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Torigoe, Tsunemitsu1997 Active matrix type liquid - crystal display element
 1997 Liquid crystal display (LCD) with color filter coating for homogeneous display and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
 1997 Method and materials for sealing liquid crystal display device having pair of glass substrates with different thermal expansion coefficients
Torihara, Hiroshi1996 Light addressable liquid crystal element
Torii, Akiyoshi1992 The effect of fused heterocycles on the liquid crystalline properties of bis(alkoxyphenyl)pyridazines and -pyridines
Torii, Fumio1985 Continuous yarns of carbon fibers with high strength and high modulus
Torii, K.1998 Use of silicate crystallite mesoporous material as catalyst support for Fischer-Tropsch reaction
Torii, Kazuo1987 Water-swellable silicate and its manufacture
 1992 Cesium ion fixing material and its use
 1993 Nickel-containing catalysts for preparation of synthetic gasoline from 2-propanol
 1997 Promotors for formation of ice nuclei and ice cooling method
 1998 Ice nucleating-active materials and ice bank system
Torii, M.1990 Enantioselective permeation of α-amino acid isomers through poly(amino acid)-derived membranes
Torii, Masanori1998 Manufacture of color filter for liquid - crystal display
Torii, Shuki2000 Crystallinity of large YBa2Cu3Oy single crystals grown by the solute rich liquid-crystal pulling method
Torii, Taisuke2001 Thermosensitive Phase Transition of an Optically Active Polymer in Aqueous Milieu
 2001 Thermosensitive Phase Transition of an Optically Active Polymer in Aqueous Milieu. Volume 34, Number 10, May 8, 2001, pp 3118-3119.
Torii, Takayuki1990 Manufacture of graphite products with high density and strength, and graphite electrodes for electric-discharge machining
 1990 Manufacture of oxidation-resistant high-density high-strength carbon materials
 1991 Manufacture of isotropic high-density high-strength carbonaceous materials by injection molding
 1992 Sintering mechanism of Kawasaki mesophase fine carbon (KMFC) green compact for high-density carbon blocks
 1999 Manufacture of carbonaceous materials for anodes in secondary batteries and the carbonaceous materials
Torii, Takeshi2003 Application of a high magnetic field in a carbonization process of pitch
Torii, Toshinori1993 Fluorescence study on aggregation structure of polypeptides in solution. Solution- liquid crystal transition of poly(γ-benzyl-L-glutamate) with anthryl emission probe
 1993 Rigid-rod polyesters with flexible side chains based on 1,4-dialkyl esters of pyromellitic acid. III. Charge transfer complex formation in layered mesophase of B-C16 analyzed with fluorescence spectroscopy
Torii, Y.1998 Crystallization kinetics of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polyimide derived from 1,3-bis[4-(4'-aminophenoxy)cumyl]benzene
 1998 Crystallization morphology of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polyimide
Torii, Yuzuru2003 Liquid crystal composition and liquid crystal display
Torikai, M.2005 Similarity and Dissimilarity between Influences of Anchoring Walls and of External Fields on Nematic and Smectic A Phases
 2009 Effects of fields and anchoring on biaxial nematic ordering
Torikai, Masashi2004 Isotropic, nematic and smectic A phase behaviour in a fictitious field
 2004 Nematic ordering of a liquid crystalline homeotropic cell
 2005 Biaxial Field and Crossover between Homeotropic and Homogeneous Structures in the System Anchored by Biaxial Walls
 2005 Change of Order of Nematic Phase Transition in Uniaxially Anchored Systems
 2005 Influence of homeotropic anchoring walls upon nematic and smectic phases
 2006 Alignment of Uniaxial Molecules at the Interface
 2006 SmC*a-SmC Phase Transition in an Electric Field
 2006 Successive Phase Transitions in Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Systems - Axial Next-Nearest-Neighbor XY Model with Biquadratic Interaction
 2006 Symmetry of Nematic Phase and Oblique Axial Order
 2007 Electric Field Induced SmC*alpha-SmC Transition
 2007 Field Induced SmCα*-SmC Transition and Discrete Soliton Excitation
 2007 Phase transition in Lebwohl-Lasher model in a uniaxial external field -Bethe approximation-
 2007 Thermodynamic Properties of Freely Suspended Films of Spherocylinders
 2008 Critical Point and Effective Field of Binary Ferroelectric Smectic Materials at Freely Suspended Film
 2009 A Change of Structure and Discrete Soliton at Smectic C*α in an Electric Field
 2010 On Discrete Soliton and Soliton Lattice at SmCa*-SmC Transition Driven by an Electric Field
