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Toyne, Kenneth Johnson1989 Fluorinated 4''-cyano-substituted terphenyls and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Laterally cyano- and fluoro-substituted terphenyls and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
 1989 Preparation of laterally fluorinated 4-cyanophenyl and 4'-cyanobiphenyl benzoates as liquid crystal materials
 1990 Phenyl esters and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
 1990 Phenylnaphthalenes and liquid-crystal mixtures containing them
 1990 Preparation of rodlike compounds
 1991 Cyanoalkanes and cyanoalkenes for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Liquid crystal thiol compounds
 1991 Preparation of 3'-fluoro-4'-cyanobiphenyls for liquid crystal electrooptical imaging devices
 1992 Anisotropic organic compounds, biphenyl derivatives, polyaryl compounds, biaryl compounds or aryl arylcarboxylates, methods for their preparation and use in liquid crystals
 1992 Preparation of (hetero)arylnaphthalenes as liquid crystals
 1993 1-Methyl-2-oxaalkoxy derivatives in thermochromic liquid-crystal compositions, and electrooptical and temperature-indicating devices and surface thermography using them
 1993 Liquid-crystal compounds, mixtures, and devices
 1993 Polymerization method with molecular weight control
 1994 Ferrocene compounds for liquid crystals
 1994 Liquid-crystal thio-ester compounds and mixtures and devices containing them
 1996 Liquid crystal compounds, mixtures and devices
 1996 Novel chiral cyclohexyl compounds
 1996 Preparation of pyrimidine-compound, liquid-crystal materials
 1997 Liquid crystal macrocycles
Toyne, Kenneth Johnson (cont...)1998 Liquid crystal polymers and their uses
 1999 Polymeric liquid crystals for display devices
 2000 Fluorinated terphenyl derivative liquid crystal for display device
 2000 Quinoline 2,6-derivatives as liquid crystal material for display devices
Toyochi, Kaoru1992 Phase-compensating optical sheet material for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Supertwisted nematic liquid crystal display containing phase difference compensation sheet
Toyoda, Haruyoshi1993 Optically addressed liquid-crystal phase-only modulating spatial light modulator
 1996 Application of parallel-aligned nematic liquid crystal spatial-light modulator (PAL-SLM) to optical joint transform correlator
 1997 High speed parallel aligned liquid crystal spatial light modulator operated at 180 Hz
 1998 Nonpixellated electrically addressed spatial light modulator (SLM) Developed by combining an optically addressed SLM with a CRT
 2000 Compact high-efficiency electrically addressable phase-only spatial light modulator
 2001 Reconfigurable free-space optical interconnection module for pipelined optoelectronic parallel processing
Toyoda, Hitoshi1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Polarized boards for liquid crystal display devices
Toyoda, Katsuya1990 Films of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers
 1996 Heat-resistant polyester films with reduced amounts of oligomers and low terminal carboxyl group content
 1996 High-resolution thermal stencil printing polyester film
 1996 High-strength polyester films with good thermal dimensional stability and magnetic recording media using the same
 1996 Laminated polyester films with good surface smoothness and stiffness especially useful as base films for magnetic recording
 1996 Polyester films with low fisheyes and impurities and their formation
Toyoda, Naoki1994 Structural relaxation in glassy phase of C60
Toyoda, Seiji2001 Cooperative Preferential Helical Ordering in Poly(alkylarylsilylene) Copolymers
 2004 Low-Driving-Voltage Electro-Optic Modulator With Novel KTa1-xNbxO3 Crystal Waveguides
Toyoda, Shinji1992 Electronic pseudocolor encoder for optical testing
 1994 Use of a liquid crystal switch in single-lens-reflex camera
 1995 Removal of pixel structure in liquid crystal projection display
Toyoda, Shinjiro1998 Large-Scale Molecular-Dynamics Simulation of Polymer/Liquid-Crystal Interface by Using Special-Purpose Processors
Toyoda, Takehiro2002 Application of liquid crystalline polymers
Toyoda, Takeshi1989 Mesophase pitch for high-strength carbon fiber precursor
Toyoda, Yasuyuki1987 Ab initio and semiempirical MO calculations of intermolecular effective exchange integrals between organic radicals. Designing of organic ferromagnet, ferrimagnet and ferromagnetic conductors
Toyoda, Yoshihiko1992 Ferroelectric- liquid - crystal cell having gray scale for high-speed spatial light modulator
 1992 Liquid crystal cell
 1992 Liquid-crystal light valve
 1994 Electrically controlled continuous tilt of optical axis in ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystal cell
Toyoda, Yoshiho1986 Flexible liquid crystal polyesters
