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Yao, H.1993 High-resolution calorimetric study of the antiferroelectric liquid crystals methylheptyloxycarbonylphenyl octyloxybiphenyl carboxylate and its octylcarbonylbiphenyl analog
 1998 Conf. Jpn. Liq. Cryst. Soc., Osaka
 2002 Anomalous behaviours of the heat capacity in a liquid crystal showing a re-entrant isotropic phase
 2004 Experimental investigations of one liquid-crystal compound exhibiting the no-layer-shrinkage effect near the Sm-A-Sm-C* transition
 2004 Optical, resonant X-ray scattering, and calorimetric investigations of two liquid crystal compounds exhibiting the SmA-SmCa*-SmC* transitions
 2006 Appearance of a Liquid Crystalline Nematic-Isotropic Critical Point in a Mixture System of Rod- and Bent-Shaped Molecules
Yao, Haruhiko1992 Time-resolved x-ray diffraction and calorimetric studies at low scan rates. II. On the fine structure of the phase transitions in hydrated dipalmitoylphosphatidylethanolamine
 1993 Complex Calorimeter with AC- and Relaxation-Mode Operation
 1994 Heat capacity of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Critical behavior of heat capacity at the smectic-Cα-smectic-A transition of the antiferroelectric liquid crystal methylheptyloxycarbonylphenyl octyloxybiphenylcarboxylate (MHPOBC)
 1995 Dynamic heat capacity at the gel to liquid-crystalline phase transition in large unilamellar vesicles of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine in the ultralow frequency region
 1995 Effect of vesicle size on the heat capacity anomaly at the gel to liquid-crystalline phase transition in unilamellar vesicles of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine
 1995 Smectic-C-smectic-I critical point in a liquid crystal mixture: static and dynamic thermal behavior
 1996 Critical heat capacity of antiferroelectric liquid crystal 12BIMF10
 1996 Crossover from XY critical to tricritical behavior of heat capacity at the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C liquid-crystal transition
 1996 Gaussian tricritical behavior of heat capacity at the smectic-A-smectic-C liquid crystal transition
 1996 Non-Landau critical behavior of heat capacity at the smectic-A-smectic-Cα* transition of the antiferroelectric liquid crystal methylheptyloxycarbonylphenyl octyloxycarbonylbiphenylcarboxylate
 1997 Effect of chain length on the heat-capacity anomaly at the gel to liquid-crystalline phase transition in unilamellar vesicles of phosphatidylcholines
 1997 Gaussian tricritical behavior of heat capacity at the smectic-A-smectic-C liquid crystal transition in a racemic mixture of 4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4'-octyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate
 1998 Crossover from XY critical to tricritical behavior of heat capacity at the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C liquid -crystal transition
 1998 Nonadiabatic scanning calorimeter
 2000 Critical heat anomaly in frustoelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Effect of optical purity on the critical heat capacity at the smectic-A-(chiral)-smectic-C transition in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 2001 AC calorimetric investigations of heat anomaly in frustoelectric liquid crystals
 2002 Second-Order Behabior of Heat Capacity and Density at the Lc-Lc Phase Transition of DLPC
 2003 Cubic and blue phases in a fluorine-containing dichiral compound
Yao, Haruhiko (cont...)2006 Freeze-fracture electron microscopic observation of B4 phase in P-8-O-PIMB
 2006 Measurements of dielectric dispersion on liquid crystals showing de Vries SmA*-SmC* phase transition
 2007 Freeze-fracture microscopic observation of Sm-I* phases in antiferroelectric liquid crystal MHPOBC and its analogs
 2007 Measurement of heat capacity anomaly in mixtures of banana- and rod-shaped liquid crystal molecules
 2007 Observation of B4 phase in P-8-O-PIMB by freeze-fracture technology _II_
 2008 Critical behavior of de Vries smectic A-C phase transition studied by high-resolution calorimetric and dielectric measurements
 2008 Study of Dielectric Dispersion in Non-Layer-Shrinkage Liquid Crystal Compounds
 2009 Thermodynamic symptom of coexistence of two aggregation modes in the Im3m cubic phase formed in thermotropic mesogen, ANBC(n)
 2010 Critical Behavior at the SmC*α-SmC* Phase Transition Studied by High Sensitivity DSC
Yao, Hiroshi2003 Superstructures of Mesoscopic Monomolecular Sheets of Thiacyanine J Aggregates in Solution
 2004 Large birefringence of single J aggregate nanosheets of thiacyanine dye in solution
Yao, Hong-Bin2009 Synthesis of Unique Ultrathin Lamellar Mesostructured CoSe2-Amine (Protonated) Nanobelts in a Binary Solution
Yao, Hongxi2006 Synthesis and characterization of polyurea-imides
Yao, I-An2004 Direction-tunable cholesteric phase gratings
 2004 Observation of Electric-Field-Driven Modulated Textures in Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Cells
 2004 Relaxation of a field-unwound cholesteric liquid crystal
 2009 Bistability of splay and pi twist states in a chiral-doped dual frequency liquid crystal cell
Yao, J.2002 Fabricating Ordered Voids in a Colloidal Crystal Film-Substrate System by Using Organic Liquid Patterns as Templates
 2004 Structures of Bombyx mori and Samia cynthia ricini Silk Fibroins Studied with Solid-State NMR
Yao, Jia2006 Interaction between Silicates and Ionic Surfactants in Dilute Solution
Yao, Jian-Nian2000 Characterization of the optical size-dependence of pyrazolines nanocrystals
 2002 Self-assembled organic-inorganic composite superlattice thin films incorporating photo- and electrochemically active phosphomolybdate anion
Yao, Jian-Quan2004 Color-tunable organic thin film light emitting devices based on heterostructure
 2007 Research of magneto-optical rotation of liquid crystal
 2008 Terahertz liquid crystal tunable filter
Yao, Jianxi2009 Surfactant-Free Synthesis of Macroporous TiO2 Films by a Photopolymerization-Induced Phase-Separation Method
Yao, Jie2009 Self-Assembly of Rod-Coil-Rod Triblock Copolymer and Homopolymer Blends
Yao, Jingxia2006 Multivalent Metal Ion Induced Vesicle Aggregation in Aqueous Polyelectrolyte-surfactant System
Yao, Jun2006 Study on the aqueous two-phase system of cationic and anionic surfactant mixture
 2009 Liquid crystal adaptive optics system for unpolarized light
Yao, Junbin2000 The tribological performance of nematic liquid crystal 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl (5CB) as a lubricant additive
 2001 Nano-tribological properties and mechanisms of the liquid crystal as an additive
Yao, Junbing2000 Tribological behavior of liquid crystal compound
Yao, Kai2009 A novel type of optically active helical liquid crystalline polymers: Synthesis and characterization of poly(p-phenylene)s containing terphenyl mesogen with different terminal groups
 2009 Synthesis and Helical Conformation of Novel Optically Active Liquid Crystalline Poly(p-phenylene)s Containing Cyanoterphenyl Mesogen as Pendant
Yao, Kangde2005 Liquid crystalline biomacromolecules
Yao, Kenji1989 Polyacetylene Film with Fibrils Aligned across the Thickness Synthesized with a Liquid Crystalline Catalyst under Magnetic Field
Yao, Li-Shuang2006 Alignment Behavior of Liquid Crystals on the Crosslinked Film of Monomers with Fluorinated Groups
 2006 Effect of Molecular Weight on Liquid Crystal Photoalignment by Photosensitive Polyester Containing Thrifluoromethyl Moieties
