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Tiddy, Gordon J.T.1975 Counterion quadrupole splittings in lyotropic liquid crystals. Determination of the sign of the order parameter
 1975 Kinetics of formation and breakdown of prehexagonal phase aggregates in fluid-isotropic amphiphile solutions
 1975 Mesophase structure studies by deuteron magnetic resonance. Observations for the sodium octanoate-decanol-water system
 1976 Phase diagram and NMR study of the lyotropic liquid crystalline phases formed by lithium perfluoro-octanoate and water
 1976 Self-diffusion in lyotropic liquid crystals measured by NMR
 1977 [NMR of] liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 1977 NMR studies of liquid crystal phase structure and self-diffusion coefficients in the system lithium perfluorooctanoate + water
 1978 Chemical shift anisotropies of cesium-133(+) counterions in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1978 Ion binding studied using quadrupole splittings of sodium-23(1+) ions in lyotropic liquid crystals. The dependence on surfactant type
 1978 Sodium-23 quadrupole splittings in lyotropic liquid crystals. Relationship to electrical double layer theory and estimates of double layer dimensions
 1979 19F multipulse nuclear magnetic resonance study of lithium perfluoro-octanoate + water liquid crystal systems
 1979 Ion condensation model and nuclear magnetic resonance studies of counterion binding in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1979 Nuclear magnetic resonance. Liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 1979 Ultrasonic relaxation associated with a water exchange process in concentrated surfactant solutions and lyotropic liquid crystals
 1980 Ion binding in amphiphile water systems. A comparison between electrostatic theories and NMR experiments
 1980 Reorientation of the director of an amphiphilic nematic mesophase in a static magnetic field
 1980 Surfactant-water liquid crystal phases
 1981 NMR of liquid crystals and micellar solutions
 1981 Structure of liquid-crystalline phases formed by sodium dodecyl sulfate and water as determined by optical microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
 1982 Lyotropic mesophase behavior of n-hexadecyl trioxyethylene glycol ether (n-C16H33EO3) - evidence for two "V2" phases
Tiddy, Gordon J.T. (cont...)1982 Structure of the 'K' phase in ternary mixtures of potassium decanoate/octanol/water, as determined by x-ray diffraction, polarizing microscopy, and nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
 1982 Ultrasonic relaxation studies of concentrated surfactant solutions and liquid crystals
 1983 Electric Birefringence studies on hexaethyleneglycol dodecyl ether
 1983 Lyotropic liquid crystals
 1983 Optical microscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance studies of mesophases formed at compositions between hexagonal and lamellar phases in sodium n-alkanoate + water mixtures and related surfactant systems
 1983 Phase behavior of polyoxyethylene surfactants with water. Mesophase structures and partial miscibility (cloud points)
 1984 An investigation of the interactions between electrolytes and a zwitterionic surfactant using sodium-23 and deuteron NMR measurements
 1984 Gel and liquid-crystal phase structures of the trioxyethylene glycol monohexadecyl ether/water system
 1984 Interaction of water and oxyethylene groups in lyotropic liquid-crystalline phases of poly(oxyethylene) n-dodecyl ether surfactants studied by deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
 1984 Oil-continuous lyotropic nematic phases containing non-ionic surfactants
 1985 Temperature jump studies through phase boundaries in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1986 Hydration forces between surfactant bilayers: an equilibrium binding description
 1986 Mesophase formation in lead(II) decanoate
 1987 Comment on "Observations of a vanishing miscibility loop in the phase diagram of solutions of a mixed nonionic-ionic amphiphile"
