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Choi, Gyo Un2001 LCD having a pair of TFTs in each unit pixel with a common source electrode
Choi, Gyu Cheol2006 Time-Dependent Density Functional Theory Study of the Al Complexes with Aromatic Ligands for Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
Choi, Gyu-Seok2006 A Study on Gas Sensor Based on Carbon Nanotubes on Anodized Aluminum Oxide
Choi, H.2002 The Structure of a Tetraazapentacene Molecular Monolayer
 2003 Anomaly of the height-height correlation functions in self-flattening surface growth
 2005 Video quality comparison on LCD monitors
Choi, H.-J.1999 Synthesis and electrorheological characterization of carbonaceous particle suspensions
 2002 Controlled Growth of ZnO Nanowires and Their Optical Properties
 2003 Effect of poly (sodium 4-styrenesulfonate) stabilizer on synthesis and characterization of polyaniline nanoparticles
Choi, H.C.2004 A hybrid aligned nematic reflective liquid crystal display driven by a fringe-field
Choi, H.H.1994 Second-harmonic generation in doped nematic liquid crystals
Choi, H.R.2006 Dry Type Conducting Polymer Actuator Based on Polypyrrole-NBR/Ionic Liquid System
 2007 Characteristics of PEDOT/NBR/PEDOT Solid Actuator Depending on the NBR Polarity
Choi, H.S.2004 Fabrication of electrophoretic display panel using prepatterned barrier rib
Choi, Hak Soo2003 Control of Rapid Phase Transition Induced by Supramolecular Complexation of β-Cyclodextrin-Conjugated Poly(ε-lysine) with a Specific Guest
Choi, Hee Cheul2000 Effects of Organic Monolayer Formation on Electrochemiluminescence Behavior of Porous Silicon
Choi, Heejin2005 A wide viewing 2D/3D convertible display using two parallel display devices
 2005 Depth-enhanced integral imaging with multiple central depth planes using multilayered display device
 2006 Comparative study on 3D-2D convertible integral imaging systems
 2006 Integral imaging with variable image planes using polymer-dispersed liquid crystal layers
 2007 Status and prospect of 3D/2D convertible displays
Choi, Ho-Soeb2001 Synthesis of a 13C-labeled oligomer: solid-state NMR and theoretical studies
Choi, Hong2004 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal from bent-core molecule with vinyl end group
 2004 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of banana-shaped achiral molecules with central and lateral halogen substituents
 2006 Banana-shaped molecules with 4,6-dichlorinated central core: effect of lateral substituents and terminal chains on the formation of antiferroelectric smectic mesophases
 2008 Pixel-Isolated Phase-Separated Composite Organic Film for Flexible Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Display Applications
 2008 X-ray Scattering Studies of Phase-Separated Composite Organic Film Cells
 2009 Next-generation AMLCD microdisplays
Choi, Hong K.2009 Manufacturable full-color AMLCDs for military head-mounted displays and viewer applications
Choi, Hong-Seok1995 A new poly-Si thin film transistor for increasing storage capacitance in the pixel element
Choi, Hui Jun2009 Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Copolyester Nanocomposites
Choi, Hwan Jae1999 Cinnamate-containing photopolymer for orientation film of liquid crystal display (LCD) and method of forming the orientation film using the photopolymer
 2001 Cinnamate-containing photopolymer for orientation film of Liquid crystal display and method for its use
 2003 Photo-alignment materials for liquid crystal alignment film
 2003 Photo-alignment materials for liquid crystal alignment film
Choi, Hwan-Young2008 Highly efficient diffractive reflector using microgratings for reflective display
 2009 High angular tolerant color filter using subwavelength grating
Choi, Hyang-Suk1990 Main chain thermotropic polyesters having flexible spacers -influence of ester group linking order between mesogenic unit and flexible spacer
Choi, Hyeok2006 Synthesis of nanocrystalline photocatalytic TiO2 thin films and particles using sol–gel method modified with nonionic surfactants
Choi, Hyo-Hwi2000 Molecular dynamics of coil–rod–coil molecules depending on their concentrations in polar or non-polar solvent: intra- and intermolecular interactions and charge transfer emissions
