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Tankovsky, N.S.1996 Electromagnetic excitation of ultrasound in electrolytes
Tann, Scott2005 Pesticide Formulation Technology Innovation
Tannaci, John F.2008 9,10-Disubstituted Octafluoroanthracene Derivatives via Palladium-Catalyzed Cross-Coupling
Tannas, L.E.1976 Liquid crystal/ferroelectric matrix addressable displayt
Tannas, Lawrence E.1994 World status of avionic AMLCD panels
 2001 AMLCD resizing
Tanne, G.2008 Epitaxially grown ferroelectric thin films for agile devices
Tannenbaum, Emmanuel2004 Error and repair catastrophes: A two-dimensional phase diagram in the quasispecies model
 2004 Imperfect DNA lesion repair in the semiconservative quasispecies model: Derivation of the Hamming class equations and solution of the single-fitness peak landscape
 2004 Semiconservative replication in the quasispecies model
 2004 Solution of the quasispecies model for an arbitrary gene network
Tanner, Gregor2002 Wave chaos in the elastic disk
Tanner, J.1998 Direct imaging of self-organized comb copolymer-like systems obtained by hydrogen bonding: poly(4-vinylpyridine)-4-nonadecylphenol
 1999 Ordering in self-organizing comb copolymer-like systems obtained by hydrogen bonding between charged or noncharged polymers and amphiphiles
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Tanner, Peter A.1997 A Fourier transform IR study of the phase transitions and molecular order in the hexadecyltrimethylammonium sulfate/water system
Tanner, R.2004 Parallel Synthesis of 4-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl Liquid Crystals
Tanner, R.I.2006 Crystal Bridge Formation Marks the Transition to Rigidity in a Thin Lubrication Film
 2007 Crystal Bridges, Tetratic Order, and Elusive Equilibria: The Role of Structure in Lubrication Films
Tanner, Richard2002 Parallel Synthesis of 4-alkyl-4' – cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
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Tanno, Junji1996 Infrared spectroscopic study on the crystalline polymorphism and phase transition behavior of mesogenic 4-heptyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl
 1998 Lateral electric field-type active matrix liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having orientation film containing silane coupling agent
 2007 Development of transflective in-plane switching liquid crystal displays
Tanno, Satoshi1999 Anodes for secondary lithium batteries and the batteries
Tanno, Seikichi1999 Relief pattern-formed substrate, manufacture of the substrate, and manufacture of barrier ribs on plasma display panel
Tanno, Takenori2008 Coherent terahertz-wave generation from semiconductors and its applications in biological sciences
Tano, Takanori1996 Gel to liquid crystal phase transition of black lipid films in air as studied by FTIR spectroscopy
Tano, Tamotsu1987 Pitch useful for carbon fiber manufacture
Tanodekaew, Siriporn1995 Structures of Oxyethylene/Oxybutylene Diblock Copolymers in Their Solid and Liquid States
Tanonaka, Takayuki1988 Process for preparing 2,6-naphthalenediol
 1988 Process for the preparation of 2,6-dihydroxynaphthalene as monomer for liquid crystal polymers
Tanone, Aris1992 Electronic pseudocolor encoder for optical testing
 1997 Applications of liquid crystal spatial light modulators to optical information processing systems
Tanooka, Daisuke1999 New characterization technique for rubbed polyimide film for liquid crystal display
 2001 Wide-Viewing Observation and High-Spatial Resolution Characterization of Rubbed Polyimide Film for Liquid Crystal Display
Tanori, J.1995 Synthesis of nanosize metallic and alloyed particles in ordered phases
Tanori, Judith1995 Change in the shape of copper nanoparticles in ordered phases
Tanosaki, Yoshio1994 Light-sensitive color compositions, color filters containing the light-sensitive color compositions, manufacture of the color filters, and liquid-crystal display devices containing the color filter
 1995 Color filter and liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Color filter and liquid-crystal display device using same
Tanose, Tomonori1998 Vertically aligned liquid-crystal display device
 2001 Vertically-aligned (va) liquid crystal display device
Tanoue, Kenichiro2009 Heat transfer under buoyancy-induced flow at the chemical reaction front using thermochromic liquid crystal sheet
Tanovic, Mesud1989 Consideration of some coal tar pitch characteristics from needle coke production standpoint
