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Clements, J.1998 One dimensional carrier trapping in the crystalline phase of a columnar liquid crystal
Clements, Jeff2009 Roll-to-roll manufacturing of subwavelength optics
Clements, Jonathan1994 First Observation of a n-Doped Quasi-One-Dimensional Electronically-Conducting Discotic Liquid Crystal
 1995 Characterization of the cationic species formed in p-doped discotic liquid crystals
 1995 Effects of side-chain length on the charge transport properties of discotic liquid crystals and their implications for the transport mechanism
 1995 Transient photoconductivity and dark conductivity in discotic liquid crystals
 1996 Discotic Liquid Crystals. Self-Organizing Molecular Wires
 1996 Electronic devices based on discotic liquid crystals
 1997 Apparatus and method for detecting fluids
 1999 Device applications of charge transport in discotic liquid crystals
Clements, Reginald M.1995 High-speed video recording system using multiple CCD imagers and digital storage
Clements, T.G.2003 Adiabatic calorimetry of the metallomesogen purple cobalt stearate Co(O2CC17H35)2
Clemitson, R.1989 Laterally fluorinated phenyl biphenylcarboxylates; versatile components for ferroelectric smectic C mixtures
 1991 Low birefringence esters exhibiting a wide smectic C phase
 1992 High Birefringence Chlorine-Containing Nematogens
 1992 Nematogenic Laterally Fluorinated Biphenyls with Polar Terminal Groups
 1993 Lateral fluoro substituted 4-alkyl-4''-chloro-1,1':4',1''-terphenyls and derivatives: useful high birefringence, high stability liquid crystals
 1995 Nematogenic laterally fluorinated biphenyls with polar terminal groups
Clemitson, Robert1990 Phenyl esters and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
 1991 Pyridine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1994 Nematic liquid-crystal mixtures and fluorinated chloroterphenyls
Clemitson, Robert William1989 Thermochromic liquid-crystalline esters, electrooptical devices, temperature-indicating devices, and surface thermography method using them
 1991 Nematic liquid crystal compositions containing cyclohexane derivatives for display devices
 1992 Fluorobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1993 1,4-Disubstituted 2,6-difluorobenzene derivatives and liquid - crystal media and display devices containing them
Clemons, Jennifer2005 Molecular Constitution, Carbonization Reactivity, and Mesophase Development from FCC Decant Oil and Its Derivatives
Cleophax, J.1993 Liquid crystalline 5,6-O-acetals of L-galactono-1,4-lactone prepared by a microwave irradiation on montmorillonite
Clerc, F.1981 Electrooptical limits of the electrically controlled birefringence effect in nematic liquid crystals
Clerc, J.F.1985 Liquid crystal dot-matrix display using a multiplexed guest-host effect
 1988 Alignment techniques for LCD's based on smectic ferroelectric
 1988 Alignment treatments for surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 Ferroelectric liquid crystals: the development of devices
 1989 New challenges for dot-matrix liquid-crystal displays
Clerc, M.1990 X-ray study of phase transitions in amphiphilic systems
 1991 Transitions between mesophases involving cubic phases in the surfactant-water systems. Epitaxial relations and their consequences in a geometrical framework
 1992 Phase transitions in cubic amphiphilic crystals
 1994 X-ray scattering by bicontinuous cubic phases
 2000 Bubbles Interactions in the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
 2000 Interface dynamics in liquid crystals
Clerc, M.G.2001 First-order Fréedericksz transition in the presence of light-driven feedback in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 First-Order Fréedericksz transition in a Liquid-Crystal Light Valve
 2004 van der Waals normal form for a one-dimensional hydrodynamic model
 2006 Localized States in Bistable Pattern-Forming Systems
 2009 Driven Front Propagation in 1D Spatially Periodic Media