 2010 Uniaxial Order of Lattice Maier-Saupe Model in an External Field - Phase Diagram in Bethe Approximation
Torikai, Naochika1988 Oxidation of fine particles prepared from atomized coal-tar pitch
Torikoshi, Tsuneaki1999 Fabrication of a seal for liq. crystal displays
Torimaru, Hisashi1997 Bar graph display device with improved recognizability during night
Torimoto, Tsukasa1998 Effect of Structural Variation on Photocurrent Efficiency in Alkyl-Substituted Porphyrin Solid-State Thin Layer Photocells
Torisu, Hiroyuki1997 Manufacture of laminated plastic sheets with excellent interlayer adhesion for substrates of display devices
 1997 Optical laminate sheet as electrode substrate for liquid-crystal display panel
 1997 Optical laminated sheet with gas-impermeable layer containing organotitanium compounds
 1998 Laminated sheet for optical material
 1999 Multilayer structure plastic substrate containing photohardenable ladder polymer
 2000 Multilayered plastic base plates for optical uses
Toriumi, H.1977 Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Induced Circular Dichroism
 1981 A polyester forming a thermotropic cholesteric phase
 1982 Aromatic polyesters forming thermotropic smectic mesophases
 1982 Electrohydrodynamic instabilities in the nematic phase of a homopolyester from 4,4'-dihydroxy-α-methylstilbene
 1983 Thermotropic homopolyesters. I. The preparation and properties of polymers based on 4,4'-dihydroxybiphenyl
 1983 Thermotropic homopolyesters. III. Preparation and properties of polymers based on 4-hydroxyphenyl 4-hydroxycinnamate
 1987 Flexible solutes in a uniaxial field: a deuterium NMR study of n-alkanes in a nematic solvent
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 On the alignment mechanism of n-alkanes in the nematic phase
 1991 Molecular ordering in nematics: the modular formulation of the potential of mean torque
 1991 n-Hexane proton dipolar couplings and the rotational isomeric state approximation
 1992 1D and 2D time-resolved FTIR studies of liquid crystal reorientation dynamics
 1992 Flexible Dimer Molecules in Ordered Phases
 1992 NMR Study of the Effects of Electric Dipole Interactions on the Ordering of Chain Solutes in the Nematic Phase
 1992 NMR study of the effects of electric dipole interactions on the ordering of chain solutes in the nematic phase
 1992 Time-resolved FT-IR analysis of electric field-induced reorientation dynamics in nematic 4-pentyl-(4-cyanophenyl)cyclohexane liquid crystals
 1996 Computer Simulation of an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Molecule: The Origin of Bent Structure Formation and the Molecular Packing Property of MHPOBC in Crystalline Phase
 2001 Determination of the Birefringence, the Twist Angle and the Thickness of the Nematic Liquid Crystal Sample by Renormalized Transmission Ellipsometry
 2002 The Conformations of 1,2-Dimethoxyethane from NMR Studies in Nematic Solvents
Toriumi, H. (cont...)2003 Molecular dynamics simulation of an antiferroelectric liquid crystalline molecule mhpobc: conformational transition in smectic phases
Toriumi, Hiro1993 Liquid Crystal Meeting of Japan, Sept 20–22 1993, Tokyo
 1995 The Japanese Association of Liquid Crystal Scientists (JALCS)
 1997 The Japanese Liquid Crystal Society (JLCS)
Toriumi, Hirokazu1979 Thermally Induced Inversion of the Cholesteric Sense in Lyotropic Polypeptide Liquid Crystals
 1980 Helical Twisting Power of Poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) Liquid Crystals in Mixed Solvents
 1981 Concentration and temperature dependence of the helical twisting power of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) liquid crystals in m-cresol
 1983 Alkyl chain flexibility in discotic columnar mesophases
 1983 Anisotropic dispersion interactions in liquid crystals
 1983 Cholesteric structure of lyotropic poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) liquid crystals
 1984 Alkyl Chain Flexibility in Liquid Crystals
 1984 Magnetotropic cholesteric-to-nematic transition in lyotropic poly(gamma-benzyl L-glutamate) liquid crystals in m-cresol
 1984 Optical properties of lyotropic poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) liquid crystals
 1985 Deuterium NMR Studies on the Orientational Order in Dimeric Thermotropic Liquid Crystals
 1986 Deuterium NMR studies of polypeptides. I. Sidechain orientation in poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) and the mechanism of the cholesteric sense inversion
 1987 Characterization of polymer liquid crystals
 1987 Electric birefringence of discotic benzene-hexa-n-heptanoate in isotropic solution phase
