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Burmistrov, V.A.2003 Dynamic viscosity of 4-pentyloxy- and 4-heptyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls and their mixtures
 2003 The dielectric properties of 4-pentyloxy- and 4-heptyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls and their eutectic mixture
 2004 Mesogenic 4-(ω -Hydroxyalkoxy)-4'-formylazobenzenes
 2004 The influence of the aromatic non-mesogenic substances on the mesomorphic properties, density and orientation ordering of n-butyl-4(4'-ethyloxyphenyl-oxycarbonyl)phenyl carbonate
 2005 Dielectric properties and orientational order of 4-(ω-hydroxyalkoxy)-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 2005 Mesomorphic and physical properties of some 4-formylazobenzene derivatives
 2005 Rheological properties and density of liquid-crystal 4-(ω-hydroxyalkyloxy)-4'-cyanobiphenyls
 2005 Use of quantum chemistry calculations to establish molecular structure of some nematic Schiff bases
 2006 Mesogenic 4-alkoxy-2-hydroxy-4'-formylazobenzenes
 2008 4-(4'-alkoxybenzoyloxy)cinnamic acids: synthesis, polymorphism, application
 2008 Effects of nonmesomorphic substituted benzonitriles on the dielectric properties of cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
 2008 Hydrogen bonds in the systems rod-like liquid crystal – non-mesogen
 2008 Influence of non-mesomorphic additives on the properties of liquid crystalline materials. I. Mixtures of cyanosubstituted mesogens with p-nitro-aniline and azobenzene
 2009 Mesogenic 4-[4-(ω-hydroxyalkoxy)phenyl]diazenylcinnamic acids and their 4-cyanophenyl esters
 2009 Thermodynamic properties and selectivity of high-temperature liquid crystals as stationary phases for gas chromatography
Burmistrov, Yu.P.1990 Graphic display with liquid-crystal intermediate medium
Burn, Paul L.2003 Polarized organic electroluminescence: Ordering from the top
Burneau, Andre2001 Infrared and Raman spectroscopic study of carboxylic acids in heavy water
Burnell, E. Elliott1976 Determination of the lateral diffusion coefficient of potassium oleate in the lamellar phase
 1986 Deuteron Zeeman relaxation of tetradeuteromethane in the isotropic liquid, the liquid crystalline, and the solid state of several substances
 1988 Molecular hydrogen in nematic liquid crystals: unusual isotope effects
 1990 ESR line shapes in lyotropic systems: the micellar and liquid-crystalline phases of the dodecyltrimethylammonium chloride/water system
 1990 Size and shape effects on the orientation of solutes in nematic liquid crystals
 1991 Size and shape effects and the orientation in nematic liquid crystals of solutes having planar symmetry
 1991 The conformation of 2,2'-dithiophene in nematic solvents determined by 1H-NMR
 1993 Anisotropic short range potentials for solutes in nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Comparison of short-range interactions in zero electric field gradient mixtures
 1993 Orientational order of planar solutes in a zero-average-electric-field-gradient nematic environment
 1993 Spin-lattice relaxation for dideuterium
 1993 The orientation of molecules with internal rotation in nematic phases
 1994 Comparison of short range interactions in nematic liquid crystals. A 2H-NMR study of 5CB-d19 as a solute
 1994 Equation of motion for two coupled spin-1 nuclei under a coherent and random Hamiltonian
 1995 An Orientational Study of Small Solutes in Zero Electric Field Gradient Nematic Liquid-Crystal Mixtures
 1995 Conformational equilibrium and orientational ordering: 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance of butane in a nematic liquid crystal
 1996 A multiple-quantum 1H NMR study of conformational biasing of biphenyl in a nematic liquid crystal
 1996 Monte Carlo simulations of orientational ordering of solutes in a nematic solvent: comparison with mean-field models