 2006 Investigation of Photoalignment Films of Liquid Crystal Based on a Photosensitive Self-Assembled Monolayer Film
 2007 A novel vertical alignment technology for nematic liquid crystals based on electrostatic self-assembled method
 2007 Influence of molecular mass on the liquid crystal alignment of photosensitive fluorinated polyester films
 2007 Spectral studies on liquid crystal photoalignment film of photosensitive monomer with fluorinated groups
 2008 A novel photoalignment film for ferroelectric liquid crystal based on self-assembled monolayer method
 2008 Fabrication of a Mono-Domain Alignment Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Device Using a Polar Self-Assembled Monolayer
 2008 Photoinduced liquid crystal alignment by layer-by-layer ultrathin films with dual photoreaction moieties
 2009 A New Type of Hydrogen-Bonded LBL Photoalignment Film for Liquid Crystal
 2009 Photoalignment of liquid crystals in a hydrogen-bonding-directed layer-by-layer ultrathin film
Yao, Li-zhong1999 Synthesis of boron-substituted polyaromatic mesophase
Yao, Lihua2005 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of fluorinated phenyl 4-[(4-n-alkoxy-2,3-difluorophenyl)ethynyl]benzoates
Yao, Lishan2007 Modulating Protein Alignment in a Liquid-Crystalline Medium through Conservative Mutagenesis
 2008 Liquid Crystalline Phase of G-Tetrad DNA for NMR Study of Detergent-Solubilized Proteins
 2008 NMR Determination of Amide N-H Equilibrium Bond Length from Concerted Dipolar Coupling Measurements
 2009 Chemical Shift Anisotropy of Imino 15N Nuclei in Watson-Crick Base Pairs from Magic Angle Spinning Liquid Crystal NMR and Nuclear Spin Relaxation
 2010 Site-Specific Backbone Amide 15N Chemical Shift Anisotropy Tensors in a Small Protein from Liquid Crystal and Cross-Correlated Relaxation Measurements
Yao, Ming-Long1998 Rheo-dielectric behavior of low molecular weight liquid crystals. Part 1. Behavior of nematic 5CB and 7CB
 1999 Rheo-dielectric behavior of low molecular weight liquid crystal. Part 2. Behavior of 8CB in nematic and smectic states
Yao, N.1997 Formation of a silicate L3 phase with continuously adjustable pore sizes
 1997 Titanium Dioxide-Surfactant Mesophases and Ti-TMS1
 2000 Silica Gels with Tunable Nanopores through Templating of the L3 Phase
Yao, N.-Y.1996 '96 PRC Flat Panel Symp., Beijing
 1996 '96 PRC Flat Panel Symp., Beijing
Yao, Nai-Yan1980 A new synthetic method of phenylcyclohexane-type liquid crystal compounds and study of electrooptic characteristic of the mixtures.
 1984 Stability of liquid crystall mixed systems
 1997 New synthetic method for 4-alkylcyclohexanones as intermediates of liquid crystals
 1997 Performance-improved photo-driven liquid crystal cell using azobenzene-grafted ladderlike polysiloxane as command layer
 1999 New synthesis method for trifluoromethyl aromatic ring compounds as liquid crystal materials
Yao, Nan2000 Disorder-Order Transition in Mesoscopic Silica Thin Films
Yao, Ning1997 Electrorheological Behavior of Side-Chain Liquid -Crystalline Polysiloxanes in Nematic Solvents
 1998 Electrorheological creep response of tumbling nematics
 1998 Transient Shear Flow Behavior of Dilute Solutions of Side-Chain Liquid - Crystalline Polysiloxanes in 4,4'-(n-Pentyloxy)cyanobiphenyl
 1999 Twist Viscosity of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polysiloxanes in a Nematic Solvent
 2000 Twist Viscosity of a Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polysiloxane Dissolved in a Tumbling Nematic Solvent
 2006 Conformation of comb-like liquid crystal polymers in isotropic solution probed by small-angle neutron scattering
Yao, Po-Hung2008 Microlens array homogenizer for laser illuminated projector
 2009 Double side lenslet array for illumination optics of laser projector
Yao, Qing-Qing1993 Synthesis and phase behavior of liquid crystalline 4'-alkyloxy-4-hydroxybiphenyls
 1993 Synthesis of nonspacer side chain liquid crystalline polymethacrylates by group transfer polymerization
 1995 Synthesis of N-(p-methacryloyloxybenzylidene)-p-aminobiphenyl
 1996 Synthesis and characterization of biphenyl-Schiff base side chain liquid crystal polymethacrylate
 1996 Synthesis and characterization of biphenyl-Schiff base side chain liquid crystalline polymethacrylate
Yao, Qinghong2009 Expanding the Repertoire of Chalcogenide Nanocrystal Networks: Ag2Se Gels and Aerogels by Cation Exchange Reactions
Yao, Rong2002 Advances in organic polarized electroluminescence
Yao, S.1988 Dynamic measurements on polymer liquid crystals. Solutions of poly(1,4-phenylene-2,6-benzobisthiazole)
Yao, Shanjing2002 Phase behavior and structural transitions in sodium dodecyl sulfonate microemulsions
Yao, Sheng2001 Hydrogen bond directed formation of liquid-crystalline merocyanine dye assemblies
 2003 Highly ordered merocyanine dye assemblies by supramolecular polymerization and hierarchical self-organization
Yao, Shigeru1990 Dynamic viscoelasticity of thermotropic liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives
 1991 Dynamic viscoelasticity of thermotropic liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives (abstract)
 1991 Injection molding of liquid-crystalline polymer
 1992 Injection molding of liquid-crystalline polymer (abstract)
Yao, Song-Nian1990 Changes in electric conductivity and structures of phospholipid - porphyrin metal complexes
 1990 SAXS [small angle x-ray scattering] studies of the effects of methanol, ethanol, and isobutanol on the structure of the liquid-crystal system consisting of egg yolk phospholipid (PC) and water
 1991 SAXS studies of the structure of liquid crystal consisting of 5% water-egg yolk phospholipid in solutions of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate
 1991 SAXS studies of the structure of liquid crystals consisting of 5% water-egg yolk phospholipid in benzene, methylbenzene and chlorobenzene
 1992 Studies on Formation Constants of Ca-ATP and Ksp of Calcium Carbonate in Egg Phospholipid-H2O System
 1993 Two Thermodynamic Constants in the Lecithin-H2O Order System
 1997 Influence of the structure of the ordered system (PC-H2O) on the crystal structure of CaCO3
Yao, Sylvia Y.M.2001 Recent molecular advances in studies of the concentrative Na+-dependent nucleoside transporter (CNT) family: identification and characterization of novel human and mouse proteins (hCNT3 and mCNT3) broadly selective for purine and pyrimidine nucleosides (system cib)
 2004 Functional redundancy of two nucleoside transporters of the ENT family (CeENT1, CeENT2) required for development of Caenorhabditis elegans
Yao, Tuanli2004 Synthesis of Polycyclic Aromatic Iodides via ICl-Induced Intramolecular Cyclization
Yao, Wei-Tang2009 Synthesis of Unique Ultrathin Lamellar Mesostructured CoSe2-Amine (Protonated) Nanobelts in a Binary Solution
Yao, Weiguang2004 Measure of predictability
Yao, Wentai1981 Application of double-oblique evaporations of silicon oxide in multiplexed liquid crystal displays
Yao, William1996 active-matrix liquid-crystal display device and manufacturing method
 1996 Integrated dark matrix for active-matrix liquid-crystal display device
Yao, X.1996 Zn doping in YBCO single crystal by the solute-rich liquid-crystal pulling method
Yao, Xi1999 Melting behavior of Bi2O3-ZnO-Nb2O5(BZN)-based ceramics
 2000 Effects of Ag dopant on melting behaviors of Bi2O3-ZnO-Nb2O5 (BZN)-based ceramics
