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 2009 Measurement of Dielectric Anisotropy of Some Liquid Crystals for Microwave Applications
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 2001 Flat-panel autostereoscopic display
 2007 The fabrication of microretarder for in-cell stereoscopic LCD using reactive liquid crystal
 2009 Challenge of 3D LCD displays
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 1997 Effect of a lateral substituent on the mesomorphic properties of ferroelectric side chain liquid crystalline polysiloxanes
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Tsai, Chien-Min2006 Synthesis and Characterization of Light-Emitting H-Bonded Complexes and Polymers Containing Bis(pyridyl) Emitting Acceptors
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Tsai, H.-E.2004 Control of laser-beam propagation and absorption in a nanoplasma gas by programming of a transient complex refractive index with a prepulse
 2004 Publisher's Note: Control of laser-beam propagation and absorption in a nanoplasma gas by programming of a transient complex refractive index with a prepulse [Phys. Rev. E 69, 035403 (2004)]
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 1992 The properties of two series of thermotropic copolyesters
 1992 The properties of two series of thermotropic copolyesters
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 1994 Thermotropic copolyester containing units from a mixture of dicarboxylic acids
 1995 Block copolyetheresters. Part 7. Block copolyetheresters with poly(pentamethylene p,p'-bibenzoate) segments
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 2002 Block copolyesters of poly(pentamethylene p,p'-bibenzoate) and poly(tetramethylene adipate)
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 1996 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films for storing optical holographic images
 1998 Dynamical studies of gratings formed in polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films
 1999 Diffraction from a one-beam generated hologram on a polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film
 1999 Dynamic studies of polymerization in liquid crystal-polymer mixtures
 1999 Optically switchable gratings based on polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films doped with a guest-host dye
 2000 Dynamical studies of gratings formed in polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films doped with a guest-host dye
 2004 Quételet-type Interference from Liquid Crystal Polymer Dispersion Films
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 1990 Helical sense in thermotropic liquid crystal copolymers in relation to the structure of a pendant chiral moiety
 1990 New thermotropic chiral nematic copolymers using (1S,2S,3S,5R)-(+)-and (1R,2R,3R,5S)-(-)-isopinocampheol as building blocks
 1990 Thermotropic and optical properties of chiral nematic polymers
 1990 Thermotropic chiral nematic polymers as optical materials
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 1992 The properties of two series of thermotropic copolyesters
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 1998 Design and fabrication of optical thin film color splitting and combining components for projection display
 2009 Challenge of 3D LCD displays
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 2009 H-PDLC/Clay Nanocomposites
 2010 Preparation and characterization of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) with different cation exchange capacity (CEC) clays
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 1992 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Synthesized from New Chiral Alcohol
 1993 Ferroelectric liquid crystals containing 2(S)-[2(S)-methylbutoxy]propionic acid or 2(S)-[2(S)-methylbutoxy]propanol moiety
 1993 Ferroelectric liquid crystals containing a 2(S)-[2(S)-methylbutoxy]propionyloxy unit
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 1994 Ferroelectric liquid crystals containing pyrimidine and chiral compounds and liquid crystal compositions containing them
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 2004 Chain persistency in single-stranded DNA
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 1988 Liquid crystalline heterocycloalkanes. IV. Syntheses of liquid crystalline 5-alkyl-1,3-oxathian-2-carboxylates
 1988 Liquid-crystal compounds and mixtures for optoelectronic devices
 1988 Liquid-crystalline behavior of 2,5-disubstituted 1,3-dioxanes subject to the flexibility of terminal chains
 1988 Liquid-Crystalline Heterocycloalkanes. III. Synthesis and Liquid-Crystalline Properties of Substituted 1,3-Dioxadecalines
 1988 Preparation of liquid-crystal 2-substituted 1,3-dithiadecalins
 1988 The influence of water on the phase behavior of 2-(trans-4-n-propylcyclohexylmethyl)butane-1,4-diol
 1989 2,5-Disubstituted 1,3,4-thiadiazoles having extended smectic C phases, their preparation, and their use in ferroelectric liquid-crystal mixtures
 1989 A Mild and Convenient Esterification of Sensitive Carboxylic Acids
 1989 Amphiphilic liquid crystals
