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Campos, J.M.1996 Molecular Motions in the Solid Rotator Phase of 2-Adamantone: A Thermally Stimulated Currents Study
Campos, Joaquin1999 Optical architectures for real-time image processing and pattern recognition
Campos, Juan1995 Effects of Amplitude and Phase Mismatching Errors in the Generation of a Kinoform for Pattern Recognition
 1999 Adapting the input scene and the filter to the operating curves of the modulators in real-time correlators
 2001 Phase filter multiplexing for pattern recognition process
 2001 Programmable amplitude apodizers in liquid crystal spatial light modulators
 2001 Quantitative prediction of the modulation behavior of twisted nematic liquid crystal displays based on a simple physical model
 2001 Real-time correlator with liquid crystal panels: modulation optimization
 2001 Simultaneous encoding of amplitude apodizers and Fresnel lenses in spatial light modulators
 2003 Elliptic light polarization modulation of liquid crystal panels
 2003 Review of operating modes for twisted nematic liquid crystal displays for applications in optical image processing
 2004 Correction of aberrations in an optical correlator by using it as a point diffraction interferometer
 2004 Diffraction efficiency of phase-only diffractive elements displayed onto twisted nematic liquid crystal displays
 2006 Multiplexed lenses written onto a liquid crystal display to increase depth of focus
 2006 Polarization diffractive elements displayed with liquid crystal spatial light modulators
 2006 Simple Jones Method for describing Modulation Properties of Reflective Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulators
 2006 Two applications of liquid crystal displays in diffractive optics under polychromatic illumination
 2008 Analysis of polarization vortices generated from a polarization diffractive mask
 2008 Influence of the incident angle in the performance of LCoS displays
 2009 Variable waveplate-based polarimeter for polarimetric metrology
Campos, Lourdes2004 X-ray diffraction analysis of internal wool lipids
Campos, Luis M.2006 Norrish Type I vs. Norrish-Yang Type II in the Solid State Photochemistry of CIS-2,6-DI(1-Cyclohexenyl)-Cyclohexanone: A Computational Study
Campos, Paulo R.2002 Error threshold transition in the random-energy model
 2003 Small-world effects in the majority-vote model
Campos, R.1997 The triple melting behavior of poly(ethylene terephthalate): molecular weight effects
Campostrini, Massimo2003 Evaluation of the improvement parameter in the lattice Hamiltonian approach to critical phenomena
Campoy, I.1991 Thermal transitions of liquid-crystal polyesters: poly(decamethylene-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalate)
 1992 Kinetics of three-dimensional ordering in the thermotropic liquid crystal poly(decamethylene-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalate)
 1993 Thermal stability of thermotropic liquid crystals: poly(alkyl-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalate)s
 1993 Thermal transitions in poly(alkyl-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalates)
 1993 Three dimensional ordering in liquid crystalline poly(alkyl-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalates)
 1994 Glass transition temperatures in liquid crystalline poly(decamethylene-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalate)
 1996 Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopic studies of thermotropic main chain polyesters. Part 2. Poly(alkyl-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalate)s
 1998 Dielectric study of the main-chain liquid-crystal polyesters poly(alkyl terephthaloyl-bis-4-oxybenzoate)s and poly(alkyl-4,4'-diphenoxy terephthalate)s
 1998 Structure and thermal properties of blends of nylon 6 and a liquid crystal copolyester
 1998 Thermogravimetric analysis of blends based on nylon 6 and a thermotropic liquid crystal copolyester