Yao, Xiaojun2007 Prediction of nematic transition temperatures in thermotropic liquid crystals by a heuristic method
Yao, Y.2004 Well-Aligned ZnO Nanowire Arrays Fabricated on Silicon Substrates
Yao, Y.F.2007 Fiber-Oriented Liquid Crystal Polarizers Based on Anisotropic Electrospinning
Yao, Yung-Hsin2005 Polarized White Emission from Fluorene-Based Polymer Blends
 2006 Synthesis of UV-curable liquid crystalline diacrylates for the application of polarized electroluminescence
Yao, Zhigang2006 Synthesis of high oil-absorption resin by microemulsion polymerization- analysis of the structure of microemulsions of SDS solution/n-butanol/MA/LMA system
Yao, Zhiyi2008 Optically Active Supramolecular Complexes of Water-Soluble Achiral Polythiophenes and Folic Acid: Spectroscopic Studies and Sensing Applications
Yaot, Q.1997 Fluorescence spectroscopic study of the interaction of saporin with phospholipid vesicles
Yap, E.J.1996 Automated visual inspection of LCD modules
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Yap, H.Y.1996 Automated visual inspection of LCD modules
Yap, M.2004 Effects of different degrees of cataract on the multifocal electroretinogram
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Yapaskurt, O.V.1994 New data on the lithogenesis of Triassic sediments in Tyumen superdeep drill hole
Yappert, M. Cecilia2003 Effect of sphingomyelin versus dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine on the extent of lipid oxidation
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 2007 Effect of temperature and pH on 31P nuclear magnetic resonances of phospholipids in cholate micelles
Yappert, Marta C.2007 Spectroscopic evaluation of human tear lipids
Yaran, E.Yu.1999 Constitutive equations of a dilute suspension with anisotropic dispersive medium
Yardley, James T.1997 Thermosetting acrylic materials of high glass transition temperature
Yaremchuk, G.2001 Influence of interionic interaction on spectral and nonlinear optical properties of doped metal alkanoate (DMA) systems
 2002 Specific optical properties of doped ionic lyotropic smectics
 2007 Novel holographic composites based on ionic smectic liquid crystals and glasses of metal alkanoates
Yaremchuk, G.G.1990 Formation of smectic mesophases in binary systems of short chain alkanoic acid salts
 1993 Complex formation and mesomorphism in the system cesium, lithium propionate
 1993 Phase diagrams of binary systems of some alkali propionates
 1994 Features of the phase states of binary systems of sodium, potassium and cesium propionates
 1994 Mesomorphism of homological series of ion complex compounds Cs[Li2(CnH2n+1COO)3]
 1995 Liquid crystals in binary systems formed by potassium isobutyrate with lithium, sodium, and cesium isobutyrates
 1995 Mesomorphism in the sodium acetate-potassium acetate binary system
 1995 Phase diagrams of binary systems of nonmesogenic components. Cesium-sodium and cesium-lithium isobutyrates
 1995 Phase diagrams of binary systems of some alkali iso-butyrates with one mesogenic component
 1996 Phase diagrams of binary alkanoate systems with common cation. Potassium isobutyrate-propionate and sodium butyrate-isobutyrate
 1998 Phase diagrams for binary systems of thallium and alkali metal isobutyrates
 1999 Mesophase and glass formation in binary systems of cesium and alkali-earth metal butyrates
 1999 Mesophase and glass formation in binary systems of thallium butyrate with magnesium, calcium, and zinc butyrates
 2000 Liquid crystals in binary systems of lead decanoate with zinc or cadmium decanoate
 2005 Structure and intermolecular interactions in ionic liquid crystals doped with electrochromic viologen
Yaremenko, F.G.2009 New steroid α,β-unsaturated ketones as chiral components of induced cholesteric liquid crystal systems
Yaremko, R.V.1990 Spectral study of compounds with liquid-crystal properties
Yarenov, R.I.1969 Polymorphism of the smectic liquid crystal
Yarger, J.L.2006 Orientational Correlations in the Glacial State of Triphenyl Phosphite
Yarger, Jeffery L.2004 The Local Structure of Triphenyl Phosphite Studied Using Spallation Neutron and High-Energy X-ray Diffraction
Yarish, Stephen S.1991 EPR evidence for a new, important limiting resonance structure in the explanation of the bonding of spin-crossover Fe(III) dichalcogenocarbamates
Yarita, Katsuhiko1995 Liquid-crystal display device having a management symbol pattern formed on a substrate
Yariv, A.1980 Phase-conjugate reflection by degenerate four-wave mixing in a nematic liquid crystal in the isotropic phase
Yariv, Amnon2002 Kerr-stabilized super-resonant modes in coupled-resonator optical waveguides
 2004 Circular photonic crystal resonators
Yariv, Doron2009 Concentration- and Temperature-Induced Effects of Incorporated Desmopressin on the Properties of Reverse Hexagonal Mesophase
Yariv, Joseph1997 Detergent glycoside derivatives and related compounds their preparation and use
Yarkova, M.Yu.2002 Synthesis and Liquid Crystal Properties of 2,7-Dialkoxy-9-fluorenones
 2007 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of esters derived from alkanediols
Yarkova, Mariya Y.2004 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of novel banana-shaped liquid crystal compounds containing methyl-group in the central fragment
Yarmolenko, S.N.1992 Diastereomeric 2-(O-Aroyl)Oxymethylene-p-Menthane-3-ones. Structure Investigation by NMR and Helical Twisting Power in the Mesophases
 1992 Molecular and crystal structure of diastereomeric (-)-2-O-(p-chlorobenzoyl)oxymethylene-p-methane-3-ones as effective chiral components of induced cholesteric systems. II. Trans-diastereomers
 1992 New Chiral Imines - S-α-Phenyl- and S-α-Benzyl-ethylamine Derivatives in Induced Cholesteric Systems
 1992 Photosensitive Chiral Dopants with High Twisting Power
 1993 New chiral imines based on S-α-phenyl-and S-α-benzylethylamines for induction of cholesteric and smectic mesophases. I. Structures and twist characteristics of the chiral additives in the induction of cholesteric mesophases in 4-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 1994 Photosensitive chiral dopants with high twisting power
 1995 Molecular structure of isomeric 2-arylidene derivatives of p-menthanones and p-(4-menthen)one and their capacity for "twisting" of a nematic phase
 1997 Light-induced periodic lattice of defects in smectic A and C liquid crystals: structural and dynamical aspects
Yarmolenko, Viktor2006 Surface Director Sliding in LC Cell with Light-Controlled Chirality
Yarmolenko, Viktor V.1999 Low frequency relaxation processes in a PDLC film
Yarmolitskii, V.F.1982 Study of a liquid-crystal controllable transparent cell with an integrated circuit
Yarmoluk, S.M.2002 The electronic transitions in the cyanine dye j-aggregates, formed on the poly(Da)-poly(Dt) polynucleotide
 2007 Two-Photon Excited Luminescent Styryl Dyes as Probes for the DNA Detection and Imaging. Photostability and Phototoxic Influence on DNA
Yarnell, B.1995 Nonlinear electro-optical holographic storage effects in fullerene C60-doped nematic liquid crystal films
 1995 Nonlinear optical phenomena in fullerene-doped liquid crystal films and fibers
Yarnell, B.K.1994 Optical limiting with liquid crystalline cylindrical guided wave optical elements
Yaroschuk, O.2001 Light induced structures in liquid crystalline side-chain polymers with azobenzene functional groups
Yaroshchuk, O.1994 Electrically controlled light scattering of the aerosil-liquid crystal system