 1989 Influence of molecular structure on the liquid-crystalline properties of 1,5-dihetero-spiro[5.5]undecane and -dispiro[]hexadecane derivatives
 1989 Liquid crystalline 1,3-diheterocyclicalkanes
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)1989 Liquid-crystal mixtures for electrooptical devices
 1989 Liquid-crystalline behavior of simple n-alkane-1,2-diols
 1989 Mesophase Stability of Calamitic Liquid Crystals Subject to Conformational Effects
 1989 New liquid-crystalline heteroalicyclic compounds
 1989 Phase behavior of amphiphilic side-chain polymers
 1989 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of axially cyano-substituted 1,3-dioxane-5-carboxylates
 1989 The mesomorphic properties of 2,7-disubstituted 1,3-dioxaperhydrophenanthrenes
 1990 Amphiphilic carbohydrate-based mesogens incorporating structural features of calamitic liquid crystals
 1990 Amphotropic liquid-crystalline amphiphiles
 1990 Der Einfluß von Strukturvariationen auf die mesogenen Eigenschaften amphiphiler 1,2-Diole
 1990 Liquid crystal composition having extended smectic C phase range
 1990 Liquid crystal composition having extended smectic C phase range and negative dielectric anisotropy
 1990 Liquid crystalline properties of 2-(trans-4-alkylcyclohexyl)-propane-1,3-diols
 1990 Liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives. IV. New liquid crystalline materials with broad smectic C ranges
 1990 Liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives. V. New ferroelectric thiadiazole derivatives
 1990 Lyotropic liquid-crystalline behavior of 2-alkylpropane-1,3-diols
 1990 Mesogenic and promesogenic nonracemic chiral compounds for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1990 Monolayer properties and lyotropic phase behavior of liquid-crystalline 1,3-diols
 1990 Nematic liquid crystal compositions for electrooptical devices
 1990 Novel thermotropic and lyotropic double headed diol-based mesogens
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)1990 Some aspects of amphotropic behavior of homologous n-alkane-1,2-diols
 1990 Synthese optisch aktiver Flüssigkristalle durch enantioselektive Reduktion
 1990 Synthesis of 1,3-dioxane derivatives with large negative dielectric anisotropies
 1990 The goldstone mode of a liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivative
 1990 The influence of heteroatoms on the amphotropic behavior of amphiphilic 1,2-diol derivatives
 1990 The Structural Principle of Amphiphilic Diols
 1991 6α-N-Hexyl-1α-(hydroxymethyl)-(4aβ,8aα)-decahydronaphthalen-2β-ol: synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties of a novel amphiphilic diol
 1991 Amphiphilic propane-1,2-diol derivatives incorporating calamitic structural units
 1991 Bolaamphiphile polyols, a new class of amphotropic liquid crystals
 1991 GHz-relaxation of a liquid crystalline diol
 1991 High frequency dielectric relaxation of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1991 Low frequency dielectric spectroscopy on mixtures containing ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Molecular Design of Amphotropic Materials: Double Headed Diol-Based Mesogens
 1991 New liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1991 New liquid-crystalline materials containing a five-membered heteroalicycle: trans-2,4-disubstituted 1,3-oxathiolanes
 1991 New mesogenic 1,3,4-oxadiazole derivatives
 1991 Oxadiazole derivative-containing liquid crystal mixtures
 1991 Spontaneous polarization of two binary systems with a smectic A/smectic C* polymorphism
 1991 Synthesis of 1,3,4-Thiadiazol Derivatives
 1991 The dependence of the spontaneous polarization on the molecular structure
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)1991 The first liquid-crystalline diol compound which exhibits nematic, smectic A*, and smectic C* mesophases in the presence of water
 1991 The liquid-crystalline behavior of amphiphilic ethane-1,2-diol derivatives incorporating a six membered ring in their principal structure
 1992 Mesomorphic Properties of New Amphiphilic and Bolaamphiphilic Diol Compounds
 1992 Novel Amphiphilic Liquid Crystals
 1992 Optically active 1,3-dioxalane derivatives, their preparation, liquid crystal mixtures containing them, and electrooptical switches and displays employing the mixtures
 1993 Dielectric investigations of two liquid crystalline diols
 1993 Mesogenic Polyether Cyclophanes - Synthesis and Properties of a New Class of Lqiuid Crystals
 1993 Mesogenic Properties of a new Family of Amphiphiles with an unusual Head-Group Topology
 1993 Molecular self-organization of amphotropic cyanobiphenyl mesogens
 1993 Novel liquid crystalline oligomers
 1993 Organic photoconductors with liquid crystal properties
 1993 Refractive indices, calculated orientational order parameters, and polarizability anisotropies of liquid crystalline 3-(4-alkylphenyloxy) propane-1,2-diols
 1994 Bulk properties and monolayer behavior of diol-based mesogens and their acetonides
 1994 Defined oligomeric liquid crystalline compounds with smectic phases
 1994 Investigation of bulk properties and monolayer behavior of amphiphilic mesogens: structural variations of the head group
