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Bugaychuk, S.2004 Electric properties of ionic metal alkanoate smectics with different dyes
 2004 Nonlinear optical and electro-optical properties of ionic lyotropic smectics with different impurities
 2005 Study of Structural Transition in Low-Temperature Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Mixture
 2006 Holographic properties of ionic lyotropic liquid crystals doped by electrochromic admixture of viologen
 2006 Holographic properties of ionic smectic glasses of thermotropic liquid crystals
 2006 Nonlinear effects in ionic smectics with nano-sized dye impurities
 2006 Nonlinear optical properties of composites based on conductive metal-alkanoate
 2006 Optical topographic technique to material characterization of photorefractive crystals
 2007 Novel holographic composites based on ionic smectic liquid crystals and glasses of metal alkanoates
 2009 Fast Nolinear Optical Mechanisms in Bi-Layered Cells Composed by Lyotropic Ionic Liquid Crystals with Dye and Viologen Films
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 2003 Photorefractive processes in dye-doped ionic lyotropic liquid crystals
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 1994 Morphology and physical properties of a liquid-crystalline main-chain polymer with flexible side chains
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 1994 Re-entrant behavior in pressure-composition phase diagrams of liquid crystals
 1996 Experimental observation of multicritical points with TGB phases on a pure compound
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 1997 Thermophysical and electro-optical characterization of nematic liquid crystal/acrylate systems
 1998 Liquid crystal-polymer composite materials a thermophysical and electro-optical study
 1998 Under pressure studies of TGBA and TGBC phases on pure compounds
 1999 Experimental observation of multicritical behaviors in pressure-temperature diagrams of pure compounds with twist grain boundary phases
 1999 Phase behavior of poly(ethylhexylacrylate)/E7 mixtures
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2000 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 2001 Effects of polymer architecture on the phase properties of polymethylsiloxane/liquid crystal blends
 2001 Electro-Optical, Spectroscopical, and Calorimetric Investigations of Electron Beam- and Ultraviolet- Cured Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Materials
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 2002 Novel application of a photothermal technique on polymer/liquid crystal mixtures
 2002 Optical Properties of Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 2003 Conducting polymers as driving electrodes for polymer-dispersed liquid-crystals display devices: On the electrooptical efficiency
Buisine, J.-M. (cont...)2004 Effects of crosslinking agent on the phase behavior of polymer / liquid crystal systems
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 2004 Photopyroelectric Measurements of Thermal Parameters over Phase Transitions in Polymer/Liquid Crystals Systems
Buisine, J.M.1983 The metabolemeter. II - detection of mesogenic polymorphism under pressure using small quantities
 1983 The metabolemeter: I. A new apparatus to detect the phase transitions of mesogens
 1984 Binary mixtures phase transitions of mesogens detected on about one milligram samples with metabolemeter
 1984 Sources of thermodynamic data on mesogens
 1984 The metabolemeter. III: Phase behavior under pressure of bis(4,4'-n-heptyloxybenzylidene)-1,4-phenylenediamine and terephthalylidenebis(4-n-decylaniline)
 1985 The metabolemeter IV-phase transitions of binary mixtures of mesogens detected on about one milligram samples
 1986 Phase behavior under pressure of two hexasubstituted triphenylenes
 1987 Dilatometric and thermobarometric measurements of truxene derivatives exhibiting inverted and reentrant sequences
 1987 New methods for calculating the temperatures and the enthalpy changes of virtual transitions and predicting phase diagrams -applied to the tolans
 1987 Phase transition under pressure of two disc-like liquid crystals studied with an accurate automated metabolemeter
 1987 Scanning numerical metabolemeter
 1987 Thermo-barometric analysis of some pyramidic mesogens
 1991 Electroclinic effect in the N* phase near a N* SA SC* multicritical point