Toyofuku, Akiko1993 Phase diagrams of poly(L-glutamic acid) solution
Toyokawa, Shigeru1998 Synthesis and polymerization of 1-trimethylsiloxy- or 1-triphenylsiloxysilacyclobutanes
Toyoki, Hiroyasu1990 Pair annihilation of pointlike topological defects in the ordering process of quenched systems
 1993 Cell dynamics simulation for the phase ordering of nematic liquid crystals
 1994 Motion of defects in the phase ordering process of nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Phase Ordering and Motion of Topological Defects in Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2004 Phase-ordering simulation of one-dimensional conserved kink system
 2008 Angle Dependence of Nematic Liquid Crystal Dynamics with Conical Boundary Condition
Toyomasu, Shinsuke2004 Transparent heat-resistant resin optical material and film
Toyooka, Masahide1995 Substrate for liquid crystal display devices
 1996 Touch panel with liquid crystal cell
Toyooka, Satoru1997 Phase-shifting speckle interferometer using liquid crystal cell
 1999 Application of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal cell as a self-aligning phase modulator
 1999 Neural-network-based analysis of photoelastic color using a spectral synthesizer
 1999 Rewritable broadband filters for color image analysis
 1999 Spectral measurements of two-dimensional color images
 2002 Broadband color filters with arbitrary spectral transmittance using a liquid crystal tunable filter (LCTF)
 2005 Phase shifting phase contrast interferometer using a dye-doped liquid-crystal self-aligning phase modulator
Toyooka, T.2004 Effect of Phase Retardation on Defect-Mode Lasing in Polymeric Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 2006 Defect-Mode Lasing with Lowered Threshold in a Three-Layered Hetero-Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Structure
 2006 Electrotunable Non-reciprocal Laser Emission from a Liquid-Crystal Photonic Device
Toyooka, Takashi2002 Smectic layer structure of ferroelectric liquid crystal formed between fine polymer fibres
Toyooka, Takehiro1985 Determination of the Frank elastic constant ratios in nematic liquid crystals (nCB) by observing angular dependence of Rayleigh light scattering intensity
 1986 Accurate determination of K1/ηsplay, K2/ηtwist and K3/ηbend in nematic liquid crystals by using photon correlation spectroscopy
 1987 Determination of twist elastic constant K22 in 5CB by four independent light-scattering techniques
 1987 Determination of Twist Elastic Constant K22 by Forced Rayleigh Scattering
 1989 Nonlinear optical materials
 1989 Thermotropic cholesteric peptide liquid crystals
 1990 Polyesters as chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1991 Color-compensating plate for supertwisted-nematic liquid-crystal display device
 1991 Optically-active liquid-crystalline polyesters
 1991 Second-harmonic generation in noncentrosymmetric p-nitroaniline spontaneously crystallized by quenching from lyotropic liquid crystalline poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate)
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device
 1993 Nonlinear optical material
 1994 Nonlinear optical materials
 1995 Phase plate and liquid crystal display using it
 1995 Viewing angle compensator for liquid crystal display
 1996 Compensation film for liquid-crystal display device and optically compensated birefringence (OCB)-mode liquid-display device having the compensation film
 1996 Liquid crystal polymer viewing angle compensator for liquid-crystal display having its largest refractive index in thickness direction
 1996 Liquid-crystal display element
 1997 Color optical compensation film for liquid crystal display element
Toyooka, Takehiro (cont...)1997 Liquid crystal optical film as compensation film for liquid crystal display to reduce view angle dependence
 1998 Liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Optical compensation film and twisted-nematic liquid -crystal display device using same
 1998 Twisted-nematic liquid crystal display device with good contrast and wide view and optical compensation film therefor
 1999 Liquid crystal polymer film
 1999 Liquid-crystal display device
 1999 Optical anisotropic device with improved wide-viewing-angle
 2000 Application of Liquid Crystalline Polymer Film to Display Devices
 2004 Anomalously Directed Amplified Spontaneous Emission from a Wedge-Shaped Cell Sandwiched by Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Films
 2004 Lasing characteristics of a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal layer sandwiched by two polymeric cholesteric liquid crystals
 2004 Monodomain Film Formation and Lasing in Dye-Doped Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 2005 Electro-tunable optical diode based on photonic bandgap liquid-crystal heterojunctions