Clerc, Marcel G.2002 Inhomogeneous Fréedericksz transition in nematic liquid crystals
Clerc, Marianne1995 Diffuse x-ray scattering from freely suspended strands of a discotic liquid crystal
 1995 Rates of phase transformations between mesophases formed by a non-ionic surfactant in water: a time-resolved x-ray diffraction study
 1996 A new symmetry for the packing of amphiphilic direct micelles
 1997 Dynamics of a lyotropic cubic phase
 1997 Evidence of nematic, hexagonal and rectangular columnar phases in thermotropic ionic liquid crystals
 1998 Structural investigations on ' smectic D' and related mesophases
Clerc, Stephane G.1995 Permeability of dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine/dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine bilayer membranes with coexisting gel and liquid-crystalline phases
Clercx, H.J.2003 Quasi-two-dimensional turbulence in shallow fluid layers: The role of bottom friction and fluid layer depth
Clergeot, B.1989 Photophysical properties of discogenic triaryl pyrylium salts. Excimer migration in columnar liquid crystals
Clergereaux, R.1998 The effect of the thicknesses of the various layers on the color emitted by an organic electroluminescent device
 1999 Pressure dependence of electrical and optical characteristics of Alq3 based organic electroluminescent diodes
Clerouin, Jean2002 Electrical conductivity of hot expanded aluminum: Experimental measurements and ab initio calculations
Clerx, Joost2003 Novel alignment technique for LCD-biosensors
Cleuren, B.2002 Directed transport by pumping of excited states
 2003 Brownian motion with absolute negative mobility
 2004 Optimizing strategies in the primary Parrondo paradox
Cleve, Jochen2004 Intermittency exponent of the turbulent energy cascade
Cleveland, Chris2000 An infrared spectroscopic study of p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
Cleveland, E.A.1964 A Novel Synthetic Approach to the Ylidene Derivatives of Carbohydrates
Cleveland, W.1997 Dependence of the electro-optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals on the photopolymerization process
Cleverly, Dennis S.1984 Focusing by electrical modulation of refraction in a liquid crystal cell
Click, B.1998 Hierarchical Control of Nanoparticle Deposition: High-Performance Electrically Conductive Nanocomposite Fibers via Infiltration
Click, William E.1998 Fiber formation of poly(p-phenylene benzobisthiazole) (PBZT) via solution phase transformation
Cliffe, K.A.2001 Numerical bifurcation study of electrohydrodynamic convection in nematic liquid crystals
Clifford, A.A.1990 Analysis of coal tar polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon LC-fractions by capillary SFC on a liquid crystalline stationary phase
 1990 Dual capillary column supercritical fluid chromatography
Clifford, J.1970 Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of water in disperse systems
Clifton, Benjamin R.2005 Image projection system with multiple arc lamps and flyseye lens array light homogenizer directing polychromatic light on a Liquid crystal display
Clifton, L.A.2008 Self-Assembly of Peptide Nanotubes in an Organic Solvent
Clikeman, Richard Roy1997 Particles and droplets containing liquid crystal domains and method for forming in aqueous medium
 1999 Polymer-encased liquid crystal particles and their preparation
 2002 Porous polymer particles containing polymeric phases and pore filling phases, their aqueous dispersions and their preparation
Climent, Vicent2007 Application of an optimized low-cost spatial light modulator for efficient compensation of eye aberration patterns
Clin, B.1986 Compositions and microscopic structures of microemulsions in the single-phase domain
 1994 Flexibility of molecular films as determined by deuterium solid state NMR
Clin, Bernard1975 High resolution spectra of mesomorphic compounds in the oriented phase
 1989 Deuterium NMR study of a lyotropic swelling system
Clinard, C.1979 The structure of mesophases obtained from some definite aromatic molecules