 1991 Thermodilatometric measurements on small samples of liquid crystals
 1991 Thermodilatometric measurements on small samples of liquid crystals
 1992 Biphenyl alkyloxy benzoate ferroelectric liquid crystals: structural, thermodynamic and dielectric studies of the octyl and the decyl homologs; electroclinic effect in the N phase near a N-SA-SC multicritical point
 1992 Piezothermal analysis of the NRe-SAd transition on small samples of p-cyanobenzoyloxyphenyl p-octylbenzoate
 1992 Thermophysical study of the liquid - crystal behavior of photocrosslinkable functional polysiloxanes
 1994 Thermodynamic Study of Some Neopentane Derivated by Thermobarometric Analysis
 1995 Modulated differential scanning calorimetry analysis of transitions between monotropic and enantiotropic phases of a cholesteric liquid crystal
Buisine, J.M. (cont...)1996 Contact method and Photothermal microscopy of a liquid crystalline cyanobiphenyl mixture
 1996 High pressure studies on new chiral compounds exhibiting TGBA phase
 1996 Modulated differential scanning calorimetry. Transitions between monotropic and enantiotropic phases of a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1996 Structural behavior and photochemical reactivity of silicone copolymers with functional side groups
 1997 Photothermal imaging as a tool to study phase transitions in binary mixtures of liquid crystals
 1997 Study of optical and thermophysical properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals prepared by electron bombardment treatment
 1997 Thermobarometric analysis of new liquid crystal compounds having a side chain
 1998 Liquid crystalline polymers VI. A study of the thermal behavior of some ternary copolyethers, containing 4,4'-dihydroxyazobenzene, bisphenol A and 1,1-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)ethane
 1998 Liquid crystalline polymers. VII. Polyethers based on 3,3-bis(chloromethyl)oxetane and various bisphenols with potential liquid crystalline behavior
 1999 Binary mixtures of liquid crystals in contact preparations studied by the photopyroelectric technique
 2000 Photopyroelectric investigation of binary mixtures of liquid crystals in contact preparations
 2001 Thermophysical Properties in Phenyletheracrylate / Liquid Crystal Mixtures: Effects of Photoinitiator Concentration
 2003 Static and dynamic electro-optic properties of a SmC* phase in surface stabilized geometry and dispersed in the polymer matrix
 2006 Distortion and unwinding of the helical structure in polymer-stabilized short-pitch ferroelectric liquid crystal
 2008 Effect of the Polymer Network Density Formed in Short Pitch Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal on the Electroclinic Effect
 2009 Dielectric and electro-optical properties of a photosensitive liquid crystal
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 1998 Photopolymerization kinetics and phase behavior of acrylate based polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1999 Equilibrium phase diagram of polystyrene and 8CB
 1999 Phase Behavior of Cured and Uncured Propoxylated Glyceroltriacrylate/8CB Mixtures
 1999 Thermodynamic and electro-optic characteristics of UV-cured monofunctional acrylate/nematic liquid crystal mixtures
 2000 Effect of Molecular Weight on the Phase Diagram and Thermal Properties of Poly(styrene)/8CB Mixtures
 2000 Phase behavior of electron beam cured and uncured propoxylated glyceroltriacrylate/E7 mixtures
 2000 Phase diagrams and morphology of polymer dispersed liquid crystals based on nematic-liquid-crystal-monofunctional-acrylate mixtures
 2001 Phase Diagrams of Cured and Uncured Propoxylated Glyceroltriacrylate/5CB Mixtures
 2002 A Study of Morphology, Structure and Electro-Optical Responses of Polysiloxane and Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Dielectric Behaviour of a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Dispersed in Polymer Matrix
 2002 Electro-Optical Properties of Polymer Dispersed Short Pitch Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 2002 Phase Diagrams of Mixtures of Nematic Liquid Crystals and Linear or Crosslinked Polymers
 2002 Phase diagrams of monomer and uv-cured difunctional-acrylate-nematic-liquid-crystal systems
 2002 Phase Properties of Poly(2-Ethylhexylacrylate) / Liquid Crystal Systems
