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Zunza, H.1995 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 5-(p-n-alkoxy)phenyl-2-(p-n-octyloxy)benzylideneamino-1,3,4-thiadiazoles
 1997 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of azo compounds derived from phenyl- and thienyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole
 1999 Mesomorphic properties of 1-(4-n-alkoxyphenyl)-3-(5-n-alkyl-2-thienyl)-1,3-propanediones and their isoxazole and pyrazole derivatives
Zuo, Aibin2006 Operation principle and design of infrared laser wavemeter
Zuo, Ju1988 Behavior of lyotropic liquid crystal of xanthan in aqueous solution
Zuo, Min2008 Investigation on LCST behavior of a new amorphous/crystalline polymer blend: Poly(n-methyl methacrylimide)/poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Zuo, Ming1991 Study on solution thermodynamic quantities of nitrotoluene isomers in liquid crystals with GLC
Zuo, Xianjun2004 General equilibrium shape equations of polymer chains
Zuo, Xiaobing2005 Excited State Dynamics and Structures of Functionalized Phthalocyanines. 1. Self-Regulated Assembly of Zinc Helicenocyanine
 2005 Self-Assembly of Photofunctional Cylindrical Nanostructures Based on Perylene-3,4:9,10-bis(dicarboximide)
 2006 Linearly Polarized Emission of an Organic Semiconductor Nanobelt
Zuo, Xiaoxi2006 Effect of Butyl Sultone on the Li-ion Battery Performance and Interface of Graphite Electrode
Zuo, Xujin1995 Synthesis of intermediates for STN liquid crystals for display devices
Zuo, Yi Y.2005 Effect of Surfactant on Interfacial Gas Transfer Studied by Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis-Captive Bubble (ADSA-CB)
Zuodar, N.2004 Role of Microscopic Defects in the Plasticity of Lamellar Materials
Zuodar, Nadia2002 Role of the Microscopic Defects in the Plasticity of Smectic Materials
 2004 Defect dynamics in a smectic Grandjean-Cano wedge
Zupancic, I.1970 Self-diffusion and molecular order in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1971 Self-diffusion in liquid crystals
 1973 Liquid crystal dynamics as studied by EPR and NMR
 1973 Measurement of self-diffusion in liquid crystals by a multiple-pulse NMR method
 1974 Anisotropy of Self-Diffusion in the Smectic-A and Smectic-C Phases
 1974 Anisotropy of the self-diffusion tensorin nematic MBBA
 1976 Angular dependence of the proton spin-spin and spin-lattice relaxation in nematic MBBA-EBBA mixtures
 1976 Self-diffusion in the isotropic phase of the p-alkoxybenzoic acid homologous series
 1993 Hydrogen bonds and formation of dimers in some liquid crystals
 1995 Dimer formation and its reflection on the self-diffusion coefficient
 1995 Dynamics of a nematic liquid crystal constrained by a polymer network: a proton NMR study
Zupanicic, Ivan1980 Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance study of phase transitions in a lipid bilayer embedded in a crystalline matrix: bis(decylammonium) tetrachlorocadmate and tetrachlorocuprate
Zupanovic, Pasko2004 Kirchhoff's loop law and the maximum entropy production principle
Zupp, T.A.1994 Investigation of liquid crystal alignment on polybutylmethacrylate surfaces using FTIR-ATR and XPS
Zuppiroli, L.1986 Liquid crystalline organic conductors: studies in crystalline and mesomorphic phase
 1986 The resistivity of a liquid crystalline organic conductor measured within the mesophase from 100 to 1000 MHz
 2005 Tuning the optical properties of planar photonic crystals by liquid crystal infiltration
 2006 Liquid crystal infiltration of InP-based planar photonic crystals
Zuppiroli, Libero2003 Orienting Tetracene and Pentacene Thin Films onto Friction-Transferred Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) Substrate
 2004 Benzoic and Aliphatic Carboxylic Acid Monomolecular Layers on Oxidized GaAs Surface as a Tool for Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Infiltration
zur Loye, Hans-Conrad1999 Poly(p-phenyleneethynylene)s Are Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline
 2000 Novel liquid-crystalline PPE-naphthalene copolymers displaying blue solid-state fluorescence
 2001 Conjugated organometallic polymers containing vollhardt's cyclobutadiene complex: aggregation and morphologies
zur Mühlen, Annette1998 Solid lipid nanoparticles (SLN) for controlled drug delivery. Drug release and release mechanism
Zur, Cornelia1995 Organofluorine compounds and fluorinating agents. 14. Thermotropic liquid-crystalline glycosyl fluorides
