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Catanescu, C.O.2004 Tailoring the physical properties of some high birefringence isothiocyanato-based liquid crystals
 2005 High birefringence liquid crystals for photonic applications
Catanescu, Carmen Otilia2002 High Birefringence Nematic Liquid Crystals for Display and Telecom Applications
 2008 Dynamics of phase separation and morphology of polymer stabilized liquid crystals
Catanescu, O.2004 Liquid crystalline polymers: 10: synthesis and thermal behavior of some polyethers containing a hexamethylenic spacer
 2005 Patterning a Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Thin Film Using a Liquid Crystalline Network
Catanescu, Otilia1998 Phase transfer catalysis in polycondensation processes. XX. Polyethers containing an oxetanic or propylenic spacer with potential liquid crystalline properties
 1998 Potentials for prediction of the generation capacity of liquid crystalline structures by using theoretical calculation
 1999 Conformational analyses of some semiflexible and flexible aromatic copolyethers
 1999 Liquid crystalline polymers. Part 9. Synthesis and thermal behavior of some oligomers containing a diethyletheric spacer
 2004 Synthesis and Thermal Properties of some Ferrocene Containing Liquid Crystals
 2005 Monosubstituted Ferrocene-Containing Liquid Crystals
 2006 High birefringence difluoroisothiocyanate biphenyl tolane liquid crystals
 2007 High Figure-of-Merit Laterally Fluorinated Biphenyltolane-Isothiocyanates
Catanescu, Otilia C.2004 Molecular engineering of high-birefringence liquid crystals
Catanescu, Otilla1998 Theories regarding polymer liquid crystals
Catani, L.2003 Search for the prewave zone effect in transition radiation
Catanoiu, G.2007 Liquid crystalline amphiphilic phosphine oxide metal complexes
 2008 Amphotropic inositol liquid crystals
Catanoiu, Gabriela2007 New Ethoxylated Inositol Surfactant
Catanzaro, Michele2004 Assortative model for social networks
Catchings, Robert M.1992 Liquid-crystalline solvents as mechanistic probes. 45. Norrish II reactions of liquid-crystalline ketones. Comparison between smectic B and solid-phase order and control of photoproduct distributions
 1996 Photopolymerization of Carbohydrate-Based Discotic Mesogens. Syntheses and Phase Properties of 1,2,3,4,6-Penta-O-(trans-3,4-dialkoxycinnamoyl)-(D)-glucopyranoses and Their Oligomers
Catellani, M.1997 Influence of molecular weight and regioregularity on the polymorphic behavior of poly(3-decylthiophenes)
Catellani, Marinella2002 Solid-State Optical and Structural Modifications Induced by Temperature in a Chiral Poly-3-alkylthiophene
 2006 Thermal characterization and annealing effects of polythiophene/fullerene photoactive layers for solar cells
 2009 Ordered Stacking of Regioregular Head-to-Tail Polyalkylthiophenes: Insights from the Crystal Structure of Form I' Poly(3-n-butylthiophene)
Catellani, Marta1992 Mesogenic aromatic esters with sulfur containing alkyl chains
Cates, D.M.1978 Abnormal densities obtained by liquid crystallization of thin poly(ethylene terephthalate) films
Cates, M.E.1989 Effects of polydispersity in the end-grafted polymer brush
 1989 Role of shear in the isotropic-to-lamellar transition
 1990 Hexagonal and lamellar mesophases induced by shear
 1990 Hydrodynamic modes and topology in microemulsions and L3 phases
 1990 Role of shear in the isotropic to lamellar transition
 1990 The sponge state: A striking isotropic liquid phase
 1991 Shear induced order in dilute lamellar systems
 1991 The effect of adsorbed polymer on the elastic moduli of surfactant bilayers
 1992 Sponge phases
 1992 Vesicles and onion phases in dilute surfactant solutions
 1993 Transesterification in nematic polymers
 1994 The isotropic-to-nematic transition in semi-flexible micellar solutions
 1994 Viscoelasticity of lyotropic smectics
