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Taga, Yasunori2000 Light source and display device
Tagami, Masakatsu1996 Double-stick adhesive sheet for use in liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1996 Laminate for liquid crystal display
 1996 Laminated glass cell for liquid-crystal display devices
 1996 Laminates for liquid crystal display film
 1996 Liquid crystal display glass cell
 1997 Acrylic polymer-based adhesive compositions for polar board protection
 1997 Manufacture of surface-protective adhesive tape and polarizing plate composites
 1997 Surface protective adhesive tapes for phase difference plates for liquid crystal displays
 1998 Elliptic polarizing plate with improved durability for liquid - crystal display
 1998 Polarizing plate equipped with reflector plate for reflective-type liquid crystal displays
 1998 Process for manufacture of elliptic polarizing plate for liquid crystal display
 1998 Redardation and elliptic polarizer sheets
 1999 Polarizing plate of liquid crystal display
Tagashira, Katsuharu1980 Ultrasonic study of high pressure phase in polyethylene
Tagawa, A.1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
Tagawa, Akira1989 Angular dependence of transient light scattering in ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1989 Dynamics and pressure effect of the helix in ferroelectric liquid crystal with small pitch
 1991 Anomalous pseudo-antiferroelectric behavior in chiral smectic liquid crystal 3MC2PCPOPB [(R)-4'-(3-methoxycarbonyl-2-propoxycarbonyl)phenyl 4-(4-octyloxyphenyl)benzoate]
 1991 Dynamic characteristics of optical bistability and limiting in polymer dispersed liquid crystal
 1991 Electrooptic effect in homeotropically aligned ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Electrooptic switching in polymer waveguide using surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1991 Hybrid optical bistability using antiferroelectric behavior in ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1991 Nonlinear optical response in ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1991 Optical bistability and limiting in polymer dispersed liquid crystal
 1991 Optical bistable and limiting behaviors in ferroelectric liquid crystal and optical processing
 1991 Optical Logic Element Using Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal with Electrical Feedback
 1992 Effect of surface pretilt angle on optical properties of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Four states of surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal with parallel rubbing
 1993 Liquid-crystal display and driving method for it
 1994 Novel switching with gray scale in surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal devices
 1995 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal display devices with improved gradation and their manufacture
 1995 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display device.
 1995 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display with C1-uniform orientation
 1995 Full-color liquid crystal display device and its manufacture
 1995 Switching behavior of surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal devices with chevron layer structure
Tagawa, Akira (cont...)1996 Optical switch
 2001 Ferroelectric Liquid crystal driving using square wave and non-square wave signals
 2003 Characteristics of Monostability in Asymmetrically Treated Surface-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells
Tagawa, H.2007 Thermally Reversible Distortion Observed for Monodomain Nematic Elastomer of Cross-Linked Main-Chain Polyester
Tagawa, Hirotaka2004 Thermotropic Liquid Crystals of Main-Chain Polyesters having a Mesogenic 4,4'-Biphenyldicarboxylate Unit, 14
 2005 Two Distinct Types of Orientation Process Observed in Uniaxially Elongated Smectic LC Melt
 2006 Temperature-Induced Reversible Distortion along Director Axis Observed for Monodomain Nematic Elastomer of Cross-Linked Main-Chain Polyester
 2008 Elongation Behavior of a Main-Chain Smectic Liquid Crystalline Elastomer
Tagawa, Koji1991 Small discharge lamp for liquid-crystal display device
 1992 Fluorescent lamp for liquid-crystal panel backlight
Tagawa, Naoto2006 Relationship between crosslinker and deformation behavior of smectic elastomers during SmA-SmC phase transformation
 2008 Shape-Memory Effect Controlled by the Crosslinking Topology in Uniaxially-Deformed Smectic C* Elastomers
Tagawa, Seiichi2007 Design and Photoconductive Properties of Hexabenzocoronene Derivatives Exhibiting Columnar Liquid Crystalline Mesophases below Room Temperature
 2008 Amphiphilic Molecular Design as a Rational Strategy for Tailoring Bicontinuous Electron Donor and Acceptor Arrays: Photoconductive Liquid Crystalline Oligothiophene-C60 Dyads
 2008 Prominent Electron Transport Property Observed for Triply Fused Metalloporphyrin Dimer: Directed Columnar Liquid Crystalline Assembly by Amphiphilic Molecular Design
 2009 "Bicontinuous Cubic" Liquid Crystalline Materials from Discotic Molecules: A Special Effect of Paraffinic Side Chains with Ionic Liquid Pendants
 2009 Anisotropic Electron Transport Properties in Sumanene Crystal
Tagawa, T.1999 Formation of microemulsion and liquid crystal in biocompatible sucrose alkanoate systems
Tagawa, Tetsuya1997 Size effect on tensile strength of carbon fibers
 1999 Compressive damage of carbon fibers and their crystalline structures
Tagawa, Tooru1989 Finishes for pitch precursor fibers for carbon fiber manufacture
Tagawa, Toru1989 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon fibers with reduced fiber-to-fiber adhesion
 1996 Phase behavior in water-sucrose monoalkanoate systems
 1997 Phase Transition between Microemulsion and Lamellar Liquid Crystal
Tagaya, A.2004 Highly-Efficient Backlight for Liquid Crystal Display Having no Optical Films
Tagaya, Akihiro1999 Highly scattering optical transmission polymers for bright display
 1999 Highly scattering optical transmission polymers for liquid crystal display
 1999 Photonic polymer for multimedia applications
 2002 Highly scattering optical transmission polymer and its application for LCD displays
 2002 The Advanced Highly Scattering Optical Transmission Polymer Backlight for Liquid Crystal Displays
 2003 Highly-efficient backlight for liquid crystal display having no optical films
 2003 Scattering analysis of highly scattering optical transmission polymer and its application to LCD displays
 2004 High-definition projection screen based on multiple light scattering technique
 2004 Preparation of a Zero-Birefringence Polymer Doped with a Birefringent Crystal and Analysis of Its Characteristics
 2006 Zero-Birefringence Optical Polymers
 2007 Zero zero-birefringence polymers
Tagaya, Hideyuki1998 Preparation and application of inorganic layered compounds for anion exchanged reaction
Tagaya, Kiyoshi1982 Carbon fibers with a haphazard cross-sectional structure
Tagaya, Kyomi1996 Method and apparatus for cutting glass substrates into liquid-crystal cells
Tager, A.A.1981 Study of the light scattering of poly(p-phenyleneterephthalamide) in a transition into a liquid-crystal state
 1985 Study of the structure of moderately concentrated solutions of some polyamides in the region of compositions preceding the formation of liquid crystals
Tager, S.A.1983 Matrix screen made from liquid crystals
Tagg, Sandra L.1994 Multiple Bonds between Metal Atoms in Ordered Assemblies. 2. Quadrupole Bonds in the Mesomorphic State
Taggar, Amandeep S.2006 Testing Assumptions about Solute Concentration Dependence in Liquid Crystal NMR
Taghizadeh, M.R.1991 Reconfigurable holographic optical interconnections using a phase-only nematic liquid crystal spatial light modulator
Tagima, Yoshihisa1992 Liquid - crystalline polyester-polyolefin-filler mixtures for moldings
Tagirov, M.S.2004 The use of a lyotropic liquid - crystalline medium and residual dipolar coupling constants for determination of the spatial structure of thiacalix[4]arenes in solutions
Tagle, L.H.1993 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystal polymers with oligosiloxane spacers
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of twin mesogens containing siloxane units as central spacers
Tagliavini, Emilio2000 Synthesis and characterization of new enantiopure 7,7'-disubstituted 2,2'-dihydroxy-1,1'-binaphthyls: useful ligands for the asymmetric allylation reaction of aldehydes