 1994 Mesogenic Structures in Paracyclophanes and Podands - New Strategies for the Stabilization of Mesophases?
 1994 Molecular design of amphotropic materials: double-headed diol-based mesogens incorporating rigid structural units
 1994 New Amphiphilic Glycosides - Syntheses and Properties
 1994 New liquid crystalline materials by combination of pyramidic and calamitic structural units
 1994 New Liquid-Crystalline Derivatives of Cyclotribenzylenes by Combination of Pyramidic and Calamitic Structural Units
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)1994 Novel macrocyclic liquid crystal
 1994 Novel Terminally Connected Oligomers
 1994 Syntheses and Properties of New Facial Amphiphiles
 1994 Thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of 1,2,.psi.,ω-n-alkanetetraols
 1994 Thermotropic phase behavior of the pseudobinary mixture DPPC/C12E4 at excess water
 1995 A new approach to carbohydrate functionalized aromatic compounds
 1995 Heterotrimeric liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1995 Investigation of the crystal structure of two amphiphilic diols
 1995 Laterally connected 'trimesogens'
 1995 Laterally Connected Dimesogens and Trimesogens
 1995 Mesogenic properties of amphiphilic liquid crystals with an unusual head-group topology
 1995 Mesogenic Properties of New Facial Amphiphiles
 1995 New Liquid Crystalline Polyethercyclophanes
 1995 Second harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1995 Strong Dielectric Absorption in Amphiphilic Liquid Crystals with Terminal Diol-moieties
 1995 Synthesis and investigations of new liquid-crystalline compounds by combination of the pyramidic tribenzocyclononene unit and calamitic structural units
 1995 Trimeric and tetrameric liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives
 1995 unpublished
 1996 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 1996 Chiral Allenes - New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)1996 Design of non-anisometric and non-amphiphilic liquid crystals: liquid-crystalline tetrahedra
 1996 Design of Non-Anisometric Non-Amphiphilic Liquid Crystals: Liquid Crystalline Tetrahedrons
 1996 Ferrocene-Containing Liquid Crystalline Twins
 1996 Ferrocene-containing thermotropic liquid crystals: laterally connected twins
 1996 Liquid crystalline allene for optical display element
 1996 Liquid crystalline paracyclophane derivatives
 1996 Liquid-crystalline allene derivatives
 1996 Mesomorphic properties and monolayer behavior of novel liquid crystalline exo-calix[4]arene derivatives
 1996 Molecular design of amphitropic liquid crystalline carbohydrates -amphiphilic N-methyl-glucamides exhibiting lamellar, columnar or cubic mesophases
 1996 Molecular design of amphotropic materials: influence of oligooxyethylene groups on the mesogenic properties of calamitic liquid crystals
 1996 Molecular self-organization of amphotropic liquid crystals
 1996 Novel Bolaamphiphilic Liquid Crystals
 1996 Novel Liquid Crystalline Calix[4]Arene And CTTV-Derivatives
 1996 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of novel laterally connected trimesogens and tetramesogens
 1996 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of novel laterally connected twins
 1996 Synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties of novel laterally connected twins: the influence of the connecting topology and the length of the rigid core
 1996 Synthesis of Novel Liquid-Crystalline Allene Derivatives with Ferroelectric Properties
 1996 The Formation of Thermotropic Lamellar, Columnar and Cubic Phases in Dependence on the Ratio of Hydrophilic / Hydrophobic Moieties
 1996 The influence of heteroatoms and branchings on the liquid-crystalline properties of cyclotriveratrylene derivatives
 1997 Amphiphilic N-benzoyl-1-amino-1-deoxy-D-glucitol derivatives forming thermotropic lamellar, columnar and different types of cubic mesophases
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)1997 Axial chiral allenylacetates as novel ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1997 Chiral Allenes - New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1997 Design of thermotropic liquid crystals with micellar cubic mesophases: amphiphilic N-(2,3-dihydroxypropyl)benzamides
 1997 Dielectric behavior of liquid crystals with a pyramidal central unit
 1997 Dielectric Characterization of Diols
 1997 Dielectric characterization of substituted diols
 1997 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Benzothiochromones - Potential Materials for NLO
 1997 Formation of Columnar and Cubic Mesophases by Calamitic Molecules
