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Vincze, Iren1992 Steroids, XLVII: A facile synthesis of 3ß-hydroxy-5a-cholest-8(14)-en-15-one
Vindigni, Antonio2001 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal on CMOS technology for microdisplays and microphotonics
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 1981 Specific heat study of the nematic-smectic-A transition in octyloxycyanobiphenyl
 1982 Nature of the smectic-A-smectic-C phase transition in liquid crystals
 1983 A heat capacity study of phase transitions in the ferroelectric liquid crystal (R-)-hexyloxybenzylidene-p'-amino-2-chloropropyl cinnamate (HOBACPC)
 1983 Heat capacity near the smectic A-hexatic B and hexatic B-E transitions of n-hexyl 4'-(n-pentyloxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylate (65OBC)
 1983 Heat-capacity study of phase transitions in the liquid-crystal racemic 4-(2'-methylbutyl)phenyl 4'-(n-nonyloxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylate (2M4P9OBC)
 1984 The Effect of the Tricritical Region on the Smectic A-Smectic C Transition
 1985 New experimental technique for simultaneously measuring thermal conductivity and heat capacity
 1985 Smectic-A-hexatic-B transition of various compounds in the homologous series of n-alkyl 4'-n-alkoxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate
 1986 Tilt-angle, polarization, and heat-capacity measurements near the smectic-A-chiral-smectic-C phase transition of p-(n-decyloxybenzylidene)-p-amino-(2-methylbutyl)cinnamate (DOBAMBC)
Vinet, A.2003 Synchronization and symmetry-breaking bifurcations in constructive networks of coupled chaotic oscillators
Vinet, Alain2003 Stability and bifurcation in an integral-delay model of cardiac reentry including spatial coupling in repolarization
Vinet, F.1981 Fluorine-containing liquid crystals: approach and prospects
 1989 New bifluorinated liquid-crystal compounds with broad mesomorphic ranges
Vinet, Francoise1987 2,2-Difluoro-4-alkoxy-4-hydroxy biphenyls and their derivatives, their production, and their use in liquid-crystal display devices
 1987 Mixtures comprising a nematic liquid crystal and a nonesomorphic compound
Viney, C.1982 Phase transformations in the thermotropic liquid crystal polymer: 60/40 PABA/PET
 1983 Banded structures in oriented thermotropic polymers
 1983 Optical microscopy of banded structures in oriented thermotropic polymers
 1983 Optical microstructure of oriented liquid crystal polymers
 1984 Thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers; a multiaxial nematic classification
 1984 Ultimate optical resolving power when conoscopic image contains no zero or even-order maxima
 1985 Biaxial optical properties of thermotropic random copolyesters
 1985 Domains and walls in thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers. An optical microscopy study
 1985 Molecular correlations in sheared thermotropic copolyesters showing banded textures
 1986 On predicting the optical diffraction pattern from thermotropic specimens having a banded texture
 1986 Reconstituted nitrocellulose with significant molecular alignment
 1986 Ternary phase equilibria for a nitrocellulose/solvent/non-solvent system
 1986 The parabolic focal conic texture in a lyotropic liquid-crystalline polymer
 1987 Lyotropic behavior of nitrocellulose
 1987 On understanding the optical extinction behavior of uniaxially sheared liquid crystalline polymers
 1988 Phase behavior and molecular order in a semiflexible thermotropic/lyotropic polymer
 1988 The Effect of a Magnetic Field on Optical Orientation: A Test for Biaxiallity in a Nematic Polymer?
 1988 The nature of the thermal transitions in poly(p-oxybenzoate)
 1989 Light microscopy of liquid-crystalline polymers
 1989 Phase behavior of a semiflexible polymer with both thermotropic and lyotropic properties
Viney, C. (cont...)1989 The structural basis of transitions between highly ordered smectic phases in semifluorinated alkanes
 1989 Transitions to liquid crystalline phases in a semifluorinated alkane
 1990 Light microscopy of liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 Liquid crystalline phases formed by iodine derivatives of semifluorinated alkanes