 1983 Mesophase formation from decacyclene and acenaphthylene
Clinard, Christian1980 The acenaphtylene carbonaceous mesophase
Clincy, M.2003 Phase transition in the ABC model
Cline, James1990 X-ray analysis of a liquid crystal phase diacetylene polymerization
 1991 Rigid-rod-derived amorphous polydiacetylenes
Cline, R.E.1981 The effect on mesomorphic properties of substituting a sulfur for the ether oxygen atom in the ester linkage of 4-alkylphenyl 4'-alkyl or alkoxybenzoates
 1982 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of the homologous series of di(4'-alkylphenyl) trans-cyclohexane-1,4-dicarboxylates
Clingman, S.R.1995 Star branched LC poly(ether)s
 1999 Effect of polymer architecture on self-diffusion of LC polymers
Clingman, Scott1998 Curvature driven relaxation of disclination loops in liquid crystals
 1998 Flow-induced structure in a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer as studied by SANS
Clingman, Scott R.1993 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal/coil diblock copolymers containing azobenzene moieties
 1997 Molecular Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Liquid Crystal-Coil Diblock Copolymers with Azobenzene Side Groups
Clogston, J.2000 Phase behavior of a monoacylglycerol: (Myverol 18-99K)/water system
Cloitre, Michel2000 Rheological Aging and Rejuvenation in Microgel Pastes
 2003 Annealing and Defect Trapping in Lamellar Phases of Triblock Terpolymers
Cloots, R.2005 Surface modification of as-synthesized lamellar mesostructured silica obtained by liquid crystal templating
Cloots, Rudi2002 Aluminium-free lamellar mesostructured silicate obtained by liquid crystal templating in soft conditions
Cloots, Tom2000 A method for preparing a conductive polythiophene layer at low temperature
Clore, G. Marius1998 Measurement of Residual Dipolar Couplings of Macromolecules Aligned in the Nematic Phase of a Colloidal Suspension of Rod-Shaped Viruses
 1999 Solution structure of the 40,000 Mr phosphoryl transfer complex between the N-terminal domain of enzyme I and HPr
 2000 Determination of the Relative Orientation of the Two Halves of the Domain-Swapped Dimer of Cyanovirin-N in Solution Using Dipolar Couplings and Rigid Body Minimization
 2001 Rapid identification of medium- to large-scale interdomain motion in modular proteins using dipolar couplings
Close, L.G.1983 A carbon-13 NMR study of mesomorphic solutions of poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide)
Close, Peter J.1992 Dynamic thresholding with the three-terminal optically addressed spatial light modulator
Closs, F.1992 Liquid Crystalline Photoconductors
 1992 Photoconductivity in the Liquid Crystalline Phase
 1993 Discotic liquid crystals - A new class of fast photoconductors
 1993 Highly photoconductive discotic liquid crystals: structure-property relations in the homologous series of hexaalkoxytriphenylenes
 1993 Liquid crystalline photoconductors
 1993 Transient photoconductivity in a discotic liquid crystal
Closs, Friedrich1993 Organic photoconductor with liquid crystal cells
 1994 Preparation of monomeric and polymeric benzotriazole-containing liquid crystal compounds
 1995 New triphenylene compounds and manufacture of discotic liquid crystalline crosslinked polymers
Closs, Fritz1994 Photoconductivity in discotic liquid crystals: a new class of high-mobility materials
 1995 Selective ether cleavages: simple routes yielding di- and tri-functional hexaalkoxytriphenylenes
Closs, G.L.1991 Conformation-dependent intramolecular electronic energy transfer in a molecular beam
Clot, Olivier2005 A novel approach to achieve higher order using pseudo-discotic chromophores in electro-optic materials and devices
Clough, F.J.1997 Diamond-like carbon metal-semiconductor-metal switches for active matrix displays
Clough, S.B.1975 Crystallinity and order in polymers with mesomorphic or potentially mesomorphic side groups
 1975 Oriented Polymer Growth in Thermotropic Mesophases
