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Aivazyan, O.M.1976 Compactness of lyotropic liquid crystals and their hydrophobic interactions with the substrate
Aivazyan, T.M.1978 Determination of inhibitor activation in oxidizable cholesterol liquid crystals by the chemiluminescence method. I. Cholesteryl pelargonate
 1978 Determination of the activity of inhibitors in oxidizable cholesteryl pelargonate
Aiyama, Takemune1998 In-plane switching-type liquid crystal display panel
Aizawa, Hisashi1997 Liquid crystal polyester gas-barrier container and its manufacture
Aizawa, Junichi1978 High-density, high-strength carbon products
Aizawa, Kaoru1999 Optical films for liquid crystal display
Aizawa, Katsumi1996 Flexible and impact-resistant liquid crystalline polyester compositions
Aizawa, Katsuo2007 Real-Time Imaging Spectrometry of Tissues for Photodynamic Diagnosis (PDD)
Aizawa, M.1977 Photoelectrochemical Reactions of Chlorophyll-Liquid Crystal Electrodes
 1998 5th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'98), Kobe
 1999 Light-scattering-mode optical switching and image storage in polymer/liquid crystal composite films by means of photochemical phase transition
 2000 Phase separation of liquid crystal-polymer mixtures
 2001 An Analysis of Photo-Polymerization Induced Phase Separation Process in Liquid Crystal/Polymer Composite Films
Aizawa, Masami1998 Liquid - crystal display device
 1998 Process for producing liquid crystal alignment layer for liquid - crystal display device
 1999 Phase-change-type liquid crystal device with region-dependent retardation, its manufacture, and polymer film therefor
Aizawa, Masao1996 Liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1996 Photochemical switching of ferroelectric liquid crystals using a photoswitchable chiral dopant
 1997 Dielectrics recording device and electrophotographic image formation
 1997 Light-scattering-type liquid - crystal device for display
 1997 Liquid-crystal device having transparent polymer light-modulating layer
 1997 Low voltage-drivable liquid crystal display with high-contrast and its manufacture
 1997 Manufacture of liquid-crystal device having light-controlling layer from composition with controlled specific resistance
 1998 All-Optically Controllable Polymer/ Liquid Crystal Composite Films Containing the Azobenzene Liquid Crystal
 1998 Improved of electro-optical properties of polymer network liquid crystal displays with respect to temperature dependence
 1998 Optically active, photoisomerizable, and polymerizable liquid crystal compound and its composition for optical recording or memory device
 1998 Recent development of polymer network liquid crystal displays
 1999 An analysis of the photo-polymerization induced phase separation process in liquid crystal/polymer composite films
 1999 Optically active photoisomerizable liquid-crystalline compounds having polymerizable group and compositions containing them
 1999 Reversible optical control of transmittance in polymer/liquid crystal composite films by photoinduced phase transition
 2000 A study of reflectivity on the liquid crystal/polymer composite films
 2000 Side-chain-type radical polymerizable compound and liquid crystal device
Aizawa, Masuo1973 Near-infrared spectroscopic studies of the states of water in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1976 Electrolytic reduction of coenzymes at a liquid crystal membrane electrode
 1976 Electrolytic regeneration of NADH from NAD+ with a liquid crystal membrane electrode
 1977 Photoelectrochemical reaction of chlorophyll immobilized with liquid crystal on metal surface
 1978 Energy-transducing membrane. I. Photo-response of a chlorophyll-liquid crystal membrane
 1978 Photoelectrochemical energy conversion system modeled on the photosynthetic process
 1978 Photoinduced electron transfer of a chlorophyll-liquid crystal electrode to water
 1979 Photoelectrochemical oxygen evolution from water by a manganese chlorophyll-liquid crystal electrode
 1981 Chlorophyll-liquid crystal electrodes for photoenergy conversion modeled on photosynthesis
 1981 Energy-transducing membrane. II. Roles of liquid crystal in the photoresponse of a chlorophyll liquid crystal membrane
Aizawa, Takao1996 Acrylate-based photopolymerizable resin composition containing photopolymerization retardation resin material for polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display
Aizenshtein, Genadi1996 A new method for the preparation of conductive polyaniline solutions. Application to liquid crystal devices
Ajami, Dariush2009 Multicomponent, Hydrogen-Bonded Cylindrical Capsules
Ajavon, Antoinette2004 Molecular alignment of rigid rods in nonrigid spherical pores
Ajayaghosh, Ayyappanpillai2009 Anisotropic Self-Assembly of Photoluminescent Oligo(p-Phenylenevinylene) Derivatives in Liquid Crystals: An Effective Strategy for the Macroscopic Alignment of π-Gels
 2009 Reversible Transformation between Rings and Coils in a Dynamic Hydrogen-Bonded Self-Assembly
Ajayan, P.M.1994 Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays Formed by Cutting a Polymer Resin-Nanotube Composite
 2007 Submicrometer Dimple Array Based Interference Color Field Displays and Sensors
Ajayan, Pulickel M.1995 Aligned carbon nanotubes in a thin polymer film