 1990 Nematic phases of rigid rod polytolans
 1991 How light microscopy reveals molecular order in liquid crystalline polymers
 1991 Transitions to liquid crystalline phases in tri-block oligomers F(CF2)n(CH2)m(CF2)nF
 1992 Isomers of a Difluorinated Polytolan: Sensitivity of Phase Transitions to Isomer Structure
 1992 Polymers for multifunctional applications: some general considerations
 1992 Polytolans as Model Compounds for Studying Thermotropic Phase Transitions of Rod-Like Molecules
 1993 Processing biological polymers in the liquid crystalline state
 1994 Liquid Crystallinity of a Biological Polysaccharide: The Levan/Water Phase Diagram
 1999 Mucus liquid crystallinity: is function related to microstructural domain size?
 2001 Fluctuation-entanglement mechanism for director anchoring at nematic polymer surfaces
Viney, Christopher1985 Molecular correlation in thermotropic copolyesters
 1988 Optical resolution criteria for polydomain anisotropic materials
 1989 Liquid crystal-like phase separation in systems of macroscopic rods
 1991 Factors affecting microstructural scale in liquid-crystalline materials
 1991 Liquid crystalline characteristics of natural silk secretions
 1991 Liquid crystallinity of natural silk secretions
 1991 Silica as a source of silicon-containing compounds/polymers
 1992 Molecular order in silk secretions
 1992 The nature and role of liquid crystalline order in silk secretions
 1993 High strength disclinations in a rigid rod nematic polytolane
 1993 Liquid - crystalline order in mucus
 1993 Processing natural and reconstituted silk solutions under equilibrium and non-equilibrium conditions
 1993 Transitions to ordered phases in systems containing rodlike particles. I. A new continuum Monte Carlo approach
 1993 Transitions to ordered phases in systems containing rodlike particles. II. Continuum Monte Carlo approach versus discrete lattice models
 1993 Transitions to ordered phases in systems containing rodlike particles. III. Four fundamental reasons for the predictive deficiencies of discrete lattice models
 1994 Liquid crystallinity of levan/water/starch solutions
 1994 Palladium- and platinum-catalyzed coupling reactions of allyloxy aromatics with hydridosilanes and hydridosiloxanes: novel liquid crystalline/organosilane materials
 1995 The banded microstructure of sheared liquid-crystalline polymers
 1995 Well-defined conjugated rigid-rods as multifunctional materials: Linear and nonlinear optical properties and liquid crystalline behavior
 1996 Tolane oligomers: model thermotropic liquid crystals
Viney, Christopher (cont...)1997 Chimeric Liquid Crystallinity: Noncovalent Association of DNA and Bacterial Levan
 1997 Liquid crystalline phase behavior of proteins and polypeptides
 1998 Supramolecular Liquid Crystallinity: Spherical Coils of Levan Surrounding Cylindrical Rods of DNA
 1998 Water-mucin phases conditions for mucus liquid crystallinity
 1999 Control of single crystal structure and liquid crystal phase behaviour via arene-perfluoroarene interactions
 2000 Dense packing of spheres around rods in supramolecular aggregates
 2004 Arene-perfluoroarene interactions in crystal engineering: structural preferences in polyfluorinated tolans
 2004 Structure and phase behavior of a 2:1 complex between arene- and fluoroarene-based conjugated rigid rods
 2005 Synthesis, optical properties, crystal structures and phase behaviour of symmetric, conjugated ethynylarene-based rigid rods with terminal carboxylate groups
Viniegra, S.1984 Incorporation of bovine thyroid peroxidase in liposomes
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Vink, R.L.2007 Liquid Crystals in Two Dimensions: First-Order Phase Transitions and Nonuniversal Critical Behavior
Vink, R.L.C.2005 Isotropic-nematic interfacial tension of hard and soft rods: Application of advanced grand canonical biased-sampling techniques
Vink, Ramon2006 HORATIO: the Leiden high-order adaptive optics testbed
Vink, Richard2008 Confinement effects on phase behavior of soft matter systems
Vink, T.J.1997 Microstructural and electrochemical aspects of wet etching ITO films
 2003 CsI: a high effective gamma coating for plasma display panels
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Vinogradov, S.V.1985 Effect of the mesophase on the crystallization of poly[bis(trifluoroethoxy)phosphazene]
Vinogradov, V.1990 Photoinduced change of cholesteric LC-pitch
Vinogradov, V.B.1989 Photostimulated shift of the selective-reflection band in an induced cholesteric liquid crystal
 1990 Detection of orientational catastrophes in a cholesteric liquid crystal
Vinogradov, V.I.2003 Influence of optical thickness and hot electrons on Rydberg spectra of Ne-like and F-like copper ions
 2004 Analysis of high-n dielectronic Rydberg satellites in the spectra of Na-like Zn XX and Mg-like Zn XIX
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Vinogradova, O.I.2003 Flow profile near a wall measured by double-focus fluorescence cross-correlation
 2004 Capillary bridging and long-range attractive forces in a mean-field approach
Vinogradova, S.V.1984 Synthesis of thermotropic polyesters
 1989 Effect of defective units on the mesomorphic properties of polyalkoxyphosphazenes
 1992 Chain microstructure of copolyesters prepared by copolycondensation of asymmetric monomers in the presence of acceptor catalyst
 1997 Carborane-containing liquid - crystalline polyarylates
Vinogradova, Svetlana V.1991 The influence of the length of alkoxy side groups on the phase state of polydialkoxyphosphazenes
Vinokur, K.1991 Thermostabilized electrooptical liquid crystalline systems with induced chiral structure
