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Sullivan, D.E.2000 Coherent x-ray scattering and dynamics of fluctuations in smectic-A and crystal-B films: Continuous model
 2000 Density-functional theory of inhomogeneous systems of hard spherocylinders
 2001 Landau-de Gennes theory of surface-enhanced ordering in smectic films
 2001 The nematic-isotropic phase transition in semiflexible fused hard-sphere chain fluids
 2002 Density-functional study of the nematic-isotropic interface of hard spherocylinders
 2002 Dislocation loops in overheated free-standing smectic films
 2004 First-order Landau-de Gennes model for layer thinning in presmectic free-standing films
 2004 Nematic-isotropic phase transition in diblock fused-sphere chain fluids
 2006 Free Energy of a Wormlike Polymer Chain Confined in a Slit: Crossover between Two Scaling Regimes
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 1985 Observations on a nematic liquid crystal with an oblique orientation of the director at the nematic-isotropic interface
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Sumi, Akihiro2008 Control of dispersion-coagulation behavior of Au nanoparticles capped with azobenzene-derivatized alkanethiol in a mixed chloroform-ethanol solvent
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 1991 Manufacture of precursor pitches for carbon fibers
 1992 Manufacture of pitch precursors for carbon fibers with good spinnability
Sumi, Naomi1989 Physical properties of poly (γ-ethyl L-glutamate) solutions
Sumi, Satoshi1998 Optical super-resolution pickup using a liquid crystal shutter for CAD-MSR magnetooptical disk
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 1992 Liquid crystal makeup remover: conditions of formation and its cleansing mechanisms
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 1999 Liquid crystal display with optical diffusion resin film
 2000 Heat-resistant multilayer films having liquid-crystalline polymer layers with excellent gas impermeability
 2000 Heat-sealable multilayer films having liquid-crystalline polymer layers with excellent gas barrier properties
 2000 Liquid crystal polymer composite films with good adhesion
 2000 Manufacture of liquid crystal polymer multilayer films with good strength and adhesion
 2000 Manufacture of liquid crystal polymer-based laminated films for packaging materials
Sumida, Shiro1997 Light-shielding film containing carbon black and liquid crystal display panel using it
 1999 Manufacture of liquid crystal display
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 1996 Liquid crystal display color filter and its manufacture using dry development
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 1996 Liquid crystal display color filter substrate, its manufacture, and liquid crystal display device
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 1997 Fluorine-containing negative dichroic 1,4-bis(acylamino)anthraquinone dyes
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 1993 A two dimensional liquid crystal simulation for thin film transistor liquid crystal displays
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 1996 Liquid-crystal display element with opposite twist domains aligned in same direction on one substrate
 1997 Color reflective liquid - crystal display device and its manufacture
 1997 Negative delta-n compensators for improvement of LCD angular dependency
 1997 Reflective liquid crystal display
 1997 Two new measurement methods for determining TN structure
 1998 Smectic liquid crystal material for optical element
 1999 Polymerization-induced phase separation in LC/light-curable resin mixture
 1999 Prospect of liquid crystal display development
 2000 Diffraction efficiency improvement in holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal (HPDLC) devices
 2000 Liquid crystal display elements and their manufacture
 2001 Liquid crystal display cell
 2006 Influence of the Ion Beam Irradiation on the Surface of the Polyimide Film and the Alignment Direction of Liquid Crystal
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 2000 Sputtering target of aluminum alloy
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 2007 Electrooptical Characteristics of Liquid Crystal p-Cells Sustained by Aligned Polymers
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 1995 Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline copolyazomethineethers. (II)
 1995 Synthesis and study of azomethine liquid crystalline copolyether. II
 1996 Syntheses and studies of liquid crystalline copoly(azomethine ethers). (IV)
Sun, De-Zhi2004 Lyotropic liquid crystals formed in 3-dodecyloxy-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium bromide-n-butanol-n-decane-water system
 2005 Research on colored lyotropic liquid crystals
 2005 Study on lyotropic liquid crystals of the 3-octyloxy-2-hydroxypropyl trimethyl ammonium bromide-n-hexanol-water system
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 2004 Advance in inorganic lyotropic liquid crystals
 2005 Lamellar phase in colloidal suspensions of positively charged LDHs platelets
 2007 Phase Behavior of Aqueous Suspensions of Mg2Al Layered Double Hydroxide: The Competition among Nematic Ordering, Sedimentation, and Gelation
 2009 Phase Behavior of Mixtures of Positively Charged Colloidal Platelets and Nonadsorbing Polymer
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 2002 Striped and rectangular phases in multilayered Ising systems with dipolar interaction
 2006 Design and validation of portable optical instrument for crop diagnose
 2006 Development and application of a novel crop stress and quality instrument
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Sun, Hundong1983 Two new lichen perfume - Chinese oakmoss No. I and No. II
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 2006 Theoretical and experimental study on polymer microstructured fibers
