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Caccamo, C.2004 Replica Ornstein-Zernike self-consistent theory for mixtures in random pores
Cacciaguerra, Thomas2008 Effect of Surfactant Concentration on the Morphology and Texture of MCM-41 Materials
Cacciuto, A.2002 Crystalline Order on a Sphere and the Generalized Thomson Problem
Cacelli, I.2003 Computer simulation of p-Phenyls with interaction potentials from ab-initio calculations
 2004 Modeling benzene with single-site potentials from ab initio calculations: A step toward hybrid models of complex molecules
Cacelli, Ivo2002 Calculation of the intermolecular energy of large molecules by a fragmentation scheme: Application to the 4-n-pentyl-4'- cyanobiphenyl (5CB) dimer
 2002 Stability of the nematic phase of 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl studied by computer simulation using a hybrid model
 2004 Intermolecular Force Fields of Large Molecules by the Fragmentation Reconstruction Method (FRM): Application to a Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2005 Atomistic Simulation of a Nematogen Using a Force Field Derived from Quantum Chemical Calculations
 2007 Banana-shaped molecules peculiarly oriented in a magnetic field: 2H NMR spectroscopy and quantum mechanical calculations
 2007 How the Odd-Even Effects on the Inter-Molecular Potentials Propagate to the Order Parameter in the 4-Cyano-4'n-Alkylbiphenyl Series
 2007 Liquid Crystal Properties of the n-Alkyl-cyanobiphenyl Series from Atomistic Simulations with Ab Initio Derived Force Fields
Caceres, M.O.1990 Metastability and front propagation in the first-order optical Fréedericksz transition
 1990 Theory for relaxation at a subcritical pitchfork bifurcation
Caceres, Manuel O.1991 Asymptotic probability distribution for a supercritical bifurcation swept periodically in time
 2002 Survival and residence times in disordered chains with bias
 2003 Computing a non-Maxwellian velocity distribution from first principles
 2003 Multifractal spectra of mean first-passage-time distributions in disordered chains
 2004 Anomalous hydrodynamical dispersion and the transport with multiple families of paths in porous media
 2004 Functional characterization of linear delay Langevin equations
Cacharelis, Philip John2001 Liquid crystal display fabrication process using a final rapid thermal anneal
 2002 Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) display pixel with multiple storage capacitors
 2002 Process for forming silicon Liquid crystal pixel cell having planar alignment layers of uniform thickness
Cachita, Dorina M.1981 Liquid crystals
Cachita, Dorina Marioara1980 Liquid crystals used in an optical display device
Cacialli, Franco2007 Preparation and Characterization of Dense Films of Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimers on Indium Tin Oxide
Caciuffo, R.1984 Investigation of the homologous series of 4-propionyl-4'-(n-alkanoyloxy)azobenzenes by x-ray diffraction
 1985 X-ray analysis of chiral thermotropic co-bipolyesters based on linear and nonlinear aromatic units
 1986 Phase transitions in polymesomorphic compounds. VII. X-ray diffraction studies in N(p-n-pentyloxy benzylidene)p'-n-octylaniline and in N(p-n-pentyloxy benzylidene)p'-n-decylaniline
 1988 X-ray analysis of chiral thermotropic liquid crystal copolyesters based on linear and nonlinear aromatic ester triads
 1989 Semiflexible Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers: The Characterization of a Polyester-Polyether
 1996 Pressure-induced stabilization of the smectic A* phase in a chiral polyacrylate
 1997 High-pressure mesomorphic behavior of a chiral polyacrylate by x-ray diffraction in situ
Caciuffo, Roberto1996 Effects of hydrostatic pressure on the monoolein-water system: An estimate of the energy function of the inverted Ia3d cubic phase
Cackovic, H.1971 Nematic to smectic transition in linear polyethylene
 1973 New Type of liquid crystal
 1976 Diamagnetic susceptibility of solid and liquid paraffins
 1984 Aggregation effects of polymers with mesogenic side groups in solution
 1992 Unusual Phase Behaviour of a New Liquid Crystalline Side Group Polymer
 1993 Unusual phase behavior of a new liquid-crystalline side group polymer
 1996 A tilted ferroelectric smectic phase emerging from monomer/polymer mixtures
 1996 Oligoacrylates with cyanobiphenyl mesogenic groups
Cackovic, Hinko1991 Surface tensions of liquid-crystalline and isotropic polymer melts
 1992 Changes in liquid-crystalline phase behavior of some poly[p-(methacryloyloxyalkyleneoxy)benzoates] with bromination at the meta-position in the mesogens
