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Umeda, Takao1988 Influences of alignment materials and liquid-crystal layer thickness on a.c. field-stabilization phenomena of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 Physical properties of ferroelectric liquid crystals and a.c. field-stabilization effect
 1989 The influence of the spontaneous polarization and viscosity of ferroelectric liquid crystals on the ac field-stabilization effect
Umeda, Takashi1987 Polymeric Phospholipid Analogs. XXV. Preparation and Polymerization of P-Vinylbenzyl-2-(Trimethylammonium) Ethyl Phosphate
Umeda, Takeshi1999 Modeling and computer simulation of the electrooptic response of polymer-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
Umeda, Tokiyoshi2007 High-mobility and air-stable organic thin-film transistors with highly ordered semiconducting polymer films
 2009 Surface-energy-dependent field-effect mobilities up to 1 cm2/V s for polymer thin-film transistor
Umeda, Toru1999 Swelling behavior of crosslinked hydroxypropyl cellulose films retaining cholesteric liquid crystalline order. Part 2. Effects of temperature, solvent, and pH
Umeda, Yoshiyuki1997 Unusual voltage-holding ratio characteristics using in-plane switching of nematic liquid crystals
 2005 Depolarized light scattering from liquid crystals as a factor for black level light leakage in liquid-crystal displays
Umehara, Atsushi2004 Dynamical dimer structure and liquid structure of fatty acids in their binary liquid mixture: dodecanoic and 3-phenylpropionic acids system
 2007 Effect of Cholesterol and Other Additives on Viscosity, Self-Diffusion Coefficient, and Intramolecular Movements of Oleic Acid
Umehara, Hideki1989 Preparation of 4-carboxybiphenyl as an intermediate for liquid crystals
Umehara, Kazuo1991 Properties of reinforced plastics by fiber made from liquid crystal polymer
 1992 Flow characteristics and physical properties of liquid crystal polymer/ thermoplastic resin composite materials
Umehara, Shunji1995 Substrate for liquid crystal display devices
 1998 Transparent and gas-barrier liquid - crystal display substrate with good moisture resistance
 2000 Manufacture of epoxy-type liquid crystal display cell substrates and substrates therefrom
Umehara, Toshiyuki2001 Polymer film containing dispersed particles for liquid crystal display
 2002 Manufacture of epoxy resin-based sheets containing dispersed particles for liquid crystal displays
Umeki, Kazuhiro1999 Liquid crystal device counter substrate and projector using the same
 2000 Formation of array pattern of concave microstructure and flat lens array, liquid-crystal display, and flat oil trap having the array pattern
Umemori, K.2003 Measurement of positron production efficiency from a tungsten monocrystalline target using 4- and 8-GeV electrons
Umemoto, Kazushi1996 Adsorption-induced surface ordering on solutions of rigid-rodlike molecules
Umemoto, Kimiko2005 Orientation of the Antimicrobial Peptide, Cecropin A-Magainin 2 Hybrid, in a Lipid Bilayer Studied by 15N Solid-State NMR
Umemoto, Kiyoshi1997 Backlights and liquid crystal display devices
 1998 Circularly polarized light-isolation layer, optical device using it, polarizing lighting apparatus using the device, and liquid crystal display using the apparatus
 1998 Liquid crystal polymer layer for liquid crystal display with excellent brightness
 1998 Wide visual-field polarizing plate
Umemoto, Masao1996 Liquid crystal oscillator for analysis of microamount of liquid samples
Umemoto, Seiji1992 Color compensator plate and elliptic polarizer plate and liquid crystal display using same
 1992 Polarizer plate for liquid-crystal display device
 1993 Polarizer plate for liquid-crystal display apparatus
 1996 Method and apparatus for forming polarized light for liquid crystal display
 2001 Optical film
 2001 Reflection type liquid - crystal display device
 2001 Reflection-transmission double type liquid - crystal display device
 2001 Reflector and liquid - crystal display device
 2002 Light pipe, planar light source unit and reflective liquid - crystal display device
 2002 Liquid - crystal display apparatus
 2002 Reflection type liquid - crystal display apparatus with reduced lossess of incident light
 2002 Reflective liquid crystal display
 2002 Reflective liquid - crystal display device
 2002 Resin substrate and liquid crystal display device
Umemoto, Takeshi1991 Novel quadruple zigzag structure of antiferroelectric liquid crystal molecules observed by scanning tunneling microscopy
Umemoto, Tsuyoshi1991 On the appearance of the antiferroelectric phase
Umemura, J.1985 FT-IR studies on molecular structure and orientation of a liquid crystal, 4'-n-octyl-4-cyanobiphenyl