Choi, Hyong J.2008 A photochromic main-chain liquid crystalline polymer and its photo-stimulated actuating properties
Choi, Hyong Jong2009 Photochromic 3-dimensional actuator based on an uncrosslinked liquid crystal elastomer
Choi, Hyoung J.2002 Nanocomposite of Polyaniline and Na+-Montmorillonite Clay
Choi, Hyoung Jin2006 Microencapsulation of Electrophoretic TiO2 Nanoparticles for Electronic Ink
 2007 Carbon Nanotube-Organized Polymeric Fibers and Measurement of Their Electrical Conductivity
 2007 Effect of Surfactant on Preparation of Poly(4-Vinylphenol)/Titanium Dioxide Composite for a Gate Insulator of Organic Thin Film Transistors
 2007 Emulsion Polymerized Polystyrene/Montmorillonite Nanocomposite and its Viscoelastic Characteristics
 2007 Synthesis and Characterization ofPolyaniline-Na+-Montmorillonite Nanocompositeby Microemulsion Polymerization
 2008 Effect of Polymer Encapsulation on Electrophoretic Property of Organic Pigment
Choi, Hyuk Soon2000 Theoretical Study of Microscopic Molecular Structure of Helicenebisquinone Aggregates
Choi, Hyun-Chul2003 Different limits of phase separation and their applications
 2005 Defects Nucleation and Dynamical Behavior from Surface Inhomogeneity
 2006 Control of gray scale inversion in a film-compensated twisted nematic liquid crystal display using beam steering optical film
 2007 Effects of carbon nanotubes on electro-optical characteristics of liquid crystal cell driven by in-plane field
 2007 Technique for azimuthal anchoring measurement of nematic liquid crystals using magnetic field induced deformation
 2007 Viewing angle switching of vertical alignment liquid crystal displays by controlling birefringence of homogenously aligned liquid crystal layer
 2007 Wideband quarter-wave liquid crystal cell with wide viewing angle for the reflective mode with single polarizer
 2008 Switching of off-axis viewing quality in twisted nematic liquid crystal display by controlling phase retardation of additional liquid crystal layers
 2008 Viewing-angle controllable liquid crystal display using a fringe- and vertical-field driven hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal
 2009 A new optical film with antismudge function and high durability
 2009 Simulation of the Optical Transmittance of IPS LC-Cell on Temperature Variation
Choi, Hyun-Hee1997 Anisotropic orientational distributions of liquid crystal monolayers on photo-isomerizable alignment polymer films
 1998 Thermal and optical stabilities of photoisomerizable polyimide layers for nematic liquid crystal alignments
 1999 Director tilting of liquid crystals on photoisomerizable polyimide alignment layers doped with homeotropic surfactant
 2006 Holographically generated twisted nematic liquid crystal gratings
 2007 Holographic inscription of helical wavefronts in a liquid crystal polarization grating
 2008 Spatial tuning of laser emission in a dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystal wedge cell
Choi, Hyun-Kue2002 Alignment apparatus of the substrate for Liquid crystal Display
Choi, Hyung-Chul1999 Process for forming electrodes for displays
Choi, Hyung Chun1982 Study on the synthesis and property evaluation of a liquid crystalline aromatic polyester
 1984 Rheological properties of fully aromatic polyesters
Choi, Hyung-Hee1996 Composites based on poly(butylene terephthalate) and a liquid-crystalline polyester
Choi, Hyung Seok2007 Deep UV Photopatterning of Biphenyl Thiol Self-Assembled Monolayer and its Physical Properties
Choi, Hyung Wook2009 Photoluminescence Characteristic of Ce3+-Eu3+ Co-doped Y3Al5O12 Phosphor Prepared by Combustion Method
Choi, Hyunsoo2009 Efficient implementation of neural network deinterlacing
Choi, Ik Soo1988 Anisotropic properties of natural graphite-mesophase pitch based composites containing chopped carbon fiber in low concentration
Choi, J.-K.1989 Thermotropic copolyesters derived from p-hydroxybenzoic acid, naphthalenediol isomers and α,ω-bis(4-carboxyphenoxy)alkanes
Choi, J.-W.1995 Rubbed polyimide films studied by scanning force microscopy
 1998 5th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe
 2003 "OR" logic function of molecular photodiode consisting of GFP/Viologen/Cytochrome C hetero-film
 2004 Transient photocurrent characteristics of chlorophyll a Langmuir-Blodgett film
Choi, J.S.1995 Atomic force microscopy of rubbed polyimide aligning films for liquid crystal displays
Choi, Jae-Beom2000 Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing same
 2001 In-plane switching mode Liquid crystal display device with improved aperture ratio
 2001 Method of crystallizing a silicon film and a method of manufacturing a Liquid crystal display apparatus
 2002 Liquid crystal display device substrate and method for manufacturing thereof
 2003 Design of a thin film transistor for preventing galvanic phenomenon in Liquid crystal displays
 2003 Multi-domain Liquid crystal display device and method of manufacturing thereof
 2003 Polycrystalline silicon thin film transistor and manufacturing method thereof
Choi, Jae Boom2001 Liquid crystal display and method of manufacturing the same
Choi, Jae-Hak1998 Effect of the ionic conductivity of a polymer matrix on the electrooptical properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
 1998 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films using poly(2-methyloxycarbonyl-bicyclo[2.2.1]hepta-2,5-diene-co-poly(ethylene glycol) methacrylate) as a matrix resin
 1999 Preliminary communication generation of high pretilt angle in a nematic liquid crystal with single oblique polarized UV light irradiation on polyimide surfaces
Choi, Jae-hong2009 Preparation of colour filter photo resists for improving colour purity in liquid crystal displays by synthesis of polymeric binder and treatment of pigments.
Choi, Jae Hoon1989 Rate of formation of carbonaceous mesophase by heat treatment
 1991 Heat treatment of coal tar pitch under air blowing
 1992 Preparation of carbon solid from dormant mesophase pitch without using a binder
 1995 Characterization of air blown pitches with ESR
 2006 Optical Bouncing in Bistable Chiral Splay Nematic Liquid Crystal Device
Choi, Jae Hyeok1994 Effects of chemical structure on properties of thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolymers
 1994 Preparation and properties of thermotropic liquid crystalline copolymers containing amide linkage (I)
Choi, Jae-Kon1990 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of dimesogenic compounds containing trifluoromethyl substituents at terminal phenylene rings and central decamethylene spacer
 1990 Synthesis and properties of thermotropic poly(ester-amide)s having semiregular monomer sequences
 1990 Synthesis and properties of thermotropic polyesters containing cyclohexyl, pyridine and substituted phenyl groups
 1991 Importance of the Role of Flexible Spacers in Liquid Crystal Formation by Bent Dimesogenic and Star-Shaped Trimesogenic Compounds
 1992 Dimesogenic compounds consisting of two aromatic ester or amide type mesogenic units having trifluoromethyl substituents at terminal phenylene rings and a central dimethylenetetramethyldisilox yl spacer
 1994 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline copolyesters in different comonomer sequences(I)
 1996 Composites based on poly(butylene terephthalate) and a liquid-crystalline polyester
 1997 Molecular weight enhancement of liquid crystalline polyester by shearing
 1997 On composites of poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate) with a thermotropic block copolyester(I)
 1999 On in situ composites containing TLCP polymerized in PMMA solution
 2009 Randomly Sulfonated Liquid Crystalline Polymers Containing Triad Mesogen of Butylene Terephthalate
Choi, Jae-Sik2000 Characteristics of amorphous Si films fabricated by mesh-type PECVD and their crystallization behavior using excimer laser
Choi, Jaeha2009 Studies of Frictional Properties on TN mode Alignment Film Surfaces with AFM/FFM
Choi, Jaehyuck2007 Phase Equilibria of a Mixture of Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymer and Low Molecular Mass Liquid Crystal
Choi, Jaeseung1998 Crystallization and melting behavior of polypropylene and maleated polypropylene blends
Choi, Jai Hoon1992 Preparation of carbon solid from dormant mesophase pitch