 1995 An oblique orientation of nematic liquid crystals on a photosensitive aligning polymer
 1995 Electrooptical Behaviour of Aerosil in a Two-frequency Addressing Mixture
 1995 Two types of hologram recording in liquid crystals introduced into porous glasses
 1996 Free and stimulated orientation of liquid crystals on azobenzene polymer films
 1996 Oblique photoalignment of a nematic liquid crystal by modified poly(vinyl cinnamates).
 1997 Memory Effect in Filled Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1997 Memory effect in filled nematic liquid crystals
 1997 Molecular interaction and 'memory' of filled liquid crystals
 1998 Electrically controlled light scattering effect in the emulsion "liquid crystal - isotropic liquid"
 1998 Mechanism of orientation of polymer fragments in a system azo-polymer-microporous glass
 1998 Memory effect and structure of filled nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Relationship between molecular structure of photosensitive fragments and aligning properties of polysiloxanes
 1998 Structure of aerosil in liquid crystal polymer
 1999 AFM investigations of a glassy cholesteric liquid crystal with hydrophobic Aerosil particles
 1999 Light induced LC alignment on the isotropic non-photosensitive surface
 1999 Light-induced liquid crystal alignment on the non-organic isotropic surface
 1999 Memory of filled nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Multistable alignment of LC doped with aerosil
 1999 Photoorientation of polymer fragments in a system azo-polymer-microporous glass
Yaroshchuk, O. (cont...)1999 Spectroscopic study of liquid crystals in confined volume
 2000 Interaction of LC with a substrate in a system LC-porous glass studied by IR spectroscopy
 2001 3D orientational order in a homologous series of LC polyesters with azobenzene side groups and different lengths of the alkylene spacer in the main chain
 2001 3D orientational structures in azopolymers studied by UV absorption method
 2001 Anisotropic surface morphology of azopolymer films generated by polarized UV light irradiation
 2001 Ellipsometry Studies of 3D Orientational Structures in Thin Liquid Crystal Layers
 2001 Light induced spatial structures in the liquid crystalline azopolymers
 2001 Liquid-crystal photoalignment using low-molecular-weight photo-cross-linkable composites
 2001 Polarization holograms in a "liquid crystal-porous glass" system
 2001 Spatial reorientation of azobenzene side groups of a liquid crystalline polymer induced by linearly polarized light
 2002 3D orientational order in the photoaligning polymer films and its correlation with LC alignment
 2002 Electro-optics of LC-Aerosil-Photopolymer composites
 2002 Filling initiated ion transport processes in liquid crystal cell
 2002 Negative Retardation Films from Non-Traditional Materials
 2004 Electro-optics of Suspensions of Monodispersed Inorganic Nanoparticles in Liquid Crystals
 2004 LC Alignment Controlled by Photoordering and Photorefraction in a Command Substrate
 2004 Negative Birefringence Films From Non-Traditional Materials
 2004 Photoinduced 3D Orientational Order in Liquid Crystalline Azopolymers Studied by the Method of Attenuated Total Reflection
 2004 Planar and tilted uniform alignment of liquid crystals by plasma-treated substrates
 2004 Three-dimensional orientational order in the bulk and on the surface of polymer films and its effect on liquid-crystal alignment
Yaroshchuk, O. (cont...)2005 The Initial and Photoinduced 3D Orientational Order in Polymethacrylates with Azobenzene Side Groups
 2005 The Interfacial Dipole-to-Dipole Interaction as a Factor of Polar Anchoring in the Cells with Planar Liquid Crystal Alignment
 2005 The Multimode LC Alignment on the Substrates Obliquely Treated with a Plasma Flux
 2006 Bifunctional LCD Films
 2006 Factors in liquid crystal photoalignment on polymer films: photoorientation versus self-assembly
 2007 Aging of Liquid Crystal Alignment on Plasma Beam Treated Substrates: Choice of Alignment Materials and Liquid Crystals
 2007 New Photoalignment Materials in LCD's Development: Liquid Crystal Pretilt Angle Variations By Using Fluoroalkylmethacrylates
 2007 Polymethacryloylaminoarylmethacrylates: New Concept of Photoalignment Materials for Liquid Crystals
 2007 SEM Investigations of the Polymer Morphology in the Liquid Crystal-Polymer Composites with Different Polymer Contents
 2008 Effect of Electro-Optical Memory in Liquid Crystals Doped with Carbon Nanotubes
 2008 Photochemistry of Bis-Methacrylic Polymers and Alignment of Liquid Crystals
 2009 Nanotopology of Polyimide Films Obliquely Treated by Plasma Beam and Liquid Crystal Alignment
Yaroshchuk, O.V.1987 Photoinduced changes in the order parameter and polarizability of nematic liquid crystal molecules
 1988 Diffusion of photoconformed molecules of nematic liquid crystal methoxybenzylidene-n-butyl aniline
 1989 Photostimulated conformational transitions of nematic-liquid-crystal molecules with quantum yield greater than unity
 1991 Quasi-steady-state recording in liquid crystals inserted in porous glasses
 1992 Conformational optical nonlinearity of nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Saturating holograms due to space-modulated phase transition LC-isotropic phase in liquid crystals
 1993 Thermally induced conformation of nematic liquid-crystalline MBBA molecules
 1994 Role of modification of the aerosil surface for electrooptical characteristics of filled liquid crystals
 1995 Comparative dielectric investigations on nematic liquid crystals with aerosil
 1995 Influence of the Aerosil surface modification on electro-optical characteristics of filled liquid crystals
 1996 Memory effect in filled nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Transformation of hydrogen bonding of a liquid crystal-aerosil system under the influence of an electric field
 1996 Vibration spectra of liquid crystal-aerosil system
 1997 Intermolecular interaction and structure of filled liquid crystals
 1998 Kinetic characteristics of light induced anisotropy and mechanism of the molecular alignment in azo dye containing polymer films
 1999 Aerosil in liquid crystals
 1999 Light induced polarized splitting of the absorption band of mesogenic azo-polymer
 1999 Main-chain ordering and stability of the light-induced anisotropy in the films of comb-like azo-polymer
 1999 Phase dislocations in a focused Gaussian beam induced via self-action in a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal cell
 2001 Electrooptical Properties of Three-Component Compositions "Liquid Crystal-Aerosil-Photopolymer"
Yaroshchuk, O.V. (cont...)2001 Naphthalene Containing Polymers as New Photoaligning Materials for LCs
 2001 Structure of Filled Liquid Crystals Studied by Acoustic Methods
 2003 Electro-optic properties of nematic liquid crystal filled with monodispersed non-organic nanoparticles
 2003 Photoinduced three-dimensional orientational order in side chain liquid crystalline azopolymers
 2007 Coloring, Structuring, and Photopolymerization in the Composites "Pre-Polymer-TiO2 Nanoparticles" Under the Action of an Electric Field
 2007 Fluorescence of Porous Silicon Filled with Liquid Crystal 5CB
 2008 Phase correlation function of liquid crystal-polymer composites
 2008 Problem of Photoalignment in the LCD's Development: Synthetic Routes in Its Solving
Yaroshchuk, Oleg1997 Method for providing orientation of orientation layer for liquid crystal cell
 1997 Photosensitive materials on a base of polysiloxane for the alignment of nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Production method for multiregion liquid crystal cell
