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Zasadzinski, J.A.1994 Microstructure of complex fluids by electron microscopy
 1994 Spontaneous chiral symmetry breaking by achiral molecules in a Langmuir-Blodgett film
 1995 Cooperative organization of inorganic-surfactant and biomimetic assemblies
 1995 Self-assembly of silicate/surfactant mesophases
 1996 Amplitude, wave form, and temperature dependence of bilayer ripples in the Pβ, phase
Zasadzinski, J.A.N.1987 Ripple wavelength, amplitude, and configuration in lyotropic liquid crystals as a function of effective headgroup size
 1992 Observations of the Liquid-Crystal Analog of the Abrikosov Phase
Zasadzinski, Joe2008 Normal and Shear Forces Generated during the Ordering (Directed Assembly) of Confined Straight and Curved Nanowires
Zasadzinski, Joseph A.1986 Molecular imaging of tobacco mosaic virus lyotropic nematic phases
 1996 Phase Behavior of Aqueous Mixtures of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB) and Sodium Octyl Sulfate (SOS)
 1998 The influence of polymer molecular weight in lamellar gels based on PEG-lipids
 2002 Reentrant Optically Isotropic Translationally Disordered Phase in an Azobenzene Smectic Liquid Crystal
 2004 Linear dependence of surface drag on surface viscosity
 2005 Surface Ordering of a Perfluorinated, Self-Assembled, Dendrimer on a Water Subphase
 2006 Lamellar Gels and Spontaneous Vesicles in Catanionic Surfactant Mixtures
 2006 Zero Spontaneous Curvature and Its Effects on Lamellar Phase Morphology and Vesicle Size Distributions
Zasadzinski, Joseph A.N.1986 Polymerizable surfactant design for transmission electron microscopy
 1987 Liquid crystal morphology and defects in in vivo human and mammalian phosphatidylcholine lung surfactant
 1990 Direct observations of dislocations in thermotropic smectics using freeze-fracture replication
Zaschke, Bernd1991 Synthesis and characterization of LC side chain AB block copolymers
 1992 The behavior of styrenes p-substituted with a liquid-crystalline side-group under anionic polymerization conditions
Zaschke, Horst1969 Ph. D. Thesis Halle
 1970 Synthesis of crystalline liquid compounds. III. n-Alkyl and n-alkoxy derivatives of 2,5-diphenylpyrimidine
 1971 Gas-chromatographic isomer separation in liquid-crystalline melts
 1971 Smectic tetramorphous substance
 1973 Kristallin-flüssige 2,5-Diphenyl-pyrimidine mit nur einer Flügelgruppe
 1973 Nematic liquid crystals
 1975 Liquid crystal azobenzenes
 1975 Nematic liquid crystal substances
 1975 Synthese niedrigschmelzender kristallin-flüssiger Heterocyclen. I. 5-n-Alkyl-2-(4-n-alkoxy-phenyl)-pyrimidine
 1975 Synthesis of low melting point liquid crystal heterocycles. 2. 5-n-Alkyl-2-[4-n-alkanoyloxyphenyl]pyrimidines
 1976 Nematic liquid crystals
 1977 Cinnamic acid [4-(β-cyanoethyl)phenyl ester] liquid crystal
 1977 Kristallin-flüssige 3,6-Diphenyl-1,2,4-triazine
 1977 Liquid crystalline 2-cyanopyrimidines
 1977 Ph. D. Thesis B Halle
 1977 Synthesis of low-melting liquid crystal heterocycles. Part IV. 3-Phenylpyridazine
 1977 Synthesis of low-melting-point, liquid-crystal heterocycles; III. 2-n-Alkylthio-5-(4-substituted-phenyl)pyrimidines
 1979 3-n-Alkyl-6-[4-(n-alkyloxy)phenyl]-1,2,4,5-tetrazines - new stable dyestuffs with liquid-crystalline properties
 1979 Der kristallin-flüssige Zustand als Kriterium zur Konstitutionsermittlung von Derivaten tautomeriefähiger heterocyclischer Systeme. I. Kristallin-flüssige Benzoesäure- und Thiobenzoesäure-pyrimidinyl-(2)-ester
 1979 Der kristallin-flüssige Zustand als Kriterium zur Konstitutionsermittlung von Derivaten tautomeriefähiger heterocyclischer Systeme. II. Kristallin-flüssige Thiobenzoesäure-pyridazinyl-(3)-ester
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1979 Field-induced Colour Change of Liquid Crystalline Dyes
 1979 Kristallin-flüssige Eigenschaften N-haltiger Sechsringsysteme
 1979 Liquid Crystal Thiazoles
 1979 Mono- and bis-phenyl-tetrazines and their use as nematic crystalline-liquid substances
 1979 Nematic liquid crystalline substances
 1979 Nematische kristallin-flüssige Substanzen
 1979 Verfahren zur Herstellung von 4-n-Alkylcyclohexancarbonsäure-[4-cyan-biphenylyl-(4)-estern]
 1980 5-Alkyl-2-(4-acyloxyphenyl)-pyrimidines by reacting 4-hydroxybenzamidine hydrochloride with α-alkly-β-dimethylaminoacrolein
 1980 Liquid Crystalline 1,3,4-Thiadiazoles. I. Biphenyl- and Terphenyl Analogous 1,3,4-Thiadiazoles
 1980 Liquid crystalline substituted 1,3-dioxane
 1980 Nematic liquid crystal 5-cyano-2-(4-acyloxyphenyl)pyrimidines and mixtures containing them
 1980 Nematische kristallin-flüssige Substanzen
 1980 New structural types of liquid crystals. Ten-year synthesis of liquid crystals at the Chemistry Section of Martin Luther University [East Germany]
 1980 Relations of isomorphism between liquid crystalline phases. Part 24. Polymorphism in the homologous series of the 2-(4-n-alkylphenyl)-5-(4-n-alkyloxyphenyl)pyrimidines
 1980 Use of liquid crystals
 1981 2-Cyano-5-[4-acyloxyphenyl]-pyrimidines
 1981 4-Substituted thiobenzoic acid S-[5-alkyl-2-pyrimidinyl esters]
 1981 4-Substituted thiobenzoic acid S-[6-alkyloxy-3-pyridazinyl esters]
 1981 Dielectric and electrooptic investigations in the nematic phase of 5-n-pentyl-2-(4-n-nonyloxyphenyl)-1,3-dioxane
 1981 Heterocyclic liquid crystals
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1981 Kristallin-flüssige Heterocycloalkane. I. Synthese und Eigenschaften substituierter 1,3-Dioxane
 1981 Liquid crystal compositions containing 3-alkyl-6-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-s-tetrazine esters for electrooptical devices.