 1999 Isothermal crystallization of nylon 6/liquid crystal copolyester blends
 1999 Small angle X-ray diffraction study of blends of nylon 6 and a liquid crystal copolyester
Camps, Ivo G.J.2001 Passive and active matrix addressed polymer light-emitting diode displays
Camps, Ivo Godgried Jozef1997 Method of manufacturing an optical component
Camps, Xavier1999 Thermotropic Behavior of Lipophilic Derivatized [60]Fullerenes Studied by Deuterium NMR, X-ray Diffraction, and Microcalorimetry
Camurati, Isabella2006 Metallocene Catalysts for 1-Butene Polymerization
 2007 Tailoring the Physical Properties of Isotactic Polypropylene through Incorporation of Comonomers and the Precise Control of Stereo- and Regioregularity by Metallocene Catalysts
Camurlu, Pinar2007 Conducting Copolymers of Random and Block Copolymers of Electroactive and Liquid Crystalline Monomers with Pyrrole and Thiophene
Can, Poh Poh1997 Elastomer foams containing electrically conductive fibers, manufacture thereof, and electrically conductive products, shoe soles, rolls and other parts using the same
Canabarro, A.A.2010 A molecular dynamics study of ferroelectric nanoparticles immersed in a nematic liquid crystal
Canadas, Olga1998 Study of the cetyltrimethylammonium bromide/1,6-hexanediol/water system
Canalda, J.C.1995 On the melting behavior of polymer single crystals in a mixture with a compatible polymer. 1. Poly(vinylidene fluoride)/poly(methyl methacrylate) blends
Canales-Vazquez, Jesus2008 A systematic study of the formation of mesostructured silica using surfactant ruthenium complexes in high- and low-concentration regimes
Canales, Vidal F.2002 Teaching optics with a spatial light modulator
Canary, James W.2001 Supramolecular detection of metal ion binding: ligand conformational control of cholesteric induction in nematic liquid crystalline phases
 2002 Supramolecular inversion of helical chirality
Canaves, Jaume M.1991 Verapamil prevents the effects of daunomycin on the thermotropic phase transition of model lipid bilayers
Cancado, L.G.2006 Trigonal Anisotropy in Graphite and Carbon Nanotubes
Canceill, J.1974 Mesomorphic substances. VI. New low temperature smectic-A derivatives of 9,10-dihydrophenanthrene
 1975 New series of thermotropic liquid crystals with low temperature smectic A phase
 1975 Research on mesomorphic substances. VII. New smectic fluorene derivatives
 1976 Molecular structure and smectic properties
 1981 Studies on mesogenic substances. VIII. Preparation and mesomorphic properties of isometric series
 1981 Studies on mesomorphic substances. IX. "Forked" smectics. Molecular organization in smectic A phases
Canceill, Josette1975 Mesomorphic derivatives of dihydrophenanthrene
 1985 Exciton approach to the optical activity of C3-cyclotriveratrylene derivatives
 1993 Cyclotriveratrylenes and cryptophanes: their synthesis and applications to host-guest chemistry and to design of new materials
Cances, E.1997 Evaluation of Solvent Effects in Isotropic and Anisotropic Dielectrics and in Ionic Solutions with a Unified Integral Equation Method: Theoretical Bases, Computational Implementation, and Numerical Applications
 1997 A new integral equation formalism for the polarizable continuum model: Theoretical background and applications to isotropic and anisotropic dielectrics
Cances, Eric1998 New applications of integral equations methods for solvation continuum models: ionic solutions and liquid crystals
 2003 Spectral method for the time-dependent Gross-Pitaevskii equation with a harmonic trap
Cancho, Ramon Ferrer i2004 Euclidean distance between syntactically linked words
 2004 Patterns in syntactic dependency networks
Candau, F.1980 Experimental evidence of mesomorphic phases in quaternary systems containing amphiphilic macromolecules
 1981 Solubilization of immiscible liquids into mesophases formed from amphiphilic block copolymers
 1982 Liquid-crystalline textures in binary and ternary block copolymer-solvent systems