 1992 (-)-Menthone-Based Chiral Dopants in the Induced SmC* Phases
Vinokur, K.D.1977 Study of nematic-cholesteric mixtures
 1978 Effect of the surface boundary conditions on the cholesteric-nematic transition
 1979 Temperature dependence of helix pitch in nematic-cholesteric mixtures
 1979 Temperature dependence of the spiral step of nematic (with smectic order) and cholesteric liquid crystals
 1981 Induced cholesteric systems: pitch dependence on temperature and concentration
 1981 Influence of optically active dopant nature on pitch-temperature dependences in induced cholesteric mesophases
 1981 Translational phase transition in systems nematic + optically active dopant: unwinding of cholesteric helix.
 1982 Liquid crystal thermoindicating mixture
 1984 New nematic-chiral mixtures for application in thermography
 1984 Permeation effect in induced cholesteric mesophases
 1985 Experimental evidence of permeation effects in induced cholesteric systems
 1985 Helical twisting in reentrant nematic mixtures with optically active dopants
 1985 Nemato-chiral mixtures with optically active salicylidene anils
 1986 A wide - temperature blue phase in mixtures of a nematic liquid crystal with nonmesogenic tigogenin caprate
 1986 Chiral nematic mixtures with improved color-contrast characteristics
 1987 Induced ferroelectric liquid crystalline salicylidenanilines
 1987 Induced ferroelectric smectic liquid crystals with optimal parameters
 1988 Ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures induced by L-menthol derivatives
 1989 The effect of pretransitional phenomena on the characteristics of induced ferroelectric liquid-crystalline systems
 1989 Thermal indicator polymer films, containing nematic-chiral liquid crystalline mixture
Vinokur, K.D. (cont...)1990 Effect of pretransition phenomena on characteristics of induced ferroelectric systems
 1990 Influence of molecular structure of optically active dopant on spontaneous polarization value in induced ferroelectric systems
 1991 New optically active materials for induction of ferroelectricity in liquid crystals
Vinokur, Klara1997 Spatial light modulator based on a deformed-helix ferroelectric liquid crystal and a thin a-Si:H amorphous photoconductor
 2002 Liquid crystal beam polarizer and method for manufacturing thereof
Vinokur, R.1996 New 6,6'-disubstituted-binaphthol derivatives as chiral dopants: synthesis and temperature dependence of molecular conformations
 1997 Twisted Nematic Phases: Theory and Experiment
 1998 Twisted nematic phases induced by atropoisomers
Vinokur, R.A.1996 Cholesteric mesophases induced by novel binaphthol derivatives
 1996 Synthesis of new chiral disubstituted binaphthol derivatives and their use as the chiral dopants
 1997 Atropoisomeria of Binaphthyl Chiral Dopants: Helical Twisting Power - Molecular Structure Relationship
 1997 Atropoisomers of the Novel 1,1'-Binaphthyl Derivates as Chiral Dopants for Cholesteric Mesophases Induction in Low Molecular Mass and Polymer Liquid-Crystal Nematics
 1998 Atropenantiomers of novel 1,1'-binaphthyl derivatives: synthesis and use for cholesteric structure induction in low molecular mass and polymer nematics
Vinokur, Rostislav2000 New carbosilane ferroelectric liquid crystalline dendrimers
 2000 New carbosilane ferroelectric liquid crystalline dendrimers
Vinokur, V.M.2002 Destruction of Bulk Ordering by Surface Randomness
Vinokur, Valerii M.2000 Hydrodynamics of the Quantum Hall Smectics
Vinokurov, Vladimir A.2010 Sulfur as a Structural Element in Calamitic Liquid Crystals. 2 Terminal, Linking, Axial and Lateral Substitutions. 3 Sulfur-Containing Rings
Vinouze, B.1996 Improvements in fabrication conditions of liquid crystal-polymer composite cells
 1996 Validation of a scattering state model for liquid crystal polymer composites
 1997 Comparison of twisted and parallel nematic liquid crystal polarization controllers. Application to a 4x4 free space optical switch at 1.5 μm
 2003 Application of polymer dispersed liquid crystal (pdlc) nematic: optical-fiber variable attenuator
 2004 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal structure for variable optical attenuator application
 2009 Multiplexer and Variable Optical Attenuator Based on PDLC for Polymer Optical Fiber Networks
Vinouze, Bruno1995 Liquid crystal display screen with diffusing matrix
 1996 Liquid crystal display device, active matrix for device, and method of manufacturing.
 1996 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal display device.
