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Ciosek, J.1998 Electrically driven polarization-insensitive liquid crystal narrow-bandpass intensity modulator
Ciosek, Jerzy1999 Fabry-Perot interferometer with broadband selective fiber and liquid crystal filter for wavelength division multiplexing systems
 2001 Narrow-band polarizing interference filters with liquid crystal space layer
Ciosek, Maria1980 Direct gas-chromatographic determination of 2-naphthylamine in 1-naphthylamine on liquid-crystalline stationary phases
 1981 Determination of small quantities of 2-naphthylamine in commercial 1-naphthylamine by gas chromatography with liquid-crystalline stationary phases
Ciovica, Sorin1995 Some aspects concerning the synthesis and properties of hydroxypropyl cellulose
Cipane, Inara2003 Stereoacuity determination at changing contrast of colored stereostimuli
Cipelletti, Luca2002 Self-diffusion and collective diffusion in a model viscoelastic system
Cipparrone, G.1984 Tuning of a dye laser by a liquid crystal device
 1985 Effect of tuning of a dye laser induced by a liquid crystal device
 1986 Power limiting and optical switching with nematic liquid-crystal films
 1986 Tuning of a dye laser by a liquid crystal
 1987 Wavelength modulation using cholesteric liquid crystals
 1988 New optical methods to study director orientation in liquid crystals
 1988 Self-phase modulation in nematic liquid-crystal films: detailed measurements and theoretical calculations
 1988 Self-pulsing of the laser light transmitted by a nonlinear liquid-crystal interface near the phase transition
 1989 Optical nonlinearities induced by thermal effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1989 Total internal reflection switching at a liquid crystal interface
 1990 Mirrorless all-optical bistability in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 Experimental studies of the dynamics and parametric dependences of switching from total internal reflection to transmission and limiting effects
 1991 Nonlinear optical effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 Optical switching and bistability in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 origin of optical self-pulsing at a liquid crystal interface
 1991 Threshold degenerate wave mixing in dye-doped polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1992 Chaotic Behaviour in a Nematic Liquid Crystal Film
 1992 Observation of Doppler-Like Redshift of Radiation Passed Through a Nonlinear Medium
 1992 Refractive index measurements of the palladium complexed liquid crystal A'PdA2
 1992 Thermally Induced Non Linear Optical Effects in Mononuclear Cyclopalladated Metallomesogens
Cipparrone, G. (cont...)1993 Characterization of short pulses by self-diffraction in liquid crystals
 1993 Observation of Doppler-like red shift due to light interaction with matter
 1993 Optically induced chaotic behavior in nematic liquid-crystal films
 1997 Catastrophes and nonlinear dynamics in the standard geometry of optically induced reorientation of nematic liquid crystals
 1997 The Decay of Unstable Orientational States of Nematic Liquid Crystals Interacting with a Laser Field
 1997 Writing and erasure of holographic gratings in dye-doped polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1998 Holographic grating formation in dye doped polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1998 Laser-written permanent gratings in new liquid crystalline organometallic polymer
 1998 Liquid crystal orientation by photosensitive Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1998 Optical storage effect in dye doped polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1998 Orientational gratings in dye-doped polymer-dispersed liquid crystals induced by the photorefractive effect
 1999 Liquid crystal orientation by holographic phase gratings recorded on photosensitive Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1999 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals as optical storage materials
 1999 Polymer dispersed liquid crystals: effects of photorefractivity and local heating on holographic recording
 2000 Holographic 'development' of a hidden UV image recorded on a liquid crystalline polymer
 2000 Nonlinear dynamics optically induced in nematic liquid crystals
 2000 Polarimetric study of the optically induced dynamical behavior in nematic liquid crystal films
 2000 Polarization gratings in photosensitive Langmuir-Blodgett films and chiral liquid crystalline polymers
 2001 Analysis of the dynamical regimes induced by a laser beam in nematic liquid crystal films
 2001 Diffraction gratings in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals recorded by means of polarization holographic technique
Cipparrone, G. (cont...)2001 Homoclinic gluing bifurcations during the light induced reorientation in nematic-liquid-crystal films
 2001 Investigation of photorefractive effect in dye doped PDLC: TBC experiments and photoinduced currents measurements
 2002 Charge transport due to photoelectric interface activation in pure nematic liquid-crystal cells
 2002 Surface-induced photorefractive-like effect in pure liquid crystals
 2003 Extremely sensitive light-induced reorientation in nondoped nematic liquid crystal cells due to photoelectric activation of the interface
 2003 Polarization holographic techniques: a method to produce diffractive devices in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 2004 Influence of the ions on the dynamical response of a nematic cell submitted to a dc voltage