 1988 FT-IR time-resolved spectroscopy
 1988 Solid-state deuterium NMR study of discotic benzenehexayl hexaheptanoate. Conformational transition of alkyl side chains
 1988 Time-Resolved FT-IR Study of Electric-Field Induced Homogeneous-to-Homeotropic Transition of Nematic 4-Pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
 1990 Alkyl chains in a nematic field. 2. Temperature and chain length dependence of orientational ordering
 1991 Molecular flexibility and orientational ordering of nematic liquid crystals
 1991 Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy of an electric field-induced transition in a nematic liquid crystal by use of step-scan 2D FT-IR
 1992 Molecular dynamics of flexible molecules in ordered phases
Toriumi, Hirokazu (cont...)1992 Molecular flexibility in nematics: from alkanes to dimer mesogens
 1992 Time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy of liquid crystals and polymer films using step-scan 2D FT-IR
 1993 Development and applications of 1D, 2D FT-IR time-resolved spectroscopy
 1993 One- and two-dimensional FT-IR time-resolved spectroscopy: Application to the study of liquid crystal reorientation dynamics
 1993 One- and two-dimensional infrared time-resolved spectroscopy using a step-scan FT-IR spectrometer: application to the study of liquid crystal reorientation dynamics
 1993 Phase transition of liquid-crystalline polyesters with biphenyl mesogen under high pressures
 1993 Time resolved infrared spectroscopy of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Computer simulation of liquid crystalline molecules composed of spherical interaction elements
 1995 One- and two-dimensional FTIR time-resolved spectroscopy of liquid crystals
 1996 Shape-Dominated Ordering in Nematic Solvents. A Deuterium NMR Study of Cycloalkane Solutes
 1997 Real time analysis of liquid crystal surface orientation dynamics using polarization modulated spectroellipsometry
 1998 Application of time-resolved spectroellipsometry to the study of liquid crystal reorientation dynamics
 1998 Nematic director reorientation dynamics studied by time-resolved Fourier-Transform infrared spectroscopy
 1999 Investigation of interfacial liquid crystal orientation by reflection ellipsometry
 2000 From molecular design to materials design. Molecular simulation of liquid crystals
 2001 Analysis of Electrical Response of Nematic Liquid Crystal by Ellipsometry
 2001 Analysis of Totally Reflected Light from Liquid Crystal Cell using Renormalized Ellipsometry
 2001 Computer simulation of biphenyl-phenyl ester liquid crystals
 2001 Dynamics of Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals at the Alignment Layer Surface Studied by Total-Reflection Ellipsometry
 2001 Observation of Nematic Liquid Crystal Director Reorientation at the Interface between Substrate and Liquid Crystal Layer by Total Reflection Ellipsometry
Toriumi, Hirokazu (cont...)2001 Surface orientation of liquid crystals: director fluctuation and optical flickering effect in nematic liquid crystals studied by total reflection spectroellipsometry
 2002 Characterization of Surface Liquid Crystal Orientation: New Development of Total-Reflection Spectroellipsometry and Scanning Near-Field Optical Microscopy
 2002 Design and Implementation of Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope for Observation of Interfacial Liquid Crystal Orientation
 2003 Quantitative Analysis of Nematic Director Reorientation Dynamics Studied by Time-Resolved Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
 2003 Two-Dimensional Analysis of Liquid Crystal Orientation at In-Plane Switching Substrate Surface Using a Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscope
 2004 Conformational diversity of symmetric dimer mesogens, α,ω-bis(4,4'-cyanobiphenyl)octane, -nonane, α,ω-bis(4-cyanobiphenyl-4'-yloxycarbonyl)propane, and -hexane in crystal structures
Toriumi, Satoshi1999 Apparatus for formation of leveled layers on substrates
Toriyama, K.1970 Mixed liquid crystals with new electrooptic effect
 1970 Optical transient behavior of nematic liquid crystals in an electric field
 1973 New liquid-crystal method for revealing ferroelectric domains
 1977 A design and it's Foundation of Multiplexed Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal Display
 1978 A method of measuring the low tilt bias angle of liquid crystals
 1979 A design of liquid crystal material for multiplexed liquid crystal display
 1984 10th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 1984 p-cyano-nematics with a lateral substituent and their physical and electro-optical properties
