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Wendorff, Joachim H.2002 Smectic and Columnar Liquid Crystalline Phases Through Charge-Transfer Interactions
 2002 Uniaxial Orientation of Columnar Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2003 Charge carrier mobility in columnar discotics
 2003 Cholesteric Mixtures with Photochemically Tunable, Circularly Polarized Fluorescence
 2003 Circularly polarized emission in cholesteric systems
 2003 Design, Synthesis, and Properties of New Biodegradable Aromatic/Aliphatic Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters
 2003 Low molar mass and polymer discotics: structure, dynamics and opto-electronic properties
 2003 Optical Storage in Pentaalkinylbenzene Derivatives. Strong Gain Effect by Recrystallization Processes
 2003 Switchable cholesteric systems for optical storage and circularly polarized light emission
 2003 Thermotropic Aromatic/Lactide Copolyesters with Lateral Methoxyethyleneoxy Substituents
 2004 Columnar liquid crystalline phases through hydrogen bonding and nanoscale segregation
 2004 Pressure-induced structural changes in a columnar discotic liquid crystal
 2004 Synthesis of discotic blockcopolymers: Concept and monomers
 2005 Eutectic mixtures with plastic columnar discotics: molecular structure, phase morphology and kinetics of phase separation
 2005 Liquid crystalline nanowires in porous alumina: geometric confinement versus influence of pore wall
 2005 Liquid Crystalline Nanowires in Porous Alumina: Geometric Confinement versus Influence of Pore Walls
 2005 Liquid crystalline nanowires made of discotics: Influence of doping with electron acceptors on the optical and morphological properties
 2005 Morphology of Polymer/Liquid-Crystal Nanotubes: Influence of Confinement
 2005 Pressure effects in a plastic columnar discotic triphenylene
 2005 Star-Shaped Discotic Oligomesogens Based on Radial Pentakisphenylethynylbenzene Moieties
Wendorff, Joachim H. (cont...)2006 Discotic liquid crystals in cylindrical confinement: Supramolecular architecture of LC nanorods
 2006 Holographic storage via the liquid crystal state: a success story
 2006 Quantum well/columnar discotic hybrids
 2008 Nanoscaled Discotic Liquid Crystal/Polymer Systems: Confinement Effects on Morphology and Thermodynamics
Wendorff, Joachim Heinz1992 The first example of a tridentate azamacrocyclic metallomesogen
 1993 Molecular self-organization of amphotropic cyanobiphenyl mesogens
 1994 "Open" analogs of azacycloalkane mesogens. Liquid-crystalline diethylenetriamides
 1995 A novel class of mesogens: liquid-crystalline derivatives of linear oligoalkylene amides
 1995 Mesogenic properties of amphiphilic liquid crystals with an unusual head-group topology
 1996 Metallomesogens with branched, dendrimeric amino ligands
 1997 Liquid crystalline derivatives of oligoethylene-amines and -amino ethers with amide, ester, urea or urethane functions
 1997 Liquid-crystalline crown ether: forming columnar mesophases by molecular recognition
 1998 Formation of Columnar and Lamellar Lyotropic Mesophases by Facial Amphiphiles with Protic and Lipophilic Solvents
Wendorff, Joachim W.1986 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
Wendt, A.E.2002 Fabrication of Polymeric Substrates with Well-Defined Nanometer-Scale Topography and Tailored Surface Chemistry
Wendt, Eckhardt1993 Heat-conductive liquid crystalline polyester molding compositions
Weng, Bing2002 First Order Fréedericksz Transition above the Nematic – Smectic A Phase Transition
Weng, Chao2009 Synergetic Effect of Efficient Energy Transfer and 3D π-π Stack for White Emission Based on the Block Copolymers Containing Nonconjugated Spacer
Weng, Chi-Jong2005 The determination of the phase diagram of phospholipid/sterol membranes using deuterium NMR
Weng, D.1992 Liquid-crystal cholesterol theory and the assignment of helix sense in optically active polyisocyanates
 1993 Polyisocyanates and the interplay of experiment and theory in the formation of lyotropic cholesteric states
 1994 Stratification of fullerenes
Weng, Dexi1992 An unusual fluctuation between macromolecular and supramolecular helicity by polyisocyanates dissolved in a chiral liquid crystal
 1993 Liquid crystals and the question of the interplay of intramolecular and supramolecular chirality
Weng, Jia-bao2004 Self-assembly of nano-micelle of coordination compound of transition metal ion as liquid crystal unit
Weng, Lihui2004 Thermal Gelation of Cellulose in a NaOH/Thiourea Aqueous Solution
Weng, Lucy2004 Observation of Two-Step Thermochromism in Poly(3-docosylthiophene): DSC and Reflection Spectroscopy