Choi, Jeong-Woo2002 Fabrication of Protein A LB Film for Immunoglobulin G Immobilization
 2007 Antibody Immobilization for Immunosensor on ProteinA Fabricated by Electrostatic Interaction of Synthetic Peptide
 2007 Nanoscale Fabrication of P. aeruginosa Azurin on Self-Assembled Monolayer
 2008 Fabrication of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cell Chip Using Self-Assembled Layer of Cysteine-Modified RGD Oligopeptide
 2008 Self-Assembled Monolayer of DTSSP Modified Azurin for Biomolecular Electronic Device
Choi, Jeong-Ye2006 Thin film transistor array panel and liquid crystal display including the panel
Choi, Ji Hyoung2007 Conjugated Polyaniline Nanorod Blends with Cyanoresin
Choi, Ji-Hyuk2006 Effects of plasma treatments on correlation between chemical structures of DLC films and liquid crystal alignment
 2006 EO Characteristics of Fringe-field Switching LCD on a-C:H Thin Films Using the UV Alignment Method
Choi, Jin Hwan2007 Spectral broadening in electroluminescence of white organic light-emitting diodes based on complementary colors
Choi, Jin Hyun2001 Phase Behavior and Physical Gelation of High Molecular Weight Syndiotactic Poly(vinyl alcohol) Solution
Choi, Jin Joo2007 Push-Pull Chromophore with Phenylene and Thiophene as Conjugation Bridge for Electro-Optic Applications
Choi, Jin-O.1998 Polyimide patterning
Choi, Jin Seok2006 Structure of N-Acetylproline Amide in Liquid Water: Experimentally Measured and Numerically Simulated Infrared and Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectra
Choi, Jin Sik2006 Synthesis and Optical Properties of Cycloolefin Copolymers for Plastic Substrates
Choi, Jin-Sung2005 Backlight assembly and liquid crystal display apparatus having the same
Choi, Jin-Woo2010 Design, synthesis, and self-assembly behavior of C3-symmetry discotic molecules via click chemistry
Choi, Jin Wook2002 Effect of Enantiomeric Excess on Electro-Optical Properties of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal: 4-(1-Trifluoromethyl-6-ethoxyheptyl-oxycarbonyl)phenyl-4'-nonyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate (TFMEOHPNBC)
 2002 Effect of the Position of Fluorine Substituent Introduced into the Benzene Ring System on the Electro-Optical Properties of Phenylbiphenyl Carboxylate Series of AFLCS
 2002 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Naphthyl Propionate Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Choi, Joe-Wong1999 Photoradiation method for liquid crystal orientation having homogeneous pretilt angle
Choi, Jong A.2005 Liquid crystal display device with maximum pixel aperture ratio and minimized parasitic capacitance
Choi, Jong Chul1996 Phase transition study of an 8CB liquid-crystal film with a Brewster angle microscope
Choi, Jong-Ho2005 Studies of Tetracene- and Pentacene-Based Organic Thin-Film Transistors Fabricated by the Neutral Cluster Beam Deposition Method
Choi, Jong Hyun2007 Nanometer Positioning, Parallel Alignment, and Placement of Single Anisotropic Nanoparticles Using Hydrodynamic Forces in Cylindrical Droplets
Choi, Jong-In2003 Crystallization and Transient Mesophase Structure in Cold-Drawn PET Fibers
Choi, Jong Ogg1997 Liquid - crystal display device using field emission display element as backlight
Choi, Jong Sun1998 Effects of resistivity of gate line material on TFT-LCD pixel operations
 2003 Equivalent circuit modeling of bilayer organic light emitting diodes
 2007 Effect of Surfactant on Preparation of Poly(4-Vinylphenol)/Titanium Dioxide Composite for a Gate Insulator of Organic Thin Film Transistors
 2007 Fabrication of Organic Thin-Film Transistors Based on High Dielectric Nanocomposite Insulators
Choi, Joon-Hoo1997 Thin-film transistor liquid-crystal display
 2002 Liquid crystal display with reduced vertical cross-talk and its fabrication method
Choi, Ju H.2003 Dopant and concentration dependence of linear and nonlinear refractive index and dispersion for new (Mg, Ba)F2 based fluorophosphates glass
 2003 Optical absorption and emission properties of Nd3 + -doped fluorophosphates glass for broadband fiber amplifier applications
 2003 Spectral properties of Nd3 + ion in new fluorophosphates glasses: Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters
Choi, Ju-Yeop2007 Atmospheric plasma generation for LCD panel cleaning
Choi, Jung H.2007 Synthesis of bis-silylated oligothiophenes for solution-processable organic field effect transistors
Choi, Jung-Hei2007 Synthesis and properties of hexyl end-capped thiophene oligomers containing anthracene moiety in the center
Choi, Jung Jin2006 Nematic-isotropic phase behaviors of polydisperse polymer/liquid-crystal systems: Chain-length-dependent interaction parameter
Choi, Jung Joo2000 Anode active mass for secondary lithium batteries and its manufacture
Choi, Jungkweon2007 Magnetic and Transparent Composites by Linking Liquid Crystals to Ferrite Nanoparticles through Covalent Networks
Choi, Jungsik2007 Fabrication of PAN/Pt Composite Electrode for Direct Methanol Oxidation in Aqueous Media
 2007 Field Emission Property of Micro Emitter Array Fabricated from Conducting Polymer
Choi, K.-S.1993 A study on the morphology and electrooptic properties of liquid crystal-polymer composite films
 2004 Photo-dimerization of a chalcone-based side chain polymer for the alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystals
Choi, K.W.1981 The annealing of solution grown crystals of alpha and gamma poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Choi, K.Y.2002 Synthesis and characterization of photo-sensitive polyimide containing a chalcone structure for photo-alignment of liquid crystals
 2009 Surface Effects on Photo-Alignment of Polyimide Blends Containing Cinnamoyl Moiety
Choi, Kang-Hoon1995 Nonlinear Optical Effect and Optical Characteristics of Langmuir-Blodgett Films: n-Octadecyl 4-(4'-Nitrophenylazo)-1-Naphthyl Ether
Choi, Kee-Seok1999 Improvement in the electro-optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals
Choi, Ki Sup1995 Synthesis and characterization of new thermotropic side-chain liquid crystal polymers containing 1,6-heptadiyne backbone
Choi, Kil-Yeong1998 Crystallization and melting behavior of nylon 66/poly(ether imide) blends
 1999 A study on pretilt angle of liquid crystal with polarized UV light irradiation on soluble polyimide alignment films
 1999 Aromatic polyimides containing pendant alkyl groups for liquid crystal alignment layers
 1999 Surface morphology of photo-crosslinkable polyimide after irradiation of polarized UV light
 2000 Soluble polyimide resin for liquid crystal alignment layer and process of preparation of the same
 2009 Liquid Crystal Alignments and the Fluorine in Polyimde Films
Choi, Kil-Yon1999 Dialkyl-substituted solvent-soluble polyimides for liquid crystal orientation films
Choi, Kwang-Sik2009 Effect of Molecular Weight on the Mechanical and Optical Properties of Triacetyl Cellulose Films for LCD Applications
Choi, Kyong-Hoon2005 Nanostructures and Optical Properties of Mesoporous Composite Nanofibers Containing CdS Quantum Dots
Choi, Kyongsik2004 Design and feasibility test for directional diffractive optical elements for LCD-based stereoscopic systems
Choi, Kyoung-Shin1999 Flux synthesis of new multinary bismuth chalcogenides and their thermoelectric properties
Choi, Kyu-Han2006 Synthesis and Electroluminescent Properties of Conjugated Copolymer Containing Phenothiazine and Phenanthridine Unit
 2007 Characteristics of ITO Thin Films for Organic Light Emitting Diode by using a Low-Frequency Magnetron Sputtering Method
 2007 Fabrication and Electroluminescence Properties of White OLED with Three-Component, Emitting Layer: Blue and Yellowish-Green Polymers Blend with Red Dopant
Choi, Kyu-hwan2001 Method for manufacturing color filter
Choi, Kyuhwang1979 Ultrasonic absorption and velocity dispersion of binary mixture liquid crystal MBBA/EBBA
Choi, Kyung H.1994 Liquid crystalline octa-(2-ethylhexyloxy) platinum and lead phthalocyanines
 1994 XANES and EXAFS study of a platinum phthalocyanine
Choi, Kyung Hee2001 A Novel Vertical Alignment Display
Choi, Kyung-Soo2002 High contrast ratio of a vertically aligned liquid crystal cell using photocrosslinking alignment
Choi, Kyungsun2005 Amphotropic LC Polymers and Their Multilayer Buildup
 2006 Multilayer Thin Films by Layer-by-Layer (LBL) Assembly of Functional Polyelectrolytes: Their Optical and Electrochemical Properties.