 2007 In situ synthesis and assembly of gold nanoparticles embedded in glass-forming liquid crystals
 2007 Magnetic-Field Induced Efficient Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes in Aqueous Solutions
Ajdari, A.1991 Fluctuation-induced long-range forces in liquid crystals
 1992 Ajdari, Prost, and Peliti reply
 1992 ON Longitudal Ferroelectricity in Smectics
 2002 Rheological chaos in a scalar shear-thickening model
 2007 Microfluidic Exploration of the Phase Diagram of a Surfactant/Water Binary System
Ajdari, Armand2001 Casimir torques between anisotropic boundaries in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Fluctuations of Fluctuation-Induced Casimir-Like Forces
 2002 Simple model for heterogeneous flows of yield stress fluids
 2003 Aging and nonlinear rheology in suspensions of polyethylene oxide-protected silica particles
 2003 Effective interactions between inclusions in complex fluids driven out of equilibrium
 2004 Diffuse-charge dynamics in electrochemical systems
 2004 Generalized Onsager relations for electrokinetic effects in anisotropic and heterogeneous geometries
Ajeetha, N.2003 Computer simulations of molecular ordering in disubstituted biphenylcyclohexanes (BCHs) at phase transition temperature
 2003 The influence of the position of oxygen on the phase behaviour of benzylidene anilines
 2005 Influence of oxygen in lower homologues of Schiff-base compounds: a comparative study
 2005 Phase transitions and pre-transitional effects in N-(p-n-pentylbenzylidene)-p-n-pentylaniline (5.5) and its oxygen derivatives - A dilatometric study.
 2005 Synthesis and characterization of homologues of N-(p-n-alkylbenzylidene)-p-n-alkyl anilines (n.m's). A comparative study
 2006 Role of dielectric medium on 4-methoxybenzylidene-4'- acetoxyaniline (MBAA) - a computational analysis
 2006 Synthesis, Characterization, and Dilatometric Studies on N-(p-n-Alkoxybenzylidene)-p-n-pentyloxyanilines Compounds
 2008 Molecular ordering in 5OCB based on quantum mechanics and intermolecular forces- a computational analysis
 2008 Molecular organization in liquid crystals: A comparative computational analysis
 2008 Role of Position of Oxygen on Benzylidene Anilines: The Effect of End Chain
 2008 The influence of oxygen on phase behaviour of benzylidene aniline - a DSC characterization
 2009 Computational analysis of ordering in non-liquid crystalline versus liquid crystalline materials with special reference to nBAC
 2009 Influence of Oxygen on Phase Behavior of N(p-n-Octyloxy Benzylidene) p-n-Alkoxy Anilines: A Comparative Study
 2009 Ordering in smectogenic Schiff base compound: A computational analysis based in intermolecular interactions
 2009 Role of dielectric medium on benzylidene aniline: A computational analysis
 2010 Ordering in homologous series of 4'-n-alkyl-4-cyanobiphenyl (nCB)-A comparative computational study
Ajgaonkar, D.B.1977 Logarithmic divergence of the shear viscosity in the isotropic phase of two cholesterics
Aji, V.2006 Theory of the Helical Spin Crystal: A Candidate for the Partially Ordered State of MnSi
Ajioka, Masanobu1998 Optical component and spirobiindan polymer therefor
Ajithkumar, T.G.2006 Enhancing cross-peak intensity in 2D-SLF spectroscopy – The role of equilibrium carbon magnetization in cross-polarization experiment
Ajito, Takeyuki1998 Multiprimary color display using a holographic optical element
 1999 Multiprimary color display for liquid crystal display projectors using diffraction grating
 2000 Expanded color gamut reproduced by six-primary projection display
Ajji, A.1991 Morphology, rheology, and mechanical properties of some LCP modified thermoplastics
 1992 Orientation and mechanical properties of poly(butylene terephthalate) and its blends with a liquid-crystalline copolyester
 1992 Rheology and morphology of some thermoplastic blends with a liquid-crystalline copolyester
 1996 Orientation and structure of drawn poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Ajji, Abdellah2002 New Insights into the Development of Ordered Structure in Poly(ethylene terephthalate). 1. Results from External Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy
Ajroldi, G.1995 Influence of constitutional defects on polymorphic behavior and properties of alternating ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
Ajustron, F.1990 Scanning tunneling microscopy of a liquid crystalline phase of poly((dA-dT).(dA-dT)) induced by a histone H1 peptide
Akaba, K.1984 Proton NMR study of pure liquid crystal exhibiting reentrant phase transition
Akabane, Tadashi1991 Physics in liquid - crystal display devices
Akabane, Takashi1997 Method of forming fine grooves on liquid crystal display color filter
Akabori, Akihiko1998 Photosensitive solution for manufacture of optical color filter
Akabori, Kozo1981 Effect of the membrane boundary potential on the phase transition of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer liposomes
 1983 Some aspects of the structure change of lipid bilayers associated with the thermotropic phase transition. Miscibility of different lipids in liposome bilayers
Akachi, Yoshiaki2001 Composite magnetic material and composite dielectric material for electronic parts
Akachi, Yosuke2001 Thermal and ionic-conductive behaviors of main chain type liquid crystalline polymers with lithium salt