 2005 Enhancement of Laser Emission Intensity in Dye-Doped Cholesteric Liquid Crystals with Single-Output Window
 2005 Lasing from Thick Anisotropic Layer Sandwiched between Polymeric Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Films
 2005 Lowering the Lasing Threshold by Introducing Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Films to Dye-Doped Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Cell Surfaces
 2006 Simple electro-tunable optical diode using photonic and anisotropic liquid crystal films
Toyosaki, Takayuki1996 Color filter used for liquid crystal displays and charge-coupled devices
 1996 Color filter used for liquid crystal displays and charge-coupled devices
Toyosawa, Kenji1999 Development of new driving and packaging methods for LCD driver LSIs
 1999 Flexible TCP (tape carrier package) semiconductor device for liquid crystal display and method of detecting broken wires
Toyoshima, Hitoshi1997 Block polyamic acids and polyimides and liquid crystal orientation agents using the same
 1997 Liquid - crystal orienting agent with high rubbing resistance for display
 1997 Liquid crystalline orientation agents with good rubbing resistance
 1997 Polyamic acid or polyimide liq. crystal-orienting agent
 1997 Polyamic acids and polyimides for orientation film of liquid crystal display
Toyoshima, Meiki1995 Liquid crystal display panel manufacturing method and apparatus
Toyoshima, R.1994 Syntheses of thiophene derivatives with liquid crystalline substituents and their polymerizations
 1995 Synthesis and properties of polythiophene derivatives with liquid crystalline substituents
 1999 A family of liquid crystalline polyarylenevinylenes
 1999 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline polythiophene derivatives
Toyoshima, Ryoichi1998 Syntheses and properties of polythiophene derivatives with phenylalkyl and liquid crystalline groups
Toyoshima, Takashi1999 Substrate having electrically conductive transparent film, color liquid crystal display device, and film formation apparatus
Toyoshima, Takayuki2000 Indium tin oxide electrically conductive transparent film-containing substrate for color liquid crystal display device
 2000 Indium tin oxide electrically conductive transparent film-containing substrate for color liquid crystal display device
Toyoshima, Takeshi2000 Two way-type color liquid crystal display with improved contrast
Toyoshima, Tsukasa1997 Liquid crystal aligning agent
 1997 Liquid crystal orienting agent for liquid crystal display
 1997 Polyamic acid, polyimide and liquid crystal aligning film
 1997 Preparation of polyamic acids and imidated polymers for liquid crystal orientation agents
Toyoshima, Y.1977 Fluorescence Study of Dyes Incorporated into Phosholipid Liposome Bilayers
Toyoshima, Yasumaro1997 Light-diffusible sheet for improving brightness of liquid crystal display backlight
 1997 Optical films with high light transmittance and diffusion
Toyoshima, Yoshinori1976 Effect of the electrical field on the phase transition in solutions of rod-like particles. I. Optical observations
 1981 Effect of the membrane boundary potential on the phase transition of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine bilayer liposomes
 1981 Effect of the Phase Transition on the Photochemical Reactions in Lipid Bilayer Membranes
 1983 Some aspects of the structure change of lipid bilayers associated with the thermotropic phase transition. Miscibility of different lipids in liposome bilayers
Toyota, Akito1999 Application TSS Liquid Crystal to Field Sequential Stereocopic Display
Toyota, Hiroshi2001 Illumination by subwavelength grating with antireflection effect
Toyota, Koichi1998 Backlights
Toyota, Kozo2007 Synthesis of 6-Hexadecylazulene Derivatives as a Multielectron Redox System with Liquid Crystalline Behavior
Toyota, Motohiro1998 Substrates for thin-film transistors and manufacture thereof
Toyota, Sachihiro2000 Substrate having liquid crystal orientation-controlling film and its manufacture
Toyota, Seiji1998 Formation of ceramic ribs with high precision
Toyota, Taro2007 Characteristic curved structure derived from collagen-containing tubular giant vesicles under static magnetic field
Toyota, Yasuyuki1998 Thin film transistor liquid crystal display having easily charging seal dispersion preventing area
Toyotome, Noriyoshi2009 Synthesis of liquid crystalline polyurethanes containing benzylideneaniline in the main chain
Toyozawa, Kenji1999 Flexible tape carrier package semiconductor device and liquid crystal display using the same
Toyozawa, Shinichi2000 Gasket-attached coverings and their manufacture
Toyran, Neslihan2003 Competitive effect of vitamin D2 and Ca2+ on phospholipid model membranes: an FTIR study
 2007 Interaction between vitamin D2 and magnesium in liposomes: Differential scanning calorimetry and FTIR spectroscopy studies.
