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Wilson, J.E.1999 Flow studies of a surfactant hexagonal mesophase
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 1973 Use of liquid crystals in Mössbauer studies and the us of the Mössbauer effect in liquid crystal studies
 1974 Reinterpretation of the iron-57 Mössbauer effect of 1-1'-diacetylferrocene in 4-4'-bis(heptyloxy)azoxybenzene
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 1973 Mössbauer study of a tin-119 bearing solute in an ordered smectic liquid crystal, at 77 K
 1977 The plastic crystal state of ferrocenecarboxaldehyde
Wilson, James N.2002 Synthesis and Mesoscopic Order of a Sugar-Coated Poly(p-phenyleneethynylene)
 2003 Nanostructuring of Poly(aryleneethynylene)s: Formation of Nanotowers, Nanowires, and Nanotubules by Templated Self-Assembly
Wilson, John S.1998 Multidomain homeotropic liquid crystal display based on ridge and fringe field structure
Wilson, K.R.1994 Production of programable amplified, shaped pulses in femtosecond lasers
 1994 Programmable wave-function engineering in Cs Rydberg states
Wilson, Kenneth G.1983 The renormalization group and critical phenomena
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Wilson, L.M.1993 Liquid-crystalline fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon microblock polymers
 1993 Liquid-crystalline fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon microblock polymers
 1994 liquid crystalline 3-, 4- and 6-armed star molecules based on nitromethane-trispropanol or pentaerythritol without mesogen spacers
 1994 Liquid Crystalline Fluorocarbon Side-Chain Polyesters
 1994 Liquid-Crystalline Behavior in a Series of Fluorocarbon Side-Chain Polyesters. 2
 1994 Mesophase behavior in fluorocarbon-hydrocarbon polyesters
 1994 Structure of a Hydrogen-Bonded Liquid-Crystalline Network
 1995 A highly ordered hydrogen-bonded network
 1995 Liquid-Crystalline Behavior in Fluorocarbon-Hydrocarbon Microblock polymers. 2
 1995 novel fluorocarbon side-chain polyesters based on 3,5-dihydroxybenzoic acid
 1995 Semifluorinated Liquid-Crystalline Di- and Triblock Ester Molecules
 1995 Temperature dependent smectic mesophase ordering in fluorocarbon side chain polyesters
 1995 Tethered mesogens; 3-armed liquid crystal molecules
 2003 Role of inertia in two-dimensional deformation and breakdown of a droplet
Wilson, Ladislav Mario1994 Preparation of side-chain-fluorinated liquid crystalline polyesters
Wilson, Ladislav Marlo1994 Preparation of partially fluorinated liquid crystalline polymers
Wilson, Leslie2004 Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Study of Microtubules Buckling and Bundling under Osmotic Stress: A Probe of Interprotofilament Interactions
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Wilson, M.R.1988 Light-scattering study of nematogenic molecules with a flexible core
 1989 Molecular mechanics modeling of structure/property relationships in liquid crystals
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 1993 Computer simulation study of liquid crystal formation in a semi-flexible system of linked hard spheres
 1994 Molecular dynamics simulation of semi-flexible mesogens
 1995 The phase behavior of short chain molecules: a computer simulation study
 1998 Transferability of first principles derived torsional potentials for mesogenic molecules and fragments
 1999 A first principles and mean field investigation of the conformational properties of 5CB
 2000 Atomistic modelling of liquid crystal phases
 2000 Paralle molecular dynamics techniques for the simulation of anisotropic systems
 2001 A molecular dynamics simulation study of dipole correlation in the isotropic phase of the mesogens me5NF and GGP5Cl
 2001 Development of an all-atom force field for the simulation of liquid crystal molecules in condensed phases (LCFF)
 2001 The first thousand-molecule simulation of a mesogen at the fully atomistic level
 2002 Calculation of the rotational viscosity of a nematic liquid crystal
 2008 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Various Branched Polymeric Liquid Crystals
 2009 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectra Simulation Directly from Molecular Dynamics Trajectories of a Liquid Crystal with a Doped Paramagnetic Spin Probe
Wilson, Marieangela C.2006 The role of charged residues in the transmembrane helices of monocarboxylate transporter 1 and its ancillary protein basigin in determining plasma membrane expression and catalytic activity
Wilson, Mark2003 Crystal-Liquid Phase Relations in Silicon at Negative Pressure
