and polymers
Al-Ani, S.K.J.1999 The optical properties of polymethylmethacrylate polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Al-Barwani, M.2004 Observation of a Bubble Texture At the Cholesteric To Homeotropic-Nematic Transition In a Confined Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal
Al-Barwani, Muataz S.1998 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2000 Isotropic-nematic interface of soft spherocylinders
 2004 Forces between Two Colloidal Particles in a Nematic Solvent
Al-Bawab, Abeer1998 Phase equilibria in the systems of acetic and glycolic acid with water and Laureth 4
 1999 Phase behavior of a fragrance compound system: water-phenethyl alcohol-Laureth 4-glycerol
Al-Chalabi, Adil O.1991 Optical correlation using a phase-only liquid crystal over silicon spatial light modulator
Al-Dujaili, A.2001 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of models and polymers containing thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole and siloxane flexible spacers
Al-Dujaili, A.H.1984 Liquid crystal polymers with tris(oxy-1,4-phenylene) units
 1984 Liquid-crystal polymers with tolan units
 1987 Liquid crystalline polymers. 1. Copolymers of 4,4-dihydroxytolan
 1988 Liquid-crystal polymers with p,p'-bis(hydroxyphenoxy)benzene and p,p'-bis(hydroxyphenoxy)biphenyl units
 1988 Liquid-crystal polymers with tolan units
 1988 Liquid-crystalline polymers. 2. Copolymers of 4,4'-bis(hydroxyphenoxy)benzene
 1989 The effect of chemical constitution on the mesomorphic behavior of tolan polymers
 1990 Synthesis and properties of poly(imide esters) with mesomorphic behavior
 1999 Synthesis and properties of some new pyridinium salt models and polymers
 2007 Analytical study of three liquid crystals used as stationary phases in gas chromatography
 2007 Thermodynamic studies of solutions of some alkanes solutes on two monomeric liquid crystals stationary phases
Al-Dujaili, Amar H.1988 Liquid-crystalline Schiff's base polymers
 1990 Preparation and characterization of liquid-crystalline poly(Schiff base) polymers
 1995 The effect of substituent on the thermal properties of polyesters consisting of aromatic type Schiff base mesogenic units and polymethylene spacers
 2009 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Behavior of Some Novel Compounds Containing 1,3,4-Thiadiazole and 1,2,4-Triazole Rings
Al-Dujaili, Amar Hani1986 Liquid-crystalline aromatic polyesters
Al Falou, Ayman1996 Comparison of the performances of single and multichannel binary phase-only matched filters
Al Ghatta, H.1995 Low temperature melting behavior of CO2 crystallized modified PETs
Al Ghatta, Hussain1998 Aromatic polyester compositions having improved mechanical properties and hydrolysis resistance
 1998 Low-thickness blown aromatic polyester films
Al Ghatta, Hussain Ali Kashif1994 Polyester compositions suitable for the manufacture of stretched fibers and films with high elastic modulus
Al-Ghoul, A.M.1989 Effect of molecular structure on the properties of Schiff's base side-chain liquid crystal polysiloxanes
Al-Ghoul, Mazen2004 Generalized hydrodynamics and microflows
Al-Haddad, Amir1999 Homopolymerization of 4-propionoxybenzoic acid: a kinetic study
Al-Haddad, Amir A.1997 Chemical kinetics of a two component phase segregated system. a simple rate model
Al-Haideri, Abdul-Muhsin Abdul-Hameed2003 Gas chromatographic separation of phenol derivatives by Schiff-base liquid crystalline stationary phases
Al-Hamdani, Ahood J.1993 Liquid-crystalline behavior of some bis(4-alkyloxyphenyl)thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazoles
Al-Hamdany, R.E.2001 Synthesis of a new homologous series of 4-n-alkoxy-2,3,5,6-tetramethylphenyl-4'-nitroazobenzene
Al-Harthi, S.A.2004 Dielectric Response in the Smectic A and Smectic C* Phases of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal, 12CN5(R*)
Al Harthi, S.H.2004 Studies on room temperature ferroelectric liquid crystal, 12CN5(R*)
Al-Harthi, S.H.2002 Bubble Domains at the Cholesteric to Homeotropic-Nematic Transition in Confined Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Dielectric Response in the Smectic A and Smectic C* Phases of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal in the Low Frequency Region
 2002 Random Smectic C Phases in Monomesogen Low Molar Mass Organosiloxane Liquid Crystal Materials
 2003 Study of dipole dynamics and pre-transitional effects at isotropic to nematic phase transition by low-frequency dielectric relaxation measurements
 2004 Electroclinic effect in low molar mass organosiloxane liquid crystals
 2004 Mesomorphism in a binary mixture of non-mesogens: A dielectric spectroscopy investigation
 2004 Observation of a Bubble Texture At the Cholesteric To Homeotropic-Nematic Transition In a Confined Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal
Al Harthi, Salim1997 Anisotropic surface order in the isotropic phase of nematic liquid crystals