 2000 Photoinduced anisotropy and LC photoalignment properties of poly(vinyl cinnamate) films
 2003 Liquid crystal alignment using photo-crosslinkable low molecular weight materials
 2004 High Voltage Memory of LC Cells
 2004 Optical compensation film for Liquid crystal display
 2004 Planar and Tilted Uniform Alignment of Liquid Crystals by Plasma Treated Substrates
 2004 Quasi-Two-Dimensional Diffusive Random Laser Action
 2005 Method for alignment of Liquid crystals using irradiated Liquid crystal films
 2007 Azodyes as Photoalignment Materials for Polymerizable Liquid Crystals
 2007 Photoinduced Spatial Orientational Order in Methacrylic Azopolymers
Yaroshchuk, Oleg V.1994 Thermostable photopolymer material for liquid crystal device
 1995 Orientation film for liquid-crystal display device
 1999 Low frequency relaxation processes in a PDLC film
 2000 Comparative AFM measurements on an oligomeric liquid crystal filled with hydrophilic or hydrophobic aerosil
 2001 Liquid crystal alignment on the polymer substrates irradiated by plasma beam
 2002 Surface electrical potential of the aligning polymer substrates and dielectric properties of LC layers
 2004 Influence of the light-induced molecular transformations on the helix pitch and lasing spectra of cholesteric liquid crystals
 2004 Low-frequency dielectric relaxation in liquid crystal-polymer composites
 2004 Molecular Structure of Azopolymers and Photoinduced 3D Orientational Order. 1. Azobenzene Polyesters
Yaroshenko, V.V.2002 Low-frequency electrostatic waves in self-gravitating dusty plasmas with dust-ion collisions
 2002 Vibrational modes in plasma crystals due to nonlinear temperature distribution in gas discharge plasmas
 2003 Jeans instability in partially ionized self-gravitating dusty plasmas
 2004 Electrostatic modes in collisional complex plasmas under microgravity conditions
 2004 Vertical oscillations of paramagnetic particles in complex plasmas
Yaroshenko, Victoria V.2003 Electrostatic modes in dusty plasmas with continuous size distributions
Yarosheva, A.I.1981 Behavior of second-order domains in nematic crystals in electric fields stronger than the threshold field
 1981 X-ray diffraction studies of structural changes in cholesteric liquid crystals during transition from the solid-crystal to the liquid-crystal state
Yaroslavov, A.A.2006 Polymer-Induced Flip-Flop in Biomembranes
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Yasumasu, Tomoko1999 Stable skin cleansing compositions containing smectite and glycol fatty acid esters
Yasumatsu, Takuto2010 Gate bias instability under light irradiation in polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistors
Yasumoto, Takaaki1998 Electronic circuit device
Yasumoto, Yasuaki1999 Formation of semiconductor device package on ceramic substrate
Yasunaga, Hidekazu1989 Polymeric liquid-crystalline gel containing hydrophobic side chains: preparation and properties
Yasunaga, Toshibumi1996 Manufacture of liquid crystal display panel
Yasunami, Shoichiro1993 Secondary organic-electrolyte batteries
 2001 Positive-working photoresist composition
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 1982 Melting and crystallization processes of EBBA. I. Thermal analysis
 1986 Melting and crystallization processes of EBBA. II. X-ray analysis
 1988 Melting and crystallization processes of EBBA III. Microscopic observation
 1992 Melting behavior of ultradrawn polyethylene fibers
 1996 Melting and crystallization of polyethylene under constrained state
 1996 Melting and crystallization of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with appearance of hexagonal phase. I. Melting processes of fibers under constrained state
 2000 High-pressure DTA of poly(butylene terephthalate), poly(hexamethylene terephthalate), and poly(ethylene terephthalate)
Yasuno, Hiroshi1996 Polymer-dispersion type liquid crystal with superior voltage-resistance and durability
Yasunori, Hiroshi1997 Reflective liquid crystal display for high-contrast images
Yasunori, Yukio1997 Optical filter and liquid-crystal display device comprising it
Yasuo, Kenji1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device
 1997 Plasma processing and apparatus therefor improving substrate adhesion to susceptor
 1998 Fabrication of thin-film transistor substrate for active-matrix liquid - crystal display
Yasuoka, Kenji2006 Molecular Dynamics Simulation on Ordering and Transport Properties of Liquid Crystals in Nanospace
Yasuoka, Noritake1988 Azoxy- and Azoferrocenes, and N-(Ferrocenylarylmethylene)anilines Formed via Aryliminodimagnesium(IDMg) Procedure. Effect of Ferrocenyl Group on IDMg Reaction and Molecular Structures of Products
Yasutake, Kenji1998 Liquid-crystal display element
Yasutake, Masatoshi1996 Method and apparatus for analyzing minute foreign substances, and methods for manufacturing semiconductor and liquid-crystal display devices using them
Yasutake, Mikio2006 Induction and Control of Columnar Mesophase by Charge Transfer Interaction and Side Chain Structures of Tetrasubstituted Pyrenes
 2006 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystal compounds having PET(proton electron transfer) parts
 2006 Synthesis of optically active 4,4,4-trifluoro-3-\{4-(4-methoxyphenyl)phenyl\}butanoic acid and its application to chiral dopant for nematic liquid crystals
 2007 Dehydroabietic acid esters as chiral dopants for nematic liquid crystals
 2007 Phase transition behaviors of discotic columnar mesophases from tetra substituted pyrene derivatives
 2007 Synthesis and conductivity of discotic liquid crystalline compounds having pyrene core
 2008 Synthesis and phase structures of novel π-acceptor discotic liquid crystalline compounds having a pyrenedione core
Yasutomi, Hideo1998 Nonconducting photosensitive polymers useful in making ink-jet heads and other pattern applications
Yasuzaki, Toshiaki1997 Substrate for liquid crystal display device with resistance to electric field, heat and moisture
 1999 Fabrication of an electrode array pattern for a transparent conductive film
 1999 Transparent conductive film-bearing substrate for flat panel display
 2000 Liquid crystal display substrate and reflective liquid crystal display using it
Yasuzawa, M.1985 Polymeric phospholipid analogs, 17. Synthesis and properties of vinyl polymers containing cholesterol and phosphatidylcholine analogous moieties
 1985 Polymeric phospholipid analogs, 18. Synthesis and properties of a vinyl polymer containing both vitamin E and phosphatidylcholine analogous moieties
Yasuzawa, Mikito1986 Polymeric Phospholipid Analogs. XV. Polyacrylamides Containing Phosphatidyl Cholines
 1992 Synthesis and polymerization of 2-{2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl-dimethylammonium}ethyl n-alkyl phosphates
 1994 Synthesis and polymerization of 2-{(2-methacryloyloxy)ethyldimethylammonio}ethyl p-substituted phenyl phosphates
Yasuzuka, Syuma2007 Calorimetric Study of Crystal E Phase of 4-Pentyl-4'-isothiocyanatobiphenyl
 2007 Structural analysis of cubic phases (Ia3d, Im3m) of BABH-n by maximum entropy method
 2008 Coexistence of Two Aggregation Modes in Exotic Liquid-Crystalline Superstructure: Systematic Maximum Entropy Analysis for Cubic Mesogen, 1,2-Bis(4'-n-alkoxybenzoyl)hydrazine [BABH(n)]
Yasyerli, S.2008 Synthesis and Activity Comparison of Copper-Incorporated MCM-41-Type Sorbents Prepared by One-Pot and Impregnation Procedures for H2S Removal
Yasynovska, O.2008 Study of Elastic Constants of Cholesteric-Nematic Mixtures
Yaszwa, Masaaki1998 Polyimides for liquid crystal orientation membrane and liquid crystal orientation membranes, holding baseplates, and display components