 1996 Nonmonotonic Constitutive Laws and the Formation of Shear-Banded Flows
 1996 Viscoelasticity of the Onion Phase
 1998 Swelling and Dissolution of Lamellar Phases: Role of Bilayer Organization
 2000 Dynamics of Interface Instabilities in Nonionic Lamellar Phases
 2000 Orientation fluctuation-induced spinodal decomposition in polymer-liquid-crystal mixtures
 2000 Persistence exponents in a three-dimensional symmetric binary fluid mixture
 2001 Spinodal Decompositions Driven by Orientation Fluctuations
Cates, M.E. (cont...)2001 Swelling kinetics of the onion phase
 2002 Non-uniformities in polymer/liquid crystal mixtures I. Interfacial tension
 2002 Non-uniformities in polymer/liquid crystal mixtures II. Nematic nucleation
 2002 Rheological chaos in a scalar shear-thickening model
 2003 Model fluid in a porous medium: Results for a Bethe lattice
 2003 Possible New Phase of Antagonistic Nematogens in a Disorienting Field
 2003 Role of inertia in two-dimensional deformation and breakdown of a droplet
 2004 Solvable senescence model with positive mutations
 2006 Rheology of giant micelles
 2008 Shearing Active Gels Close to the Isotropic-Nematic Transition
 2009 Lattice Boltzmann simulations of liquid crystalline fluids: active gels and blue phases
Cates, Michael E.1994 Growth, Static Light Scattering, and Spontaneous Ordering of Rodlike Micelles
 1994 Transient electric birefringence in solutions of self-assembled rods
 2003 Simulation study of nonergodicity transitions: Gelation in colloidal systems with short-range attractions
 2005 Formation of Self-Supporting Reversible Cellular Networks in Suspensions of Colloids and Liquid Crystals
Cates, Mike1999 Simulation of amphiphilic mesophases using dissipative particle dynamics
Cathcart, H.2008 Large Populations of Individual Nanotubes in Surfactant-Based Dispersions without the Need for Ultracentrifugation
Cathell, M.D.2007 Structurally Colored Thin Films of Ca2+-Cross-Linked Alginate
Catherall, A.T.2003 Surface instabilities on liquid oxygen in an inhomogeneous magnetic field
Cathey, David A.2000 Rapid annealing of powder phosphors for use in display devices
Cathey, W. Thomas1993 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal-based binary optical memory employing feedback
 1997 Reducing the pixel density required for three-dimensional wavefront-modulating and two-dimensional displays
Cathey, W.T.1987 Polarization-based optical parallel logic gate utilizing ferroelectric liquid crystals
Caticha-Ellis, S.1968 The crystal and molecular structure of 4,4'-dibromo- and 4,4'-dichlorodibenzoyl peroxide
Caticha, Ariel2004 Maximum entropy and Bayesian data analysis: Entropic prior distributions
Caticha, Nestor2003 Dynamics of the evolution of learning algorithms by selection
 2003 Superparamagnetic segmentation by excitable neural systems
Cativiela, C.1984 Synthesis of precursors of liquid crystals. New mixed azines with 5-membered heterocyclic rings
Cativiela, Carlos1991 An hexagonal columnar mesophase in half-disk-shaped thallium (I) complexes
 1992 A Hexagonal Columnar Mesophase in Half-Disk-Shaped Thallium (I) Complexes
 1992 Mesogenic behavior in some pyrazole and isoxazole derivatives
 1994 Self-Assembling Columnar Organization in Thallium(I) β-Diketonates: From Crystalline Phases to Liquid Crystals
 1995 Synthesis of 3-Substituted Pentane-2,4-Diones: Valuable Intermediates For Liquid Crystals
Catlow, C. Richard A.2008 Solid Phases of Cyclopentane: Combined Experimental and Simulation Study
Cato, Anthony D.2005 Steady state and transient rheological behavior of mesophase pitch, Part I: Experiment
Caton, F.2008 Yielding and Aging in Sheared Lyotropic Phases of Interconnected Bilayers
 2009 Aging and yielding in a sheared AOT/iso-octane/water lyotropic lamellar phase
Catry, C.1991 Discotic Liquid Crystals at the Air Water Interface