 1981 Liquid crystals with alicyclic and heteroalicyclic structural components
 1981 Mixture of liquid crystals of 4-(2,2-dicyanoethenyl)phenol ester
 1981 New liquid-crystalline esters with a dicyanoethenyl wing group
 1981 Synthese und Löseverhalten smektischer 2,5-Diphenylpyrimidine
 1981 Synthesis and properties of new liquid crystalline materials
 1982 Flüssige Kristalle in Tabellen II, Deutscher Verlag für Grundstoffindustrie, Leipzig
 1982 Liquid crystalline 1,3-diazaazulenes
 1982 Liquid crystalline 7-n-alkyl-9,10-dihydrophenanthrene-2-carboxylic acid esters
 1982 Liquid-crystal substituted 1,3-dioxanes and mixtures containing them
 1982 p-Substituted phenyl decalincarboxylates.
 1982 trans-3-[4-Alkylcyclohexyl]-propanoic acids and their esters
 1983 Liquid crystalline 6-n-alkylnaphthalene-2- and 6-n-alkyl-trans-decalin-2-carboxylates
 1983 Liquid crystalline state as a criterion for determining the constitution of derivatives of tautomeric heterocyclic systems. 3. Liquid crystalline pyridazin-3-yl benzoate
 1983 Liquid crystalline substituted 1,3-dithianes
 1983 Nematic liquid crystals for display devices
 1983 New liquid crystalline tetrazine derivatives for guest-host displays
 1983 Super-coolable nematic liquid crystal mixture
 1983 Synthese und kristallin-flüssige Eigenschaften neuer Fünfringheterocyclen
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1984 Crystalline-liquid mixtures for the guest-host effect
 1984 Liquid crystalline 7-alkylperhydrophenanthrene-2-carboxylic acid esters
 1984 Liquid-crystal mixture for the guest-host effect display devices
 1984 Neuere Ergebnisse kristallin flüssiger Heterocyclen
 1984 New liquid crystalline 2 5-disubst. 1 3-dithianes and 1 3-dioxanes
 1984 New liquid crystalline 2,7-disubstituted perhydrophenanthrenes
 1984 New liquid crystalline structures in the series of 2-(trans 4-n-alkylcyclohexyl)propan-1,3-diols
 1984 Selectivity and chemical structure of nematic mesophases in gas chromatography
 1984 Syntheses and Properties of Liquid Crystalline Heterocycloalkanes
 1984 Synthesis and Properties of Liquid Crystalline Derivatives of Rhodanine
 1985 2,5-Disubstituted-trans-1,3-dioxadecalin liquid crystal
 1985 6th Liq. Cryst. Conf. Soc. Countries, Halle
 1985 6th Liq. Cryst. Conf. Soc. Countries, Halle
 1985 A new polymorphism variant N SA SC SA in a binary mixture of terminal-nonpolar compounds
 1985 Liquid crystal 17-spiro-2'-[5'-trans-4'-(alkylcyclohexyl)-1',3'-dioxane derivatives of 5-androstenes and 1,3,5(10)-estratrienes
 1985 Liquid crystal nematic mixtures
 1985 Liquid crystalline 7-n-alkylperhydrophenanthrene-2-carboxylates
 1985 Liquid crystalline substituted 5-[1-alkylpiperid-4-yl]-1,3-dioxanes
 1985 Liquid crystalline tetrazine compounds as dyes for guest-host displays with positive contrast
 1985 Mixture components for liquid crystal substances
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1985 Nematic liquid crystal mixtures containing 1,2-dicyclohexylethanes
 1985 Neue kristallin-flüssige Heteroalicyclen
 1985 New liquid crystalline 2,5-disubstituted 1,3-dithianes and 1,3-dioxanes
 1985 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers. Polysiloxanes containing phenyl benzoate side groups
 1985 Trans-4-[trans-5-substituted-1,3-dioxan-2-yl]cyclohexanecarboxylic acid ester liquid crystals
 1986 Ferroelectric liquid crystals from branched acyclic α-chlorocarboxylic acid derivatives
 1986 Liquid crystalline substances
 1986 Liquid-crystalline Heterocycloalkanes. II. Syntheses and Liquid-crystalline Properties of Substituted 1-Phenylpiperazines
 1986 New liquid crystal esters of 5-n-butyl-pyridine-2-carboxylic acid
 1986 Retention behavior of mesogenic polysiloxanes
 1986 Synthesis and liquid crystal properties of 3,7-substituted quinolines
 1986 Tautomerism capabliity of 6-substituted 3(2H)-1,2,4,5-tetraazinones and -tetraazinthiones - building blocks for colored liquid crystals.
