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Suzuki, Shoji1996 Matrix type liquid crystal display apparatus and its manufacture
 1996 TFT liquid crystal display apparatus and its manufacture
 1997 Metallic thin films, pattering thereof, and TFT array substrate using thereof
 1998 Process for manufacture of TFT liquid crystal display using ion injection
 1999 Manufacture method of liquid crystal display device using naphthoquinone diazide-containing photoresist and apparatus for it
Suzuki, Shoya2008 Local Concentration of Gel Phase Domains in Supported Lipid Bilayers under Light Irradiation in Binary Mixture of Phospholipids Doped with Dyes for Photoinduced Activation
Suzuki, Shuichi1973 Near-infrared spectroscopic studies of the states of water in lyotropic liquid crystals
 1976 Electric field control of enzyme membrane activity
 1976 Electrolytic reduction of coenzymes at a liquid crystal membrane electrode
 1976 Electrolytic regeneration of NADH from NAD+ with a liquid crystal membrane electrode
 1977 Photoelectrochemical reaction of chlorophyll immobilized with liquid crystal on metal surface
 1978 Energy-transducing membrane. I. Photo-response of a chlorophyll-liquid crystal membrane
 1978 Photoelectrochemical energy conversion system modeled on the photosynthetic process
 1978 Photoinduced electron transfer of a chlorophyll-liquid crystal electrode to water
 1979 Photoelectrochemical oxygen evolution from water by a manganese chlorophyll-liquid crystal electrode
 1981 Chlorophyll-liquid crystal electrodes for photoenergy conversion modeled on photosynthesis
 1981 Energy-transducing membrane. II. Roles of liquid crystal in the photoresponse of a chlorophyll liquid crystal membrane
Suzuki, Shuni1995 Liquid crystal display panel substrate and its manufacture
Suzuki, Shunichi1987 Proton NMR relaxation study of thermotropic copolyesters
 1989 Properties and use of liquid-crystalline polymer Idemitsu LCP
Suzuki, Shunji1997 Optimization of UV light modified multi-domain cell for large size TFT/LCDs
 2001 Seal characterization for supernarrow periphery LCD panel
 2002 Response time evaluation for LCD display modes and its relationship to moving image perception
Suzuki, Sunao1996 Liquid crystal display electrode substrate and manufacture thereof
Suzuki, T.1988 Preparation of ferroelectric liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes and electro-optical measurements
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1990 Structure and Growth Behavior of Myelin Figures
 1994 Synthesis and thermal properties of antiferroelectric liquid crystals having phenylalkanoate and phenylalkenoate moieties
 1995 Liquid crystalline phase transitions in cyclotriphosphazenes with different mesogenic moieties in the side chains
 1998 A liquid crystal application in skin care cosmetics
 1998 Application of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals to Cosmetics
Suzuki, Tadaaki1998 Angular-type electrochemical device and its production method
Suzuki, Tadakatsu1997 Low reflectance film-carrying substrate
 1999 Liquid crystal display substrate having color filter
Suzuki, Tadashi2000 Fluoro rubber compositions, their crosslinked products and uses
Suzuki, Tadasu1950 Anomalous Specific Heat and Molecular Rotation in Normal Solid Alcohols
Suzuki, Taira1977 Recent progress in the study of crystal plasticity
Suzuki, Takaaki2004 Orientation-Controlled Growth of Pentacene Single Crystal Films on an Alignment Layer Using Liquid Crystal as Solvent
 2006 Self-assembled submicron-height terrace structures of pentacene single crystals formed in liquid crystal cells
Suzuki, Takafumi1991 Electrically conductive liquid crystal polypyrrole film
Suzuki, Takaharu1981 White and Taylor type guest host displays without scattering effects using the tilted boundary conditions
Suzuki, Takamasa1999 Liquid-crystal display, its manufacture, and apparatus and method for inspection of orientation film of it
Suzuki, Takanori2008 Solvent-Dependent Redox Behavior of Dihydrophenanthrene Derivatives attached with Long-Chain Alkoxyphenyl Groups
Suzuki, Takao1998 Liquid crystal display with improved adhesion between substrate and auxiliary layer
 1998 Mother glass plate for manufacturing liquid crystal display panel
 1999 Active matrix TFT liquid crystal display
 1999 Liquid crystal display with uniform cell gap
 1999 Liquid-crystal display device having thin orientation film and its manufacture
 1999 Matrix-type liquid crystal display device having driving circuit lines of prevented peeling