 1992 Mono- multilayers made from discotic liquid crystals
 1994 Conductivity and photoconductivity in nanosize conductors
Catry, Christian1993 Conductivity and photoconductivity of undoped and doped Langmuir-Blodgett films of a polymer with hexaalkoxytriphenylene side-groups
Cattani-Scholz, Anna2003 Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy of Azobenzene Polymers: Switching Elasticity of Single Photochromic Macromolecules
Catterall, Simon M.1996 The flat phase of crystalline membranes
Cattey, H.1992 Amphiphilic cholesteric liquid crystals prepared from the quaternary ammonium surfactant S-(-)-1-hexadecyl-1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinemethanol bromide
 1994 An inversion of chirality at a chiral micelle surface
Cattey, Helene1993 Chiral ionbinding in amphiphilic cholesteric liquid crystals
Cattuto, C.2006 Fluctuation-Induced Casimir Forces in Granular Fluids
Caturla, Nuria2005 Differential effects of oleuropein, a biophenol from Olea europaea, on anionic and zwiterionic phospholipid model membranes
Caucheteux, C.1984 Local molecular order in the glassy crystalline phase of cyanoadamantane: diffuse X-ray scattering analysis
 1988 Kinetics of ordering and cluster stability: nondiffusive transformation in a glassy crystal
Cauletti, C.1985 Electronic Structure and Free-Energy Relationships for Some 4-Substituted 4-Dimethylamino trans-Stilbenes by U.V. Photoelectron Spectroscopy
Caulfield, H. John1996 Experimental demonstration of a two-stage binary optical time delay system
Caulfield, H.J.1971 Optical contrast enhancement in liquid crystal devices by spatial filtering
 1983 The applications of silicon liquid crystal light valves to optical data processing
Cauquil-Vergnes, Aude2006 Non-standard electroconvection with Hopf-bifurcation in a nematic with negative electric anisotropies
Caurel, Enric Garcia2003 A Mueller polarimetric imaging system for biomedical applications
Caurel, Jean1993 Transmission electron microscopy analysis of the hydrothermal alteration products of R7T7 nuclear waste glass at 250°C
Causin, Valerio2005 Crystallization and Melting Behavior of Poly(3-butylthiophene), Poly(3-octylthiophene), and Poly(3-dodecylthiophene)
 2009 Effect of asymmetric substitution on the mesomorphic behaviour of low-melting viologen salts of bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)amide
Causley, G.C.1976 The vacuum ultraviolet spectrum of bromosilane
Cauwenberghs, Gert1999 Adaptive wavefront correction using a VLSI implementation of the parallel gradient descent algorithm
 1999 Adaptive wavefront correction: a hybrid VLSI/optical system implementing parallel stochastic gradient descent
Cava, Frank James2004 Shade-free light control system and method
Cava, R.J.1986 Audio frequency dielectric response of the liquid-crystal CE8 in chiral and racemic forms
 1987 Thin-cell dielectric response of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2002 Multiple Field-Induced Phase Transitions in the Geometrically Frustrated Dipolar Magnet: Gd2Ti2O7
Cava, Robert J.1995 Growing transparent conductive gallium indium oxide films by sputtering, and liquid-crystal display using the films
Cavada, J. Lopez2004 Spontaneous acoustic emission of a corrugated shock wave in the presence of a reflecting surface
Cavagna, Andrea2003 Supersymmetric complexity in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick model
 2005 Viscoelasticity and Metastability Limit in Supercooled Liquids
Cavagnat, D.2008 Organization of ß-Cyclodextrin under Pure Cholesterol, DMPC, or DMPG and Mixed Cholesterol/Phospholipid Monolayers
Cavagnat, R.M.1987 Vibrational dephasing under fractional ("stretched") exponential modulation in a liquid crystal system
Cavagnat, Raymond M.1988 Molecular motion and clustering in mesophases, liquid, and solutions of 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