Täglich, W.1923 Ph. D. Thesis Halle
Tago, Chigusa2005 Liquid crystal display device
Tago, Makoto1999 Spontaneous melting of ice in a CaCl2 solution
Taguchi, A.1989 Second harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystals
Taguchi, Ayumu1989 Angle Phase Matching in Second Harmonic Generation from a Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1990 Observation of three subphases in smectic C* of MHPOBC by dielectric measurements
Taguchi, Dai2006 Monolayer alignment on azobenzene surfaces during UV light irradiation: Analysis of optical polarized absorption measurement results and theoretical treatment
 2006 Orientational order of 4'-n-pentyl-4-cyanobiphenyl molecules deposited on azobenzene monolayers
 2006 Surface potential and orientational ordering of evaporated liquid crystal ultra-thin films
 2007 Analysis of polar orientational order controlled by nanometer-thick polyimide Langmuir-Blodgett films
 2007 Analysis of re-ordering phenomena induced by the charge-injection at metal-polar liquid crystal interface
 2007 Compression Induced Achiral-Chiral Phase Transition of Monolayers Comprised of Banana-Shaped Achiral Molecules at the Air-Water Interface: Importance of In-plane Nematic Order
 2007 Cooperative molecular field effect and induced orientational ordering effect in polar liquid crystalline films on metals
 2007 The effect on the anchoring energy due to the polar orientational order of LC at the interface
 2008 Observation of orientational ordering processes of 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl molecules during evaporation onto polyimide Langmuir–Blodgett films by optical polarized absorption measurements
 2008 Ordering and orientational diffusion processes in thin dipolar liquid crystal film on metal surface
 2008 Orientational ordering of 4-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl molecules evaporated on multi-layered polyimide film
 2008 Orientational Reordering of Liquid Crystalline Monolayers by Cooperative Molecular Field Effect
 2008 Rotational self-diffusion coefficients in dipolar organic liquid crystal film on the solid surfaces
 2009 Spontaneous Orientational Ordering of Liquid Crystal Layer During Evaporation onto Silica
Taguchi, Eiji1996 Semiconductor device and active matrix liquid-crystal display device
 1996 Semiconductor device, such as, thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display and fabrication thereof
Taguchi, Haruo1997 Ceramic cathode discharge lamp
Taguchi, Hiroaki1997 Single crystal drawing apparatus
Taguchi, Hirokane1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal display panel with reduced spot defect
 1997 Photohardenable resin composition for forming liquid crystal display black matrix
Taguchi, Hiroto2007 Molecular precession in SmC* free-standing films under transmembrane proton transfer
Taguchi, Hiroyuki2003 Effects of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) chain length of PEG-lipid on the permeability of liposomal bilayer membranes
 2005 Effects of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) concentration on the permeability of PEG-grafted liposomes
 2006 Carboxyfluorescein leakage from poly(ethylene glycol)-grafted liposomes induced by the interaction with serum
Taguchi, Hisatomi1999 Porous ceramics having fine pore structure and their manufacture
Taguchi, Isamu1995 Optically active 2,3-difluoroalkyloxy compound, ferroelectric liquid crystal compound, and liquid crystal composition
 1996 Preparation of optically active [[phenylpyrimidinyloxy- or (phenylpyrimidinyl)phenoxy]methyl]butyrolactone derivatives as liquid crystals and liquid crystal composition containing them
Taguchi, Kazuhiro1991 Polyion complex films with multi-bilayer structure and structure of ionic polymers employed
 1993 Oxygen permeability of surfactant/polymer composite films with multibilayer and inverted hexagonal structure
 1998 Synthesis of macrocyclic phosphates as models of archaeal membrane lipids. Monolayer and bilayer studies
Taguchi, Kazuo1995 Mesophase pitch-based discontinuous carbon fiber-reinforced metals for bearings
Taguchi, Keiichi2003 Reflective and hybrid-aligned nematic liquid crystal display
Taguchi, Ken2003 Undulation of Lamellar Crystals of Polymers by Surface Stresses
Taguchi, M.1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
Taguchi, Masaaki1986 Chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1986 Liquid crystal compound
 1986 Liquid crystal compound
 1986 Liquid crystalline compounds
 1986 Liquid crystals for electrooptical displays
 1986 Liquid-crystal compounds
 1986 Phenyl benzoate-type chiral smectic liquid crystals and compositions containing same
 1986 Pyrimidinecarboxylate liquid crystals
 1986 Pyrimidinylphenyl benzoates as liquid crystals
 1987 2-(4-alkoxycarbonyl)phenylpyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectric liquid crystals
 1987 2-Phenylpyrimidine derivatives as chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1987 Liquid crystal phenylpyridine derivative for display device
 1987 Optically active 9,10-dihydro-7-alkoxy-phenanthrene-2-carboxylic acid esters as liquid crystals
 1987 Optically-active (alkylthiophenyl)pyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1987 Optically-active phenylpiperazine derivatives for ferroelectric liquid-crystal display devices
 1988 (2-Fluoroalkoxy)phenylpyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1988 (Citronellyloxyphenyl)pyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 optical-active alkylcyclobiphenylyl carboxylates for chiral smectic liquid-crystal displays
 1988 Optically active (alkylcyclohexyl)benzoic acid phenyl ester derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Optically active 2-phenyl-5-phenylpyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
Taguchi, Masaaki (cont...)1988 Optically active 2-phenylpyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric chiralsmectic liquid cryst. compounds for display devices
 1988 Optically active biphenylyl acyloxybenzoates as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Pyrimidinylphenyl α-methylcarboxylate esters as ferroelectric chiral-smectic liquid crystals
 1988 Pyrimidinylphenyl esters as liquid crystals
 1989 (3,7-Dimethyloctyloxyphenyl)pyrimidine derivatives as smectic liquid crystals
 1989 (Benzoyloxyphenyl)pyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 β-Methylacyloxyphenylpyrimidine derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 Optically active pyrimidinylphenyl esters and ferroelectric chiral-smectic liquid crystal compositions containing them therein
 1989 Pyrimidinylphenoxyalkyl esters as liquid crystals
 1989 Pyrimidinylphenyl acyloxybenzoate derivatives as liquid crystals
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal electrooptical device
 1990 Liquid crystalline pyrimidinylphenyl benzoates
 1990 Phenylpyridazine derivative liquid crystals
 1991 4-(2-Pyrimidinyl)phenyl 4-alkoxbenzyl ethers as smectic liquid crystals
 1992 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal element
 1997 Light valve device
Taguchi, Masakazu2005 Dynamical dimer structure and liquid structure of fatty acids in their binary liquid mixture: decanoic/octadecanoic acid and decanoic/dodecanoic acid systems
Taguchi, Masao2007 Enlargement of Liquid Crystal Alignment Areas by Dispersing Stretched Polymer Filament
Taguchi, Minori2003 Magnetic Vesicles of Amphiphilic Spiropyran Containing Iron Oxide Particles on a Solid State Substrate
 2005 Photoswitchable Magnetic Nanoparticles of Prussian Blue with Amphiphilic Azobenzene
Taguchi, Noboru1992 Active-matrix liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1995 Liquid crystal display with uniform IC connecting resistance and its manufacture
 1996 Manufacture of liquid crystal display device having ultrafine MIM element
Taguchi, Nobuya1995 Structure of Networks Formed in Concentrated Solutions of Nonionic Surfactant Studied by the Pulsed-Gradient Spin-Echo Method
Taguchi, Satoshi1982 Intermolecular interaction in binary nematic mixtures of 4-methoxybenzylidene-4'-n-butylaniline and n-alkyl alcohol
 1995 Metal layer-bearing hard carbon film and MIM device using it for liquid crystal display
 1996 Active matrix liquid crystal display device
 1998 Liquid crystal display having slit on polymer film driving circuit substrate
Taguchi, Shunsuke1992 Super-twisted nematic liquid crystal display