 1999 Matrix-type liquid crystal display device having silicon nitride film on both sides of circuit lines
 2000 Coated particles, their manufacture, anisotropic conductive adhesives, connected conductive structure, and spacers for liquid-crystal displays
 2000 Electrically conducting fine particles coated with electric insulators, anisotropically electric conducting adhesives, and electric contact structures
 2000 Insulation-coated electrically conductive fine particles, anisotropically conductive adhesive containing them, and electrically conductive contact structure using it
 2001 Reflection type liquid - crystal display device
 2002 Development of an onboard spectro-polarimeter for Earth observation at NAL
 2003 Earth observation system incorporating an LCTF spectropolarimeter
 2003 Experimental checking of the spectropolarimeter for airborne remote sensing
 2003 Field observation of surface conditions using LCTF spectropolarimeter
Suzuki, Takashi1990 Effect of metal complexation on the behavior of liquid-crystalline polymer
 1990 Effect of platinum(II) coordination on the thermotropic liquid-crystalline behavior of poly(acrylic esters) containing 4'-cyano-4-biphenylyloxy mesogenic groups
 1990 Liquid-crystalline polymers
 1990 Polymeric liquid crystal for display devices
 1990 Synthesis and properties of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymers containing copper bis(β-diketonate)
 1991 New thermotropic liquid-crystalline polyesters with a metal-chelated 1,3-diphenyl-1,3-propanedione segment
 1992 Side-chain-type thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
 1992 Synthesis and properties of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers containing á-diketonato transition metal complexes
 1996 Active matrix-type liquid crystal display device
 1996 Active-matrix liquid-crystal display device having ITO signal lines and either symmetric TFT structure or electrode and signal line edges with taper angles 30° or less
 1996 Apparatus and method for measuring optical anisotropy
 1996 Apparatus and method for measuring optical anisotropy
 1996 Liquid-crystal display device and its manufacture
 1996 Reflection-type liquid crystal display device
 1997 Adhesive sheets for polarized plates of liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Pressure-sensitive adhesive sheets for liquid crystal displays
 1998 Active matrix liquid crystal display
 1998 Active matrix liquid crystal display panel
 1998 Solid electrolyte containing layered clay compound and lithium secondary battery and electric double-layer capacitor using it.
 2001 Apparatus for measuring optical characteristics
Suzuki, Takatoshi1996 Liquid crystal display
 1996 Liquid crystal display apparatus with brightness-voltage adjustment circuit
 1997 Method of operating liquid crystal display
Suzuki, Takaya1990 Large-Area Doping Process for Fabrication of poly-Si Thin Film Transistors Using Bucket Ion Source and XeCl Excimer Laser Annealing
Suzuki, Takayuki1991 Manufacture of carbon products
 1997 Heat-resistant plastic films sandwiched by a copper foil and an adhesion layer and printed circuits using the films
Suzuki, Takenori2005 Positron annihilation study of density fluctuations in amorphous poly(ethylene terephthalate) films in terms of quasispinodal decomposition
Suzuki, Takeshi1992 Optically active alkoxycarbonylphenyl pyrimidinylbenzoates and liquid -crystal display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of optically active (trifluoromethyl)alkyl cinnamate as chiral smectic CA liquid crystals and display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of optically active (trifluoromethylalkoxycarbonyl)pheny l biphenylcarboxylates as chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1992 Preparation of optically active 1-(trifluoromethyl)alkyl fluorobenzoates as chiral smectic CA liquid crystals and display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of optically active [(trifluoromethyl)alkoxycarbonylethy l] phenyl biphenylcarboxylates and liquid-crystal display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of optically active fluorophenyl biphenylcarboxylate derivatives and display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of optically active phenylpyrazinecarboxylate esters as chiral smectic CA liquid crystals and display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of optically active phenylpyrazinecarboxylic acid esters as chiral smectic C and chiral smectic CA liquid crystals and display devices