 1985 A new model for dipole-dipole association in mesogenic systems
 1986 A new association model for nematogenic systems - its significance for liquid crystal materials research
 1986 Light scattering and dielectric studies of molecular association in mesogenic solutions
 1989 Transverse dipole association and negative dielectric anisotropy of nematic liquid crystals
 1991 Dipole-dipole association of polar molecules in a nonpolar liquid crystal solvent
 1992 A Molecular Model for the Smectic B Phase: The Stabilized Molecular Rotor
 1992 Organisation and Dynamics of Molecular Dipoles in Non-Polar Liquid Crystal Solvents
 1993 A molecular model for the smectic B phase: the stabilized molecular rotor
 1993 New liquid crystalline compounds based on 2-arylthiophenes and 2-(biphenyl-4-yl)thiophenes
 1995 Asia Display'95 Proceedings
 1995 Dipole association of polar mesogens in a liquid crystal solvent
 1997 Liquid Crystalline Phase: Is it a Micromachine ?
Toriyama, K. (cont...)2001 Mechanical Rotor-Bearing Model for Liquid Crystal Systems
Toriyama, Kazuhisa1969 Liquid crystals and their applications
 1969 Temperature dependence of transmitted light and electrooptic effect by p-azoxyanisole
 1970 Liquid crystals and their applications
 1971 Liquid crystal materials for the display device
 1973 p-Alkoxyphenyl p-alkoxybenzoates for use as liquid crystals
 1973 p-Alkoxyphenyl p-alkylbenzoate esters for use as liquid crystals
 1974 Liquid crystal Lichtenberg figure
 1974 Nematic liquid crystal compound
 1980 Compound for adjusting the dielectric constants of a liquid crystal
 1983 4-N-Alkylbenzoyloxy-3'-fluoro-4'-cyanobenzenes for electrooptical display devices.
 1983 Contrast Ratio of Planar-Type Phase Change Guest-Host Color LCD
 1983 Dot-matrix liquid crystal display for information systems
 1983 Dye-type liquid-crystal displays
 1985 2-Fluoro-4-mercaptobenzonitrile
 1989 4-(Alkyl or alkoxy)phenyl 3-alkylcyclobutanecarboxylates as additives for nematic liquid crystals
 1990 4-(3-Alkylcyclobutyl)cyanobenzenes or 4-(3-alkylcyclobutyl)-4'-cyanobiphenyls and additives for liquid crystals containing them
 1990 p-(3-Alkylcyclobutyl)alkylbenzenes and nematic liquid-crystal compositions containig them
 1990 p-(Trans-4-Alkylcyclohexyl)cyclobutylbenzenes and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1992 New liquid crystalline compounds based on thiophene
 1992 Preparation of phenylthiophene derivatives as liquid crystal compounds, liquid crystal compositions, and liquid crystal display devices using them
Toriyama, Kazuhisa (cont...)1996 Dielectric study of dipole-dipole interactions in anisotropic solutions
 1998 Dielectric properties of liquid crystals
 1998 Elastic properties of liquid crystals
 1998 Magnetic properties of liquid crystals
 1998 Optical properties of liquid crystals
 1998 Tensor properties of anisotropic materials
 2000 Liquid crystal system as molecular machinery: investigation of dynamic impedance matching between molecular core and terminal groups using rotor-bearing model
 2001 Mechanical String Model for Liquid Crystal Ensemble: A Comprehensive Model for Polymorphism
 2002 Mechanical Rotor Model for Liquid Crystal Systems
 2004 A Mechanical Model Study on Correlations of Liquid Crystal Phase and Dynamic Parameters in Linear Molecules
 2004 Mechanical Rotor Model for Fluorinated Terphenyl Liquid Crystals
 2004 Temperature Dependence of Physical Constants with Varied Molecular Length and Position of Fluorine Substituents in Phenyl-bicyclohexane Core Liquid Crystals
 2007 Mechanical Model of Rotation Frame for Phase Stability and Molecular Conformation in Liquid Crystal System
Toriyama, Shigetaka1997 Manufacture of liquid - crystal display device
 1997 Manufacture of polycrystalline silicon, thin film transistor and its manufacture, and liquid crystal display apparatus
 1997 Thin film transistor (TFT), its manufacture and liquid crystal display
 1998 Fabrication of for active-matrix substrate for liquid -crystal display
 1998 Manufacture of thin-film transistors for liquid -crystal displays
 1999 Fabrication of a thin-film transistor
 2000 Planarization of a polysilicon thin film by isotropic plasma etching
Toriyama, Yoshio1999 Flip-chip type liquid crystal display having driving circuit board of rigid-flexible structure
