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Variano, Evan A.2004 Improving the Density of Jammed Disordered Packings Using Ellipsoids
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 1987 Accurate evaluation of the transverse shear modulus in unidirectional fibrous composites
 1987 The shear modulus in the fiber direction of unidirectional fiber composites based on the concept of mesophase
Varichon, L.1992 Effect of chain length and degree of substitution on the cholesteric pitch: theoretical considerations
 1992 Effect of degradation on thermotropic cholesteric optical properties of (2-hydroxypropyl) cellulose (HPC) esters
 1992 Molecular Model for Cholesterics including Biaxiality and Higher Order Parameters
 1993 Molecular model for cholesteric polymers including biaxiality and chain flexibility
 1994 Conformational properties for linear nematic and cholesteric polymers in the bend elastic chain model
 1994 Domains in nematic elastomers
 1994 Optical properties of cholesteric (2-hydroxypropyl) cellulose (HPC) esters
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 1998 Orientational correlation of liquid-crystalline polymer chains in isotropic solutions. I. Anisotropic light scattering
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 1992 Effect of mesomorphic character of a polymeric substrate on the formation and growth of decoration gold crystals
 1993 Method of decorating Au-crystals accepted for development of structural model of mesomorphic polymer matrix interface
Varley, C.J.1996 Investigation into the use of liquid crystalline materials in electrorheological fluids
Varley, Cameron J.1995 Comparison of electrorheological fluids based on silicone oil and liquid crystalline materials
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 2000 Structure, thermodynamics, and transition kinetics of nonadecylcyclohexane
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 2000 Current Status of Unsaturated Polyester Resins
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Varotsos, P.A.2002 Long-range correlations in the electric signals that precede rupture
 2003 Attempt to distinguish electric signals of a dichotomous nature
 2003 Long-range correlations in the electric signals that precede rupture: Further investigations
 2004 Entropy in the natural time domain
Varshavskaya, N.F.1997 Synthesis of 1,3,4-trisubstituted pyrrolidine-2,5-diones and their rotatory power
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 1996 Effect of thermomechanical treatment on mesophase formation in an isotropic pitch melt
Varshavskii, Ya.M.1982 Liquid-crystal state of nucleic acids in solution
 1984 Mesophase state of double-stranded RNA and polyribonucleotides is characterized by high optical activity
 1986 Influence of mercuration of double-stranded DNA and RNA on optical activity of their liquid crystalline microphases
Varshney, S.K.2001 Crystal structure of a cholesterol-based dimesogen
 2002 Combination of Electron-deficient and Electron-rich Discotic Liquid Crystals in Novel Unsymmetrical Columnar Twins
 2003 Room-temperature discotic nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Combination of Electron-deficient and Electron-rich Discotic Liquid Crystals in Novel Unsymmetrical Columnar Twins
Varshney, Sanjay K.1999 Vanadium oxytrichloride, a novel reagent for the oxidative trimerization of o-dialkoxybenzenes to hexaalkoxytriphenylenes
 2000 Novel heptasubstituted triphenylene discotic liquid crystals
 2001 A new form of discotic metallomesogens: the synthesis of metal-bridged triphenylene discotic dimers
 2001 Novel liquid-crystalline mercury acetylide complexes
