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Zhao, Zhi-Fang2009 Incoherently coupled multi-color vector solitons in strongly nonlocal nonlinear media
Zhao, Zhimin2008 Research and design of a novel system of optical image processing
Zhao, Zhiqiang1998 Preparation of glass microspheres for LCD
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 1993 Rheological behaviors of bisphenol series thermotropic liquid-crystalline wholly aromatic copolyesters
 1993 Synthesis and characterization of a family of wholly aromatic thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters
 1994 Morphological studies of bisphenol series thermotropic liquid crystalline wholly aromatic copolyesters
 1995 Small-angle light scattering studies on bisphenol series thermotropic liquid crystalline wholly aromatic polymers
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Zhao, Zunsheng1999 Epoxy resin adhesive containing impact modifier with rigid mesomorphic unit and soft segment and its preparation
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 1982 Apparatus for the study of spectra of selective light reflection by cholesteric liquid crystals
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 1973 The x-ray analysis of the structure of binary mixtures of two first homologs of p-alkoxybanzal p'-butylanils
 1974 Hermetically sealed liquid-crystal temperature-indicating units
 1975 X-ray temperature chamber for studying liquid crystals in electric fields
 1976 Change in the domain pattern of nematic liquid crystals in electric fields
 1976 Characteristics of the structure of p'-nonyloxybenzoic acid using a cylindrically symmetric function of interatomic distances
 1976 Correlation between x-ray diffraction and optical studies of a nematic liquid crystal
 1976 Effect of an electric field on the orientation of the optical indicatrix of a liquid crystal
 1976 Effect of electric fields on the structure and properties of liquid crystals
 1980 Structure of 4-nitrophenyl (4'-octyloxy)benzoate
 1981 The change in the thermodynamic properties and structure of lecithin produced by ultraviolet radiation
Zharikov, Anatoly A.1998 Mechanism of Charge Transport along Columnar Stacks of a Triphenylene Dimer
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 1982 Theory of nonlinear optical activity in isotropic media and liquid crystals
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 1972 Thermal-analysis studies of liquid crystals
 1973 Differential-thermal analysis study of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1973 Use of liquid crystals as heat indicators
 1974 Stabilization of cholesteric-type liquid-crystal films
 1976 Thermographic studies of binary systems of some liquid crystals
 1979 Stabilization of temperature-indicating polymer films
 1979 Time dependence of colour-temperature characteristics of liquid-crystalline thermoindicators
 1980 Thermoindicator films of liquid crystals
 1981 Study of liquid thermoindicators
 1983 Absorption of infrared radiation by cholesteric liquid crystals in the phase transition region
 1984 Optical properties of the polymer-liquid crystals-pyrimidine derivatives system
 1984 The study of liquid crystalline heat flow gauges
 1985 The study of a liquid crystalline heat flow transducer
 1985 Use of liquid-crystal heat indicators for heat-flux sensors
 1986 Light diffraction in inhomogeneously deformed cholesteric liquid crystals
 1987 Liquid-crystal visualizer of infrared radiation
 1987 Thermomechanical effects in light diffraction by cholesterics
 1989 Optical properties of film liquid-crystalline thermoindicators
 1990 Electrooptic effects in encapsulated liquid crystals
Zharkova, G.M. (cont...)1991 Temperature field visualization using liquid crystal method
 1991 Thermographical Films Containing Encapsulated Liquid Crystals
 1992 Liquid Crystal Film Thermoindicators for Thermal Control
 1993 Electrooptical polymeric LC composites
 1993 Guest-host effect in polymer-encapsulated nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Light transmission by liquid-crystal composites