Umemura, Junzo1980 A Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic study of the molecular interaction of cholesterol with 1,2-dipalmitoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine
 1982 A Fourier transform infrared study of the coagel to micelle transitions of sodium laurate and sodium oleate
 1983 Fourier transform infrared study on the phase transitions of a sodium dodecylsulfate-water system
 1984 Fourier transform infrared study on the phase transitions of a water-dioctadecyldimethylammonium chloride system
 1984 Polarized FT-IR spectra of oriented water molecules in a liquid crystal
 1985 Fourier transform infrared study on black soap films
 1985 Fourier transform infrared study on the phase transitions of an octadecyltrimethylammonium chloride-water system
 1988 pH dependence of UV-vis absorption and resonance Raman spectra of an aqueous solution of an azobenzene-containing ammonium amphiphile
 1989 UV absorption spectra of azobenzene-containing long-chain fatty acids and their barium salts in spread monolayers and Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1990 Orientation studies of hydrated dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine multibilayers by polarized FTIR-ATR spectroscopy
 1993 Microstructure of thin Langmuir-Blodgett films of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine: electron microscopic images replicated with plasma polymerized film by glow discharge
 1996 Gel to liquid crystal phase transition of black lipid films in air as studied by FTIR spectroscopy
 1998 Binding Mechanism of Sucrose to Dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine Langmuir Films by Fourier Transform Infrared Reflection-Absorption Spectroscopy and Quartz-Crystal Microbalance Technique
 2001 Multilayer formation of oriented helical peptides glued by hydrogen bonding
Umemura, K.2007 Some Observations on the Structure and Function of the Spinning Apparatus in the Silkworm Bombyx mori
Umemura, Takashi1996 Liquid crystal TAB pressing method and apparatus for manufacture of liquid crystal display
Umemura, Y.1993 Polyisocyanates and the interplay of experiment and theory in the formation of lyotropic cholesteric states
Umemura, Yasushi2000 Preparation of clay/metal complex hybrid films by the Langmuir-Blodgett method
Umemura, Yoshihiro2000 Polyester films used in manufacturing process of liquid crystal displays
Umeno, Eisuke2005 Temperature Dependence of Helical Structure of Polymer-Stabilized Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Umesaki, Mitsumasa2001 Liquid crystal panel device having a light guide plate with l shaped ribs
Umesaki, Norimasa2001 Transparent conductive film and its manufacture for liquid crystal display
Umesawa, Hiroaki2000 O/W emulsion containing liquid crystal-forming emulsifiers and their manufacture
Umesha, K.B.2004 Synthesis and mesomorphic behavior of 3-[4-alkyloxyphenyl]-5-[3,4-Ethylenedioxybenzyl]-2-isoxazolines
 2009 Synthesis and Characterization of Mesogenic 1,3,4-Oxadiazole Derivatives
Umeshita, Nobue1997 Fabrication of active-matrix substrate for liquid -crystal display
Umeta, Hiroyuki1999 Active-matrix liquid crystal display device having polymer layer
Umetani, Makoto1992 liquid-crystal display device
Umetani, Masaki2000 Substrate having liquid crystal orientation-controlling film and its manufacture
Umetani, Masanori2000 Re-writable optical recording card, method for manufacture thereof, and method for re-writing thereof
Umeton, C.1986 Power limiting and optical switching with nematic liquid-crystal films
 1987 Nonlinear optical properties of hybrid aligned nematics
 1987 Optical modulation induced by stressed cholesteric liquid crystals
 1987 Optically induced phase shift in nematic liquid crystals with hybrid alignment
 1987 Wavelength modulation using cholesteric liquid crystals
 1988 Double-modulation electron-spin-resonance spectroscopy: Experimental observations and theoretical comprehensive interpretation
 1988 Self-phase modulation in nematic liquid-crystal films: detailed measurements and theoretical calculations
 1988 Self-pulsing of the laser light transmitted by a nonlinear liquid-crystal interface near the phase transition
 1989 Optical nonlinearities induced by thermal effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1989 Total internal reflection switching at a liquid crystal interface
 1990 Mirrorless all-optical bistability in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 Nonlinear optical effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 Optical switching and bistability in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 origin of optical self-pulsing at a liquid crystal interface
 1992 Chaotic Behaviour in a Nematic Liquid Crystal Film