 1998 Amphiphilic and mesogenic carbohydrates IX. Perfluoroalkyl substituted monosaccharides: a new group of amphiphilic liquid crystals
 1998 Organofluorine compounds and fluorinating agents. Part 19. Dithionite-catalyzed addition of perfluoroalkyl iodides to unsaturated carbohydrates
 1998 Organofluorine compounds and fluorinating agents. Part 20. The nucleophilic perfluoroalkylation of sugar aldehydes using a sonochemical Barbier-type reaction
 1998 Organofluorine compounds and fluorinating agents. Part 21: Perfluoroalkylidene sugars by non-classical acetalation of pyranoses
Zurabishvili, Ts.I.1989 Temperature dependence of the inversion of wavelength of selective light reflection in liquid crystal systems with a helical structure under the influence of nonmesogenic dopants
 1989 Thermal indicator polymer films, containing nematic-chiral liquid crystalline mixture
 1997 Thermochromic polymer films based on chiral nematic mixture
Zurauskiene, V.1973 Electrooptical effects in mixtures of nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals
Zurawinski, Remigiusz1997 Influence of molecular interactions on the stability of hydrogen-bonded dimers of carboxylic acids
Zurawsky, Walter P.1988 Fluorescence anisotropy studies of orientational order of Langmuir-Blodgett multilayers
Zurbano, Maria M.1995 Synthesis of 3-Substituted Pentane-2,4-Diones: Valuable Intermediates For Liquid Crystals
Zurbano, Maria Mar1992 A Hexagonal Columnar Mesophase in Half-Disk-Shaped Thallium (I) Complexes
 1992 Mesogenic behavior in some pyrazole and isoxazole derivatives
 1994 Self-Assembling Columnar Organization in Thallium(I) β-Diketonates: From Crystalline Phases to Liquid Crystals
 1991 An hexagonal columnar mesophase in half-disk-shaped thallium (I) complexes
Zürcher, Ulrich1994 Scaling behavior of fluctuations in systems with continuous symmetry
Zurek, Jiri2008 Novel hockey-stick mesogens with the nematic, synclinic and anticlinic smectic C phase sequence
 2009 Novel hockey-stick mesogens – the borderline between rod-like and bent-shaped liquid crystals
Zurek, W.H.2002 Critical Dynamics of Gauge Systems: Spontaneous Vortex Formation in 2D Superconductors
Zurek, Wojciech H.2005 Dynamics of a Quantum Phase Transition
 2008 Winding Up of the Wave-Function Phase by an Insulator-to-Superfluid Transition in a Ring of Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates
Zurier, Robert B.1988 Chromatographic Analysis of Phospholipids during Monocyte Maturation
Zuriguel, Iker2003 Jamming during the discharge of grains from a silo described as a percolating transition
Zurita-Sanchez, Jorge R.2002 Dipole radiation in a one-dimensional photonic crystal. II. TM polarization
Zurni, Ben1998 Frequency variation of periodic distortion thresholds in a nematic liquid crystal
Zurowska, M.2008 Dielectric measurements of new antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2008 New High Frequency Dielectric Mode in Fluorinated Antiferroelecteric Liquid Crystals
 2008 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Chiral Esters Comprising Partially Fluorinated Alkoxyalkoxy Terminal Chains and a 1-methylheptyl Chiral Moiety
 2008 Synthesis and properties of high tilted antiferroelectric esters with partially fluorinated alkoxyalkoxy terminal chains
 2009 An Influence of the Fluorosubstitution and the Spacer Length on the Phase Transitions and Helical Pitch Value in High Tilted Antiferroelectric Esters
 2009 Dielectric Properties of New Fluorinated Orthoconic Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2009 Effect of fluorination of molecular rigid core in liquid crystal biphenyl benzoate based homologous series
 2009 Modification of High Tilted Antiferroelectric Mixture for Display Applications
Zuryanov, V.Ya.1983 Conformation and effective polarizability of mesogenic molecules of 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
Zuryaov, V.Ya.1994 Optical memory in films of polymer dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals
Zushi, Osamu1993 Photochemical control of switching behaviors of ferroelectric polymer liquid crystals: poly(2-methylbutyl 4'-(10-acryloyloxydecyloxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylate)
Zussman, Melvin Paul1995 Poly(2,6-piperazinedione) alignment layer for liquid-crystal displays
Züst, C.1968 Lattice parameters and space groups of some aromatic Schiff bases
Zuzak, Karel J.2000 Visible spectroscopic imaging studies of normal and ischemic dermal tissue