 1975 Topotactic and topochemical control of free radical polymerization of p-methacryloyloxybenzoic acid (MBA) in mesomorphic p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
 1976 Crystallinity and Order in Atactic Poly(acryloyoxybenzoic acid) and Poly(methacryloyoxybenzoic acid)
 1976 Structure and thermal Expansion of some Polymers with Mesomorphic Ordering
 1977 Liquid crystalline order in polymers with cholesteric side groups
 1977 Liquid Crystalline Order in Polymers with Cholesteric Side Groups
 1977 Liquid-Crystalline Order in Polymers and Co-polymers with Cholesteric Sidegroups
 1977 X-ray Diffraction from Polymer Mesophases
 1978 Liquid crystalline order in polymers and copolymers with cholesteric side groups
 1978 Synthesis of some polymers with mesogenic elements and flexible spacers in the main chain
 1978 X-ray diffraction from polymers with mesomorphic order
 1979 Polymeric thermotropic liquid crystals: polymers with mesogenic elements and flexible spacers in the main chain
 1979 Polymers with mesogenic elements and flexible spacers in the main chain
 1980 Thermotropic polymeric liquid crystals: polymers with mesogenic elements and flexible spacers in the main chain
 1982 Nematic and cholesteric thermotropic polyesters with azoxybenzene mesogenic units and flexible spacers in the main chain
 1982 Nematic and cholesteric thermotropic polyesters with azoxybenzene mesogenic units and flexible spacers in the main chain
 1982 Synthesis and properties of some polyesters with mesogenic groups and flexible spacers in the main chain
 1982 Xanthan gum - a lyotropic, liquid crystalline polymer and its properties as a suspending agent
 1983 Linear thermotropic nematic polymers: odd-even effects in polyesters and copolyesters containing a substituted azoxybenzene moiety
Clough, S.B. (cont...)1984 Order in linear thermotropic nematic polyesters: the existence of two distinct molecular arrangements within polymeric nematic mesophases
 1986 Diacetylenic diesters and polyesters
 1986 Diacetylenic liquid crystalline polymers II: derivatives of 10,12-docosadiyne-1,22-dioic acid
 1988 A liquid crystalline ionomer
 1988 Molecular mass and structure dependence of liquid crystalline properties for a homologous series of polyesters
 1991 Ionic polymers with mesogenic moieties in the main chain
Clough, Stuart B.1992 Ion-containing liquid-crystalline polymers: ionenes based on trans-1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)ethylene
Cloutet, Eric1994 Hexaarm star-shaped polystyrenes by core-first method
Cloutier, Isabelle2005 Temperature and pressure dependent growth and morphology of DMPC/DSPC domains studied by Brewster angle microscopy
Cloutier, S.G.2005 Patterning lyotropic liquid crystals as precursors for carbon nanotube arrays
Cloutier, Sylvain G.2005 Electric Field Tuning of Plasmonic Response of Nanodot Array in Liquid Crystal Matrix
 2006 Stable polarization gratings recorded in azo-dye-doped liquid crystals
 2009 Nuclear magnetic resonance of pretransitional ordering of liquid crystals in well defined nano-geometries: the utility of the Landau-de Gennes formalism
Clowes, Lucy2007 1,3,4-Thiadiazole-2-carboxylate esters: new synthetic methodology for the preparation of an elusive family of self-organizing materials
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Clunie, J.S.1965 An Investigation of the Structure of Mesomorphic Phases by Electron Microscopy
 1967 The structure of neat mesomorphic phase
 1969 Cubic mesomorphic phases
 1969 Electron microscopy of lyotropic mesomorphic phases
 1973 Similarity between black foam films and neat mesomorphic phase
Clunie, James S.1967 Thermodynamics of nonionic surface-active agent-water systems
 1969 Phase equilibriums of dodecylhexakis(oxyethylene) glycol monoether in water
 1970 Mesomorphic phase structure in the potassium oleate + water system
Clusel, Maxime2004 Criterion for universality-class-independent critical fluctuations: Example of the two-dimensional Ising model