 1987 Infrared and far-infrared spectroscopic studies on the structure of water in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1988 Phase behavior and lyotropic liquid crystals in cationic surfactant-water systems
 1988 Thermotropic polymorphism in liquid-crystalline lead(II) alkanoates
 1989 Structure of the intermediate phase and its transformation to lamellar phase in the lithium perfluorooctanoate/water system
 1990 Nonionic surfactant phase behavior. The effect of CH3 capping of the terminal OH. Accurate measurements of cloud curves
 1990 Optical microscopy, multinuclear NMR deuteron, nitrogen-14 and chlorine-35 and x-ray studies of dodecyl- and hexadecyltrimethylammonium chloride/water mesophases
Tiddy, Gordon J.T. (cont...)1990 Phase behavior of lithium and sodium salts of phenylstearic acid
 1990 Surfactant liquid crystals
 1990 The distinction between chromonic and amphiphilic lyotropic mesophases
 1991 Cubic phase formation in polar nonaqueous solvents
 1991 Lyotropic liquid crystal phase formation in 1-(alkanoylmethyl amino)-1-deoxy-D-glucitols
 1991 Phase behavior and mesophase formation in the lithium phenylstearate + 1-phenylheptane system
 1992 Amphitropic liquid crystals. Part 1.: Effect of a thermotropic mesogen on lyotropic mesomorphism, and of a surfactant on thermotropic mesomorphism. The C16EO8–5-CB–water system
 1992 Amphitropic Liquid Crystals: The Influence of a Cyanobiphenyl Moiety on the Mesophase Properties of Cationic Surfactants
 1992 Intermediate liquid crystalline phases in the binary system C16TACl-H2O: an NMR and low-angle x-ray diffraction study
 1992 Intermediate Phase of the C30EO9 / 2H2O System
 1992 Lyotropic liquid - crystal formation by octadecylpyridinium bromide in a range of polar solvents: microscopy and NMR studies
 1992 Lyotropic Mesomorphism in Surfactant Transition Metal Complexes
 1992 Lyotropic mesophase structure in the system 2-ethylhexyloxy propionate-water
 1992 Microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and NMR studies of lyotropic liquid crystal phases in the C22EO6/water system: a new intermediate phase
 1992 Phase Behaviour of C16EO6 / 2H2O System
 1992 Studies on sodium ricinoleate. 2. Lyotropic liquid crystals in the sodium ricinoleate/water system
 1992 The Influence of Additives on Lyotropic Dye/Water Liquid Crystals
 1992 The Lyotropic and Thermotropic Behaviour of some Novel Liquid-Crystalline Materials
 1992 The synthesis and lyotropic phase behavior of some aquatetra(cyano)dodecylaminoferrate(II) complexes
 1992 Two Lamellar Phases in Cyanobiphenyl Substituted Cationic Surfactants
Tiddy, Gordon J.T. (cont...)1993 An upper critical point in a lamellar liquid crystalline phase
 1993 Lyotropic liquid crystal phase behavior of the zwitterionic surfactants 4-tridecyl- and 4-heptadecylpyridinium N-oxide in water
 1993 Lyotropic mesomorphism in surfactant bipyridine complexes of ruthenium(II)
 1993 Phase behavior of monoglyceride/water systems
 1993 Synthesis and properties of surfactant complexes of cobalt(III) and chromium(III)
 1994 Intermediate Lyotropic Liquid Crystal Phases in the C16EO6/Water System
 1994 The thermotropic liquid crystals formed by anhydrous sodium ricinoleate
 1995 Amphiphilic terpyridine complexes of ruthenium and rhodium displaying lyotropic mesomorphism
 1995 An Extensive Mesh Phase Liquid Crystal in Aqueous Mixtures of a Long Chain Nonionic Surfactant
 1995 Formulation of Lyotropic Lamellar Phases of Surfactants as Novel Lubricants
 1995 Highly ordered aggregates in dilute dye-water systems
 1995 Lamellar Phases in Contact with the Lower Consolute Loop of Ionic Surfactant-Water Systems
 1995 The mesomorphism of 4-dodecyloxy-2-hydroxybenzoic acid and its sodium salt
 1996 A comparison of the physical chemistry and oily soil detergency properties of primary and secondary alcohol ethoxylates
 1996 Aggregation and lyotropic liquid crystal formation of anionic azo dyes for textile fibers
 1996 J-aggregates and liquid crystal structures of cyanine dyes
