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 1975 Hydrodynamic properties of fluid lamellar phases of lipid/water
 1976 Relaxation time of the cybotactic groups at the SA-N phase transition
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 1998 Liquid crystalline thermosets by polymerization of mesogenic azomethine based diepoxides - influence of reaction rate on phase behavior
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 1998 Sheet with cholesteric liquid crystal ordered structure
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 1979 Liquid-crystal noncoherent-coherent image converter based on a semiconductor-insulator structure
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 1995 Induction of smectic Ad phase in mixtures of polar compounds
 1995 Induction of smectic Ad phase in polar systems of nCBB-nCB
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 1996 Induction of the smectic Ad phase in polar systems. II. Role of steric effects in the smectic Ad phase induction
 1997 Induction of the Smectic Adphase-Structure Correlations
 1997 Influence of the structure of two ring ester on the induction of smectic Ad phase in bicomponent mixtures containing a compound with virtual Ad phase
 1997 Proton Spin Relaxation Study of Polar Liquid Crystals with Induced Smectic Phases
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 1990 Three-dimensionally ordered polymer networks with a helicoidal structure
 1991 Dynamic mechanical properties of anisotropic networks formed by liquid-crystalline acrylates
 1991 The use of cholesterically-ordered polymer networks in practical applications
 1992 Anisotropic Polymeric Networks Formed by Photopolymerization of Liquid Crystals
 1992 Anisotropic polymerization shrinkage behavior of liquid-crystalline diacrylates
 1992 Densely Crosslinked Cholesteric Polymer Networks
 1992 Liquid-crystalline ordering in polymeric networks as studied by polarized Raman scattering
 1992 Molecular ordering in a liquid crystalline material visualized by scanning electron microscopy
 1993 Synthesis and photopolymerization of a liquid - crystalline diepoxide
 1993 Visualization of the cholesteric texture near a Grandjean line
 1995 Synthesis and photopolymerization of cholesteric liquid crystalline diacrylates
 1995 Wide-band reflective polarizers from cholesteric polymer networks with a pitch gradient
 1997 Monodomain liquid-crystalline networks by in situ photopolymerization
 1997 Photo-controlled diffusion in reacting liquid crystals. A new tool for the creation of complex molecular architectures
 1998 3-D molecular architectures in thin film liquid crystalline networks
 1998 Photo-induced diffusion during the formation of liquid-crystalline networks: a powerful tool to control polymer morphology down to nanoscale level
 1998 The formation of a liquid crystalline main chain polymer by means of photopolymerization
 1999 Chiral nematic order in liquid crystals imposed by an engineered inorganic nanostructure
Broer, D.J. (cont...)1999 New functional polymers for liquid crystal displays review of some recent developments
 1999 Optical devices fabricated from porous thin films embedded with liquid crystals
 1999 Polymer filled nematics: a new class of light scattering electrooptical devices
 2000 Alignment and switching of nematic liquid crystals embedded in porous chiral thin films
 2000 Liquid Crystal Alignment and Switching in Porous Chiral Thin Films
 2001 Optical activity of chiral thin film and liquid crystal hybrids
 2002 Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Self-Assembled Monolayers Using Ultra-Thin Gold Films
 2002 Colorful films for application in the electro-optical industry made by photopolymerization
 2002 Control of Liquid Crystal Orientation in Optical Devices Using Porous Engineered Thin Films Grown by Glancing Angle Deposition