 1997 A temperature dependence study of small solutes in zero electric field gradient nematic liquid crystal mixtures
 1997 Dipole-induced ordering in nematic liquid crystals - fact or fiction?
Burnell, E. Elliott (cont...)1997 Monte Carlo simulations of solute ordering in nematic liquid crystals: shape anisotropy and quadrupole-quadrupole interactions as orienting mechanisms
 1997 Nematic-isotropic phase coexistence in a Lebwohl-Lasher model binary liquid crystal mixture
 1998 Ethylene Ligand Structures of Os(CO)4(C2H4) and Os2(CO)8(C2H4) Determined by 1H NMR in Liquid Crystal Solvents
 1999 NMR and molecular structure of partially oriented mono and para methyl-and chlorobenzenes dissolved in nematic liquid crystals
 2000 Dipole-induced ordering in nematic liquid crystals. II. The elusive holy grail
 2000 Monte Carlo simulations of zero electric field gradient liquid crystal mixtures
 2000 Multiple Quantum and High-Resolution NMR, Molecular Structure, and Order Parameters of Partially Oriented ortho and meta Dimethyl-, Dichloro-, and Chloromethylbenzenes Codissolved in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Effects of solute properties and concentrations on liquid crystals: N-(4-ethoxybenzylidene)-2,6-dideutero-4-n-butylaniline
 2004 NMR measurement of smectic ordering and nematic–smectic-A coupling in a liquid crystal
 2005 An NMR Study of Translational Diffusion and Structural Anisotropy in Magnetically Alignable Nonionic Surfactant Mesophases
 2006 Dideuterium as solute in nematic liquid crystals
 2006 Testing Assumptions about Solute Concentration Dependence in Liquid Crystal NMR
 2007 Memory Effects Across Surfactant Mesophases
 2007 NMR Determination of Smectic Ordering of Probe Molecules
 2007 The smectic potential in a liquid crystal with a reentrant nematic phase: NMR of solutes
 2008 Mechanisms of solute orientational order in nematic liquid crystals
 2009 Orientational order of near D3h solutes in nematic liquid crystals
 2009 Orientational order of near D3h solutes in nematic liquid crystals. II. Description via Gay–Berne model with embedded quadrupoles
 2009 Solute order parameters in liquid crystals from NMR spectra solved with evolutionary algorithms: Application of double Maier-Saupe Kobayashi-McMillan theory
 2010 3H NMR of the tritiated isotopologues of methane in nematic liquid-crystal solvents
Burnell, E. Elliott (cont...)2010 Scope and Limitations of Accurate Structure Determination of Solutes Dissolved in Liquid Crystals
 2010 The smectic effect on solute order parameters rationalized by double Maier-Saupe Kobayashi-McMillan theory
Burnell, E.E.1967 Chemical shift anisotropies from nuclear magnetic resonance studies of oriented molecules
 1968 N.M.R. studies of 3,3,3-trifluoropropyne dissolved in different nematic liquid crystals
 1968 N.M.R. studies of dimethyl-acetylene and perfluorodimethylacetylene in nematic solvents
 1968 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of hydrogen in a nematic phase
 1968 The determination of nuclear magnetic shielding anisotropies of solutes in liquid-crystal solvents
 1969 A nuclear magnetic resonance study of spiropentane dissolved in a nematic solvent
 1969 N.M.R. studies of 1,1-difluoroethylene in nematic solvents
 1969 N.M.R. studies of 1,4-cyclohexadiene oriented in a nematic solvent
 1969 N.M.R. studies of pyridazine and pyridine oriented in a nematic phase
 1969 Nuclear magnetic resonance study of ethyl fluoride dissolved in a nematic liquid crystal
 1971 Measurement of the anisotropic shielding of protons in a nematic phase. Comments
 1972 An N.M.R. study of the barrier to internal rotation, the molecular structure and the indirect spin-spin coupling constants of o-xylene partially oriented in a nematic phase
 1972 Nuclear magnetic resonance study of norbornadiene partially oriented in a nematic phase
 1974 Effect of lanthanide shift reagents on the NMR spectra of molecules partially oriented in a nematic phase. Pyridine
 1974 NMR spectra of oriented carbon-13-labeled acetylene. Redetermination of the shrinkage effects and analysis of the apparent temperature dependence of the molecular geometry
 1974 Proton magnetic resonance study of carbon-13-labeled 1,4-dichlorobenzene partially oriented in nematic phases
 1975 Nuclear magnetic resonance line shapes in lipid bi-layer model membranes
 1975 Nuclear magnetic resonance spectra of methyl fluoride-13C partially oriented in various nematic phases: A reinvestigation and an explanation of anomalous results
 1976 A NMR study of tetrathiofulvalene and tetracyanoquinodimethane: relative proton geometries and order parameters using nematic solvents; carbon-proton spin spin coupling constants for TTF
 1976 A nuclear magnetic resonance study of benzoyl fluoride partially oriented in nematic phases: molecular structure, barrier to rotation, and order matrix
Burnell, E.E. (cont...)1976 A proton magnetic resonance study of furan-13C partially oriented in a nematic phase with vibrational averaging
 1977 Nuclear magnetic resonance line shapes in lyotropic liquid crystals and related systems
 1977 The molecular structure of tetrathiofulvalene-13C (TTF) from proton magnetic resonance studies using nematic solvents
 1977 The temperature dependence of water and counter ion order in soap-water mesophases. A deuterium and sodium NMR study
 1979 Molecular motion in the lyotropic liquid crystal system containing potassium palmitate: a study of proton spin-lattice relaxation times
 1980 Effects of interaction between molecular internal motion and reorientation on NMR of anisotropic liquids
 1980 On the average orientation of molecules undergoing large-amplitude conformational changes in anisotropic liquids
 1982 Effects of intramolecular motion on the magnetic resonance of anisotropic liquids: the equivalence of kinetic and equilibrium statistical mechanical approaches
 1982 Nuclear magnetic resonance study of hydrogen, hydrogen deuterium, and deuterium in nematic solvents
 1982 Proton and deuteron NMR of methanes partially oriented in liquid-crystal phases: separation of rigid and nonrigid molecule effects