 1993 Liquid crystal composite materials
 1994 Slip-flow of nematic liquid crystal in gas-dynamic flow and its optical recording
 1994 Thermo-indicator composition
 1995 The scattering efficiency of the dichroic dye containing polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
 1996 Recording of temperature field with the help of liquid crystal coatings
 1997 Influence of naphthoquinone dyes on electrooptical properties of liquid crystals
 1998 Liquid crystal composites with PSCT.
 1998 Morphology of liquid crystal composites with dye additives
 1998 The study of special gas dynamic features of the flow in a disk pump by means of liquid crystal thermography
 1999 Aqueous dispersions of cholesteric liquid crystals and their optical properties
 2001 Structural effect on optical properties in liquid crystal composites
 2006 Relation Between the Supermolecular Structure and Optical Properties of Liquid Crystal - Photopolymer Composite Films
 2008 Polarization dependence of diffraction efficiency of holographically formed polymer-liquid crystalline volume gratings
Zharkova, Galena1999 Effect of polymer concentration on the structure of cholesteric liquid crystal composites and their scattering properties
 1999 Selective reflection of light from aqueous dispersions of encapsulated cholesteric liquid crystals
Zharkova, M.1996 Development of method for surface temperature fields registration using liquid crystal coatings
Zharnikov, M.2001 Studies on UV-Photoinduced Surface Anisotropy of Polyimide Films by NEXAFS Spectroscopy
 2004 X-ray Absorption Spectromicroscopy Study of UV-Photoinduced Surface Modification and Anisotropy in Polyimide Films
 2007 Intermolecular Band Dispersion for Self-Assembly Monolayers of A Polyphenyl Thiol
Zharnikov, Michael2003 UV-Photoinduced Surface Anisotropy of Polyimide Studied by Near-Edge X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy
Zharnikova, N.2002 Mesomorphism and Glass Formation of Phthalocyanine Metal Complexes with Bulky Substituents
 2004 Mesomorphism and Glass Formation of Phthalocyanine Metal Complexes with Bulky Substituents
 2004 Molecular Parameters of Glass Forming Disc-Like Mesogens
 2009 Synthesis, mesomorphism and electrochemical properties of tetrasubstituted zinc and copper phthalocyanines
Zharnikova, N.V.2002 Mesomorphism of glass forming phthalocyanine metal complexes with bulky substituents
 2002 Synthesis of mesogens with infringed linearness
 2002 The investigation triboactive heterocyclic additives in the oil medium
 2003 New molecular parameters for the search of disc-like mesogens with glassy mesophases
 2004 Asymmetrical porphyrazines as the liquid-crystalline materials
 2004 New glassy material for use at the solar cells
 2004 Synthesis and properties of tetra-6-sulpho- and tetra-6-(p-sulphophenyl)antraquinonoporphyraszines of copper
 2005 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties tetraamino(hydroxy)alkoxybenzoyl copper phthalocyanine derivatives
Zharnitsky, V.2004 Hamiltonian averaging for solitons with nonlinearity management
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 2004 Defect modes and transmission properties of left-handed bandgap structures
 2004 Nonlinear surface waves in left-handed materials
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Zharova, J.A.2008 Electro-tuning of the photonic band gap in SOI-based structures infiltrated with liquid crystal
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Zharova, M.A.1993 Synthesis and mesomorphism of phenylcyclohexane group-containing compounds
 1996 Synthesis of esters of p-alkyl-, p-alkoxy-, and p-(acyloxy)cinnamic acids with trans-1,4-phenylcyclohexane and biphenyl fragments and study of their mesomorphic properties
 2002 Synthesis of mesogens with infringed linearness
 2002 The correlation of calamitic compounds structure with their mesomorphic properties
 2003 Synthesis and investigation of mesomorphic properties of metal phthalocyanine sulfuric acid derivatives
 2003 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of dihydroxybenzene esters on the basis of 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoic acid
 2004 Research of porphin derivatives structure by the methods of diffraction and computer simulation
 2004 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of porphin and benzene derivatives on the basis of 3,4,5-trihydroxybenzoic acid
 2005 Influence of bulky substituents on mesomorphic properties of benzene derivatives
 2008 Investigation of dielectric properties of some substituted benzene derivatives with perturbed linearity of molecules
Zharova, Nina A.2004 Defect modes and transmission properties of left-handed bandgap structures
Zharova, Yu.A.2007 Electrotunable in-plane one-dimensional photonic structure based on silicon and liquid crystal
Zhavoronkov, N.2007 Control of Giant Breathing Motion in C60 with Temporally Shaped Laser Pulses