Tanphaichitr, Nongnuj1998 Interaction between sulfogalactosylceramide and dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine increases the orientational fluctuation of their lipid hydrocarbon chains
 2000 A Fourier-transform infrared study of the interaction between germ-cell specific sulfogalactosylglycerolipid and dimyristoylglycerophosphocholine
Tanret, C.1908 Ergosterin and Fongisterin
 1909 Ergosterol and Fongisterol
Tansho, Masataka1995 Pyridinium Ring Orientation in a Lyotropic Liquid Crystal of a Dodecylpyridinium Iodide-Water System As Studied by 2H NMR
 1996 31P NMR investigation of a ringing gel phase and adjacent phases
 1998 Dynamic mechanical properties of strontium stearate
 1998 14N NMR studies on an optically isotropic liquid crystalline D phase of 4'-n-alkoxy-3'-nitrobiphenyl-4-carboxylic acids (ANBC)
 2010 2H and 13C NMR studies of molecular orientation and dynamics in liquid crystal 6BA
Tant, Julien2003 Discotic liquid crystals as electron carrier materials
 2003 Liquid crystalline derivatives for electronic devices
 2005 Liquid crystalline derivatives for multilayer electronic devices
 2005 Liquid Crystalline Metal-Free Phthalocyanines Designed for Charge and Exciton Transport
 2005 Method for the manufacturing of multilayer mesogenic components
 2006 Effect of Interfaces on the Alignment of a Discotic Liquid-Crystalline Phthalocyanine
 2006 Highly Fluorescent Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Columnar Phases of Pyrene-Based Structures
 2006 Method for the manufacturing of homeotropically aligned layer of discotic liquid crystals
 2008 Charge recombination in distributed heterostructures of semiconductor discotic and polymeric materials.
Tanto, B.2004 Near-term aging and thermal behavior of polyfluorene in various aggregation states
 2004 Structural and Spectroscopic Investigations of Bulk Poly[bis(2-ethyl)hexylfluorene]
 2005 Chain Conformations and Photoluminescence of Poly(di-n-octylfluorene)
Tantrawong, S.1997 23rd Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
 1998 Magnetic properties of a binary mixture of paramagnetic metallomesogens
 1998 Novel dipolar metallomesogen: an octa-substituted vanadyl phthalocyanine with low clearing temperature
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 1992 Magnetomesogens
 1993 Discotic mesomorphism in oxovanadium(IV) complexes possessing four alkyl substituents
 1997 Metal-containing liquid crystals with potential application in optical storage devices
 1997 Oxovanadium(IV) metallomesogens derived from 1,3-diketonate ligands: the importance of ligand design
 2007 Octa-fluoroalkylated phthalocyanine mesogens
Tanuma, Itsuo1994 Modification of polymer in the liquid crystal/polymer complex film
 1997 Thermosetting elastomer prism sheets
 1999 Prism sheets and backlights for surface light sources in liquid-crystal displays
Tanuma, Kiyoharu1998 Active matrix liquid crystal display
 2000 Liquid crystals and active-matrix liquid crystal display panels
Tanuma, Kiyoji1998 In-plane switching-type liquid crystal display panel
Tanuma, Seiji1993 Domain divided liquid crystal display device
 1995 NT type liquid crystal display panel with improved view angle and its manufacture
 1996 Liquid crystal material and its imaging panel
 1996 Liquid-crystal display panel and its manufacture
 1997 Active matrix liquid - crystal display panel and projection type display device
 1997 Liquid crystal display panel and process for producing the same
 1998 Liquid - crystal display panel preventing image sticking
 1998 Liquid crystal composition operable at low voltage and liquid-crystal display panel using the same
Tanuma, Seijo1998 Vertically aligned liquid-crystal display device
 2001 Vertically-aligned (va) liquid crystal display device
Tanuma, Toshihiro1997 Manufacture of color filter using ink jet method and color liquid-crystal display element using same
 1997 Manufacture of color filter with uniform pixel thickness and liquid crystal display using same
Tanwar, Vinod K.2002 Homeotropic and Planar Orientation of Liquid Crystals on a Photopolymer Coated Surface Irradiated with UV-Light
Tanzawa, Hiroshi1995 Pore size distribution measurements of poly(methyl methacrylate) hydrogel membranes for artificial kidneys using differential scanning calorimetry
Tanzawa, Kazunari1997 Molecular diffusion in a monolayer on water surface detected by the transient grating method