 2006 In-vivo microvasculature visualization using hyperspectral imaging
 2009 Hyperspectral imaging utilizing LCTF and DLP technology for surgical and clinical applications
Zuzic, M.2002 Complex-plasma boundaries
 2004 Origin of the curved nature of Mach cone wings in complex plasmas
Zvedin, A.K.1994 AFM experimental observation and fractal characterization of an SiO-coated plate for nematic bistable anchoring
Zvejnieks, G.2002 Model of the catalytic A+B?0 reaction with surface reconstruction
Zvelebil, Jiri2004 Fractal rock slope dynamics anticipating a collapse
Zvelindovsky, A.V.1998 Lamellar phase of diblock copolymer melt under shear. Kinetics and conformational analysis
 1999 Dynamics of surface directed mesophase formation in block copolymer melts
 2002 Lamellar Alignment of Diblock Copolymers in an Electric Field
 2002 Structure formation in liquid crystalline polymers
 2004 Direct imaging and mesoscale modelling of phase transitions in a nanostructured fluid
 2004 Nematic-amorphous polymer interfaces in the presence of a compatibilizer
Zvelindovsky, A.V.M.1998 Three-dimensional simulation of hexagonal phase of a specific polymer system under shear: The dynamic density functional approach
Zverev, I.V.1987 Coking of coals in the presence of mesogenic hydrocarbons
 1988 Cokeability of mesogenic petroleum residues as a function of catagenic degree
 1989 Coking of coal-hydrocarbon compositions
Zvereva, G.E.1961 Behavior of liquid-crystal p-azoxyphenetole in ultrasonic and electric fields
 1961 Primen. Ul'traakust. Issled. Veshchestva
 1964 Absorption of ultrasound in p',p-nonyloxybenzaltoluidine in the liquid-crystal state
 1964 Measurement of ultra-acoustical parameters in liquid-crystal-line cholesteryl caprate
 1965 Absorption of ultrasound in cholesteryl caprate liquid crystals
 1965 Study of the Phase Transitions in Polymesomorphic Liquid Crystals
Zverkova, T.I.1978 Synthesis and mesomorphism of aryl p-fluoroalkyl(alkoxy)benzoates
 1980 Liquid-crystal compounds from a class of 3,6-disubstituted 2-pyrones
 1981 New mesogenic compounds with a large dielectric anisotropy
 1981 Synthesis and mesomorphism of p-fluoroalkyl(alkoxy)benzoic esters
 1986 Guest - host effect in liquid-crystalline copolymers containing an azo dye
 1990 Features of optical information recording on oriented films of liquid crystalline comb-shaped polymer under the action of selective optical excitement
Zverlin, A.V.1992 Surface temperature effects on structure formation in films deposited by a vapor- liquid - crystal mechanism
Zvezdin, A.1992 Flexoelectricity and Order Phase Transitions in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1993 Flexoelectricity and alignment phase transitions in nematic liquid crystals
Zvezdin, A.K.1994 Stochastic contribution to the anchoring energy: deviation from the Rapini-Papoular expression
 1995 New type vortex structures in liquid crystal films
 1995 The behavior of the distortion angle for lyotropic nematic liquid crystals as a function of the magnetic field
 1996 Dry-friction and critical state in lyotropic nematic liquid crystals in a magnetic field
 1996 Elastic theory for Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1996 Planar nematic anchoring on rough anisotropic substrates: an elastic model
 1997 Thermal Relaxation Model of Surface Director Gliding in Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
 1997 Thermal relaxation model of surface director gliding in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1998 Field-induced reorientation of nematic liquid crystals with twofold degenerate alignment on SiOx surfaces
 1999 Ionic adsorption and equilibrium distribution of charges in a nematic cell
 2000 Temperature dependence of the nematic anchoring energy: mean field analysis
 2000 Temperature dependence of the nematic anchoring energy: mean field analysis
 2000 Thermal renormalization of the anchoring energy of nematic liquid crystals
 2001 Temperature-induced surface transition in nematic liquid crystals oriented by evaporated SiOx
 2003 Splay-bend periodic deformation in nematic liquid crystal slabs
 2006 New magnetooptical materials on a nanoscale
Zvezdin, K.2000 Ultrasonic wave propagation in stratified media with helical symmetry
Zvolinsky, O.V.1992 Liquid Crystals with a Perfluorinated Moiety
Zvonarev, M.B.2004 Directed-loop Monte Carlo simulations of vertex models
Zvonarev, M.G.1986 Liquid-crystal indicators for monitoring the surface temperature of thermal insulation of pipelines