 2004 Lasing in Dye-Doped Cholesteric Liquid Crystals: Two New Tuning Strategies
 2004 Molecular reorientation dynamics due to direct current voltage-induced ion redistribution in undoped nematic planar cell
 2004 Photorefractive effect due to a photoinduced surface-charge modulation in undoped liquid crystals
 2004 Surface relief gratings on polymer dispersed liquid crystals by polarization holography
 2005 Electric field controlled polarization grating based on a hybrid structure "photosensitive polymer-liquid crystal"
 2005 Optical properties of a nematic sample in the low-frequency regime of an external electric field
 2006 A Nematic Liquid Crystal as an Amplifying Replica of a Holographic Polarization Grating
 2006 Electrical response of a liquid crystal cell: The role of Debye's layer
 2006 Highly efficient liquid crystal based diffraction grating induced by polarization holograms at the aligning surfaces
 2006 Mirrorless lasing from nematic liquid crystals in the plane waveguide geometry without refractive index or gain modulation
 2007 Planar amplifier for a microlaser on a cholesteric liquid crystal
 2007 Quasi-in-Plane Leaky Lasing Modes from Thin Waveguiding Layers of Nematic and Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 2007 Reversible Tuning of Lasing in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Controlled by Light-Emitting Diodes
Cipparrone, G. (cont...)2007 Simple voltage tunable liquid crystal laser
 2007 Single mode lasing in multilayer sandwiched systems consisting of cholesteric liquid crystals and dye solution
 2008 Lasing in Three Layer Systems Consisting of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals and Dye Solution
 2010 Real-Time Circular Dichroism Spectrograph Based on a Single Liquid Crystal Diffractive Element
Cipparrone, Gabriella1988 Liquid crystal laser tuner
 1990 Nonlinear optical effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1992 Observations of nonlinear optical effects in metallorganic liquid crystals
 1994 Experimental investigation of light induced chaotic dynamics in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 A new application of polymer dispersed liquid crystals: measurements of ultrashort light pulses with femtosecond accuracy
 1995 Direct optical measurement of the ratio K3/γ in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Self-heterodyning: a versatile technique to investigate nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Statistical characterization of laser generated instabilities in a nematic liquid crystal film
 1997 Complex nonlinear optical phenomena in nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Photochromism and holographic grating recording on a chiral side-chain liquid crystalline copolymer containing azobenzene chromophores
 2003 Phototunable lasing in dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystals
 2004 Laser emission from a dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal pumped by another cholesteric liquid crystal laser
 2005 Widely tunable ultraviolet-visible liquid crystal laser
 2007 Lasing in cholesteric liquid crystal cells: Competition of Bragg and leaky modes
 2008 Quasi-in-plane leaky modes in lasing cholesteric liquid crystal cells
 2008 Reversible Photoinduced Chiral Structure in Amorphous Polymer for Light Polarization Control
Cipriano, B.2002 Small angle study of a biological molecule and a magnetic nanoparticle
Cipriano, Bani H.2005 Salt Effects on the Phase Behavior, Structure, and Rheology of Chromonic Liquid Crystals
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Ciraolo, Guido2004 Control of Hamiltonian chaos as a possible tool to control anomalous transport in fusion plasmas
Circelli, Teresa2004 Structure and Physical Properties of Syndiotactic Polypropylene from Living Polymerization with Bis(phenoxyimine)-Based Titanium Catalysts
Circu, Viorel2006 Orthometallated palladium(II) imine complexes as candidate materials for the biaxial nematic phase. Crystal and molecular structure of three palladium imine complexes
 2010 Clustomesogens: Liquid Crystal Materials Containing Transition-Metal Clusters
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Cirulli, Vincenzo1997 Trehalose: a cryoprotectant that enhances recovery and preserves function of human pancreatic islets after long-term storage
Cisse, Ibrahim2004 Improving the Density of Jammed Disordered Packings Using Ellipsoids
Cisse, L.2005 Ovalene liquid crystals
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 1995 Photopolymerizations in self-organizing systems
 1995 Recent advances in materials for polymer stabilized liquid crystals
 1996 Materials for polymer-stabilized liquid crystals
Citano, Carla M.1998 Photopolymerization in self-organizing systems
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 1994 Spinning and mechanical properties of blends with liquid crystalline polymers
Citta, Vincenzo1993 Thermotropic copolyester, process for preparing it and use in the preparation of vulcanized rubbers
 1994 Fluoro elastomers containing liquid-crystal polymers for improved processability and properties
 1995 Synthesis, properties and processability of a new class of semirigid liquid crystalline copolyesteramides
Ciuchi, F.1995 Surface Shear Viscosity and Phase Transitions of Monolayers at the Air-Water Interface