Akada, K.1995 Carbonization of methylene-bridge aromatic oligomers - effect of alkyl substituents
Akada, M.2000 Elgraphy: a new high-resolution image capturing system
Akada, Masanori1997 Preparation of benzothiazole liquid crystals
Akaev, Askar A.1991 Photothermoplastic spatial filters for optical pattern recognition
Akagami, Yoichi1996 Comparison of frequency characteristics in a damper using magnetic fluid, ER fluid dispersing smectite, and mixed ER magnetic fluid
 1996 Preparation and properties of liquid crystal-based magnetic fluids
Akagawa, R.2000 Mesomorphic Properies of 3-Pyridyl 4-(4-Alkoxybenzyleneamino)benzoates and Isomeric Compounds
Akagi, K.1987 Electronic structure of the polyacetylene film oriented by a liquid crystal solvent under magnetic field
 1988 Anisotropy of the third-order nonlinear-optical susceptibility in a degenerate-ground-state conjugated polymer: trans-(CH)x
 1989 Direct synthesis of aligned cis-rich polyacetylene films using low-temperature nematic liquid crystals
 1989 Orientational behavior of nematic liquid crystals containing a soluble Ziegler-Natta catalyst under magnetic field
 1993 Synthesis and properties of liquid-crystalline polyacetylenes with a phenylcyclohexyl mesogenic moiety in the side group
 1994 Side-chain liquid crystalline conjugated polymers, poly(mono-substituted acetylenes)
 1994 Syntheses of thiophene derivatives with liquid crystalline substituents and their polymerizations
 1995 Fused state 13C-NMR study on liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives - magnetically forced alignment and orientational behavior
 1995 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 1995 Synthesis and properties of polythiophene derivatives with liquid crystalline substituents
 1995 Thermotropic liquid crystalline conjugated polymers, poly(cyclohexylphenoxyacetylenes)-synthesis and properties
 1995 Unique electrical and optical properties of polyacetylene derivatives in liquid crystal phase
 1997 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline conducting polymers - synthesis and properties of polyacetylene derivatives with chiroptical liquid crystalline groups
 1997 Liquid crystalline titanocene with catalytic activity for polymerizations of acetylene derivatives
 1997 Spin structures and properties of paramagnetic nickel(II) complexes with liquid crystalline β-diketone ligands
 1997 Stereoregular configuration and higher order structure of liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 1997 Syntheses and properties of small-bandgap liquid crystalline conjugated polymers
 1997 Synthesis and characterization of poly(3-substituted thiophene)s having liquid crystalline moiety
 1997 Synthesis and properties of photo-responsive liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 1998 Helical Polyacetylene Synthesized with a Chiral Nematic Reaction Field
Akagi, K. (cont...)1998 Novel liquid - crystalline titanocene complexes with catalytic activity for polymerizations of acetylene and phenylacetylene
 1998 Synthesis of Polyacetylene using Nematic Liquid Crystal as Solvent -Chemical Reaction under Asymmetric Field-
 1999 A family of liquid crystalline polyarylenevinylenes
 1999 Chiroptical titanium complexes as catalytically active chiral dopants available for asymmetric acetylene polymerization
 1999 Helical polyacetylene synthesized under chiral nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Liquid crystalline polyaniline derivatives
 1999 Side chain ferroelectric liquid crystalline conjugated polymers: textures under polarizing optical microscope
 1999 Side chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives - synthesis and properties -
 1999 Synthesis and properties of helical polyacetylene
 1999 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline poly(p-phenylene) and poly(p-phenylenevinylene) derivatives
 1999 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline polythiophene derivatives
 1999 Synthesis and properties of novel ferroelectric liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 2002 Synthesis of liquid crystalline helical polythienylene derivatives with circularly polarized fluorescence
 2004 One-Dimensional Transport in Polymer Nanofibers
Akagi, Kazuo1987 Highly Conducting Polyacetylene Films Prepared in a Liquid Crystal Solvent
 1987 Highly conductive polyacetylene film prepared by the liquid crystal polymerization method under a magnetic field
 1987 Morphology and characterization of polyacetylene films synthesized in a liquid crystal solvent
 1988 Synthesis, characterization, and properties of aligned polyacetylene films
 1988 Time-resolved photoinduced absorption of oriented trans-polyacetylene in the picosecond to microsecond range
 1989 Anisotropic reaction field and polyacetylene
 1991 Manufacture of uniaxially oriented polyacetylene films with improved electrical conductivity
 1993 Polymerization of monosubstituted acetylenes with a liquid-crystalline moiety by Ziegler-Natta and metathesis catalysts
 1994 Liquid crystalline conducting polymers
 1994 Synthesis of liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 1995 Conductive polymer liquid crystals and their manufacture