 2002 Photopyroelectric Measurements of Thermal Parameters Over Phase Transitions in Polymer/Liquid Crystals Systems
 2003 Calorimetric studies of poly (2-phenoxyethylacrylate)/5CB mixtures
Buisson, J.P.2004 Raman Studies of Carbon Nanotubes and Polymer Nanotube Composites
Buitenhuis, J.1995 Liquid crystal phase transitions in dispersions of rodlike colloidal particles
 2006 Diffusion of spheres in isotropic and nematic suspensions of rods
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 1991 Some conditions of ferromagnetic liquid crystal existence
 1992 Influence of plasticizers on the values of operational voltages of microencapsulated liquid crystals
 1992 Molecular Dynamics in the Smectic A* and C* Phases of a Single Compound with Very Large Ferroelectric Polarisation
 1992 The Biaxial Dielectric Properties in the Chiral Smectic C Phase of Single Compounds and Their Relation to Molecular Structure
 1994 Frequency dependence of the dielectric biaxiality in the chiral smectic C phase and the observation of a compound with negative dielectric biaxiality
 1994 Linear electrooptic effect based on flexoelectricity in a cholesteric with sign change of dielectric anisotropy
 1995 Atomic force microscopy of rubbed polyimide aligning films for liquid crystal displays
 1995 Biaxial dielectric properties in the chiral smectic C phase of single compounds and their relation to molecular structure
 1995 The molecular aspect of the double absorption peak in the dielectric spectrum of the antiferroelectric liquid crystal phase
 1997 Collective and non-collective excitations in antiferroelectric and ferrielectric liquid crystals studied by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy and electro-optic measurements
 1997 Influence of the Aligning Materials on the Dielectric Spectra of Thin Surface Stabilized FLC Cells
 1997 The Variation of the Degree of Molecular Correlation in Smectic Phases
 1998 Investigation of the helix unwinding process in thick freely suspended smectic films
 1998 Molecular correlation in smectic phases measured by dielectric relaxation spectroscopy
 1998 Studies of anchoring conditions for different aligning materials from dielectric behavior of SSFLC cells
 1998 The dependence of polarization and dielectric biaxiality on the enantiomeric excess in chiral dopant added to a smectic C host mixture
 1998 The dielectric characterization of a material without layer shrinkage
 1999 Broad band dielectric relaxation spectroscopy of molecular reorientation in smectic liquid crystalline phases (SmA, SmB, and CrE)
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
Buivydas, M. (cont...)1999 Slow molecular reorientation in higher-ordered liquid crystalline phases of a homologous series of stilbenes
 1999 The case of thresholdless antiferroelectricity: polarization-stabilized twisted SmC* liquid crystals give V-shaped electro-optic response
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 1979 Dielectric relaxation in MBBA
 1979 Dielectric relaxation in the nematic and isotropic phases of n-heptyl- and n-heptoxycyanobiphenyl
 1979 Static dielectric permittivity measurements on aligned smectic-C phase
 1981 Diamagnetic Properties of some Nematic Liquid Crystals
 1981 Dielectric dispersion in nematogens
 1981 Dielectric permittivity and loss measurement on aligned nematic, smectic-A and smectic-C phases of DOBHOP
 1981 Dielectric permittivity and relaxation phenomena in smectic phases
 1981 Dielectric properties of nematic and smectic-A liquid crystals
 1981 Investigation of the physical parameters of NPOOB around the phase transitions
 1981 Reorientation of the long molecular axis in smectic phases
 1982 Diamagnetism and orientational order of nematic liquid crystals
 1982 Dielectric behaviour of the smectic I phase
 1982 Dielectric relaxation in polar liquid crystals
 1982 Molecular relaxation in highly ordered orthogonal smectic SA, SB and SE phases
 1983 Dielectric permittivity on commensurate and incommensurate smectic phases
 1983 Thermal and dielectric properties of HOPDOB
 1984 Dielectric dispersion in the commensurate and incommensurate smectic phases
Buka, Agnes (cont...)1984 Dielectric properties of binary mixtures with induced and reentrant phases
 1985 Dielectric relaxation and order parameters in the nematic and smectic phases of 4-n-octyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl (8CB)