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 1984 Thermotropic mesophases in cyclolinear poly(methylsiloxane)s
 1985 Effect of different factors on molecular dynamics in poly(organosiloxanes)
 1985 Structure and phase transitions in poly(diethylsiloxane)
 1987 Flexibility and conformation of macromolecules of a new class of cyclolinear polyorganosiloxanes
 1987 Kinetics of mesophase formation and crystallization in poly(diethylsiloxane)
 1989 Uniaxial stretching of lightly crosslinked mesomorphic diethyl siloxane networks
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Zhdanov, S.K.2002 Anisotropic plasma crystal solitons
 2003 Coupled dust-lattice solitons in monolayer plasma crystals
 2004 Kinetics of ensembles with variable charges
 2004 Origin of the curved nature of Mach cone wings in complex plasmas
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 2003 Electrochemical reactions on catalyst particles with three-phase boundaries
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 1988 Properties of the α1-fraction and its components
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 2007 Kinetic model of receptor-mediated adhesion of cells to a functionalized supported lipid bilayer
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Zhdanovich, S.2008 Population Transfer between Two Quantum States by Piecewise Chirping of Femtosecond Pulses: Theory and Experiment
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Zheleznaya, L.A.1966 Study of the liquid-crystalline structure in solutions of F-actin (a new structural form of actin)
 1971 Comparative investigation of the quaternary structure of muscle actin and myxomycete plasmodium actin
 1973 Liquid crystals of contractile proteins
 1973 Polymorphous transitions in liquid crystals of contractile proteins
 1976 Study of the stability of a fibrillar actin liquid crystal
 1977 X-ray diffraction study of muscles and liquid crystals of contractile proteins
 1985 Intestinal mucus and juice glycoproteins have a liquid crystalline structure
 1989 Influence of low-intensity laser radiation on liquid-crystalline structure formation in glycoprotein solution
Zheleznov, K.N.1981 Study of the dispersion stability of microencapsulated liquid crystals
 1982 Microencapsulation of liquid-crystal materials
 1983 Study of the effect of liquid crystal microencapsulation conditions on the properties of microcapsule shells
 2004 Synthesis and specific features of mesomorphic behavior of new polysubstituted triphenylenes
Zheleznyakov, V.V.1980 Linear wave coupling in the optics of liquid crystals
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Zheliaskova, A.1981 Viscosity Investigation of DBS Micelles
 1982 Broad line nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of p-nonylphenolpolyethylene glycol
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 1987 Phase behavior of a ternary system containing lecithin
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 1990 Investigations of electrooptical dc controlled. Pulsations in the system LC cell - polar Liquid
 1993 Hydrogen bonds and formation of dimers in some liquid crystals
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 1995 Dimer formation and its reflection on the self-diffusion coefficient
 1996 Phase stability of lyotropic liquid crystal systems
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 2000 Photoconductance effects in bilayer lipid membranes, containing amphiphilic hexadecylbenzospiropyrane derivative
 2002 Interaction of Heavy Metal Ions with Liquid Crystal Lipid Bilayers Containing Ion Channels
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 2004 Phase-matching solutions for high-order harmonic generation in hollow-core photonic-crystal fibers
Zheltonozhskaya, T.B.2007 Temperature Effect on Hydrogen Bonds in Triblock Copolymers of Poly(Ethylene Oxide) and Polyacrylamide
 2008 Block-Copolymers of Polyacrylamide with Poly(Ethylene Oxide) Forming Intramolecular Polycomplexes
 2008 Double-Hydrophilic Block Copolymers Forming Intramolecular Polycomplexes
 2008 Structural Peculiarities of Triblock Copolymers Containing Poly(Ethylene Oxide) and Polyacrylamide
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 1985 Effect of some admixtures on phase transitions of Arkopal 9.5-water lyotropic system
 1990 EPR in some lyotropic liquid crystals systems
 1990 NMR of the Triton X 114 - water micellar solution
 1991 Electrooptical effects in the nematic polymer: PET/PHBA
Zhemanova, E.Yu.1985 Light scattering in biaxial nematic liquid crystals
Zhen, H.Y.2008 Highly polarized white-light emission from a single copolymer based on fluorene
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Zhen, Lijuan2008 Controllable and reproducible fabrication of high anisotropic organic field effect transistors
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Zhen, Yueqian1997 Stable aqueous laundry detergent compositions containing quaternary surfactants and amine oxides and having improved suspension properties