Weng, Meng-Hsiung2008 Lock and key behaviours of an aromatic carboxylic acid molecule with differing conformations on an Au (111) surface
Weng, S.F.1994 Structure and thermotropic phase behavior of sodium and potassium carboxylate ionomers
Weng, Shi-Fu2001 Alternative Self-Assembled Films of Metal-Ion-Bridged 3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylic Acid on Nanostructured TiO2 Electrodes and Their Photoelectrochemical Properties
Weng, Shou-Zheng2007 Oriented Growth of Crystalline Pentacene Films with Preferred a-b in-Plane Alignment on a Rubbed Crystalline Polymethylene Surface
Weng, T.1985 Hierarchial structures in thermotropic liquid crystal polymers
 1986 Hierarchical structure in a thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester
 1989 Failure processes in fiber-reinforced liquid-crystalline polyester composites
 1990 Damage analysis in reinforced LCP [liquid-crystalline polyester] composites by acoustic emission location techniques
Weng, Tzung Szu1997 Manufacture of a thin-film transistor with a light-absorbing layer
Weng, W.T.2004 Mechanism of electron multipacting with a long-bunch proton beam
Weng, X.2004 Threshold and grayscale stability of Microcup electronic paper
Weng, Xin2001 Left or Right, It Is a Matter of One Methylene Unit
 2002 Helical Twist Senses, Liquid Crystalline Behavior, Crystal Microtwins, and Rotation Twins in a Polyester Containing Main-Chain Molecular Asymmetry and Effects of the Number of Methylene Units in the Backbones on the Phase Structures and Morphologies of Its Homologues
 2002 Liquid Crystalline Phases, Microtwinning in Crystals and Helical Chirality Transformations in a Main-Chain Chiral Liquid Crystalline Polyester
 2003 "Plastic Deformation" Mechanism and Phase Transformation in a Shear-Induced Metastable Hexagonally Perforated Layer Phase of a Polystyrene-b-poly(ethylene oxide) Diblock Copolymer
 2003 Chain Orientation and Defects in Lamellar Single Crystals of Syndiotactic Polypropylene Fractions
Weng, Xing2004 Self-assembled "Supra-molecular" Structures via Hydrogen Bonding and Aromatic/Aliphatic Microphase Separation on Different Length Scales in Symmetric-Tapered Bisamides
Weng, Xinguang1993 Measurements of refractive index of lithium niobate integrated optical substrate
Weng, Zhao-Heng1993 Optical butterfly interconnections and applications in optical logic operations
Wengel, Jesper2007 Direct Imaging of Hexaamine-Ruthenium(III) in Domain Boundaries in Monolayers of Single-Stranded DNA
Wenger, Bernard2008 Tuning the wavelength of lasing emission in organic semiconducting laser by the orientation of liquid crystalline conjugated polymer
Wenger, Lowell E.2004 Mesostructured Fe Oxide Synthesized by Ligand-Assisted Templating with a Chelating Triol Surfactant
Wenger, Sophie2009 "Brick and Mortar" Strategy for the Formation of Highly Crystalline Mesoporous Titania Films from Nanocrystalline Building Blocks
Wenk, R.A.1990 Comparison of melting in three and two dimensions: Microscopy of colloidal spheres
Wennemers, Helma2008 Ionic self-assembled molecular receptor-based liquid crystals with tripeptide recognition capabilities
Wenner, C.E.1970 Studies on model membrane. I. Effects of Ca2+ and antibiotics on permeability of cardiolipin liquid-crystalline vesicles
Wennerström, H.1971 Ion binding in liquid crystals studied by NMR. II. Chlorine-35 second-order quadrupole interactions in lamellar mesophase
 1974 Theoretical aspects on the NMR of quadrupolar ionic nuclei in micellar solutions and amphiphilic liquid crystals
 1977 Amphiphile diffusion in model membrane systems studied by pulsed NMR
 1977 Deuteron NMR studies of phase equilibria in a lecithin-water system
 1978 Dielectric properties of lamellar lipid water phases
 1979 Ion condensation model and nuclear magnetic resonance studies of counterion binding in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1980 Ion binding in amphiphile water systems. A comparison between electrostatic theories and NMR experiments
 1982 Molecular organization in the liquid-crystalline phases of lecithin-sodium cholate-water systems studied by nuclear magnetic resonance
 1985 Phase equilibria in systems containing both an anionic and a cationic amphiphile. A thermodynamic model calculation
 1996 Gaussian random field description of fluctuating fluid vesicles
 1999 Thermodynamics of a nonionic sponge phase
 2005 Monitoring of Sponge- (L3) and Lamellar Phase (Lα) formation kinetics: An investigation of fluid amphiphilic bilayer fusion and fission