 1992 Observation of Doppler-Like Redshift of Radiation Passed Through a Nonlinear Medium
 1992 Thermally Induced Non Linear Optical Effects in Mononuclear Cyclopalladated Metallomesogens
 1993 Characterization of short pulses by self-diffraction in liquid crystals
 1993 Observation of Doppler-like red shift due to light interaction with matter
 1993 Optically induced chaotic behavior in nematic liquid-crystal films
Umeton, C. (cont...)1995 Photoinduced dichroism and light induced torque in absorbing liquid crystals
 1997 The Decay of Unstable Orientational States of Nematic Liquid Crystals Interacting with a Laser Field
 1999 Detailed experimental investigation on recording of switchable diffraction gratings in polymer dispersed liquid crystal films by UV laser curing
 1999 Efficiency dynamics of diffraction gratings recorded in liquid crystalline composite materials by a UV interference pattern
 2000 Electrically assisted self-confinement and waveguiding in planar nematic liquid crystal cells
 2000 Formation of a Grating of Submicron Nematic Layers by Photopolymerization of Nematic-Containing Mixtures
 2000 Measurement of energy density and duration of ultrashort incoherent light pulses with the aid of liquid crystals
 2001 A New Kind of Photo-Polymerisation Induced Diffraction Gratings in Liquid Crystalline Composite Materials
 2001 Dynamics of Mass Transfer Caused by the Photoinduced Spatially Inhomogeneous Modulation of Mobility in a Multicomponent Medium
 2002 Coherent and incoherent spatial solitons in bulk nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Optical characterization at wavelengths of 632.8 nm and 1549 nm of policryps switchable diffraction gratings
 2004 Dynamical behavior of holographic gratings with a nematic film - polymer slice sequence structure
 2004 Model for the photoinduced formation of diffraction gratings in liquid-crystalline composite materials
 2005 Realization of POLICRYPS Gratings: Optical and Electro-Optical Properties
 2006 Two-Wave Coupling during the Formation of POLICRYPS Diffraction Gratings: Experimental Results Theoretical Model
 2007 Nematic liquid crystal cells for optical spatial solitons (Nematicons)
 2007 Non-Linear Effects in NLC Media Undergoing Two Beams Irradiation
 2007 Theoretical Characterization of the Holographic Recording of Diffraction Grating in Multicomponent Media
 2010 Integration and Characterization of LC/Polymer Gratings on Glass and Silicon Platform
Umeton, Cesare1988 Liquid crystal laser tuner
 1990 Nonlinear optical effects in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1992 Observations of nonlinear optical effects in metallorganic liquid crystals
 1994 Experimental investigation of light induced chaotic dynamics in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 A new application of polymer dispersed liquid crystals: measurements of ultrashort light pulses with femtosecond accuracy
 1995 Direct optical measurement of the ratio K3/γ in nematic liquid crystals
 1995 Self-heterodyning: a versatile technique to investigate nematic liquid crystals
 1996 Statistical characterization of laser generated instabilities in a nematic liquid crystal film
 1997 Complex nonlinear optical phenomena in nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Surface-activated photorefractivity and electro-optic phenomena in liquid crystals
 1998 Thermodiffusive photorefractive phenomena in liquid crystals
 1999 Electro-optical phenomena due to influence of light beams on material parameters of liquid crystals
 1999 Role of thermal diffusion in liquid crystal-light interaction
 2001 Two-dimensional spatial solitons in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 All-optical switching and logic gating with spatial solitons in liquid crystals
 2004 Dynamical Behaviour of Policryps Gratings
 2004 Routing of anisotropic spatial solitons and modulational instability in liquid crystals
 2005 Color-Tunable Organic Microcavity Laser Array Using Distributed Feedback
 2005 Model for two-beam coupling during the formation of holographic gratings with a nematic film-polymer-slice sequence structure
 2008 All-optical switching of holographic gratings made of polymer-liquid-crystal-polymer slices containing azo-compounds
Umeton, Cesare (cont...)2008 Realization of an Optical Filter Using POLICRYPS Holographic Gratings on Glass Waveguides
Umetsu, Hideyuki1998 Liquid crystalline heat-resistant resin, preparation and filled molding
 1998 Liquid-crystal polyester resin compositions and moldings
 1999 Liquid-crystal polyesters and their thermoplastic moldings
 1999 Polyamide resin composition containing a liquid-crystalline resin and thin-walled box-type moldings therefrom