 1995 Electrically conducting liquid crystalline polymers, mono-substituted polyacetylene derivatives
 1995 Properties and electro-optic effects in ferroelectric liquid crystal-conducting polymer composites
 1995 Unique liquid crystalline behavior of conducting polyacetylene derivatives
 1996 Development of liquid crystalline conducting polymers
 1996 Liquid crystalline behaviors of conducting polyacetylene derivative with mesogenic substituent and its mixture with ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Liquid crystalline conducting polymers
 1996 Morphological alignment of liquid crystalline conducting polyacetylene derivatives
 1996 Synthesis of side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives by Ziegler-Natta and metathesis catalysts
 1996 Thermal stability and liquid crystalline properties of side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
Akagi, Kazuo (cont...)1997 Current trends in conducting polymers - liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 1997 Fusion of electrical conductivity and liquid crystallinity . Birth of liquid crystalline conducting polymers
 1997 Photo-responsible liquid crystalline conducting polymers
 1998 Advances in conducting polymers
 1998 Orientation analysis of polyacetylene with liquid crystalline side chains
 1998 Photoluminescent conjugated polymers with liquid crystallinities
 1998 Small bandgap type liquid crystalline conjugated polymers
 1998 Syntheses and properties of polythiophene derivatives with phenylalkyl and liquid crystalline groups
 1999 Helical polyacetylene synthesized under asymmetric reaction field constructed with chiral nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivative bridged with metallomesogenic substituent
 1999 Side-chain liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivative - synthesis, chemical doping, and magnetically forced alignment
 1999 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline conjugated polymers
 1999 Synthesis and properties of side chain ferroelectric liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 1999 Synthesis of helical polyacetylene under chiral nematic liquid crystalline phase
 1999 Synthesis of helical shaped polyacetylene in asymmetric liquid crystal reaction field
 2000 Characterization of ferroelectric liquid crystalline polythiophene derivatives
 2000 Substituted polyanilines with good solubility, moldability, and liquid crystallinity and their manufacture
 2001 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline conjugated polymer with small-bandgap - synthesis and properties of poly(pyrrylenemethine) derivative
 2001 Mesoscopic surface structures in de-wetted films of liquid crystalline polymers
 2001 Polaron-type magnetic conjugated polymer with liquid crystallinity
Akagi, Kazuo (cont...)2001 Substrate effect on the surface structures of liquid crystalline polymers
 2001 Synthesis and properties of ferroelectric liquid crystalline poly(p-phenylenevinylene) derivatives
 2001 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline polythiophene and polythienylenevinylene derivatives
 2001 Synthesis and properties of polyacetylene copolymer with liquid crystal and stable radical substituents
 2001 Synthesis and properties of polythienylene derivatives with fluorine-containing chiral liquid crystalline substituents (II)
 2001 Synthesis and properties of polythienylene derivatives with fluorine-containing chiral liquid crystalline substituents. (I)
 2001 Synthesis and properties of side chain ferroelectric liquid crystalline polyacetylene derivatives
 2001 Synthesis of liquid crystalline binaphthyl derivatives
 2001 Synthesis of vertically aligned helical polyacetylene films in homeotropic chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Structure and Electroconductivity of a Sheared Liquid-Crystalline Polyacetylene Derivative: Poly(5-p-(trans-4-pentacyclohexyl)phenoxy-1-pentyne)
 2002 Synthesis and Properties of Polyaniline Derivatives with Liquid Crystallinity
 2004 Dispersion and Current-Voltage Characteristics of Helical Polyacetylene Single Fibers
 2004 Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy of a Helically Structured Conjugated Polymer
 2004 Synthesis and Properties of Polymers from Monosubstituted Acetylene Derivatives Bearing Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Groups
 2005 Asymmetric Electrochemical Polymerization: Preparation of Polybithiophene in a Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal Field and Optically Active Electrochromism
 2005 Chirality Probed by Sum-Frequency Vibrational Spectroscopy for Helically Structured Conjugated Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2005 Electrochemical polymerization of 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene in a DNA liquid-crystal electrolyte
 2005 Optically active conjugated polymers prepared from achiral monomers by polycondensation in a chiral nematic solvent
 2005 Synthesis of a pyrrole-based methine bridge type liquid-crystalline conjugated polymer
 2005 Synthesis of Helical Polyacetylene in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystals Using Crown Ether Type Binaphthyl Derivatives as Chiral Dopants
Akagi, Kazuo (cont...)2006 Microscopic Orientational Order of Polymer Chains in Helical Polyacetylene Thin Films Studied by Confocal Laser Raman Microscopy