Toriyama, Yotso1974 Liquid crystal Lichtenberg figure
Torizuka, Kenji2002 Production of picosecond square-shaped ultraviolet pulses for low-emittance electron bunch generation from an RF photocathode
Tork, A.1996 Generation of sidechain-like polymer liquid crystals through lonic complexation
 2008 Dynamic compensation of chromatic and polarization mode dispersion using liquid crystals
Tork, Amir1995 Generation of Liquid Crystalline Polymeric Materials from Non Liquid Crystalline Components via Ionic Complexation
 2002 Photopolymerizable composition sensitive to light in green to infrared region of optical spectrum for holographic recording
 2008 Composite Liquid Crystalline Mixtures for Guided Wave Electro-Optic Applications
Torkelson, J.M.1996 Preliminary investigations into organic-inorganic composite formation. The system DDAB-H2O-MMA-CaSO4
Torkelson, John M.2002 Nanoscale Confinement and Temperature Effects on Associative Polymers in Thin Films: Fluorescence Study of a Telechelic, Pyrene-Labeled Poly(dimethylsiloxane)
Torkkeli, M.1998 Ordering in Supramolecular Elastomer-Amphiphile Systems. 4. Vinylpyridine-Divinylbenzene Networks with Alkylphenols
 1999 Ordering in self-organizing comb copolymer-like systems obtained by hydrogen bonding between charged or noncharged polymers and amphiphiles
 2001 Intermediate Segregation Type Chain Length Dependence of the Long Period of Lamellar Microdomain Structures of Supramolecular Comb-Coil Diblocks
 2002 Polarized luminescence from self-assembled, aligned, and cleaved supramolecules of highly ordered rodlike polymers
 2005 Influence of Molecular Weight on the Surface Morphology of Aligned, Branched Side-Chain Polyfluorene
 2007 Influence of Side Chain Length on the Self-Assembly of Hairy-Rod Poly(9,9-dialkylfluorene)s in the Poor Solvent Methylcyclohexane
 2007 Meridional Orientation in Biaxially Aligned Thin Films of Hairy-Rod Polyfluorene
 2008 Polarized Optical Absorption Spectroscopy, NEXAFS, and GIXRD Measurements of Chain Alignment in Polyfluorene Thin Films
Torkkeli, Mika1995 Mesomorphic State of Poly(vinylpyridine)-Dodecylbenzenesulfonic Acid Complexes in Bulk and in Xylene Solution
 1995 Poly(4-vinyl pyridine)/Zinc Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate Mesomorphic State Due to Coordination Complexation
 1996 Critical Interaction Strength for Surfactant-Induced Mesomorphic Structures in Polymer-Surfactant Systems
 1996 Mesomorphic Structures in Flexible Polymer-Surfactant Systems Due to Hydrogen Bonding: Poly(4-vinylpyridine)-Pentadecylphenol
 1996 Surfactant-induced mesomorphic behavior of flexible polymers
 1997 Thermoreversible gels of polyaniline: viscoelastic and electrical evidence on fusible network structures
 2001 Comb-Shaped Supramolecules Based on Protonated Polyaniline and Their Self-Organization into Nanoscale Structures: Polyaniline Sulfonates/Zinc Sulfonates
 2002 Mesomorphic Structure of Poly(styrene)-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine) with Oligo(ethylene oxide)sulfonic Acid Side Chains as a Model for Molecularly Reinforced Polymer Electrolyte
 2003 Amphiphiles Coordinated to Block Copolymers as a Template for Mesoporous Materials
 2003 Structural Hierarchy in Flow-Aligned Hexagonally Self-Organized Microphases with Parallel Polyelectrolytic Structures
 2003 X-ray Diffraction Studies of Multiple Orientation in Poly(9,9-bis(2-ethylhexyl)fluorene-2,7-diyl) Thin Films
 2004 Influence of Molecular Weight on Self-Organization, Uniaxial Alignment, and Surface Morphology of Hairy-Rodlike Polyfluorene in Thin Films
 2004 Multiple orientation and nematic-hexagonal transition in uniaxially aligned polyfluorene thin films
 2004 Self-assembled polymeric solid films with temperature-induced large and reversible photonic-bandgap switching
 2007 Evidence for 21-Helicity of Poly[9,9-bis(2-ethylhexyl)fluorene-2,7-diyl]
Torma, Viktoria2003 Periodically Mesostructured Silica Monoliths from Diol-Modified Silanes
 2005 Glycol-Modified Silanes in the Synthesis of Mesoscopically Organized Silica Monoliths with Hierarchical Porosity
Törmälä, P.1990 Melting behavior of a thermotropic LCP [liquid-crystalline polymers] fiber