Yata, Tatsuya1998 Effect of experimental conditions on spontaneous polarization in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1998 Parameters of spontaneous polarization of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
Yatabe, Kikuo1974 Magnetic state on liquid crystal MBBA [p-methoxybenzylidine butylaniline] which is analogous to a ferromagnetic anisotropy
 1975 Guest-host effect in nematic liquid crystal MBBA (N-(p-methoxybenzylidene)-p-n-butylaniline)
 1976 Guest-Host Effect and Dynamic Scattering Effect in Nematic Liquid Crystals under Flow
Yatabe, T.1999 Molecular orientation dependent photoconductivity of liquid crystalline oligosilanes
Yatabe, Tetsuo1997 Liquid crystalline behavior of linear permethyloligosilanes
 1997 Liquid crystalline oligosilanes with alkoxybiphenyl groups
 1998 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 1,10-dialkylpermethyldecasilanes
 1999 Liquid crystalline α,ω-dialkylpermethyloligosilanes, their intermediates, and their preparation
 1999 Synthesis and mesomorphism of 1,10-dialkylpermethyl-decasilanes
 2000 Extended triphenylenes: synthesis, mesomorphic properties and molecularly resolved scanning tunneling microscopy images of hexakis(dialkoxyphenyl)triphenylenes and dodeca(alkoxy)tris(triphenylenylene)s
 2001 Molecular Orientation in Vacuum-Deposited Peralkyloligosilane Thin Films
 2001 Synthesis and mesomorphism of α,ω-diphenylpermethyl-oligosilanes
 2007 Liquid crystalline conjugated oligomers
 2008 Liquid crystalline conjugated oligomers: synthesis and mesomorphic properties of laterally and terminally alkyl-substituted oligo(1,4-phenyleneethynylene)s
Yatabe, Toshiaki1995 Manufacture of retardation plate
 1995 Phase-shift board and liquid crystal display device
 1995 Polymer-dispersion type liquid crystal display film
 1996 Liquid crystal display device polymer film substrate
 1996 Liquid crystal display film substrate with improved mechanical strength, dimensional stability and heat-resistance
 1996 Liquid crystal display panel film substrate with improved birefringence, mechanical strength, dimensional stability and heat-resistance
 1996 Low-reflectivity laminate film, polarizing plate, and liquid crystal display device
 1996 Low-reflectivity laminates, polarizer sheets and liquid crystal display devices
 1996 Manufacture of ITO transparent electrode of liquid crystal display panel by continuous sputtering
 1996 Manufacture of microdot touch panel for liquid crystal display device
 1996 Manufacture of optical compensation film of liquid crystal display device
 1996 Optical compensator-containing polarizing plate with improved durability and liquid crystal display using the same
 1996 Polymer-dispersion type liquid crystal film with high transparency and high-contrast
 1997 Electrode substrate associated with gas-barrier layer for liquid crystal display device
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display anisotropic optical compensation film
 1997 Manufacture of optically anisotropic plates
 1997 Manufacture of optically anisotropic polymer for optical compensator in liquid crystal display
 1997 Method for manufacture of polymer-based optically anisotropic articles
 1997 Plastic substrate for liquid crystal display
 1997 Polarizer used in backlight side of liquid crystal display
Yatabe, Toshiaki (cont...)1997 Transparent electric conductive laminates for touch panel use
 1997 Transparent electrically conductive films with excellent gas barrier properties, solvent resistance, and surface smoothness
 1998 Liquid crystal display device having diffusion control film for passing light
 1998 Liquid crystal display orientation film prepared from uniaxially stretched porous polymer film
 1998 Manufacture of diffused transmitted light controlling film
 1998 Metal-laminated thermoplastic reflective film
 1998 Reflection type liquid crystal display
 1999 Transmitting light scattering-controlled film, reflective film, laminated film, and liquid crystal display device
 2000 Liquid crystal device and transparent conductive substrate preferable to the same
 2003 Analysis of Extraordinary Birefringence Dispersion of Uniaxially Oriented Poly(2,6-dimethyl 1,4-phenylene oxide)/Atactic Polystyrene Blend Films
 2003 Control of Birefringence Dispersion of Uniaxially Oriented Poly(2,6-dimethyl 1,4-phenylene oxide)/Atactic Polystyrene Blend Films by Changing the Stretching Parameters
 2003 Control of Wavelength Dispersion of Birefringence for Oriented Copolycarbonate Films Containing Positive and Negative Birefringent Units
Yatabe, Zenji2008 Formation process of shear-induced onion structure made of quaternary system SDS/octanol/water/NaCl
 2009 Size evolution of onion structure under oscillatory shear flow
Yatagai, M.1989 Composition of a liquid crystalline phase formed between aqueous surfactant solutions and oily substances
 1990 Formation of a liquid crystalline phase between aqueous surfactant solutions and oily substances
Yatagai, Mamiko1989 Analysis of detergency process by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
Yatagai, Toyohiko1991 Spatial light modulators and their applications
 1997 Adaptive computer-generated hologram using interpolation method
 1998 Optical learning neural networks with two-dimensional structure
 2006 Photoinduced Molecular Re-orientation and Supramolecular Helical Structure Formation in Azobenzene Materials
 2010 Self-imaging properties of Fresnel retardagram recorded on azobenzene film
Yatcilla, Michael T.1996 Phase Behavior of Aqueous Mixtures of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide (CTAB) and Sodium Octyl Sulfate (SOS)
Yatera, Juntaro1998 Back light for liquid crystal display
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 1992 Borrmann Effect in Dyed Cholesterics
 1993 Spectral properties and structure of induced cholesteric liquid crystals
 1993 The anomalous light transmission in an impurity-doped nematic chiral liquid crystal
 1995 Optical activity of chiral liquid crystals under different light intensities
 1996 External factor influence on the optical activity of chiral liquid crystals
 1997 Dynamic Holography Graitings Recording in Ionic Liquid Crystals
 1997 Optical Activity of Dye-Doped Chiral Liquid Crystals
 1998 Dynamic holography grating recording in ionic liquid crystals
 1998 Optical activity of dye-doped chiral liquid crystals
 2000 Spectral investigation of different LC polymorphic modifications with induced spiral structure
 2001 Influence of interionic interaction on spectral and nonlinear optical properties of doped metal alkanoate (DMA) systems
 2002 Specific optical properties of doped ionic lyotropic smectics
 2003 Dye-doped ionic lyotropic liquid crystals: electro-optical properties
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Yatsun, O.V.1998 Electron States Of Amphiphilic Dye Condensed Matter: From Solution By Way Of LB Film to Crystal
 1999 Controllable electrochromic effect in a liquid-crystal cell with J aggregates
Yatsuyanagi, Akira2000 Method for analysis of surface contamination
Yatsuyanagi, Hiroyuki1997 Preparation of fluorine-containing biphenyl compounds for liquid - crystal display devices
Yatsuzuka, Kyoko1981 Electrooptical effects in LC (MBBA) sandwich cell including a micropore membrane
 1983 Photoelectric effects on doped semiconductor/MBBA/tin(IV) oxide cell
Yatsyshyn, B.P.2008 Conductivity in Modified Polyethylene Films
Yau, King-Wai2005 Melanopsin-expressing ganglion cells in primate retina signal colour and irradiance and project to the LGN
Yau, S.-T.2003 Dissipating step bunches during crystallization under transport control
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 1985 Circular texture of nematic liquid crystals