 2009 Tunability of Mobility and Conductivity over Large Ranges in Poly(3,3'''-didodecylquaterthiophene)/Insulating Polymer Composites
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Sun, Ji-Ming2009 Spontaneous Emergence of Ordered Phases in Crumpled Sheets
Sun, Ji-Run1996 High-strength declination points in the smectic schlieren texture of o-hydroxy Schiff base-type liquid crystal
 1997 Studies on carbosilane liquid crystalline dendrimer
 1998 Studies on carbosillane liquid crystalline dendrimer with SC* phase
 1998 Studies on the organometallic palladium coordinated carbosilane liquid crystalline dendrimer
Sun, Jia-Zhong1996 Photovoltaic properties of porphyrin solid films with electric-field induction
 1996 Temperature-dependent FTIR study on self-assembly chiral liquid crystals through intermolecular hydrogen bonding
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Sun, Jian-Hua2007 Calcium carbonate nanoparticles prepared by lamellar liquid crystal as template and shape evolution during growth
Sun, Jian-Zhong2007 Studies on curing kinetics of a novel combined liquid crystalline epoxy containing tetramethylbiphenyl and aromatic ester-type mesogenic group with diaminodiphenylsulfone
 2007 Synthesis and characterization of a novel liquid-crystalline epoxy resin combining biphenyl and aromatic ester-type mesogenic units
 2008 Effects of the Heating Rate and the Amount of Organic Montmorillonite on the Thermal Properties of the Novel Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Nanocomposite
 2008 Studies on Cure Kinetics of Diglycidyl Ether of 4,4'-Bisphenol/4,4'-Diaminobiphenyl Using the Advanced Isoconversional Method
 2009 Synthesis and curing of a novel combined liquid crystalline epoxy
Sun, Jianing2001 Molecular Templating of Nanoporous Ultralow Dielectric Constant (1.5) Organosilicates by Tailoring the Microphase Separation of Triblock Copolymers
Sun, Jianye2007 Numerical Simulation of Molding Hele-Shaw Flow of Polymeric Liquid Crystals
 2008 Analysis of the Steady Director of Nematic Polymers in Hele-Shaw Flow
Sun, Jianyuan2007 Organic photovoltaic devices from discotic materials
Sun, Jiazeng2008 A Potential Novel Rapid Screening NMR Approach to Boundary Film Formation at Solid Interfaces in Contact with Ionic Liquids
Sun, Jiazhen1990 Radiation effects on poly(vinylidene fluoride)-poly(ethyl acrylate) blend systems
Sun, Jie2008 Reflectance properties of polymer-stabilised cholesteric liquid crystals cells with cholesteryl compounds of different functionality
 2009 Diluters' effects on high ?n and low-viscosity negative ?e terphenyl liquid crystals
 2009 High birefringence phenyl tolane positive compounds for dual frequency liquid crystals
Sun, Jin2006 Unusual molecular charge property of amphoteric quinolones in physiological environment
Sun, Jing2008 Debundling of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes by a Nanoball-Penetrating Method
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 2009 Study on liquid-crystalline copolymers as a new β-nucleator to induce crystallization structure of isotactic polypropylene
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 2000 Synthesis and properties of semi-rigid copolyesters containing mesogenic group
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 2006 Synthesis of liquid crystalline poly(1-pentyne)s and fabrication of polyacetylene-perovskite hybrids
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 1980 Temperature dependence of the smectic A layer spacing in two reentrant nematogens
 1983 Effect of skew cybotactic structure on the optical properties of a nematogen with a lateral cyano substituent
 1983 High-pressure studies on partially bilayer and monolayer smectics
 1983 Induced smectic mesomorphism in binary mixtures of cholesteryl chloride and 4,4'-diheptyloxyazoxybenzene
 1983 Synthesis and miscibility studies of some phenyl cinnamoyloxybenzoate derivatives
 1983 Temperature variation of the layer spacing in the smectic A, reentrant nematic and reentrant smectic A phases of 9 OBCAB
 1985 Langmuir monolayers of mesomorphic monomers and polymers
 1985 X-ray studies on bilayer smectic A (A2) and bilayer smectic C (C2) phases
 1986 Induced smectic phases in binary mixtures of a compound having a weakly polar end group and a compound having a non-polar end group
 1992 Effect of Inherent Faraday Rotation on the Optical Properties of Ferrocholesterics
 1992 Optical diffraction in twisted liquid-crystalline media - phase grating mode
 1993 Optical properties of magnetically doped cholesterics
Suresh, K.A. (cont...)1994 Optical diffraction in chiral smectic-C liquids crystals
 1996 Modulations in the diffracted intensity in chiral smectic-C liquid crystals
 1996 Optical diffraction in chiral liquid crystals
 1997 Formation of Liquid Crystalline Phases from a Langmuir Monolayer
 1997 Optics of some chiral liquid crystals
 1997 Phase diagram of a liquid crystal siloxane polymer at air water interface
 1997 The pancharatnam phase as a strictly geometric phase: A demonstration using pure projections
 1998 Visco-elastic modes in some ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1999 Phase transitions in Langmuir monolayers
 2002 A dynamic light scattering study of the viscoelastic twist mode in cholesteric liquid crystals
 2003 Liquid crystals of disc-like molecules
 2003 Polar head group interactions in mixed Langmuir monolayers
 2004 Monolayers and 3D Films of Cholesteryl Derivatives at the Air-Water Interface
 2004 Unusual Features in the Surface Pressure - Area Isotherms in the Langmuir Monolayer of a Siloxane Polymer
 2005 Dynamic light scattering studies on a lyotropic discotic nematic liquid crystal
 2005 Magnetic Susceptibility Studies on a Lyotropic Nematic System
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