Zwaal, Robert F.A.2003 Influence of erythrocyte shape on the rate of Ca2+-induced scrambling of phosphatidylserine
Zwanenburg, Binne1994 The synthesis and properties of some long-chain alkyl-D-glucofuranosidurono-6,3-lactones, D-glucofuranosides and derivatives thereof
 1995 The synthesis and properties of some mesogenic 3-O-alkyl derivatives of D-glucitol and D-mannitol
 1997 Design and construction of supramolecular and macromolecular architectures by tandem interactions
Zwanenburg, M.J.2000 X-Ray Waveguiding Studies of Ordering Phenomena in Confined Fluids
Zwangenburg, B.1994 Aggregation behaviour of a phospholipid based on D-(-)-threitol
Zwanzig, Michael2007 Actin is not required for nanotubular protrusions of primary astrocytes grown on metal nano-lawn
Zwanziger, J.W.2007 Zero-Stress Optic Glass without Lead
Zwanziger, Josef W.1994 Multiple Bonds between Metal Atoms in Ordered Assemblies. 2. Quadrupole Bonds in the Mesomorphic State
 2007 Composition and Morphology Control in Ordered Mesostructured High-Temperature Ceramics from Block Copolymer Mesophases
Zwarich, R.1969 A Study of Biphenyl Crystal Phosphorescence Induced by Impurities
Zweckstetter, Markus2000 Prediction of Sterically Induced Alignment in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase: Aid to Protein Structure Determination by NMR
 2004 Simultaneous assignment and structure determination of protein backbones by using NMR dipolar couplings
 2005 Determination of the Packing Mode of the Coiled-Coil Domain of cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase Iα in Solution Using Charge-Predicted Dipolar Couplings
 2006 Charge-induced molecular alignment of intrinsically disordered proteins
Zweistra, Henk J.2006 Mean Chain Length of Adsorbed Supramolecular Polymers
Zweistra, Henk J.A.2006 Monte Carlo Study of Supramolecular Polymer Fractionation: Selective Removal of Chain Stoppers by Phase Separation
Zwerver, B.H.1991 Cholesteric networks containing free molecules
 1991 Dielectric relaxation of liquid crystal molecules in anisotropic confinements
 1992 Anisotropic polymerization shrinkage behavior of liquid-crystalline diacrylates
 1992 Behaviour of Liquid Crystal Molecules in Anisotropic Confinements
 1992 Structure of cholesteric gels and their electrically induced light scattering and color changes
 1993 Cholesteric gels formed by LC molecules and their use in optical storage
Zwick, Susanne2007 Realisation of a holographic microlaser scalpel using a digital micromirror device
Zwicknagel, G.2003 Energy loss of ions in a magnetized plasma: Conformity between linear response and binary collision treatments
Zwijnenburg, A.1979 Longitudinal growth of polymer crystals from flowing solutions. VI. Melting behavior of continuous fibrillar polyethylene crystals
Zwikker, J.W.1988 Evidence of an ordered columnar mesophase in peripherally octa-n-alkoxy-substituted phthalocyanines
 1989 Homologous series of liquid-crystalline metal free and copper octaalkoxyphthalocyanines
 1990 A liquid-crystalline poly(iminomethylene) with cholesterol-containing pendant groups
 1990 A polymer with the mesomorphic order of liquid crystalline phthalocyanines
 1990 Synthesis and transport properties of rigid poly(octasubstituted phthalocyaninatosiloxanes)
 1991 Peripherally octasubstituted phthalocyanines with branched alkoxy chains
 2006 Liquid-crystalline phthalocyanines revisited
Zwikker, Jan W.1989 Asymmetrically substituted liquid-crystalline phthalocyanines and side-chain polymers derived from them
 1991 Microwave conductivity in the columnar, discotic mesophase of undoped, peripherally octa-alkoxy substituted phthalocyanines
 1992 Radiation-induced conductivity in polymerized and nonpolymerized columnar aggregates of phthalocyanine
 1994 The Effect of Structural Modifications on Charge Migration in Mesomorphic Phthalocyanines
Zwingelstein, G.1999 Improved methods for the simultaneous separation of free diacylglycerol species from ceramides containing phyto-sphingosine and sphingosine bases with non hydroxy and alpha-hydroxy fatty acids
Zwirbla, Wioletta2006 Spectroscopic and calorimetric investigation of transitions in 4-ethyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
Zwissler, G.K.1993 Liquid crystals on interdigital structures - applications as capacitive chemical sensors
 1993 Supramolecular structures and chemical sensing
Zyczkowski, Karol2002 Irreversible quantum baker map