 2007 Molecular orientational and dipolar correlation in the liquid crystal mixture E7: a molecular dynamics simulation study at a fully atomistic level
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 1991 Computer simulations of mesogenic molecules using realistic atom-atom potentials
 1996 Determination of order parameters in realistic atom-based models of liquid crystal systems
 1996 Molecular dynamics calculation of elastic constants in Gay-Berne nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Molecular modeling of liquid crystal systems: an internal coordinate Monte Carlo approach
 1997 Molecular dynamics simulations of flexible liquid crystal molecules using a Gay-Berne/Lennard-Jones model
 1998 Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Main Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1998 Molecular dynamics simulations of liquid crystal phases using atomistic potentials
 1998 Molecular modeling for liquid crystals
 1998 Molecular-dynamics simulation of the smectic-A* twist grain-boundary phase
 1999 Atomistic simulations of liquid crystals
 1999 Molecular dynamics simulations of a flexible liquid crystal
 2000 Calculation of helical twisting power for liquid crystal chiral dopants
 2000 Formation of a nematic monodomain in a model liquid crystal film
 2000 Simulation studies of dipole correlation in the isotropic liquid phase
 2001 Calculating the helical twisting power of chiral dopants
 2002 Calculation of Rotational Viscosity and Flexoelectric Co-efficients of a Nematic Liquid Crystal by Atomistic Computer Simulation
 2002 Computer Simulations of Large Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Parameterization and Validation of a Force Field for Liquid Crystal Molecules
 2002 Rotational viscosities of Gay-Berne mesogens
Wilson, Mark R. (cont...)2002 Scaled Chiral Indices for Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
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 2003 Computer simulations of a liquid crystalline dendrimer in liquid crystalline solvents
 2003 Helical twisting power and scaled chiral indices
 2005 Coarse-grained simulation studies of a liquid crystal dendrimer: Towards computational predictions of nanoscale structure through microphase separation
 2005 Molecular dynamics simulations of side chain liquid crystal polymer molecules in isotropic and liquid-crystalline melts
 2006 Atomistic Simulations of a Thermotropic Biaxial Liquid Crystal
 2006 The influence of lateral and terminal substitution on the structure of a liquid crystal dendrimer in nematic solution: A computer simulation study
 2008 A new anisotropic soft-core model for the simulation of liquid crystal mesophases
 2008 Computer simulations of soft self-organising molecular materials
 2009 A coarse-grained simulation study of mesophase formation in a series of rod-coil multiblock copolymers
 2009 A soft-core Gay-Berne model for the simulation of liquid crystals by Hamiltonian replica exchange
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 1999 Novel liquid crystal molecular sensor
Wilson, O.C.2004 Self-Alignment of Inorganic Biomimetic Liquid Crystals: Magnetic Field Effects
Wilson, Otto C.2002 Self-Alignment of Inorganic Biomimetic Liquid Crystals: Effect of Magnetic Field
Wilson, P.1996 Novel side chain liquid crystal polyesters
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 2005 Synthesis and evaluation of some novel chiral heterocyclic liquid crystalline materials exhibiting ferro- and antiferro-electric phases
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 1984 Properties of the liquid crystals formed by certain 4-alkoxy-N-(9-oxofluoren-2-ylmethylene)anilines
 1984 Some Heterocyclic Analogs of Biphenyl Mesogens
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 1992 A Study of Homologation and the Occurrence of an SA-SC-SA Sequence of Phases in the 4-n-Alkoxy-3-Fluorophenyl 4-(5-n-Alkyl-2-Thienyl)Benzoates
 1993 A study of homologation and the occurrence of an SA-SC-SA sequence of phases in the 4-alkoxy-3-fluorophenyl 4-(5-alkyl-2-thienyl)benzoates
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Wilson, R.C. (cont...)1995 Synthesis of certain mesogenic azomethines derived from 4-cycloalkylanilines and from 4-cycloalkylbenzaldehydes
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 1994 Optical filter
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 1997 Computational modeling of disclination loops under shear flow
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Wittwer, Peter2003 Some exact results for Boltzmann's annihilation dynamics
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