Taguchi, Takao1997 Color filter and its manufacture
 1998 Black photosensitive resin composition and manufacture of color filter using same
 1998 Black photosensitive resin compositions, color filter containing them and process for their manufacture
 1998 Color filter and manufacture thereof
 1999 Application of a photopolymer to a holographic reflector for reflective liquid-crystal displays
 1999 Color filter with black matrix containing carbon black
Taguchi, Takashi1999 Semiconductor device having ladder resistance for driving liquid crystal display
Taguchi, Tomohiro2005 Organic Field-effect Transistor Based on Biphenyl Substituted TTF
 2006 Syntheses and Properties of Oligothiophenes with Cyano and Hexyl Groups
Taguchi, Toru1988 Method of making diacyloxynaphthalenes
Taguchi, Toshiharu2007 STM Observation of Labile Axial Ligands to Zinc Porphyrin at Liquid/Solid Interface
Taguchi, Yasuhiro1997 Liquid crystalline polymer stabilized FLCDs with conventional rubbed polyimide films or with photo alignment films of poly(vinyl cinnamate)
Taguchi, Yoshiaki2006 Polycarbonate materials modified with LCP(Vectra(R)) for flowability improvement
 2008 Polar Nematic Phase in Lyotropic Solutions of Poly(γ-benzyl glutamate) and Its Temperature Instability As Detected by SHG Measurement
 2009 Difference in Steady Shear Flow Viscosity between Polar and Nonpolar Nematic Liquid Crystals in Aromatic Polyesters Derived from VECTRA
 2009 Unusual Transformation of the Mechanically Induced Monodomain State to the Polydomain One in Polar Nematic Liquid Crystals of Aromatic Polyesters
 2010 Spontaneous Formation of Polar Liquid Crystal in Lyotropic Solution of Helical Poly(γ-Benzyl Glutamate)
Taguchi, Yoshio2000 UV-transmitting peelable adhesive sheets for manufacture of liquid crystal display panels
Tagüena-Martinez, J.2003 Erratum: Relaxation in kinetic models on alternating linear chains [Phys. Rev. E 63, 026114 (2001)]
Tagunov, E.Ya.1973 Study of liquid crystals using elastic surface waves
Taguri, Yoshiki2006 Self-Assembling of n-Type Semiconductor Tri(phenanthrolino)hexaazatriphenylenes with a Large Aromatic Core
Tagusa, Yasunobu1995 Liquid-crystal display panel
 1995 Substrate for liquid crystal display or EL display
 1996 Active matrix TFT liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1997 Active matrix liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal display with high opening ratio and high quality display and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid crystal display with improved opening ratio and display brightness and its manufacture
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1997 Transmission-type liquid crystal display apparatus and method for producing it
 1997 Transmitting liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1998 Liquid-crystal display device with contact holes extending through interlayer insulating film between switching elements and pixel electrodes
 1998 Substrates for thin-film transistors and manufacture thereof
 2000 Method for treating waste liquid crystal display panels for decreasing the volume of waste liquid crystals
 2000 Treatment of waste liquid crystal display panels
Tagusari, Toshinori1992 Preparation of (formylphenyl)alkanoic acids cyclic acetal derivatives
 1997 Composition for liquid crystal orientation film, orientation film therefrom, and liquid crystal display using them
 1998 Polyester-polyamic acid-based composition, liquid-crystal orientation film from it, liquid-crystal holding substrate using the film, and liquid-crystal display device using the substrate
 1998 Polyester-polyamic acid-based composition, liquid-crystal orientation film from it, liquid-crystal holding substrate using the film, and liquid-crystal display device using the substrate
 2000 Composition for orientation film of liquid crystal display device
Tahani, Abdesselam1999 Adsorption of a Cationic Surfactant on Na-Montmorillonite: Inspection of Adsorption Layer by X-Ray and Fluorescence Spectroscopies
Tahar-Djebbar, Ibtissam2009 Side-chain liquid crystal polymer based on π-conjugated backbone for organic electronics
Tahara, Daisuke2003 Structure Formation from the Oriented Glassy States of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate)
Tahara, Hiroshi2005 Accommodative load for stereoscopic displays
Tahara, Kazuko1979 Utilization of sugars in organic synthesis. Part I. Regioselective syntheses of mono-O-acylglucoses
Tahara, Kazukuni2006 Influence of Solvent for the Two-Dimensional Crystals Based on Dehydrobenzo[12]annulene Derivatives at the Liquid-Solid Interface
Tahara, Masaru2004 Photoacid-catalyzed pigmentation of dyestuff precursors enhanced by acid amplifiers in polymer films
Tahara, Shinya1998 Three-dimensional morphology of LCPC using confocal fluorescence microscopy
 2000 Liquid crystal optical device and its manufacture
 2000 Method for manufacture of liquid crystal optical device
 2000 Method for manufacture of liquid crystal optical device
Tahara, Shuji1997 Photocurable resin composition for sealing liquid crystal cells
Tahara, Sinya1996 Morphology and ordering control in LCPC
Tahara, Syuji1995 Epoxy resin composition for sealing film-made liquid crystal cells
Tahara, Syuuji1998 Development of index printer for APS MINILAB
Tahara, T.1985 A new series of liquid crystalline materials containing boron atoms
 1988 Physical Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Incorporating a Boron Atom
 1988 Synthesis and thermal properties of new ferroelectric liquid crystalline materials containing boron atoms
Tahara, Tadasu1989 2,5-Diaryl-1,3,2-dioxaborinanes: a new series of liquid crystals
Tahara, Tahei2000 Ultrafast excited-state proton transfer dynamics of 1,8-dihydroxyanthraquinone (chrysazin) studied by femtosecond time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Tahara, Yousuke2007 Structural Phase Transitions on Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals by the Matrix Method
Tahata, Hironori2000 Manufacture of phase plates with uniform retardation
Tahata, Izumi1998 Manufacture of liquid crystal display
Tahata, S.1988 14th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sendai
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystal light valve using silica/amorphous hydrogenated silicon photodiode
 1991 High resolution display using a laser addressed ferroelectric liquid crystal light valve
 1992 Electro-optical properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials
 1996 Light scattering properties of polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 2004 Optimization of the Pretilt Angle of Liquid Crystal Alignment for IPS Mode LCD
Tahata, Shin1992 Uniformly aligned ferroelectric liquid crystal cell applied to a light valve
 1993 Edge enhancement recording with ferroelectric liquid crystal spatial light modulator using SiO2/a-Si:H photosensor
 1993 Molecular orientation in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals using time-resolved FT-IR
 1996 Effects of polymer matrix on electro-optic properties of liquid crystal mixed with polymer
 1997 A wide viewing angle LCD controlled by a lateral electric field
 2002 Liquid crystal display apparatus with reduced visual angle degradation
Tahata, Shota2007 Synthesis of 6-Hexadecylazulene Derivatives as a Multielectron Redox System with Liquid Crystalline Behavior
Tahehara, Sadao1987 Optically active carboxylic acid derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
Taheri, B.1996 Cholesteric liquid-crystal displays illuminated by diffuse and partially diffuse light
 1998 Effect of chemical structures of polyimides on unidirectional liquid crystal alignment using a single linearly polarized UV exposure
 2001 Accurate Measurement of the Helical Twisting Power of Chiral Dopants
 2001 Low threshold lasing in cholesteric liquid crystals
 2001 Mirrorless Lasing and Energy Transfer in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Doped with Laser Dyes
 2001 Tunable Mirrorless Lasing in Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
 2004 Cholesteric liquid-crystal laser as an optic fiber-based temperature sensor
 2005 Lasing Thresholds of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Lasers
Taheri, Bahman1998 A method for the formation of polymer walls in liquid crystal /polymer mixtures
 1998 Mechanism of unidirectional liquid-crystal alignment on polyimides with linearly polarized ultraviolet light exposure