Tanzawa, Y.2002 Lamellar and Crystalline Layer Thickness of Single Crystals of Narrow Molecular Weight Fractions of Linear Polyethylene
Tanzawa, Yasutoshi2008 Thermobarometry for 4'-n-Octylbiphenyl-4-carbonitrile in Metal Tube Berthelot Method and Polymorphism in Crystalline Phase of 4'-n-Octylbiphenyl-4-carbonitrile Found through Cooling Paths in Negative-Pressure Range
Tänzer, Wolfram1985 Epoxide reactions. XIV. Reaction of glycidyl ethers with ketones
Tao, Chang-Yuan1995 Thermocontrolling ion permeation through binary component membrane composed of crown ether liquid crystal/PVC
Tao, Chao2004 Estimating model parameters by chaos synchronization
Tao, Chengan2008 Photonic Ionic Liquids Polymer for Naked-Eye Detection of Anions
Tao, Chunkuang2007 Research on applications of optical wavelet transform in high-speed photograph
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Tao, J.2004 Absolute and convective instabilities of natural convection flow in boundary-layer regime
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Tao, Jianjun2003 Effects of elastic anisotropy on the flow and orientation of sheared nematic liquid crystals
Tao, Jun2007 Photo-induced Valence Tautomerism in Co Complexes
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 1988 X-ray study of the mesophase of bowl-like compounds
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Tao, N.J.1995 Surface Charge Induced Order-Disorder Transition in an Organic Monolayer
Tao, R.1993 Electric-field-induced phase transition in electrorheological fluids
 1997 Structures of an electrorheological fluid
 1999 Constitutive equations for electrorheological fluids based on molecular dynamics
Tao, Rui-Bao1993 Nematic-isotropic phase transition: an extended mean field theory
 1998 Extended mean-field molecular theory for the smectic-C to smectic-A orientational transitions
 1998 Spatial correlation effects of molecules on the helical structure of cholesteric liquid crystals
 2002 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of 3D nematic liquid crystal near phase transition
Tao, Tao2005 Design and fabrication of a variable optical attenuator based on polymer-dispersed liquid crystal
Tao, Terence1997 Opposite Effects of Electrostatics and Steric Exclusion on Bundle Formation by F-Actin and Other Filamentous Polyelectrolytes
Tao, Toshiaki2002 Specific heat in a nonequilibrium system composed of Einstein oscillators
Tao, Wei-Dong2005 Chiral Parameter of Transparent Films Containing Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystal-R
Tao, Xiao-Chun2004 Microwave-assisted cyanation in synthesis of liquid crystals
 2007 Application of Suzuki Cross-Coupling Reaction Catalyzed by Ligandless Palladium Chloride in the Synthesis of Liquid Crystals
Tao, Xiao Ming2005 Diffraction measurement and analysis of slanted holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal
Tao, Xu-tang2009 Phase behavior of liquid crystals formed in [C12mim]Cl/H2O and [C12mim]Cl/Alcohols systems
Tao, Y-z.2005 Target fabrication of low-density and nanoporous tin oxide as laser targets to generate extreme ultraviolet
Tao, Ye2009 Syntheses, phase behavior, supramolecular chirality, and field-effect carrier mobility of asymmetrically end-capped mesogenic oligothiophenes
Tao, Yi-song2003 Quantitative analysis of orientational order in the molecular monolayer by surface second harmonic generation
Tao, Yousheng2005 Comparative Study on Pore Structures of Mesoporous ZSM-5 from Resorcinol-Formaldehyde Aerogel and Carbon Aerogel Templating
Tao, Yu-Guo2005 Kayaking and Wagging of Rods in Shear Flow
 2006 Shear Viscosities and Normal Stress Differences of Rigid Liquid-Crystalline Polymers
Tao, Yu-Hong2009 Pixel Arrangement of Autostereoscopic Liquid Crystal Displays Based on Parallax Barriers
Tao, Yu-Tai1994 Control of molecular chain tilt in self-assembled monolayers and its effect on wetting properties
 1997 Infrared Spectroscopic Study of Chemically Induced Dewetting in Liquid Crystalline Types of Self-Assembled Monolayers
 2006 Synthesis and Characterization of Light-Emitting H-Bonded Complexes and Polymers Containing Bis(pyridyl) Emitting Acceptors
 2007 Oriented Growth of Crystalline Pentacene Films with Preferred a-b in-Plane Alignment on a Rubbed Crystalline Polymethylene Surface
Tao, Yuefei2007 Hierarchical Nanostructure Control in Rod-Coil Block Copolymers with Magnetic Fields
Tao, Zhang2007 Theoretical investigation of propagation of nonlocal spatial soliton in nematic liquid crystals