 2006 Optically Active Electrochromism of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Synthesized by Electrochemical Polymerization in Lyotropic Liquid Crystal of Hydroxypropyl Cellulose/Water: Active Control of Optical Activity
 2006 The synthesis and mechanism of formation of helical conjugated polymers in chiral liquid crystal reaction fields
 2006 Vertically aligned polypyrrole drawing a fingerprint array prepared by electrochemical polymerization in chiral nematic electrolyte
 2007 Consider Polymerization Mechanism of Vertically Aligned Helical Polyacetylene
 2007 Control of linearly and circularly polarized fluorescences on photoresponsive liquid crystalline and chiral conjugated polymer
 2007 Helical Polyacetylenes Synthesized in Helical Sense and Pitch Controllable Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal with Unprecedented Temperature Dependence
 2007 Highly Twisted Helical Polyacetylene with Morphology Free From the Bundle of Fibrils Synthesized in Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal Reaction Field
 2007 Morphology-retaining carbonization subjected for helical polyacetylene with super-hierarchical structure
 2007 synthesis and properties of poly(meta-phenylene) derivatives with chiral liquid crystalline groups in side chains
 2007 Synthesis and Dielectric Property of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polythiophene Derivative
 2007 Synthesis and properties of liquid-crystalline-conjugated polymers
 2007 Synthesis of helical polyacetylene in thermally controllable chiral nematic liquid crystal reaction field.
 2007 Synthesis of novel photoresponsive chiral compounds available for chiral dopants to induce chiral nematic liquid crystals
 2008 Dynamic Switching of Linearly Polarized Emission in Liquid-Crystallinity-Embedded Photoresponsive Conjugated Polymers
 2008 Electro-optical behavior of ferroelectric liquid crystalline polyphenylene derivatives
 2008 Helicity-Controlled Liquid Crystal Reaction Field Using Nonbridged and Bridged Binaphthyl Derivatives Available for Synthesis of Helical Conjugated Polymers
 2008 Powerful helicity inducers: axially chiral binaphthyl derivatives
 2009 Advances in liquid crystalline conjugated polymers
 2009 Macroscopically Aligned Helical Conjugated Polymers in Orientation-Controllable Chiral Nematic Liquid Crystal Field
Akagi, Masaaki2007 Synthesis of α-Tocopheryl Disaccharides as Potential Antiallergic Agents
Akagi, Saburo1962 Sterol constituents of the alkaloid-free fraction from opium
Akagi, Yoshiro1990 Manufacture of liquid crystal displays having polyimide orientation films
 1990 Method and apparatus for manufacturing polyimide thin films by plasma polymerization
Akagishi, Hiromi2001 Polarization and Surface Density Dependence of Pyrenehexadecanoic Acid at the Air-Water Interface under Compression Studied by a Laser Two-Photon Ionization Technique
Akahane, Kouich2006 Magneto-optical imaging using polarization modulation method
Akahane, T.1995 The influence of depositing velocity on polyamic acid salt Langmuir-Blodgett alignment films for nematic liquid crystal
 2001 Determination of the Birefringence, the Twist Angle and the Thickness of the Nematic Liquid Crystal Sample by Renormalized Transmission Ellipsometry
 2001 Evaluation of Pretilt Angle and Polar Anchoring Strength of Amorphous Alignment Liquid Crystal Display from Capacitance Versus Applied Voltage Measurement
 2002 Electro-optical characteristics of twised nematic liquid crystal device based upon in-plane switching
 2002 Investigations of refractive indices of Free-Standing Film by ellipsometry
 2004 Electro-Optical Characteristics of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Device Based Upon in-Plane Switching
 2004 Evaluation of the Refractive Indices and their Wavelength Dispersion of Liquid Crystal by using Renormalized Transmission Ellipsometry
 2004 Investigation of Refractive Indices of Free-Standing Films by Ellipsometry
 2004 Thin Free-Standing Film of SmC*α Phase of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Studied by Transmission Ellipsometry
 2005 Improvement of Response Speed for Mobile Fine Particle Display Cells by Adding Charge Transfer Complex Dopant
Akahane, Tadashi1974 Birefringence of n-type nematic liquid crystals due to electrically induced deformations of vertical alignment
 1976 Investigation of the temperature dependence of the pitch of a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1976 Molecular alignment of bubble domains in cholesteric-nematic mixtures
 1977 A new type of analog voltmeter using electrooptic effect in nematic liquid crystals
 1977 Molecular alignment of bubble domains in large pitch cholesteric liquid crystals
 1977 Structure of striped domains in cholesteric-nematic mixtures
 1977 Temperature and composition dependence of the pitch of cholesteryl chloride-cholesteryl nonanoate mixtures
 1979 Birefringence Measurement of Liquid Crystals
 1979 Birefringence measurement of liquid crystals
 1979 Orientational order of surface-aligned nematic liquid crystals
 1980 Interference method using polychromatic light for the determination of refractive indexes and birefringence of liquid crystals