 1996 Liquid-Crystalline J-Aggregates Formed by Aqueous Ionic Cyanine Dyes
 1996 Thermotropic and Lyotropic Mesophase Behavior of Amphitropic Diammonium Surfactants
 1997 Lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals . Neutron scattering studies of shear-induced orientation and reorientation
 1997 Micellar Cubic Phases and Their Structural Relationships: The Nonionic Surfactant System C12EO12/Water
Tiddy, Gordon J.T. (cont...)1998 Lyotropic surfactant liquid crystals
 1999 Flow studies of a surfactant hexagonal mesophase
 2000 Influence of Added Electrolytes on the Lyotropic Phase Behavior of Triethylammoniodecyloxycyanobiphenyl Bromide (OCB-C10NEt3Br)
 2000 Lyotropic Phase Behavior of Triethylammoniodecyloxycyanobiphenyl Bromide and the Influence of Added Thermotropic Mesogens
 2001 Surfactant-Specific Electrode Measurements of Mesophases. Electrode and X-ray Measurements of Hexadecyltrimethylammonium Bromide/Hexadecanol Gel (Lß) Dispersions Show Large, Nonequilibrium Dissolution Effects
 2002 Surfactant Gel Phases - Metastable States with Long Relaxation Times
 2003 Liquid Crystal Phase Behavior of Branched Poly(oxyethylene) Surfactants
 2004 'Clouding' in Zwitterionic surfactant/water systems - the influence of additives on the upper consolute loop of the decyldimethylammonioethane sulfate/water system
 2005 Density measurements through the gel and lamellar phase transitions of di-tetradecanoyl- and di-hexadecanoyl-phosphatidylcholines: observation of slow relaxation processes and mechanisms of phase transitions
 2005 Synthesis and Phase Characterization of a Double-Tailed Pyrrole-Containing Surfactant: A Novel Tecton for the Production of Functional Nanostructured Materials
 2006 Synthesis and lyotropic phase behavior of novel nonionic surfactants for the crystallization of integral membrane proteins
 2008 Chromonic Liquid Crystal Formation by Edicol Sunset Yellow
Tidey, E.K.2007 Determination of the difference of flexoelectric coefficients in a nematic liquid crystal using a conoscopic technique
Tidick, Peter Joachim1994 Investigation of the structural changes in high-speed spun yarns of polyamide 6 by means of WAXS employing synchrotron radiation
Tidswell, I.M.1990 X-ray specular reflection studies of silicon coated by organic monolayers (alkylsiloxanes)
Tidwell, Michael R.1995 Optical engineering challenges of the virtual retinal display
Tiecco, M.1972 Conformational analysis in heteroaromatic carbonyl compounds. II. Nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of 2,5-thiophenedicarboxaldehyde in liquid crystals
 1972 Liquid crystal proton magnetic resonance spectrum of thieno[2,3-b]thiophene
 1973 Conformational analysis of bithienyl derivatives. Liquid crystal nuclear magnetic resonance approach
Tiede, David M.1998 Structure and Optical Properties of a Thermoresponsive Polymer-Grafted, Lipid-Based Complex Fluid
 2005 Excited State Dynamics and Structures of Functionalized Phthalocyanines. 1. Self-Regulated Assembly of Zinc Helicenocyanine
 2005 Self-Assembly of Photofunctional Cylindrical Nanostructures Based on Perylene-3,4:9,10-bis(dicarboximide)
 2006 Linearly Polarized Emission of an Organic Semiconductor Nanobelt
Tieghi, Giuseppe1993 Dipole-dipole interactions in simple esters and in liquid - crystal polyesters
Tiek-Siang, O.1992 Properties of a blend of poly(phenylene ether) with a liquid -crystalline polymer
Tieke, B.1990 Thermal Behaviour and Room Temperature Crystal Structure of a Bidimensional Complex Salt of 4-Aminocinnamic Acid and Cadmium Chloride
Tieke, Bernd1996 γ-ray polymerization of a mesogenic methacrylate in the crystalline, liquid crystalline, and liquid state. Kinetics, molecular weight distribution, and conversion-dependent phase behavior
 1996 γ-Ray polymerization of mesogenic diacrylates in the crystalline, liquid crystalline and liquid state - a kinetic study
 1997 γ-Ray polymerization of lyotropic solutions of cellulose derivatives under retention of the macroscopic order