 2000 Thermoplastic resin composition, production thereof, and molded article thereof
Umetsu, Yasuo1991 Nematic liquid crystal composition for active matrix displays
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Acrylate compound and liquid-crystal device containing it in light-controlling layer
 1995 Guest-host type liquid crystal display device and display apparatus using it
 1995 Guest-host type liquid crystal display device and display apparatus using it
 1995 Liquid crystal display device
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Direct-view liquid crystal display with high scattering property and high-contrast
 1996 Light-scattering type liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Light-scattering type liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal composition for light scattering-type liquid crystal display device
 1996 Liquid crystal device and display apparatus using the same
 1996 Liquid crystal device with improved wide-viewing-angles
 1996 Liquid crystal display device and display apparatus using the same
 1996 Liquid crystal display element containing chiral polymer
 1996 Nematic liquid-crystal composition
 1996 Nematic liquid-crystal composition and liquid-crystal display device using same
 1997 Light scattering-type liquid crystal display device using fluorotolan compounds
Umeya, Masanori2003 Polarizing element and optical display apparatus including the same
 2004 Projection screen and projection system
Umeya, Shinjiro1992 Plasma-addressed liquid crystal electrooptical imaging device
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Tunable color filter for LCD
Umeyama, Hiroshi1998 Gas-barrier articles and packaging materials thereof
 1999 Recyclable plastic packaging materials and their manufacture
Umezawa, H.2006 Fabrication and properties of spatial light modulator with magneto-optical Faraday effect
Umezawa, Hiroshi1995 Liquid crystal display device
 1996 Dispersed liquid crystal device in fluoroacrylate-type resin layer
 1996 Liquid crystal display device for low electric voltage driving
Umezawa, Junko1988 Preparation of optically active 1-alkoxy-2-propanols as intermediates for agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals
 1988 Preparation of optically active 2-chloro-1-alkanols as intermediates for drugs, agrochemicals, and ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Optically active arenecarboxylic acid (fluoromethyl)alkyl esters as ferroelectric liquid crystals and their preparation
 1990 Preparation of optically active 1-alkoxy-3-fluoro-2-propanols
 1991 Ferroelectric (phenylpyrimidinyl)phenyl ethers and liquid crystal compositions containing them
 1991 Fluoro compounds, manufacture of their intermediates, and liquid crystal compositions containing the fluoro compounds
 1991 Preparation of optically-active diphenylpyrimidine derivatives and liquid crystal compositions containign them
 1992 Optically active alkanediols as liquid crystal intermediates and their preparation
 1995 New chiral dopants based on the 2-fluoro-2-methylalkoxy tail for use in ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 1998 An unusual endothermic transition to an optically isotropic phase organized by chiral molecular recognition
 1999 Molecular recognition of the dichiral liquid crystals containing fluorines
 2002 Structures in optically isotropic and bluish colored cubic phases formed by enantiomeric association in an (R,S) dichiral compound and a stereoisomeric (R,R) and (S,S) mixture
Umezawa, Masaaki1997 Liquid crystal display with optically transparent and flexible keypad
Umezawa, Masao1989 Colored liquid-crystalline polymer composites
 1991 Liquid crystalline fiber-reinforced hot-pressed moldings
 1992 Manufacture of moldings from liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1992 Manufacture of synthetic conjugate fibers with high tensile strength
Umezawa, Takeshi1996 Liquid crystal display
 1996 Method of controlling temperature of liquid crystal display device
Umezawa, Toshimitsu1997 Rear projection type liquid crystal projection device with improved contrast and image quality
Umezawa, Yoshikazu1997 Reflective screen comprising a polarizer for use with a liquid crystal projector
Umezawa, Yukio2000 Liquid crystal display device having heating means directly on display panel substrate
Umezono, Yoshikatsu2006 Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties of [Dithiazolylium]x[M(tdas)2] Salts
Umezu, Hideyuki1997 Abrasion-resistant fishing line guides using liquid -crystal polymers
 1997 Liquid - crystalline resin compositions with good flowability and good balance of toughness and rigidity and moldings thereof
 1997 Salt-resistant supports for fishing rods using liquid -crystal polymers