 2001 Synthesis of triphenylene and dibenzopyrene derivatives: vanadium oxytrichloride a novel reagent
 2001 The first hexagonal columnar discotic liquid crystalline carbazole derivatives induced by noncovalent π-π interactions
 2002 Design and Synthesis of Discotic Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Dibenzo[g,p]chrysene, a Novel Core for Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2003 Novel monofunctionalized electron-deficient anthraquinone-based discotic liquid crystals
 2007 Iodo-substituted triphenylene-based discogens: by metal-mediated oxidative cross-coupling
 2009 Octasubstituted dibenzochrysenes: discotic liquid crystals with a twisted core
 2010 Self-assembly of azo molecules to mesogenic phasmid-like materials through inter-molecular hydrogen bonding
Varshney, Sanjay Kumar2000 A room-temperature discotic nematic liquid crystal
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 2010 Spontaneous Deracemization of Disc-like Molecules in the Columnar Phase
 2010 Syntheses and Mesogenic Properties of Dimers and Trimers Consisting of Triphenylene Donor and Anthraquinone Acceptor
Varshney, Sunil K.1986 Liquid-crystalline polymers: a novel state of material
 2002 Stimuli-Responsive Aqueous Micelles from an ABC Metallo-Supramolecular Triblock Copolymer
 2003 Self-Organization of Water-Soluble Complexes of a Poly(2-vinylpyridinium)-block-poly(ethylene oxide) Diblock with Fluorinated Anionic Surfactants
Varshneya, R.2005 Enhanced Electro-Optic Behavior for Shaped Polymer Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Flakes Made Using Soft Lithography
Vartak, S.2008 Broadband polarizing films by photopolymerization-induced phase separation and in situ Swelling
 2008 Surface anchoring effects on spectral broadening of cholesteric liquid crystal films
Vartak, Sameer2007 Swelling Behavior of Cross-Linked Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Film in Anisotropic Solvent
Vartak, Sameer D.1999 Spectrum-controllable reflective polarizer having electrically switchable mode of operation
Vartanian, M.2005 4'-Bromo-2',3',5',6'-tetrafluorostilbazole: Donor and Acceptor Site for Halogen Bonding and -Stacking in One Rigid-Rod-Type Molecule
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 1999 Investigation of phase transitions in some liquid crystal systems of smectic matrixes with chiral additives
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 1992 Ordered mesoporous molecular sieves synthesized by a liquid-crystal template mechanism
 1994 Development of a formation mechanism for M41S materials
 1994 Effect of Surfactant/Silica Molar Ratios on the Formation of Mesoporous Molecular Sieves: Inorganic Mimicry of Surfactant Liquid-Crystal Phases and Mechanistic Implications
 1994 Molecular or Supramolecular Templating: Defining the Role of Surfactant Chemistry in the Formation of Microporous and Mesoporous Molecular Sieves
 1994 Synthesis of Mesoporous Materials: Liquid-Crystal Templating versus Intercalation of Layered Silicates
 1995 M41S: A new family of mesoporous molecular sieves prepared with liquid crystal templates
Vartuli, James C.1995 Molecular sieves as hosts for nanophases - design, preparation and properties
 1999 Tailored Porous Materials
Varughese, K.T.2000 Thermal and crystallization behaviour of isotactic polypropylene/nitrile rubber blends
Varughese, P.A.2002 Thermodynamics of Crystal Nucleation in an External Electric Field
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 2006 Silver(I) N-Heterocyclic Carbenes with Long N-Alkyl Chains
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 2006 Characterization of Some Liquid Crystals through Sound and Thermodynamic Parameters