Choi, Kyusang1999 Investigation of the surface distribution function of a FHOCB liquid-crystal monolayer by using optical second-harmonic generation
 2000 Second-harmonic generation study of the surface distribution function of the 6FDA-6CBO polymer
Choi, Ling-Siu1998 A novel supramolecular self-assembly thin film with spontaneous polar order
Choi, M.-M.2004 Novel bent-shaped liquid crystalline compounds II. Synthesis and properties of the 1,3-bis{4-[4-(4-alkyloxybenzoyloxy)benzylidene]aminophenoxy}propan-2-ols
Choi, M.A.1986 Lyotropic liquid crystalline behavior of aromatic polyamides (I). Factors affecting the critical concentration of sulfuric acid solution of poly (p-phenyleneterephthalamide)
Choi, M.C.2007 Internal structure visualization and lithographic use of periodic toroidal holes in liquid crystals
 2009 Confined Self-Assembly of Toric Focal Conic Domains (The Effects of Confined Geometry on the Feature Size of Toric Focal Conic Domains)
Choi, M.Y.2002 Comment on "Ising model on a small world network"
 2002 Dynamic instabilities induced by asymmetric influence: Prisoners' dilemma game in small-world networks
 2002 Stochastic resonance in the driven Ising model on small-world networks
 2003 Optimal size of a complex network
 2003 Phase transition in the Ising model on a small-world network with distance-dependent interactions
 2004 Collective phase synchronization in locally coupled limit-cycle oscillators
 2004 Factors that predict better synchronizability on complex networks
Choi, Mahn-Soo2003 Effect of quantum fluctuations in an Ising system on small-world networks
Choi, Mansoo2004 Nanoparticle generation: The concept of a stagnation size region for condensation growth
 2006 Entropically driven self-assembling of softened multi-walled carbon nanotubes into a reversibly water dispersible coherent solid
Choi, Mee H.2002 Evolution of escape processes with a time-varying load
 2002 Quasiadiabatic analysis for ionization of a particle in a periodically perturbed d(x) potential
Choi, Mi Ju2008 Morphology development and crystallization behavior of poly(ethylene terephthalate)/phenoxy blend
Choi, Min Oh2005 A Single Gap Transflective Display with Single Gamma Curve in the Fringe Field Switching Mode
 2007 Fringe-Field Driven Single-Gap and Single-Gamma Transflective Liquid Crystal Display with Dual Orientation of Liquid Crystal
Choi, Min-Wan2004 Modeling and Simulation of Parasitic Capacitances for Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays (AMLCDs)
 2004 Three-dimensional Numerical Simulation for Understanding the Fringe-Field Effect on the Dynamic Behavior of Liquid Crystal
Choi, Minkee2003 Ordered nanoporous polymer?carbon composites
Choi, Moon G.1997 Liquid crystals containing transition metals
Choi, Moon-Gun1996 Liquid crystalline assembly of calamitic mesogens and rod-coil molecule by Pd and Ru complexation
 1996 Thermotropic and lyotropic mesophase formation of poly(ethylene oxide) substituted rod-coil oligomer
 1997 Liquid-crystalline properties of 5,5'-dialkyl-2,2':5',2"-terthiophene and its π-complexation with Cp*Ru
 1997 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of palladium(II) complexes based on 3,4,5-trialkoxy benzonitrile ligands
 1998 Calamitic smectic liquid crystalline supramolecular architecture from octaalkoxy-substituted PdII-η1-benzylideneaniline complexes
 1998 Trinuclear Gold(I) Pyrazolate Complexes Exhibiting Hexagonal Columnar Mesophases with Only Three Side Chains
 1999 Novel Metallomesogenic Polymers Derived from η1-Benzylideneaniline Palladium(II) Complex