 1985 Electrooptical properties of the defective texture of a nematic
Yavorskii, V.N.1977 Homeotropic orientation of liquid crystals for reflection devices
Yavorsky, M.A.2006 Generic optical vortex in a strongly elliptic optical fibre
Yavorskyj, Bohdan2003 New electro-optical effect in nematic liquid crystal for integrated optics elements
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Yavuz, D.D.2003 Quasiperiodic Raman Technique for Ultrashort Pulse Generation
 2005 Generation of a Single-Cycle Optical Pulse
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Yawata, Hisashi1998 Simulation of liquid crystal phase transition by rigid sphere chains
Yawata, Kazuo1998 Gas-impermeable laminated films with good flexibility and transparency
Yawata, Takeshi1997 Liquid crystal display using polycarbodiimide alignment layer showing excellent adhesion and aligning effects
Yawn, Kenneth R.2003 Incomplete relaxation in a two-mass one-dimensional self-gravitating system
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 2002 The Effect of Molecular Structure of Alkyl-4-N-Nonyloxy Bifenyl-4'-Carboxylates on its Thermophysical Properties
Yazaki, Fumihiko1993 Effect of poly(ether ether ketone) oligomer on the mechanical properties of poly(ether ether ketone) with aromatic liquid crystalline copolyester blends
 1993 Thermal and viscoelastic properties of blends of polypropylene with thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters
 1994 Effect of poly(ether ether ketone) oligomers on the mechanical properties of poly(ether ether ketone)-thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester blends
 1994 Effect of polyethersulfone oligomers on the mechanical properties of polyethersulfone-thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester blends
 1994 Experimental study of polymer blends of LCP and PS using twin screw extruder
 1994 Polymer blends of polyether sulfone with all aromatic liquid crystalline copolyester
 1994 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyester-graft-polystyrene copolymers from a polystyrene macromonomer with amido linkage
 1998 Blend of PEN and LCP and effect of TM-BPL addition
Yazaki, Masayuki1992 Liquid-crystal display devices using polymer-dispersed nematic liquid -crystal films
 1992 Liquid-crystal display devices using polymer-dispersed nematic liquid crystal films
 1992 Liquid-crystal electrooptical imaging device
 1992 Projection-type liquid-crystal display
 1995 High-contrast liquid crystal display device
 1995 Liquid crystal composition and display
 1995 Liquid crystal composition for polymer dispersion type liquid crystal displays
 1995 Liquid crystal display device with high contrast and display apparatus using it
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device and information processing unit using same
 1995 Liquid-crystal display element and its manufacture
 1995 Low voltage drivable liquid crystal display devices
 1995 Manufacture of liquid crystal display with improved brightness and driving of color liquid crystal display
 1995 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display element produced therefrom
 1996 Liquid crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal display element and its manufacture
 1996 Liquid crystal display element and method of manufacturing the same
 1996 Liquid-crystal display element and method of manufacturing it
Yazaki, Masayuki (cont...)1996 Liquid-crystal display element and process for production thereof
 1996 Quaterphenyl derivatives and polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display devices using the same operating at low voltage with good reflection performances
 1996 Reflection type liquid crystal display
 1996 Reflection-type color liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid Crystal composition and liquid crystal display
 1997 Liquid crystal display device with novel cell structure
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal electrooptical display device
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal electrooptical element with stable orientation film for high-contrast
 1997 Manufacture of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal electrooptical device with good durability
 1997 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display controlled by MIM nonlinear switching element
 1997 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display element and its manufacture
 1997 Polymer dispersion-type liquid crystal display
 1997 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) display element for use in electronic apparatus
 1997 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal electrooptical device with excellent durability and its manufacture
 1997 Reflection-type liquid - crystal display with good visibility and its manufacture
 1997 Reflective liquid crystal display and manufacture of reflection layer used in display
 1998 Manufacture of liquid crystal display element having polymer dispersed liquid crystal layer
 1998 Reflective type- liquid crystal display
 1999 Investigation on monomers for a new polymer-LC dispersed structure
 1999 Liquid crystal device with high contrast and its manufacture
Yazaki, Masayuki (cont...)2000 Reflection type liquid crystal display and electric apparatus using the same
Yazaki, Minoru1998 Liquid crystal display with improved wide-viewing angle
Yazaki, Sanami2006 Imidazolium and pyridinium based chiral columnar ionic liquid crystals
 2007 Ion-Conductive Columnar Liquid Crystals Based on Chiral Amino Acids
 2008 An Electrochromic Nanostructured Liquid Crystal Consisting of π-Conjugated and Ionic Moieties
 2008 Ionic liquid crystals: self-assembly of imidazolium salts containing an L-glutamic acid moiety
Yazaki, Taichi2004 Experimental demonstration of thermoacoustic energy conversion in a resonator
Yazami, R.1994 Carbon fibers and natural graphite as negative electrodes for lithium ion-type batteries
 1994 The carbon-lithium negative electrode: effects of the carbon origin and of the electrolyte
 1997 Great reversible capacity of carbon lithium electrode in solid polymer electrolyte
 1998 SEM and FT-IR characterization of the passivation film on lithiated mesocarbon fibers
Yazawa, Hiroshi1995 Melt-blown thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer fibers with high tensile strength and manufacture of nonwoven fabrics of them
 1996 Manufacture of heat-resistant polymer filaments without melt fractures and manufacture of nonwoven fabrics of the filaments
Yazawa, Kazunaga1994 Synthesis and structure - anti-tumor-promoting activity relationship of monogalactosyl diacylglycerols
Yazawa, Koji2006 Twist glass transition in regioregulated poly(3-alkylthiophene)
 2008 Dynamic Structure of Regioregulated Poly(alkylthiophene)s
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 1997 Polyimides for liquid crystal orientation film and liquid crystal display device
 2000 Diamines for preparation of polyimides useful for liquid crystal displays
Yazawa, Naoki1991 Ferroelectric liquid-crystalline citronellyl group-containing aromatic esters
 1991 Preparation of citronellyloxybenzene derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Citronellyloxybenzene derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid crystal benzoate compound for display
Yazawa, Satoru1992 Active-matrix liquid-crystal panels with orientation-controlling film from poly(parabanic acid)
 1992 Metal-insulator-metal device for liquid crystal panel
Yazawa, Satoshi1998 Electronic device using MIM liquid crystal panel and its manufacture
Yazawa, Tetsuo2004 Preparation of a membrane with aligned nano pores using an organic-inorganic hybrid technique