 1987 A family of ferroelectric liquid crystals with very high spontaneous polarization
 1987 Cholesteric ketoxime esters - compounds with a lateral alkyl group
 1987 Ketoxime esters with an n-amyl or an optically active amyl group
 1987 Liquid crystal compounds for mixtures with negative dielectric anisotropy and method for preparing these compounds
 1987 Liquid Crystalline trans-4-(ω-Cyanalkyl)cyclohexylester and 4-(ω-Cyanalkyl)phenylesters
 1987 Nematic liquid-crystal compositions containing 1,4-substituted 2,6,7-trioxabicyclo[2.2.2]octanes for optoelectronic devices
 1987 Preparation of 2,6,7-trioxabicyclo[2.2.2]octane derivative liquid crystals
 1987 Preparation of liquid-crystal trans-4-(trans-5-substituted-1,3-dithian-2-yl)-cyclohexancarboxylic acid esters
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1987 Preparation of trans-(alkylcyclohexyl)thiadiazoles as liquid crystals
 1987 The preparation of 2-n-alkyl-1,3-propanediols
 1988 About the influence of geometrical factors on liquid crystalline properties - the methylene group as a central spacer unit
 1988 Amphiphilic liquid crystals I. Synthesis of trans-4-n-alkyl-trans-2-hydroxymethylcyclohexanols
 1988 Amphiphilic liquid-crystal polymers
 1988 Cyclohexyloxathiane derivatives for nematic liquid-crystal mixtures
 1988 Dithiane derivative liquid crystals for electrooptical devices
 1988 Ferroelectric liquid crystals for display devices
 1988 Liquid crystalline heterocycloalkanes. IV. Syntheses of liquid crystalline 5-alkyl-1,3-oxathian-2-carboxylates
 1988 Liquid crystalline transition metal complexes derived from di(5-alkyloxysalicylidene)ethylenediamines
 1988 Liquid-crystal compounds and mixtures for optoelectronic devices
 1988 Liquid-crystal ketoxime esters
 1988 Liquid-crystalline behavior of 2,5-disubstituted 1,3-dioxanes subject to the flexibility of terminal chains
 1988 Liquid-Crystalline Heterocycloalkanes. III. Synthesis and Liquid-Crystalline Properties of Substituted 1,3-Dioxadecalines
 1988 Preparation of liquid-crystal 2-substituted 1,3-dithiadecalins
 1988 The influence of water on the phase behavior of 2-(trans-4-n-propylcyclohexylmethyl)butane-1,4-diol
 1988 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers: the effect of the structure units on the liquid crystalline properties of polysiloxanes with mesogenic side groups
 1989 2,5-Disubstituted 1,3,4-thiadiazoles having extended smectic C phases, their preparation, and their use in ferroelectric liquid-crystal mixtures
 1989 A Mild and Convenient Esterification of Sensitive Carboxylic Acids
 1989 A nematic two frequency addressing mixture with extremely low isotropy frequencies
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1989 Amphiphilic liquid crystals
 1989 Influence of molecular structure on the liquid-crystalline properties of 1,5-dihetero-spiro[5.5]undecane and -dispiro[]hexadecane derivatives
 1989 Liquid Crystalline 1,3,4-Thiadiazoles. II. 1,3,4-Thiadiazoles with Cyclohexanefragments
 1989 Liquid crystalline 1,3-diheterocyclicalkanes
 1989 Liquid-crystal mixtures for electrooptical devices
 1989 Liquid-crystalline behavior of simple n-alkane-1,2-diols
 1989 Mesophase Stability of Calamitic Liquid Crystals Subject to Conformational Effects
 1989 New binary liquid crystal systems with the phase sequence smectic A-smectic C-smectic A
 1989 New liquid-crystalline heteroalicyclic compounds
 1989 Phase behavior of amphiphilic side-chain polymers
 1989 Preparation of liquid-crystal esters of 3β-hydroxy-5α-cholestan-6-one
 1989 Synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties of compounds incorporating the 2,6,7-trioxabicyclo(2.2.2)octane
 1989 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of axially cyano-substituted 1,3-dioxane-5-carboxylates
 1989 Synthesis and properties of dimeric liquid crystalline phenylbenzoates with alkanediacid spacer
 1989 The mesomorphic properties of 2,7-disubstituted 1,3-dioxaperhydrophenanthrenes
 1990 Amphiphilic carbohydrate-based mesogens incorporating structural features of calamitic liquid crystals
 1990 Amphotropic liquid-crystalline amphiphiles
 1990 Blended liquid crystalline stationary phases in capillary gas chromatography
 1990 Comparative diamagnetic investigations on liquid crystal acids
 1990 Der Einfluß von Strukturvariationen auf die mesogenen Eigenschaften amphiphiler 1,2-Diole
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1990 Kristallin-flüssige Bis-(5-subst. salicyliden)ethylendiaminato-Cu(II)- und Ni(II)-Komplexe
 1990 Liquid crystal composition having extended smectic C phase range
 1990 Liquid crystal composition having extended smectic C phase range and negative dielectric anisotropy
 1990 Liquid crystalline properties of 2-(trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)-propane-1,3-diols
 1990 Liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives. IV. New liquid crystalline materials with broad smectic C ranges
 1990 Liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives. V. New ferroelectric thiadiazole derivatives
 1990 Lyotropic liquid-crystalline behavior of 2-alkylpropane-1,3-diols
 1990 Mesogenic and promesogenic nonracemic chiral compounds for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1990 Mesogenic compounds with two chiral lateral groups: new chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Miscibility between the smectic A phase of a conventional liquid crystal and the lamellar phase of an inverse salt
 1990 Monolayer properties and lyotropic phase behavior of liquid-crystalline 1,3-diols
 1990 Nematic liquid crystal compositions
 1990 Nematic liquid crystal compositions for electrooptical devices
 1990 New naphthalene derivatives with liquid crystalline glassy states
 1990 Novel thermotropic and lyotropic double headed diol-based mesogens
 1990 Re-entrant polymorphism in binary mixtures containing a side chain polysiloxane