 1997 Formation of columnar mesophases by calamitic molecules: a modulated SmA phase in mixtures of amphiphilic and bolaamphiphilic biphenyl derivatives
 1997 Formation of Columnar Mesophases by Rod-Like Molecules
 1997 Formation of columnar mesophases by rod-like molecules. Facial amphiphilic p-terphenyl derivatives
 1997 Formation of smectic and columnar liquid crystalline phases by cyclotriveratrylene (CTV) and cyclotetraveratrylene (CTTV) derivatives incorporating calamitic structural units
 1997 Induction of smectic A phases by electron donor-acceptor interaction between calamitic mesogens and 2,4,7-trinitrofluorenone
 1997 Induction of Smectic A-Phases by Doping Liquid Crystalline Macrocycles and Conventional Calamitic Liquid Crystals with TNF
 1997 Investigations of the Monolayer Behavior of Facial Amphiphiles at the Air-Water-Interface
 1997 Liquid crystalline macrocycles. Novel glass-forming nematic materials that can undergo charge transfer induced phase transitions
 1997 Liquid Crystalline Tetrahedrons
 1997 Liquid-crystalline crown ether: forming columnar mesophases by molecular recognition
 1997 Low-frequency dielectric relaxation in columnar hexagonal and micellar inverse cubic mesophases
 1998 A novel class of nonchiral banana-shaped liquid crystals with ferroelectric properties
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)1998 Axial chiral liquid crystals. Synthesis of trisubstituted allenyl ethers
 1998 Binuclear cyclopalladated cyclophanes: towards a new family of metallomesogens
 1998 Chiral allenes: new ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1998 Determination of the water content of amphiphilic liquid crystals by coulometric Karl Fischer titration
 1998 Formation of columnar and cubic mesophases by calamitic molecules: novel amphotropic biphenyl derivatives
 1998 Formation of Columnar and Lamellar Lyotropic Mesophases by Facial Amphiphiles with Protic and Lipophilic Solvents
 1998 Formation of columnar mesophases by rod-like molecules
 1998 Formation of thermotropic and lyotropic smectic and columnar liquid crystalline phases by a novel type of rigid rod-like amphiphilic molecule
 1998 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1998 Induction of smectic A phases with calamitic molecules and 2,4,7-trinitrofluorenone: the influence of branching and chain length
 1998 Liquid crystalline tetrahedra and low-aspect ratio organic materials
 1998 Mesogenic behavior of optically active allenes. A new class of FLC
 1998 Molecular design of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyhydroxy amphiphiles exhibiting columnar and cubic mesophases of the normal type
 1998 Non-conventional liquid crystals: the importance of micro-segregation for self-organization
 1998 Smectic , columnar and cubic mesophases in binary systems of hemiphasmidic and calamitic amphiphilic diols
 1998 Synthesis and thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of calamitic molecules with laterally attached hydrophilic groups: Y-shaped three-block molecules which can form smectic and columnar mesophases
 1998 Tailoring thermotropic cubic mesophases: amphiphilic polyhydroxy derivatives
 1999 A novel class of amphotropic mesogens displaying SA-polymorphism, nematic and lyotropic columnar phases
 1999 Anomalous electric conductivity in amphiphilic smectic liquid crystals with terminal diol-groups
 1999 Design of new mesogenic block molecules: formation of columnar mesophases by calamitic bolaamphiphiles with lateral lipophilic substituents
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)1999 Designing banana-shaped liquid crystals without Schiff's base units: m-terphenyls, 2,6-diphenylpyridines and V-shaped tolane derivatives
 1999 Dielectric investigations of diols showing columnar hexagonal phases
 1999 Formation of mesophases based on micro-segregation: columnar liquid-crystalline phases of first generation dendrimers with perfluorinated segments
 1999 Investigation of thermotropic phase transitions in a triple chain amphiphile forming hexagonal columnar and inverse micellar cubic mesophases: a positron annihilation lifetime study
 1999 Liquid crystalline and dielectric properties of homologous series of substituted 1,3,4-oxadiazoles
 1999 Novel ferroelectric liquid crystals based on optically active propargylic alcohols
 1999 The importance of micro segregation for mesophase formation: thermotropic columnar mesophases of tetrahedral and other low-aspect-ratio organic materials
 2000 A double mesogen based on linked p-terphenyl units
 2000 Alkyl-substituted shape-persistent macrocycles. The first discotic liquid crystal composed of a rigid periphery and a flexible core