 1982 Structure and viscometric behavior of gel phases in quaternary systems containing anionic surfactants
 1990 Polymerization of acrylamide in a swollen lamellar mesophase
Candau, Francoise1982 Structural properties and topological defects of swollen polymeric mesophases: low angle x-ray diffraction and optical microscopic studies
Candau, S.1971 Determination of viscosity coefficients of a nematic liquid crystal using shear waves reflectance technique
 1971 Dynamic properties near the nematic-isotropic transition of a liquid crystal
 1972 Mechanical shear impedance of nematic and cholesteric mesophases measured at ultrasonic frequencies
 1972 Ultrasonic impedometric studies in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1973 Magnetic field effects in nematic and cholesteric droplets suspended in an isotropic liquid
 1975 The intramolecular ultrasonic relaxation of nematic liquid crystals far below the transition temperature
 1975 Ultrasonic investigation of rotational isomerism on mesomorphic compounds
 1976 Absorption of longitudinal and transverse ultrasonic waves in liquid crystals
 1976 Photochemically induced cholesteric-nematic transition in liquid crystals
 1976 Ultrasonic investigation of nematic liquid crystals in the isotropic and nematic phases
 1977 Acousto-optical effects in a nematic liquid crystal
 1977 Viscosity coefficients in the isotropic phase of a nematic liquid crystal
 1978 Acousto-optic effect in nematic liquid crystals
 1978 Helical twisting power of chiral substituted dibenzo[b,f]1,4-diazocines in nematic liquid crystals
 1978 Ultrasonic propagation in liquid crystals
 1979 Mapping of acoustical fields with liquid crystals
 1980 Acoustical streaming in a film of nematic liquid crystal
 1981 Characterization of distortions induced by a flow or an electric field in nematic films using conoscopic experiments
Candau, S.J.1969 Inelastic diffusion of light by liquids
 1991 Structure and properties of partially neutralized poly(acrylic acid) gels
 1991 Weakly charged polyelectrolyte gels: temperature and salt effects on the statics and the dynamics
 1999 Tuning bilayer twist using chiral counterions
 2000 Lamellar Structures in Aqueous Solutions of a Dimeric Surfactant
 2000 Scattering properties of salt-free wormlike micellar solutions
Candau, Sauveur1970 Ultrasonic relaxation in a nematic liquid crystal
 1972 Effect of magnetic fields on the structure of the droplets of nematic liquid crystal emulsions in isotropic liquids
 1973 Non-Newtonian flow of cholesteric liquid crystals
 1978 Thermal racemization barriers determined by pitch changes in liquid crystals
Candel, V.1993 Anomalous anisotropy of the elastic constants in the induced smectic O film
Candel, Veronique1992 Anchoring Strength Along Surface Edge-Dislocations in a Smectic O Film
 1992 Anisotropy of the Elastic Constants in a Smectic O Film
 1993 Anchoring strength onto simple surface edge dislocations in an induced smectic-O film
Candela, D.2004 NMR experiments on a three-dimensional vibrofluidized granular medium
Candy, Thomas Edward Gerard1993 Adsorbent material for use in the clarification of beverages and improving resistance to hazing
Cane, Rene1961 Variation of the equi-distance of Grandjean's planes with the relative concentration of active and inactive amyl p-cyanobenzylideneaminocinnamate
Canedy, C.L.2006 Graded band gap for dark-current suppression in long-wave infrared W-structured type-II superlattice photodiodes
Canejo, J.P.2009 How to mimic the shapes of plant tendrils on the nano and microscale: spirals and helices of electrospun liquid crystalline cellulose derivatives
Canejo, Joao P.2008 Helical Twisting of Electrospun Liquid Crystalline Cellulose Micro- and Nanofibers
Caneschi, A.2008 Two-Step Magnetic Ordering in Quasi-One-Dimensional Helimagnets: Possible Experimental Validation of Villain's Conjecture about a Chiral Spin Liquid Phase
Canessa, G.1986 Structure-property relations in linear and crosslinked liquid crystalline polymers