Yazawa, Tomohiro2007 Liquid crystal alignment on micro-textured substrates
Yazgan, S.1973 Some comments on domain structures in block copolymers
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Yazikov, S.B.1987 Effect of an electric field on the phase transition of an isotropic liquid to a liquid crystal
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 1997 Liquid coating compositions for formation of silica membranes
Ybarra, R.M.2000 Statics and dynamics of contact lines of nematic liquid crystals on mica
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 1973 Synthesis of para-substituted phenyl 1-thio-β-D-galactopyranosides
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 2005 Straightforward Syntheses of Hypervalent Iodine(III) Reagents Mediated by Selectfluor
Ye, Cheng2002 Contribution of the Multiple Charge-Transfer Chromophore to the Orientation Stability of the Poled Polymer Film
 2005 Synthesis and characterization of a three-ring bent-core compound
 2007 Syntheses of novel 1,3-diazaazulene derivatives and their nonlinear optical characterization
Ye, Chun2003 Manipulating Supramolecular Self-Assembly via Tailoring Pendant Group Size of Linear Vinyl Polymers
 2004 Molecular Weight Dependence of Phase Structures and Transitions of Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymers Based on 2-Vinylterephthalic Acids
 2005 A dendron based on natural amino acids: Synthesis and behavior as an organogelator and lyotropic liquid crystal
 2005 Frustrated Molecular Packing in Highly Ordered Smectic Phase of Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymer with Rigid Polyacetylene Backbone
 2005 Liquid-Crystalline Phase Development of a Mesogen-Jacketed PolymerApplication of Two-Dimensional Infrared Correlation Analysis
 2006 ATRP Synthesis of Oligofluorene-Based Liquid Crystalline Conjugated Block Copolymers
 2007 Synthesis and Phase Structures of Mesogen-Jacketed Liquid Crystalline Polymers Containing 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Based Side Chains
 2008 Lamella-to-Lamella Transition and Effect of Coil-Stretching on Crystallization in a Rod-Coil Diblock Copolymer Containing Poly(ε-caprolactone)
Ye, Dong2002 Novel method of measurement for large-space 3D coordinate by binocular code matching
 2007 Research of space encoding and matching method in a stereo vision measurement system
Ye, F.1987 Optical modulation induced by stressed cholesteric liquid crystals
 1987 Wavelength modulation using cholesteric liquid crystals
 2005 Electronically smectic-like liquid-crystal phase in a nearly half-doped manganite
Ye, Fangfu2005 A Chiral Granular Gas
 2005 Cracks and Topological Defects in Lyotropic Nematic Gels
 2007 Semisoft Nematic Elastomers and Nematics in Crossed Electric and Magnetic Fields
 2009 Phase Diagrams of Semisoft Nematic Elastomers
Ye, Fangguo2004 Double Elimination Protocol for Convenient Synthesis of Dihalodiphenylacetylenes: Versatile Building Blocks for Tailor-Made Phenylene-Ethynylenes
Ye, Gang2009 Photoinduced Mass-Migration Behavior of Two Amphiphilic Side-Chain Azo Diblock Copolymers with Different Length Flexible Spacers
Ye, H.2008 Highly polarized white-light emission from a single copolymer based on fluorene
Ye, Hai-Mu2009 Left- or Right-Handed Lamellar Twists in Poly[(R)-3-hydroxyvalerate] Banded Spherulite: Dependence on Growth Axis
Ye, Hongwei1983 Proton, phosphorus-31, and carbon-13 NMR study of phenylphosphonic dichloride in liquid crystal solution
Ye, Hua1992 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline behaviors of ethylcellulose
 2007 Hand held analog television over WiMAX executed in SW
Ye, Hui2006 Synthesis and phase transition characteristics of block liquid crystal molecules with different topological configuration
 2008 Synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of 3-alkyl-2,5-bis[p-(hexa-2,4-dienoyloxy)phenyl]-thiophene derivatives
Ye, Jian-Hui2006 High Quality Colloidal Crystals with Different Architectures and their Optical Properties
 2006 Semicarbazides as gel forming agents for common solvents and liquid crystals
Ye, Jun2007 Optical metrologyEverything under control
Ye, Kaidong D.2003 Laser-induced diffusion for glass metallization
Ye, Ke-Fei1996 Metal-insulator-semiconductor structure single crystal silicon liquid-crystal light valve
 2000 Dynamic IR scene projection using the single-crystal silicon liquid crystal light valve
Ye, Kun-yuan2003 Synthesis of polyfluorobiphenyl liquid crystal compound by coupling reaction
Ye, L.1998 Studies on in-situ composites from blending a commercial PBT/PC/IM alloy with a liquid - crystalline polymer
Ye, Lei2008 Molecular Imprinting: Synthetic Materials As Substitutes for Biological Antibodies and Receptors
Ye, Lenian1995 Structure-changeable fuzzy controller
Ye, Ling1993 Sound propagation in suspensions of solid spheres
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 2008 Symmetric bi-pyridyl banana-shaped molecule and its intermolecular hydrogen bonding liquid-crystalline complexes
Ye, M.2001 Dynamic Behaviors of Directors in a Liquid Crystal Microlens
Ye, Mao1993 Vector phase conjugation by degenerate four-wave mixing in a nematic liquid crystal film
 1995 A theoretical and experimental study of frequency red shift in optical-field-induced Freedericksz transition in a nematic liquid crystal film
 1995 The observations of optical vortices in the thermal Rayleigh scattering field of a liquid crystal film
 1999 Improvement of Decay Properties of a Liquid Crystal Microlens with a Divided Electrode Structure
 2000 Analysis of director reorientation in a liquid crystal microlens
 2001 Molecular orientation and converging properties simulation of liquid crystal microlenses by using 3D-FDM
 2002 A Liquid Crystal Lens of Novel Structure
 2002 Liquid Crystal Lens with Spherical Electrode
 2002 New liquid crystal lens
 2002 Novel Method for Pretilt Angle Measurement Using Liquid Crystal Lens Cell with Hybrid Alignment
 2002 Optical Properties of Liquid Crystal Lens of Any Size
 2003 Driving of Liquid Crystal Lens without Disclination Occurring by Applying In-Plane Electric Field
 2003 Liquid Crystal Lens with Insulator Layers for Focusing Light Waves of Arbitrary Polarizations
 2003 Two-dimensional focus control for liquid crystal lens
 2004 Double-Layer Liquid Crystal Lens
 2004 Enhancement of Focusing Power of Liquid Crystal Lens by New Cell Structure
 2004 Liquid Crystal Lens Array with Hexagonal-Hole-Patterned Electrodes
 2004 Liquid Crystal Lens of Two Liquid Crystal Layers
 2004 Liquid crystal lens with voltage and azimuth-dependent focus
 2004 Numerical Study of a Lens-Shaped Liquid Crystal Cell
Ye, Mao (cont...)2005 Experimental and Numerical Studies on Liquid Crystal Lens with Spherical Electrode
 2005 Laser manipulation system using a liquid crystal optical device
 2005 Liquid Crystal Anamorphic Lens
 2005 Liquid crystal lens driven by two voltages
 2005 Liquid crystal lens prepared using molecular orientation effects at the alignment layers
 2005 Liquid Crystal Negative Lens
 2005 New Method of Voltage Application for Improving Response Time of a Liquid Crystal Lens
 2005 Study on liquid cystal lens with curved electrode
 2006 Aberration analysis in liquid crystal variable-focusing lens with an external electrode
 2006 FDTD analysis of Light Wave Propagation in a Liquid Crystal Microlens
 2006 Liquid crystal laser manipulation system for controlling microscopic particles
 2006 Liquid crystal lens of stacked structure
 2006 Liquid crystal lens of wide focus range and fast operation
 2006 Liquid crystal lens prepared utilizing patterned molecular orientations on cell walls
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