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Widatallah, H.M.1996 A Mössbauer study of the Brownian motion of suspended particles in a nematic liquid crystal: the effect of anchored molecular textures
 2000 Mossbauer spectroscopy of Brownian motion in nematic liquid crystal
Widawski, Gilles1995 Synthesis of polyenes with chain-end mesogens via living ring-opening metathesis polymerization
Widegren-Dafgrd, K.1997 Ash Behavior in a CFB Boiler during Combustion of Salix
Wider, Gerhard1997 Attenuated T2 relaxation by mutual cancellation of dipole-dipole coupling and chemical shift anisotropy indicates an avenue to NMR structures of very large biological macromolecules in solution
Widmalm, G.1996 Deuterium NMR study of a probe molecule dissolved in a carbohydrate liquid crystal
Widmalm, Göran1998 NMR investigation of oligosaccharide conformation using dipolar couplings in an aqueous dilute liquid crystalline medium
 2000 NMR Investigation of a Tetrasaccharide Using Residual Dipolar Couplings in Dilute Liquid Crystalline Media: Effect of the Environment
 2001 Analysis of Oligosaccharide Conformation by NMR Spectroscopy Utilizing 1H,1H and 1H,13C Residual Dipolar Couplings in a Dilute Liquid Crystalline Phase.
 2002 Conformational Distribution Function of a Disaccharide in a Liquid Crystalline Phase Determined Using NMR Spectroscopy
 2005 A Conformational Dynamics Study of α-l-Rhap-(1->2)[α-l-Rhap-(1->3)]-α-l-Rhap-OMe in Solution by NMR Experiments and Molecular Simulations
 2005 Conformational Analysis of a Tetrasaccharide Based on NMR Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
 2006 Conformational Dynamics of Oligosaccharides:NMR Techniques and Computer Simulations
 2008 NMR Studies of Molecular Conformations in α-Cyclodextrin
Widmann, G.1993 A new state of aggregation?
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 1982 Disubstituted ethanes
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 1996 Structure and properties of pitch substances recovered in the preparation of a spherical mesophase
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 1985 High-resolution volumetric study of the smectic-A - smectic-C transition in 4-(n-pentyl)phenylthio-4'-(n-octyl)oxybenzoate (8S5)
 1987 High-resolution volumetric study of the smectic-A-to-nematic transition in 4-(n-pentyl)phenylthiol-4'-(n-octyloxy)benzoate (8S5) and octyloxycyanobiphenyl (8OCB)
 1999 Thermodynamics of aqueous mixtures of polyoxyethene glycol monoethers. V. Excess molar volumes of (n-decyl hexaoxyethene glycol monoether + water) in the vicinity of the critical micelle composition
 2003 Polymer Domain Growth in Ordered Liquid Crystalline Matrices
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Wieczorek, Stefan A.1987 High resolution volumetric studies. Smectic A-smectic C transition in 4-n-pentylphenylthiol 4'-n-decyloxybenzoate (10S5)
 1997 Critical Exponents for Thermal Expansion and Isothermal Compressibility near the Nematic to Smectic -A Phase Transition
 2005 Relaxation Processes in Semidilute Solutions of Polymers in Liquid Crystal Solvents
 2006 Phase Separation in Binary Polymer/Liquid Crystal Mixtures: Network Breaking and Domain Growth by Coalescence-induced Coalescence
 2007 Kinetics and Dynamics of Dissolution/Mixing of a High-Viscosity Liquid Phase in a Low-Viscosity Solvent Phase
 2009 Dynamic charge separation in a liquid crystalline meniscus
 2009 Thousand-Fold Acceleration of Phase Decomposition in Polymer/Liquid Crystal Blends
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Wiederrecht, G.P.2000 Photorefractivity in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Composites Containing Electron Donor and Acceptor Molecules
Wiederrecht, Gary2002 High Time Resolution Q-Band EPR Study of Sequential Electron Transfer in a Triad Oriented in a Liquid Crystal
Wiederrecht, Gary P.1995 High photorefractive gain in nematic liquid crystals doped with electron donor and acceptor molecules
 1996 Photorefractive liquid crystals
 1997 Differential Control of Intramolecular Charge Separation and Recombination Rates Using Nematic Liquid Crystal Solvents
 1997 Photorefractive liquid crystals doped with electron donor and acceptor molecules
 1997 Photorefractivity in liquid crystalline composite materials
 1997 Photorefractivity in Nematic Liquid Crystals Containing Electron Donor-Acceptor Molecules That Undergo Intramolecular Charge Separation
 1998 Charge transfer reactions in nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Determination of the Energy Levels of Radical Pair States in Photosynthetic Models Oriented in Liquid Crystals with Time-Resolved Electron Paramagnetic Resonance