 1998 Fire-resistant thermoplastic resin compositions and moldings
 1998 Liquid crystalline resin compositions containing benzoxazole compounds
 1998 Liquid crystalline resins with improved color tone and heat resistance
 1998 Thermoplastic resin compositions and moldings
 1999 Chemically resistant thermoplastic resin compositions with excellent stiffness and toughness, their manufacture and moldings
 1999 Fire-resistant resin composition with improved flowability, less gas generation on molding, and reduced scab on annealing treatment
 1999 Gas-barrier thin liquid crystalline polyester films with improved extrusion property and their manufacture
 1999 Liquid crystal polyester composition and its product
 1999 Liquid crystal polymers and and their production method
 1999 Liquid crystalline polyester resin composition and the molded products
 1999 Liquid crystalline resin pellets and their manufacture by cold-cut process
 1999 Liquid crystalline resins and thermoplastic resin compositions
 1999 Liquid-crystalline polyesters or polyester-amides with lighter color and good resistance to hydrolysis
 1999 Liquid-crystalline polymer compositions and precision moldings made from them
 1999 Manufacture of flame-retardant liquid crystalline resin compositions containing red phosphorus and having good color
 1999 Polyamide compositions containing liquid crystalline polymers for good properties under high moisture and their uses in moldings, films, and fibers
 1999 Polyester composition for connector
Umezu, Hideyuki (cont...)1999 Resin composition with good welding properties
 1999 Resin compositions with high strength, good heat resistance, high-temperature rigidity, stable dimension, and vibration-damping and suitable for welding hollow products
 2000 Fiber-reinforced plastic compositions with good flowability, impact resistance, and mold release, their manufacture, and housings
 2000 Fiber-reinforced polycarbonate compositions, their manufacture, and moldings with excellent electromagnetic shielding property and impact, fire, and warp resistance
 2000 Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin compositions and molded products therefrom with excellent mold releasability
 2000 Fire-resistant liquid-crystalline polymer compositions, their manufacture, and their moldings and sealants for electronic devices
 2000 Flame retardant polyamide compositions, their manufacture, and moldings therefrom
 2000 Liquid crystal polymer composition and extrudate having good deformation prevention made from the same
 2000 Liquid crystalline resin compositions with good flowability and their moldings having circular structural parts
 2000 Liquid-crystalline polymer compositions with good thermal stability, their manufacture, and their moldings
 2000 Thermoplastic composition with good fluidity and its extrudate with good heat and fire resistance
 2000 Thermoplastic resin compositions containing liquid crystal polymers and thermally stable molded products therefrom
 2000 Thermoplastic resin compositions containing liquid-crystalline resins with good fire and heat resistance and flowability, their manufacture, and molded products using them
Umezu, Kazunari1999 Electric wiring and electronic parts
 2000 Manufacture of electric wiring on substrate with uneven surface and electronic parts using it
Umezu, Y.1993 A novel liquid crystal display: a randomly-oriented nematic liquid crystal display (RON-LCD)
 2004 Liquid Crystal Mixtures with Low Birefringence for Active-Matrix LCD
Umezu, Yasuo1992 Liquid - crystal display device
 1992 Liquid - crystal display device
 1997 Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device containing said composition
 1999 Development of liquid crystalline azines for super twisted nematic liquid crystal display(STN-LCD)
 1999 Nematic liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display device using it
 2002 Liquid Crystal Mixtures with Low Birefringence for Active-Matrix LCD
Umifuji, Akira1999 Liquid crystalline α,ω-dialkylpermethyloligosilanes, their intermediates, and their preparation
Umigami, Akira1995 Color filter for liquid crystal display
 1997 Color filter for liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Liquid crystal display color filter and its manufacture
Umino, Akira1998 Liquid crystal element with improved contrast and view angle property
 1999 Color liquid-crystal display device
Umizu, Go1999 Mixing Effect of Polyoxyethylene-Type Nonionic Surfactants on the Liquid Crystalline Structures
 2000 Effect of Mixing Oils on the Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Structures
Ummarino, G.A.2000 Anomalies in the ab-plane resistivity of strongly underdoped La2-xSrxCuO4 single crystals: possible charge stripe ordering?
