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Szabo, A.G.1982 Studies on fluorescence polarization of 1-acyl-2-cis- or trans-parinaroyl sn-3-glycerophosphorylcholines in model systems and microsomal membranes
 1985 The effect of exogenous glycerophospholipids on the fluorescence polarization ratios of Escherichia coli cells labelled with diphenylhexatriene
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 2000 New Ferroelectric Mixtures of Liquid Crystalline α-Halogen Carboxylates
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 2002 Shortest paths and load scaling in scale-free trees
 2003 Structural transitions in scale-free networks
Szabo, Gabriella1992 Transdermal composition containing selegiline or its derivative
Szabo, György2002 Evolutionary prisoner's dilemma games with voluntary participation
 2004 Cooperation for volunteering and partially random partnerships
 2004 Phase transition and selection in a four-species cyclic predator-prey model
 2004 Phase transitions for rock-scissors-paper game on different networks
 2004 Spreading of families in cyclic predator-prey models
 2004 Vertex dynamics during domain growth in three-state models
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 1987 Mesogenic androstane derivatives
Szabo, J.P.1995 Generation of fibrillar morphology in blends of block copolyesteretheramide and liquid crystal polyester
 1996 Generation of fibrillar morphology in blends of block copoly(ester ether amide) and liquid crystal polyester
 1996 Generation of fibrillar morphology in blends of block copolyether ester amide and liquid crystal polyester
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 1981 O-Cholesteryl carbamates
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 1981 Studies on induced smectic A phases. I. Transitional entropies of binary mixtures of smectogenes and cholesterogenes
 1981 The motion of the long molecular axis around the director in nematics
 1982 Molecular relaxation in highly ordered orthogonal smectic SA, SB and SE phases
 1982 Studies on Induced Smectic Phases (II) Transition Enthalpies, X-ray Patterns and Layer Spacings of Orthogonal Phases of Binary Mixtures of Nematogens with Contrasting Dielectric Anisotropies
 1982 The role of liquid crystal behavior of adrenocortical lipids in the control of steroidogenesis
 1983 Dielectric permittivity on commensurate and incommensurate smectic phases
 1983 Studies on induced smectic phases (III). Fourier transform infrared and laser-raman spectral differences between isotropic and induced smectic phase of binary mixtures of nematogens with contrasting dielectric anisotropies
 1983 Thermal and dielectric properties of HOPDOB
 1984 Multiple polymorphism of solid MBBA
 1984 Smectic phase inductions and inhibitions: anisotropic salvation
 1985 Multimode Polymorphism of Solid MBBA
 1985 Studies on smectic phase inductions, IX. Anisotropic solvation in 2D-liquids
 1986 Studies on Induced Smectic Phases (VI). The Role of the Ratio of the Molecular Lengths in Binary Mixtures of Smectogens
 1987 A diffraction and spectroscopic study of the solid states of EBBA
 1987 Aliphatic chain conformations in smectic A phases
 1987 Properties of a homologous series of ferroelectric liquid crystals
Szabon, J. (cont...)1990 Induced SA phases and reentrant nematic phases in binary systems of homologous terminal-nonpolar compounds
 1990 Reliable Methods for Alignment of LC Polymer
 1996 Pattern formation during mesophase growth in a homologous series
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 1999 Square-well fluid based decoupling approximation for system of hard non-spherical particles with spherical square-wells
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 2000 Modified Parsons-Lee theory for fluids of linear fused hard sphere chains
 2000 Theoretical study of the phase diagrams of model liquid crystals: The effect of the external field and the spherical attraction.
 2003 Magnetic properties and structure of polydisperse ferrofluid models
 2004 Phase separation in model polydisperse ferrofluids
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 2005 Temperature tuning in photonic liquid crystal fibers
 2006 Analysis of light propagation mechanisms in photonic liquid crystal fibers
 2006 Polarization Optics of Microstructured Liquid Crystal Fibers
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 1994 Annealing effects on the thermal properties of liquid crystalline polyurethanes
 1995 Liquid crystalline epoxy resins by polyaddition of aliphatic diepoxides with 4,4'-dihydroxybiphenyl
 1996 Liquid crystalline polyurethanes
 1997 Curing of liquid crystalline epoxy resins with a biguanide
 1998 Curing of liquid crystalline epoxy resins with a biguanide
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 2002 Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Resins as Nonlinear Materials
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 1993 Investigation of thermo- and photostability of liquid crystals
 1997 Phenyl Cyclohexanes Containing Ketogroup
 1998 Phenylcyclohexanes containing ketogroup
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 1981 Intermediate products for liquid crystals. Synthesis of 4-(trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl)benzoic acids
 1984 Liquid crystal cyclohexylbenzene derivatives
 1985 Process for preparing trans-1-alkyl-4-(4'-acetylphenyl)cyclohexanes
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 1990 Preparation of liquid-crystal compounds containing terminal isothiocyanate groups and groups placed between rings
 1991 Esters of cyclohexylbenzene derivatives
 1992 Liquid crystal composition
 1992 Preparation of liquid-crystal compounds containing bicyclo[2.2.2]octylene and a phenylisothiocyanate group
 1995 Liquid crystalline compounds based on 1,4-disubstituted but-1-yne
 1996 Liquid crystal mixtures containing new acetylene derivatives
 1996 Method of preparation of liquid crystal acetylene derivatives
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 2000 Nematic phase formed by banana-shaped molecules
 2002 2-D and 3-D modulated phases formed by bent-shaped moleccules
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 2006 Photocurrent increase by doping a liquid crystal host with a functionalized fullerene