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 1967 Influence of molecular structure on liquid crystalline properties and phase transitions in mixed liquid crystals
 1969 Mixed mesomorphism in binary systems forming smectic-nematic phases
 1969 Mixed mesomorphism in mixtures of Schiff bases
 1974 Technological applications of liquid crystals
 1975 Influence of molecular structure on mixed mesomorphism in some binary systems
 1975 Nematic mixed liquid crystals in some binary systems
 1976 Binary systems of p-methoxycinnamic acid and substituted benzoic acids
 1976 Graphical method for calculation of eutectic points in binary systems
 1979 Mechanism of gas-liquid chromatographic separation of disubstituted benzene isomers using nematic liquid phases
Vasanthakumari, R.1984 Isothermal melting behavior of poly(L-lactic acid)
Vasapollo, G.2003 Optical characterization of glutamate dehydrogenase monolayers chemisorbed on SiO2
Vaschenko, V.V.1994 Helical smectic A (SA*) in polymorphic liquid crystalline systems with induced spiral structure
 2002 Ferroelectric Mixtures of Smectic C 4-Hexyloxysalicylidene-4'-Hexylaniline and Nonmesogenic Chiral Dopant 1R,4R-p-Mentan-3-One Derivative
Vaschenko, Valerij2009 Molecular complexity and the control of self-organising processes
Vasconcelos, Ursula2000 Chiral liquid crystalline m-nitrotolans and tolans: synthesis and mesomorphic properties
Vasconcelos, Ursula B.2005 Synthesis and Thermal Behavior of New N-Heterotolan Liquid Crystals
 2006 Synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of new N-heterotolane liquid crystals containing a naphthyl-pyridyl framework
 2010 Synthesis of liquid-crystalline 3,5-diarylisoxazolines
Vasenkov, Alex V.2002 Electron energy distributions and anomalous skin depth effects in high-plasma-density inductively coupled discharges
Vasenkov, Sergey2002 Different time regimes of tracer exchange in single-file systems
Vashakidze, E.1996 The structural changes in the cholesteric liquid crystals
Vashakidze, E.Ya.1989 Temperature dependence of the inversion of wavelength of selective light reflection in liquid crystal systems with a helical structure under the influence of nonmesogenic dopants
 1989 Thermal indicator polymer films, containing nematic-chiral liquid crystalline mixture
Vashakidze, Z.Ya.1997 Thermochromic polymer films based on chiral nematic mixture
Vashchenko, O.V.2003 Cholesteric liquid crystals as sensor materials for bioequivalent UV-dosimetry
 2003 Cholesteric liquid crystals as sensor materials for bioequivalent UV-dosimetry
 2009 Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Doped with Molecules of Organic Scintillator Materials
Vashchenko, V.1992 (-)-Menthone-Based Chiral Dopants in the Induced SmC* Phases
Vashchenko, V.V.1992 Diastereomeric 2-(O-Aroyl)Oxymethylene-p-Menthane-3-ones. Structure Investigation by NMR and Helical Twisting Power in the Mesophases
 1992 Molecular and crystal structure of diastereomeric (-)-2-O-(p-chlorobenzoyl)oxymethylene-p-methane-3-ones as effective chiral components of induced cholesteric systems. II. Trans-diastereomers
 1992 Observation of helicoidal smectic A (SmA) in polymorphic liquid -crystal systems with increased spiral structures
 1992 Photosensitive Chiral Dopants with High Twisting Power
 1994 Photosensitive chiral dopants with high twisting power
 1995 Chiral β-hydroxycarbonyl compounds based on (-)-menthone: structure and behavior in liquid crystalline systems
 1995 Molecular structure of isomeric 2-arylidene derivatives of p-menthanones and p-(4-menthen)one and their capacity for "twisting" of a nematic phase