Wennerström, Håkan1973 Counterion dependent water and amphiphile orientation and deuteron exchange in lyotropic mesophases
 1973 NMR studies of the interaction between sodium ions and anionic surfactants in some amphiphile-water systems
 1973 Proton nuclear magnetic resonance lineshapes in lamellar liquid crystals
 1974 Double quantum transitions in deuteron NMR spectra of lyotropic liquid crystals
 1975 Deuteron NMR studies on soap-water mesophases
 1975 Proton NMR bandshape studies of lamellar liquid crystals and gel phases containing lecithins and cholesterol
 1976 Lecithin translational diffusion studied by pulsed nuclear magnetic resonance
 1976 Multiple quantum transitions for spin-3/2 nuclei in the NMR spectra of lyotropic liquid crystals
 1976 The NMR quadrupole splitting method for studying ion binding in liquid crystals
 1978 Chemical shift anisotropies of cesium-133(+) counterions in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1978 Ion condensation on planar surfaces. A solution of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation for two parallel charged plates
 1978 Nuclear quadrupole coupling and molecular deformations
 1978 Translational diffusion in model membranes studied by nuclear magnetic resonance
 1979 The relation between micelle size and shape and the stability of liquid crystalline phases in surfactant systems
 1980 Alkali counterion binding specificity in lamellar liquid crystals
 1980 Ion condensation in lamellar liquid crystals. The effect of added inorganic salt
 1980 Ion distributions in lamellar liquid crystals. A comparison between results from Monte Carlo simulations and solutions of the Poisson-Boltzmann equation
 1981 Thermodynamics of ionic amphiphile-water systems
 1985 Phase equilibria in the mixed sodium and calcium di-2-ethylhexylsulfosuccinate aqueous system. An illustration of repulsive and attractive double-layer forces
 1986 Electrical double layer interactions with image charges
Wennerström, Håkan (cont...)1987 Phase equilibria in a three-component water-soap-alcohol system. A thermodynamic model
 1988 Amphiphile-water systems and electrostatic interactions
 1989 Isotropic bicontinuous solutions in surfactant-Solvent systems: the L3 phase
 1989 Phase behavior self-diffusion and deutron NMR relaxation studies in a ionic surfactant system containing cosurfactant and salt: a comparison with nonionic surfactant systems
 1990 The unbinding transition and lamellar phase-lamellar phase coexistence
 1991 Ionic surfactants with divalent counterions
 1995 Phase Equilibria of Balanced Microemulsions
 1995 Thermodynamics of the L3 (sponge) phase in the flexible surface model
 1998 Surfactant self-assembly structures at interfaces, in polymer solutions, and in bulk: micellar size and connectivity
 2000 A Calorimetric Study of Phospholipid Hydration. Simultaneous Monitoring of Enthalpy and Free Energy
 2004 Mechanism of Mesoporous Silica Formation. A Time-Resolved NMR and TEM Study of Silica-Block Copolymer Aggregation
 2004 NMR Studies of Molecular Mobility in a DNA-Amphiphile Complex
 2004 Time-Resolved in Situ Studies of the Formation of Cubic Mesoporous Silica Formed with Triblock Copolymers
 2008 Transport Processes in Responding Lipid Membranes: A Possible Mechanism for the pH Gradient in the Stratum Corneum
Wenning, Gregor2003 Optimal noise-aided signal transmission through populations of neurons
Wensink, H.H.2001 Isotropic-Nematic Density Inversion in a Binary Mixture of Thin and Thick Hard Platelets
 2002 Biaxial versus uniaxial nematic stability in asymmetric rod-plate mixtures
 2002 Phase equilibria in systems of hard disks with thickness polydispersity
 2004 Equation of State of a Dense Columnar Liquid Crystal
 2006 Rhythmic Cluster Generation in Strongly Driven Colloidal Dispersions
 2007 Columnar versus smectic order in systems of charged colloidal rods
 2008 Driven Colloidal Mixtures and Colloidal Liquid Crystals
 2009 Generalized van der Waals theory for the twist elastic modulus and helical pitch of cholesterics
Wentowska, K.1981 The nematic critical point in the molecular field approximation
 1983 On the Landau theory of the nematic critical point
 1984 Heterophase fluctuations and local stability of the molecular field approximation for classical spin model with biquadratic exchange
 1988 Anisotropy of x-ray critical scattering in nematic phase connected with the nematic-smectic E transition in 2CHPD4 liquid crystal
 1988 X-ray critical scattering near smectic Ad-reentrant nematic phase transition