Cluzeau, P.1994 Evidence of electroclinic effect in some TGBA mesophases
 1994 New chiral thiobenzoate series with antiferroelectric mesophases
 1995 Electrooptic soft mode response of compounds exhibiting the antiferroelectric phase
 1995 New chiral tolane series with antiferroelectric properties
 1996 Helicity of SC*α phase
 1996 Identification of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric phases by the study of polarization hysteresis loops
 1998 Comparative study of helical pitch and electrooptical behaviors of highly twisted SC* and SC*α phases
 1998 Polymorphism and chevron layer structure of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal studied by x-ray diffraction
 2000 Formation of string defects at thinning transitions in smectic-C* free-standing films
 2000 Resonant X-ray diffraction study of a new brominated chiral SmCA* liquid crystal
 2001 Droplets nucleation in smectic-C* free-standing films
 2001 Interactions between colloidal inclusions in two-dimensional smectic-C* films
 2001 New chiral series with large tilt angle in the ferroelectric smectic phase
 2001 Orientational ordering in the chiral smectic-C*F12 liquid crystal phase determined by resonant polarized x-ray diffraction
 2002 Characterization of a new chiral antiferroelectric liquid crystal with a lateral bromo substituent
 2002 Chiral Azobenzene Liquid Crystals Under Illumination: Thickness Influence and Spontaneous Polarisation Variations
 2002 Formation of Two-Dimensional Crystal-Like Structures from Inclusions in Smectic C Films
 2002 Free-standing smectic films at high temperature
 2002 nterlayer structures of the chiral smectic liquid crystal phases revealed by resonant x-ray scattering
 2002 Self-Organization of Colloidal Inclusions in Free Standing Films
Cluzeau, P. (cont...)2002 Structural Studies of Liquid Crystal Resonant X-ray Methods
 2002 Two-Dimensional Ordering of Inclusions in Smectic C Phase
 2002 X-ray scattering study of the electric-field-induced layer deformations of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 2003 Self-organization of N* inclusions in SmC* free-standing films
 2004 Anticlinic-Synclinic Transitions in Superthin Free-Standing Smectic Films
 2004 Mechanism of inclusion chaining in SmC* free-standing films
 2004 On the chaining dynamics of inclusions in SmC* free standing films
 2005 Inclusions in smectic C films as modeled by disclinations
 2006 Inclusions in Chiral and Non-Chiral Smectic C Free-Standing Films
 2007 Stability of a free-standing liquid-crystal film. The measurement of the interaction between the film surfaces
 2008 Different mechanisms of nucleation and self-organization of droplets in ferroelectric smectic membranes
 2008 Manipulation of interaction and self-organization of inclusions in free-standing smectic films
 2009 Behavior of inclusions with different value and orientation of topological dipoles in ferroelectric smectic films
Cluzeau, Philipe2005 Light-Induced Layer by Layer Thickening in Photosensitive Liquid Crystal Membranes
Cluzeau, Philippe1998 New AFLC: a trimesogen presenting antiferroelectric smectic C phase (SmCA*) and twist grain boundary smectic A phase (TGBA)
Cnossen, G.1995 Dependence of the nematic liquid crystal pretilt angle on the thickness of the orientation layer
 1995 Pretilt angle measurements on smectic A cells with chevron and tilted bookshelf layer structures
 1996 Active-matrix deformed-helix ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 1996 Pretilt angle inducing mechanisms and surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
Cnossen, Gerard1996 Manufacture of substrate having modified orientation layer and liquid-crystal display device comprising such substrate
 1997 A model describing the rubbing energy dependence of the pretilt angle in nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Optical modulation device, and a DHFLC display comprising such a modulation device
 1998 Gray level control by variation of the surface interaction in AFLCDs