Tozaka, Hisao2000 Thin-film transistor and fabrication thereof
Tozaki, Kenichi1991 Lyotropic liquid crystalline structures of synthetic polypeptide. 2. Measurements of elastic constants and coupling constants of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) solutions by the Freedericksz transition
 1994 High-frequency shear viscoelastic study of cyanobiphenyl series in the smectic A and nematic mesophases
 1999 Minute viscoelastic observation in isotropic-nematic phase transition of 7CB with a thousandth Kelvin resolution
 2004 Structure-Property Correlations in Model Compounds of Oligomer Liquid Crystals
Tozawa, Ginko1993 Solvent compositions for removal of moisture from surfaces of liquid crystal display devices, electronics and precision instruments
Tozawa, Lucio M.2002 Stochastic diffusion of ions due to a finite set of lower hybrid waves
Tozawa, Shunji2006 EB-irradiation-induced multiproperties of thin film transparent inorganic materials for liquid crystal display
Tozer, R.C.2000 Relative enhancement of near-UV emission from a low-pressure mercury-rare-gas discharge lamp, for an LCD backlighting application
Tozuka, Yoshitaka2000 Apparent Violation of the Third Law without a Detectable Glass Transition in Simple Molecular Solids: Calorimetric Entropy of p-Bromochlorobenzene
Traaseth, Nathaniel J.2010 Sensitivity Enhanced Heteronuclear Correlation Spectroscopy in Multidimensional Solid-State NMR of Oriented Systems via Chemical Shift Coherences
Trabelsi, S.2006 New Nano- and Microparticles with a Liquid-Crystal-Like Interior
Trabelsi, Siwar2008 Linactants: Surfactant Analogues in Two Dimensions
 2009 Correlating Linactant Efficiency and Self-Assembly: Structural Basis of Line Activity in Molecular Monolayers
Trabi, C.L.2008 Flexoelectric polarisation effects in nematic liquid crystal phase gratings
 2008 Interferometric method for determining the sum of the flexoelectric coefficients (e1+e3) in an ionic nematic material
 2009 Interferometric Method for the Measurement of the Flexoelectric Polarisation Using Nematic Liquid Crystal Phase Gratings
Trabocco, R.E.1984 Physical and mechanical properties of conductive composites
 1984 Physical and mechanical properties of conductive composites
Tracey, A.S.1973 Experimental method for the determination of the structure of complex negative ions in solution
 1974 Membrane processes. IV. Structure of the acetate ion and degree of orientation of the ionic head groups in the electrical double layer
 1974 Membrane processes. I. Ammonium, ammonium-d4, ammonium-d3, and methylammonium-d3 ions in equillibrium with an oriented electrical double layer
 1974 Membrane processes. II. Participation of the dimethyltin ion in an electrical doudle layer
 1974 Membrane processes. III. Deuterium magnetic resonance as a tool in studies of the lipophilic region of membrane systems
 1974 Membrane processes. V. Distortion of tetrahedral ions in the electrical double layer of a model membrane
 1974 Structure of the methylammonium ion in lyotropic nematic solution
 1975 Interpretation of the anomalous results from a nuclear magnetic resonance study of methanol-13C partially oriented in nematic liquid crystalline phases. Implications for the determination of NMR parameters for small molecules
 1975 Membrane processes. VII. Hydrocarbon chain motions and the effect of changing counterions
 1975 Nuclear magnetic resonance studies in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1975 Order in pure nematic liquid crystals as determined by NMR of partially deuterated species
 1976 Effect of counterion substitution on the type and nature of nematic lyotropic phases from nuclear magnetic resonance studies
 1977 The orientations of molecules dissolved in lyotropic surfactant solutions. The monohalogenated benzenes
 1979 Studies of specific adsorption sites for sodium ion and water on the interface of mixed micelles of novel type II lyomesophases
 1984 Cholesteric lyotropic liquid crystals
 1989 Ion binding of the organic counterion methyl phosphonate in amphilphilic micellar nematic liquid crystals
 1989 Nuclear electric hexadecapole coupling in the cesium cation
 1989 The reversal of the diamagnetic anisotropy in amphiphilic nematic liquid crystals using the aromatic counterions phenyl sulfonate and benzoate
 1990 The partial orientation of the anilinium and benzenephosphonate ions in an amphiphilic nematic liquid crystal