 1998 New photoaligned multidomain liquid crystal display formed utilizing a liquid crystal polarizer
 1998 Recent developments in bistable cholesteric displays
 1999 Formation of polymer walls by phase separation of LC-polymer binary mixtures in a nonuniform electric field
 1999 Variable light attenuating dichroic dye guest-host device
 2000 Technology for electronically varying helmet visor tint
 2002 Lasing in a three-dimensional photonic crystal of the liquid crystal blue phase II
 2002 Mirrorless Lasing in a 3-D Photonic Band Gap Material: BP II
 2002 Mirrorless lasing in liquid crystalline materials
 2004 Device exhibiting photoinduced dichroism for adaptive anti-glare vision protection
 2004 Lasing Thresholds of Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Lasers
 2010 Guest-host liquid crystal devices for adaptive window application.
Taherpour, Avat2006 Quantitative structural relationship between Randic index of Alkylcyanobiphenyl homologues as calamatic liquid crystals with transition temperatures Nematic and Smectic-C mesophases
Tahir, A.1992 Heat transfer in thin films of liquid crystals
 1999 A differential scanning calorimetry study of the interaction of Lasalocid antibiotic with phospholipid bilayers
 1999 Langmuir Films of Pure Antibiotic Ionophores and of Mixtures with Phospholipid at Different Temperatures
Tahir, Muhammad Nawaz2008 Liquid crystalline phases from polymer functionalised semiconducting nanorods
Tahir, N.A.2002 Implosion of multilayered cylindrical targets driven by intense heavy ion beams
 2003 Generation of a hollow ion beam: Calculation of the rotation frequency required to accommodate symmetry constraint
Tahiri, E.E.2000 Monte Carlo simulation of a hard-sphere gas in the planar Fourier flow with a gravity field
Tahobashi, Ken1988 Liquid crystal compounds
 1988 New chlorine compound liquid crystals
Tahohashi, Ken1987 Liquid crystal compounds and compositions
 1987 Liquid crystal intermediates
 1987 Optically active β-fluorohydrins
 1987 Optically active beta-alkoxyalcohols and derivatives and liquid crystal composition containing the same
Tahon, Jean-Pierre1996 Method for photographically producing multicolor filter array for use in liquid-crystal display
 1997 Method for manufacturing multicolor filter array
 1997 Multicolor filter array element for use in LCD and method for photographically producing it
 1997 Silver halide color photographic material comprising specific intermediate layer
 1998 Improved passivation layer on top of color filter array for use in liquid-crystal display device
Tai, C.-H.2005 DNA Condensation Induced by Nanoparticle-Embedded Dendrimer Leading to Pearl-Chain Nanowires
Tai, Chien-Huan1980 Gas chromatographic separation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using liquid crystals
 1980 Synthesis of heterocyclic liquid crystals and its significance in gas chromatography
Tai, Chien-Kuan1980 Synthesis of liquid crystals containing oxazole rings
Tai, H.-S.1990 Changes in the carbon-hydrogen stretching region of infrared spectra at the cholesteric phase transition
Tai, Hiroyoshi1987 Liquid-crystal alignment control compositions containing polyimide resin precursors and amines
 1987 Phenyl biphenylcarboxylate derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1992 orientation film for liquid-crystal display device
 1993 Liquid crystal orientation agents
 1996 Liquid crystal orientation film using polyimide
 1997 Polyamide-based liquid crystal orientation agent having hydrophobic sidechains for vertical alignment
Tai, Hong Lyul1985 Calculation of binding energy of atomic nuclei by the liquid crystal model
Tai, Hsing-Chieh2003 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymers based on mesogens with halogen-containing terminal groups
Tai, Hua-Shan1988 Liquid crystals and their applications
 1988 Optical studies of aqueous hydroxypropylcellulose in cholesteric liquid crystalline order
 1988 Study of lyotropic liquid crystalline order in hydroxypropylcellulose aqueous solutions
 1989 Structural investigations of thermotropic hydroxypropyl cellulose
 1989 The preparation and characteristics studies of microencapsulated cholesteric liquid crystals. I
 1990 Phase transition behaviors and selective optical properties of a binary cholesteric liquid crystals system: mixtures of oleyl cholesteryl carbonate and cholesteryl nonanoate
 1990 Phase transition of cholesteryl oleyl carbonate-cholesteryl nonanoate mixtures
Tai, Kazuo1990 Activated carbon fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
 1995 Second-Order Optical Nonlinearities in Perfluoroalkylsulfonyl Substituted Azo Dyes
Tai, Lin Hwa2009 Very Unique Liquid Crystalline Phase Structures Having Two-Dimensional Silver Sheet for the Adducts of Phenazine and Silver Alkylsulfonates
Tai, Renzhong1990 Real-time multichannel intensity correlator
Tai, Toshihiro1998 Solid-state NMR analyses of the structure and dynamics of polymers in the different states
Tai, Y.2007 Intermolecular Band Dispersion for Self-Assembly Monolayers of A Polyphenyl Thiol
Tai, Ya-Hsiang1992 Polycrystalline silicon thin film transistors with low-temperature gate dielectrics
 2004 High-performance polycrystalline silicon thin-film transistor with multiple nanowire channels and lightly doped drain structure
 2006 Statistical study on the states in the low-temperature poly-silicon films with thin film transistors
Tai, Zi-Hou1994 Molecular assemblies of diazafluorenone Schiff-base amphiphiles. II. The vesicle and its molecular aggregation behavior
 1994 Study on the self-organization of diazafluoroenone Schiff base amphiphilic ligands
 1996 Amphotropic behavior of a series of single-chain monoaza crown ethers
 2000 Synthesis and properties of Schiff's bases derived from 1,3,4-thiadiazole as a mesogenic unit
 2002 Liquid crystalline thiadiazole derivatives: new ferroelectric thiadiazole derivatives
Taia, Zihou1996 Molecular packing in LB films of a new porphyrin investigated by atomic force microscopy
Taibin, B.Z.1996 Analytical method for determining parameters of dielectric relaxation
 1997 Selection of informative frequencies in the determination of the parameters for dielectric relaxation
Taillandier, E.1988 Effect of ethanol on dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine large unilamellar vesicles investigated by quasi-elastic light scattering and vibrational spectroscopy
 1989 The effect of loperamide on the thermal behavior of dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine large unilamellar vesicles
 1991 The interaction of image-propranolol and dimyristoyl phosphatidylcholine large unilamellar vesicles investigated by quasielastic light scattering and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy
 1992 Thermal behavior and elastic properties of phospholipid bilayers under the effect of a synthetic flavonoid derivative, LEW-10
 1994 Spectroscopic evidence for an intramolecular RNA triple helix
Taillefer, L.2000 Oscillatory Melting Temperature of the Vortex Smectic Phase in Layered Superconductors
Tailleur, J.2004 Dynamics of an unbounded interface between ordered phases
Taima, Kenji1995 Application of multiplex holograms
Taima, T.2003 Growth of organic crystal thin film by a new method--rectangular heater heated pedestal growth method
Tain, Yan-Qing1996 Synthesis and study of intermolecular hydrogen bonded complexes between 6-(4-octyloxyphenylazophenoxy)-1-hexyl polymaleate and 4-(4-heptanoxybenzoyloxy)-4'-stilbazole
Tainaka, Seiichi1997 Manufacture of laminated structures bonded with solvent-type adhesives and electronic appliance bodies and keyboard supports from them
Taira, Hatsuo1994 Carbon-containing refractory materials
Taira, K.2009 Effect of light ray overlap between neighboring parallax images in autostereoscopic 3D displays
Taira, Kazuki1996 Liquid crystal display with high reflectivity and high contrast