 1997 New 1R, 4R-Menthane-3-One Derivates as Chiral Components of LC Systems
 1998 Liquid crystal composites with PSCT.
 2000 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal systems containing 1R,4R-p-menthan-3-one derivatives as chiral additives
 2001 New chiral E and Z isomers of the 1R,4R-2-arylidene-p-menthane-3-ones in induced cholesteric and ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2001 New chiral esters, diastereomeric 2-(4-carboxybenzylidene)-p-menthane-3-one derivatives, as components of LC systems with induced helical structure
 2001 New chiral ether derivatives of 2-arylidene-p-menthane-3-ones as components of induced ferroelectric systems
 2001 New N-arylidene (S)-1-phenylethylamines as the components of induced short-pitch cholesterics
 2002 Chiral ethers with the 2-arylidene-p-menthan-3-one skeleton as components of induced cholesteric systems
 2002 Ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures containing chiral ether and ester compounds with the 2-arylidene-p-menthan-3-one skeleton
 2002 Induced cholesteric systems based on some cyano derivatives as host phases
 2002 Liquid-crystal ferroelectric systems containing 1R,4R-p-menthan-3-one chiral derivatives with an ester fragment
 2002 New Chiral Mesogens Based on 2-Arylidene-c-Menthan-3-One Skeleton
 2003 New (1R,4R)-2-arylidene-p-menthan-3-ones with a bridging ester group in the arylidene fragment. Synthesis and behavior in liquid - crystalline systems
Vashchenko, V.V. (cont...)2003 New chiral mesogens 3(R)-methylcyclohexanone derivatives
 2003 Photochemical transformations of 2-arylidene-menthanones: chiral dopants for liquid crystalline systems
 2006 Influence of Chiral Dopant Molecular Structure on Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Parameters
 2009 Light Scattering of Short Helix Pitch Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2009 New Chiral Dopant Possessing High Twisting Power
Vashchenko, Valery1999 Effect of chiral dopants molecular structure on temperature dependencies of induced cholesteric helical pitch
 1999 New chiral 2-arylidene-p-menthane-3-ones
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 2008 Non-linear electromechanical transformations and amplification acoustical signal in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Vashchuk, V.I.1994 Characteristics of the amplitude modulation of light as a result of the Freedericksz transition in a liquid-crystal cell with a dichroic dye
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Vashurin, P.V.1977 Controlled phase transparencies in coherent-optical systems performing Walsh and Hilbert transformations
 1977 Tunable spatial filters in optical signal converters
 1982 Photoconductor-liquid crystal photosensitive structures
 1986 Effect of surface treatment of a semiconductor on the dynamics of the electrooptical response of a semiconductor-liquid crystal structure
Vasi, C.1995 Light-scattering study of phase transitions in aqueous solutions of nonionic amphiphiles
Vasi, Cirino1996 Dynamics of water confined in non-ionic amphiphiles supramolecular structures
Vasil'chenko, V.G.1999 New scintillating materials based on liquid crystals for particle detectors
Vasile, Cornelia2006 Characterization by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and 2D IR Correlation Spectroscopy of PAMAM Dendrimer
Vasilenko, I.A.1986 Effect of chlorophyll on the polymorphic behavior of model membranes made of galactolipid-phospholipid mixtures. 1. Phosphorus-31 NMR study
 1990 Polymorphism of lipid model and biological membranes
 1995 The effect of bacteriorhodopsin on the thermotropic behavior of 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine in the reconstituted purple membranes
Vasilenko, N.A.1985 Effective reversible phase recording of optical information by an organic polymer photoconductor-liquid crystal structure
 1985 Electrooptical properties of an organic polymer photoconductor -liquid crystal structure
 1985 Space-time light modulation by an organic polymer photoconductor-liquid crystal structure
 1991 Electrically and light-controlled modulators based on nematic liquid crystal dispersions
 1992 Operation characteristics of spatial light modulators with polymeric photoconductor layers for pulse recording and pulse voltage feeding