 2003 Quantization of classical maps with tunable Ruelle-Pollicott resonances
 2003 Quantum iterated function systems
 2004 Experimental simulation of quantum graphs by microwave networks
Zygadlo, K.2009 Liquid-Crystalline Polymorphism of Symmetrical Azobananas: bis(4-(4-alkylphenyl)azophenyl) 2-nitroisophtalates
Zygadlo, Ryszard2003 Martingale integrals over Poissonian processes and the Ito-type equations with white shot noise
Zykov, V.S.2002 Excitation fronts in a spatially modulated light-sensitive Belousov-Zhabotinsky system
 2003 Periodic forcing and feedback control of nonlinear lumped oscillators and meandering spiral waves
Zykov, Vladimir2004 Dynamics of spiral waves under global feedback in excitable domains of different shapes
Zyryanov, V.1992 DOBAMBC in PDLC Films
 2001 Chiral Additive Effects on Electrooptical Response and Droplet Structure in Uniaxially Oriented Films of Polymer Dispersed Nematic
Zyryanov, V.Y.1998 Polyfunctional optoelectronic elements based on oriented PDCLC films
 2001 Interference effects in electro-optical cells based on PDNLC monolayer
 2001 Optimization of light modulation characteristics of polarizer-free PDFLC cells
 2007 Aligning effect of magnetic field on PDLC films during the phase separation
 2007 Control of transmission spectra of planar photonic crytal with LC defect
 2007 Magneto and electro-optical measurements of Freedericksz threshold in PDNLC films
Zyr'yanov, V.Ya.1982 Longitudinal order-parameter fluctuations and anisotropy of nematic liquid-crystal molecules
Zyryanov, V.Ya.1982 "Nonclassical" temperature dependence of the order parameter in nematic liquid crystals
 1984 Anisotropy of local field in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1984 Experimental solution of the local field problem in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1984 Features of the local field in nematic and cholesteric liquid crystals with small optical anisotropy
 1985 Experimental investigation of a local field in a nematic liquid crystal
 1986 Experimental solution of the local field problem in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1986 Orientational melting of the shorter chains of a molecule and the nature of the nematic-smectic A phase transition
 1986 Orientational ordering and polarizability of conformation-unstable molecules in a liquid crystal
 1986 Specificity of orientational ordering of molecular fragments and the nature of the nematic-smectic A phase transition in liquid crystals
 1986 Study of intramolecular transition polarization with application of liquid-crystal matrixes
 1987 Measurement of the refractive index of a liquid crystal using a reconstructed source of coherent infrared radiation
 1988 Refractometric study of the local-field properties in uniaxial liquid crystals
 1992 Optical polarizer
 1993 Electro-optics of polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Optical modulation by planar-oriented films of encapsulated polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Oriented dispersion of liquid crystal droplets in a polymer matrix with light induced anisotropy
 1994 Memory effects in polymer-encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystals
 1996 Electrooptical bistability and thermally addressed information recording in polymer dispersed cholesterics
 1996 Fredericks effect in polymer-encapsulated nematic liquid crystal drops
 1996 Light modulators based on polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
Zyryanov, V.Ya. (cont...)1996 The scale of grayness at thermocontact record of information in polymer encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystals
 1996 Thermooptical recording of information in polymer-encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystals
 1997 Electrooptical properties and orientationally structural transformation in an ensemble of ellipsoidal cholesteric droplets
 1997 Stability of the light transmission of optical modulators based on polymer-encapsulated nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Thermooptical effect in polymer-encapsulated nematic liquid crystal films oriented by tension
 1998 Features of the reorientation process for bipolar drops of nematic with rigidly fixed poles
 1998 Features of thermooptic information recording in bistable films of polymer-encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystals
 1998 Low-voltage and high-optical quality polymer-dispersed FLC films