Umnova, O.V.1994 Evaluation of the effectiveness of ultrasound self-action in the sub-transition phase of a liquid crystal
Umrigar, C.J.1977 Anisotropic ultrasound propagation in a smectic-C liquid crystal
Umstadter, D.2004 Simulation of ultrashort electron pulse generation from optical injection into wake-field plasma waves
Umursokov, R.M.1997 Dielectric relaxation in mixtures of liquid crystals of different molecular length
 1997 Dielectric relaxation in mixtures of liquid crystals of different molecular length
Umurzakov, R.M.2003 Dielectric relaxation in nematic liquid crystal 5-(4-amylphenyl)-2-(4-cyanophenyl)pyridine
Umurzukov, R.M.1997 Dielectric relaxation in liquid crystal mixtures (solutions) with various asymmetries of the shapes of the component molecules
Unakami, Akira1999 Liquid crystal display device having electrically insulating film
Ünal, H.1977 Shear waves in the BA, BC and EA smectics
Unal, Halil Ibrahim2007 Synthesis, Characterization and Electrorheological Properties of Polyindene/Kaolinite Composites
Unal, Ugur2007 Synthesis and Photoluminescence Properties of Niobate Layered Oxides Intercalated with Rare Earth Ions by Electrostatic Self-Assembly Methods
Unate, Takao1996 Liquid-crystal display panel
Unayama, Shinichi1999 Semitransparent reflection plate including dextro- and/or levocholesteric liquid crystal and display using the same
Unbehaun, R.1978 Schaltung für die U/3-Ansteuerung von Flüssigkristall-Farbmatrizen hoher Bildpunktzahl mit C-MOSBausteinen
Uncheselu, Cornelia2005 A Percolation Model to Evaluate the Correlation Length of Dye-Nematic Liquid Crystal Interaction
 2007 Laser induced reorientation process in dye-doped nematic systems: role of the azo-dye structure
Underberg, William J.1999 Synthesis of 1- and 3-arylcarbonyl derivatives of 5-fluorouracil
Underhill, A.E.1993 Synthesis and properties of novel octasubstituted metallophthalocyanines
 1995 Thermal properties of divalent salts of long-chain n-alkylammonium and n-alkylpyridinium [M(dmit)2]
Underhill, Patrick T.2008 Diffusion and Spatial Correlations in Suspensions of Swimming Particles
Underhill, Richard1992 Volumetric measurements on a liquid-crystalline polysiloxane with phenylbenzoate moiety in the side-group
Underhill, Royale S.2003 Grazing Incidence Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction of Polymerizing Langmuir Monolayers
Underwood, A.L.1984 Organic counterions and micellar parameters: substituent effects in a series of benzoates
Underwood, I.1986 Evaluation of an nMOS VLSI array for an adaptive liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
 1989 Evolutionary development of advanced liquid crystal spatial light modulators
 1993 Time-multiplexed optical Hadamard image transforms with ferroelectric-liquid-crystal-over-silicon spatial light modulators
 1997 Ferroelectric liquid crystal over active silicon technology for displays
 1998 A high-resolution, full-color, head-mounted ferroelectric liquid crystal-over-silicon display
 2004 The Effect of Rubbing Strength on the Formation of Zigzag Defects in Surface Stabilised Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Underwood, Ian1991 Fourier processing with binary spatial light modulators
 1993 Smart spatial light modulators using liquid crystals on silicon
 1994 Improving the performance of liquid-crystal-over-silicon spatial light modulators: Issues and achievements
 1995 Fabrication issues for silicon backplane active matrix miniature liquid crystal display
 1995 Post-processing using microfabrication techniques to improve the optical performance of liquid crystal over silicon backplane spatial light modulators
 1996 Ferroelectric liquid crystal over silicon spatial light modulator viewable under continuous illumination
 1996 Full-color miniature display
 1997 Performance improvement in optical target recognition by range analysis
 1998 Fabrication of spatial light modulator backplanes using damascene processing
 1999 Manufacture of aluminium micromirror arrays using a dual damascene process
 1999 Review of the history and technology of micromachined miniature displays using foundry-produced silicon backplanes
 2000 Alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystals over CMOS-based microdisplay backplanes
 2001 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal on CMOS technology for microdisplays and microphotonics
 2001 Model fitting of a SPICE equivalent circuit for the design of ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon devices
 2003 SPICE modeling of ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon microdisplays
Undzedotnas, A.2008 Formation and Electrical Properties of Metal/Organic Semiconductor/Si Heterostructures Based on Naphthalene Diimide-Based Compounds
Une, Mizuho1984 Prevention of cholesterol-induced gallstones by hyodeoxycholic acid in the prairie dog