 1997 Stable, aqueous laundry detergent composition having improved suspension properties
 1997 Structured aqueous laundry detergent compositions containing amine oxides
Zhen, Zhihao2007 Double-Hexagonal Morphology Formed by Rod-Rich Triblock Copolymer
Zhen, Zhu1994 Phase transitions in liquid crystalline poly(octamethylene p,p'-dibenzoate)
Zheng, Anna1994 Study on the interface of in-situ composites of liquid crystalline copolyester/PSF
 1995 Study on in-situ composites of liquid crystalline copolyesters with thermoplastics
Zheng, B.2003 Corrections to scaling in two-dimensional dynamic XY and fully frustrated XY models
 2003 Generic features of fluctuations in critical systems
 2004 Critical behavior of the two-dimensional random-bond Potts model: A short-time dynamic approach
 2004 Two-phase phenomena, minority games, and herding models
Zheng, B.Y.1981 Flat Liquid Crystal TV
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 2004 Terahertz radiation from oscillating electrons in laser-induced wake fields
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Zheng, De-sheng2009 Inhomogeneous and Spontaneous Formation of Chirality in the Langmuir Monolayer of Achiral Molecules at the Air/Water Interface Probed by In Situ Surface Second Harmonic Generation Linear Dichroism
 2009 Water penetration/accommodation and phase behaviour of the neutral langmuir monolayer at the air/water interface probed with sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy (SFG-VS)
Zheng, Fa-Kun2006 [Zn(C7H3O5N)]n · nH2O: A third-order NLO Zn coordination polymer with spiroconjugated structure
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 1994 Synthesis and characterization of the liquid crystal polyphosphazene
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 1990 Order-disorder transformation in liquid crystals by gas-liquid chromatography
Zheng, Guoliang2007 Electrically and magnetically controlled optical spanner based on the transfer of spin angular momentum of light in an optically active medium
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 2001 Aromatization of Highly Alkyl-substituted Dihydroanthracenes Using n-BuLi/TMEDA/MeI
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 1994 Octahedral Metallomesogens: Liquid Crystallinity in Low Aspect Ratio Materials
 1994 Transition Metals in Highly Correlated Discotic Phases: Designing Metallomesogens with Selected Intermolecular Organizations
 1995 Controlling Intermolecular Interactions between Metallomesogens: Side-Chain Effects in Discotic Copper, Palladium, and Vanadyl Bis(β-Diketonates)
 1995 Liquid crystalline behavior in octahedral metal complexes
 1996 Stabilization of Nondiscoid Columnar Liquid Crystals: Studies of Unsymmetrical Copper Bis-β-diketonates
 1998 Polarizable amines and polyimides for optical alignment of liquid crystals
 1999 Eight-Vertex Metallomesogens: Zirconium Tetrakis-β-diketonate Liquid Crystals
 1999 Material for inducing alignment of liquid crystals and liquid crystal optical elements
 1999 Process for inducing alignment of liquid crystal medium in liquid-crystal display element
 2000 Materials for inducing alignment of liquid crystals and liquid crystal display device
 2000 Polarizable amines and polyimides for optical alignment of liquid crystals
Zheng, Haoping2003 Electronic structures of Ascaris trypsin inhibitor in solution
Zheng, Hong2005 A multispectral imaging analysis system for early detection of cervical cancer
 2005 Novel multispectral imaging microscope with applications to biomedicine
 2006 An automatic segmentation method for multispectral microscopic cervical cell images
Zheng, Hua-Dong2008 A dynamic three-dimensional display technique based on liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2009 Optimization of optoelectronic reconstruction of phase hologram by use of digital blazed grating
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 2002 Novel polymer-dispersed liquid crystal based optical switch utilizing diffraction
 2007 Infrared electro-optical property of holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal grating
 2010 Design and study of optical devices based on holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal technology
Zheng, Jiaming1991 Kinetics and structural studies on the mesophase pitch formation during the carbonization of ethylene tar pitch
 1992 Determination of the rheological parameters of mesophase pitch
 1995 Preparation of naphthalene pitch by catalytic condensation and the properties of mesophase pitch derived from it
Zheng, Jian-ming2003 Long-range forces extending from polymer-gel surfaces
Zheng, Jiaxin2009 Optical Absorption Spectra of Charge-Doped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes from First-Principles Calculations
Zheng, Jie1995 Research on the antifriction mechanism of liquid crystal additives
 1995 Study on the antiwear properties of liquid crystal lubricating additives