 1997 γ-Ray-induced post-polymerization of a mesogenic methacrylate in the crystalline, liquid crystalline, and melt phase. Reaction kinetics and molecular weight distribution
 1998 γ-ray polymerization of cationic surfactant methacrylates in lyotropic mesophases
 1998 Cationic amphitropic gemini surfactants with hydrophilic oligo(oxyethylene) spacer chains
 2002 Photoluminescent Amphiphilic 1,4-Diketo-3,6-diphenylpyrrolo-[3,4-c]-pyrrole Derivative and Its Complexes with Polyelectrolytes
 2003 Copolymerization of Styrene with a Cationic Surfactant Monomer in Three-Component Lyotropic Mesophase
Tieleman, D. Peter2006 Nanopore-facilitated, voltage-driven phosphatidylserine translocation in lipid bilayers-in cells and in silico
Tieleman, D.P.2004 Structure and Aggregation Number of a Lyotropic Liquid Crystal: A Fluorescence Quenching and Molecular Dynamics Study
 2005 Orientation and Dynamics of Benzyl Alcohol and Benzyl Alkyl Ethers Dissolved in Nematic Lyotropic Liquid Crystals. 2H NMR and Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Tielrooij, Klaas-Jan2009 TeraHertz Dielectric Relaxation of Biological Water Confined in Model Membranes made of Lyotropic Phospholipids
Tiemann, M.2000 Nonaqueous Synthesis of Mesostructured Aluminophosphate/Surfactant Composites: Synthesis, Characterization, and In-Situ SAXS Studies
 2002 Phase behaviour of the system triethanolamine-decanoic acid-water
Tiemann, Michael1998 A New Role of the Surfactant in the Synthesis of Mesostructured Phases: Dodecyl Phosphate as Template and Reactant for Aluminophosphates
 2001 Mesoporous Aluminophosphate Molecular Sieves Synthesized under Nonaqueous Conditions
 2002 In-Situ SAXS Studies on the Formation of Silicate/Surfactant Mesophases with Solubilized Benzene under Acidic Conditions
 2004 In situ Synchrotron SAXS/XRD Study on the Formation of Ordered Mesoscopic Hybrid Materials with Crystal-Like Walls
 2008 Repeated Templating
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Tien, Ching-cheng2002 Partially cut multi-planar flexible printed circuit
Tien, Ching-Jui2008 Improvement in Planar Orientation of the Polymer-Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Cells
 2008 Silica-nanoparticle-doped nematic display with multistable and dynamic modes
 2009 Thermally Erasable Color-Reflective Bistable Display Device
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 2001 Lipid bilayer concept and its experimental realization
 2001 The lipid bilayer concept and its experimental realization:from soap bubbles, kitchen sink, to bilayer lipid membranes
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Tierney, Steve2003 New liquid crystalline solution processible organic semiconductors and their performance in field effect transistors
 2004 Alkylidene Fluorene Liquid Crystalline Semiconducting Polymers for Organic Field Effect Transistor Devices
 2004 Self-assembled liquid crystalline solution processable semiconductors
 2006 Liquid-crystalline semiconducting polymers with high charge-carrier mobility
Tierney, Steven2003 Mono-, oligo- and poly-3-(1,1-difluoroalkyl)thiophenes and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Mono-, oligo- and poly-3-substituted-4-fluorothiophenes and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Mono-, oligo- and poly-difluorovinyl-(hetero)arylenes, their synthesis and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Mono-, oligo- and polyalkylidenefluorenes and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Mono-, oligo- and polymers comprising a 2,6-azulene group and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Monomers, oligomers and polymers containing dithienopyridine groups
 2003 Monomers, oligomers, and polymers of benzo[b]thiophene and 2,2'-bisbenzo[b]thiophene and their use as charge transport materials
 2003 Polymerizable liquid crystalline organic semiconductors and their fabrication in organic field effect transistors
 2003 Preparation of thienothiophene analogs for use as semiconductors or charge transport materials
 2003 Reactive mesogenic azulenes
 2003 Thienthiophenes with polymerizable group