 1992 Preparation of optically-active biphenylcarboxylate esters as chiral smectic CA liquid crystals and display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of optically-active biphenylcarboxylate esters as chiral smectic CA liquid crystals and liquid-crystal display devices using them
 1992 Preparation of optically-acytive biphenylcarboxylate esters as chiral smectic C liquid crystals
 1993 Preparation of optically-active 2-methyl-4-(1-trifluoromethylalkoxycarbonyl)phenyl biphenylcarboxylates as chiral smetcic liquid crystals and liquid-crystal display devices
 1993 Preparation of optically-active 4-(1-trifluoromethylalkoxycarbonyl)- 2-methylphenyl 4-(2-pyrimidinyl)benzoates as chiral smectic CA liquid crystals and display devices using same
 1993 Preparation of optically-active 4-[(1-trifluoromethylalkoxycarbonyl) ethenyl]phenyl biphenylcarboxylates as chiral smectic CA liquid -crystals and liquid-crystal display devices
Suzuki, Takumi1994 Liquid-crystal display device
Suzuki, Tameyuki1995 Color filter and manufacture of liquid crystal display device
 1995 Manufacture of color filter and liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Manufacture of color filter and liquid-crystal display device
 1995 Manufacture of color filter and liquid-crystal display device using same
 1995 Method for manufacturing color filter and liquid crystal display
 1995 Optical color filter and manufacture of liquid crystal display device
 1996 Color filter and manufacture of liquid crystal display device
 1996 Manufacture of color filter and liquid crystal display apparatus
 1996 Manufacture of color filter with excellent optical characteristics and liquid crystal display apparatus
Suzuki, Taro1998 Cleaning compositions for oily soils in kitchen
 1999 Mildew remover compositions
Suzuki, Tasuma2007 Nanofiltration Membranes Based on Rigid Star Amphiphiles
Suzuki, Tatsuhiko1996 Anodes and secondary nonaqueous batteries using the anodes
Suzuki, Tatsuya1989 Image storage based on the photoinduced ionic conductivity jump of polymer films containing azobenzene liquid crystal
 1989 Photo-induced ionic conductivity switching in polymer/photochromic liquid crystal composite films containing lithium/crown ether complex
 1990 Photo-induced ionic conductivity switching in polymer composite film with azobenzene derivative
 1990 Photoresponsive ionic conductivity of polymer composite films containing azobenzene liquid crystal
Suzuki, Teiich1998 Interactive reflection-type dimming component
 1998 Manufacture of volume hologram-type light-controlling element for reflecting liquid crystal display
Suzuki, Teiichi1998 Holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal device
 1998 Process for manufacture of reflective type display element for liquid crystal display
 1999 Process for manufacture of reflective liquid crystal display
 1999 Reflective liquid crystal display device containing orientation material and its manufacture
Suzuki, Teruaki1995 Manufacture of liquid-crystal orientation film
 1996 Liquid crystal display device without disclination line effects
 1996 Liquid crystal display panels and manufacture thereof with improved viewing characteristics
 1996 Liquid crystal display with stable liquid crystal orientation and uniform display
 1997 Liquid crystal display
 1997 Polyimide-based orientation film material, liquid -crystal display panel using it, and its manufacture
 1998 Active-matrix liquid-crystal display panel
 1998 In-plane-switching active-matrix liquid crystal display device
 1998 Liquid - crystalline orientation film for liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 1998 Liquid crystal display
 1998 Random and position-controlled 4-domain CTN-LCD's with wide viewing angle
 1999 Active matrix liquid crystal display capable of switching between wide-viewing-angle and narrow-viewing-angle
 2000 Reflective liquid crystal display having phase difference films
 2001 Characterization of a Homeotropic 4-Domain Liquid Crystal Cell Which Uses Oblique Electric Field
 2001 Liquid crystal display cell
 2001 Multiple domain-divided twisted nematic Liquid crystal display with compensation film for enlarged viewing angle
 2001 Reverse-rotational domains in in-plane switching-mode liquid crystal displays
Suzuki, Teruhiko1999 Fire-, heat-, and moisture-resistant thermoplastic resin compositions with improved dimensional stability and flexibility
Suzuki, Tetsuo1990 Carbonaceous pitch for carbon fibers and preparation of carbon fibers
 1990 Mesophase pitch for high-performance carbon fiber
 1991 Manufacture of pitch-based carbon fibers for reinforcing plastics, metals, and concrete