Co, Carlos C.2004 Sugar-Based Microemulsion Glass Templates
Coad, James E.2001 Partial in-vitro resistance to direct cryothermic injury in human leiomyomata and myometrium
Coakley, C.J.1975 Structural study of the smectic mesophases of two biphenyl compounds and an x-ray investigation of the miscibility criterion
 1977 A temperature-scanning x-ray diffraction camera
Coalson, Rob D.2004 Diffraction in crystalline colloidal-array photonic crystals
Coan, M.2007 Using time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) in the design and development of near-IR dopants for liquid-crystal device applications
Coasne, B.2006 Freezing of Fluids Confined in a Disordered Nanoporous Structure
Coasne, Benoit2009 Optimization of the Properties of Macroporous Chromatography Silica Supports through Surface Roughness Control
Coassolo, A.1991 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid-crystalline polyesters derived from 4,4'-dihydroxybicyclohexyl
Coassolo, Alfredo1989 4,4'-Dihydroxydicyclohexyl-based polyesters
 1989 Aromatic polyesters processable in a thermotropic liquid-crystalline state, and their fabrication
 1989 Liquid-crystalline, thermotropic aromatic polyesters
 1989 Thermotropic liquid crystalline aromatic polyesters with good melt processability
 1989 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polyesters
 1989 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline aromatic polyesters
 1990 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline aromatic polyesters and their use in obtaining shaped articles
 1994 Thermotropic melt-processable liquid crystal aromatic polyesters
Coates, D.1973 Mesophase transformations for certain Schiff's base esters
 1973 Optical studies of the amorphous liquid-cholesteric liquid crystal transition: The “blue phase”
 1973 Synthesis of a cholesterogen with hydrogen-deuterium asymmetry
 1974 Classification of the smectic liquid crystal phase exhibited by the cholesteryl n-akanoates
 1974 Ph. D. Thesis Hull
 1975 A correlation of optical features of amorphous liquid-cholesteric liquid crystal transitions
 1975 Effect of light on the liquid crystal transition temperatures of 4-(4-pentylphenyl)vinyl cyanide
 1975 Novel smectic polymorphic behavior in homologous series of mesogens
 1975 Properties of the liquid crystals formed by some 4',4''-disubstituted phenyl biphenyl-4-carboxylates
 1976 A chiral smectic B phase
 1976 Pleochroic dyes with high-order parameters for liquid-crystal displays
 1976 Properties of the liquid crystals formed by some 4'-substituted 4-(β-p-substituted arylethyl)biphenyls
 1976 The effect of the terminal trifluoromethyl group on nematic liquid crystal thermal stability
 1976 The liquid crystal properties of some cyano-substituted aryl esters
 1976 The structures and microscopic textures of smectic liquid crystals
 1977 Erratum
 1978 A smectic A phase of positive and negative dielectric anisotropy
 1978 A variable tilt smectic A electro-optic effect giving stored colors
 1978 Electrically induced scattering textures in smectic A phases and their electrical reversal
 1978 Synthesis and liquid crystal properties of some 4-n-alkylphenyl 2'-chloro-4'-(6-n-alkyl-2-naphthoyloxy) benzoates
Coates, D. (cont...)1978 The liquid crystal properties of some aromatic esters derived from naphthalene
 1984 Spontaneous polarization measurements on CE8 and CE3, two commercially available ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1986 Terpenoid derivatives having a high ferroelectric spontaneous polarization
 1987 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display capable of video line address times
 1987 Material requirements for smectic liquid crystal displays
 1987 The effect of lateral substitution on smectic C formation
 1987 The influence of alkyl chain branching on smectic C formation
 1988 Synthesis and physical evaluation of novel ferroelectric materials with high spontaneous polarization