 2000 Butterfly-mesogens: para-cyclophane based macrocyclic metallomesogens forming smectic and columnar liquid crystalline phases
 2000 Combination of molecular rods and half-discs: transition from lamellar to columnar order in multichain mononuclear ortho-palladated metallomesogens
 2000 Dielectric behaviour of the B1 phase
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Intermolecular organization of triphenylene-based discotic mesogens by interdigitation of alkyl chains
 2000 Molecular design of liquid-crystalline block molecules: semifluorinated pentaerythritol tetrabenzoates exhibiting lamellar, columnar, and cubic mesophases
 2000 Molecular Design of Nonchiral Bent-Core Liquid Crystals with Antiferroelectric Properties
 2000 Molecular Design of Thermotropic Liquid Crystalline Polyhydroxy Amphiphiles Forming Type 1 Columnar and Cubic Mesophases
 2000 Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystalline phases of rigid aromatic amphiphiles
 2001 Crystal structure of a mesogenic twin
 2001 Design of Liquid Crystalline Block Molecules with Nonconventional Mesophase Morphologies: Calamitic Bolaamphiphiles with Lateral Alkyl Chains
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)2001 Dielectric Characterization of BnPhases
 2001 Evidence for the existence of the McMillan phase in a binary system of a metallomesogen and 2,4,7-trinitrofluorenone
 2001 Fluorescent J-type aggregates and thermotropic columnar mesophases of perylene bisimide dyes
 2001 Hydrogen bond directed formation of liquid-crystalline merocyanine dye assemblies
 2001 Intermolecular organization of triphenylene-based discotic mesogens by interdigitation of alkyl chains
 2001 Micro-segregation, molecular shape and molecular topology - partners for the design of liquid crystalline materials with complex mesophase morphologies
 2001 Positive dipole correlation at the I/B2 transition in the isotropic phase
 2002 A thermotropic mesophase comprised of closed micellar aggregates of the normal type
 2002 Amphotropic liquid crystals
 2002 An efficient synthesis of liquid crystalline gigantocycles combining banana-shaped and rod-like mesogenic units
 2002 Antiferroelectric Switchable Mesophases of Nonchiral Bent-Core Liquid Crystals Containing Fluorinated Central Cores
 2002 Chirality and macroscopic polar order in a ferroelectric smectic liquid-crystalline phase formed by achiral polyphilic bent-core molecules
 2002 Comparative dielectric investigations on samples consisting of fluorinated bent core molecules
 2002 Evidence for a New Ferroelectric Switching Liquid Crystalline Phase Formed by a Carbosilane Based Dendrimer with Banana-Shaped Mesogenic Units
 2002 First Example of Triphenylene-Based Discotic Liquid Crystalline Polymers Containing Azobenzene Moieties
 2002 Fluoroalkylated Discotic Metallomesogens
 2002 Influence of Semiperfluorinated Chains on the Liquid Crystalline Properties of Amphiphilic Polyols: Novel Materials with Thermotropic Lamellar, Columnar, Bicontinuous Cubic, and Micellar Cubic Mesophases
 2002 Liquid crystalline materials with complex mesophase morphologies
 2002 Materials chemistry: Liquid crystals stack up
 2002 Mesomorphic Properties of 5-Cyanotropones with Fluorinated Di-or Trialkoxybenzoylamino Group at C-2
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)2002 Molecular Design of Non-Conventional Mesophase Forming Materials
 2002 New Liquid Crystalline Phases with Layerlike Organization
 2002 Novel liquid-crystalline phases with layerlike organization
 2002 Observation in T-Shaped Bolaamphiphiles of Coexisting Smectic Layering and In-Layer 1D Smectic Order
 2002 Siloxane and Oligosiloxane Substituted Bent-Core Mesogens: Novel Mesophases by Structural Variations
 2002 Synthesis and Mesomorphism of Mesogenic Salicylideneamines with Fluorocarbon Chains and their Metal Complexes
 2002 The first liquid crystalline dimers consisting of two banana-shaped mesogenic units: a new way for switching between ferroelectricity and antiferroelectricity with bent-core molecules
 2002 The Influence of Lateral Perfluorinated Chains in Bolaamphiphile Mesogens on the Mesophase Structure
 2003 A Novel Biaxial Smectic Liquid Crystalline Phase Formed by Rodlike Molecules with a 1,3-Diazaazulene Skeleton
 2003 Calamitic Bolaamphiphiles with (Semi)Perfluorinated Lateral Chains: Polyphilic Block Molecules with New Liquid Crystalline Phase Structures
 2003 Correlated Layer Structures: A Novel Type of Liquid Crystalline Phase with 2D-Lattice
 2003 From antiferroelectricity to ferroelectricity in smectic mesophases formed by bent-core molecules
 2003 Liquid crystalline macrocycles containing phenylpyrimidine units