 1981 Coloring properties of cholesteric liquid crystals with large pitch
 1981 New molecular alignment models of bubble domains and striped domains in cholesteric-nematic mixtures
 1981 Order-disorder transition in nematic liquid crystalline mixtures
 1982 A molecular statistical theory of nematic liquid crystals (the effects of a pair spatial correlation function)
 1983 A molecular field theory of lipid systems
 1983 A molecular field treatment of nematic liquid crystalline mixtures: effects of the intermolecular repulsions on nematic-isotropic phase transition in binary mixtures
 1983 A molecular field treatment of nematic liquid-crystalline mixtures. II. Calculations of nematic-isotropic transition temperatures for binary systems with 4,4'-di-n-alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1983 A new type of electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals with positive dielectric anisotropy. I. The existence of the charge injection and the diffusion current
 1983 A new type of electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals with positive dielectric anisotropy. II. Theoretical treatment
Akahane, Tadashi (cont...)1983 A Study of the Anomalous Transmission (Borrmann Effect) for Obliquely Incident Light in an Absorbing Single-Domain Cholesterie Liquid Crystal
 1984 A molecular statistical theory of smectic A liquid crystals
 1985 A molecular statistical theory of smectic A liquid crystalline mixtures: thermal stability of smectic A phase in binary mixtures
 1985 Lattice model studies of nematic liquid crystalline mixtures: effects of molecular flexibility
 1985 Polymer liquid crystal media poly(benzyl L-glutamate) for electron beam recording
 1986 A Consideration on Expression of the Elastic Free Energy of Chiral Smectic C Liquid Crystals
 1986 Effect of polarization field on elastic deformation in a 180° twisted sample of chiral smectic C liquid crystal
 1986 Thermodynamics of liquid crystals
 1987 A molecular statistical theory of antiferroelectric smectic A liquid crystals
 1987 Heat Pulse Method for Determination of Thermal Diffusivity of Liquid Crystals
 1988 Dynamic Responses of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals in the Surface-Stabilized Geometry I
 1988 Temperature Dependence of Selective Reflection in Ferroelectric SmC* Liquid Crystal
 1989 A method for determination of elastic constants K1, K2, K3 of a nematic liquid crystal only using a homogeneously aligned cell
 1989 Measurement of Refractive Indices of Ferroelectric SmC* Liquid Crystal by the Fabry-Perot Interference Method
 1989 Selective reflection in ferroelectric liquid crystals distorted by an electric field
 1989 The effect of the polarization electric field on helix-unwinding in a planar chiral smectic C liquid-crystal cell
 1990 Focal conic structures in homogeneously aligned chiral smectic C liquid-crystal cells
 1990 Measurement of elastic constant and intrinsic twist of ferroelectric smectic C* liquid crystal
 1991 Chevron layer structure and focal conics in chiral smectic C liquid-crystal cells aligned by silicon oxide oblique evaporation technique
 1992 Simulation of Dynamic Response to an Electric Field of Surface Stabilized Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Akahane, Tadashi (cont...)1993 Dynamic response of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals with chevron layer structure
 1993 Field-induced biaxiality in smectic A phase of a liquid crystal exhibiting electroclinic effect
 1993 Field-induced biaxiality of a SmA liquid crystals: effect of the alignment surface
 1993 Measurement method for the dielectric permittivity of ferroelectric liquid crystals based on molecular orientational models
 1993 Simulation of dynamic response to an electric field of surface-stabilized antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Switching characteristics of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals with chevron layer structure
 1994 Dynamic response of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals: effect of alignment films
 1994 Influence of deformation of smectic layer structure on dielectric behavior of ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1994 Layer structure reformation of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal treated with electric field
 1995 Characteristics of C1 and C2 states in surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals with chevron layer structure
 1995 Novel frequency dependence of dielectric biaxiality of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Numerical Calculations of Electroclinic Effect: Dynamic Response of Molecular Tilt and Dielectric Constant
 1995 Study of molecular orientational states and dielectric properties of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 Novel method of measuring surface torsional anchoring strength of nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Characteristics of liquid crystal display fabricated by alignment transcription method
 1997 Electrooptical properties of vertically aligned twisted nematic cells with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1997 Numerical calculations of electroclinic effect: effect of the polar anchoring strength
 1997 The electro-optical properties using the flexoelectric effect in nematic cells