 2001 1,1'-Disubstituted ferrocene containing hexacatenar thermotropic liquid crystals
 2001 Synthesis, molecular structure and mesomorphic phase behavior of η 1-benzylideneaniline palladium(II) complexes
 2002 Mesomorphic Phase Behavior of Bithiophene Derivatize Schiff's Base
 2002 Supramolecular Nanostructures from Side Chain Rod-Coil Polymer Self-Assembly
 2009 Liquid crystal phases generated by supramolecular self-assembly of biforked amphiphilic imidazoles
 2009 New heteropolynuclear metallomesogens: copper(II), palladium(II), nickel(II) and oxovanadium(IV) chelates with [3]ferrocenophane-containing Schiff's base and ß-aminovinylketone
 2009 Novel Tetrahedratic Smectic C and Nematic Mesophases in Unsymmetrically 1,1'-Bis-substituted Ferrocenomesogens
 2009 Novel types of liquid crystal phases: tetrahedratic smectic C and nematic mesophases in unsymmetrically 1,1'-bis substituted ferrocene
Choi, Moon Soo2007 Bis(2-hydroxyphenyl)-1,3,4-oxadiazole Derivative for Anion Sensing and Fluorescent Patterning
 2008 Synthesis of Maleimide-Functionalized Water-Soluble Poly(arylene ethynylene)s
Choi, Mu-Yong2006 Phase Transition and Critical Dynamics in Site-Diluted Josephson-Junction Arrays
Choi, Muhan2004 Characteristics of a delayed system with time-dependent delay time
 2004 Effects of time-delayed feedback on chaotic oscillators
 2004 Synchronization of chaotic oscillators due to common delay time modulation
Choi, Myon-Kil2005 Liquid Crystal Aligning Capabilities on a Novel Photo-Crosslinkable Polyitaconimide Containing Three Kinds of Substituents
 2006 Photoalignment Material of High Thermal Resistance with Hydroxyl Aromatic Polyimide for Liquid Crystal Display
Choi, Myung Chul2004 Ordered patterns of liquid crystal toroidal defects by microchannel confinement
Choi, Myung-Sik2007 Multichromic Dye Synthesis and Its Absorption Properties with Cyclodextrins
 2007 Polymethine Dye Synthesis and Its Leuco Property Investigation
Choi, Myungjin1997 Fluorescence anisotropy of nile red and oxazine 725 in an isotropic liquid crystal
Choi, N.S.2000 Microstructural morphology of molded thin composites of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer and polyamide 6
Choi, Nak-Cho2005 Liquid crystal display with wide viewing angle
Choi, Ok-Byung2000 Macromolecular chemistry: The effect of substituents on LC behavior of bis(p-substituted phenyl) 2-decyloxyterephthalate
 2001 Synthesis and Thermotropic Properties of New Liquid Crystalline Compounds; 1,10-Bis[2,5-bis(4-alkyloxyphenoxycarbonyl)phenoxy]decane
 2001 The Effect of Flexible Spacers on the H-Shaped Dimesogenic Liquid Crystalline Compounds
 2004 Effect of Molecular Structure on Liquid Crystalline Properties (1); 1,10-Bis(p-2-,3-,4,-halogenophenoxycarbonyl)phenoxydecane
 2006 H-shaped bis-mesogenic compounds; synthesis and thermotropic properties of α,ω-bis[2,5-bis(4-cyanophenoxycarbonyl)phenoxy]alkanes
 2008 Novel Liquid Crystal Compounds Having Amide Mesogenic Unit With Terminal Alkoxy Groups
 2009 Bent-shaped liquid crystal dimers: effect of molecular shapes on mesomorphic properties
Choi, Phillip2005 Molecular Dynamics Studies of the Stability of Water/n-Heptane Interfaces with Adsorbed Naphthenic Acids
Choi, S.-H.2003 Holographic gratings recorded on a new photopolymer composed of photosensitive polymer binder
Choi, S.-J.1994 Synthesis and Properties of New Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers by Metathesis Cyclopolymerization
Choi, S.-K.1994 Int. Conf. Liq. Cryst. Polym., Beijing, Abstr.