Al-Hassani, B.2005 Effect of the Surface Anchoring on the Electro-Optic Response of Bi-Mesogen Organosiloxane Liquid-Crystal Materials
Al-Hinai, M.2004 Dielectric Response in the Smectic A and Smectic C* Phases of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal, 12CN5(R*)
Al-Hinai, Mariam2002 Dielectric Response in the Smectic A and Smectic C* Phases of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal in the Low Frequency Region
 2003 Study of dipole dynamics and pre-transitional effects at isotropic to nematic phase transition by low-frequency dielectric relaxation measurements
Al-Hussein, M.2004 Bulk and Thin Film Ordering in Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline/Amorphous Diblock Copolymers: The Role of Chain Length
 2004 Interplay between Smectic Ordering and Microphase Separation in a Series of Side-Group Liquid-Crystal Block Copolymers
 2005 Nanoordering of Fluorinated Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline/Amorphous Diblock Copolymers
 2005 Phase Behavior of the Melt of Polystyrene-Poly(ethylene oxide) Metallo-Supramolecular Diblock Copolymer with Bulky Counterions
Al-Jawad, Fouad H.1976 Phase equilibriums studies of sodium lauryl sulfate. Part I: phase equilibrium diagram of sodium lauryl sulfate amyl alcohol and water
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Al-Kahwaji, Amer1998 Bistability in non-Newtonian flow: Rheology of lyotropic liquid crystals
 2000 Coupling between flow and structure for a lamellar surfactant phase
 2000 Observations of the Collapse of Dilute Lyotropic Lamellar Phases under Shear Flow
 2001 Shear-Induced First-Order Sponge-to-Lamellar Transition in a Lyotropic Surfactant System
Al Khalifah, Manea S.2008 Calamatic liquid crystal blends for organic photovoltaics
 2009 Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction of a Photoaligned Nematic Semiconductor
Al-Kurde, A.M.2001 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of models and polymers containing thiazolo[5,4-d]thiazole and siloxane flexible spacers
Al-Lami, E.S.2001 Synthesis of a new homologous series of 4-n-alkoxy-2,3,5,6-tetramethylphenyl-4'-nitroazobenzene
Al-Lawati, A.2004 Observation of a Bubble Texture At the Cholesteric To Homeotropic-Nematic Transition In a Confined Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2004 Observation of bubble domains at the cholesteric to homeotropic-nematic transition in a confined chiral nematic liquid crystal
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 1982 Effects of the nature of additives on the ternary phase behavior of oil-water-nonionic systems
 1982 Hydrophobic interaction in fatty acid-nonionic-water systems
 1986 Interaction of nonionic and ionic surfactants in the presence of water as studied by ternary phase diagrams
 1989 Hydrogen bonding interaction leading to the formation of liquid crystalline phases in surfactant-additive water systems
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Al-Mukhtar, M.2003 Nematic ordering of suspension of charged anisotropic colloids detected by multinuclear quadrupolar spectra and 1H PGSE-NMR measurements
 2004 23Na Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and 1H Pulsed Gradient Spin-Echo Detection of the Critical Concentration Corresponding to the Isotrope/Nematic Transition within Aqueous Dispersions of Charged Anisotropic Nanoparticles
Al-Mukhtar, Muzahim2001 Anisotropy of the Solvent Self-Diffusion Tensor as a Probe of Nematic Ordering within Dispersions of Nanocomposites
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 1995 On the triple melting behavior of poly(ethylene succinate)
 1995 Surface morphology and annealing of poly(butylene terephthalate)
 1996 Thermal behavior and annealing of poly(vinylidene fluoride)
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 1995 Effects of two double bonds on the hydrocarbon interior of a phospholipid bilayer
 2008 Reconsideration of hydrophobic lipid distributions in lipoprotein particles
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 2003 Dynamics and scaling of two-dimensional polymers in a dilute solution
 2003 Publisher's Note: Dynamics and scaling of two-dimensional polymers in a dilute solution [Phys. Rev. E 68, 050102 (2003)]
 2004 Sedimentation dynamics of spherical particles in confined geometries
Alaasar, M.A.2008 Supramolecular Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid Crystals Formed from 4-(4'-Pyridylazophenyl)-4''-alkoxy Benzoates and 4-Substituted Benzoic Acids
 2008 Supramolecular Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid Crystals Formed from 4-(4'-Pyridylazophenyl)-4''-Substituted Benzoates and 4-Alkoxybenzoic Acids
 2009 Supramolecular Liquid Crystals Induced by Hydrogen-Bonding Interactions Between Non-Mesomorphic Compounds. I. 4-(4'-Pyridylazophenyl)-4?-Substituted Benzoates and 4-Substituted Benzoic Acids
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