 1999 Optical polarizer, liquid crystal shutter, color imaging device and drive method of liquid crystal cell
 2000 Liquid crystal display device having driving voltage controlling means
 2005 Autostereoscopic liquid crystal display using mosaic color pixel arrangement
 2005 Color Design and Adjustment of Dichroic Dyes for Reflective Three-Layered Guest-Host Liquid Crystal Displays
Taira, Kazumiki1997 Color projection display device
Taira, Keiji1981 Anchoring effect on the structural transition of cholesteric liquid crystals of polypeptide solutions
Taira, Maria C.2003 Characterization of diacetylenic liposomes as carriers for oral vaccines
Taira, Y.2001 Optical Properties of Colloid Liquid Crystal Composites
Taira, Yoichi1996 Liquid-crystal display device and method of manufacture
 1999 Surface modification of liquid crystal alignment layer by photochemical reaction
Tait, J.G.1995 Fibers from polypropylene and liquid-crystal polymer blends using compatibilizing agents: 1. Assessment of functional and nonfunctional polypropylene-acrylic acid compatibilizers
Tait, Robert2005 3D measurements using a programmable projector and a grating
Taitelbaum, Haim2003 Anomalous growth of the depletion zone in the photobleaching trapping reaction
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 1986 NMR study of molecules in anisotropic systems. III-Structure and orientation of 1a,2a,3e,4e,5e,6a-hexachloro-cyclohexane in a nematic liquid crystal determined from low-temperature experiments
 1988 NMR study of molecules in anisotropic systems. VI. Solution structure and preferred orientation of 3,7-dibromo-10H-phenothiazine dissolved in nematic liquid crystal
 1991 Molecular structure and smectic properties: thermal properties of some liquid crystals having a nitro group at the terminal position
Takagi, Toshiaki2000 Color filter for reflection LCD (liquid crystal display) and manufacture of the filter
 2000 Color filter for reflection LCD (liquid crystal display) and manufacture of the filter
 2000 Manufacture method of color filter
Takagi, Toshinori1974 Liquid crystal thermooptic effects and two new information display devices
 1975 Liquid-crystal electrothermo-optic effects and their application to display
 1975 Materials for display devices
Takagi, Toshio1997 Liquid crystal display
Takagi, Toshiyuki1996 Vibration suppression effect of liquid crystal under electromagnetic field
Takagi, Usaji2000 Thermosetting resin compositions containing phosphine oxides and their cured products and protecting films
Takagi, Yasushi1988 Electrochemiluminescence in liquid crystals
Takagi, Yoshiaki1999 Rare gas discharge lamp for backlight of liquid crystal display
Takagi, Yoshihiko2006 Design considerations for a backlight with switchable viewing angles
 2007 Light sources and output couplers for a backlight with switchable emission angles
Takagi, Yoshihiro1993 Antiferroelectric liquid-crystal compound and its preparation
Takagi, Yoshinori1998 Anodes containing metal particles for secondary lithium ion batteries
 1998 Manufacture of carbon materials for lithium ion secondary battery anodes
 1998 Manufacture of carbonaceous materials for secondary lithium battery anodes
 1999 Manufacture of carbonaceous materials for anodes in secondary batteries and the carbonaceous materials
Takagi, Yumiko2007 gem-Difluorocyclopropane as core molecule candidate for liquid crystal compounds
Takaguchi, Yutaka2003 Self-Assembly and Regioselective Photodimerization of Anthracene Having a Dendritic Substituent
 2006 Photoreactivity of tetra-substituted anthracene derivatives and their mesophases
Takahagi, Hideki1998 Method and apparatus for removing liquid crystal cell domains
Takahagi, Takayuki1989 Melt spinning pitch precursor fibers with improved spinnability
Takahama, Jun2002 Observation of Self-Oscillation of Electrical Potential Difference in Organic Phase of Water-Oil-Water Liquid Membrane System
Takahama, Koichi1986 Manufacture of inorganic porous laminate
 1986 Manufacture of porous laminate
 1987 Manufacture of inorganic porous laminar materials
 1987 Manufacture of porous inorganic lamellar bodies
 1988 Manufacture of lamellar porous bodies by intercalation
 1991 Deodorant composition for indoor air treatment
Takahama, Kouichi1989 Preparation of porous inorganic materials
Takahara, A.1994 Effect of thermal molecular motion on pervaporation behavior of comb-shaped polymers with fluorocarbon side groups
Takahara, Atsushi1986 Photo-controlled active transport of cations through polymer/liquid crystal/photoresponsive crown ether ternary composite thin films
 1991 Aggregation State-Permeation Characteristic Relationships of Self-Supported Liquid Crystalline Membranes
 1992 Aggregation state and mesophase structure of comb-shaped polymers with fluorocarbon side groups
 1992 Polymer/(liquid crystal) composite systems for novel electrooptical effects
 1993 Phase separated structure - electro-opitcal property relationships of (polymer/liquid crystal) composite film
 1994 Bistable electro-optical switching with memory effects of (liquid crystalline polymer/low molecular weight liquid crystal) composite systems
 1996 Effect of main-chain rigidity on fatigue behavior of polymeric fibers based on zone nonlinear viscoelastic analysis
 1997 Structural ordering in liquid crystalline polymer composite by external stimulus
 2001 Surface Mobile Layer of Polystyrene Film below Bulk Glass Transition Temperature
 2004 Aggregation States and Surface Wettability in Films of Poly(styrene-block-2-perfluorooctyl ethyl acrylate) Diblock Copolymers Synthesized by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
 2004 Surface Structure of Asymmetric Fluorinated Block Copolymers
Takahara, Hiroshi1992 Liquid-crystal electrooptical imaging device
 1992 Polymer-dispersion liquid-crystal panel, manufacture thereof, and liquid crystal projejction television
 1995 Liquid crystal display without using black matrix, its manufacture and projection TV using it
 1995 Liquid crystal panel and display with high luminance and stable display
 1995 Liquid crystal panel and its manufacture and projection type display device with improved contrast
 1995 Method of fabricating a polymer dispersed liquid crystal panel with measuring thickness, adjusting then hardening
 1999 Drive circuit of liquid crystal display panel for liquid crystal projector, method for driving thereof and process for manufacture thereof
 2000 View finder for video camera
 2001 Method and apparatus for driving an active matrix display panel
Takahara, Kazuhiro1995 Active matrix liquid crystal display apparatus with improved homogeneous brightness
 1996 Active matrix liquid crystal display apparatus with heat sinks and reduced electrical noise
Takahara, Kenichi1992 Manufacture of amorphous silicon thin-film semiconductor device useful for liquid-crystal display device
Takahara, S.1990 Synthesis of optically active α-cyanobenzyl alkyl ethers
 2007 Structure and dynamic properties of liquids confined in MCM-41 mesopores
Takahara, Shigeru1998 Photoalignment films of polyesters with photoreactive main chain
 1998 Production method of oriented photosensitive polymer film
 1999 Photoalignment films of polyesters with photoreactive main chain; photodimerization of 4-[4-(2-carboxyvinylene)-phenylcarbonyloxy] cinnamate group
Takahara, Yoshiki1973 p-(p-Alkoxybenzylideneamino)phenyl alkyl carbonates
Takahara, Yuichirou2000 Ceramic electrode structure, discharge lamp, and lighting device
 2000 Discharge lamp using ceramic electrode, discharge lamp device, discharge lamp lighting device, and lighting device
Takahashi, A.2001 Thermal and optical properties of newly synthesized dicholesteryl esters with a phenylene oxide link in the normal and solidified cholesteric phases
Takahashi, Akio1989 Aromatic poly(ester carbonates) and their preparation
 1989 Manufacture of heat- and solvent-resistant liquid crystalline aromatic polyester polycarbonates