 1990 Some aspects of amphotropic behavior of homologous n-alkane-1,2-diols
 1990 Synthese optisch aktiver Flüssigkristalle durch enantioselektive Reduktion
 1990 Synthese und Eigenschaften kristallin-flüssiger monomerer und polymerer Zimtsäurederivate
 1990 Synthesis of 1,3-dioxane derivatives with large negative dielectric anisotropies
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1990 The Effect of Acyloxy Linking Groups in the Side Chains of Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1990 The influence of heteroatoms on the amphotropic behavior of amphiphilic 1,2-diol derivatives
 1990 The Remarkable Influence of Lateral and Nonsymmetrical Substitution on the Mesogenic Properties of Transition Metal Complexes
 1990 The Structural Principle of Amphiphilic Diols
 1991 Amphiphilic propane-1,2-diol derivatives incorporating calamitic structural units
 1991 Bolaamphiphile polyols, a new class of amphotropic liquid crystals
 1991 Liquid-crystal mixtures with smectic C phases
 1991 New liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1991 Oxadiazole derivative-containing liquid crystal mixtures
 1991 The first liquid-crystalline diol compound which exhibits nematic, smectic A*, and smectic C* mesophases in the presence of water
 1991 The liquid-crystalline behavior of amphiphilic ethane-1,2-diol derivatives incorporating a six membered ring in their principal structure
 1991 The SM phase: evidence for a new type of tilted smectic phase
 1991 Vitrification in low-molecular-weight mesogenic compounds
 1992 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1992 Liquid crystalline 3,6-disubstituted 1,2,4-triazines
 1992 Optically active 1,3-dioxalane derivatives, their preparation, liquid crystal mixtures containing them, and electrooptical switches and displays employing the mixtures
 1992 The influence of heteroaromatic rings on mesomorphic properties. I. A new series of pyridazine- and pyridine-carboxylates
 1992 The spacer concept in the chemistry of liquid crystals
 1993 Synthesis and ferroelectric properties of a homologous series of chiral esters of 2,5-diphenylpyrimidines
 1994 The origin of the helical twist inversion in single component cholesteric liquid crystals
Zaschke, Horst (cont...)1995 Mesomorphic properties of a homologous series of chiral liquid crystals containing the α-chloroester group
 1995 New diastereomeric compound with cholesteric twist inversion
 1997 Photosensitive material for liquid crystal device orientation film and manufacturing liquid crystal device using the same
 1997 Photosensitive materials on a base of polysiloxane for the alignment of nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Filler-containing liquid crystal polymer dispersion layer and its manufacture
 2002 Bistable electrooptical liquid crystal displays and procedures for their production
 2005 Preparation of hexitol esters with condensed aromatic acid radicals and their use as chiral dopants for nematic liquid crystal mixtures
Zasedka, L.N.1993 Dynamics and correlation of orientational ordering fluctuation in liquid crystal interacting with a surface
Zaskal'ko, O.P.1990 Transformation of the elliptical polarization of light waves into linear polarization in the isotropic phases of nematic liquid crystals
Zaslavskii, A.M.1992 Surface temperature effects on structure formation in films deposited by a vapor- liquid - crystal mechanism
Zaslavsky, G.M.1987 Devil's staircase in double helices self-organization
 2002 Chaos and flights in the atom-photon interaction in cavity QED
 2002 Scaling invariance of the homoclinic tangle
 2003 Breaking time for the quantum chaotic attractor
 2003 Semiclassical quantization of separatrix maps
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 2001 Tension-Induced Straightening Transition of Self-Assembled Helical Ribbons
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 2000 Comparison of chromatographic properties of the standard OV 1 and liquid crystal stationary phases
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Zavin, B.G.1986 Sealant for liquid crystal indicators
Zavislan, Jim1990 Nonlinear optical studies of polysilanes
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 2009 The structural phase transitions in 6CB-based ferronematics.
 2006 Temperature dependence of the critical magnetic field of the structural transition in MBBA-based ferronematics
Zavodyan, A.V.1986 Sealant for liquid crystal indicators
Zavora, L.N.2008 Effects of Anthraquinone Dye Aggregation on Selective Reflection Spectra of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal
 2008 Photoinduced phase transition smectic A – cholesterics in liquid crystal matrices containing provitamin D
 2009 Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Doped with Molecules of Organic Scintillator Materials
 2009 The photoinduced transformations of aziridine derivatives in liquid crystalline matrices
Zavracky, Matthew1998 Fabricating active-matrix display pixel electrodes
 1999 Miniature 1280 by 1024 active matrix liquid crystal displays
Zavracky, Paul M.1998 Fabricating active-matrix display pixel electrodes
Zav'yalov, A.V.2003 Dynamic viscosity of 4-pentyloxy- and 4-heptyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls and their mixtures
 2004 Mesogenic 4-(ω -Hydroxyalkoxy)-4'-formylazobenzenes
 2005 Dielectric properties and orientational order of 4-(ω-hydroxyalkoxy)-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 2005 Mesomorphic and physical properties of some 4-formylazobenzene derivatives
 2005 Rheological properties and density of liquid-crystal 4-(ω-hydroxyalkyloxy)-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 2006 Mesogenic 4-alkoxy-2-hydroxy-4'-formylazobenzenes
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 2009 How can sol-gel contribute to optical devices?