 2003 Molecular design at the calamitic/discotic cross-over point. Mononuclear ortho-metallated mesogens based on the combination of rod-like phenylpyrimidines and -pyridines with bent or half-disc-shaped diketonates
 2003 Oligosiloxane derived banana-shaped molecules with ferroelectric switching liquid crystalline phases
 2003 Synthesis and Mesogenic Properties of Binuclear Copper(II) Complexes Derived from Salicylaldimine Schiff Bases
 2004 A New Type of Square Columnar Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed by Facial Amphiphilic Triblock Molecules
 2004 AFM investigation of helical filaments on a glassy liquid crystalline carbosilane based dendrimer with banana-shaped mesogenic units
 2004 Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystals with Two Oligosiloxane End-Groups: Field-Induced Switching of Supramolecular Chirality
 2004 Chemistry of supramolecular LC containing banana-shaped mesogenic groups
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)2004 Complex mesophase morphologies of facial amphiphiles
 2004 Liquid Crystalline Bolaamphiphiles with Semiperfluorinated Lateral Chains: Competition between Layerlike and Honeycomb-Like Organization
 2004 Liquid crystals with complex superstructures
 2004 Novel bolaamphiphilic blockmolecules - The influence of branched lateral chains
 2004 Novel bolaamphiphilic blockmolecules - The influence of head group and Side chain structure
 2004 Silicon containing bent core mesogens - molecules with two oligosiloxane or carbosilane end groups
 2004 Silicon containing bent core mesogens - Transition from antiferroelectric via superparaelectric to ferroelectric switching by engineering interlayer interfaces
 2004 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of tropon-4-yl 4-n-alkoxybenzoates: Roles of a tropone ring as a polar terminal group
 2004 Synthesis and properties of columnar liquid crystals and organogelator with a bitropone core
 2004 The carbosilane unit as a stable building block for liquid crystal design: a new class of ferroelectric switching banana-shaped mesogens
 2004 The role of water in an amphotropic liquid crystal - a dielectric investigation
 2004 Twist Elasticity and Anchoring in a Lamellar Nematic Phase
 2005 Carbohydrate Rod Conjugates: Ternary Rod-Coil Molecules Forming Complex Liquid Crystal Structures
 2005 Chirality effects in lyotropic liquid crystals
 2005 Dielectric investigation of a binary system of self-organized diols
 2005 End functionalized liquid crystalline bent-core molecules and first DAB derived dendrimers with banana shaped mesogenic units
 2005 Liquid crystalline paracyclophanes and ansa compounds-series of polyether macrocycles incorporating diacetylene, phenyl, biphenyl, p-terphenyl and 2,5-diphenyl-1,3,4-thiadiazole rigid cores
 2005 Nematic and smectic mesophase formation by a novel triphenylene-azobenzene hybride molecule
 2005 Novel terphenyl-based bolaamphiphiles - lateral substitution and microsegregation
 2005 Polysiloxane based side-chain polymers with bent-core mesogenic units
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)2005 Possible structures for the lamellar–isotropic (Lam-I) and lamellar–nematic (Lam-N) liquid crystalline phases
 2005 Supramolecular dendrimers: Unusual mesophases of ionic liquid crystals derived from protonation of DAB dendrimers with facial amphiphilic carboxylic acids
 2005 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of a disc-shaped molecule with azobenzene at the periphery
 2005 Synthesis, crystal structure, and mesomorphic properties of liquid crystals with a bis(tropon-2-yl)-4,4'-azobisbenzoate core
 2005 The first example of a liquid crystalline side-chain polymer with bent-core mesogenic units: ferroelectric switching and spontaneous achiral symmetry breaking in an achiral polymer
 2005 Tilings and topological duality in liquid crystals
 2006 Banana-shaped side chain liquid crystalline siloxanes
 2006 Bent-core liquid crystals: polar order, superstructural chirality and spontaneous desymmetrization in soft matter systems
 2006 Comparative investigations of banana-shape molecules with oligosiloxane end-groups
 2006 Complex mesophase structures of lateral substituted bolaamphiphilic blockmolecules
 2006 Continuous transition from antiferroelectric to ferroelectric switching liquid crystalline phases in two homologous series of bent-core mesogenic dimers based on carbosilane spacer units
 2006 Cyclic ureas as new building blocks for bent-core mesogens
 2006 First Example of a Third-Generation Liquid-Crystalline Carbosilane Dendrimer with Peripheral Bent-Core Mesogenic Units: Understanding of ?Dark Conglomerate Phases?