 1998 Holographic switching between single-mode fibers based on electrically addressed nematic liquid-crystal gratings with high deflection accuracy
 1999 Optical switches for cross-connects using high-efficiency nematic liquid crystal gratings
 2000 8 X 8 holographic single-mode fiber switch based on electrically addressed nematic liquid crystal deflectors
 2000 Improvement of response time of electrically addressed nematic liquid crystal blazed gratings
 2001 CMOS VLSI pilot and support chip for a liquid crystal on silicon 8x8 optical cross connect
Vinter, Jeremy G.2000 Complimentary polytopic interactions
Vinu, A.2003 Pore Size Engineering and Mechanical Stability of the Cubic Mesoporous Molecular Sieve SBA-1
Vinuales, A.2001 Photo-induced alignment of LC polymers by photoorientation and thermotropic self-organization
 2005 Light-Induced Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Terpolymers Containing Azobenzene and Dye Moieties
 2000 Synthesis and characterization of reactive liquid crystalline Schiff bases, Rh(I) complexes, and their derived polymers
 2002 Emissive Anisotropic Polymeric Materials Derived from Reactive Liquid Crystalline Fluorenes
Vinuales, Ana2007 Cyclopalladated Azo- and Azoxybenzene Mononuclear Complexes Containing a Chiral Chelating Ligand
Vinuales, Ana I.2006 Synthesis and properties of 2-phenylbenzoxazole-based luminophores for in situ photopolymerized liquid - crystal films
 2007 Synthesis, Characterization, and Induction of Stable Anisotropy in Liquid Crystalline Photo-addressable PPI Dendrimers
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Viola, Antonella2006 Lipid rafts in lymphocyte activation and migration (Review)
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 1986 Studies on the transient shear flow behavior of liquid crystalline polymers
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Viola, S.2004 Self-organization in a simple model of adaptive agents playing 2×2 games with arbitrary payoff matrices
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 2004 Thermalization of an anisotropic granular particle
Vioux, A.2009 Nonhydrolytic Processing of Oxide-Based Materials: Simple Routes to Control Homogeneity, Morphology, and Nanostructure
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 1976 Synthesis of new mesomorphic compounds of p-alkoxyphenylazoxy-p'-phenyl esters
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 1980 A lyotropic phase from tetracarboxylated copperphthalocyanines
 1980 Optical properties of lyotropic nematic phases
 1984 Demixing of nematic lyophases
 1984 Instability of a nematic lyophase
 1984 Interferencial methods for measures of low birefringence in homeotropic liquid crystals
Viovy, Roger1970 Variation of the viscosity of the nematic metamorphous phase as a function of temperature
 1971 Orientation of chlorophyll in a nematic liquid crystal
 1973 Orientation of dyes in a nematic liquid crystal
 1975 Behavior of the nematic phase in polymerization reactions
 1977 p-Alkoxyphenylazoxy-p'-phenyl esters and their use as liquid crystals
 1978 Orientation of chlorophylls in liquid crystals
 1979 A new lyomesophase
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Viras, K.2004 Effects of non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs in membrane bilayers
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 2003 Chain Folding in Semicrystalline Oxybutylene/Oxyethylene/Oxybutylene Triblock Copolymers Studied by Raman Spectroscopy
 2005 Phase transitions in crystals of racemic long chain 2-amino alcohols
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 1999 Role of boundary conditions in the annihilation of nematic point defects
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 2002 Field Induced Transformations in the Core of Nematic Defects of Strength M=1
 2004 Electric field induced order reconstruction in a nematic cell
 2005 Periodic saddle-splay Freedericksz transition in nematic liquid crystals
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 1999 Hydrodynamic model for surface nematic viscosity
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 2000 Dilution of nematic surface potentials: Statics
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 2002 Core hysteresis in nematic defects
 2002 Defects in Nematics: Forces and Motion
 2002 Dynamics of Kinks in Biological Membranes
 2002 Electric Field Induced Biaxial Switching in a Nematic Cell: Theory
 2003 Dielectric shape dispersion and biaxial transitions in nematic liquid crystals
 2003 General stability criterion for wetting
 2003 Order reconstruction in frustrated nematic twist cells
 2004 Local elastic stability for nematic liquid crystals
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