Cada, L.2001 Phase Diagram of Binary Mixture TM74A:E48 Liquid Crystals
Cada, L.G.1992 Liquid Crystalline Behaviour of 4-(ω-Aminoalkoxy)-4'-Cyanobiphenyls and Their Side Chain Epoxy Polymers
 1992 Liquid-crystalline behavior of 4-(ω-aminoalkyloxy)-4'-cyanobiphenyls and their side chain epoxy polymers
 1993 Photocrosslinkable and optically active side-chain liquid-crystalline copolymers
 1994 Photo-Cross-Linkable and Optically Active Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Copolymers
 1999 Dispersion of cholesteric liquid crystals in side-chain polymer matrix
 2001 Electro-optical characterization of E48:PVP polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 2001 Liquid-crystal photoalignment using low-molecular-weight photo-cross-linkable composites
 2001 Molecular Imprinting In Polymer Stabilized Liquid Crystals
 2001 Synthesis and characterization of Canola-based Cholesteryl Ester and nematic E7 mixture
 2002 Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Formulations (Coconut-Based Cholesteryl Ester & TM74A): Thermal and Optical Characterization
 2002 Electro-optic Characterization of E48: TM74A:PMMA PDCLCs
 2002 Formulation of Thermochromic Cance-E7 Mixtures
 2002 Surface Free Energy and Pretilt Angle of E7 on Rubbed and Nonpolarized UV Irradiated Polyimide
 2005 Synthesis and physical properties of difluoroterphenyl ferroelectric liquid crystal with mixed alkenyloxy-ester terminal ends
Cada, Leonorina1997 Liquid-crystalline properties of cholesteryl esters derived from coconut oil
Cada, Leonorina G.1992 Developments in Wide Viewing Angle PDLC's
 1992 Synthesis and properties of side-chain liquid crystalline epoxy polymers
 1994 Anisotropic binders for polymer/liquid crystal dispersions
 1996 Phase Diagrams and Phase Separation Dynamics in Mixtures of Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Low Molar Mass Liquid Crystals
 1997 Determination of the liquid crystalline properties of erythrocyte membranes
 1997 Liquid crystal formulations
 1999 Thermochromicity of liquid crystals derived from coconut fatty acids and their behavior in an electric field
Cada, Michael1998 Application of a liquid crystal display as a multilevel quantized phase-mostly filter in a 4-f optical correlator
Cadars, S.2008 Syntheses of Mesostructured Silica Films Containing Conjugated Polymers from Tetrahydrofuran-Water Solutions
Cade, N.A.1988 A comparison of second harmonic generation and electro-optic studies of Langmuir-Blodgett monolayers of new hemicyanine dyes
Cadeddu, Jeffrey2009 Hyperspectral imaging utilizing LCTF and DLP technology for surgical and clinical applications
Cademartiri, L.2006 Shape-Controlled Bi2S3 Nanocrystals and Their Plasma Polymerization into Flexible Films
Cadena, Fernando1990 Adsorption of benzene from aqueous solutions by bentonite treated with quaternary amines
Cadenhead, D. Allen1989 A comparative monomolecular film study of 1,2-di-O-palmitoyl-3-O-(α- and β-D-glucopyranosyl)-sn-glycerols
 1990 A comparative monomolecular film study of 1,2-di-O-palmitoyl-3-O-(α- and β-D-glucopyranosyl)-sn-glycerols
Cadenhead, D.A.1979 Molecular packing in steroid-lecithin monolayers part III: Mixed films of 3-doxyl cholestane and 3-doxyl-17-hydroxyl-androstane with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine
 1979 Molecular packing in steroid-lecithin monolayers, part I: Pure films of cholesterol, 3-doxyl-cholestane, 3-doxyl-17-hydroxyl-androstane, tetradecanoic acid and dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine
 1979 Monolayer studies of methyl hydroxyhexadecanoates
 1982 Cholesterol oxidation and the behavior of 5-a-hydroperoxycholesterol at the air/water interface
 1985 Mixed monolayers of straight-chain/branched-chain phospholipids. I. Mixed monolayers of distearoyl phosphatidylcholine and diisoeicosanoyl phosphatidylcholine
 1990 The monomolecular thermotropic phase behavior of 17-methyloctadecanoic acid at the air/water interface
Cader, A.1977 Quantum cooperative mechanism of enzymatic activity
Cader, Beth M.1988 A laser-induced europium(III) ion luminescence study of the interaction of this ion with phospholipid bilayer vesicles above and below the gel to liquid-crystalline phase transition temperature
Cader, Tahir2003 Experiment and simulation of laminar and turbulent ferrofluid pipe flow in an oscillating magnetic field
Cadez, V.M.2002 Static configurations of gravitating dusty plasmas
Cadiou, C.1998 Grey scale memory in an optically addressed spatial light modulator with a Lu(Pc)2 doped layer
Cadiz, V.2001 New cholesteric liquid-crystal epoxy resins derived from 6-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid
 2002 Synthesis and crosslinking of polyethers that have mesogenic cores and propargyl groups
Cadiz, Virginia2003 Self-organized liquid-crystalline polyethers obtained by grafting tapered mesogenic groups onto poly(epichlorohydrin): Toward biomimetic ion channels
Cador, Olivier2008 Small Bioactivated Magnetic Quantum Dot Micelles
Cadot, O.2003 Direct measurements of the energy of intense vorticity filaments in turbulence
Cadusch, Peter J.2003 Drug-induced modification of the system properties associated with spontaneous human electroencephalographic activity
Cadwell, K.2003 Contact Printing of Metal Ions onto Carboxylate-Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers
Cadwell, K.D.2006 Formation of Polyelectrolyte Multilayer Films at Interfaces Between Thermotropic Liquid Crystals and Aqueous Phases
 2008 A microstructure for the detection of vapor-phase analytes based on orientational transitions of liquid crystals
Cadwell, Katie2004 Mechanistic Study of the Anchoring Behavior of Liquid Crystals Supported on Metal Salts and Their Orientational Responses to Dimethyl Methylphosphonate
Cadwell, Katie D.2006 Infrared Spectroscopy of Competitive Interactions between Liquid Crystals, Metal Salts, and Dimethyl Methylphosphonate at Surfaces
 2006 Tailoring the Interfaces between Nematic Liquid Crystal Emulsions and Aqueous Phases via Layer-by-Layer Assembly
 2007 Sequence Dependent Behavior of βAmphiphilic -Peptides on Gold Surfaces
Cady, A.2001 Detailed optical studies of several banana-shaped compounds in liquid crystal B2 phase
 2001 Optical studies of the liquid crystal B2 phase formed by banana-shaped molecules
 2001 Optical studies of the smectic-C*a phase layer structure in free-standing films
 2001 Orientational ordering in the chiral smectic-C*F12 liquid crystal phase determined by resonant polarized x-ray diffraction
 2002 Determination of symmetry and molecular arrangements of free-standing liquid crystal films using null-transmission ellipsometry
 2002 Dramatic effect of an additional CH2 group on the temperature variation of the Sm-C*a short helical pitch
 2002 Effect of enantiomeric excess on surface structures and phase sequences in free-standing liquid-crystal films
 2002 Ellipsometric Studies of Liquid Crystal Phases Formed by Bent-Core Molecules
 2002 Molecular orientation arrangements in the smectic-C* variant liquid-crystal phases
 2002 Nonplanar structure of molecular tilt planes in the surface layers of smectic-A free-standing liquid crystal films
 2002 nterlayer structures of the chiral smectic liquid crystal phases revealed by resonant x-ray scattering
 2002 Observation of Unusual Surface Ordering in a Uniaxial Sm-A Phase Formed by a Highly Biaxial Compound
 2002 Resonant X-ray scattering studies of the B2 phase formed by bent-core molecules
 2002 Resonant X-Ray Studies of Orientational Order in Chiral Smectic C Subphases and Phases Exhibited by Achiral Bent-Core Molecules
 2002 Structural Studies of Liquid Crystal Resonant X-ray Methods
 2002 Surface structures and transitions in the smectic-C* phase of one chiral liquid crystal compound
 2002 Temperature Evolution of the Short Helical Pitch in the SmCc* Phase
 2003 Double Reentrance of Surface Arrangements in Freestanding Liquid Crystal Films
 2003 Optical Characterization of a Nanoscale Incommensurate Pitch in a New Liquid-Crystal Phase
 2003 Optical studies on free-standing films of an achiral smectic liquid crystal
Cady, A. (cont...)2003 Unusual behavior of the surface-induced tilted layers in free-standing films of a non-layer-shrinkage liquid crystal compound
 2004 Experimental investigations of one liquid-crystal compound exhibiting the no-layer-shrinkage effect near the Sm-A-Sm-C* transition
 2004 Optical investigations on the biaxial smectic-A phase of a bent-core compound
 2004 Optical, resonant X-ray scattering, and calorimetric investigations of two liquid crystal compounds exhibiting the SmA-SmCa*-SmC* transitions
Cady, Sarah D.2008 Amantadine-induced conformational and dynamical changes of the influenza M2 transmembrane proton channel
Caerels, J.1997 Photopyroelectric investigation of the thermal conductivity anisotropy in oriented liquid crystals
 1999 Absolute values of specific heat capacity and thermal conductivity of liquids from different modes of operation of a simple inverse photopyroelectric setup
 2002 Photopyroelectric ac calorimetric study of the nematic-smectic-A phase-transition line in binary liquid crystal mixtures with injected smectic-A phases
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Caetano, D.P.2003 Soliton propagation in a medium with Kerr nonlinearity and resonant impurities: A variational approach