 1985 New electromechanical effect in chiral smectic C* liquid crystals
 1986 Dielectric permittivity and dipole relaxation in nematic and smectic liquid crystals
 1986 Dielectric permittivity at the nematic-smectic A phase transition
 1986 Electromechanical effect in SC* liquid crystals
 1986 Transitions of viscous fingering patterns in nematic liquid crystals
 1987 Properties of a homologous series of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1987 Stability of viscous fingering patterns in liquid crystals
 1987 Viscous fingering in liquid crystals
 1988 A special shear method of alignment for smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Morphological phase transitions in viscous fingering patterns in the liquid crystal 8CB
 1988 Pattern Formation during Mesophase Growth in Liquid Crystals
 1989 Comment on the paper: Electromechanical response to white noise excitation in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1989 Effect of molecular rotational hindrance on the spontaneous polarization in the chiral smectic C phase of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1989 Electromechanical Response to White Noise Excitation in a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1989 Electromechanical response to white noise excitation in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1989 Transient structures in the Fréedericksz transition
 1990 Molecular rotational potentials in the smectic C* phase of binary ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 1991 Morphological phase transitions of patterns in liquid crystals
Buka, Agnes (cont...)1991 Nonequilibrium patterns in the electric-field-induced splay Fréedericksz transition
 1992 Dendritic Growth of a Smectic Phase
 1992 Linear and non-linear transient patterns in the splay Freedericksz transition of nematics
 1992 Linear and Nonlinear Transient Patterns in the Splay Freedericksz Transition
 1992 Theory of nonlinear transient patterns in the splay Fréedericksz transition
 1993 Flow alignment of nematics under oscillatory shear
 1993 Nonparabolic dendrites of a smectic phase growing into a supercooled nematic
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 1995 Electroconvection in a homeotropic nematic under the influence of a magnetic field
 1995 Electrohydrodynamic convection in a homeotropically aligned nematic sample
 1995 Free-growth properties of a nematic-smectic-B liquid-crystal interface
 1995 Nematic-smectic B interface. Equilibrium and growth properties
 1996 Pattern formation during mesophase growth in a homologous series
 1996 Phase-field simulations and experiments of faceted growth in liquid crystals
 1997 Dynamics of disordered and regular Roll Patterns in a Homeotropic Nematic
 1997 Flow aligning homeotropic nematic liquid crystals under low-frequency oscillatory shear
 1997 Pattern Formation in Liquid Crystals - Electroconvection
 1997 Special Features of the Nematic-Smectic B Interface at Small Undercoolings
Buka, Agnes (cont...)1997 The Effect of the Diffusion Anisotrohy on the Instabilities of the Nematic-Smectic Interface
 1997 Thermally Induced Reversible Ageing in Cyclohexane Compounds and its Influence Pattern Formation
 1997 Transition to Spatiotemporal Chaos in Electroconvection of Nematics
 1997 Traveling waves in electroconvection of the nematic phase 5: a test of the weak electrolyte model
 1998 Dynamics of disordered patterns in electroconvection of homeotropically aligned nematic liquid crystals
 1998 Effect of the anisotropic surface tension, crystallization kinetics, and heat diffusion on nonequilibrium growth of liquid crystals
 1998 Heat diffusion anisotropy in dendritic growth: phase field simulations and experiments in liquid crystals
 1998 Pattern formation in homeotropic nematic induced by mechanical rectilinear and elliptical oscillatory excitation
 1999 Critical radius of loop defects in homeotropic nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Thermally induced aging in bicyclohexane compounds and its influence on the N-Smb phase transition and interface morphology
 2000 Director Precession and Nonlinear Waves in Nematic Liquid Crystals under Elliptic Shear
 2000 New scenarios in the electroconvection of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal
 2000 Pattern Formation at the Nematic Smectic-B Interface
 2000 Periodic forcing in viscous fingering of a nematic liquid crystal