 1996 Dynamics of guanosine self-assembled aggregates in the hexagonal columnar phase by quasielastic neutron scattering
 2001 Optical determination of flexoelectric coefficients and surface polarization in a hybrid aligned nematic cell
 2001 Surface Nematic Order Induced by Silane Derivatives Studied by Second Harmonic Generation
 2002 Electric Field Induced Biaxial Switching in a Nematic Cell: Experiment
 2003 Reply to "Comment on ‘Optical determination of flexoelectric coefficients and surface polarization in a hybrid aligned nematic cell' "
 2004 Electric field induced order reconstruction in a nematic cell
 2004 Time Resolved Experimental Analysis of the Electric Field Induced Biaxial Order Reconstruction in Nematics
 2006 Reply: Comment on "Time Resolved Experimental Analysis of the Electric Field Induced Biaxial Order Reconstruction in Nematics"
 2007 ac and dc electro-optical response of planar aligned liquid crystal cells
 2007 Control of transient biaxial order in calamitic nematics
 2008 Electrically controlled defects at a liquid crystal-polyimide interface
 2008 Metallomesogens as Biaxial Dopants in a Calamitic Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2009 Fractal aggregates evolution of methyl red in liquid crystal
 2010 Lasing Stability Enhancement in Dye Doped Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
Ciuchi, Federica1994 Self-Recognition and Self-Assembly of Folic Acid Salts: Columnar Liquid Crystalline Polymorphism and the Column Growth Process
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 1996 Molecular order in self-assembled multilayers of stearic acid
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 1997 The self-assembly and liquid crystal formation of d(GpGpApGpG)
 1998 Helix-specific interactions induce condensation of guanosine four-stranded helixes in concentrated salt solutions
 1998 Self-assembly of dideoxyguanosine (3',3') and (5',5')-monophosphates
 2006 Lasing in an intermediate twisted phase between cholesteric and smectic A phase
 2006 Nematic Liquid Crystal Optical Dispersion in the Visible-Near Infrared Range
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 1998 Coagulating agent for liquid crystal solutions based on cellulose substances
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 1972 Non-singular disclinations of strength S = + 1 in nematics
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 1973 Screw disclinations in nematic samples with cylindrical symmetry
 1973 Study of the Bend Elastic Constant near a Smectic-A-Nematic Phase Transition
 1974 Impurity dependence of the critical exponent of the nematic bend elastic constant, K3 (T), near a smectic a transition
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 1974 Volumetric study of the nematic-smectic-A transition of N-p-cyanobenzylidene-p-octyloxyaniline
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 1975 New liquid-crystal phase diagram
 1975 Stability of nematic liquid crystals in Couette flow
 1976 A polarizing oriented smectic beam splitter
 1976 Beading of smectic disclination lines
 1977 High-pressure investigation of the reentrant nematic -bilayer-smectic-A transition
Cladis, P.E. (cont...)1977 Study of liquid crystals in flow. I. Conventional viscometry and density measurements
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 1979 Temperature and pressure study of 8S5
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 1980 Density measurements of alloys exhibiting the reentrant nematic phase
 1980 Incommensurate and commensurate smectic A phases with pressure induced nematic phases
 1980 The discotic phase of uro-porphyrin I octa-n-dodecyl ester
 1980 The reentrant nematic phase
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 1980 X-ray investigation of the smectic A reentrant nematic transition under pressure (CBOOA)
 1981 Reentrant nematic transitions in cyano-octyloxybiphenyl (8OCB)
 1981 The cholesteric-isotropic-blue phase triple point
 1981 The reentrant nematic, enhanced smectic A phases and molecular composition
 1981 X-ray diffraction from a smectic A liquid crystal
 1982 Cholesteric blue phases in mixtures and in an electric field
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 1982 Polarization absorption spectroscopy: determination of the direction and degree of orientation of absorption transitions
 1982 Pressure study of a hexatic B and crystal B phase
Cladis, P.E. (cont...)1982 Pressure-temperature phase diagram of some tilted smectic phases
 1982 Reentrant nematic liquid crystals
 1982 The Dielectric Constant of a Cyanophenyl-Thiobenzoate
 1983 "Soliton switch" in chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1983 The first bilayer ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1984 A novel liquid crystal phase diagram: an inverted cholesteric phase surrounded by different types of smectic A phases
 1984 Characterization of the Phases of two Isomeric Cyano-Ester homologous Series - II
 1984 Characterization of two Isomeric Cyano-Ester homologous Series - I
 1984 Crystal habit of liquid-crystal blue phase I
 1984 Elasticity of blue phase I of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1984 First truly ferroelectric liquid crystal. Physical properties of the first truly ferroelectric liquid-crystal phase and a proposed antiferroelectric liquid-crystal phase