 1996 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display element
 1996 Polymer dispersion-type liquid-crystal display devices and their manufacture
 1996 Printed circuit board and its manufacture
Takahashi, Akira1967 Solution and phase coexistance studies of poly-L-alanine and poly-D,L-alanine in a helix-random coil interconverting media
 1989 Temperature dependence of proton spin-lattice relaxation time for water (HDO) in dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine-D2O systems
 1998 Crystalline copolymer approach for melting behavior of starch
 1998 New organic electroluminescence devices, manufacture thereof, and applications
Takahashi, Akito1978 Characteristics of the light transmitted through a nematic liquid crystal cell
Takahashi, Atsushi1995 Structures of wholly aromatic copolyesters composed of 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, biphenol and terephthalic acid: 1. Effects of copolymer composition on thermal properties
 1998 Color filter for liquid crystal display
 1999 Multicolor filter and materials for its preparation
 2000 Full color thermal imaging material containing dibasic acid dicholesteryl ester
 2003 Novel supramolecular hydrogen-bonded cholesteric mesogens: liquid crystalline, thermooptical and glass-forming properties
Takahashi, Eiichi1991 Alignment technique for thin-film-transistor liquid -crystal displays
 1998 Liquid - crystal display having signal-input terminal
 1999 Production method of liquid crystal display using protective film
 2000 Active matrix liquid crystal displays
 2000 Liquid crystal display device and inspection method therefor
 2000 Manufacture method of liquid crystal display
Takahashi, F.1977 Photoelectrochemical Reactions of Chlorophyll-Liquid Crystal Electrodes
Takahashi, Fujio1977 Photoelectrochemical reaction of chlorophyll immobilized with liquid crystal on metal surface
Takahashi, Fumihiro2003 Highly stable polarization gratings in photocrosslinkable polymer liquid crystals
 2005 Polarization holograms in azo dye-doped polymer dissolved liquid crystal composites
Takahashi, Gunichi1999 Insulating material for electronic equipment, semiconductor devices which use it, and their production
Takahashi, H.1996 Structure and phase behaviour of dimyristoylphosphatidic acid/poly(L-lysine) systems
Takahashi, Hajime1981 The interaction between an anionic surfactant and oily material at oil/water interface
 2005 Bis(4-dodecyloxyphenyl)diazene oxide
 2006 Crystal structure and emission properties of 4,4'-dimethoxy-2,2'-dihydroxybenzalazine
 2006 Liquid crystals as organogelators: liquid crystals gelled organic liquids
 2007 Crystal structure, mesomorphic and emission properties of liquid crystals having a 7-(diethylamino)-3-phenylcoumarin core
Takahashi, Hideki1992 Liquid-crystal display devices and manufacture thereof
 2004 Development of a new traceless aniline linker for combinatorial solid-phase parallel synthesis of rod-shaped liquid crystals with an azomethine linkage
Takahashi, Hideo1976 Construction of liquid crystal light valve in reflection mode
 1997 Formation of color filter by flexographic printing
 2006 Composite Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cells with a Phase Separated Layer Structure
 2007 Fabrication of PSCOF-LC cells using mesogenic monomers
 2008 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Cell With Phase Separated Composite Organic Film
 2009 Polymer-Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals Photocured at Nematic Phase
Takahashi, Hideto1994 Charge leakage characteristic of glass substrate for liquid crystal display
 1995 Charge leakage characteristics of glass substrates for liquid-crystal display devices
 1996 Apparatus and method for evaluating contamination caused by organic substances deposited on substrate surfaces
 1996 The effects of surface contamination on electrostatic characteristics of LCD glass substrates
 1997 Analysis of organic contaminats adsorbed on sample surface
 1997 Clean air storage room especially for semiconductor wafers or liquid crystal display substrates
Takahashi, Hidetoshi1996 Liquid crystal spatial light modulator using p-i-n a-Si:H photoconductive layer and reticulated Al mirror
Takahashi, Hideya1994 Approach to the multicolor imaging from computer-generated hologram
 1995 Direct volume access by an improved electro-holography image generator
 1997 New approach to the real-time 3D display using a holographic optical element
 1998 Holographic stereogram movie system for practical 3D display
 1998 Three-dimensional display systems with holographic technologies
 2008 Stereoscopic see-through retinal projection head-mounted display
Takahashi, Hiroaki1973 Liquid crystal display device
 1973 Sichtgeraet auf der Basis flüssiger Kristalle
 1974 Nematic liquid crystal compositions based on phenyl esters of benzoic acid for electrooptical display devices
 1975 Flüssigkristallzusammensetzung
 1976 The infrared and raman spectra of p-azoxyanisole in the crystalline, nematic and isotropic liquid phases
 2000 Gas-aided cleaning method and the ultrasonic cleaning device
Takahashi, Hiroki1997 Nematic liquid crystal display device
 1997 Vertically twisted nematic liquid crystal display device
Takahashi, Hiromitsu1996 Fluorescence study of a thermotropic liquid crystal: bis(p-hexyloxyphenyl)terephthalate
 1996 Fluorescence study of the microstructure of a lyotropic liquid-crystalline polyester substituted with sulfonato and nitro groups
 1998 Rigid-Rod Polyesters with Flexible Side Chains Based on 1,4-Dialkyl Esters of Pyromellitic Acid and 4,4'-Biphenol. 7. Fluorescence Studies on Crystalline and Liquid Crystalline Layered Phases over a Wide Range of Temperatures
 2000 Photoinduced Disordering Dynamics of a Cyanobiphenyl Liquid Crystal Containing Quinizarin
Takahashi, Hironobu2006 Pulsed-Laser Induced Fragmentation and Dissociation of DNA Immobilized on Gold Nanoparticles
Takahashi, Hiroshi1987 Effects of various adsorbents on mycelium formation and mycophenolic acid production by Penicillium brevicompactum
 1992 Effects of poly(L-lysine) on the structural and thermotropic properties of dipalmitoylphosphatidylglycerol bilayers
 1992 Thermotropic mesophases of benzene derivatives with terminally hydroxylated groups
 1993 Phase transitions and polymorphism in phospholipids
 1995 Simultaneous differential scanning calorimetry and time-resolved X-ray diffraction of lipid-water system. I. Relationship between chain melting and endothermic heat at the main transition of a dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine-water system
 1995 Structural and thermotropic properties of calcium-dimyristoylphosphatidic acid complexes at acidic and neutral pH conditions
 1996 Effects of cholesterol on the lamellar and the inverted hexagonal phases of dielaidoylphosphatidylethanolamine
 1996 Illuminating unit and liquid crystal display using same
 1997 Backlight for liquid crystal displays
 1997 Behavior of ice-water transition in dimyristoylphosphatidylethanolam ine-water system
 1997 Difluorobenzoic acid thio ester and ferroelectric liquid -crystal composition containing it
 1997 On exothermic transformation from metastable gel phase to stable crystalline phase of fully hydrated dimyristoylphosphatidylethanolamine in heating scan
 1997 Phase transition sequence between fluid liquid -crystalline and interdigitated lamellar gel phases in mixed-chain diacyl phosphatidylcholine
 1998 Behavior of ice-water transition in dimyristoylphosphatidylethanolam ine-water system
 1999 An X-ray diffraction study of the effect of α-tocopherol on the structure and phase behavior of bilayers of dimyristoylphosphatidylethanol amine
 1999 Crystallization of oriented amorphous poly(ethylene terephthalate) as revealed by X-ray diffraction and microhardness