 2002 Deformed chiral-nematic networks obtained by polarized excitation of a dichroic photoinitiator.
 2002 Microcutting Materials on Polymer Substrates
 2003 A dielectric study on the relaxation and switching behaviour of liquid crystals confined within a colloidal network
 2003 Director and pitch control in chiral- nematic networks
 2003 Patterned Alignment of Liquid Crystals on Selectively Thiol-Functionalized Photo-Orientation Layers
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 2004 Patterned Alignment of Liquid Crystals by &mgr;-Rubbing
 2004 Polarized back- and frontlights for LCDs
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 2004 Transparent Slanted Phase Gratings in Emissive Waveguides
Broer, D.J. (cont...)2005 An efficient illumination system for liquid crystal displays incorporating an anisotropic hologram
 2005 Formation of Optical Films by Photo-Polymerisation of Liquid Crystalline Acrylates and Application of These Films in Liquid Crystal Display Technology
 2005 Improving the Brightness and Daylight Contrast of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
 2005 Thermo-Mechanical Responses of Liquid-Crystal Networks with a Splayed Molecular Organization
 2006 High-Contrast Thin-Film Polarizers by Photo-Crosslinking of Smectic Guest-Host Systems
 2006 Isotropic ?Islands? in a Cholesteric ?Sea?: Patterned Thermal Expansion for Responsive Surface Topologies
 2006 Photopatterned liquid crystalline polymers for microactuators
 2007 Alignment of Liquid Crystals Infiltrated into Porous Thin Films with Tailored Nanostructures Grown by Glancing Angle Deposition
 2007 Deep Hole InP Photonic Crystals Infiltrated With Solid Polymers And Liquid Crystals
 2007 Glassy photomechanical liquid-crystal network actuators for microscale devices
 2007 Quantification of Liquid Crystal Concentrations in Periodically Stratified Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal Films by Dynamic Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and Multivariate Statistical Analysis
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 2008 Printing of Monolithic Polymeric Microstructures Using Reactive Mesogens
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 1991 Anisotropic networks formed by photopolymerization of liquid-crystalline molecules
 1991 In-situ photopolymerization of oriented liquid-crystalline acrylates. 5. Influence of the alkylene spacer on the properties of the mesogenic monomers and the formation and properties of oriented polymer networks
 1993 Photoinitiated polymerization and crosslinking of liquid-crystalline systems
 1995 Creation of supramolecular thin film architectures with liquid-crystalline networks
 1995 Thermo-optical properties of a polymer dispersed liquid crystalline polymer
 1997 Metallopolymers: Preparation of Polymer Films with a High Content of Metal Centers via Photopolymerization of Metal-Containing Liquid-Crystalline Monomers
 1998 Photoinduced Opposite Diffusion of Nematic and Isotropic Monomers during Patterned Photopolymerization
 1999 Photo-induced diffusion in polymerizing chiral-nematic media
 1999 The synthesis and polymerisation of a liquid crystalline crosslinkable thiol-ene molecule
 2000 A scattering electro-optical switch based on dendrimers dispersed in liquid crystals
 2000 Color filter layer of cholesterically ordered material, and reflective LCD provided with such a color filter layer
 2000 Electrically controlled light scattering from thermoreversible liquid-crystal gels
 2000 Hybrid layer for use in an optical device
 2000 Thermo-reversible liquid-crystal gels: towards a new processing route for twisted nematic displays
 2001 Cholesteric Thermo-reversible Liquid-Crystal Gels: Phase Behaviour and Electro-optical Response
 2002 Chemistry, Physics and Technology for New Liquid Crystal Displays
Broer, Dirk J. (cont...)2002 Influence of laser writing of polyimides on the alignment of liquid crystals
 2002 Photo-Initiated Polymerization of Liquid Crystalline Thiol-Ene Monomers in Isotropic and Anisotropic Solvents
 2002 Photo-Polymerization of Liquid Crystalline Monomers in Anisotropic Solvents under Dynamic Conditions
 2002 Photoinitiated Bulk Polymerization of Liquid Crystalline Thiolene Monomers
 2002 Single-substrate liquid-crystal displays by photo-enforced stratification
 2004 Microrubbing technique to produce high pretilt multidomain liquid crystal alignment
 2005 Four-domain twisted vertically aligned liquid crystal pixels using microrubbing
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 2005 Large amplitude light-induced motion in high elastic modulus polymer actuators
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 2005 Self-Assembled Polymer Films for Controlled Agent-Driven Motion
 2005 Stimulated mechanical responses of liquid crystal networks with a splayed molecular organization (Invited Paper)
 2006 Large Area Liquid Crystal Monodomain Field-Effect Transistors
 2006 Molecular machines Nanomotor rotates microscale objects
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Broer, Dirk J. (cont...)2006 Template induced chiral ordering in nematic liquid crystalline materials: A deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance study
 2007 Three Techniques for Micropatterning Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2008 A Birefringent and Transparent Electrical Conductor
 2008 Bending Dynamics and Directionality Reversal in Liquid Crystal Network Photoactuators
 2008 Efficient and cost-effective polarized-light backlights for LCDs
 2008 Nanoporous Membranes of Hydrogen-bridged Smectic Networks with Nanometer Transverse Pore Dimensions
 2010 Optical Monitoring of Gases with Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
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 1996 Radiation-dose indicator as well as a lamp and a tanning apparatus comprising such a radiation-dose indicator
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 2002 Synthesis and Mesogenic Properties of Dimeric Bent-Shaped Molecules
 2003 Bent-core liquid crystals forming two- and three-dimensional modulated structures
 2003 Columnar mesomorphic order in thermotropic liquid crystals
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 2006 The preparation by true liquid crystal templating of mesoporous silicates containing nanoparticulate metals
 2006 The synthesis of mesoporous silicates containing bimetallic nanoparticles and magnetic properties of PtCo nanoparticles in silica
 2007 Hydrogen-bonded oxadiazole mesogens
 2007 Intercalated liquid-crystalline phases formed by symmetric dimers with an α,ω-diiminoalkylene spacer
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