 1998 Optimization of the contrast, brightness, and modulation amplitude of light in electrooptic devices based on polymer-encapsulated ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1998 Orientational structure of elongated droplets of ferroelectric liquid crystals in a polymer matrix
 1998 Thermooptical information recording in the bistable films of polymer dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals
 1998 Thermooptical recording in bistable films of polymer encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystals
 1999 Optimizing the light-modulation characteristics of a polymer-encapsulated ferroelectric liquid-crystal cell
 1999 Structural and electrooptic characteristics of polymer-dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Interference Quenching of Light Transmitted through a Monolayer Film of Polymer-Dispersed Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2000 Light modulation characteristics of single-polarizer PDFLC films
 2000 Saturation voltage and elastic energy of polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal films
 2001 High Contrast Light Modulator Based on PDNLC Monolayer
 2001 Light modulation characteristics of a single-polarizer electro-optical cell based on polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 Low Voltage Light Modulator Based on FLC Layer Divided by Polymer Walls
Zyryanov, V.Ya. (cont...)2002 Comparative analysis of basic physical properties of a ferroelectric liquid crystal and a polymer dispersed ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2004 Transformation of Director Configuration upon Changing Boundary Conditions in Droplets of Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2005 Director Configurations within Nematic Droplets Doped by Lecithin
 2005 Non-stable director configurations in the droplets of nematic liquid crystal dispersed in polymer
 2005 Uniaxially Oriented Films of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals: Textures, Optical Properties and Applications
 2006 Freedericksz threshold field in bipolar nematic droplets with strong surface anchoring
 2007 Angular tuning of defect modes spectrum in the one-dimensional photonic crystal with liquid-crystal layer
 2007 Optical transmission of one-dimensional photonic crystal under oblique incidence of light
 2007 Orientational structure transformations caused by the electric-field-induced ionic modification of the interface in nematic droplets
 2007 Study of Freedericksz transition in bipolar nematic droplets with strong surface anchoring by magnetooptical method
 2007 Temperature dependencies of polarized transmission spectra of the multilayer photonic crystal with a nematic defect
 2008 Electrooptical Switching in a One-Dimensional Photonic Crystal
 2008 Inverse regime of ionic modification of surface anchoring in nematic droplets
 2008 Magneto-Optical Study of Friedericksz Threshold in Polymer Dispersed Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2008 One-dimensional photonic crystals with a planar oriented nematic layer: Temperature and angular dependence of the spectra of defect modes
 2008 Optical Textures and Orientational Structures of Nematic and Cholesteric Droplets with Heterogeneous Boundary Conditions
 2008 Small-angle light scattering from polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
 2008 Texture Transformation in Nematic Droplets Caused by Ionic Modification of Boundary Conditions
 2009 Bipolar-homogeneous structural phase transition in nematic droplets formed in the polymer matrix in a magnetic field
 2009 Inverse Mode of Ion-Surfactant Method of Director Reorientation Inside Nematic Droplets
Zyryanov, Victor1998 Bipolar nematic droplets with rigidly fixed poles in the electric field
 1998 Volt-contrast curve anisotropy in planar-oriented PDChLC films
 1999 Friedericksz threshold in bipolar nematic droplets with rigidly fixed poles
Zyryanov, Viktor Ya.1997 Liquid - crystal device
Zyryanov, Viktor Yakovlevich1993 Electrooptical material, method of obtaining it, and device for modulation of light
Zyskin, Maxim2004 Quasi-stable configurations of liquid crystals in polyhedral geometries
Zyss, J.1998 Synthesis and Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of New Palladium(II) and Platinum(II) Schiff-Base Complexes
 2005 Local orientational distribution of molecular monolayers probed by nonlinear microscopy