 1989 Laterally fluorinated phenyl biphenylcarboxylates; versatile components for ferroelectric smectic C mixtures
 1990 Liquid crystal mixtures for polymer matrix displays
 1990 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline materials with high optical anisotropy
 1991 Low birefringence esters exhibiting a wide smectic C phase
 1991 Physical properties of chlorinated liquid crystals
 1991 Reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystal display incorporating a dual frequency addressable liquid crystal mixture
 1991 Smectic A* materials with 11.25 degrees induced tilt angle for full gray scale generation
 1992 Electro-Optic Response Times of PDLC Films
 1992 High Birefringence Chlorine-Containing Nematogens
 1992 Improved On-State Clarity PDLC Film
 1992 Liquid crystal microdroplet composition in a UV cured PDLC film
 1992 Nematogenic Laterally Fluorinated Biphenyls with Polar Terminal Groups
Coates, D. (cont...)1992 Reverse Mode Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display Incorporating a Dual Frequency Addressable Liquid Crystal Mixture
 1993 High on-state clarity polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1993 Lateral fluoro substituted 4-alkyl-4''-chloro-1,1':4',1''-terphenyls and derivatives: useful high birefringence, high stability liquid crystals
 1993 Laterally fluorinated tolanes of low melting point
 1993 Normal and reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices
 1993 Recent developments in materials for TFT/PDLC devices
 1995 5th Int. Conf. Ferroelectric Liq. Cryst., Cambridge
 1995 5th Int. Conf. Ferroelectric Liq. Cryst., Cambridge
 1995 Film formation parameters affecting the electro-optic properties of low-voltage PDLC films
 1995 Nematogenic laterally fluorinated biphenyls with polar terminal groups
 1996 The thermally stimulated currents spectrum of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers. A further contribution for the attribution of the different discharges at the molecular level
Coates, David1976 Biphenyl derivatives
 1978 Liquid crystal materials
 1978 Liquid crystal materials and liquid crystal display devices
 1978 Liquid crystal materials for electrooptical display devices
 1981 Anthraquinone dichroic dyes
 1981 Liquid crystal esters containing naphthyl groups
 1986 Compounds for ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 1986 Ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal mixture
 1986 Terpenoid derivatives and liquid crystal materials and devices containing them
 1987 Liquid-crystal compounds containing two or more chiral centers
 1989 2,3-Difluorobiphenyls, their preparation, and liquid-crystal phases and display devices containing them
 1989 2,3-Difluorophenol derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1989 Chiral tilted smectic liquid-crystal media containing fluorinated oligophenyl derivatives, and ferroelectric electrooptical display devices containing such media
 1989 Cyanohydrin derivatives and liquid-crystal materials and devices containing them
 1989 Derivatives of 2,3-difluorohydroquinone, their preparation, their use in liquid-crystal media, and liquid-crystal media and electrooptical display devices containing them
 1989 Dihalobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal phases and display devices containing them
 1989 Fluorinated 4''-cyano-substituted terphenyls and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Fluorinated biphenyldiol derivatives and chiral smectic liquid-crystal phases containing them
 1990 Biphenylylethane derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1990 Biphenylylethane derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
Coates, David (cont...)1990 Chlorobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1990 Fluorinated cyclohexyl derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1990 Fluorochlorobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1990 Liquid-crystal compositions for use in twisted-nematic display cells
