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Stützer, Cornelia1997 In search of smectic C Phases at Mesogens with a Phenyl Ring containing lateral Branch
 1998 Stabilization of the Sc phase in mixtures of laterally aryl substituted mesogens
Stutzmann, N.2002 Microcutting Materials on Polymer Substrates
 2003 Anisotropy in the Mobility and Photogeneration of Charge Carriers in Thin Films of Discotic Hexabenzocoronenes, Columnarly Self-Assembled on Friction-Deposited Poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
 2003 Meso-Epitaxial Solution-Growth of Self-Organizing Discotic Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductors
 2004 Aligned Thin Films of Discotic Hexabenzocoronenes: Anisotropy in the Optical and Charge Transport Properties
Stutzmann, Natalie2003 Induced Alignment of a Solution-Cast Discotic Hexabenzocoronene Derivative for Electronic Devices Investigated by Surface X-ray Diffraction
 2005 High Anisotropy of the Field-Effect Transistor Mobility in Magnetically Aligned Discotic Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductors
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Stygar, Vernon E.2000 Thermally conductive moldable thermoplastic compositions containing boron nitride powders
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 1993 Inversion phenomena in chiral liquid crystals
 1993 Observing molecular motions of a fluorinated ferroelectric liquid crystal using fluorine-19 NMR
 1994 Chirality and frustration in ordered fluids
 1995 Electro-Optic and Piezo-Optic Studies of an Antiferro-Ferri-Ferro-Electric System
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 1996 Antiferroelectricity in novel liquid crystalline materials
 1996 The influence of sulfur on phenyl propiolates for ferroelectric applications
 1996 The synthesis, mesomorphic behavior and physical properties of a chiral liquid crystal exhibiting an antiferroelectric smectic I phase
 1998 Design of low-molar mass thermomesogens in the search for biaxial nematic liquid crystals
 1999 A possible structural model of the SmCβ* phase
 2000 Chiral liquid crystals for ferroelectric, electroclinic, and antiferroelectric displays and photonic devices
 2000 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline materials: hosts, dopants and gels for display applications
 2004 Side chain liquid crystal polyacrylate and polymethacrylate nickel complexes free from covalent cross-linking
 2004 Towards liquid crystal synthesis using high throughput and micro reactor technologies
Styring, Peter1986 Novel types of ionic thermotropic liquid crystals
 1987 Mesogenic transition metal complexes. Liquid crystal phase behavior and crystal and molecular structure of some nitrile complexes of the platinum metals
 1988 4-Alkyloxy-4'-stilbazoles. New heterocyclic mesogens
 1989 Nematic phases in ionic melts: mesogenic ionic complexes of silver(I)
 1991 Magnetomesogens: bis(1,3-di(4'-decyloxyphenyl)propane-1,3-dionato)oxovanadium (IV)
 1991 Nematic phases in ionic melts: mesogenic ionic complexes of silver(I)
 1991 Polymorphic ionic mesogens of silver(I): ionic materials exhibiting a thermotropic cubic mesophase
 1992 Magnetomesogens
 1992 Mesomorphic metal complexes derived from 4-alkyloxystilbazoles
 1992 Mesomorphic stilbazole complexes of silver(I) with triflate and nitrate counteranions
 1992 Origin of an Inversion in Helical Twist Sense in the Cholesteric Phase
 1992 Twist inversion in a cholesteric material containing a single chiral center
 1993 Discotic mesomorphism in oxovanadium(IV) complexes possessing four alkyl substituents
 1993 Inversion of chirality-dependent properties in optically active liquid crystals
 1993 Lateral substitution in the peripheral moieties of triphenylene-2,3,6,7,10,11-hexayl hexakis(4-alkoxybenzoate)s: dimethyl-substituted systems
 1993 Optically active fluorophenyl derivatives and ferroelectric liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1993 Optically active fluorophenyl derivatives containing oxirane-2,3-diyl and ferroelectric liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1994 Dioxane derivatives, their preparation, and liquid-crystal compositions and devices containing them