 1988 X-ray critical scattering study of nematic-smectic A phase transition in a 8DBT/120CB mixture
 1990 The phase transitions and the x-ray critical scattering in the mixture of the smectic B-smectic C liquid crystals (SB + SC)
 1990 X-ray critical scattering in hexatic smectic B-smectic C binary mixture
 1990 X-ray critical scattering in the 5-butyl-2-(4'-isothiocyanatophenyl)-1,3-dioxane (4DBT)/5-dodecy-2-(4'-isothiocyanatophenyl)-1,3-dioxane (12DBT) binary mixture near the isotropic-nematic-smectic A (INA) point
Wentowska, Krystyna1979 Phase transitions in liquid crystals
Wenz, G.1985 New Liquid-Crystalline Polymers with Discotic Mesogenic Groups
 1985 New polymers with disk-shaped mesogenic groups in the main chain
 1992 Investigation of molecular superstructure of hairy rodlike polymers by X-ray reflection
Wenz, Gerhard2000 Synthesis, control of substitution pattern and phase transitions of 2,3-di-O-methylcellulose
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Wenzel, Axel2006 Procedure for testing pixels for lcd tft display
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 1980 Collective modes in liquid crystals
Wergin, Alexander1977 Brillouin scattering in neopentane
Weringa, Wilke D.2001 Electron microscopic investigation of the morphology and calcium-induced fusion of lipid vesicles with an oligomerised inner leaflet
Werkman, P.J.2001 Surface Grafting of Poly(l-glutamates). 1. Synthesis and Characterization
Werkman, Peter J.2002 Photochromic laminates for improvement of the daylight contrast of cathode ray tubes and plasma displays
Werling, Deborah2001 State of the art in liquid crystal technologies for wavefront compensation: an AFRL perspective
Wermeille, Didier2003 Observation of Novel Liquid-Crystalline Phase above the Bulk-Melting Temperature
Wermter, Hendrik1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 LC-elastomers and artificial muscles
 2002 Main-chain liquid crystalline elastomers
Werner-Zwanziger, U.2005 Memory and Perfection in Ferroelastic Inclusion Compounds
Werner-Zwanziger, Ulrike2002 Structure and Magnetic Alignment of Metalloporphyrazine Columnar Aggregates in Their Mesophases and Crystalline Phases
 2007 Composition and Morphology Control in Ordered Mesostructured High-Temperature Ceramics from Block Copolymer Mesophases
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Werner, Carsten2004 Electrokinetic Potentials of Binary Self-Assembled Monolayers on Gold: Acid-Base Reactions and Double Layer Structure
Werner, Christine1981 Propagation of ultrasound in the isotropic phase of some thermotropic liquid crystals
Werner, D.2006 Liquid crystal cladded metallo-dielectric and all-dielectric frequency selective surfaces for broadband tunable optical filters and planar negative index optics
 2009 Liquid Crystal Nonlinear Optical Meta-Materials
Werner, D.H.2006 Liquid-Crystals for Tunable Photonic Crystals, Frequency Selective Surfaces and Negative Index Material Development
 2007 Liquid crystalline nonlinear optical metamaterials with low-loss tunable negative-zero-positive refractive indices
 2008 Designing Liquid Crystalline Nonlinear Optical Meta-materials with Large Birefringence and Sub-unity Refractive Index
Werner, Douglas H.2007 Tunable optical negative-index metamaterials employing anisotropic liquid crystals
Werner, H.-J.2004 A non-chiral semi-fluorinated liquid crystal without layer shrinkage below the 'de Vries' -type smectic A - C transition
Werner, J.1999 Calorimetric and dielectric investigations of smectic liquid crystals with aerosil
 1999 Structure and Dielectric Behavior of block Copolymers Containing an LC Polyacrylate Block
 2000 Dielectric investigations of the N-SmB transition in a porous glass
 2008 Commensurate Spin Density Wave in LaFeAsO: A Local Probe Study
Werner, Johannes1998 Thermal phase behavior of homologous liquid -crystalline side-group polyesters in dependence on the polymethylene main chain spacer length
 1999 Liquid crystalline and dielectric properties of homologous series of substituted 1,3,4-oxadiazoles
 2000 A tin-containing liquid crystalline polymer with two glass temperatures
Werner, John S.2002 High-resolution adaptive optics test bed for vision science
 2003 Characterization and operation of a liquid crystal adaptive optics phoropter
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Werner, Martin J.A.1991 Molecular addressing? Studies on light-induced reorientation in liquid-crystalline side chain polymers
 2006 Holographic storage via the liquid crystal state: a success story
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 2000 Antiferroelectricity in achiral mesogenic mixtures of organic materials