 1998 Photorefractivity in polymer-stabilized liquid crystal films
 1998 Photorefractivity in Polymer-Stabilized Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1998 Photorefractivity in polymer-stabilized nematic liquid crystals
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 1999 Photorefractive Bragg gratings in nematic liquid crystals aligned by a magnetic field
 1999 Photorefractivity in crosslinked polymer-stabilized nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Photorefractivity in liquid crystals doped with a soluble conjugated polymer
 1999 Photorefractivity in Nematic Liquid Crystals Doped with a Conjugated Polymer: Mechanisms for Enhanced Charge Transport
 2000 Novel Mechanism for Triplet State Formation in Short Distance Covalently Linked Radical Ion Pairs
 2000 Photorefractivity in ferroelectric liquid crystals
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 1984 A pressure-induced reentrant cholesteric phase in a ternary system of cholesteryl n-alkanoates. Light reflection measurements in mixtures of cholesteryl propionate, -nonanoate and -tetradecanoate up to 3000 bars
 1984 Pressure dependence of the linear birefringence of a cholesteric liquid crystal. Optical rotation and selective reflection of a mixture of cholesteryl nonanoate and cholesteryl chloride from 60-130°C up to 3 kbar
 1984 The Pressure Dependence of the Birefringence and Order Parameter of a Cholesteric Liquid Crystal up to 3kbar
 1985 Reentrant Cholesteric Phases in Ternary Mixtures of Cholesteryl N-Alkanoates at High Pressure
 1987 Helix inversion of cholesteric liquid crystals at high pressure. Selective light reflection measurements on binary mixtures up to 3000 bar and 130°C
 1988 Effect of composition on the pressure-induced reentrant cholesteric phase behavior of mixtures of nonpolar cholesteryl n-alkanoates
 1988 Pressure-induced reentrant cholesteric phase behavior of nonpolar liquid crystals
 1989 Odd-even effect in the smectic A-cholesteric tricritical pressure of the cholesteryl n-alkanoates. High pressure studies on nine homologs
Wiegel, D.1981 Problems of the photographic documentation of liquid crystalline thermographs
 1981 The effect of layer instabilities on liquid crystalline thermography
Wiegel, F.W.1976 Pore-size distribution in a biomembrane model
 1978 Self-consistent field theory of a lipid monolayer
Wiegel, Kurt N.1998 Effect of constrained tetrahedral netpoint inclusion on hydrogen-bonded liquid crystalline polymers
 2006 Supramolecular main chain liquid crystalline polymers utilizing azopyridine derivatives
Wiegeleben, Adelbert1977 Liquid crystalline trans-4-n-alkylcyclohexanecarboxylic acid 4-cyanophenyl esters
 1978 Dielectric relaxation of liquid crystals with nematic, smectic A and smectic C phases
 1978 Synthesis and some physical properties of 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
 1979 Transformation enthalpies in liquid crystalline 4-n-alkyloxybenzoic acid-[4-n-acylphenyl acetate]
 1980 A new liquid crystalline substance exhibiting a reentrant nematic phase and two low-temperature smectic phases
 1980 A new polymorphism variant: nematic-smectic C-smectic A-nematic
 1980 Calorimetric investigation of 4-n-alkyloxyphenyl 4'-alkyloxybenzoates
 1980 Calorimetric investigation of some homologous series with a high degree of smectic polymorphism
 1980 Dielectric relaxation in nematic, smectic A and C phases in the MHz region
 1980 Nematische kristallin-flüssige Substanzen
 1980 Relations of isomorphism between liquid crystalline phases. Part 24. Polymorphism in the homologous series of the 2-(4-n-alkylphenyl)-5-(4-n-alkyloxyphenyl)pyrimidines
 1980 The polymorphism of some liquid crystalline 4'-n-alkyloxy-3'-nitro-biphenylcarboxylic acids
 1981 A new liquid crystalline low-temperature phase
 1981 Calorimetric investigations of 2-[4-n-alkylphenyl]-5-[4-n-alkyloxyphenyl]-pyrimidines
 1981 Calorimetric studies of liquid-crystalline 4-cyanophenyl trans-4-n-alkylcyclohexanecarboxylates
 1981 Kristallin-flüssige Heterocycloalkane. I. Synthese und Eigenschaften substituierter 1,3-Dioxane
 1981 New thermotropic cubic mesophases
 1981 Reentrant nematic and smectic C phases in binary systems of 4-(β-cyanethyl)phenyl 4-n-alkyloxycinnamates
 1981 Smectic G and I phases in the homologous series of 4-n-nonyl-(4'-alkyloxy)azobenzene
 1981 The dispersion of the dynamic scattering of colourless nematic liquid crystals
Wiegeleben, Adelbert (cont...)1982 Calorimetric investigations in liquid crystalline terephthalylidene-bis-[4-n-alkylanilines] (TBAA)
 1983 Calorimetric studies on liquid crystalline 3-hydroxy-4-propionylphenyl 4'-n-alkyloxybenzoates