Canessa, Guido S.1996 Side-chain liquid crystalline polyesters derived from diethylmalonate and/or 1,3-propanediol
Canet-Fresse, Isabelle1993 Enantiomeric excess analysis of sesquiterpene precursors through proton decoupled deuterium NMR in cholesteric lyotropic liquid crystal
Canet, D.1973 PMR spectrum of chlorobenzene partially oriented in a nematic phase. Use of the INDOR [intermediate neglect of differential overlap] technique in a liquid crystal solution
 1973 Proton magnetic resonance of 2,5-dichloro-p-xylene dissolved in a nematic phase
 1977 Measurements of nitrogen-15, proton, and carbon-13, proton direct couplings in natural abundance from proton NMR spectra of s-triazine in the nematic phase
 1979 Structure of methyliodoacetylene determined by NMR in nematic phase
 1982 Study of aliphatic chain mobility in micellar and lyotropic phases of surfactants
 1983 Formulae for intramolecular nuclear magnetic relaxation in an anisotropic medium
 1983 Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of alkylammonium chlorides in aqueous solution. II. Carbon-13 longitudinal relaxation times and nuclear Overhauser enhancements in isotropic micellar media in the lamellar mesophase
 1984 Deuterium longitudinal nuclear magnetic resonance relaxation of heavy water in surfactant/deuterium oxide systems
 1984 DMR study of the magnetic field orientation of the lyotropic-nematic phase of poly (n-hexylisocyanate) solution in toluene-d 8
 1987 Formamide, a water substitute. XIII. Phase behavior of CTAB in formamide
 1987 Water oxygen-17 and deuterium longitudinal nuclear magnetic relaxation in aqueous surfactant solutions
 1988 Temperature-induced phase transitions in fluorinated microemulsions: correlations between kinetics and structural observations
 1990 High-resolution dipolar NMR specra in rotating solids from depolarization of the rare spin magnetization
 1995 X-Filtered HOESY Experiment for Detecting Intermolecular Contact between Identical Sites
 1999 Effect of proton chemical-shift anisotropy on double-quantum MAS NMR sideband patterns
Canet, Daniel1971 NMR spectrum of tetrachloro-p-xylene dissolved in a nematic phase
 1972 NMR spectra of a series of monosubstituted benzenes partially oriented in a nematic phase
 1973 NMR spectra of 2,5-dimethylpyrazine partially oriented in a nematic solvent
 1974 Fourier carbon-13 NMR and PMR including carbon-13 satellites of oriented cyanopropyne
 1974 Structure of p-xylene from its P.M.R. spectrum in the nematic phase
 1975 Orientation of solutes in the nematic phase. NMR study and interpretation of results concerning a series of monosubstituted benzenes and their p-disubstituted homologs
 1975 PMR spectra and structure of ethylene oxide and sulfide in the nematic phase. Use of carbon-13 satellites
Canet, I.1994 New, and Accurate Method To Determine the Enantiomeric Purity of Amino Acids Based on Deuterium NMR in a Cholesteric Lyotropic Liquid Crystal
 1994 Observation of Enantiomers, Chiral by Virtue of Isotopic Substitution, through Deuterium NMR in a Polypeptide Liquid Crystal
 1994 Visualization of enantiomers through deuterium NMR in cholesterics optimization of the chiral liquid crystal solvent
 1995 Enantiomeric analysis in a polypeptide lyotropic liquid crystal by deuterium NMR
Canet, Isabelle1995 Enantiomeric excess analysis of (2R,3S)-3-deuterio-2-methylcyclohexanone and (1S,2R,3S)-3-deuterio-2-methylcyclohexanol, through deuterium NMR in a polypeptide lyotropic liquid crystal
Canet, J.L.1994 New, and Accurate Method To Determine the Enantiomeric Purity of Amino Acids Based on Deuterium NMR in a Cholesteric Lyotropic Liquid Crystal
Canet, Jean-Louis1993 Enantiomeric excess analysis of sesquiterpene precursors through proton decoupled deuterium NMR in cholesteric lyotropic liquid crystal
Canet, Roland1972 Periodic structure induced in a nematic phase by a turning magnetic field
Canetti, M.1993 Influence of composition on the morphology, crystallization and melting behavior of isotactic polypropylene-isotactic poly(1-butene) blends