 2006 Fluoroalkylated mononuclear ortho-metallated mesogens: new molecules at the calamitic-discotic cross-over point
 2006 Liquid crystal design based on siloxanes and carbosilanes - from low molecular weight bent-core mesogens via dimers to dendrimers and polymers
 2006 Liquid-crystalline quaternary block molecules incorporating bent-core units
 2006 Luminescence and photoconductivity in mononuclear ortho-platinated metallomesogens
 2006 Mesophase behaviour of novel bola-amphiphilic tri- and tetrablockmolecules
 2006 Self assembly in amphiphilic dioles
 2006 Self-assembled diols: synthesis, structure and dielectric studies
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)2006 Silicon-Containing Polyphilic Bent-Core Molecules: The Importance of Nanosegregation for the Development of Chirality and Polar Order in Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed by Achiral Molecules
 2006 Supramolecular behaviour of merocyanine dyes
 2006 Synthesis and mesomorphism of fluoroalkylated organometallic mesogens
 2007 Complex liquid-crystalline superstructure of a π-conjugated oligothiophene
 2007 Cyclic ureas as novel building blocks for bent-core liquid crystals
 2007 Effect of core twisting on self-assembly and optical properties of perylene bisimide dyes in solution and columnar liquid crystalline phases
 2007 Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Smectic and Columnar Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed by Silylated and Non-Silylated Molecules with Fluorinated Bent Cores
 2007 Influence of the core structure on the development of polar order and superstructural chirality in liquid crystalline phases formed by silylated bent-core molecules: lateral substituents
 2007 Influence of the core structure on the development of polar order and superstructural chirality in liquid crystalline phases formed by silylated bent-core molecules: naphthalene derivatives
 2007 Layer frustration, polar order and chirality in liquid crystalline phases of silyl-terminated achiral bent-core molecules
 2007 Liquid crystals based on semiperfluorinated imines and salicylaldimato metal complexes. A comparative study of alkyl, alkoxy and polyether substituents
 2007 Mesophase behaviour of ionic liquid crystals
 2007 Novel T-shaped facial amphiphiles by click-chemistry
 2007 Optical Activity Produced by Layer Chirality in Bent-Core Liquid Crystals
 2007 Organization of complex LC nanostructures in confined nanoscale geometries of ordered porous alumina
 2007 Polar and chiral mesophases formed by m-terphenyl derived bent-core molecules with lateral F-substituents
 2007 Self-organized honeycombs formed by bent-core bolaamphiphiles
 2007 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of banana-shaped monomers containing 2,7-naphthalene as central core
 2007 Synthesis and mesophase behaviour of ionic liquid crystals
 2007 The giant-hexagon cylinder network - a liquid-crystalline organization formed by a T-shaped quaternary amphiphile
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)2007 The influence of shape and size of silyl units on the properties of bent-core liquid crystals - from dimers via oligomers and dendrimers to polymers
 2008 2D and 3D Ordered Columnar Liquid Crystal Phases by Bundles of Bolaamphiphiles with Swallow-Tail Side Chains
 2008 Bent-core mesogens with branched carbosilane termini: flipping suprastructural chirality without reversing polarity
 2008 Bent-core molecules with thiophene units
 2008 Cyclic ureas containing bent-core mesogens
 2008 Distinct columnar and lamellar liquid crystalline phases formed by new bolaamphiphiles with linear and branched lateral hydrocarbon chains
 2008 Liquid crystalline banana-shaped monomers derived from 2,7-naphthalene: synthesis and properties
 2008 Liquid-crystal engineering with anchor-shaped molecules: honeycombs with hexagonal and trigonal symmetries formed by polyphilic bent-core molecules
 2008 Liquid-crystalline kagome
 2008 Multicolor tilings in liquid crystals
 2008 Polygonal Cylinder Phases of 3-Alkyl-2,5-diphenylthiophene-Based Bolaamphiphiles: Changing Symmetry by Retaining Net Topology
 2008 Recent Progress in Liquid Crystal Chemistry - Crossing Borders in Science