Cavagnero, Silvia1999 Improved low pH bicelle system for orienting macromolecules over a wide temperature range
Cavaille, J.Y.2005 New Nanocomposite Materials Reinforced with Cellulose Whiskers in Atactic Polypropylene: Effect of Surface and Dispersion Characteristics
Cavaille, Jean-Yves2002 Rodlike Cellulose Whiskers Coated with Surfactant: A Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Characterization
Cavalcante, Ary O.2004 Molecular dynamics simulation of the squarate anion in acetonitrile solution
Cavalcante, Hugo L. de S.2002 Averages and critical exponents in type-III intermittent chaos
Cavalcanti, L.P.2004 Two new sealed sample cells for small angle x-ray scattering from macromolecules in solution and complex fluids using synchrotron radiation
 2007 In situ X-ray and neutron diffraction study of lipid membrane swelling
Cavalcanti, Leide P.2007 X-ray diffraction from paclitaxel-loaded zwitterionic and cationic model membranes
Cavalcanti, S.B.2003 Soliton propagation in a medium with Kerr nonlinearity and resonant impurities: A variational approach
Cavalcanti, W.2004 Growth model with a finite number of orientations on a linear substrate
Cavaleri, L.2004 Observation of strongly non-Gaussian statistics for random sea surface gravity waves in wave flume experiments
Cavalier, Jean-Francois1999 Inhibition of human gastric and pancreatic lipases by chiral alkylphosphonates. A kinetic study with 1,2-didecanoyl-sn-glycerol monolayer
Cavalieri, Stefano2001 Light emission: A temperature-tunable random laser
 2002 Temperature-controlled random laser action in liquid crystal infiltrated systems
 2004 Quasi-Two-Dimensional Diffusive Random Laser Action
Cavalleri, G.2003 Comment on "Analog of Planck's formula and effective temperature in classical statistical mechanics far from equilibrium"
Cavalleri, Ornella2009 The two-fold aspect of the interplay of amyloidogenic proteins with lipid membranes
Cavalleri, P.1997 Synthesis and polycondensation of novel nitroaromatic monomers. 2. Wholly ordered polymers of N,N'-bis(4-amino-3-nitrophenyl)terephthalamide and N,N'-bis[4-((4-amino-3-nitrophenyl)carbamoyl)phenyl]terephthalamide
Cavalleri, Piero1997 Tailored Rigid-Flexible Block Copolymers. 3. Fate of the Flexible Block within the Mesophase
 1998 Tailored rigid-flexible block copolymers. Part 4. Synthesis and properties of diblocks of poly(p-benzamide) and poly(m-benzamide)
Cavalli, A.2001 Using an effective surface charge to explain surface potentials of Langmuir monolayers from dialkyldimethylammonium halides with the Gouy–Chapman theory
Cavalli, C.1998 New mesomorphic compounds with a delocalized electronic structure
Cavalli, Chantal1999 New Liquid Crystalline Conjugated Derivatives of 3,3'-Bipyridine as Components for Optoelectronic Materials
 2002 Columnar Mesophase from a New Disclike Mesogen Based on a 3,5-Dicyano-2,4,6-tristyrylpyridine Core
 2004 Self-assembled Columnar Mesophase from a New Disclike Polar Mesogen Based on a 3,5-Dicyano-2,4,6-Tristyrylpyridine Core
Cavallini, M.2002 Supramolecular Organization of α,α'-Disubstituted Sexithiophenes
Cavallini, Massimiliano2005 Field-Effect Transistors Based on Self-Organized Molecular Nanostripes
 2007 Field Effect Transistors with Organic Semiconductor Layers Assembled from Aqueous Colloidal Nanocomposites
 2007 Solid-state assemblies and optical properties of conjugated oligomers combining fluorene and thiophene units
 2008 Monolayer Control of Discotic Liquid Crystal by Electromigration of Dewetted Layers in Thin Film Devices
 2009 Lithographic Alignment of Discotic Liquid Crystals: A New Time-Temperature Integrating Framework
Cavallini, S.2005 Studies on the Apoptotic Activity of Natural and Synthetic Retinoids: Discovery of a New Class of Synthetic Terphenyls That Potently Support Cell Growth and Inhibit Apoptosis in Neuronal and HL-60 Cells