Canfield, P.C.2010 Nematic Electronic Structure in the "Parent" State of the Iron-Based Superconductor Ca(Fe1-xCox)2As2
Cang, Hu2002 Liquid crystal dynamics in the isotropic phase
 2002 Short time dynamics in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals: the aspect ratio and the power law decay
 2006 A mode coupling theory description of the short- and long-time dynamics of nematogens in the isotropic phase
Cang, J.-H.1988 Dependence of properties of liquid-crystalline aromatic copolyesters on monomer sequence. Copolyesters derived from terephthalic acid, 2,7-naphthalenediol and p-hydroxybenzoic acid
Canga, C.S.1999 Hydrogen donor and acceptor abilities of pitches from coal and petroleum evaluated by gas chromatography
Cangialosi, F.1993 Extrusion, spinning and injection molding of blends of poly(ethylene terephthalate) with liquid crystalline polymers
Cangiano, D.2000 Reactive compatibilization of blends containing liquid crystalline polymers
Cangiano, Dominick1999 Hot-melt adhesives of a polyolefin blend for laminating liq. cryst. polymer and polypropylene films and method therefor
 1999 Hot-melt adhesives of an ethylene copolymer or a polyolefin blend for laminating liquid crystalline polymer and polyethylene films and method therefor
 1999 Laminates formed from wholly aromatic, amorphous stretchable liquid crystalline polymers and nonliquid crystalline polyesters and methods of forming same
 1999 Laminates formed from wholly aromatic, amorphous stretchable liquid crystalline polymers and nonpolyester thermoplastics and methods of forming same
 1999 Multilayer films comprising liquid crystalline polymers, poly(ethylene terephthalate) or polycarbonate, and a hot-melt adhesive and preparation thereof
Cangiano, Dominick Louis2001 Composition and process for producing stretchable polymers and shaped articles produced by same
Canilho, Nadia2006 Liquid-Crystalline Polymers from Cationic Dendronized Polymer-Anionic Lipid Complexes
 2007 Comblike Liquid-Crystalline Polymers from Ionic Complexation of Dendronized Polymers and Lipids
 2007 Thermotropic Ionic Liquid Crystals via Self-Assembly of Cationic Hyperbranched Polypeptides and Anionic Surfactants
 2009 Frustrated self-assembly of dendron and dendrimer-based supramolecular liquid crystals
Canioni, L.2002 Nonlinearity measurements of thin films by third-harmonic-generation microscopy
Caniparoli, J.P.1986 Conformations and dynamical behavior of surfactant molecules in short-chain alkyl phosphate/water mesophases
 1988 Constrained conformations, molecular ordering, and dynamics in lyotropic mesophases of double-tailed surfactants: a deuterium, carbon-13, nitrogen-14 and phosphorus-31 NMR study
 1988 Correlated internal motions and nuclear spin relaxation in lamellar mesophase
 1988 Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals of pyridinium octylphosphate: a NMR and x-ray study
 1989 NMR investigation of ordering and dynamics of benzene derivatives in a lamellar lyotropic mesophase
Canizo, J.A.2002 Three eras of micellization
Cankurtaran, Ozlem2008 Use of inverse gas chromatography for the physicochemical characterisation of a new synthesised liquid crystal: (S)-5-(2-methylbutoxy)-2-lcub[(4-dodecyloxyphenyl)imino]methylrcubphenol
Canlet, C.2001 Determination of long range dipolar couplings in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 X-ray structures of dilaterally substituted racemic nematogens containing a chiral centre in one of the lateral chains
 2003 A study of long range dipolar coupling constants in 4'-pentyloxy-4-biphenylcarbonitrile (5OCB)
Canlet, Cecile1997 Visualization of axial chirality using 2H-{1H} NMR in poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate),a chiral liquid crystal solvent
 1998 Desulfurization of biotin and epibiotin sulfoxides with nickel boride: analysis of the stereoselectivity through [2H] NMR in a polypeptide liquid crystal