Caetano, W.2001 Interaction of dipyridamole with phospholipid monolayers at the air–water interface: Surface pressure and grazing incidence X-ray diffraction studies
Caetano, Wilker2002 On the Origin of the Plateau in Surface-Pressure Isotherms of Aromatic Carboxylic Acids
Cafarella, A.2004 Numerical analysis of the one-mode solutions in the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam system
Cafferata, Lazaro F.R.2003 Synthesis, spectral properties and thermal behaviour of zinc(II) acetylsalicylate
Caffrey, M.1990 Water transport in lyotropic liquid crystals and lipid-water systems: mutual diffusion coefficient determination
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 1991 Kinetics of the barotropic ripple (Pβ')/lamellar liquid crystal (Lα) phase transition in fully hydrated dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine (DMPC) monitored by time-resolved x-ray diffraction
 1991 Structure, thermodynamic, and transport properties of biological liquid crystals studied by x-ray methods
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 1992 internal and interfacial structure of membranes studied using x-ray standing waves
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 1994 Phases and phase transitions of the glycoglycerolipids
 1994 Structure changes in model membranes monitored by variable period x-ray standing waves: effect of Langmuir-Blodgett film thickness on thermal behavior
 1994 The curvature elastic-energy function of the lipid-water cubic mesophase
 1994 the neutral area surface of the cubic mesophase: location and properties
 1994 The temperature-composition phase diagram and mesophase structure characterization of monopentadecenoin in water
 1994 The temperature-composition phase diagram on monomyristolein in water: equilibrium and metastability aspects
 1995 Polymorphism, mesomorphism, and metastability of monoelaidin in excess water
Caffrey, Martin (cont...)1996 Free radical mediated x-ray damage of model membranes
 1996 Interlamellar transition mechanism in model membranes
 1996 Manipulating Mesophase Behavior of Hydrated DHPE: An X-ray Diffraction Study of Temperature and Pressure Effects
 1996 The temperature-composition phase diagram and mesophase structure characterization of the monoolein/water system
 1998 A simple mechanical mixer for small viscous lipid-containing samples
 1998 Lyotropic and Thermotropic Phase Behavior of Hydrated Monoacylglycerols: Structure Characterization of Monovaccenin
 1998 Phases and phase transitions of the phosphatidylcholines
 1999 Phase behavior of the monoerucin/water system
 2000 A lipid's eye view of membrane protein crystallization in mesophases
 2000 The phase diagram of the monoolein/water system: metastability and equilibrium aspects
 2002 An index of lipid phase diagrams
 2002 Editorial overview: Membrane form and function in finer focus
 2004 A robotic system for crystallizing membrane and soluble proteins in lipidic mesophases
 2004 Order from disorder, corralling cholesterol with chaotic lipids: The role of polyunsaturated lipids in membrane raft formation
 2006 Controlling the Passage of Light through Metal Microchannels by Nanocoatings of Phospholipids
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 1988 X-ray analysis of liquid crystalline copolyesters and copolyamides
Caggioni, M.2002 Demixing transition in microemulsions of water in thermotropic liquid crystals
 2003 Fluctuation Mediated Interaction and Phase Separation of Nanoparticles in a Liquid Crystal Solvent
 2003 Publisher's Note: Fluctuation Mediated Interaction and Phase Separation of Nanoparticles in a Liquid Crystal Solvent [Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 085704 (2003)]
 2004 Isotropic to Nematic Transition of Aerosil-Disordered Liquid Crystals
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 2003 Humidity-controlled mesostructuration in CTAB-templated silica thin film processing. The existence of a modulable steady state
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 1984 Column buckling of a discotic liquid crystal under compression
 1985 Column undulation instability in a discotic liquid crystal
 1988 Thermal and mechanical instabilities in nonaqueous lamellar lyotropic lecithin-ethylene glycol
 1990 Capillary oscillations and instabilities of discotic liquid crystal threads
 1990 Coherent Molecular Slip under Shear in a Plastic Crystal
 1992 Positional Anchoring of a Smectic A Liquid Crystal
 1993 Positional anchoring of smectic liquid crystals