Tracey, Alan S.1976 A deuterium magnetic resonance study of a lamellar lyotropic liquid crystalline phase
 1977 The conformation of biphenyls in nematic liquid crystalline solution. An investigation of the torsional angles in 2,6-dihalogenated derivatives
 1979 Studies in membrane processes. VIII. A deuterium and sodium nuclear magnetic resonance investigation into the hexadecylpyridinium/hexadecyltrimethylammonium liquid crystalline system
 1980 Studies in membrane processes. IX. The bilayer structure in mixed dodecanoate/decyltrimethylammonium micelles of a novel type II mesophase
 1983 Interactions of the aluminum(III) ion in a model membrane system
 1984 Effects of composition on cholesteric behavior in the lyotropic mesophase system of potassium N-dodecanoyl-L-alaninate
 1984 Interactions of alkali metal and halide ions in lyotropic liquid crystalline solution
 1984 The interactions of the chloride and bromide ions in nematic lyotropic liquid crystalline solution
 1984 The structure of cubane mono and 1,4-dicarboxylic acids in lyotropic liquid crystalline solution
 1985 A binary nematic lyotropic mesophase in the decylammonium bromide/D2O amphiphilic system
 1985 A laser diffraction and nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of the cholesteric potassium N-dodecanoylalaninate mesophase system
 1985 A vanadium-51 nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of vanadate oxyanions in a lyotropic liquid crystalline bilayer system
 1985 Binding interactions of tetrahedral ions in aqueous surfactant solution
 1985 Cholesteric behavior in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1986 The interactions of methylated ammonium ions in lyotropic liquid crystalline solution
 1990 Amphiphilic cholesteric lyotropic liquid crystals prepared from potassium N-dodecanoyl-L-threoninate
 1990 Interactions of aluminum ions in cationic and anionic amphiphilic nematic liquid crystalline solutions
 1991 Cobalt-59 NMR investigation of hexacyanocobaltate(3-) and hexaamminecobalt(3+) interactions in nematic liquid crystalline surfactant solutions
 1991 Interactions of aluminum ions in mixed amphiphilic liquid crystalline bilayer systems
 1991 Spin-lattice relaxation time measurement of ions and water molecules containing spin 1 nuclei in lyotropic liquid crystalline systems
Tracey, Alan S. (cont...)1992 Investigation into the mechanism for generation of the helical axis in cholesteric lyotropic liquid crystals
 1995 Location and Average Alignment of Alkylpyridinium Ions in Cationic Nematic Lyomesophases
 2000 Average Orientation and Location of Benzyl Alcohol-d5 and Alkyl Benzyl-d5 Ethers in Anionic Nematic Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
Tracey, M.M.1973 Experimental method for the determination of the structure of complex negative ions in solution
 1974 Membrane processes. IV. Structure of the acetate ion and degree of orientation of the ionic head groups in the electrical double layer
 1989 The reversal of the diamagnetic anisotropy in amphiphilic nematic liquid crystals using the aromatic counterions phenyl sulfonate and benzoate
Tracey, Marcelline M.1979 Studies in membrane processes. VIII. A deuterium and sodium nuclear magnetic resonance investigation into the hexadecylpyridinium/hexadecyltrimethylammonium liquid crystalline system
Tracher, Kevin E.1996 Synthesis and liquid crystal properties of phthalocyanine derivatives containing both alkyl and readily oxidized phenolic substituents
Trachevski, V.V.2000 Phase diagram, cesium-133 NMR spectra and electrical conductivity of the binary system cesium and zinc butyrates
Tracy, Chad2009 Hyperspectral imaging utilizing LCTF and DLP technology for surgical and clinical applications
Tracy, D.1994 Effects of fibrinogens on phase transitions in lipid model membrane systems
Tracy, E.R.2004 Control of integrable Hamiltonian systems and degenerate bifurcations
Tracy, J.1980 Liquid crystal infrared modulation
 1981 Liquid-crystal infrared modulation
Tracy, John J.1993 An evaluation of hybrid laminates using ultra-high modulus fiber
Tracy, S.L.1996 Preliminary investigations into organic-inorganic composite formation. The system DDAB-H2O-MMA-CaSO4
Tracz, A.2004 Thermal switching of the optical anisotropy of a macroscopically aligned film of a discotic liquid crystal