 1992 Manufacture of mesophase pitch having high rate of infusibilization
 1992 Melt spinning pitch precursor fibers with reduced yarn breakage
 1993 Carbonization of oxidized mesophase pitches originating from petroleum and coal tar
 1993 Manufacture of carbon moldings having high mechanical strength
Suzuki, Tiichi1999 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal displays and manufacture thereof
Suzuki, Tomiko2000 New method for making array of computer-generated hologram
Suzuki, Tomio1997 Plasma melting process for municipal solid waste incineration ash
Suzuki, Tomoyuki2000 Analytical method of all aromatic liquid-crystalline polyester resin
 2003 Copolymer or polymer composition and polymer light-emitting device
 2005 Layered structure and Xe sorption and diffusion properties of low-density liquid-crystalline polyesters with n-alkyl side chains
Suzuki, Toshiharu1989 Difluoroalkene derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Tolan derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 4-[2-(trans-4-Alkylcyclohexyl)ethyl]-2-fluorobenzoic acid phenyl esters with large dielectric anisotropy and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1990 Liquid crystals
 1997 Liquid-crystal composition for liquid-crystal display elements and process for producing the composition
 2006 Flat panel displays for ubiquitous product applications and related impurity doping technologies
Suzuki, Toshihiko1997 Reflective color liquid crystal display without using color filter for good color purity
 1998 Reflection-type black-and-white liquid crystal displays with high contrast using a single light-polarizing plate
 2005 Phase retardation film and liquid crystal display device including the same
Suzuki, Toshihiro1975 p-Alkyl-p'-alkoxyazoxybenzenes for use as liquid crystals
 1996 Liquid crystal display panel of projector
 1997 Active matrix liquid - crystal display panel and projection type display device
 1997 Liquid crystal light valve and its manufacture
Suzuki, Toshinobu1989 Preparation of p-hydroxybenzoic acid as an intermediate for industrial fungicides, perfumes, liquid crystals, and polymers
Suzuki, Toshio1988 Siloxanes exhibiting liquid crystallinity at low temperatures and their preparation
 1989 Liquid-crystalline organopolysiloxanes and their preparation
 1989 Organopolysiloxane liquid crystals
 2003 Industrialization of the Microbial Resolution of Chiral C3 and C4 Synthetic Units: From a Small Beginning to a Major Operation, a Personal Account
 2008 Molecular Structure Analysis in a Dip-Coated Thin Film of Poly(2-perfluorooctylethyl acrylate) by Infrared Multiple-Angle Incidence Resolution Spectrometry
Suzuki, Toshitaka2000 Antistatic transparent films and optical materials laminated therewith
Suzuki, Toshiya1997 Liquid crystalline phase transition in organophosphazenes with 4-octyloxybiphenyl mesogenic groups
 1997 Thermal and Structural Study on Liquid-Crystalline Phase Transition in Hexakis(4-(4'-alkyloxy)biphenoxy)cyclotriphosphazene
 1998 Liquid crystalline phase transition in hexakis(4-(N-(4'-alkoxyphenyl)iminomethyl)phenoxy)cyclotriphosphazene
 1998 Liquid-crystalline phase transition in organophosphazenes
 1999 Mesomorphic phase transition in organophosphazenes
 2000 Phase transitions in cyclotriphosphazenes bearing different types of mesogenic side groups
 2001 31P and 13C NMR Studies of a Liquid-Crystalline Cyclotriphosphazene Derivative: Orientational Characteristics and Contrasting Shielding Anisotropies for Inorganic and Organic Moieties
 2001 Phase transition in cyclic organophosphazenes: the effect of side chains on mesomorphism
 2002 Phase Transition in Mesomorphic Organophosphazenes
Suzuki, Toshiyasu2006 Perfluoropentacene and Perfluorotetracene: Syntheses, Crystal Structures, and FET Characteristics
Suzuki, Toshiyuki1983 Secondary droplet emulsion. Contribution of liquid crystal formation to physicochemical properties and skin moisturizing effect of cosmetic emulsions
 1983 Secondary droplets formed in O/W emulsion. Formation mechanism and effects of their formation on the properties of emulsion
 1984 Secondary droplet emulsion: mechanism and effects of liquid crystal formation in oil-in-water emulsion
 1986 Liquid-crystal emulsions
 1986 Solution behavior and the association structures of long-chain monoalkyl phosphates
 1989 Formation of fine three-phase emulsions by the liquid crystal emulsification method with arginine β-branched monoalkyl phosphate
 1989 Liquid crystal emulsification
 1991 Liquid crystal make-up remover. Conditions of formation and its cleansing mechanisms