Cavallito, Chester J.1949 Ring Substituted Benzoylacrylic Acids as Antibacterial Agents
Cavalu, S.2003 Rotational Correlation Times of 3-Carbamoyl-2,2,5,5-tetramethyl-3-pyrrolin-1-yloxy Spin Label with Respect to Heme and Nonheme Proteins
Cavanagh, H.D.2006 In-vivo microvasculature visualization using hyperspectral imaging
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Cavanaugh, J.R.1988 19F-Nuclear magnetic resonance of fluorine-labeled fatty acids in phospholipid bilayer vesicles
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Cavanaugh, Shanti2000 Liquid crystal technology development for telecommunication applications
Cavatorta, F.1977 Raman and calorimetric evidences for the existence of three solid modifications in EBBA
 1978 Raman and calorimetric investigations of fast quenched 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
 1978 Raman, infrared and calorimetric investigations of solid phases formed by 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
 1979 Raman, infrared and calorimetric investigations of the unstable modifications formed by fast cooling of the mesophase
 1980 Spectroscopic and thermodynamic investigations of the polymorphism of the solid state of liquid crystals
 1981 IR, FIR, Raman and thermodynamic investigations of p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids in their solid, mesomorphic and isotropic phases
Cavatorta, Paolo1983 Fluorescence depolarization in liquid crystals and membrane bilayers
 1999 Kinetics of the interaction of myelin basic protein with phospholipid layers
Cavazza, Barbara1997 Polyarylates based on 3,4'-disubstituted benzophenones
 2001 Polyacetylenes Bearing Mesogenic Side Groups: Synthesis and Properties, 1. Mesogenic Substituents with a Short Flexible Spacer
Cavazza, M.1992 QENS and NMR investigation of molecular diffusion in the nematic phase of EBBA
 1992 Synthesis and 2H-NMR Spectra of 2-(p-heptylbenzoyloxy)-5-(p-heptylbenzenazo)tropone: A Sigmatropic Liquid Crystal
 1993 Deuteron NMR spectra of 2-(p-heptylbenzoyloxy)-5-(p-heptylbenzenazo)tropone: a new sigmatropic liquid crystal
 1996 Liquid crystals showing a molecular rearrangement: a dynamic NMR study of a 2-benzoyloxytropone mesogen
 2000 2H NMR spectroscopy of liquid crystals: structure and orientational order of a chiral smectogen in its A, C* and J* phases
Cavazza, Marino1995 Liquid crystals showing a molecular rearrangement: a dynamic NMR study of a 2-acyloxytropone mesogen and two related compounds
 1998 Photochemistry of some 2,5-substituted tropone mesogens
Cave, G.1997 An outline of properties relating to air/water activity and self-assembly of 1-deoxy-1-S-n-alkyl-D,L-xylitol derivatives
 1997 Physicochemical properties of a novel series of amphiphilic sugar-based molecules: 1-O-n-alkyl-D,L-xylitols
 1999 Effects of tail alkyl chain length (n), head group structure and junction (Z) on amphiphilic properties of 1-Z-R-d,l-xylitol compounds (R=CnH2n+1)
Cave, G.W.V.2000 Chiral cyclopalladated liquid crystals from amino acids
Cave, Gareth W.V.1997 Cyclopalladated acac and cp liquid crystals: a comparative study
 1998 Cyclopalladated Schiff's base liquid crystals: the effect of the acac group on the thermal behavior
Cavella, Silvana1990 Transient and steady-state rheology of a liquid crystalline hydroxypropylcellulose solution
Caveney, S.1969 Scarabaeid beetle exocuticle as an optical analog of cholesteric liquid crystals
Cavero, E.2002 Helical Columnar Organisations from Polycatenar Metallomesogens
Cavero, Emma2003 Supramolecular Helical Stacking of Metallomesogens Derived from Enantiopure and Racemic Polycatenar Oxazolines
 2006 Supramolecular Structures and Columnar Mesophase Induction in Nondiscoid Pyrazoles by Complexation to Rhodium(I)
 2007 Bent-Core Liquid Crystals from Roof-Shaped Boron Coordination Compounds: Synthesis, Characterization, Dielectric, and Electro-Optic Studies