 1998 Racemic nematogens having a chiral center in the lateral chain
 1999 Chiral nematogens having an asymmetric carbon in the lateral aromatic branch
 1999 Diastereomeric shape recognition using NMR spectroscopy in a chiral liquid crystalline solvent
 1999 Formation of binary liquid crystal mixtures from a thermal cyclization process
 1999 Unusual thermal behavior of mesogens containing an N,N-dialkylaminomethylene lateral substituent
 2000 Determination of Long-Range Dipolar Couplings Using Mono-Deuterated Liquid Crystals
 2000 Deuterium NMR stereochemical analysis of threo-erythro isomers bearing remote stereogenic centers in racemic and non-racemic liquid crystalline solvents
 2000 Laterally dibenzyloxy-branched nematogens with large nematic range and rich solid polymorphism
 2002 Orientational Order of Nematic Liquid Crystal Droplets Confined in a Polymer Matrix
 2002 Morphology and orientational order of nematic liquid crystal droplets confined in a polymer matrix
Canli, Nimet Yilmaz2008 Characterization and investigation of the mesogenic, thermo-morphologic and thermotropic properties of new chiral (S)-5-octyloxy-2-[{4-(2-methylbuthoxy)-phenylimino(methyl)}]phenol liquid crystalline compound
Cann, Jessie Y.1930 Micelles and Base Exchange.
Cann, N.M.2003 Integral equation theories for orientionally ordered fluids
 2004 Discrimination in isotropic, nematic, and smectic phases of chiral calamitic molecules: A computer simulation study
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Cann, P.S.1986 Variation of hypersound velocity in the isotropic phase of liquid crystal mixtures
 1991 Optical mode characterization of the configuration of a thin ferroeleCtric liquid crystal cell under an applied electric field
 1993 A preliminary investigation of the anomalous out-of-plane tilt alignment in an orthogonal-twist ferroelectric liquid crystal cell using the prism-coupling technique
 1994 pretransitional electro-optic response of 6CB liquid crystal in the isotropic phase
 1997 Determination of Azimuthal Anchoring Energy in Grating Aligned Nematic Liquid Crystal Layers
 1997 Determination of azimuthal anchoring energy in grating-aligned twisted nematic liquid - crystal layers
 1998 Determination of azimuthal anchoring energy in grating-aligned twisted nematic liquid crystal layers
Cannas, Sergio A.2006 Ising nematic phase in ultrathin magnetic films: A Monte Carlo study
Cannell, David S.1986 Eckhaus boundary and wave-number selection in rotating Couette-Taylor flow
 1991 Stochastic influences on pattern formation in Rayleigh-Bénard convection: Ramping experiments
 1993 Thermal convection in a planar nematic liquid crystal with a stabilizing magnetic field
 1994 Thermal conductivity of the nematic liquid crystal 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
 1995 Patterns in electroconvection in the nematic liquid crystal I52
 1996 Chaotic localized states near the onset of electroconvection
 1996 Origin of traveling rolls in electroconvection of nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Spatiotemporal Chaos in Electroconvection
 1998 Patterns of electroconvection in a nematic liquid crystal
Cannella, V.1984 Novel thin-film α-Si-approach to drive active matrices displays
 1984 Photovoltaic effect on α-Si/liquid crystal/ITO cell
Cannella, Vincent1989 Full color display with amorphous silicon PIN diodes for high performance applications
Cannistraro, S.1988 Use of PDDTBN spin probe in partition studies of lipid membranes
 1990 A spin label ESR and saturation transfer ESR study of a-tocopherol containing model membranes
Cannon, John R.1995 Plastic printed-circuit boards and contacts and their preparation
Cannone, F.2004 Multiphoton switching dynamics of single green fluorescent proteins
Cano, M.1999 Photopolymerization of Reactive Mesogenic Schiff Bases and Related Metallomesogens
 2002 Mesogenic Pd(II) complexes based on 3-substituted pyrazole ligands