 1992 Liquid crystal makeup remover: conditions of formation and its cleansing mechanisms
 1992 Secondary droplet emulsion. Contribution of liquid crystal formation to physicochemical properties and skin moisturizing effect of cosmetic emulsion
 1993 Functions and application of liquid crystal emulsification. The liquid crystal make-up remover and multilamellar emulsion of artificial stratum corneum lipids containing synthetic pseudoceramide
 1995 Thermotropic behavior of stratum corneum lipids containing a pseudo-ceramide
 1996 Application of liquid crystal to a skin care cosmetics and its properties
 1996 Phase behavior of artificial stratum corneum lipids containing a synthetic pseudo-ceramide: a study of the function of cholesterol
 1998 Emulsions and gels
 1999 Light fastness properties of acid dye and mesoporous Ca-aluminosilicate composite
Suzuki, Tsukuru1999 Method and apparatus for the preparation of clean gases in semiconductor industry
Suzuki, Tsuyoshi1993 Synthesis and physical properties of liquid crystal compounds having an alkoxyalkyl moiety at the asymmetric center
 1994 Thermal and Light Control of the Sol-Gel Phase Transition in Cholesterol-Based Organic Gels. Novel Helical Aggregation Modes As Detected by Circular Dichroism and Electron Microscopic Observation
 1996 Threshold-less antiferroelectricity in liquid crystals and its application to displays
Suzuki, Y.1979 Use of new Schiff base type liquid crystals as stationary phases in gas chromatography
 1988 14th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sendai
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1989 New fluorine-containing ferroelectric liquid crystal compounds showing tristable switching
 1989 Photochemical alignment regulation of a nematic liquid crystal by Langmuir-Blodgett layers of azobenzene polymers as "command surfaces"
 1989 Reversible alignment change of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films. 2. Reversible alignment change of a nematic liquid crystal induced by pendant azobenzene group-containing polymer thin films
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1991 Alignment layers for ferro and antiferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 1992 A Novel Antiferroelectric Phase in 4-(1-Methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4'-Octylbiphenyl-4-Carboxylate
 1993 On the appearance of antiferroelectricity: the effect of polarization and conjugation in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Surface alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystals using polyimide, polyamide-imide and polyamide layers and their effect on pre-tilt angle
 1993 The interfacial alignment of ferroelectric liquid crystals as probed by infrared vibrational spectroscopy
 1994 Electric field response of ferroelectric liquid crystal molecules investigated by optical transmission and surface plasmon polariton resonance methods
 1994 New fluorine containing ferroelectric side chain liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes showing bistable fast switching
 1994 Novel Fluorine-Containing Ferroelectric Side Chain Liquid-Crystalline Polysiloxanes Showing Bistable Fast Switching
 1994 Polyimide, polyamide-imide and polyamide alignment layers for antiferroelectric liquid crystal display cells and their structural effect on hysteresis behavior
 1995 Electric field response to an antiferroelectric liquid crystal in the bulk and boundary regions
 1995 Interfacial molecular interactions between ferroelectric liquid crystal and poly(vinyl alcohol) films as probed by infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy
 1996 Determination of molecular orientation of very thin rubbed and unrubbed polyimide films
 1997 Heat capacities and phase transitions of the antiferroelectric liquid crystals MHPOBC and MHPOCBC
Suzuki, Y. (cont...)1998 Synthesis, characterization and usage of aromatic polyimide/polyamide blends as alignment layers for antiferroelectric liquid crystal cell devices
 1999 Novel antiferroelectric liquid crystals with a phenylpiperazine moiety in the mesogenic core structure
 2002 Temperature- and Field-Induced Transitions in Free-Standing Films of an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2004 Light Scattering Electrooptic Behavior of Liquid-Crystalline Physical Gels - Effects of Microphase-Separated Morphologies
 2004 Self-assembled uniaxial and biaxial multilayer structures in chiral smectic liquid crystals frustrated between ferro- and antiferroelectricity