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 1999 The process to make a ridge- and fringe-field multidomain structure using a photoimageable polymer for a wide viewing angle liquid crystal display application
 2000 Vertically aligned pi-cell LCD having on-state with mid-plane molecules perpendicular to the substrates
 2001 Atomic-beam alignment of inorganic materials for liquid-crystal displays
 2004 Vertical aligned Liquid crystal display using a dry alignment layer
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 2001 Synthesis and properties of metal complexes of meso-tetrakis(4-alkoxyphenyl)porphyrins. III
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 1987 Precipitation-crystallization of poly(1,4-phenyleneterephthalamide) from nematic solution
 1993 Observation of disclinations in the nematic state of a thermotropic aromatic copolyester by lamellar decoration
 1995 Observation of disclination in nematic mesophase of liquid crystalline polymers by lamellar decoration
Cai, Luzhong1996 Generation of 3D image from computer data with dot array rainbow hologram
Cai, Mengli2001 Rapid identification of medium- to large-scale interdomain motion in modular proteins using dipolar couplings
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 1999 New mineralization agents for the synthesis of MCM-41
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Cai, Rubing1991 New thermotropic liquid crystals derived from thiophenes
 1992 Liquid crystalline aromatic polyesters derived from 2,5-thiophene
 1992 Liquid-crystalline aromatic polyesters containing isophthalic acid
 1993 Conjugated liquid-crystalline polymers
 1993 Conjugated liquid-crystalline polymers - soluble and fusible poly( phenylenevinylene) by the Heck coupling reaction
 1993 Thermotropic conjugated liquid crystalline polymers synthesized from Stille coupling reaction
Cai, S.J.1999 Converting SiO2 into crystalline Si for Si-based optoelectronics
Cai, Shao-Xi2005 Design and synthesis of PEU/LCP composite membrane and its blood-compatibility
 2009 Optical detection of immunoreaction based on the orientation transition of liquid crystal
Cai, Tiequan1993 Visualization of real-time color-debugging pseudocolor-encoded phase variation with a photoelectronic processing technique
 1995 New method of real-time holographic high-density storage of color images by monochromatic laser
Cai, W.1992 Electrically conductive composite of polypyrrole and liquid crystalline aromatic copolyamide
 1993 Dynamics of lyotropic lamellar phases
Cai, Wei1993 Studies on the polypyrrole/polyelectrolyte molecular composites
 1994 Electrically conductive composite of polypyrrole and liquid crystalline copoly(ester-amide)s
 2002 Importance sampling of rare transition events in Markov processes
 2007 In situ decoration of carbon nanotubes with nearly monodisperse magnetite nanoparticles in liquid polyols
Cai, Weicheng1994 Covariant Hydrodynamics of Fluid Membranes
Cai, X.2004 Statistical analysis of airport network of China
Cai, Xiaoshu2007 Measurement of Particle Size Distribution and Volume Concentration based on Ultrasonic Attenuation Spectrum in Fat Emulsion
Cai, Xingxian1993 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal bismaleimide containing aromatic ester bond
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 1997 Preparation of dimaleic liquid crystal polyimide
 1997 Study on self-reinforcement properties of liquid crystalline thermosetting polyimides
 1997 Study on side-chain liquid - crystal epoxy resin and its cured compound
 1997 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline bismaleimides containing aromatic amide bonds
 1997 Synthesis and characterizations of liquid crystalline bismaleimide containing flexible chains/4,4'-diallyloxybiphenyl copolymers
 1998 Semi-interpenetrating polymer network of thermotropic liquid-crystalline poly(esterimide)/bismaleimide
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Cai, Y.2006 The Size-Dependent Growth Direction of ZnSe Nanowires
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 1998 Phase behavior and morphology of polymer/liquid crystal (LC) blends-phase separation theory and application
 1998 Study of electrooptical properties of polymer network stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal in smectic C* phase
 1999 Polymer grid and wall structures in polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal display device
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Cai, Zhi-Qi2007 Studies on curing kinetics of a novel combined liquid crystalline epoxy containing tetramethylbiphenyl and aromatic ester-type mesogenic group with diaminodiphenylsulfone
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