 1999 Melting behavior of the oriented β-phase polypropylene texture crystallized by the temperature slope method
 2000 Effects of chaotropic and kosmotropic solutes on the structure of lipid cubic phase: monoolein-water systems
 2001 Hydration Forces between Phospholipid Bilayers at Subzero Temperatures
 2001 Three-dimensional profilometry using hybrid grating projection
Takahashi, Hiroshi (cont...)2001 X-ray diffraction study on interdigitated structure of phosphatidylcholines in glycerol
 2002 Effects of salt on the lamellar and bicontinuous cubic phases of fully hydrated monoacylglycerol (monoelaidin)
 2002 Structured lighting method using moire pattern projection
 2003 Antiglare multilayer film, its composition, its manufacture, and its application in liquid crystal display device
 2004 Antiglare film suitable for use in display front panel
 2004 Dynamical dimer structure and liquid structure of fatty acids in their binary liquid mixture: dodecanoic and 3-phenylpropionic acids system
 2007 A comparative study of the effects of dimethylsulfoxide and glycerol on the bicontinuous cubic structure of hydrated monoolein and its phase behavior
 2008 Effect of bilayer morphology on the subgel phase formation
 2009 NaCl-dependent formation of the highly crystalline phase in sufficiently hydrated dimyristoylphosphatidylglycerol bilayers
Takahashi, Hiroyuki1992 Color liquid-crystal display apparatus
 1992 Liquid-crystal display device and manufacture thereof
 1993 Shear induced instability in electrohydrodynamic convection
 1996 Liquid crystal display with high black-white contrast
 1996 Transmittance type super-twisted-nematic (STN) liquid crystal display
 1998 Dual stabilizing-type cholesteric liquid crystal display element
 1998 Light addressable reversible liquid crystal recording apparatus
 1999 Bistable liquid crystal display device providing high contrast image
 1999 Liquid-crystal display device and its driving method
 2000 Chiral nematic liquid crystal display device with rapid response
Takahashi, Hitoki1995 Ferroelectric polymeric liquid crystal composition with superior orienting property and easy orienting control
Takahashi, I.2000 Vacuum-deposited films of mesogen of 4-n-pentyl-4''-cyano-p-terphenyl: their electronic spectra and molecular aggregate structures
Takahashi, Isao1995 Observation of the surface structure of the free-standing films in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal, MHPOBC, by x-ray diffraction
 2007 Thermal Behavior and Molecular Orientation of Poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate) in Thin Films
Takahashi, Jun1992 Manufacture of liquid-crystal display device
 1998 Method and apparatus for removing liquid crystal cell domains
Takahashi, Junichi1996 Liquid crystal containing siloxane structure for ferroelectric liquid crystal composition and display
Takahashi, Junpei2005 A novel calamitic mesophase semiconductor with the fastest mobility of charged carriers: 1,4-di(5'-octyl-2'-thienyl)benzene
Takahashi, Juzo1979 Studies on polyamino acid fibers. Part 3. Crystal structure of poly-(sodium-L-glutamate)(PSLG) in optically anisotropic state
 1979 Studies on polyamino acid fibers. Transition of sodium poly-L-glutamate in the optically anisotropic state
 1982 Band structure in shear-deformed hydroxypropylcellulose liquid crystalline solution
 1984 The effect of rolling on the melting behavior of poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
Takahashi, K.1979 Light-induced conformational changes of polypeptides
 1991 Electrooptical effects in new polymeric liquid crystals
 1991 Ferroelectric liquid crystal light valve using silica/amorphous hydrogenated silicon photodiode
 1991 Smectic liquid crystalline polyoxetane with novel mesogenic group
 1993 New polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystal with two chiral groups
 1994 Dynamic mechanical properties of unfilled and glass fiber-filled liquid crystal polyester
 1996 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 2000 Microstructural morphology of molded thin composites of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer and polyamide 6
 2002 Transition moment orientation and rotational bias of three carbonyl groups in large polarization FLCs observed by polarized FTIR
 2003 Semiclassical study on tunneling processes via complex-domain chaos
 2004 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study on SiO2/Si interface structures formed by three kinds of atomic oxygen at 300 °C
Takahashi, K.I.1996 Direction of mesogenic side chains and its effect on the properties of polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2002 Polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystals with a 2-methylalkanoyl group-effect of substitution in the core benzene ring
Takahashi, Katsuaki1997 An antiferroelectric liquid crystal composition containing optically active alkyl benzoates
 1997 Antiferroelectric liquid - crystal compounds, and compositions and liquid - crystal display devices using them
 1997 Optically-active naphthalene compounds, antiferroelectric liquid - crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal displays therefrom
 1997 Optically-active quinazoline derivatives, antiferroelectric liquid - crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal display
 1997 Preparation of α-trifluoromethylalkyl p-(p-benzoyloxybenzoyloxy)benzoate derivatives as antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Takahashi, Katsuhiko1986 Electroconductive resin composite
 1986 Thermotropic polymer connector for optical fibers
Takahashi, Katsuhiro1996 Surface treatment and manufacture of multilayer wiring board and liquid crystal orientation film
 1997 Method and apparatus for surface treatment in manufacture of piezoelectric devices, print heads for ink jets, and LCD panels
Takahashi, Katsuhisa1998 One powder type polymer cement compositions for semi-resilient pavements
Takahashi, Katsuji1999 Polymerizable liquid crystal composition and optically anisotropic body therefrom
 2000 Cholesteric liquid-crystal-based anti-counterfeit inks
Takahashi, Katsunori1999 Process for manufacture of liquid crystal display device, especially for drying glass substrate having hydrophobic film and apparatus therefor
Takahashi, Kazue1990 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal polymers containing 4-alkanoyl-3-hydroxyphenyl biphenyl-4-carboxylate
 1991 4'-(ω-Acryloyloxylalkoxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylic acid derivatives as intermediates for polymer liquid crystals
 1991 Plastic substrates for liquid-crystal display devices
 1992 Fast-switching ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Ferroelectric polymer liquid crystal composition for display devices
 1992 Liquid crystal compositions containing optically active compounds
 1992 Preparation of polymeric liquid crystals
 1993 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with an alkanoyl group
 1993 Properties of polymer FLC having a 2-methylbutanoyl group. FLC/polymer FLC, polymer FLC/polymer FLC mixtures, and copolymer FLC
 1993 Properties of polymeric ferroelectric liquid crystals with two chiral groups
Takahashi, Kazufumi1990 Preparation of diarylthiadiazole-fused heterocyclic compounds as liquid crystals
 1992 The effect of fused heterocycles on the liquid crystalline properties of bis(alkoxyphenyl)pyridazines and -pyridines
Takahashi, Kazuhisa1996 Liquid crystal display array and its manufacture
Takahashi, Kazuo1987 Apparatus for automatic continuous centrifugal spinning of pitch precursor fibers for carbon fibers
 1987 Apparatus for centrifugal spinning of pitch fibers
 1987 Apparatus for centrifugal spinning of pitch fibers
Takahashi, Kazutaka2004 Nonlinear s model approach for level correlations in chiral disordered systems
Takahashi, Kazuyuki2002 Control of the Optical Band Structure of Liquid Crystal Infiltrated Inverse Opal by a Photoinduced Nematic-Isotropic Phase Transition