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 1992 Blends of poly(aryl ether ether ketone) with thermotropic liquid -crystalline copolyesters: 2. Crystallization kinetics
 1992 Blends of poly(ether ether ketone) with a thermotropic liquid crystalline polyester. I. The morphology, crystallization, and melting behavior
 1992 Crystallization and melting behavior of poly(ether ether ketone)
 1992 Study on PPS/PES blend made by extrusion technique
 1993 Effects of thermal treatment on poly(ether ether ketone)
 1993 Morphology, crystallization kinetics and melting behavior of the blends of poly(ether ether ketone) with poly(ether sulfone with cardo side group)
 1993 Study on the structures and properties of wholly aromatic liquid crystalline copolyesters
 1994 Crystallization and melting behavior of acetylene-terminated sulfone/polyetherether ketone blends
 1994 Crystallization and melting behavior of PEEK component in high-performance crystal/crystal blends of PPS/PEEK - effect of melt temperature
 1994 Double melting phenomena of poly(phenylene sulfide) and its blends
 1994 Double melting phenomena of poly(phenylene sulfide) and its blends
 1994 Evaluation of Young's moduli for polymer blends containing liquid crystalline polyesters
 1994 Phase structure of poly(phenylene sulfide) and liquid crystalline polymer blends
 1994 Synthesis of a side-chain liquid crystalline polymer with cholesteryl as mesogenic group
 1995 Crystallization and melting behavior of PPS in the crystalline/crystalline blends of PPS and PEEK. (II). Effect of melting conditions on crystallization and melting behavior of annealed blends
 1995 Effect of melt temperature on crystallization and melting behavior of PPS in poly(phenylene sulfide) and poly(ether ether ketone)
 1995 Induction effects of LCP component on the crystallization of PET in the blends
Zeng, Han-Min (cont...)1995 Sulfur-containing side chain liquid crystalline polymers: the synthesis of poly-4-(ω-alkyloxyoyl)-thiophenyl-4-(ω-methacryloyloxyethyloxy)benzoates
 1995 Synthesis of poly[4-nitrothiophenyl 4-(ω-methacryloyloxyalkyloxy)benzoate]
 1996 Side-chain liquid crystalline polymers: the synthesis and characterization of poly[4-nitrothiophenyl-4-(ω-methacryloyloxyalkyloxy)] benzoate
 1996 Synthesis of liquid crystalline polyacrylates with thioester as bridge-bond
 1997 Effect of blending on the multiple melting behavior of polyphenylene sulfide
 1997 Frictional surface temperature determination of high-temperature-resistant semicrystalline polymers by using their double melting features
 1997 Multiple melting behavior of PPS in crystal/crystal blends of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) and polyether ether ketone (PEEK)
 1997 Polycarbonate-epoxy semi-interpenetrating polymer network: 2. Phase separation and morphology
 1998 Effect of high-performance polymers on crystallization and multiple melting behavior of poly(phenylene sulfide)
 1998 Multiple melting behavior of PEEK in crystal/crystal blends of poly(phenylene sulfide) (PPS) and poly(ether ether ketone) (PEEK)
 1998 Study of interfacial structure in carbon fiber/poly(ether ether ketone) composites with FT-Raman spectroscopy
 1999 Crystallization of poly(butylene terephthalate) blends containing liquid crystalline polymer component
 1999 Effect of thermal treatment on PA-6 in blends
 1999 Nonisothermal crystallization of poly(phenylene sulfide) in presence of molten state of crystalline polyamide 6
Zeng, Han-ming2000 Crystallization and melting behavior of poly(phenylene sulfide) blends with polyamide 6
Zeng, Hong-Xia1999 Studies of middle phase microemulsion formed by sodium dodecylsulfate
 1999 The nature of colloid and interface of miscible phase system in alkaline-surfactant combination flooding
 2000 Structure study of liquid crystal in sodium dodecylsulfonate middle phase microemulsion
Zeng, Huairen1998 Anisotropy-Induced Liquid-Crystal Configurational Transitions
 1998 Size dependence of critical behavior at smectic -A to nematic transition in random network
 1999 Effects of quenched disorder on the orientational order of the octylcyanobiphenyl liquid crystal
 2000 Deuteron NMR investigation of a photomechanical effect in a smectic-A liquid crystal
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 1999 Preparation of compound film with changing color according to water content
 2001 Phase separation of the liquid crystal in the cholesterin phase
Zeng, Jianhuang2005 Preparation and Characterization of Highly Ordered Graphitic Mesoporous Carbon as a Pt Catalyst Support for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Zeng, Jiaolong2002 Detailed-term-accounting approximation calculations of the radiative opacity of aluminum plasmas: A systematic study
 2003 Radiative opacities and configuration interaction effects of hot iron plasma using a detailed term accounting model
 2004 Influence of detailed line treatment on the opacity of iron plasmas in the 2p-3d energy region
Zeng, Jing-Hui2000 Formation Process of CdS Nanorods via Solvothermal Route
Zeng, Jingnan1996 Separable liquid crystal display driver
Zeng, Libo2005 A multispectral imaging analysis system for early detection of cervical cancer
 2005 Novel multispectral imaging microscope with applications to biomedicine
 2005 Study pollen grains in rice by using multispectral imaging techniques
 2006 An automatic segmentation method for multispectral microscopic cervical cell images
Zeng, Lichang2005 Novel light-emitting organic materials with variable electron and hole conductivities
 2006 Light-Emitting Organic Materials with Variable Charge Injection and Transport Properties
 2009 Synthesis and Processing of Monodisperse Oligo(fluorene-co-bithiophene)s into Oriented Films by Thermal and Solvent Annealing
Zeng, Ling1991 Effect of oxidation of raw polypropylene powder on its crystalline morphology and melting behavior
Zeng, Man-qing2003 Synthesis and characterization of a novel liquid crystalline chitin - quaternary ammonium chitosan salt
Zeng, Ming1991 Optical parallel set of half adders using spatial light rebroadcasters
Zeng, Qin1992 Diurnal and seasonal variations of ozone in the mesosphere
Zeng, Qing-Dao2002 Assembling Behavior of BINAP Derivative
 2002 Molecular Symmetry Breaking and Chiral Expression of Discotic Liquid Crystals in Two-Dimensional Systems
 2003 Solvent Effects on the Chirality in Two-Dimensional Molecular Assemblies
