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 1998 Switchable glazing with a large dynamic range in total solar energy transmittance (TSET)
 1999 Lasers with an organic emitting material and distributed feedback coupling
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 2004 Liquid-crystal electric tuning of a photonic crystal laser
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Woafo, P.2002 Generalized correlated states in a ring of coupled nonlinear oscillators with a local injection
 2002 Stability and optimal parameters for continuous feedback chaos control
 2003 Dynamics of solitary blood waves in arteries with prostheses
 2003 Optimization and stability boundaries for the synchronization of semiconductor lasers with external optical feedback
 2003 Transitions from spatiotemporal chaos to cluster and complete synchronization states in a shift-invariant set of coupled nonlinear oscillators
 2004 Synchronized states in a ring of mutually coupled self-sustained electrical oscillators
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 2004 Changes in Time of Dielectric Relaxation modes of Smectic C-Subphases in MHPOPB
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 2008 Long-period fiber gratings using liquid crystals
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 2007 Nonlinear light propagation in photonic crystal fibers filled with nematic liquid crystals
 2008 Hydrostatic pressure effects in photonic liquid crystal fibers
 2008 Polarizing and Depolarizing Optical Effects in Photonic Liquid Crystal Fibers
 2009 Long-Period Fiber Gratings with Low-Birefringence Liquid Crystal
 2009 Multi-Parameter Sensing Based on Photonic Liquid Crystal Fibers
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