Unelius, Rikard1998 Phase behavior of alkyl glycerol ether surfactants
Ung, Diane2009 Thermal, Magnetic, and Luminescent Properties of Dendronized Ferrite Nanoparticles
Ungar, G.1986 From plastic-crystal paraffins to liquid-crystal polyethylene: continuity of the mesophase in hydrocarbons
 1988 Effects of thermal treatment on the temperature and heat of isotropization in a nematic polyether
 1990 Liquid-crystalline polymers. A unifying thermodynamics-based scheme
 1990 Nonequilibrium excess order in the isotropic state of main-chain liquid-crystal-forming polymers
 1990 Simulataneous x-ray/DSC study of mesomorphism in polymers with a semiflexible mesogen
 1990 Simultaneous x-ray diffraction and differential scanning calorimetry (XDDSC) in studies of molecular and liquid crystals
 1991 A scheme for phase stability in liquid-crystal polymers
 1991 Liquid-crystal polymers containing macroheterocyclic ligands. 5. Structure of the liquid crystal phases of poly[4-[(11-methacryloylundecan-1-yl)oxy]-4'-(4'-carboxybenzo-15-crown- 5)biphenyl]
 1991 Liquid-crystalline polyethers based on conformational isomerism. 15. Smectic and crystalline phases in copolyethers based on 1,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane and combinations of 1,10-dibromodecane with 1,12-dibromododecane and of 1,8-dibromooctane with 1,12-dibromododecane
 1991 Liquid-crystalline polyethers based on conformational isomerism. 16. Hexagonal columnar phase (Φh) in a non-discotic copolyether and the novel 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional Φh-SB transition
 1991 Liquid-crystalline polyethers based on conformational isomerism. 16. Hexagonal columnar phase (Φh) in a nondiscotic copolyether based on 1,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane, 1,8-dibromooctane, and 1,12-dibromododecane, and the novel 2-dimensional-3-dimensional Φh-sB transition
 1991 Liquid-crystalline polymers containing mesogenic units based on half-disk and rodlike moieties. 5. Side-chain liquid-crystalline poly(methylsiloxanes) containing hemiphasmidic mesogens based on 4-[[3,4,5,-tris(alkan-1-yloxy)benzoyl]oxy]-4'-[[p-(propan-1-yloxy)benzoyl]oxy]biphenyl groups
 1991 Mesogenic behavior of some 1,4,8,11,15,18,22,25-octaalkylphthalocyanines
 1991 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic polyethers and copolyethers based on 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene and flexible spacers containing odd numbers of methylene units
 1991 Synthesis and characterization of thermotropic polyethers based on 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene and flexible spacers containing even numbers of methylene units and copolyethers based on pairs of flexible spacers containing even and odd-even numbers of methylene units
 1992 Hexagonal columnar phase in 1,4-trans-polybutadiene: morphology, chain extension, and isothermal phase reversal
 1992 Hexagonal columnar phases in polymers
 1992 Liquid crystalline polyethers based on conformational isomerism. 20. Nematic-nematic transition in polyethers and copolyethers based on 1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)2-(2-R-4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane with R = fluoro, chloro and methyl and flexible spacers containing an odd number of methylene units
 1992 Molecular engineering of a hexagonal columnar (Φh) mesophase exhibited by flexible copolyethers based on 1-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-2-(2-R-4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane with R = H, F, and flexible spacers
 1992 New Main-Chain and Side-Chain Column-Forming Polymers and Oligomers
Ungar, G. (cont...)1993 A rheological, optical, and x-ray study of the relaxation of orientation of nematic poly(1,4-phenylene-2,6-benzobisthiazole) (PBZT)
 1993 Superheating of the nematic phase in main chain polymers
 1993 Thermotropic hexagonal phases in polymers: common features and classification
 1994 Influence of molecular structure on the nematic-nematic transition in polyethers based on 1,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane and flexible polymethylene spacers
 1994 Molecular Recognition Directed Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Architectures
 1994 Molecular recognition directed self-assembly of supramolecular liquid crystals
 1994 Molecular-recognition-directed self-assembly of supramolecular polymers
 1994 Structure and conductivity of liquid crystal channel-like ionic complexes of taper-shaped compounds
 1996 Fluorophobic Effect in the Self-Assembly of Polymers and Model Compounds Containing Tapered Groups into Supramolecular Columns
 1996 From Regioirregular Linear Main-Chain Liquid-Crystal Polyethers Exhibiting Two Uniaxial Nematic Phases to Macrocyclic Main-Chain Oligoethers Displaying Nematic and Smectic Phases