 2005 Bistable Nematic Liquid Crystals with Self-Assembled Fibers
 2006 Back to the future: 30 years in challenging smectic liquid crystal displays and in clarifying scientific wonders
 2006 Fabrication and properties of spatial light modulator with magneto-optical Faraday effect
Suzuki, Y.-i.1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1993 4th Int. Conf. Ferroelectric Liq. Cryst., Tokyo
Suzuki, Yasoji1997 Introduction of the liquid crystal display engineering
 1998 Introduction to the liquid crystal display engineering
Suzuki, Yasuaki1997 Color filter having acrylic polymer protective film for liquid-crystal display
 2000 Manufacture of black matrix for liquid crystal display
Suzuki, Yasuhiko1996 Polycyclic compound, liquid-crystal material composed of the compound, and liquid-crystal composition and liquid-crystal device containing the material
 1996 Preparation of tetralin compounds as liquid crystals
Suzuki, Yasuhiro1989 Structure and properties of epoxy resin reinforced with thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer
 1990 Enhancement and extension of material function by combining crosslinked and linear polymers
Suzuki, Yasuo1998 Lightweight lens operating system with excellent electric insulation, rigidity, and focus and tracking control without performance loss in high-frequency region
Suzuki, Yasushi1992 Liquid-crystal electrooptical devices
 1993 5.5 Inch video graphic array antiferroelectric display
 1993 Second-Order Optical Nonlinearities of Substituted Stilbenes and the Related Compounds Containing a Trifluoromethyl as the Electron-Withdrawing Group
 1994 Molecular orientation of rubbed and unrubbed polyimide films determined by polarized infrared absorption
 1995 Optical characterization of homogeneous nematic liquid crystal cells based on the liquid crystal continuum model
 1997 Liquid-crystal display device
 1997 Liquid-crystal optical modulator device with each electrode width smaller than both the liquid crystal thickness and the electrode gap
 1998 Anti-ferroelectric liquid crystal cell
 1998 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal cell
 1998 Liquid crystal panel with memory function
 2001 A Frustrated Ferroelectric SmC* Phase Characterized by Peculiar Conoscopic Melatopes and Responsible for the V-Shaped Switching in Liquid Crystals
Suzuki, Yasutetsu1997 Liquid crystal display color filter with excellent flat surface
 1997 Protective film of liquid crystal display color filter
Suzuki, Yasuyuki1997 Seamless voice-coil bobbin for speaker
Suzuki, Yasuzo1988 Reversible change in alignment mode of nematic liquid crystals regulated photochemically by command surfaces modified with an azobenzene monolayer
 1990 Photorecording element and liquid crystal cell comprising the same
 1991 Multifarious liquid crystalline textures formed on a photochromic azobenzene polymer film
 1992 Command surfaces. 2. Photoregulation of tilt angle of nematic liquid crystals by azobenzene layers
 1992 Factors affecting photoinduced alignment regulation of cyclohexanecarboxylate-type nematic liquid crystals by azobenzene molecular films
 1992 Modulated photoregulation of liquid crystal alignment by azobenzene Langmuir-Blodgett layers: reversible alignment changes of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films, Part 11
 1992 Photochemical induction and modulation of nematic homogeneous alignment by the polarization photochromism of surface azobenzenes
 1992 Structural effect of LB molecules on the command-surface-type photocontrols of liquid crystal alignment
 1993 "Command surfaces" of Langmuir-Blodgett films. Photoregulations of liquid crystal alignment by molecularly tailored surface azobenzene layers
 1994 Laser-induced orientational change of nematic liquid crystalline molecules mediated by photochromic reactions of surface azobenzenes
 1994 Thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer gels. 1. Electrical deformation of thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer gels
 1997 Electrical deformation of the thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer gels
 2008 Liquid crystalline conjugated oligomers: synthesis and mesomorphic properties of laterally and terminally alkyl-substituted oligo(1,4-phenyleneethynylene)s
Suzuki, Yasuzou1989 Reversible alignment change of liquid crystals induced by photochromic molecular films
Suzuki, Yoichi1993 Manufacture of hydrophilic crosslinked polymer fine particles as spacers for liquid crystal displays
Suzuki, Yoichiro1998 Liquid crystal display and its manufacture