 1994 Helix inversion in the chiral nematic phase of a ferroelectric liquid crystal containing a single chiral center
 1994 Inversion of chirality-dependent properties in helical liquid crystals: effects of structural modification
Styring, Peter (cont...)1994 Liquid crystal compounds, mixtures and devices
 1996 Oligo(siloxane) rings and cages possessing nickel-containing liquid crystal side chains
 1996 The synthesis and transition temperatures of some fluorinated terphenyls with alkenyl terminal chains
 1997 Difluorobiphenyl dioxaborinanes for ferroelectric liquid crystal applications
 1997 Heterocyclic esters exhibiting frustrated liquid crystal phases
 1997 Metal-containing liquid crystals with potential application in optical storage devices
 1997 Oxovanadium(IV) metallomesogens derived from 1,3-diketonate ligands: the importance of ligand design
 1997 Preparation of oligomeric and polymeric liquid crystalline materials and intermediates containing coordinated transition metal in the mesogenic side chain
 1997 Synthesis and liquid crystalline phase behavior of a novel metallomesogenic side chain liquid crystal polymer free from crosslinking
 1997 The physical properties of a series of antiferroelectric hetrocyclic esters
 1998 A phenomenological approach to the inversion of the helical twist sense in the chiral nematic phase
 1998 The effect of low molecular weight organosiloxane substituents on mesophase formation and structure in nonsymmetric nickel(II) complexes
 1998 X-ray and optical studies of the tilted phases of materials exhibiting antiferroelectric, ferrielectric and ferroelectric mesophases
 1999 A comparison of the optical and steric tilt in antiferroelectric liquid crystals
 1999 Conoscopic observations of multiple ferrielectricity in a chiral liquid crystal
 1999 Molecular dynamics simulation of smectic phases in pentamethyl-disiloxane-terminated mesogens
 1999 Prediction of pitch in twisted nematics: puzzling cases
 1999 The synthesis and electrooptic properties of liquid crystalline 2-(2,3-difluorobiphenyl-4'-yl)-1,3-dioxanes
 2002 Liquid Crystal Synthesis Using High Throughput and Micro Reactor Technologies
 2002 The first uranium based liquid crystals. Uranyl metallomesogens from β-diketone and tropolone ligands
Styring, Peter (cont...)2002 The Synthesis and Characterization of Alkenyl- and Pentamethyldisiloxyl-Terminated Isoxazole Liquid Crystals
 2003 Electromechanical behavior of smectic liquid crystal elastomers
 2003 Synthesis, regioisomerism and characterization of unsymmetrical alkenyl-terminated isoxazole liquid crystals
 2007 Monodomain liquid crystal elastomers and elastomeric gels: Improved thermomechanical responses and phase behavior by addition of low molecular weight LCs
Styrkova, A.P.1995 Refraction of homeotropically oriented comb-shaped LC-polymer films
Su, A.-C.2001 Imperfect Oriented Attachment: Accretion and Defect Generation of Hexagonal Inorganic-Surfactant Nanoparticles
 2002 Supramolecular Aggregation in Bulk Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4- phenylenevinylene)
 2004 Aging of Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene)/Toluene Solutions and Subsequent Effects on Luminescence Behavior of Cast Films
 2004 Molecular Aggregation and Luminescence Behavior of Bulk Poly(2,5,2',5'-tetrahexyloxy-8,7'-dicyano-di-p-phenylenevinylene)
 2004 Molecular Aggregation and Luminescence Properties of Bulk Poly(2,5-di-n-octyloxy-1,4-phenylenevinylene)
 2004 Molecular Packing in Crystalline Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2004 Phase Behavior and Molecular Aggregation in Bulk Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene)
 2005 Crystalline Forms and Emission Behavior of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2005 Morphology and Charge Transport in Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene) Films
