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Yzuel, Maria J.2008 Influence of the incident angle in the performance of LCoS displays
Yzuel, Maria Josefa1999 Optical architectures for real-time image processing and pattern recognition
 2006 Two applications of liquid crystal displays in diffractive optics under polychromatic illumination
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 2006 Quantum Smectic as a Dislocation Higgs Phase
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 1994 Novel Terminally Connected Oligomers
 1995 Trimeric and tetrameric liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1996 Chiral Allenes - New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Zab, Kerstin1994 Novel macrocyclic liquid crystal
 1995 Heterotrimeric liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1996 Liquid crystalline allene for optical display element
 1996 Liquid crystalline paracyclophane derivatives
 1996 Liquid-crystalline allene derivatives
 1998 Axial chiral liquid crystals. Synthesis of trisubstituted allenyl ethers
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Zaboronski, Oleg2002 Kang-Redner small-mass anomaly in cluster-cluster aggregation
 2003 Persistence properties of a system of coagulating and annihilating random walkers
 2004 Stationary Kolmogorov solutions of the Smoluchowski aggregation equation with a source term
 2004 Survival probability of a diffusing test particle in a system of coagulating and annihilating random walkers
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 1995 Comparison of the kinetics of crystallization of copolyester from the liquid crystalline states and from the isotropic states
 1995 Determination of the Chain Orientation in Liquid Crystalline Polymers by Means of Microfocus X-ray Scattering Measurements
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 1994 Investigation of the structural changes in high-speed spun yarns of polyamide 6 by means of WAXS employing synchrotron radiation
 1995 A comparative dielectric study on the molecular dynamics of the liquid crystalline and the amorphous state of copolyesters
 1995 Small-angle x-ray scattering from a thermotropic random copolymer during solid-state annealing
 1997 Investigation of phase transition in main chain liquid crystals: poly[tris(oxymethylethylene) oxycarbonyl-1,4-phenyleneoxy-terephthaloyloxy-1,4-phenylenecarbonyl]
 1998 Chain orientation in melt-extruded samples of Vectra A, Vectra B, and blends in relation to the mechanical properties
Zachowski, Alain1994 Rapid determination of the transbilayer distribution of NBD-phospholipids in erythrocyte membranes with dithionite
 1997 Drug-induced transmembrane lipid scrambling in erythrocytes and in liposomes requires the presence of polyanionic phospholipids
Zackrisson, M.2009 Peptide Nanotube Nematic Phase
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 2009 Subgel transition in diluted vesicular DODAB dispersions
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 1994 Effects of the length of side chain substituents on thermotropic behavior of poly(fluoroalkoxyphosphazene)s
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 2004 Adsorption Phenomena and Macroscopic Properties of Ferronematics Caused by Orientational Interactions
 2005 Monte Carlo Simulation of Ferronematic Suspensions with Three Elastic Constants
 2007 Inverse Frederiks Effect and Bistability in Ferronematic Cells
 2009 Theoretical modeling of ferronematic systems
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 1984 Thermochromic composition
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Zafarani-Moattar, Mohammed Taghi2007 Viscosity, Density, Speed of Sound, and Refractive Index of Binary Mixtures of Organic Solvent + Ionic Liquid, 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate at 298.15 K
Zafiropoulos, N.A.2009 Asymmetric oxadiazole mesogens as candidates for low-temperature biaxial nematics
Zafiropoulos, Nicholas A.2008 New All-Aromatic Liquid Crystal Architectures
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 1985 Optical hysteresis in liquid crystals with helicoidal distributed feedback
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 1988 Resonance-temperature optical hysteresis in liquid crystals
 1989 Investigation of the absorption and fluorescence dichroism of the cyanobiphenyls
 1989 Luminescence of the mesomorphic state of cyanobiphenyls
 1989 Optical bistability in systems with helicoidally distributed back coupling
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 1990 Spectral study of compounds with liquid-crystal properties
 1991 Concentration dependence of the optical characteristics of induced cholesterics
 1991 Self-diffusion vectors in impurity-induced cholesterics
 1992 Borrmann Effect in Dyed Cholesterics
 1992 Nonlinear Optical Effects in Doped Nematochyral Liquid Crystals
 1993 New subjects for photonic switching
 1993 Properties of dynamic holography grating in chiral liquid crystals
 1993 Spectral properties and structure of induced cholesteric liquid crystals
 1993 The anomalous light transmission in an impurity-doped nematic chiral liquid crystal
 1993 Transient grating optical nonlinearities of dye-doped cholesteric liquid crystals
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 1998 Enhanced photorefractive effects in a hybrid photoconducting polymer- liquid crystal panel
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Zahangir, Alam Md.2004 Discontinuous change in the helical pitch of cholesteric liquid crystals by photoisomerization of a chiral azobenzene molecule
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 2009 "Brick and Mortar" Strategy for the Formation of Highly Crystalline Mesoporous Titania Films from Nanocrystalline Building Blocks
 2009 Solvent-Free Ionic Liquid Electrolytes for Mesoscopic Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
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 1995 Statistical-mechanical theory of systems composed of interacting ellipsoidal molecules at a solid surface
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 1997 Statistical-mechanical calculations of the surface free energy and anchoring transitions
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 1998 Structural and elastic properties of the dipolar Gay-Berne model
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 2000 Structure and thermodynamics of liquid crystals near the boundary surfaces
 2001 Dielectric and elastic properties of liquid crystals
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 2002 Surface-induced smectic-ordering effect in thin nematic liquid-crystal cell
 2002 The influence of the micellar polymorphism in the field preceding the lyomesophases on the catalytic effect
 2002 Two Shear Flow Regimes in Nematic Liquid Crystals: Near a Charged Surface and in the Bulk
 2003 Flexoelectric Effect and Statistical Properties in Polar Liquid Crystals
 2003 Mixed micelles and microemulsions. Surface properties and catalytic effect
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 2004 Relaxation processes in Langmuir films under lateral compression
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 2008 Rotational self-diffusion coefficients in dipolar organic liquid crystal film on the solid surfaces
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 1986 Theory and simulation of freeze-fracture in cholesteric liquid crystals
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