 2004 Tunable Photonic Band Gap Crystals Based on a Liquid Crystal-Infiltrated Inverse Opal Structure
 2005 Control of the Optical Properties of Liquid Crystal-Infiltrated Inverse Opal Structures Using Photo Irradiation and/or an Electric Field
Takahashi, Keishi1999 Application of self-organized genetic algorithms to a novel color recognition system of all-optical neural networks
 1999 Application of self-organized genetic algorithms to a novel color recognition system of optical neural network
Takahashi, Ken1996 Liquid crystal displaying apparatus and its manufacture
 1996 Reflection type liquid crystal display
 1996 Tin oxide-base transparent electrically conducting film, its manufacture, its raw material, and liquid-crystal display and Braun tube using it
 1997 Liquid crystal display device with antistatic interlayer insulating film and its manufacture
 1998 Antireflective films with improved strength and surface smoothness and display devices using the same
 1998 Ceramic thin film with high density and its formation
Takahashi, Kenichi1999 Liquid crystal device, its manufacture, orientation film, and its composition
 1999 Liquid crystal device, its manufacture, orientation film, and its composition
 1999 Liquid-crystal compositions and devices
Takahashi, Kenji1997 Positive-working photoresist composition for liquid crystal displays
 1998 Transparent light guiding body
 2006 Effects of liquid crystalline compounds on human megakaryocytopoiesis and thrombopoiesis
 2007 Direct Measurement of Interaction Between Colloidal Particles in Nematic Liquid Crystal
 2007 Direct measurement of interaction between elastic dipoles in liquid crystal
 2007 Interaction between colloidal particles with topological defect in liquid crystal
 2009 Liquid crystallinity and biological activity of a novel amphiphilic compound
 2009 The Promoting Activity on Human Megakaryocytopoiesis and Thrombopoiesis by Liquid Crystal-Related Compounds
Takahashi, Kenkichi1988 Novel polyester-polyimides for high-strength fibers and moldings
 1988 Strong, heat-resistant aromatic polyester-polyimides
Takahashi, Kensuke1978 Proton and fluorine-19 NMR study of p-chlorobenzylidyne trifluoride partially oriented in a nematic phase
 1980 Proton NMR spectra of trimethyltin chloride partially oriented in a nematic phase
 1987 The orientational behavior of small molecules dissolved in a thermotropic liquid crystal studied by NMR spectroscopy
 1994 A 1H and 13C NMR study of some A3A'3 spin molecules partially oriented in a nematic phase
Takahashi, Kenta1998 Smectogenic Copper(II) Complexes of N-Salicylideneaniline Derivatives. A Comparative Study of Homologous Series Carrying Alkoxy and/or Alkanoyloxy Substituents
Takahashi, Kenuke1985 NMR study of molecules in anisotropic systems. The multiple-quantum CTEF spectra of 1e,2a,3a,4a,5a,6a-hexachlorocyclohexane in EBBA
Takahashi, Kiyoko1989 Short- and long-range Ca2+-induced lateral phase separations in ternary mixtures of phosphatidic acid, phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylethanolamine
Takahashi, Kiyoshi1992 Fabrication of transparent electrode for large-screen liquid-crystal display
Takahashi, Koichi1998 Transparent electrically conductive films with good interlayer adhesion
Takahashi, Koji1982 Effects of geometrical variables of helical ribbon impellers on mixing of highly viscous Newtonian liquids
 1988 Melting behavior of gels prepared from isolated subunits of collagen
 1991 Synthesis of liquid crystalline polymers with a polyoxetane main chain
 1993 Synthesis and thermal transition of side-chain liquid - crystalline polyoxetanes having laterally attached mesogenic group
Takahashi, Kumiko1996 Back light-type liquid crystal display device
Takahashi, Kuniaki1996 Viscosity measurement of ferroelectric liquid crystal using shear horizontal wave
Takahashi, Kunimasa1985 Hydroreforming of heavy ends from ethylene manufacture
 1986 Carbon composites for electrodes
 1986 Graphite-base plates
 1986 Graphite-base plates
 1986 Manufacture of graphite formed bodies
 1986 Manufacture of graphite formed bodies
 1987 Gas-impermeable graphite molded articles
 1987 Manufacture of carbon composite raw material
 1987 Manufacture of gas-impermeable carbon plates
 1989 Granulation of carbonaceous, pulverulent materials by spray drying, and the manufacture of self-sintering pulverulent carbonaceous materials
 1991 Manufacture of pitch-containing compositions
 1993 Crack formation prevention in the carbonization of molded articles
 1994 Preparation of pitch-containing composition for various carbon products
Takahashi, M.1985 11th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Kanazawa
 1986 Dielectric permittivity in smectic-Ad phase of octyloxycyanobiphenyl (8OCB)
 1986 Study on molecular polarizabilities of cyclohexane derivatives
 1987 Birefringence study of the nematic-smectic A phase transition of N-(4-n-pentyloxybenzylidene)-4-n-alkylaniline (50.m)
 1987 On the even-odd effect of volume changes at isotropic-nematic and nematic-smectic A transitions
 1988 Infrared characteristic absorption bands of highly isotactic poly(acrylonitrile)
 1991 Effect of thermal history on viscoelastic properties of thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyesters
 1991 Molecular orientation and modulus of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester
 1998 Application of focused ion beam milling to cross-sectional TEM specimen preparation of industrial materials including heterointerfaces
Takahashi, Makoto1989 Graphite fibers with high tensile strength and modulus
Takahashi, Mariko2002 Development of sRGB compliant front LCD projectors
Takahashi, Mark M.1991 ISDN audio color-graphics teleconferencing system
Takahashi, Masaaki1981 Aryl-or aralkylbenzenes having two benzene rings at least one of which is substituted by at least one 3,3,3-trifluoropropyl group
Takahashi, Masabumi2005 Palladium-Catalyzed Coupling Reactions of Bromothiophenes at the C-H Bond Adjacent to the Sulfur Atom with a New Activator System, AgNO3/KF
Takahashi, Masae1994 Analysis of structure and its fluctuation of lyotropic smectic liquid crystals by x-ray small angel scattering. Fluctuation of biomolecular film and inter-film correlation
 2001 Thermoreversible gelation and phase separation in aqueous methyl cellulose solutions
Takahashi, Masahide1994 Evaluation of theoretical Young's moduli of thermotropic copolyesters based on p-hydroxybenzoic acid by the neural network computing method
 1994 The transition of the structure of p-hydroxybenzoic acid and 2-hydroxy-6-naphthoic acid copolyester caused by heat treatment
 2008 Patterning Techniques for Mesostructured Films
 2008 Self-Assembled Mesoporous Silica-Germania Films
 2009 Surfactant-Free Synthesis of Macroporous TiO2 Films by a Photopolymerization-Induced Phase-Separation Method
Takahashi, Masahiro1997 Alicyclic viscosity-lowering agent for ferroelectric liquid crystal, its manufacture, and liquid-crystal composition and high-response device containing it
Takahashi, Masanori1997 Liquid crystal display apparatus and antireflection film applicable to it
 1998 Liquid crystal display with improved tone reproduction
 1999 Speaker cabinets containing ultrahigh-crystalline polypropylene and their manufacture
 2000 Electric connection of two substrates with solder in packaging
Takahashi, Masaoki1987 Flow orientation of liquid-crystalline poly(ethylene terephthalate)-p-hydroxybenzoic acid copolyester
 1990 Effect of flow history on rheological properties of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolyester
 1990 Viscosity-molecular weight relation of thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyesters
 1991 Effect of flow history on rheological properties of a thermotropic liquid crystalline copolyester (abstract)
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