 2007 Optoelectronic Devices Based on Mesomorphic, Highly Polarizable 1,3,5-Trisalkynyl Benzenes
 2007 Roof-shaped pyrazaboles as a structural motif for bent-core liquid crystals.
 2008 Biphenyl-based disc- vs. rod-shaped phenylacetylenes: mesomorphism and electronic properties
 2009 Self-Assembly in Helical Columnar Mesophases and Luminescence of Chiral 1H-Pyrazoles
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 1987 Dilatometric and thermobarometric measurements of truxene derivatives exhibiting inverted and reentrant sequences
 1989 Two families of trithiatruxene derivatives
Cazabat, A.M.1989 Molecular layering in the spreading of wetting liquid drops
 1996 Conventional and non-conventional spreading of a mesogenic material
 1996 Wetting and anchoring of a nematic liquid crystal on a rough surface
 1998 Wetting Transition and Divergence of the Extrapolation Length near the Nematic-Isotropic Transition
 1999 Organization of cyanobiphenyl liquid crystal molecules in prewetting films spreading on silicon wafers
 1999 Thin Nematic Films: Metastability And Spinodal Dewetting
 2001 Binary Separation in Very Thin Nematic Films: Thickness and Phase Coexistence
 2002 Defect-induced perturbations of atomic monolayers on solid surfaces
 2005 Spontaneous Spreading of Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2009 Thin Nematic Films on Liquid Substrates
Cazabat, Anne Marie1998 Study of Liquid Crystal Prewetting Films by Atomic Force Microscopy in Tapping Mode
Cazabat, Anne-Marie1990 Statics and Dynamics of Wetting
 1997 Surface induced effects in liquid crystals: a microscopic study
 2001 The role of long range forces in the stability of nematic films
 2002 Binary Separation in Very Thin Nematic Films: Thickness and Phase Coexistence
 2008 Nematic Pancakes Revisited
Cazacu, Maria2006 Kinetics of the nematic ordered phase growth during a temperature quench of an isotropic siloxane-azomethine polymer
 2006 New Organometallic Polymers by Polycondensation of Ferrocene and Siloxane Derivatives
 2006 New Siloxane-Organic Polyesters with Azobenzene Side Chains. Synthesis, Thermotropic Behavior and Surface Properties
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Cazes, Albert N.1999 Color calibration of liquid crystal displays
 2001 Implementation of a color calibration method for liquid crystal displays
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Cazorla, C.2005 Characterization of the retardance of a wave plate to increase the robustness of amplitude-only and phase-only modulations of a liquid crystal display
Cazzanelli, E.1999 Asymmetric electrooptical response in a liquid crystal cell containing a layer of amorphous tungsten trioxide
 1999 Insertion of thin films of WO3 in liquid crystal cells
 1999 Polarity sensitive electro-optical response in liquid crystal devices due to ionic diffusion in WO3 thin films
 2000 Electrical and electro-optical investigations of liquid crystal cells containing WO3 thin films
 2001 SOL-GEL Synthesis and Characterization of TiO2 and TiO2-V2O5 Films for Electrode in Asymmetric Liquid Crystal Cells
 2002 Electrical and electro-optical investigations of liquid crystal cells containing TiO2–V2O5 thin films prepared by sol–gel synthesis
 2004 Photopolarimetric investigations of liquid crystals–electrochromic oxides interface
 2005 Asymmetric Response to Electric Field in Nematic Liquid Crystal Cells Containing Vanadium Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Sol-Gel Synthesis
 2005 Changes of the electro-optic response of nematic liquid crystal cells due to inserted titania-vanadia films
 2005 Characterization of Tungsten Trioxide Thin Film Deposited by Spin Coating and the Effect on Their Insertion in Liquid Crystal Cells
 2007 Asymmetric nematic liquid crystal cells containing lead zirconium titanate (PZT) films
 2007 Proton Presence and Motion in Rhenium-Oxide Films and Their Application to Liquid-Crystalline Cells
 2008 Morphological and electrical investigations of lead zirconium titanate thin films obtained by sol-gel synthesis on indium tin oxide electrodes
Cazzanelli, Enzo2002 Method for fabrication of electrooptical nematic elements
Cea, Pilar2007 Preparation and Characterization of Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett Films from a Nitrile-Terminated Tolan
 2007 Spectroscopic Characterization and Langmuir-Blodgett Films of a Novel Azopolymer Material