 1998 Mechanical properties and strength retention of carbon fiber-reinforced liquid crystalline polymer (LCP/CF) composite: An experimental study on rabbits
Törmälä, Pertti1974 Motion of a spin probe in hexagonal and lamellar potassium palmitate
 1987 The relationship between the microstructure and physical properties of injection molded naphthalenic-based liquid crystal copolyester
 1988 Fiber spinning of a thermotropic naphthalenic-based LC copolyester
 1990 Fiber formation and characterization of a thermotropic LCP [liquid crystal polymer]
 1991 Isothermal heat treatment of a thermotropic LCP fiber
 1992 Dynamic mechanical properties of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline fiber
 1993 Heat treatment studies of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer fiber
 1994 A strong, solid plastic-based composite material and a method for its manufacture
 1998 The effect of an intramedullary carbon-fiber-reinforced liquid crystalline polymer implant on bone: an experimental study on rabbits
 1999 Fixation of femoral shaft osteotomy with an intramedullary composite rod: an experimental study on dogs with a two-year follow-up
Tormes, M.1998 Rheology of Rodrun liquid - crystalline polymers
Tormes, Marta1995 Rheological features of thermotropic and isotropic poly(ester imide)s
 1997 Deorientation effects on extrusion rheometry of a thermotropic copolyester
Torn, M.1981 Dielectric and hydrodynamic instabilities in certain classes of discotic mesophases
Tornari, Vivi2007 Electroholographic display with SLM
Tornatore, M.1990 The synthesis and characterization of a new class of liquid crystals based on bis-triazinic compounds
Tornatore, Massimo1989 Liquid-crystalline, thermotropic polymers of di-s-triazines
 1989 Thermotropic bis(s-triazinylamino)alkanes
Tornberg, Jonas2003 Urban economy as a scale-free network
Törnblom, Maria2000 A 2H NMR study of order and dynamics in the cubic I1 phase of the dodecyltrimethylammonium chloride/water system
Torner, L.2002 Stable three-dimensional spinning optical solitons supported by competing quadratic and cubic nonlinearities
 2003 Robust soliton clusters in media with competing cubic and quintic nonlinearities
 2004 Stable three-dimensional spatiotemporal solitons in a two-dimensional photonic lattice
 2006 Stable Vortex Tori in the Three-Dimensional Cubic-Quintic Ginzburg-Landau Equation
Torner, Lluis2002 Globally linked vortex clusters in trapped wave fields
 2002 Superposition of noncoaxial vortices in parametric wave mixing
 2003 Arresting Wave Collapse by Wave Self-Rectification
 2003 Cnoidal wave patterns in quadratic nonlinear media
 2003 Dispersion-managed cnoidal pulse trains
 2003 Metastability of dark snoidal-type waves in quadratic nonlinear media
 2003 Observation of multiple soliton generation mediated by amplification of asymmetries
 2003 Soliton "molecules": Robust clusters of spatiotemporal optical solitons
 2003 Stabilization of one-dimensional periodic waves by saturation of the nonlinear response
 2003 Two-dimensional cnoidal waves in Kerr-type saturable nonlinear media
 2004 Spatiotemporal discrete multicolor solitons
 2004 Stabilization of vector solitons in optical lattices
 2004 Stable soliton complexes and azimuthal switching in modulated Bessel optical lattices
 2005 Soliton Mobility in Nonlocal Optical Lattices
 2009 Observation of Dyakonov Surface Waves
Toro-Mendoza, Jhoan2003 Average hydrodynamic correction for the Brownian dynamics calculation of flocculation rates in concentrated dispersions
Toro, Carlo2005 Color-changing absorbent article
Toroczkai, Zoltan2003 Advection of finite-size particles in open flows
Török, Bela2005 Synthesis of N-Heteroaryl(trifluoromethyl)hydroxyalkanoic Acid Esters by Highly Efficient Solid Acid-Catalyzed Hydroxyalkylation of Indoles and Pyrroles with Activated Trifluoromethyl Ketones
Torok, G.1987 Modeling smectic structures using neutron scattering
Torok, Gy.1987 Ten phases of MBBA (a new phase diagram)
Török, Janos2003 Shearing of loose granular materials: A statistical mesoscopic model
 2003 Slow relaxation due to optimization and restructuring: Solution on a hierarchical lattice
Torok, Katalin1985 Resolution and Reconstitution of H+-ATPase Complex from Beef Heart Mitochondria