Zyss, Joseph1995 Well-defined conjugated rigid-rods as multifunctional materials: Linear and nonlinear optical properties and liquid crystalline behavior
 1997 β-Diketone, pyrazole and isoxazole derivatives with polar groups: liquid crystalline and nonlinear optical properties
 1997 Second-Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Push-Pull Bis(phenylethynyl)benzenes and Unsymmetric Platinum Bis(phenylacetylide) Complexes
 2001 New Second-Order NLO Chromophores Based on 3,3'-Bipyridine: Tuning of Liquid Crystal and NLO Properties
Zytynski, E.1982 Mesomorphic properties of 4-n-pentylbiphenyl derivatives
Zytynski, Edmund1978 A convenient method for obtaining liquid crystalline 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1981 Electronic spectra of 4-n-pentyl-4'-substituted derivatives of biphenyl
 1981 Mesomorphic properties of 4-n-pentyl biphenyl derivates
 1982 Liquid crystalline p-cyano-p'-alkylpolyphenyls
Zyubin, M.V.2004 Universal stochastic series expansion algorithm for Heisenberg model and Bose-Hubbard model with interaction
Zyung, Taehyoung1995 Photostability of Nonlinear Optical Copolymer under Irradiation with Infrared Light
 1999 Electroluminescence from silyl-disubstituted PPV derivative
 2003 Chemical modification of gate dielectric surfaces in organic thin film transistor (OTFT) through molecular self-assembly
 2003 Longevity of organic light-emitting devices by means of polyacrylate passivation layers formed by using spin coating method
Zywocinski, A.1982 Induced smectic phases. - Densities of binary mixtures of 4,4'-dialkylazoxybenzenes with 4-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl (PCB)
 1983 Nematic - smectic-A - smectic-C end point: A volumetric study
 1985 High-resolution volumetric study of the smectic-A - smectic-C transition in 4-(n-pentyl)phenylthio-4'-(n-octyl)oxybenzoate (8S5)
 1986 A nematic gap in mixtures of smectics A1 and Ad
 1987 High-resolution volumetric study of the smectic-A-to-nematic transition in 4-(n-pentyl)phenylthiol-4'-(n-octyloxy)benzoate (8S5) and octyloxycyanobiphenyl (8OCB)
 2000 Edge dislocation in a vertical smectic-A film: Line tension versus temperature and film thickness near the nematic phase
 2008 Lehmann effect in a compensated cholesteric liquid crystal: experimental evidence with fixed and gliding boundary conditions
Zywocinski, Andrzej1987 High resolution volumetric studies. Smectic A-smectic C transition in 4-n-pentylphenylthiol 4'-n-decyloxybenzoate (10S5)
 1997 Critical Exponents for Thermal Expansion and Isothermal Compressibility near the Nematic to Smectic -A Phase Transition
 1999 Volumetric Study of the Nematic-Smectic-Ad-Reentrant Nematic Phase Transitions in the 8OCB + 6OCB Mixture
 2009 Dynamic charge separation in a liquid crystalline meniscus
 2002 Comment on On the Nature of the Smectic A-to-Nematic Phase Transition of 8CB
 2003 Spinodal Temperatures at the Nematic to Isotropic Phase Transition from Precise Volumetric Measurements
 2005 Chirality-Biased Point Defects Dynamics on a Disclination Line in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2008 Collective Rotations of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals at the Air/Water Interface
Zywucki, B.1993 Dielectric properties of mesomorphic n-TPEB's in isotropic phase
 1993 Dielectric relaxation in isotropic phase of mesomorphic n-TPEB's
 1993 Elastic constants for 8-OCB
 1994 Molecular dynamics studies in isotropic phase of n-TPEB's by dielectric relaxation method
 1995 Dielectric and optical studies of homologous series of bicyclo[2,2,2]octane derivatives with-NCS terminal group
 1995 Evaluation of the order parameter in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Molecular order in some nematics determined from optical and dielectric investigations
 1996 Dielectric behavior of 1-(4-isothiocyanatophenyl)-2-(4-hexyl-bicyclo[2,2,2]octane-1)ethane in nematic and isotropic phases
 1996 Study of the magnetic Fredericksz transition in ferronematics
 1997 Splay, Bend and Twist Elastic Constants for the Series of n-CHBT's
 1997 Study of magnetic Fredericksz transition in ferronematics
 1997 Study of magnetic Fredericksz transition in ferronematics. Liquid crystals doped with fine magnetic particles
 2002 Determination of orientational order parameter in various liquid-crystalline phases
 2003 Dielectric Relaxation in Liquid Crystal Phases with Polar Order
Zywucki, Boguslaw1994 Elastic properties of n-Octyloxycyanobiphenyl
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