 2005 A Zone-Casting Technique for Device Fabrication of Field-Effect Transistors Based on Discotic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
Tracz, Adam2002 Influence of Controlled Nanoscale Roughness on Physisorbed Two-Dimensional Crystals at Graphite-Liquid Interfaces
 2003 Uniaxial Alignment of the Columnar Super-Structure of a Hexa(Alkyl) Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene on Untreated Glass by Simple Solution Processing
 2008 Comparative structural study of thin films of a columnar liquid crystal aligned by mechanical shearing and zone casting
Traenckner, Hans Joachim1990 Liquid-crystalline esters and their preparation and use as modifiers for polycarbonates, polyestercarbonates, and polyesters
Trafara, Gundolf1991 Melting of isotactic polypropene in blends with atactic polypropene and isotactic poly(1-ethylethylene)
Träger, D.2003 Solitonic lattices in photorefractive crystals
Träger, Denis2006 Two-dimensional nonlinear optically induced photonic lattices in photorefractive crystals
Trahasch, B.1999 Dielectric relaxation in carbosilane dendrimers with cyanobiphenyl end groups
Trahms, L.1984 Headgroup mobility in the low temperature phase (Lσ) of DPPC
 1984 NMR and X-ray investigation of the gel phase of phosphatidylethanolamines
 1985 Headgroup mobility in the low temperature phase (Lσ') of DPPC
Trainor, L.E.H.1989 Phase transitions of lipid bilayers. II. Mean field theory
Trainor, M.1999 Laser crystallized poly-Si TFTs for AMLCDs
Trainor, M.J.1999 The technology and application of laser crystallized poly-SI TFTs
Trainor, Michael J.2001 Passive and active matrix addressed polymer light-emitting diode displays
Traiphol, R.2000 Perfluorocyclobutane (PFCB) polyaryl ethers: versatile coatings materials
 2000 Perfluorocyclobutyl Liquid Crystalline Fluoropolymers. Synthesis and Thermal Cyclopolymerization of Bis(trifluorovinyloxy)-α-methylstilbene
 2001 Bulk and Interfacial Studies of a New and Versatile Semifluorinated Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Polymer
Traiphol, Rakchart2001 From Molecules to Supramolecular Structure: Self Assembling of Wirelike Poly(p-phenyleneethynylene)s
 2002 Surface ordering in thin films of liquid-crystalline polymers containing fluorinated and protonated segments: Neutron-reflectometry study
 2006 Growth of nanoscale aggregates of dialkyl-poly(p-phenyleneethynylene)s on mica: Roles of molecular architectures and interchain association in solution
Traisnel, A.1997 Influence of liquid crystal concentration on the electrooptical behavior of polymer dispersed liquid crystal films prepared by electron beam processing
 1999 Dependence of cure parameters on PDLC films prepared by electron beam and ultraviolet curing
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Electro-Optical, Spectroscopical, and Calorimetric Investigations of Electron Beam- and Ultraviolet- Cured Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Materials
 2001 Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films Prepared by Electron Beam Curing: Influence of the Nature of the Polymer Precursor
 2002 Electro-optical properties of EB-cured PDLC systems
 2004 A Comparative Study of UV- and EB-Cured PDLC Films via Electro-Optical Properties
 2004 Electro-optical and Morphological Properties of Ultraviolet- and Electron Beam - cured Monomer/liquid Crystal Mixtures
Traisnel, Andre1997 Electron beam cured liquid crystal - polymer composite materials: electro-optical enhancement effect
Traisnel, M.1994 Rheology and viscosimetry. II. Rheological study on some gels and thickeners used in pharmaceutics
Trajkovska Petkoska, A.2008 Motion of doped-polymer-cholesteric liquid crystal flakes in a direct-current electric field
Trajkovska-Petkoska, A.2005 Enhanced Electro-Optic Behavior for Shaped Polymer Cholesteric Liquid-Crystal Flakes Made Using Soft Lithography
 2006 Exploring motion reversal in polymer cholesteric liquid crystal devices
 2007 Development of polymer cholesteric liquid crystal flake technology for electro-optic devices and particle displays
Trajkovska Petkoska, Anka2008 Effect of Different Dopants on Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Flakes
Trajkovska-Petkoska, Anka2004 Electro-optical behavior of polymer cholesteric liquid crystal flake/fluid suspensions in a microencapsulation matrix
Trajkovska, Anita2002 Synthesis, Characterization, and Optical Properties of Monodisperse Chiral Oligofluorenes