Torok, Zsolt1997 Evidence for a lipochaperonin: association of active protein-folding GroESL oligomers with lipids can stabilize membranes under heat shock conditions
 2001 Synechocystis HSP17 is an amphitropic protein that stabilizes heat-stressed membranes and binds denatured proteins for subsequent chaperone-mediated refolding
 2002 Small heat-shock proteins regulate membrane lipid polymorphism
Toromanoff, Edmond1956 Synthetic Emulsifying Agents
Toroptsova, E.M.2005 Micellation, antimicrobic and catalytic properties of N-alkyl-N,N-dimethyl-N(3-hydroxy-propyl) ammonium bromides
Torquati, G.1979 X-ray study of phase transition involving ordered biaxial phases
 1980 X-ray diffraction study of the mesophase of octaphenylcyclotetrasiloxane
 1983 Dilatometric study and measurement of volume parameters of the 4-acetyl-4'-n-alkanoyloxyazobenzene series
 1983 Investigation of the homologous series of 4-acetyl-4'-n-alkanoyloxyazobenzenes by x-ray diffraction
 1983 Liquid crystalline catalysis. 3. Monomolecular rearrangements of terpene derivatives in liquid crystalline solvents
 1983 Mesomorphic properties and molecular structure. I. Structure of the smectic A phase in the 4-acetyl-4'-n-alkanoyloxyazobenzene series
 1983 Reactivity in smectic liquid crystals. Rearrangement of MSE induced by the smectic B mesophase of ZLI 1544
 1983 Study of cholesteryl oleate-cholesteryl linoleate binary mixtures
 1983 Study of phase transitions involving the mesophases of cholesteryl linoleate
 1984 A study of the transitions smectic A-hexatic B and hexatic B-crystal B by x-ray diffraction
 1984 Evidence by x-ray diffraction for hexatic B and crystal B structures in a pure compound
 1984 Investigation of the homologous series of 4-propionyl-4'-(n-alkanoyloxy)azobenzenes by x-ray diffraction
 1984 Mesomorphic properties and molecular structure-II. Structure of the smectic A phase in the 4-propionyl-4'-alkanoyloxy-azo-benzene series
 1984 Mesomorphic properties and molecular structure. II. Structure of the smectic A phase in the 4-propionyl-4'-n-alkanoyloxyazobenzene series
 1984 Structural study of the crystal and mesomorphic states of trans,trans-4'-butylbicyclohexyl-4-carboxylic acid (ZLI 1756)
 1984 Synthesis, characterisation and thermal properties of cyclopalladated compounds of (p-ethoxyphenylazo)-p-phenylheptanoate
 1985 Investigation by x-ray diffraction of the phase transitions involving the monotropic hexatic phase of 4-propionyl-4'-n-nonanoyloxyazobenzene
 1985 Phase transition studies in polymesomorphic compounds. VI. X-ray diffraction studies in N-(p-n-octyloxybenzylidene)-p-n-butylaniline
 1985 X-ray analysis of chiral thermotropic co-bipolyesters based on linear and nonlinear aromatic units
 1986 Phase transitions in polymesomorphic compounds. VII. X-ray diffraction studies in N(p-n-pentyloxy benzylidene)p'-n-octylaniline and in N(p-n-pentyloxy benzylidene)p'-n-decylaniline
Torquati, G. (cont...)1987 Chiral liquid crystal polymers. 7. Structural characterization of thermotropic polyesters based on 4,4'-(terephthaloyldioxy)dibenzoic acid and 1,3-butanediol
 1987 New liquid crystalline compounds containing transition metals
 1987 Phase transition and structural studies of 70.8 and TBAA12 liquid crystals by several experimental techniques
 1987 X-ray diffractometric study on a Schiff base copper(II) complex with mesomorphic properties
 1988 An x-ray study of thermotropic liquid crystalline poly(ester-β-sulfide)
 1988 Mesomorphic behavior of some 4-pentanoyl-4'-alkanoyloxyazobenzenes (PPAPE). A new series of liquid-crystal compounds
 1988 Phase transitions and structural studies of p-alkoxybenzylidene-p'-fluoroanilines
 1988 X-ray analysis of chiral thermotropic liquid crystal copolyesters based on linear and nonlinear aromatic ester triads
 1989 Functional liquid-crystalline polyesters based on twin nonamethylene-spaced p-oxybenzoate dyads and dithiols
 1989 Semiflexible Thermotropic Liquid-Crystalline Polymers: The Characterization of a Polyester-Polyether
 1990 An x-ray investigation of thermotropic polymalonates containing the azobenzene mesogen
 1990 Phase transitions and structural studies of new compounds belonging to homologous series
 1990 X-ray investigations on a homologous series of N-(4-alkoxysalicylidene)-4'-alkylanilines complexed to copper(II)