 1998 Analysis of liquid crystal orientation at interface between liquid crystal and alignment film by total reflection ellipsometry
 1998 Application of time-resolved spectroellipsometry to the study of liquid crystal reorientation dynamics
Akahane, Tadashi (cont...)1998 Effects of dielectric biaxiality and surface pretilt on τ-V characteristics of SSFLCs
 1998 Generation of high pretilt angle of alignment transcription liquid crystal display
 1998 Nematic director reorientation dynamics studied by time-resolved Fourier-Transform infrared spectroscopy
 1998 Novel measurement method for flexoelectric coefficients of nematic liquid crystals
 1998 The boundary-layer displays with nematic liquid crystals based on flexoelectric effects
 1998 The electric-field-induced SmA-antiferroelectric-subphase critical behavior of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1998 The influence of multiple-beam interference in a liquid crystal cell on the determination of the optical retardation and the twist angle
 1999 Investigation of antiferroelectric liquid crystalline free-standing films by transmission ellipsometry
 1999 Investigation of interfacial liquid crystal orientation by reflection ellipsometry
 2000 Introduction to Optics of LCD
 2001 Analysis of Electrical Response of Nematic Liquid Crystal by Ellipsometry
 2001 Analysis of Totally Reflected Light from Liquid Crystal Cell using Renormalized Ellipsometry
 2001 Dynamics of Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals at the Alignment Layer Surface Studied by Total-Reflection Ellipsometry
 2001 Investigation of layer structure of MHPOBC free-standing film by transmission ellipsometry
 2001 Observation of Nematic Liquid Crystal Director Reorientation at the Interface between Substrate and Liquid Crystal Layer by Total Reflection Ellipsometry
 2001 Surface orientation of liquid crystals: director fluctuation and optical flickering effect in nematic liquid crystals studied by total reflection spectroellipsometry
 2002 Determination of the Anisotropic Refractive Indices of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystals by Means of Renormalized Transmission Ellipsometry
 2002 Electro-optical characteristics and switching behavior of a twisted nematic liquid crystal device based upon in-plane switching
 2002 Evaluation of the Refractive Indices and their Wavelength Dispersion of the Liquid Crystal by using the Ellipsometry
 2003 Electro-Optical Properties of the In-Plane Switching Twisted Nematic Mode
Akahane, Tadashi (cont...)2003 Measurement of Genuine Azimuthal Anchoring Energy in Consideration of Liquid Crystal Molecular Adsorption on Alignment Film
 2003 Quantitative Analysis of Nematic Director Reorientation Dynamics Studied by Time-Resolved Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
 2003 Renormalized Ellipsometry for Determining the Anisotropic Refractive Indices of Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2003 Viewing Angle Characteristics and Cell Gap Tolerance of the In-plane Switching Twisted Nematic Mode
 2004 Amorphous In-Plane Switching Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Displays Fabricated without Rubbing Process Show a Wide Viewing Angle and Fast Response Characteristics
 2004 Determination of Polar Anchoring Strength at Vertical Alignment Nematic Liquid Crystal-Wall Interface Using Thin Hybrid Alignment Nematic Cell
 2004 Optical Compensation Method for In-plane Switching Twisted Nematic Mode
 2004 Polar Anchoring Effect on Bistable Nematic Liquid Crystal Display
 2004 Relationship between surface order and surface azimuthal anchoring strength of nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Surface Azimuthal Anchoring Energy between the Grating Surface and Nematic Liquid Crystal Layer Studied by Finite Element Method
 2004 Zenithal bistable display: a bistable LCD mode of promise
 2005 Determination of Director Profile of Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell with Tilted Surface Alignment by Renormalized Transmission Ellipsometry
 2005 Offset of Multiple-Beam Interference inside Anisotropic Multilayered Structure: Determination of Polar Anchoring Strength at Nematic Liquid Crystal-Wall Interface
 2005 Relationship between Surface Order and Surface Azimuthal Anchoring Strength on Polyimide with Linearly Polarized Ultraviolet Light Exposure
 2006 Characterization of liquid crystal and alignment film by using the SOITE method
 2006 Electro-optical Characteristics of a Micro-patterned Liquid Crystal Device
 2006 Evaluation of characteristics of cholesteric film
 2006 Evaluation of effect of rubbing strength on cell parameters using a variety of rubbing clothes
 2006 Investigation of Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystal on Micropatterned Polyimide Surface
 2006 Micro-patterned alignment of nematic liquid crystals
Akahane, Tadashi (cont...)2007 Analysis of thickness of ITO film using the Extended Drude model
 2007 Characterizations of blend alignment films and alignment transcription on untreated substrates
 2007 Evaluation of Alignment Films Treated by Various Rubbing Cloths
 2007 Investigation of Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals at Micropatterned Surface
 2007 Liquid crystal alignment on micro-textured substrates