 2008 Resorcinol based bent-core mesogens: Influence of polar substituents and segregation effects
 2008 Small Angle X-ray and Neutron Scattering in the Study of Polymers and Supramolecular Systems
 2008 Synthesis and mesophase behaviour of rigid rod-like phenylthiophene-based amphiphilic diol derivatives
 2008 The effect of a chiral moiety on the mesomorphic properties of unsymmetrical bent-core compounds containing silicon units
 2008 Theme issue: liquid crystals beyond display applications
 2008 X-Shaped polyphilics: liquid crystal honeycombs with single-molecule walls
 2009 2-Fluororesorcinol as new building block for bent-core mesogens
 2009 A New Type of Columnar Liquid Crystalline Phases Formed by Ternary Bolaamphiphiles with Fluorinated Swallowtailed Lateral Chains
Tschierske, Carsten (cont...)2009 Chiral Isotropic Liquids from Achiral Molecules
 2009 Design of New Bent-Core Molecules with Nematic Phases
 2009 Effect of fluorocarbon chains on the mesomorphic properties of chiral imines and their complexes with copper(II)
 2009 Laterally Azo-Bridged H-Shaped Ferroelectric Dimesogens for Second-Order Nonlinear Optics: Ferroelectricity and Second Harmonic Generation
 2009 Liquid-Crystalline Triangle Honeycomb Formed by a Dithiophene-Based X-Shaped Bolaamphiphile
 2009 Mesomorphism of unsymmetrical bent-core compounds with chiral moiety and siloxane end groups
 2009 Self-assembly of bent-core liquid crystals: formation of a modulated smectic phase with p2gg lattice to escape anticlinic tilt
 2009 Self-assembly of T-shaped bolaamphiphilic terphenyl derivatives into complex LC phases
 2009 Siloxanes and carbosilanes as new building blocks for T-shaped bolaamphiphilic LC molecules
 2009 Synthesis and mesomorphic behaviour of new 5-substituted 4-(thien-2-yl)phenyl benzoates
 2009 Synthesis and photoswitching properties of bent-shaped liquid crystals containing azobenzene monomers
 2009 The effect of chiral tail on the mesomorphic properties of bananashaped molecules
 2009 The influence of alkoxy chain length on the mesomorphic properties of banana-shaped molecules with chiral moiety
 2010 Achiral Bent-Core Molecules with a Series of Linear or Branched Carbosilane Termini: Dark Conglomerate Phases, Supramolecular Chirality and Macroscopic Polar Order
 2010 Mesomorphic property of 2,5-dibenzoyloxy-, 5-benzoylamino-2-benzoyloxy-, and 2,5-dibenzoylamino-tropones with mono-, di-, and tri-alkoxyl groups on the benzoyl groups and their benzenoid derivatives
 2010 Self-Assembly of Imidazolium-Based Rodlike Ionic Liquid Crystals: Transition from Lamellar to Micellar Organization
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 1987 Polymerization of liposomes composed of diene-containing lipids by radical initiators. II. Polymerization of monodiene-type lipids as liposomes
 1989 Reversible Association of Porphyrin Derivative Incorporated into Hydrophobic Region of Phospholipid Bilayer
 1994 Interaction Between Phospholipid Assemblies and Hemoglobin (Hb)
 1998 Physical properties and packing states of molecular assemblies of synthetic glycolipids in aqueous dispersions
 2000 Synthesis and Assembly of Poly(ethylene glycol)-Lipids with Mono-, Di-, and Tetraacyl Chains and a Poly(ethylene glycol) Chain of Various Molecular Weights
 2001 Synthesis and thermal properties of a polysulfonium salt with a comb-like structure
 2002 Self-organized lipid-porphyrin bilayer membranes in vesicular form: nanostructure, photophysical properties, and dioxygen coordination
Tsuchida, Hiroto1999 2'-Pyrene modified oligonucleotide provides a highly sensitive fluorescent probe of RNA
Tsuchida, Ichiro1992 Preparation of poly(organophosphazene) compounds as liquid crystal compositions
Tsuchida, Katsumi1999 Memory-type bistable liquid-crystal displays
Tsuchida, Katsuya1997 Driving circuits for active matrix type liq.-crystal display devices
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 1993 ESR study on two motional states of acyl chains in Pβ' phase of phospholipid
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 2004 Computer Simulation of Transition Processes between Bistable States in Bistable Nematic Liquid Crystal Cell Using Breaking Phenomenon of Surface Anchoring
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