 2005 Noncrystalline Phases in Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2006 Phase Behavior of Poly(9,9-di-n-hexyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2007 Cold Crystallization of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2007 Supramolecular Aggregation of Regioregular Poly(4-alkyl-2,6-quinoline)s
 2008 Structural Evolution of Nanograins during Cold Crystallization of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene) As Revealed via in Situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering/Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering/Differential Scanning Calorimetry
 2009 Nanograin Evolution in Cold Crystallization of Syndiotactic Polystyrene As Illustrated via in-Situ Small/Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering and Differential Scanning Calorimetry
Su, Aihua2000 Crystallization and melting behavior of amorphous poly(iminosebacoyl iminodecamethylene)
Su, An-Chung1994 Interphase Morphology of Liquid Crystalline Polymer/Glass Fiber Composites: Effect of Fiber Surface Treatment
 2005 Towerlike SBA-15: Base and (10)-Specific Coalescence of a Silicate-Encased Hexagonal Mesophase Tailored by Nonionic Triblock Copolymers
 2006 Axialitic Morphology of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2009 Nanoscale Ordered Structure Distribution in Thin Solid Film of Conjugated Polymers: Its Significance in Charge Transport Across the Film and in Performance of Electroluminescent Device
Su, B.1997 Mesoscopic interpretation of Fokker-Planck equation describing time behavior of liquid crystal orientation
Su, B.L.2001 Well-Ordered Spherical Mesoporous Materials CMI-1 Synthesized via an Assembly of Decaoxyethylene Cetyl Ether and TMOS
 2002 Morphosynthesis of Vesicular Mesostructured Calcium Phosphate under Electron Irradiation
 2003 Toward a Better Control of Internal Structure and External Morphology of Mesoporous Silicas Synthesized Using a Nonionic Surfactant
 2007 A new series of optoelectronic nanocomposites: CMI-1 mesoporous core/ZnS shell
Su, Bao-Lian2001 MSU-Type Mesoporous Silicas with Well-Tailored Pore Sizes Synthesized via an Assembly of Deca(ethylene oxide) Oleyl Ether Surfactant and Tetramethoxysilane Silica Precursor
 2002 Transition metal ion-induced morphogenesis of mesoporous molecular sieve MCM-41
 2003 Surfactant-assisted preparation of hollow microspheres of mesoporous TiO2
 2004 CO2-induced micro-construction of hierarchical strings of mesoporous silica spheroids
 2004 Microwave-Assisted Preparation of Hierarchical Mesoporous-Macroporous Boehmite AlOOH and γ-Al2O3
Su, Bin1999 Pressure and isotropic-nematic transition temperature of model liquid crystals
 2008 Oriented SBA-15-Type Silica Films on Polyimide Films with Laser-Induced Periodic Microgrooves
 2008 Photosensitive Liquid-Crystalline Supramolecules Self-Assembled from Ionic Liquid Crystal and Polyelectrolyte for Laser-Induced Optical Anisotropy
Su, C.2002 Scanning tunnelling microscopy study of a columnar metallomesogen: bis(γ-diketonato)palladium(II) complexes on graphite
 2004 Heterocyclic 1,2,4-triazoles as calamitic mesogens
Su, C.-H.2002 Supramolecular Aggregation in Bulk Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4- phenylenevinylene)
 2004 Molecular Aggregation and Luminescence Behavior of Bulk Poly(2,5,2',5'-tetrahexyloxy-8,7'-dicyano-di-p-phenylenevinylene)
 2005 Crystalline Forms and Emission Behavior of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2006 Phase Behavior of Poly(9,9-di-n-hexyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2007 Cold Crystallization of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
 2008 Structural Evolution of Nanograins during Cold Crystallization of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene) As Revealed via in Situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering/Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering/Differential Scanning Calorimetry
 2009 Nanograin Evolution in Cold Crystallization of Syndiotactic Polystyrene As Illustrated via in-Situ Small/Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering and Differential Scanning Calorimetry