 2000 Dual-mode liquid crystal display having light-scattering layer and electronic devices with the display
 2000 Electronic device involving liquid crystal, manufacture of the device, liquid crystal display device, and electronic device involving the display device
Suzuki, Yoji1996 Liquid crystal display panel and manufacture thereof
 1996 Manufacture of liquid crystal display with improved wide-viewing-angles
 1996 Phase difference film-attached polarizing plates with controlled low retardation and high-contrast liquid crystal display panels using the same
 1997 Rubbing process in manufacture of liquid crystal display panel
Suzuki, Yorihisa1996 Active matrix liquid crystal display with stable image display not affected by turning-on or -off back light
Suzuki, Yoshiaki1997 Display device and process for producing same
 1997 Manufacture of liquid crystal device having transparent electrode
Suzuki, Yoshihisa1998 Optical super-resolution pickup using a liquid crystal shutter for CAD-MSR magnetooptical disk
 2007 Shrinking stacking fault through glide of the Shockley partial dislocation in hard-sphere crystal under gravity
Suzuki, Yoshihito1985 Gas chromatography of alkyl ether derivatives of mono-substituted phenols on liquid crystal stationary phase
Suzuki, Yoshiichi1988 Tristable Switching in Surface Stabilized Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals with a Large Spontaneous Polarization
 1989 Ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1989 Liquid-crystal compounds
 1989 Liquid-crystal compounds having fluoroalkyl radicals
 1989 Liquid-crystal compounds having naphthalene groups
 1989 Liquid-crystalline dioxane derivatives
 1990 Chiral smectic liquid-crystal compounds
 1990 Dielectric Dispersion in the Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal MHPOBC
 1990 Experimental Studies on Phase Transitions in an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystal display using tristable switching
 1990 Layer Structure of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal MHPOBC Studied by X-Ray Diffraction
 1990 Liquid-crystalline compounds
 1991 Liquid - crystal compound
 1991 Liquid - crystal fluorine-containing esters
 1991 Liquid crystals for display devices
 1991 Liquid-crystal compounds
 1991 Optically active compound for liquid - crystal compositions and liquid - crystal compositions containing it
 1991 Optically active fluorine-containing alcohol compounds and liquid-crystal compounds therefrom
 1991 Phase transitions in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal TFMHPOBC
 1991 Successive phase transitions in antiferroelectric liquid crystal 4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4'-octylcarbonyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate (MHPOCBC)
Suzuki, Yoshiichi (cont...)1991 Switching properties in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1992 Alignment layers for ferro and antiferroelectric liquid crystal cells
 1992 Competition between ferroelectric and antiferroelectric interactions stabilizing varieties of phases in binary mixtures of smectic liquid crystals
 1992 Conoscopic study of the SCα* phase and the Devil's staircase in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1992 Dielectric behavior and the Devil's staircase in the SmCα phase of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal, 4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4'-octylcarbonyloxybiphenyl-4- carboxylate
 1992 Multiplexing Performance of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Device
 1993 Antiferroelectric liquid-crystal compound
 1993 Antiferroelectric liquid-crystal compound and its preparation
 1993 Devil's staircase formed by competing interactions stabilizing the ferroelectric smectic-C phase and the antiferroelectric smectic-CA phase in liquid crystalline binary mixtures
 1993 Liquid-crystal monomer and liquid-crystal polymer modified with it
 1993 Preparation and properties of ferroelectric liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes possessing (S)-(-)-4-(2-methylbutyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4'-(5-hexyloxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylate as side chain mesogen unit
 1994 A new status of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1994 Antiferroelectric liquid-crystal compound and liquid-crystal composition containing it
 1994 Devil's staircase and racemization in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1994 Liquid-crystal composition, and an element and device using it
 1995 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal compound.