 1982 Vibration-rotation coupling in anisotropic environments: NMR of methanes in liquid crystals
 1983 Molecular solutes in nematic liquid crystals: orientational order and electric field gradients
 1983 On the orientation mechanism of small molecules in liquid-crystalline environments
 1983 Vibration-rotation coupling in anisotropic environments. II. Quadrupolar couplings of methanes in liquid crystals
 1983 Vibrationally averaged structure of azulene partially oriented in a nematic phase
 1984 NMR of deuterium in liquid crystal mixtures
 1984 NMR of molecular nitrogen-15 in nematic phases
 1985 Deuterium NMR study of chain disorder in lamellar phases of mixed chain length
 1985 NMR of methanes in liquid crystal mixtures
 1985 On the orientation of small molecules in anisotropic solvents
Burnell, E.E. (cont...)1986 Deuteron nuclear magnetic resonance and orientational order in binary mixtures of liquid crystals
 1987 NMR of solutes in liquid crystalline solvents: mechanisms of orientational order
 1987 On the determination of chemical shielding anisotropies of solutes in liquid-crystal mixtures of opposite diamagnetic anisotropies
 1987 Orientation mechanisms for small solutes in the nematic liquid crystal 5CB-α,β-d4
 1987 Orientational order of rod- and disk-like solutes in the nematic liquid crystal 4-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl (5CB)
 1987 Size and shape effects on the orientation of rigid molecules in nematic liquid crystals
 1988 Acetylene in nematic liquid crystals: a vibrational analysis of the observed dipolar couplings
 1988 Deuterium NMR studies of flexibility and orientational order in nematic liquid crystals
 1988 Orientational order of biaxial solutes in nematic phases. Size and shape effects
 1989 Determination of the complete order matrix of the alpha methylene segment of potassium palmitate
 1989 Investigation of head group behavior of lamellar liquid crystals: an experimental and statistical mechanical study of potassium palmitate/water-d2
 1989 Orientational ordering in nematic liquid crystals 1CB-d11 dissolved in 5CB-d6
 1990 An investigation of solute-liquid crystal interaction in hydrogen bonded complexes of palmitic acid and p-octyloxybenzoic acid
 1991 Effect of chain length on orientational order of a series of short-chain carboxylic acids dissolved in a nematic liquid crystal
 1993 Zero electric field gradient mixtures for the elucidation of orientational mechanisms
 1995 Frequency-selective excitation in multiple-quantum NMR
 1997 Analysis of single and multiple quantum NMR spectra of 1,3-dichloro-2-ethenylbenzene in liquid crystal solvents
 1997 Orientational order of 1,3-dichloro-2-ethenylbenzene in liquid - crystal solvents
 1997 Tritium nuclear magnetic resonance study of T2 HT, and DT dissolved in nematic solvents
 1998 Prediction from Molecular Shape of Solute Orientational Order in Liquid Crystals
Burnell, E.E. (cont...)2000 A Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Relaxation Study of C12E6/D2O
 2001 Pressure-induced change in orientational order of solutes in liquid crystals
 2002 Orientational Order of Solutes in Liquid Crystals
 2005 Molecules with Large-Amplitude Torsional Motion Partially Oriented in a Nematic Liquid Crystal: Ethane and Isotopomers
 2007 A simple two-step automatic assignment procedure for complicated NMR spectra of solutes in liquid crystals using genetic algorithms
 2008 Orientational order of solutes in liquid crystals: The effect of distributed electric quadrupoles
 2009 Evolutionary algorithms to solve complicated NMR spectra
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 2008 Reply: Comment on "Colloidal Interactions and Transport in Nematic Liquid Crystals"
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 1999 Transfer of Chirality from Circularly Polarized Light to a Bulk Material Property: Propagation of Photoresolution by a Liquid Crystal Transition
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Burns, D.C.1995 Fabrication issues for silicon backplane active matrix miniature liquid crystal display
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 1997 Ferroelectric liquid crystal over active silicon technology for displays
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 1996 Ferroelectric liquid crystal over silicon spatial light modulator viewable under continuous illumination
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 1975 Pressure carbonization of petroleum pitches
 1976 Pressure Carbonization of Petroleum Pitches
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 2005 Characterisation of the triplet state of a fluorene–terthiophene alternating copolymer
 2006 Influence of Solvent Quality on the Self-Organization of Archetypical Hairy Rods-Branched and Linear Side Chain Polyfluorenes: Rodlike Chains versus "Beta-Sheets" in Solution
 2007 Influence of Side Chain Length on the Self-Assembly of Hairy-Rod Poly(9,9-dialkylfluorene)s in the Poor Solvent Methylcyclohexane
Burrows, Hugh D.1984 Solution behavior of some divalent metal carboxylates in organic solvents
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 1986 Intramolecular mobility in solutions of polymers containing phenyl benzoate side groups
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 1988 Molecular mobility in solutions of comblike polymers containing mesogenic side groups
 1989 Molecular mobility in solutions of comblike polymers with polysiloxane backbone
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 1990 Dielectric relaxation and mobility of mesogenic groups in cholesterol-containing liquid-crystalline polymers with spacers of various length
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Burshtein, L.L. (cont...)1992 Dipole moment and mutual orientation of mesogenic fragments in linear liquid - crystalline polyester in solution
 1993 Dielectric relaxation of linear segmented polyesters with different structure of mesogenic fragment
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