 2003 Stacking Phenomenon of Self-assembled Monolayers and Bilayers of Thioalkyl-substituted Tetrathiafulvalene
 2007 Identification of a peripheral substitution symmetry effect in self-assembled architectures
 2007 Substituent Effects on Two-Dimensional Assembling and Chain Folding of Rigid-Rod Polymer Poly(p-phenyleneethynylene) Derivatives on the Solid/Liquid Interface
 2008 Bipyridine-Mediated Assembling Characteristics of Aromatic Acid Derivatives
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 1990 The introduction of a skin-core structure in mesophase pitch fibers by oxidative stabilization
 1991 The introduction of a skin-core structure in mesophase pitch fibers through a successive stabilization by oxidation and solvent extraction
 1993 Preparation of isotropic pitch precursors for general purpose carbon fibers (GPCF) by air blowing - I. Preparation of spinnable isotropic pitch precursor from coal tar by air blowing
 1994 Novel approach to the production of graphite from anthracite
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 2006 Crosslinked Bicontinuous Cubic Lyotropic Liquid-Crystal/Butyl-Rubber Composites: Highly Selective, Breathable Barrier Materials for Chemical Agent Protection
 2006 Inflation rules of square-triangle tilings: from approximants to dodecagonal liquid quasicrystals
 2007 Self-organized honeycombs formed by bent-core bolaamphiphiles
 2008 Multicolor tilings in liquid crystals
Zeng, X.-B.2001 Semicrystalline Lamellar Phase in Binary Mixtures of Very Long Chain n-Alkanes1
 2002 A New 3-D Micellar Phase Between Columnar and Cubic - Observation, Structure and Rationale
 2002 Progression of 2-D Phases in AB2 Forked Compounds
 2008 Small Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering in the Study of Polymers and Supramolecular Systems
Zeng, X.C.1990 Mapping of a solid onto an effective liquid
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 2003 Effect of external electric field on the bulk and interfacial properties of weakly dipolar fluid in slab-shaped and sphere-shaped systems
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 2002 Chain Tilt and Surface Disorder in Lamellar Crystals. A FTIR and SAXS Study of Labeled Long Alkanes
 2004 A New Type of Square Columnar Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed by Facial Amphiphilic Triblock Molecules
 2004 Designing Libraries of First Generation AB3 and AB2 Self-Assembling Dendrons via the Primary Structure Generated from Combinations of (AB)y-AB3 and (AB)y-AB2 Building Blocks
 2004 Liquid crystals with complex superstructures
 2004 Supramolecular dendritic liquid quasicrystals
 2005 A triple-network tricontinuous cubicliquid crystal
 2005 Carbohydrate Rod Conjugates: Ternary Rod-Coil Molecules Forming Complex Liquid Crystal Structures
 2005 Frank-Kasper, quasicrystalline and related phases in liquid crystals
 2005 Liquid quasicrystals
 2007 Complex liquid-crystalline superstructure of a π-conjugated oligothiophene
 2007 Hexagonal Close Packing of Nonionic Surfactant Micelles in Water
 2007 The giant-hexagon cylinder network - a liquid-crystalline organization formed by a T-shaped quaternary amphiphile
 2008 2D and 3D Ordered Columnar Liquid Crystal Phases by Bundles of Bolaamphiphiles with Swallow-Tail Side Chains
 2008 Liquid-crystal engineering with anchor-shaped molecules: honeycombs with hexagonal and trigonal symmetries formed by polyphilic bent-core molecules
 2008 Liquid-crystalline kagome
 2008 Polygonal Cylinder Phases of 3-Alkyl-2,5-diphenylthiophene-Based Bolaamphiphiles: Changing Symmetry by Retaining Net Topology
 2008 Testing the triple network structure of the cubic Imm (I) phase by isomorphous replacement and model refinement
 2008 X-Shaped polyphilics: liquid crystal honeycombs with single-molecule walls
 2009 3D Ordered Gold Strings by Coating Nanoparticles with Mesogens
Zeng, Xiang-Bing (cont...)2009 A New Type of Columnar Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed by Ternary Bolaamphiphiles with Fluorinated Swallowtailed Lateral Chains
 2009 Hollow Six-Stranded Helical Columns of a Helicene
 2009 Ordered Gold Nanoarrays: 3D Ordered Gold Strings by Coating Nanoparticles with Mesogens (Adv. Mater. 17/2009)
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 1997 Study on chromatographic characteristics of cholesteric mesomorphic crown ether as stationary phase for gas chromatography
 1998 Gas chromatographic characteristics and application studies of the stationary phase of CH-B-15-C-5
Zeng, Yu2008 Fine adjustment of network in polymer network liquid crystal film employing RAFT polymerization
 2010 A study of the transition of liquid-crystal alignment from homeotropic to planar on a polyimide layer
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 1988 Geometrical optics approach to the obliquely illuminated nematic liquid crystal diffraction grating
 1989 Geometrical optics approach to the nematic liquid crystal grating: leading term formulas
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 1982 Liquid crystalline side chain polymers and their behavior in the electric field
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 1983 Dielectric relaxation of liquid crystalline side chain polymers
 1984 Structure Investigations on Liquid Crystalline Side Group Polymers
 1984 Structures of liquid crystalline side group polymers oriented by drawing
 1984 Synthesis and phase behavior of liquid crystalline polymers from chloroacrylates and methacrylates
 1985 Dielectric investigations on liquid-crystalline side-group polymers
 1985 Dielectric relaxation of liquid crystalline polyacrylates and polymethacrylates
 1986 Effect of trichloromethane on the δ-relaxation of a liquid-crystalline side chain polymer
 1986 Evidence for a liquid-liquid transition in a liquid crystalline side group polymer obtained by Brillouin spectroscopy and DSC
 1986 Liquid Crystalline Elastomers Based on Liquid Crystalline Side Group; Main Chain and Combined Polymers
 1986 Liquid-crystalline elastomers based on liquid-crystalline side group, main chain and combined polymers
 1986 Rheological properties of liquid-crystalline side-group polymers in the isotropic, nematic, and smectic states
 1986 Shape variation of cross-linked liquid-crystalline polymers by electric fields
 1986 Structure-property relations in linear and crosslinked liquid crystalline polymers
 1987 Molecular dynamics in liquid crystalline side chain polymers