 2008 Supramolecular Architecture in Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett Films Incorporating a Chiral Azobenzene
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 2007 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of nCB series
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Cebe, James J.2001 Synthesis and characterization of poly(pyridinium salt)s with organic counterion exhibiting both lyotropic liquid-crystalline and light-emitting properties
 2001 Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(pyridinium salt)s with Organic Counterion Exhibiting Both Lyotropic Liquid-Crystalline and Light-Emitting Properties
 2002 Main-chain viologen polymers with organic counterions exhibiting thermotropic liquid-crystalline and fluorescent properties
 2002 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters of 4,4'-biphenol and phenyl-substituted 4,4'-biphenols with 4,4'-oxybisbenzoic acid
 2003 Ambient temperature thermotropic liquid crystalline viologen bis(triflimide) salts
 2006 Synthesis and characterization of ionic liquids: viologen bislcubtetrakis[3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)phenyl]boratercub salts
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 1994 Crystallization of Monotropic Liquid Crystalline Polycarbonates Based on a Methylstilbene Mesogen and a Methylene-Containing Flexible Spacer
 1994 Synthesis of new stilbene-based polycarbonates
 1995 Wide-angle X-ray scattering study of liquid crystalline polycarbonates based α-methyl stilbene mesogen and methylene-containing flexible spacer
Cebe, Peggy1990 Melting behavior of high-performance composite matrix polymers: poly(phenylene sulfide)
 1990 Melting behavior of high-performance polymers: poly(phenylene sulfide)
 1992 Crystallization and melting of cold-crystallized poly(phenylene sulfide)
 1992 Effect of zone drawing on blends of NEW-TPI polyimide and Xydar liquid-crystalline polymer
 1992 Melting behavior of poly(phenylene sulfide). 1. Single-stage melt crystallization
 1992 Melting behavior of poly(phenylene sulfide). 2. Multiple-stage melt crystallization
 1992 Preliminary characterization of stilbene-substituted liquid crystal polycarbonates
 1993 Processing of semicrystalline polymers
 1994 Zone drawn NEW-TPI thermoplastic polyimide and its blends with Xydar liquid crystalline polymer
 1995 Small-angle x-ray scattering study of liquid crystalline polycarbonates based on α-methyl stilbene mesogen and methylene-containing flexible spacer
 1996 Photo-induced surface alignment of nematic liquid crystals on polyamide-imide layers
 1996 Polyamide-imide films as liquid crystal photo-alignment layers
 1996 X-ray scattering and thermal analysis study of the effects of molecular weight on phase structure in blends of poly(butylene terephthalate) with polycarbonate
 1996 X-ray scattering and thermal characterization of α,β-dimethyl stilbene polycarbonates
 1997 Alignment of nematic liquid crystals on photo-irradiated polyamide-imide surfaces
 1997 Thermal transition in liquid crystal alignment layer films
 1998 Alignment layer relaxation - a technique for assessing thermal transitions in polymer films
 1998 Real-time SAXS and thermal analysis study of multiple melting behavior in peek
 1999 Effects of melt processing on evolution of structure in PEEK
 2000 Simultaneous in-situ SAXS and WAXS study of crystallization and melting behavior of metallocene isotactic poly(propylene)
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 1995 Liquid magnetic stripe patterns and undulation instabilities
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 2004 Bending of flexible magnetic rods
 2004 Bidirectional random motion driven by globally coupled noisy active elements in an electric field
 2004 Dynamics of a flexible magnetic chain in a rotating magnetic field
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Ceccarini, Marina1984 Characterization of thermotropic structural transitions of the erythrocyte membrane: a biochemical and electron-paramagnetic resonance approach
 1984 Role of membrane thermotropic properties on hypotonic hemolysis and hypertonic cryohemolysis of human red blood cells
 1986 Spectrin involvement in a 40°C structural transition of the red blood cell membrane
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