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 2000 Characterization of novel liquid crystalline polymers of polyacetylenes having a comb-like structure via SEC/RI/RALLS/DV
Su, Chih-Lin2006 Synthesis and study of N,N-disubstituted 4-[(4-aminophenyl)diazenyl]benzylidene-4'-alkylanilines
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Su, Feng-Yu1994 A new chiral Schiff base family derived from 2,4-dihydroxybenzaldehyde
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of a new chiral liquid crystalline (MHHBAB)
 1994 Synthesis and characterization of chiral liquid crystal CMPPCDP
 1994 Synthesis and investigation of a new liquid crystal CMPPCHPP
 1995 Synthesis and phase behavior studies of two new chiral liquid crystals of Schiff base. The influence of intramolecular hydrogen bond on the phase behavior
 1995 Synthesis and variable-temperature FTIR study of five chiral liquid crystals induced by intermolecular hydrogen bonding
 1995 Synthesis of a new chiral liquid crystal with Schiff base group and study of temperature-dependent FTIR spectra
 1995 Synthesis of some chiral liquid crystals and study of the effect of intramolecular hydrogen bonding on the phase behavior
 1995 Synthesis of two new hydrogen bond induced liquid crystals
 1996 Synthesis of a new series of chiral Schiff's bases and their copper complexes
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Su, Guangsheng1993 Color-changing controlled liquid crystal thin film and its manufacture
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 2003 Hybrid integration of silicone PDLC into a planar light circuit
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 1996 A study on blends of liquid crystalline copolyesters with polycarbonate. II. Transesterification control
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 2001 Photo-orientation of liquid crystals due to light-induced desorption and adsorption of dye molecules on an aligning surface
 2004 Study of Ion Beam Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Polymer Substrates
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Su, Linli2000 Control of alignment and pre-tilt on photoexposed surfaces
 2001 Liquid crystal photoalignment on azo-dye layers
 2001 Photo-alignment using adsorbed dichroic molecules
 2002 Electro-optic Properties of Liquid Crystals in the Infrared
 2002 Study of Ion Beam Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Polymer Substrates
 2010 Guest-host liquid crystal devices for adaptive window application.
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 2003 Iterative approach to Maxwell equations for dielectric media of spatially varying refractive index
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 2006 Expanding range of pulsed range sensors with active projection from spatial light modulators
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 1998 Cholesteric diffraction devices with a field-controlled grating vector
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 1977 4-Cyanophenyl 4-substituted benzoates
 1977 4-n-Acyloxybenzoic acid 4'-cyanophenyl esters
 1977 Methylhydroquinone 1,4-bis(4'-substituted benzoates)
 1977 N-(p-n-Alkyl-α-methylbenzylidene)-p-cyanoanilines
 1977 p-Cyanophenyl 4-alkyl-4'-biphenylcarboxylates
 1977 p-Cyanophenyl p-n-alkoxy-α-methylcinnamates
 1978 (-)-2-Methyl-1-butyl p-(p'-n-alkoxycinnamoyloxy)benzoates
 1978 4''-Cyanobiphenylyl 4-(β-alkoxyethoxybenzoates)
 1978 4'-Substituted 4-cyano-α-methylcinnamates
 1978 4,4'-Bis[p-(2-methylbutyloxy)benzoyloxy]diphenyl as liquid crystal component
 1978 4-(4'-Cyanophenyl)phenyl 2-methyl-butyloxybenzoate
 1978 Hydroquinone bis[p-(β-alkoxyethoxy)benzoates]
 1978 Optically active 4'-(2-methylbutyl)-4-biphenylcarboxylic acid and its 4"-alkylphenyl esters
 1978 p-(4-Alkyl- or alkoxybenzoyloxy)phenyl p-(-)-2-methylbutoxybenzoates
 1978 Phenyl p-(2-methylbutyloxy)benzoates
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