Tao, Zhanliang2008 Template-Directed Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries
Tao, Zhu1996 Thermochromic liquid crystal composite film
 1997 Study on preparation technique of mixed thermochromic liquid crystal porous film with scanning electron microscopy
Taoka, Hidemi1998 Phase Behavior of Polyoxyethylene Trisiloxane Surfactant in Water and Water-Oil
Tapadia, Prashant2006 Banding in Entangled Polymer Fluids under Oscillatory Shearing
Taphouse, T.S.2005 Rapid switching in a dual-frequency hybrid aligned nematic liquid crystal cell
Tapia, Victor1995 Laboratory and plant studies on thermal properties of mold powders
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Tappe, Peter1994 Melt-processable blends of thermotropic polycondensates and functional group-containing polymers
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 1995 Repulsive forces in thin smectic-C films on substrates
 1996 Interface plasmon polariton and x-ray reflectivity of ultrathin films of ferroelectric main-chain liquid crystal polymers
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 2002 Percolation in models of thin film depositions
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 1993 Structure of carbon materials. 2. Analysis of carbonized samples of coal-tar pitches
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 1998 Molecular distillation as a method for evaluation of mesogenic components of coal tar pitch
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Tarallo, Oreste2004 Comparison between Polymorphic Behaviors of Ziegler-Natta and Metallocene-Made Isotactic Polypropylene: The Role of the Distribution of Defects in the Polymer Chains
 2005 A New Clathrate Class of Syndiotactic Poly(p-methylstyrene) with a Different Chain Conformation
 2006 Crystal Structure of Form I of Syndiotactic Poly(para-methylstyrene)
 2007 A Clathrate Form of Syndiotactic Poly(p-methylstyrene) Containing Two Different Types of Cavities
Taran, D.E.1997 Dynamics of rigid suspended particles in gradient flows of liquid crystals
Taran, E.Yu.1997 Dynamics of rigid suspended particles in gradient flows of liquid crystals
Taran, Frederic2005 New Nitrilotriacetic Acid and Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Nitro Derivatives for the Synthesis of Bifunctional and Trifunctional Chelating Agents
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 2000 Patterns and localized structures in bistable semiconductor resonators
 2005 Controlled Observation of a Nonequilibrium Ising-Bloch Transition in a Nonlinear Optical Cavity
Tarao, R.1995 Trifluorinated liquid crystals for TFT displays
Tarao, Ryokichi1993 Pattern of directors and liquid crystal display principles
 1997 Compositions containing chiral compounds and nematic liquid crystals , and devices using them
 1998 Liquid crystal materials for optical storage devices
 1998 Materials for chirooptical display devices
Tararykina, T.V.2005 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties tetraamino(hydroxy)alkoxybenzoyl copper phthalocyanine derivatives
 2006 Copper 2,9(10),16(17),23(24)- and 1,8(11),15(18),22(25)-tetra-(4-carboxyphenoxy)phthalocyanines and their esters: The synthesis and liquid-crystalline properties
 2006 Tetra-4-(benzoyloxy)phthalocyanine derivatives of copper. Synthesis and properties
 2008 Effects of nonmesomorphic substituted benzonitriles on the dielectric properties of cyanobiphenyl liquid crystals
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 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Electro-optical properties of low molecular weight liquid crystal/copolymer mixtures
 2001 Raman scattering from liquid crystals
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Tarascon, Jean-Marie2005 Nanostructured materials for advanced energy conversion and storage devices
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 2003 Method for enhancing anti-reflective coatings used in photolithography of electronic devices
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 1991 Density functional theory of the elastic constants of a nematic liquid crystal
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 2001 Layering at Free Liquid Surfaces
 2003 Dynamic density functional study of a driven colloidal particle in polymer solutions
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 1981 Shear Mechanical Properties of Freely Suspended Liquid-Crystal Films in the Smectic-A and Smectic-B Phases
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