 1983 Liquid crystal 2-ethyl-N,N'-bis[4-(n-alkyloxy)benzylidene)]phenylene-1,4-diamines
 1983 Thermodynamic properties and viscosity of 4-(n-hexyloxy)phenyl 4-(n-decyloxy)benzoate
 1984 Liquid crystalline 7-alkylperhydrophenanthrene-2-carboxylic acid esters
 1984 Liquid crystalline swallow-tailed compounds. I
 1985 Correlation between sudden entropy changes and dielectric relaxation frequencies in liquid crystals
 1985 Liquid crystal nematic mixtures
 1985 Liquid crystalline substituted 5-[1-alkylpiperid-4-yl]-1,3-dioxanes
 1985 Thermotropic liquid crystalline compounds with lateral long-chain substituents. Part VI. Liquid crystalline oxime benzoates with lateral long-chain substituents
 1986 Crystal Structure and Thermal Phase Behaviour of 2,3-Dicyano-4-n-hexyloxyphenyl-trans-4-n-heptylcyclohexanoate
 1986 Molecular dynamic investigations on 4,4'-di-n-pentyloxy-azoxybenzene
 1987 Glassy nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Methodical aspects in thermal analysis of liquid crystalline substances
 1988 Dielectric relaxation in liquid crystalline side-chain polymers containing a siloxane main chain
 1988 Liquid-crystal compounds and mixtures for optoelectronic devices
 1988 Preparation of liquid-crystal 2-substituted 1,3-dithiadecalins
 1989 Comparing investigation of the smectic C and A phases of the di-n-alkyl 4,4'-azoxycinnamates (I). Calorimetric investigations
 1989 Comparing investigation of the smectic C and A phases of the di-n-alkyl 4,4'-azoxycinnamates (II) X-ray studies
 1989 New liquid-crystalline heteroalicyclic compounds
Wiegeleben, Adelbert (cont...)1990 Induced SA phases and reentrant nematic phases in binary systems of homologous terminal-nonpolar compounds
 1990 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of deuterated 4,4'-di-n-alkyloxyazoxybenzenes-d2(2n+1)
 1992 A simple molecular model for the interpretation of some properties of smectic C and A phases
 1992 Comparing Investigations on L.C. Mixture with Nematic and Smectic A Phase
 1993 Binary Systems with a Sterically Induced Smectic A Phase
 1994 Destruction of an intercalated structure in a smectic A phase
 1994 Phase diagrams and mixing enthalpies of binary liquid-crystalline systems exhibiting a smectic A phase
 1994 Structure and dielectric investigation of a binary system of a bi-swallow-tailed and a terminally-polar compound
 1995 Mesomorphic properties and magnetic behavior of di-(5-substituted-salicylidene)ethylenediaminato cobalt(II) complexes
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 1998 The cubic mesophase of analogous chiral and achiral hydrazine derivatives
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 2004 Amplified Extended Modes in Random Lasers
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 2004 Quasi-Two-Dimensional Diffusive Random Laser Action
 2005 Anisotropic Weak Localization of Light: From Isotropic Scattering to Ordered Nematic Liquid Crystals
Wierzba, P.2006 Modelling of optical components made of liquid crystals and liquid crystalline polymers
 2008 Liquid crystalline optical components for application in optical sensing
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Wierzbowski, Maciej2002 Heat transfer augmentation using liquid crystal
 2002 Liquid Crystal Technique Application for Heat Transfer Investigation in a Fin-Tube Heat Exchanger Element
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Wiese, Kay Jörg2003 Functional renormalization group for anisotropic depinning and relation to branching processes
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 1998 Makromolekulares Kolloquium Freiburg
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 1994 NMR Studies of the Local Dynamics of Liquid Crystalline and Semicrystalline Aromatic Polyesters
 1994 NMR studies of the local dynamics of liquid crystalline and semicrystalline aromatic polyesters
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 2003 Synthesis and characterization of block copolymer/ceramic precursor nanocomposites based on a polysilazane
 2004 Nanohybrids from Liquid Crystalline Extended Amphiphilic Dendrimers
 2005 Flow-Induced Alignment of Block Copolymer-Sol Nanoparticle Coassemblies toward Oriented Bulk Polymer-Silica Hybrids
 2007 A Re-Evaluation of the Morphology of a Bicontinuous Block Copolymer-Ceramic Material
 2007 Composition and Morphology Control in Ordered Mesostructured High-Temperature Ceramics from Block Copolymer Mesophases
 2007 Nanoparticle-Induced Packing Transition in Mesostructured Block Dendron-Silica Hybrids
 2008 Self-Assembly of Four-Layer Woodpile Structure from Zigzag ABC Copolymer/Aluminosilicate Concertinas
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