 2003 Monodisperse Oligofluorenes Forming Glassy-Nematic Films for Polarized Blue Emission
 2006 New Insight into Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals on Coumarin-Containing Polymer Films
 2006 Photoalignment of a Nematic Liquid Crystal Fluid and Glassy-Nematic Oligofluorenes on Coumarin-Containing Polymer Films
 2006 Quantitative analysis of photoalignment of liquid crystals on coumarin-containing polymer films
 2007 Photoalignment of monodisperse glassy-nematic oligofluorenes
 2007 Quantitative Assessment of Coumarin-Containing Polymer Film's Capability for Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals
Trakhno, E.V.1992 Mesophase transformations according to data of EPR spectroscopy
Trakhtengerts, V.Y.2003 Fractal dynamics of electric discharges in a thundercloud
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Tran-Cong, Qui2003 Ultrafast laser-induced molecular and morphological changes during spinodal demixing of water/2-butoxyethanol/KCl
Tran-Thi, Thu-Hoa1987 Laser-induced intramolecular charge transfer in a lutetium bis-phthalocyanine thin film
 1988 Laser induced triplet excitons in the columnar phases of an octasubstituted metal free phthalocyanine
Tran-Van, F.2007 New Thiophene-Based Glass-Forming Hydrazones for Optoelectronic Applications
Tran, Chuong V.2003 Energy budgets in Charney-Hasegawa-Mima and surface quasigeostrophic turbulence
 2004 Robustness of the inverse cascade in two-dimensional turbulence
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Tran, Hanh2000 Advances and applications for color HPDLC reflective technologies
Tran, L.2003 Crystal Topology Prediction in Alternating Amphiphiles: Aromatic Polyethers and the Role of Volume Fraction
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Tran, Muoi N.2003 Number fluctuation and the fundamental theorem of arithmetic
Tran, S.2000 Supersolubilization in Chlorinated Hydrocarbon Microemulsions: Solubilization Enhancement by Lipophilic and Hydrophilic Linkers
Tran, T.T.T.2005 Grafted Self-Assembled Monolayers Derived from Naturally Occurring Phenolic Lipids
Tran, Tuyen K.1995 Metalorganic molecular beam epitaxy of ZnS for flat-panel displays
Tranchant, J.F.1998 Rheological behavior of a lamellar lyotropic phase as a function of the substrate nature
 1999 Influence of the chemical nature of various geometries on the rheological behavior of a lamellar lyotropic phase
Tranchant, Jean-Francois1998 Influence of lamellar liquid crystal structure on percutaneous diffusion of a hydrophilic tracer from emulsions
 1999 Percutaneous absorption of sunscreens from liquid crystalline phases
 2008 Carbon Nanotubes as Structural Nanofibers for Hyaluronic Acid Hydrogel Scaffolds
Tranchida, Davide2006 Nanoscale Mechanical Characterization of Polymers by AFM Nanoindentations: Critical Approach to the Elastic Characterization
 2007 Mechanical Characterization of Polymers on a Nanometer Scale through Nanoindentation. A Study on Pile-up and Viscoelasticity
 2007 Viscoelastic Recovery Behavior Following Atomic Force Microscope Nanoindentation of Semicrystalline Poly(ethylene)
Trandafir, Viorica2006 New Nanostructured Complex Systems with Antioxidant and Photoprotective Activity
 2008 New Scaffold Structure Based on Collagen. Fabrication and Biocompatibility Evaluation
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 2003 How to detect fluctuating stripes in the high-temperature superconductors
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 1980 Electrorheological effect in nonaqueous suspensions of different compositions as a function of electric field parameters
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Trapp, M.A.1990 Calorimetric methods for evaluation of photopolymerization and applications for polymerization in isotropic and anisotropic media
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 1989 Liquid-crystalline side chain polymers containing a chiral spacer unit exhibiting chiral smectic phases
 1992 Ph. D. Thesis TU Berlin
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 2003 Systematic model behavior of adsorption on flat surfaces
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 2005 Laser study of thermal neutron irradiation influence on simple biological membrane models
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