 1987 New liquid-crystalline polymers with chiral phases
 1987 Stress-induced orientation in lightly crosslinked liquid-crystalline side-group polymers
Zentel, Rudolf (cont...)1987 X-ray investigations of linear and cross-linked liquid-crystalline main chain and combined polymers
 1987 X-ray investigations of liquid-crystalline homo- and copolysiloxanes with paired mesogens
 1988 Combined liquid-crystalline polymers with chiral phases. 2. Lateral substituents
 1988 Combined liquid-crystalline polymers with chiral phases. I. 2-Octanol as chiral end of the mesogens
 1988 Crosslinkable liquid-crystalline combined main-chain/side-group polymers with low glass transition temperatures
 1988 Kombinierte LC-Polymere mit chiralen Flügelgruppen
 1988 Liquid-crystalline polymers
 1988 Orientability of crosslinked and of chiral liquid crystalline polymers
 1988 Untwisting of the helical superstructure in the cholesteric and chiral smectic C* phases of cross-linked liquid-crystalline polymers by strain
 1989 Broad-band dielectric spectroscopy on a set of combined main-chain side-group liquid-crystalline polymers
 1989 Ferroelectric modes in combined side-group main chain liquid-crystalline polymers
 1989 Field dependent soft and Goldstone mode in a ferroelectric liquid crystal as studied by dielectric spectroscopy
 1989 Liquid crystalline elastomers
 1989 Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
 1989 Liquid-crystalline elastomers with cholesteric and chiral smectic C* phases
 1989 Synthesis, structure and properties of functionalized liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 A molecular gyroscope based on the Goldstone mode in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Axiale Chiralität in flüssigkristallinen Polymeren
 1990 Chiral Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Elastomers via a Modification of Functional Polymers
 1990 Constant molecular rotation at the smectic-A to smectic-C* transition in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Zentel, Rudolf (cont...)1990 Dielectric spectroscopy: Fashionable again
 1990 Experimental proof of piezoelectricity in cholesteric and chiral smectic C-phase of LC-[liquid-crystalline]-elastomers
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polysiloxanes with high spontaneous polarization and possible applications in nonlinear optics
 1990 Ferroelectric Modes in Polymeric Liquid Crystals
 1990 Molecular Dynamics in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals as Studied by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy
 1990 Phase behavior and elastic properties of a slightly crosslinked liquid-crystalline main-chain polymer
 1990 Softmode at the ferroelectric/nonferroelectric phase-transition in a liquid crystalline polymer
 1990 Synthesis, structure, and properties of functionalized liquid-crystalline polymers
 1991 A Molecular Gyroscope Based on the Goldstone Mode in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1991 Anomalous current and electrooptic response in a polyacrylate ferroelectric liquid crystal with large spontaneous polarization
 1991 Characterization of a novel blend consisting of a liquid-crystalline polymer and a photopolymerized crosslinked acrylic matrix
 1991 Chiral liquid-crystalline polymers by polymer-analogous reactions
 1991 Chiral liquid-crystalline polymers by polymer-analogous reactions
 1991 Collective and molecular relaxations in polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystals and experimental proof of piezoelectricity in chiral smectic C-elastomers
 1991 Ferroelectric Modes in Polymeric Liquid Crystals and Experimental Proof of Piezoelectricity in Cholesteric and Chiral Smectic C Elastomers
 1991 Field dependent Goldstone-mode in ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
 1991 Functionalized liquid-crystalline polymers towards nonlinear optical-applications and piezo-sensors
 1991 Liquid crystal polymers with axial chirality
 1991 Mechanical behavior of liquid-crystalline polymers and their networks
 1991 Molecular dynamics in low-molar and polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystals
Zentel, Rudolf (cont...)1991 Molecular engineering of liquid-crystalline polymers
 1991 Redoxactive Liquid Crystalline Ionomers: Liquid Crystalline Elastomers via Ionic Interactions?
 1991 The Molecular Origin of Ferroelectricity in FLC: A Challenge for Dielectric Spectroscopy at Microwave Frequencies
 1992 Antiferroelectric behavior in a liquid crystalline polymer
 1992 Collective and molecular dynamics in ferroelectric liquid crystals: from low molar to polymeric and elastomeric systems
 1992 Collective and Molecular Dynamics in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals: From Low Molecular to Polymeric and Elastomeric Systems
 1992 Fast electroclinic switching in a ferroelectric LC polysiloxane
 1992 Fast Electroclinic Switching in a Siloxane Copolymer
 1992 Ferroelectric and Electroclinic Switching in a Highly Diluted Siloxane Copolymer
 1992 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers for Second Harmonic Generation
 1992 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers for Second Harmonic Generation
 1992 LC-Polymers with Special Functional Groups: Ways to Crosslinked Polymers and to Blends with Non LC-Polymers
 1992 Nonlinear optical epoxy polymers with polar tolan chromophores
 1992 Polymeric liquid crystals: structural basis for ferroelectric and nonlinear optical properties
 1992 Pyroelectric Effect in Low-Molar Mass and Polymer Chiral Smectics
 1992 Redox-active liquid - crystalline ionomers: 1. Synthesis and rheology
 1992 Second harmonic generation studies on novel NLO polymers
 1992 Structure Property Relationships Determining the Induced Spontaneous Polarization in FLC - Polymers
 1992 Structure-property relationships determining the spontaneous polarization in FLC polymers
 1992 Synthesis and properties of functionalized polymers
Zentel, Rudolf (cont...)1993 AFM and Structural Investigations of Freely-Suspended and Transferred Films of Amphiphilic and Polymeric LCs
 1993 AFM and Structural Investigations of Freely-Suspended and Transferred Films of Amphiphilic and Polymeric LCs
 1993 Blends from redox active liquid crystals ionomers and amorphous ionomers
 1993 Collective and molecular dynamics in low molar mass and polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Ferroelectric and electroclinic characterization of a new organic siloxane bimesogen