 2008 Magnetic liquid crystals for molecular spintronics.
Szydlowska, Jadwiga1993 Enaminoketone mesogens having polar terminal groups
 1994 Enaminoketone mesogens having polar terminal groups
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 1999 Thin-film transistor for liquid-crystal display
 1999 Thin-film transistors for liquid crystal displays
 2000 Thin-film transistor panel for liquid-crystal display
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 1990 4-Alkoxy-3-methylbiphenyl derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
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 1990 4-Cyclohexyltolan derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 4-Halo-4'-alkoxytolans and liquid-crystal compositions containing same
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 1992 Preparation of 3,5-dihalo-4-cyanophenol esters and liquid crystal composition containing them for liquid crystal electrooptical device
 1992 Preparation of cyanodifluorophenyl esters, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and electrooptical devices
 1992 Preparation of cyanodifluorophenyl esters, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liquid-crystal display devices
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 1993 Preparation of phenylpyrimidine derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and electrooptical devices
 1995 Tolan derivative and liquid crystal composition using it
 1996 Dioxaborinane compound and liquid crystal composition containing it
Tachibana, Tamon (cont...)1997 Ethylene derivatives, liquid crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal displays
 1997 Preparation of tolan derivatives as liquid crystal composition for liquid crystal electro-optical elements
 1998 Tolan derivatives, liquid crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal devices
 1999 Tolan derivative, liquid-crystal composition with low viscosity, and electrooptical display
 1999 Tolane derivative for liquid crystal composition for electrooptical display device
 2000 Liquid crystal composition containing trifluoroethylene compound and liquid crystal optical device
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 2000 Fiber-reinforced thermoplastic resin compositions and molded products therefrom with excellent mold releasability
 2000 Flame retardant polyamide compositions, their manufacture, and moldings therefrom
 2000 Liquid crystal polymer composition and extrudate having good deformation prevention made from the same
 2000 Liquid crystalline resin compositions with good flowability and their moldings having circular structural parts
 2000 Thermoplastic resin compositions containing liquid crystal polymers and thermally stable molded products therefrom
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Tachiki, S.1987 "Complete" thermocontrol of ion permeation through ternary composite membranes composed of polymer/liquid crystal/amphiphilic crown ethers
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 1999 Color resin composition for manufacture of liquid crystal display color filter
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 2007 Study on Charge Transport through a Molecule-Silicon Junction by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
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 2005 Size Effect of Anisotropic Polypyrrole Actuator
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Tada, Norio2004 Liquid crystal display with suppression of leakage current in image acquisition
 2005 Display device and photoelectric conversion device
 2005 Liquid crystal display device with an image capturing function
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 1998 Preparation and thermotropic liquid crystalline properties of semirigid copolyurethanes composed of biphenyl units and partially fluorinated aliphatic chains
 1998 Semirigid homo- and copoly(imide-carbonate)s based on 3,4,3",4"-p-terphenyltetracarboxdiimide
 2000 Fire-resistant resin compositions containing phosphazene compounds for good mechanical properties
 2000 Nonhalogen fire-resistant resin compositions containing thermotropic liq. crystal polymers and organic phosphorous compounds
 2000 Phosphazene compound-based powdered fire retardant for resins
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 1996 Manufacture of thin carbon fibers with high thermal conductivity
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 2001 Preparation and mesomorphic properties of highly fluorinated materials incorporating S-ethyl-lactate
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 2005 LC Acrylic Monomers Incorporating Monothiobenzoate Unit
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 1999 Control of emission of electroluminescent (EL) devices using fine optical resonators
 1999 Organic EL device equipped with microcavity and application to liquid crystal projector
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