 1997 Complex studies of the process for reverse holographic recording in the organic photoconductor- liquid crystal structure
 1997 Correlation between speed, Resolution and Sensitivity of the Organic Photoconductor - Liquid Crystal System
 1997 Influence of operating conditions and interface properties on dynamic characteristics of liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
 1997 Investigation of reversible writing of holographic grating in organic photoconductor - liquid crystal structure
 1997 Study of the dynamic characteristics of the polyimide- liquid crystal structure for optical data processing systems
 1998 Characteristics of liquid-crystal spatial light modulators with different photosensitive layers
 1998 Correlation between speed, resolution and sensitivity of the organic photoconductor- liquid crystal system
 1998 Polyimides: New properties of xerographic, thermoplastic, and liquid-crystal structures
 1999 Light-sensitive liquid-crystal spatial-time light modulator with polymer photoconductor for optical information processing
Vasilenko, N.G.1990 Mesomorphic polydiarylsiloxanes
 1994 Synthesis of cholesterol-containing polyorganosiloxane dendrimer
Vasilenko, Natalie A.1996 Effect of various alignment films on dynamic characteristics of LC spatial light modulators
 1997 Dynamic holography application for polyimide-liquid crystal structures investigation
 1999 Comparative investigations on dynamic characteristics of optically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulators with photosensitive layers based on polyimide doped with dyes and fullerenes
 2000 Liquid crystal spatial light modulator with fullerene-dye-polyimide photosensitive layer
Vasilenko, P.1980 Structure and electrooptical properties of 4-nitrophenyl 4-octyloxybenzoate
Vasilenko, S.V.1984 Liquid-crystalline ordering in melts of macromolecules with rigid and flexible chain segments
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 1984 Theory of liquid-crystalline ordering in melts of macromolecules with stiff and flexible fragments in the main chain. 2. Effect of external orientational fields
 1984 Theory of liquid-crystalline ordering of linear and comb-like polymers with mesogenic groups
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Vasilets, V.N.1997 New approach to preparation of liquid crystal composites based on comb-shaped polymers
 1998 Effect of vacuum UV-irradiation on the surface energy, solubility, and interdiffusion of components in a fluoropolymer-mesogenic monomer-polymer system
 1998 Plasmochemical initiation of the graft polymerization of mesogen-containing monomers on poly(tetrafluoroethylene) surface
 1999 Polymerization of a discotic monomer in bulk and solution
 1999 Surface energy and structure of graft layers of a comb-shaped LC polymer
 2006 Graft copolymerization of mesogenic monomers onto fluorocarbon polymer support
Vasilets, Victor N.1996 Crosslinked and grafted structures based on side chain LC polymers
 1996 Sandwich structure containing liquid crystal polymer grafted on polymer support
 1997 Regularities of γ-ray-induced polymerization for two mesogen -containing acrylic monomers
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Vasil'ev, A.A.1973 Reduction of the switching time of a liquid-crystal optical transparency
 1973 Study of liquid crystals for purposes of optoelectronics
 1977 Controlled phase transparencies in coherent-optical systems performing Walsh and Hilbert transformations
 1977 Tunable spatial filters in optical signal converters
 1980 Bistable properties of a liquid-crystal cell with feedback
 1981 Controlled liquid-crystal transparencies for devices for the transformation and coding of optical signals
 1981 Optical phase conjugation by microwatt power of reference waves via liquid crystal light valve
 1982 Photoconductor-liquid crystal photosensitive structures
 1983 Analog spatial light modulator
 1983 Progress in the development and applications of optically controlled liquid crystal spatial light modulators (review)
 1986 Wavefront correction by liquid-crystal devices
 1987 Adaptive focusing of radiation on a diffusely scattering reflector under nonlinear refraction conditions
 1988 Pulse control of the liquid-crystal phase corrector
 1989 Computer-controlled wavefront corrector
Vasil'ev, A.I.1973 2nd Sb. Dokl. Vses. Nauch. Konf. Zhidk. Krist. Simp. ikh Prakt. Primen.