 1996 LB films of novel polyethers and their salt complexes
 1996 Macromolecular and supramolecular liquid crystals with complex architectures
 1996 Tubular Architectures from Polymers with Tapered Side Groups. Assembly of Side Groups via a Rigid Helical Chain Conformation and Flexible Helical Chain Conformation Induced via Assembly of Side Groups
 1997 Direct visualization of individual cylindrical and spherical supramolecular dendrimers
 1997 Fluorophobic Effect Generates a Systematic Approach to the Synthesis of the Simplest Class of Rodlike Liquid Crystals Containing a Single Benzene Unit
 1997 New Thermotropic Mesophases and Transitions in Complex Molecular and Macromolecular Systems
 1997 Rational Design of a Hexagonal Columnar Mesophase in Telechelic Alternating Multicomponent Semifluorinated Polyethylene Oligomers
 1997 Rational Design of the First Spherical Supramolecular Dendrimers Self-Organized in a Novel Thermotropic Cubic Liquid-Crystalline Phase and the Determination of Their Shape by X-ray Analysis
 1997 X-Ray Diffraction and Computational Studies of Thermotropic Cubic Liquid Crystals Formed by Cone-Shaped Molecules
 1998 Controlling polymer shape through the self-assembly of dendritic side-groups
Ungar, G. (cont...)1998 Hierarchical Control of Internal Superstructure, Diameter, and Stability of Supramolecular and Macromolecular Columns Generated from Tapered Monodendritic Building Blocks
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 1999 Low temperature-curable transparent resin composition containing epoxycyclohexyl-substituted (meth)acrylate ester unit, protecting film, color filter, and liquid-crystal display device
 1999 Manufacture of optical color filter for liquid crystal display
Uruno, Tomoyuki1991 Ribbed high-strength carbon fiber-reinforced carbon composites and their manufacture
 1992 Manufacture of high-strength carbon/carbon composites
Urushibara, Tsukasa1999 Short arc metal halide lamp for liquid crystal projector device
Urushibata, Hiroaki1999 Adhesives for batteries, the batteries, and manufacture of the batteries
 1999 Electrodes for nonaqueous electrolyte batteries and the batteries
 1999 Electrodes, their manufacture, and batteries using the electrodes
 1999 Manufacture of secondary lithium ion batteries
 2008 Double ordered layers within microphase-separated lamellar structure of double liquid crystalline side-chain type block copolymer
Urushihara, Masaru1999 Thermoplastic polymer substrates for sliding resistors
Urushisaki, Michio1995 Synthesis of poly(mesogenic methacrylate)s with narrow molecular-weight distributions and their thermal properties
Urusovskaya, L.N.1992 Optical materials for linear liquid-crystal polarizers with increased transmittance in blue and UV regions
 1992 Optical materials for liquid - crystal linear polarizers with increased transmission in the visible and UV regions
Urwin, Michael2003 Future display market: major discontinuities or more of the same?
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 1987 Conformational effects in high-resolution solid-state CP/MAS carbon-13 NMR spectra of thermotropic ester compound, 4'-nitrophenyl 4-octyloxybenzoate
 1988 Solid-state CP/MAS carbon-13 NMR study of thermotropic aromatic polyester containing a flexible spacer in the main chain
 1989 Solid-state CP/MAS carbon-13 NMR study of cellulose polymorphs
 1989 Synthesis of polymer materials by low-energy electron beam. XI. Synthesis of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymer by electron beam irradiation
 1990 Solid-state CPMAS carbon-13 NMR study of thermotropic aromatic polyesters: effect of the structure of mesogens on the conformations
 1991 Conformational and crystallographic effects on solid-state CP/MAS carbon-13 NMR spectra of thermotropic phenyl benzoates
 1992 Hydrogen Bonded Liquid Crystals, Molecular Self-Assembly of Mesogenic Structure through Selective Recognition between H-Bonding Donor and Acceptor Moieties
 1993 Induction of smectic mesomorphism by mixing a non-liquid-crystalline methacrylate with a nematic liquid-crystalline compound having a cyano-containing mesogen
 1994 Induction of the Smectic Phase in Blends of Side-Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polymers by Electron Donor-Acceptor Interactions
 1994 Synthesis and the Smectic Mesophase of Copolymers Containing a Mesogenic (Carbazolylmethylene)aniline Group as the Electron Donor and a (4'-Nitrobenzylidene)aniline Group as the Electron Acceptor
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 1996 Free volumes in nematic and smectic liquid-crystalline polymers probed by positron annihilation
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Uryu, Toshiyuki1986 Effects of thermal history on transition behavior of a thermotropic polyester
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