 2000 Regular dendritic patterns induced by non-local time-periodic forcing
 2001 Prewavy pattern: a director-modulation structure in nematic liquid crystals
 2002 Electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals with positive dielectric and negative conductivity anisotropy
 2002 Magnetic field effect on the thresholds of a sequence of transitions in the electroconvection of a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal
 2002 Magnetic Field Effects on the Electroconvection Patterns of a Homeotropic Nematic
 2003 Nematic-liquid-crystal-air interface in a radial Hele-Shaw cell: Electric field effects
Buka, Agnes (cont...)2004 Decay of Spatially Periodic Patterns in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2004 Decay of spatially periodic patterns in a nematic liquid crystal
 2004 Direct transition to electroconvection in a homeotropic nematic liquid crystal
 2004 Electroconvection with and without the Carr-Helfrich effect in a series of nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Electroconvection with and without the Carr-Helfrich effect in a series of nematics
 2004 Isotropic Convection Scenarios in an Anisotropic Fluid
 2004 Square patterns and their dynamics in electroconvection
 2005 Convective Patterns in Liquid Crystals
 2005 Electroconvection in homeotropic nematic liquid crystals
 2005 Square Patterns and their Dynamics in Electroconvection
 2006 Non-standard electroconvection with Hopf-bifurcation in a nematic with negative electric anisotropies
 2006 The Role of Initial Conditions in the Decay of Spatially Periodic Patterns in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2007 Flexoelectricity and electroconvection
 2007 Nonstandard electroconvection and flexoelectricity in nematic liquid crystals
 2008 Competing time-scales in electroconvection
 2009 Electroconvection in nematic mixtures of bent-core and calamitic molecules
 2009 Flexoelectricity and competition of time scales in electroconvection
 2009 Flexoelectricity in Electroconvection
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 2002 Order-Disorder Phase Transition in Poly(di-n-butylstannane) Observed by UV-Vis and Raman Spectroscopy
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 1993 Volumetric properties of some liquid crystals with intermolecular hydrogen bonds
 1994 Magnetic susceptibility and molecular polarizability of 4-alkoxy-4'-formylazobenzenes
 1994 Mesomorphic and bulk properties of binary mixtures of 4-hexyloxybenzylidene-4'-toluidine with 4-ethoxybenzylidene-4'-butylaniline
 1994 Optical properties of binary liquid-crystal systems of alkylhydroxycyanobiphenyls-n-nitroaniline
 1995 Influence of the molecular structure of a nematic solvent on hydrogen bonding with non-mesomorphic proton donors
Burmistrov, V.A. (cont...)1995 Mesogenic 4-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)-4'-alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1995 Mesomorphic and bulk properties of the liquid-crystalline 4-hexyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl/azobenzene system
 1995 Mesomorphic properties of 4-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)-4'-alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1996 Optical characteristics of binary mixtures of 4-hexyloxybenzylidene-4'-toluidene with 4-ethoxybenzylidene-4'-butylaniline
 1996 Refractive indexes, polarizability, and orientation properties of some nematic esters
 1997 Dielectric permittivity of some liquid crystal alkyloxy derivatives of phenylbenzoate
 1997 Effect of molecular association on properties of mesomorphic esters
 1998 Dielectric constant of binary mixtures of nematic Schiff bases
 1998 Optical properties of mesogenic 4-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)- and 4-propoxy-4'-alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1998 Volume properties 4-(2,3-epoxypropoxy)- and 4-propoxy-4'-alkoxyazoxybenzenes
 1999 Orientation properties of solutions of acetonitrile in nematic esters
 1999 The influence of dipole-dipole interaction on the properties of binary mixtures of nematic Schiff bases
 2000 Orientational ordering of mixtures of nematic Schiff bases
 2002 Birefringence and the orientation order in the eutectic mixture of 4-pentyloxy- and 4-heptyloxy-4'-cyanobiphenyls
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