 2000 Corona-charged thin films composed from antiferroelectric solid mixtures of achiral side-chain liquid crystalline polymers and their monomers
 2000 Investigations on new achiral polymeric liquid crystalline mixtures using a pyroelectric modulation technique
 2002 X-ray investigations on some liquid crystalline methacrylic polymers with ω-hexyloxysalicylaldimine side groups carrying p-alkyl or p-alkyloxy terminal substituents
Wernet, Peter1994 Analysis of the HLA-DR gene locus by temperature gradient gel electrophoresis and its application for the rapid selection of unrelated bone marrow donors
Werneth, Charles M.2005 Maleimide-Vinyl Ether-Based Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals
Wernicke, Günther2004 Nematic LCoS spatial light modulators: performance in diffractive optics
 2006 High resolution coherent optical reconstruction of digital holograms and their applications
Wernicke, Günther K.1996 Complex transmittance of the Sanyo liquid crystal television: experimental and theoretical investigations
 1996 Modulation characteristics of the Sanyo liquid crystal television
 2001 Holographic approach to conserving and analyzing the cuneiform inscription
 2001 Liquid crystal display as dynamic diffractive element
 2001 Liquid crystal display as spatial light modulator for diffractive optical elements and the reconstruction of digital holograms
 2003 Spatial light modulator system as dynamic diffractive element
Werninck, A.R.1988 The synthesis, polymerization and second order non-linear optical properties of novel, conjugated, unsymmetrical diacetylenes showing liquid crystal behavior
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 1990 Thermotropic diacetylenic liquid crystals
 1992 The thermal polymerization of a diacetylenic liquid crystal
 1993 Diacetylenes as nonlinear materials
 1993 Polydiacetylenes produced from the liquid crystal state
 1994 Recent studies of diyne monomers containing pyridine as an electron withdrawing group
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 1995 Synthesis and non-linear optical properties of diacetylenes with conjugated side groups
Werny, Pierre2002 Multichannel intermittencies induced by symmetries
Werth, M.1990 Diskotische Monomere und Polymere auf der Basis von Rufigallol: Orientierungs- und Packungsverhalten
 1990 Molecular dynamics and the glass transition in a columnar liquid crystal formed by a chiral discotic mesogen
 1991 Effect of functionalization on glass formation by columnar mesophases of substituted triphenylene mesogens
 1992 Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy on Discotic Liquid Crystals
 1992 Molecular dynamics at the glass transition: one-dimensional and two-dimensional nuclear-magnetic resonance studies of a glass-forming discotic liquid crystal
 1992 The Molecular Dynamics of Columnar Phases - Solid State NMR Investigations
 1993 Influence of Acceptor Polymers on Columnar Rotations in Discotics
 1993 Mobility changes of side chains ascribed to density modulations along columnar structures detected by 2D NMR
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 1994 Molecular dynamics of discotic charge-transfer complexes, dielectric spectroscopy and 2H NMR studies
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 1994 Twisted grain boundary phases in three new chiral azobenzene series
 1996 2H-NMR detection of the pressure effect on packing modulations in a columnar liquid crystal
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 2004 Surface Electroclinic Effect in a Smectic-A Liquid Crystal
Weslowski, B.T.2000 Chiral twisting of a smectic-A liquid crystal
 2000 Chiral twisting of a smectic-A liquid crystal
 2000 Electroclinic liquid crystals with large induced tilt angle and small layer contraction
 2002 Acoustic realignment of nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Acousto-optic response of nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Theory of the acoustic realignment of nematic liquid crystals
 2005 Dynamics of the acousto-optic effect in a nematic liquid crystal
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 1999 Mechanically and light induced anchoring of liquid crystal on polyimide film
 2000 Tensor and complex anchoring in liquid crystals
 2001 Hidden photoalignment of liquid crystals in the isotropic phase
 2001 Photo-orientation of liquid crystals due to light-induced desorption and adsorption of dye molecules on an aligning surface
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