 1990 Liquid-crystal media, fluorinated oligophenyls for them, and display devices containing them.
 1990 Mesogenic compounds for liquid crystal compositions for electrooptical display devices
 1990 Phenyl esters and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
 1990 Preparation of 1-(biphenyl-4-yl)-2-phenylethanes as liquid crystals
 1990 Preparation of alkylthiophenes as liquid crystals
 1990 Preparation of four-ring esters and ethers as liquid crystals
 1990 Ring compounds and liquid-crystal media and displays containing them
 1990 Thermochromic liquid-crystal phases and devices and cosmetics containing them
 1990 Trifluorotoluene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1991 1,2-Disubstituted 2,6-difluorobenzene compounds and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1991 2,5-Disubstituted heterocycles for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 5-Oxy-2-phenylpyrimidine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Benzene derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Chlorofluorobenzene derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Chlorotolans and liquid - crystal media and display devices containing them
 1991 Derivatives, liquid crystal media containing them, and electrooptical displays using them
Coates, David (cont...)1991 Electrooptical liquid - crystal system
 1991 Fluorinated terphenyls and liquid - crystal media and display devices containing them
 1991 Fluorochlorobenzene derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Halogenated benzene derivatives and liquid crystal medium
 1991 Liquid - crystal medium and display devices containing it
 1991 Liquid crystal media, their use for electrooptical applications, and liquid - crystal displays using the media
 1991 Liquid crystal thiol compounds
 1991 Nematic liquid crystal compositions containing cyclohexane derivatives for display devices
 1991 Nematic liquid-crystal medium and twisted-nematic cell containing it
 1991 Phenylcyclohexane derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Preparation of 1-(2-bicyclohexylethyl)-4-(2-cyclohexylethyl)benzenes as components of liquid crystal media
 1991 Preparation of haloterphenyls as liquid crystal components
 1991 Preparation of phenylcyclohexane derivatives as liquid crystals for electrooptical display devices
 1991 Preparation of phenyldioxane liquid crystals
 1991 Pyridine derivatives for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Supertwist liquid - crystal display and mixture
 1992 Electrooptical liquid crystal system
 1992 Fluorobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1992 Fluorocyclohexane derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1992 Liquid - crystal phases and display devices
Coates, David (cont...)1992 Liquid-crystal polyacrylates and their preparation
 1992 Matrix liquid - crystal display device
 1992 Multicomponent liquid - crystal phase and electrooptical display device using it
 1992 Polymerizable liquid crystal materials, ferroelectric smectic liquid-crystal-phase-exhibiting polymer compositions incorporating them, their uses, and elements using them
 1992 Preparation of heterocyclic compounds as liquid crystal components
 1992 Preparation of polyfluorobiphenyls
 1993 1,4-Disubstituted 2,6-difluorobenzene derivatives and liquid - crystal media and display devices containing them
 1993 Alkoxymethylene compounds and liquid-crystal compositions and display devices containing them
 1993 Electrooptical liquid - crystal system and its preparation and use
 1993 Electrooptical liquid crystal system
 1993 Electrooptical liquid crystal system
 1993 Electrooptical liquid crystal systems
 1993 Electrooptical system, its preparation, and polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal precursors for it
 1993 Liquid - crystal mixtures
 1993 Liquid-crystal electrooptical system and its preparation
 1993 Liquid-crystal polymers
 1993 Liquid-crystal polymers
 1993 Liquid-crystal polymers
 1993 Nematic liquid-crystal composition
 1993 Phenylpyrazine ethynes and liquid-crystal media and display devices using them
Coates, David (cont...)1993 Phenylpyrazines and liquid-crystal media and display devices using them
 1993 Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal electrooptical system and its preparation
 1993 Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal layers, their preparation, and display devices containing them
 1993 Polymerization method with molecular weight control
 1993 Preparation of fluoroalkyl 4-cyclohexylethyl-2-fluorophenyl ethers as liquid crystal components
 1994 (Biphenylyl)pyrazines for liquid crystalline media
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystal media, their use in electrooptical devices, and devices using them
 1994 Liquid crystalline di-, tri- and tetrafluorophenylpyrazines
 1994 Liquid-crystal material and a display cell using it
 1994 Liquid-crystal phenylpyrazines and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1994 Liquid-crystal polymer composite material
 1994 Naphthalene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1994 Nematic liquid-crystal mixtures and fluorinated chloroterphenyls
 1994 Paper-white polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal system
 1994 Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal system based on thiolene type polymer matrix precursor
 1994 Preparation of cyclohexyl- and (cyclohexylethyl)fluorobiphenyl liquid crystal compounds
 1994 Preparation of mesogenic phenyl thioether liquid crystals and liquid crystal medium containing them
 1994 Some three-ring esters containing a pyrazine ring. A comparison of their liquid crystal properties
 1995 Fluorinated terphenyl derivatives and a liquid crystalline medium
 1995 Liquid crystal monomer additives for improved polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Coates, David (cont...)1995 Liquid crystal properties of some substituted pyrazines
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