 2004 Monomeric, oligomeric and polymeric 3-alkynylthiophenes useful as charge transport materials
 2004 Polymer dopants
 2004 Use of poly-3,3"-dialkyl-2,2':5',2"-terthiophenes as charge transport materials
Tierney, Thomas E.2004 Shock pressures induced in condensed matter by laser ablation
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Tiersch, Brigitte1997 Polyelectrolyte complex formation in lamellar liquid crystalline systems
 1999 Self assembled polymer-surfactant systems
 1999 Structure Formation in Polymer-Modified Liquid Crystals
 2000 Polyelectrolyte-induced vesicle formation in lamellar liquid-crystalline model systems
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Tikhodeev, S.2007 Optical fuse effect in a tunable liquid crystal waveguide with a Cr grating coupler
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 1979 Alignment of nematic liquid crystals controlled by ferroelectric domain structure
 1979 Visualization of domain structure dynamics in collinear ferroelectrics
 1980 Study of domain dynamics in triglycine sulfate using nematic liquid crystals
 1980 Visualization of static and the dynamics of domain structure in triglycine sulfate by liquid crystals
 1981 Behavior of the nematic liquid crystal drop on the anisotropic surface
 1985 Effect of compensation conditions for surface charges on polarization reversal in a triglycine sulfate crystal in a sandwich with a nematic liquid crystal
 1985 Spiral domains in nematic liquid crystals
 1986 Repolarization of thin triglycine sulfate plates
 1986 Use of a nematic mesophase to image the ferroelectric-domain structural dynamics in lead germanate (Pb6Ge3O11)
 1986 Using the nematic liquid crystal technique to study the repolarization-threshold-field distribution in ferroelectrics
 1987 Imaging of growth nonuniformities of semiconductors using liquid crystals
 1987 Orientation of a nematic drop on an anisotropic crystal surface
 1987 Use of liquid crystals for the investigation of switching polarization processes in ferroelectrics
 1989 Investigation of domain structure and switching processes in ferroelectrics by the liquid crystal method
 1989 Use of liquid crystals for defect detection and pore visualization in nuclear filters
Tikhomirova, N.A. (cont...)1990 Use of chiral smectics for studying domain dynamics in ferroelectrics
 1991 Visualization of domain structure of a weak ferroelectric lithium germanium oxide (Li2Ge7O15) by nematic liquid crystal method
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 1981 Induced tunable radiation in a doped cholesteric liquid crystal
 1982 Cholesteric liquid-crystal lasers with distributed feedback and reflection
 1987 Damage to the planar texture of absorbing cholesteric liquid crystals by pulsed laser radiation
 1988 Harmonic distortion of the nematic liquid crystal structure with induced gyrotropy in a distributed-feedback laser
 1988 Spatial distribution of a cholesteric liquid-crystal distributed-feedback dye laser
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 1991 Peculiarities of generation spectra of DFL-based on nematics with induced helical structure
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 1993 Light-induced shift of the selective-reflection band and temperature dependence of spacing of the cholesteric helix of the liquid crystal
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 1996 Liquid crystal display
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device and method of its preparation
 1997 Liquid crystal device and method of making liquid crystal device
 1998 Reflective liquid - crystal display device
 1998 Switchable liquid crystal device and method of making a switchable liquid crystal device
 2000 Liquid crystal device having chiral nematic liquid crystal material
 2001 Liquid crystal display device
 2003 A liquid crystal display device
 2003 Polarisation rotator parallax barrier display and optical modulator
 2005 Display
 2006 A display
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