 2007 Study of alignment of nematic liquid crystal films
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 1997 Photoreactivity of Polymers with Regioisomeric Cinnamate Side Chains and their Ability to Regulate Liquid Crystal Alignment
 1998 A convenient preparation of photoactive monolayers for liquid crystal photoalignment by the surface adsorption of an aminoalkylated azobenzene on poly(acrylic acid) films
 1998 Photocontrol of alignment of liquid crystals using a polymethacrylate bearing azobenzene
 1998 Three-dimensional orientational control of molecules by slantwise photoirradiation
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 1999 Optical recording device
 1999 Tilting orientation film for liquid-crystal display device
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 1999 Electrode substrate for a display system
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 2000 Float glass for display substrates
 2000 Float glass for display substrates
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 2001 Electro-optical response of hybrid twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
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 2002 Orientational Mechanism for Long-Chain Organic Molecules During Physical Vapor Deposition
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 2003 Electric Field-Induced Cubic Phase in 4'-n-Docosyloxy-3'-nitrobiphenyl-4-carboxylic Acid
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 2005 Chiral disc-like mesogens. Computer modeling and molecular criteria of mesogenity
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 2008 Designing of the new macrocycles containing polar or chiral fragments and their mesomorphism prediction
 2008 Modeling, calculation and analysis of molecular parameters of disc-like intramolecular complexes with charge-transfer
 2008 Possibility of mesomorphism prognostication for discotic benzene derivatives by computer simulation
 2008 Prediction of mesomorphism, synthesis and studies of disc-like crown-substituted phthalocyanines
 2008 Prediction, synthesis and investigation of mesomorphism of new octa(benzo-15-crown-5)-substituted derivatives of phthalocyanine and its metallo complexes [Zn(II), Ni(II)]
 2008 The thermodynamic parameters of sorption and enantioselectivity of the chiral smectic liquid crystal 2-methylbutyl ester of 4-(4-decyloxybenzylideneamino)-cinnamic acid
 2008 The thermodynamic parameters of sorption and selectivity of chiral nematic liquid crystals of terephthalidene-bis-2-methylbutyl para-aminobenzoate
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 1983 Freedericksz transition in a nematic liquid crystal under the action of the field of the standing light wave
 1983 Light-induced transformations near phase transitions between liquid-crystal modifications
 1983 Nonlinear Fabry-Perot cavity based on light-induced Fredericks transition phenomena
 1983 Orientational optical nonlinearity of a liquid crystal due to thermal convection
 1983 Wave front reversal during superluminescence of a liquid-crystal dye solution
 1984 Reorientation of the director of a liquid crystal by light near the threshold of roller-type convective instability
 1984 Stability of the flow of a nematic liquid crystal along an inclined plane
 1984 Thermomechanical effects in deformed nematics
 1985 Critical behavior of orientational optical nonlinearity of a nematic liquid crystal at its flow on an inclined plane
 1985 Light-induced structural transformations in a cholesteric liquid crystal homeotropically oriented by surfaces
 1986 Effects of air currents on liquid-crystal orientation
 1986 Optical anisotropy of a cholesteric liquid crystal with homeotropic orientation on the walls
 1986 Orientational action of light on a liquid crystal near the instability threshold in an acoustic-wave field
 1988 Opto-optical modulation under excitation of hydrodynamic motions in a liquid crystal
 1988 Orientation-convective-thermal optical nonlinearity of liquid crystals
 1989 Reorientation of the director of a nematic liquid crystal by way of an air flow
Akopyan, R.S. (cont...)1993 Light-hydrodynamic reorientation of liquid crystals
 1994 Instability and catastrophe in reorientation of the liquid-crystal director in quasistatic fields
 1994 Optically induced hydrodynamic reorientation of liquid crystals and its applications for infrared detection and information storage
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 1998 Observation of the effect of light-induced hydrodynamic re-orientation of nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Thermomechanical effect in a planar nematic induced by a quasistatic electric field
 2000 Hysteresis upon light-induced hydrodynamic reorientation of the director of a nematic liquid crystal
 2000 Photoinduced thermomechanical effect in homogeneous nematics
 2001 Thermomechanical effects in the nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Instability of light-driven convective motions
 2003 Excitation of convective motions in isotropic and anisotropic liquids by light
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Akred, Brian John1990 Agrochemical or biocidal suspensions
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