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Vasil'ev, A.N.1989 Wave propagation in a medium with random inhomogeneities and well-developed fluctuations
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 1990 Wave scattering in random inhomogeneous medium with the long range-noise correlator ~ 1/r
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 2002 Correlations of Thermal Director Fluctuations in Filled Liquid Crystals
 2003 Improved ? expansion for three-dimensional turbulence: Summation of nearest dimensional singularities
Vasilev, A.N.2004 Correlations in the Director-Orientation Fluctuations in the Presence of Microscopic Impurities in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
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Vasil'ev, D.V.1998 Transport and Recombination of Charge States in Organic Single Crystalline and Polycrystalline Scintillators
Vasil'ev, G.B.1998 EPR study of the liquid-crystalline Vectra copolyester
 1998 Rheological behavior of poly(bis-trifluoroethoxyphosphazene) copolymer blends
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Vasil'ev, M.V.2000 Correction of telescope's primary using dynamic holography in optically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2000 FLC optically addressed modulators for dynamic holographic correction of optical distortions
Vasil'ev, Michael V.1998 Dynamic correction for distortions in imaging optical systems using liquid crystal SLMs
 1998 Dynamic correction for distortions in imaging optical systems using liquid crystal SLMs
 1998 Large-numerical-aperture imaging bypass system with dynamic holographic correction for primary mirror distortions
 1998 Large-numerical-aperture imaging bypass system with dynamic holographic correction for primary mirror distortions
 1998 Polychromatic correction for aberration in the lenses of telescopic systems using liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulator
 1998 Polychromatic correction for aberration in the lenses of telescopic systems using liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulator
 1998 Polychromatic correction for aberrations in the lenses of telescopic systems using liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulators
 1998 Polychrome correction for telescope lens distortions using a liquid crystal optically addressed spatial light modulator
 1998 White light imaging using large-numerical-aperture telescope with dynamic holographic correction for primary mirror distortions
 1998 White-light imaging using large-numerical-aperture telescope with dynamic holographic correction for primary mirror distortions
 1999 Imaging bypass system with correction for primary mirror distortions
 1999 Imaging bypass system with correction for primary mirror distortions
 1999 Imaging bypass system with correction for primary mirror distortions
 1999 Imaging bypass system with correction for primary mirror distortions
 1999 Orientation dependencies of diffraction efficiency of the dynamic holographic corrector recorded in optically addressed spatial light modulator with the ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1999 Polychrome correction for telescope lens distortion using optically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 1999 Polychrome correction for telescope lens distortions using an optically addressed liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 1999 Two-wavelength dynamic holography
 1999 Use of dual-wavelength dynamic holography in adaptive optics
 2000 Dynamic correction for distortions in high-average-power picosecond pulse-repetitive laser systems
Vasil'ev, Michael V. (cont...)2000 Holographic correction in mid-IR using OA LC SLM elements
 2005 System of phase conjugation with a two-stage holographic corrector recording scheme
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Vasil'ev, Roman B.2008 Effect of H-Bonded Liquid Crystal Polymers on CdSe Quantum Dot Alignment within Nanocomposite
Vasilev, S.I.1992 Tunneling through adsorbate and thin films, induced conductivity, charge density waves
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Vasil'ev, V.G.1994 Thermodynamic characteristics of 4-methylpentene-1, poly(4-methylpentene-1), and 4-methylpentene-1 polymerization
 2004 New mesomorphic organocyclosiloxanes II. Thermal behaviour and mesophase structure of organocyclohexasiloxanes
Vasil'ev, V.I.2010 Cluster self-organization of nanotubes in a nematic phase: The percolation behavior and appearance of optical singularities
 2010 Optical singularities induced in a nematic-cell by carbon nanotubes
Vasilev, V.I.2009 Self-organized composites of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and nematic liquid crystal 5CB: Optical singularities and percolation behavior in electrical conductivity
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 1979 Magnetic field stabilization of a domain pattern in nematic liquid crystals in nonuniform electric fields
 1979 Rearrangement of the domain structure in nematic liquid crystals in nonuniform electric fields
 1981 Anomalous wall in a nematic liquid crystal
 1983 Two-parameter instability of nematic liquid crystals
 1984 Nonlinear orientational phenomena near the Fredericks transition point
 1984 Unidirectional and bidirectional jumps in configuration states of nematic liquid crystals
 1985 Variety of reorientation processes in a nematic liquid crystal cell
 1987 Dynamic reorientation in a nematic liquid crystal
 1987 Nonlinear orientational elasticity of a nematic liquid crystal
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 1991 Effect of molecular composition of thermotropic copolyester on the viscoelasticity of its melt
 1991 Rheological, structural, and physicomechanical characteristics of a polysulfone blend with a liquid-crystalline polyester
 1991 Rheology and morphology of polymer blends containing liquid-crystalline component in melt and solid state
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