 1994 Synthesis and Properties of New Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers by Metathesis Cyclopolymerization
 1995 Unique electrical, electrochemical and optical characteristics of polyheptadiyne derivatives with long side chains
Choi, S.-Y.2000 The effect of back channel hydrogen plasma treatment on the electrical characteristics of amorphous thin film transistors
 2005 Molecularly Engineered Nanocomposites: Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Cellulose Nanocrystals
Choi, S.S.2010 Ultrafast switching liquid crystals for next-generation transmissive and reflective displays
Choi, S.W.1997 Spontaneous helix formation in smectic liquid crystals comprising achiral molecules
Choi, Sam2009 Holographic lens array for future display screen
Choi, Sam-Kwon1991 Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid-crystalline polymers containing a poly(1,6-heptadiyne) derivative
 1993 Synthesis and characterization of novel side-chain liquid crystalline polymers with a poly(1,6-heptadiyne) main chain
 1993 Synthesis of a new side-chain liquid crystalline polymer with a polynorbornene main chain by ring-opening metathesis polymerization
 1993 Unique electrical and optical properties of conducting polymeric liquid crystal
 1994 Design and synthesis of a new side-chain liquid crystalline polymer by metathesis polymerization
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of new side liquid crystalline polymers based on poly(dipropargylamine) main chain
 1994 Synthesis and properties of a new side chain liquid crystalline polymer by metathesis polymerization
 1994 Third-order optical nonlinearity of poly(1,6-heptadiyne) derivatives containing mesogenic moiety
 1995 Novel characteristics of poly(1,6-heptadiyne) derivatives with long side chains in liquid crystalline phase
 1997 Side - chain liquid - crystalline poly (1, 6 -heptadiyne)s and other side - chain liquid -crystalline polyacetylenes
 1999 Polymerization of 4-hydroxy-n-propargylpiperidine by transition metal catalysts
Choi, Sang Heul1993 The effect of the structure of the carbon fibers on the structure of the fiber intercalated compounds
Choi, Sang-Ho2009 A new optical film with antismudge function and high durability
Choi, Sang-Hyun2009 Large-Scale Soft Colloidal Template Synthesis of 1.4 nm Thick CdSe Nanosheets
Choi, Sang Jun1993 Synthesis and characterization of novel side-chain liquid crystalline polymers with a poly(1,6-heptadiyne) main chain
 1994 Design and synthesis of a new side-chain liquid crystalline polymer by metathesis polymerization
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of new side liquid crystalline polymers based on poly(dipropargylamine) main chain
 1994 Synthesis and properties of a new side chain liquid crystalline polymer by metathesis polymerization
Choi, Sang Sam1996 Electro-optical properties of the intensity and the phase for the reflected light in reflective mode, 45° twisted nematic liquid crystal cells
Choi, Sang Un1995 Alignment of liquid crystals through the alignment of Methyl Orange with polarized light
 1996 Tilting of liquid crystal through interaction with Methyl Orange molecules oriented by circularly polarized light
 1998 Method for aligning liquid crystals by using polymer film and liquid crystal cell manufacturing method
 2002 Reflective Liquid crystal display using a light weight reflective plate
Choi, Sang Won1992 Effects of methylene flexible spacers on the properties of liquid crystalline polymer containing biphenylene units
Choi, Seong-Wook2006 Liquid Crystal Lens for Compensation of Spherical Aberration in Multilayer Optical Data Storage
Choi, Seung-Kyu2003 Design and fabrication of liquid crystal display with a gate electrode of a sunken shape
Choi, Seung-Ok1998 Studies on micelle formation of nonionic surfactants. I. 1NMR self-diffusion and proton relaxation of polyoxyethylene alkyl ether
Choi, Seung-Sock2006 Banana-shaped molecules with 4,6-dichlorinated central core: effect of lateral substituents and terminal chains on the formation of antiferroelectric smectic mesophases
Choi, Seungyoun2006 Electrochemical Fabrication of Conducting Polymer onto Selected Positions
Choi, Sie-Hyug1998 Photoinduced alignment of nematic liquid crystals by polymer thin films
 1999 Reversible Photochromic Behaviors of Fatty Acids with Azobenzene Chromophore in Thin Film Assemblies
 2000 Photoinduced orientation of azobenzene chromophores in polymer films
Choi, Sie-Young2006 Effect of a-SiN:H Thin Film Deposited by PE/RACVD on a-Si:H Thin Film Transistor
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