 2003 Pyridylpyrazole derivatives. A new type of mesogenic bidentate ligands inducing mesomorphism on their related PdX2 complexes
 2006 Pyrazole-based allylpalladium complexes: Supramolecular architecture and liquid crystal behaviour
 2009 Ionic liquid crystals from β-diketonyl containing pyridinium cations and tetrachlorozincate anions
Cano, Mercedes2001 Investigation of structural characteristics of bis(β -diketonato)copper(II) complexes containing alkoxy or aryloxy side chains: x-ray structures of 1,3-bis(4-butoxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dione, bis[1,3-bis(4-butoxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dionato-κ O,κ O']copper(II) and bis[1,3-bis(4-phenoxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dionato-κ O,κ O']copper(II)
 2004 Silver and gold trinuclear complexes based on 3-substituted or 3,5-disubstituted pyrazolato ligands. X-ray crystal structure of cyclo-tris\{μ -[3,5-bis(4-phenoxyphenyl) -1H-pyrazolato-κ N1: κ N2]\}trigold dichloromethane ([Au(μ -pzpp2)]3· CH2Cl2)
 2008 Mesomorphism of Four-Coordinated Four-Chained Metal Complexes Based on Pyrazolylpyridine Derivatives
Cano, R.1969 Propriétés optiques des cristaux-liquides cholestériques
 1976 Light propagation in cholesteric liquid crystals in a domain including inversion range
Cano, Rene1960 Rotatory power of cholesteric materials
 1964 Test of verification of a theory on the rotatory power of cholesteric substances
 1967 Optical rotatory power of cholesterol liquid crystals
 1968 An explanation of Grandjean discontinuities
 1974 Vibrations propagated in a cholesteric solution near the inversion band Apparent rotary power
Canongia Lopes, J.N.A.2007 Molecular Solutes in Ionic Liquids: A Structural Perspective
Canongia Lopes, Jose N.2006 Molecular Force Field for Ionic Liquids III: Imidazolium, Pyridinium, and Phosphonium Cations; Chloride, Bromide, and Dicyanamide Anions
Canova, G.1998 Identification through mesoscopic simulations of macroscopic parameters of physically based constitutive equations for the plastic behaviour of fcc single crystats
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Cansfield, D.L.M.1992 High performance fibers
Cantat, I.2003 Dynamical transition induced by large bubbles in two-dimensional foam flows
Cantatore, E.2001 Plastic transistors in active-matrix displays
 2002 Active-Matrix Displays Driven by Solution-Processed Polymeric Transistors
Canters, G.W.2004 Structural stability study of protein monolayers in air
Cantin, S.2000 Two-Dimensional Mixtures of Stearic Acid and Partially Fluorinated Amphiphilic Molecule: A Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction Study
 2002 Variation of the in-plane structure with depth revealed by grazing incidence x-ray diffraction in a thin Langmuir-Blodgett film
 2004 Observation of a two-step mechanism in the formation of a superstructure of cadmium-behenic acid Langmuir monolayer: Evidence of an intermediate structure
Cantino, M.E.1999 Evidence for a thermally reversible order-order transition between lamellar and perforated lamellar microphases in a triblock copolymer
Cantor, Robert S.1999 The influence of membrane lateral pressures on simple geometric models of protein conformational equilibria
Cantos, Brad D.2006 Visible laser and laser array sources for projection displays
Cantow, H.-J.1993 PVT studies on polymeric and oligomeric compounds. I. Linear diblock perfluoroalkyl alkanes
 1994 Dependence of structural order of 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl layers on the nature of the substrate: graphite and β-Nb3I8
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Cantow, H.J.1994 Scanning tunneling microscopy study of molecular order at liquid-solid interfaces
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 1994 The sensitivity of small molecule sorption to annealing in glassy liquid crystalline polymers
 1999 The influence of annealing on thermal transitions in a nematic copolyester
Cantrell, Will2001 Thin Film Water on Muscovite Mica