 1993 Ferroelectric and Electroclinic Swithing in "Diluted" Polysiloxanes
 1993 Freely-Suspended and Transferred Freely-Suspended Films of Polymeric Liquid Crystals
 1993 Freely-suspended and transferred freely-suspended films of polymeric liquid crystals
 1993 Infrared dichroism and vibrational spectroscopy of a side chain polyacrylate liquid crystalline polymer
 1993 LC elastomers by chemical and physical crosslinking
 1993 New fluorinated chiral side-chain polymers with very large tilt angles in the smectic C phase
 1993 Structure And Defects In Ferroelectric Monomers And Polymers With Stripe Structures
 1993 Strukturuntersuchungen an einer Thiadiazol-Verbindung
 1993 Synthesis and nonlinear optical characteristics of crosslinked and linear epoxy polymers with pendant tolane chromophores
 1994 Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1994 Broadband dielectric spectroscopy on ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
 1994 Broadband dielectric spectroscopy on ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers
 1994 Cooperativity and transfer of chirality in liquid-crystalline polymers
 1994 Dielectric and electro-optical studies of a ferroelectric copolysiloxane
 1994 Dimesogenic ferroelectric polysiloxanes
Zentel, Rudolf (cont...)1994 Elastic deformations in a magnetic field of a liquid-crystalline polymer with mesogenic groups in the main and side chains
 1994 Elastic deformations in magnetic field of a liquid-crystalline polymer having mesogenic groups in the backbone and side chains
 1994 Ferro- and Piezoelectric LC-Elastomers
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polysiloxanes designed for high second-order nonlinear susceptibilities
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid-crystalline elastomers
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid-crystalline elastomers
 1994 Functional liquid crystalline polymers: ferroelectric polymers and liquid crystalline elastomers and ionomers
 1994 Influence of the Photoinducedisomerization of Azo-Compounds on the Dynamics of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1994 Infrared spectroscopic study of a phenyl benzoate side group-methacrylate main chain polymeric liquid crystal
 1994 Liquid crystalline elastomers - characterization as networks
 1994 Liquid crystalline polymers
 1994 Molecular characteristics of a polymer with mesogenic groups in the backbone and side chains in dilute solutions
 1994 Pyroelectric and electro-optical effects in the SmC phase of a polysiloxane liquid crystal
 1994 Structure-property relationships of 'diluted' ferroelectric polysiloxanes
 1994 X-ray investigations on liquid-crystalline copolysiloxanes for second-harmonic generation
 1995 A new opto-dielectric effect based on the photoisomerization of azo compounds in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Create ferroelectric liquid crystal elastomers
 1995 Dielectric spectroscopy of an aligned liquid crystalline side chain polymer using high pressures
 1995 Dimesogenic liquid crystalline oligosiloxanes
 1995 Direct observation of the main-chain conformation of a combined liquid-crystal polymer
Zentel, Rudolf (cont...)1995 Dye-containing SC* side-on/end-on copolymers
 1995 Electron Microscopic Investigations on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1995 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Oligosiloxanes
 1995 Ferroelectric liquid-crystalline elastomers with short switching times
 1995 Fourier-transform infrared study of the switching process in a ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymer
 1995 From Monomeric to Polymeric Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals - A Comparative Study of Ferroelectric Properties
 1995 From monomeric to polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystals a comparative study of ferroelectric properties
 1995 New ferrocene-containing copolyesters
 1995 Photo-crosslinking in freely suspended films of ferroelectric LC-polymers
 1995 Pyroelectric studies on liquid crystals
 1995 Redox active LC ionomers: LC ionomers as materials for compatible blends with amorphous ionomers
 1995 Second harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1996 Combined LC main chain/side chain polymers
 1996 Coupling of liquid crystalline and polymer network properties in LC-elastomers
 1996 Elastic deformation of a combined polymer nematic containing bimethylene fragments in the main chain
 1996 Ferroelectric LMM Organo-Siloxanes with Unusual High Tilt And Ps
 1996 Hydrodynamic properties and equilibrium rigidity of a combined mesogenic polymer containing bimethylene fragments in the main chain
 1996 Liquid Crystalline Ferrocene Containing Main Chain Polymers
 1996 Liquid crystalline main-chain polymers containing the ferrocene unit as a side group
 1996 Manipulation of the ferroelectricity in LC polymers via photomechanical isomerization of azobenzene moieties
Zentel, Rudolf (cont...)1996 Molecular tilt angle and order parameter of low molar mass ferroelectric liquid crystal using IR spectroscopy
 1996 Network Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1996 New perspectives for ferroelectric LC-polymers
 1996 Optical and electrooptical properties of combined mesogenic polymers in dilute solutions and the mesophase
 1996 Synthesis and properties of a new series of low-molar-mass organo-siloxane derivatives
 1997 4th Int. Symp. Polym. Adv. Technol., Leipzig
 1997 Ferroelectric block copolymers
 1997 Ferroelectric LC elastomers
 1997 Induced long-range order in crosslinked 'one-dimensional' stacks of fluid monolayers
 1997 Layered Nanostructures with LC-Polymers, Polyelectrolytes, and Inorganics
 1997 Liquid crystalline main-chain polymers containing the ferrocene unit as a side group. Part 2. Variation of the spacer length
 1997 Liquid-crystalline ionomers
 1997 Microphase stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal (MSFLC): bistable switching of FLC-coil diblock copolymers
 1997 Molecular Orientation and Dynamics of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Elastomers Investigated with Time Resolved FT-IR Spectroscopy
 1997 Ordering and mobility of ferroelectric liquid crystal dimer as studied by FT-IR spectroscopy with 2D-IR correlation analysis
 1997 Polymerized liquid crystal compositions containing cellulose derivatives
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