Zheng, Jingqiao1995 Studies on the blends of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer PEI and PES-C
Zheng, Joe X.2006 Synthesis of laterally attached side-chain liquid-crystalline polynorbornenes with high mesogen density by ring-opening metathesis polymerization
Zheng, Johnny Q.1989 Kinetics of phase segregation in thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester and polyimide blends
 1990 Kinetics of phase segregation in thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester and polyether imide blends
 1992 Phase transformations in a thermotropic liquid - crystalline copolyester and its blends with poly(ether sulfone)
Zheng, Joseph X.2006 Phase behaviors and supramolecular structures of a series of symmetrically tapered bisamides
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 1993 Effect of thermal history on crystallization and melting behavior of LLDPE
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Zheng, L.X.1995 Effect of propensity of hexagonal II phase formation on the activity of mitochondrial ubiquinol-cytochrome c reductase and H+-ATPase
Zheng, Lan-Sun2008 Twin-Crystal Nature of the Single-Crystal-Like Branched Cu2O Particles
Zheng, Leiliang2007 Sphingomyelin/Phosphatidylcholine and Cholesterol Interactions Studied by Imaging Mass Spectrometry
Zheng, Li-Qiang1995 Intramolecular energy transfer in organized assembles
 1995 Studies on lyotropic liquid crystal for the system of cetylpyridinium bromide/n-butanol/n-octane/H2O by 2H NMR and DSC methods
 1996 Phase diagrams for cationic surfactant system and microemulsion structures determined by conductivity
 1996 Studies on the phase behavior of CTAB/n-C4H9OH/H2O system: 2H NMR and ESR methods
 2001 13C NMR Study of Mesomorphic Phases Formed in Aqueous Mixtures of Heptaethylene Glycol Dodecyl Ether
 2002 Aqueous Phase Behavior of Hexaethylene Glycol Dodecyl Ether Studied by Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, and 13C NMR Spectroscopy
 2002 Phase Behavior of an Aqueous Mixture of Octaethylene Glycol Dodecyl Ether Revealed by DSC, FT-IR, and 13C NMR Measurements
 2003 Effect of Inorganic Salts on the Phase Behavior of an Aqueous Mixture of Heptaethylene Glycol Dodecyl Ether
 2004 Solid–liquid phase behavior of binary fatty acid mixtures: 3. Mixtures of oleic acid with capric acid (decanoic acid) and caprylic acid (octanoic acid)
 2005 Effects of sucrose on the rheological properties of cubic phase formed from monoolein/H2O mixture
 2005 Progress in cubic phase of lipid liquid crystal as drug delivery system
 2005 Rheological properties of cubic liquid crystals formed from monoglyceride/H2O systems
 2006 Studies on the phase properties of lyotropic liquid crystals of Brij35/sodium oleate/oleic acid/water system by polarizing microscope, SAXS, 2H-NMR and rheological methods
Zheng, Liangyuan1994 Effect of penetration enhancers on the thermal transition of hydrated callus lipids in study by differential scanning calorimetry
Zheng, Lihua2008 Development of a soil detector based on an optical sensor
Zheng, Liping2004 Smart millimeter-wave devices using liquid crystal
Zheng, Lu1999 Modification of epoxy resins by acrylic copolymers containing side-chained mesogenic units
Zheng, Maojun2001 Fabrication and optical absorption of ordered indium oxide nanowire arrays embedded in anodic alumina membranes
Zheng, Min2007 Study on the combination of polyether liquid crystal and non-ionic surfactant
Zheng, Min-Yan2006 Rod-like Schiff base magnetic liquid crystals bearing organic radical
 2006 Synthesis and thermal analysis of acyloxy multi-ring aromatic acids
 2007 Preparation of formylphenyl benzoate esters as liquid crystal materials
 2007 Synthesis and mesophase of liquid crystals of multi-ring monoesteryl aryl aldehyde
 2008 Research progress of the organic magnetic liquid crystals
 2008 Synthesis of acryl aldehydes with shorter alkyls and their rule of changing phase
 2009 Synthesis of lateral fluorine substituted 4,4'-bis-(trans-4-n-alkylcyclohexyl) biphenyl liquid crystals
 2009 Synthesis of rod-like bis-ester liquid crystals and their influence on photoelectric properties of liquid crystalline materials
 2009 Synthesis of rod-like bis-ester magnetic liquid crystals and their magnetic and liquid crystalline properties
Zheng, Ming2006 Controlled Two-Dimensional Pattern of Spontaneously Aligned Carbon Nanotubes
Zheng, Mingtao2007 Synthesis and crystallization of hexagonal boron nitride in liquid sodium amide
Zheng, Minmin2006 Digital photofinishing system based on liquid crystal on silicon
Zheng, Ning1998 Preparation and structural properties of an azobenzene liquid crystal Langmuir-Blodgett film
Zheng, P.J.2005 Synthesis and characterization of polythiophenes with liquid crystalline azobenzene as side chains
Zheng, Ping2005 Digital telemetry thermometer based on quartz crystal sensor
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