Cantrill, S.J.1999 Anion-Orchestrated Formation in the Crystalline State of [2]Pseudorotaxane Arrays
Cantu, L.1990 Spontaneous Vesicles Formed from a Single Amphiphile
 1993 Small angle X-ray and neutron scattering from ganglioside micellar solutions
 1994 Vesicles as an equilibrium structure of a simple surfactant-water system
 2000 Bistable molecular self-assembling
Cantu, Laura1996 Thermal hysteresis phenomena in micellar solutions of gangliosides: theory and experiments
 1998 Comment on " Thermotropic Structural Change of Disialoganglioside Micelles Studied by Using Synchrotron Radiation Small-Angle X-ray Scattering"
 1998 Consistency of microstructural modeling of micelles: " Thermotropic behavior and stability of monosialoganglioside micelles in aqueous solution". Comments
 2009 Hierarchical Ordering of Sugar Based Amphiphiles
 1994 Aggregative properties of gangliosides in solution
 2007 The effect of membrane curvature on main phase transition of single component phospholipid LUVs
 1988 Neutron scattering investigation of isotropic solutions of non-ionic amphiphiles at high concentration
Cantu, T.S.1980 Use of regular solution theory for calculating binary mesogenic phase diagrams exhibiting azeotrope-like behavior. 2. Maxima forming systems
Canty, A.J.1973 Structural study of a ruthenium hydride cluster by nematic-phase proton magnetic resonance
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Canul-Chay, G.2003 Inertia in the Brazil nut problem
Canuto, Sylvio2003 Electronic changes due to thermal disorder of hydrogen bonds in liquids: Pyridine in an aqueous environment
 2004 Combined Monte Carlo and quantum mechanics study of the hydration of the guanine-cytosine base pair
Cao, A.1988 Effect of ethanol on dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine large unilamellar vesicles investigated by quasi-elastic light scattering and vibrational spectroscopy
 1989 The effect of loperamide on the thermal behavior of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine large unilamellar vesicles
 1991 The interaction of image-propranolol and dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine large unilamellar vesicles investigated by quasielastic light scattering and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy
 1992 Thermal behavior and elastic properties of phospholipid bilayers under the effect of a synthetic flavonoid derivative, LEW-10
Cao, Amin1996 Composition fractionation and thermal characterization of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxypropionate)
 2007 Self-Assembly of PEG-b-Liquid Crystal Polymer: The Role of Smectic Order in the Formation of Nanofibers
 2009 Smectic polymer vesicles
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 1998 Photovoltaic properties of a liquid crystal porphyrin solid film
 1999 Organized Assembling and Characterization of Monolayer Film Based on α-Terthiophene
Cao, Dapeng2006 Microstructure and Self-Assembly of Inhomogeneous Rigid Rodlike Chains between Two Neutral Surfaces: A Hybrid Density Functional Approach
 2008 Understanding self-assembly of rod-coil copolymer in nanoslits
Cao, F.J.2004 Freezing of nonlinear Bloch oscillations in the generalized discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Cao, Fei2000 Development of high performance graphite anodes for Li-ion batteries
Cao, Guanliang2009 Co-Subsistence of Liquid Crystal Droplets and Calcium Carbonate Vaterite Crystals Reveals a Molecular Mechanism of Calcium Preservation in Embryogenesis
 2009 The Liquid Crystalline in Normal Renal Development Amplifies the Comprehension for Anderson-Fabry Disease
 2010 Crystallization of calcium carbonate vaterite involves with another mechanism associated with liquid crystal in embryonic yolk sacs
Cao, Guohua2005 Study of electronic clinometer based on PSD
Cao, H.2002 Probing localized states with spectrally resolved speckle techniques
 2002 Random Laser in One Dimension
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