 1984 Novel liquid-crystal phase diagram: an inverted cholesteric phase surrounded by different types of smectic-A phases
 1984 Smectic X: the first truly ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1984 Smectic-X - the first truly ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1984 Two types of monolayer smectic A phases: studies on binary mixtures of 60BCB and TBBA
 1985 (+)10E4M6 : a critical A-C* and the first C*-hexatic B liquid crystal phase transitions
 1985 Experimental evidence for a hexagonal Blue Phase
 1985 Helielectric-ferroelectric transition mediated by a tilt-suppressing intermediate phase in liquid crystals
 1985 No reentrant nematic below smectic A1
 1985 Phase winding and flow alignment in freely suspended films of smectic-C liquid crystals
Cladis, P.E. (cont...)1985 Steps on surfaces of liquid-crystal blue phase I
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 1986 Facetting of cholesteric phases in electric fields
 1986 Frustrated liquids: liquid crystal blue phases
 1986 Kossel diagrams show electric-field-induced cubic-tetragonal structural transition in frustrated liquid-crystal blue phases
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 1987 Dynamics of line defects in nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Field-induced tetragonal blue phase (BP X)
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 1989 Dynamical test of phase transition order
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 1990 Experimental test of a fluctuation-induced first-order phase transition: The nematic–smectic-A transition
 1991 Image analysis of banded textures after shearing flows of liquid crystalline polymers
 1991 Taylor-Couette instability in nematic liquid crystals
 1991 Traveling-wave states in deep-groove directional solidification
Cladis, P.E. (cont...)1992 Defect dynamics and coarsening dynamics in smectic-C films
 1992 Electrooptic Properties of Smectic O* and its Racemate
 1992 Image analysis of shear-induced textures in liquid-crystalline polymers
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 1992 Ring pattern formation in 2-dimensional shear of freely suspended films of a smectic C liquid crystal
 1992 Symmetry and defects in the CM phase of polymeric liquid crystals
 1993 Electrooptic response of smectic O and smectic O*
 1994 Nonequilibrium phase winding and its breakdown at a chiral interface
 1994 Pattern formation at the traveling liquid-crystal twist grain boundary-smectic A interface
 1994 Pattern formation at the traveling liquid-crystal twist-grain-boundary-smectic-A interface
 1994 Pattern Formation at the Traveling Twist-Grain-Boundary / Smectic A Interface
 1995 Reversible propagating fingers in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1995 Stable coexistence of spiral and target patterns in freely suspended films of smectic-C liquid crystals
 1996 Solitary waves in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1997 Electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals: comparison between experimental results and the hydrodynamic model
 1997 Flexoelectric induced vanishing of the cholesteric helix
 1998 Fluctuations and liquid crystal phase transitions
 1998 Macroscopic properties of smectic CG liquid crystals
 1998 Physical aspects of electro-optic properties of smectic liquid crystals
 1998 Reentrant phase transitions in liquid crystals
Cladis, P.E. (cont...)1998 The re-entrant nematic and the compounds of Gray
 1998 Wavelength Doubling Cascade to Möbius Defect Turbulence in a 3D Anisotropic Liquid
 1999 A novel route to defect turbulence in nematics
 1999 Fluid Biaxial Banana Smectics: Symmetry at Work
 2000 Fluid biaxial banana phases: Symmetry at work
 2000 Phase transitions in biaxial banana phases
 2000 Polar biaxial liquid crystalline phases with fluidity in two and three spatial dimensions
 2001 Antiferroelectricity in Liquid Crystals
 2001 Gaussian grooves propagating across a moving curved interface in directional solidification
 2002 Electric Field Mediated Growth Habits in B7
 2002 Flow properties of the optically isotropic tetrahedratic phase
 2002 Tetrahedratic Bananas
 2003 Deformable tetrahedratic phases. The effects of external fields and flows
 2003 Polar columnar and tetrahedratic phases
 2004 Hystereses of volume changes in liquid single crystal elastomers swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystal
 2004 Swelling dynamics of liquid crystal elastomers swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystals
 2005 Selected Macroscopic Consequences of Tetrahedratic Order
 2006 Electrooptical effects of swollen polydomain liquid crystal elastomers
 2006 Nematic and tetrahedritic order in banana liquid crystals
 2006 Splay-bend textures involving tetrahedratic order
Cladis, P.E. (cont...)2006 Thermo-mechanical properties of tri-functionally crosslinked liquid single crystal elastomers
 2007 Shape anisotropy and optical birefringence measurements of dry and swollen liquid single crystal elastomers
 2007 Trifunctionally Cross-Linked Liquid Single Crystal Elastomers: Swelling Dynamics and Electromechanical Effects
 2008 Macroscopic dynamics of nematic banana liquid crystals with D2d symmetry
 2008 Multifunctional liquid crystal elastomers: Large electromechanical and electro-optical effects
 2009 Main Chain Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers: Swelling Dynamics and Electromechanical Effects
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