 1995 Developments on antiferroelectric liquid crystal and ferroelectric liquid crystal materials
 1995 Electrical and optical responses of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal in SmA, SmCα* and SmC* phases
 1995 Liquid crystal compounds
 1995 Reversible propagating fingers in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
Suzuki, Yoshiichi (cont...)1995 Synthesis and Characterization of Monodisperse Ferroelectric Side Chain Liquid-Crystalline Siloxane Oligomers
 1995 Synthesis and properties of deuterated antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 Synthesis and properties of dimeric antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1995 The importance of the electric interaction for stabilizing the antiferroelectric smectic liquid-crystalline phase
 1995 Tilt susceptibility at an antiferroelectric smectic-CA-smectic-A phase transition
 1996 Antiferroelectric liquid crystals having a chiral ring structure
 1996 Bilayered super-structures of antiferroelectric mesogens
 1996 Binaphthol-titanium complex-catalyzed fluoral-ene reaction with vinyl sulfides for asymmetric synthesis of diastereomeric α-trifluoromethyl-β-methyl carbinols. Diastereomer switch of antiferroelectric or ferroelectric properties of diastereomeric liquid-crystalline systems
 1996 Diastereotropic phenomena for the appearance of SmCA* phase in α-trifluoromethyl-β-methyl-substituted liquid crystalline molecules
 1996 Dielectric and electrooptical responses of antiferroelectric liquid crystals in the smectic-A phase
 1996 Full-color antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays with high contrast ratio
 1996 Influence of optical purity on the smectic-C*β phase of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 Nonlinear dielectric relaxation spectroscopy of the antiferroelectric liquid crystal 4-(1-trifluoromethylheptyloxycarbon yl)phenyl 4'-octyloxybiphenyl-4-carboxylate
 1996 Solitary waves in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Stability of the antiferroelectric phase in dimeric liquid crystals having two chiral centers with CF3 or CH3 groups; evaluation of conformational and electric interactions
 1997 Collective fluctuation and switching behavior in an antiferroelectric smectic subphase appearing in the Devil's staircase
 1997 Development of alignment layer for antiferroelectric liquid crystal display devices
 1997 Diastereomer effects on antiferroelectricity and ferroelectricity of the newly synthesized liquid crystals
 1997 Electrooptic investigations of enantiomeric mixtures of the antiferroelectric liquid crystal TFMHPOBC
 1997 Nonlinear dielectric relaxation spectroscopy of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
Suzuki, Yoshiichi (cont...)1997 Smectic liquid crystal composition and display device using it
 1999 Effects of conformation of diastereomer liquid crystals on the preference of antiferroelectricity
 1999 Spontaneous enantiomeric resolution in a fluid smectic phase of a racemate
 1999 Tandem (domino) and two-directional asymmetric catalysis of carbonyl-ene reaction with fluoral. Fluoral-ene approach to modeling of inter-smectic layer interaction of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Diastereomer liquid crystalline CF3 molecules: conformational probe for (anti)ferroelectricity and spontaneous resolution of the racemates
 2000 Effect of molecular polarity and conjugated system on antiferroelectricity in AFLC's
 2000 Optical switching and alignment of antiferroelectric liquid crystals containing an azo group
 2002 Structural transitions in thin free-standing films of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal exhibiting the smectic-C phase in the bulk sample
Suzuki, Yoshiji1990 Microchannel Spatial Light Modulator Using Liquid Crystal for Modulating Material
 1996 Spatial light modulator and optical analog computing
Suzuki, Yoshikazu1997 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal cell and display
 1997 Optically activate compound containing azo bond for liquid crystal element
 1998 Antiferroelectric liquid - crystal compound and liquid - crystal composition containing it for display
 1998 Liquid crystal compounds forming stable antiferroelectric phases with less temperature dependency of response speed
 1998 Liquid crystal compounds forming stable antiferroelectric phases with less temperature dependency of response speed
 1998 Optically active compound having vinyl group, its intermediate, and antiferroelectric liquid crystal composition containing the compound
 1999 Liquid crystal compounds for antiferromagnetic liquid crystal compositions for electrooptical display devices
Suzuki, Yoshimasa2003 Numerical Simulation Method for a Liquid-Crystal Aberration Compensation Device
Suzuki, Yoshinobu2000 Method for analysis of surface contamination
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