 1991 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid-crystalline polyesters derived from 4,4'-dihydroxybicyclohexyl
Torquati, Giuseppe1982 Mesomorphic behavior of some 4-n-butyryl-4'-n-alkanoyloxyazobenzenes. A new series of liquid crystal compounds
 1983 Investigation by x-ray diffraction of phase transitions of the mesomorphic polymer poly(p-biphenylyl acrylate)
 1984 Liquid crystalline catalysis. 2. Sulfonate ester rearrangements induced in solution by the ordered structure of a smectic B solvent
Torquato, S.2003 Lattice-based random jammed configurations for hard particles
Torquato, Salvatore2002 Diversity of order and densities in jammed hard-particle packings
 2003 Local density fluctuations, hyperuniformity, and order metrics
 2003 Publisher's Note: Local density fluctuations, hyperuniformity, and order metrics [Phys. Rev. E 68, 041113 (2003)]
 2004 Comment on "Jamming at zero temperature and zero applied stress: The epitome of disorder"
 2004 Constraints on collective density variables: Two dimensions
 2004 Improving the Density of Jammed Disordered Packings Using Ellipsoids
 2004 Voronoi and void statistics for superhomogeneous point processes
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 2001 The synthesis and transition temperatures of 2-(4-alkyl- and 4-alkoxy-phenyl)-5-cyano-1-benzofurans and related diaryl-1-benzofurans - an assessment of how deviations from linearity and conformational effects in a core unit affect mesogenicity
 2001 The synthesis and transition temperatures of 5-(4-alkyl- and 4-alkoxy-phenyl)-2-cyanobenzo[b]furans and a 5-(4'-alkylbiphenyl-4-yl)-2-cyanobenzo[b]furan: a comparison with their biphenyl and terphenyl analogues
 2001 Trans-1,2-difluorostilbenes: promising materials for high dielectric biaxiality ferroelectric mixtures
 2002 The Design, Synthesis and Structure-Property Relationships of Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Materials
 2002 The Synthesis and Transition Temperatures of 2,5-Disubstituted-1-benzofurans with Non-polar Terminal Groups
 2003 Novel, highly polarizable thiophene derivatives for use in nonlinear optical applications
Toyne, Kenneth J. (cont...)2003 The fascinating influence of fluoro substituents on the synthesis and properties of liquid crystals
 2004 Synthesis, mesomorphic behavior and optical anisotropy of some novel materials for nematic mixtures of high birefringence
 2009 Molecular complexity and the control of self-organising processes
Toyne, Kenneth Johnson1984 Bicyclohexyls
 1984 Disubstituted ethanes and their use in liquid crystal materials and devices
 1985 Compounds containing a fluorobiphenylyl group and their use in liquid crystal materials and device
 1985 Ethane derivatives
 1986 Compounds for ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 1986 Ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal mixture
 1986 Terpenoid derivatives and liquid crystal materials and devices containing them
 1987 Amide liquid crystal compounds: mixtures and devices using them
 1987 Ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal compositions containing optically active compounds for display devices
 1987 Heterocyclic compounds for liquid crystal composition
 1987 Liquid-crystal compounds containing two or more chiral centers
 1987 Liquid-crystal compounds, mixtures, and devices
 1988 Biphenylylethanes and their use in liquid-crystal materials and devices
 1988 Cyano-alicyclic esters, ferroelectric smectic liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and electrooptical display devices using the compositions
 1988 Liquid crystals, ferroelectric smectic mixtures containing them, and electrooptical display devices using these mixtures
 1988 Media having smectic liquid-crystal phases containing derivatives of thiazole and thiadiazole
 1988 Methoxy-bridged liquid-crystal compounds, mixtures containing them, and liquid-crystal devices using the mixtures
 1988 Terphenyl derivatives and ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal materials containing them
 1988 Use of thiazole und thiadiazole-derivatives in media having smectic lqiuid-crystal phases, media containing these derivatives, and electrooptical display devices using these media
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