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Smith, George W.1977 Thermal parameters of some liquid crystals
 1978 Orientational order and melting
 1978 Phase behavior for liquid crystal mixtures having low-frequency dielectric relaxation
 1978 Some extended range nematic liquid crystal mixtures
 1979 Phase behavior and nucleation kinetics of octaphenylcyclotetrasiloxane
 1979 Phase behavior of some linear polyphenyls
 1981 Melting behavior of ideal ascending solid solutions
 1984 The nematic/isotropic interfacial energy: determination from the Frenkel relation for droplet coalescence
 1985 Mesophase/isotropic phase interfacial energy: determination from coalescence kinetics of mesophase pitch
 1985 Mesophase/isotropic phase interfacial energy: determination from droplet coalescence kinetics
 1987 A light control film composed of liquid crystal droplets dispersed in a UV-curable polymer
 1987 A light control film composed of liquid crystal droplets dispersed in an epoxy matrix
 1988 The relationship between formation kinetics and microdroplet size of epoxy-based polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1990 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films formed by electron-beam cure
 1991 Droplet-size polydispersity in polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
 1991 Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal films formed by electron-beam cure
 1992 A calorimetric determination of fundamental properties of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1993 A thermodynamic model for solubilities in phase-separated systems: polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1993 Effect of accelerators on the structure, solar attenuation characteristics and electrooptic performance of polymer-dispersed liquid crystal film
 1993 Methods for determination of solubility limits of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
Smith, George W. (cont...)1993 Mixing and phase separation in liquid crystal/matrix systems
 1993 Mixing and phase separation in liquid crystal/matrix systems: determination of the excess specific heat of mixing
 1993 Polymer dispersed liquid crystal films having improved optical performance
 1993 Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal material having an extended wavelength response
 1994 A calorimetric study of liquid crystal/polymer mixtures: cure temperature effects and unusual phase behavior
 1994 A calorimetric study of phase separation in liquid crystal/matrix systems: determination of the excess specific heat of mixing
 1994 A calorimetric study of polymer-dispersed liquid crystals: cure energetics and kinetics
Smith, Gerould H.1946 The diffraction of x-rays by stearates of calcium, barium, and magnesium
Smith, Gilbert2002 Design issues for tunable filters for optical telecommunications
Smith, Gilbert W.2000 Nanodispersed liquid crystal polymer composites for optically tunable filters
Smith, Graham1990 Fluorochlorobenzene derivatives and liquid-crystal media and display devices containing them
 1990 Liquid-crystal compositions for use in twisted-nematic display cells
 1990 Liquid-crystal media, fluorinated oligophenyls for them, and display devices containing them.
 1990 Preparation of 1-(biphenyl-4-yl)-2-phenylethanes as liquid crystals
 1991 Electrooptical liquid - crystal system
 1991 Nematic liquid-crystal medium and twisted-nematic cell containing it
 1991 Preparation of phenyldioxane liquid crystals
 1992 Preparation of heterocyclic compounds as liquid crystal components
Smith, Grant D.2001 A molecular dynamics simulation study of the phase behavior of an ensemble of rigid bead-necklace molecules
 2002 A molecular-dynamics simulation study of the influence of attractive dispersion interactions on the phase behavior of rigid bead-necklace molecules
 2004 Anomalous pressure dependence of the structure factor in 1,4-polybutadiene melts: A molecular dynamics simulation study
 2006 A novel mesophase formed by top-shaped molecules in the bulk and unsupported thin films: A molecular dynamics study
 2008 Passive Transport of C60 Fullerenes through a Lipid Membrane: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Smith, Gregory S.1988 X-ray Scattering Studies of Aligned, Stacked Surfactant Membranes
 2001 Neutron confinement cell for investigating complex fluids
Smith, H.I.1981 Alignment of nematic (butoxybenzylidene)octylaniline by surface-relief gratings
Smith, H.J.1972 Magnetohydrodynamic effects in the nematic mesophase
 1973 Structure of a cholesteric mesophase perturbed by a magnetic field
 1975 Director distribution in a spinning nematic mesophase subject to a static magnetic field
 1975 Pairwise angular correlation in a cholesteric mesophase
 1978 The orientational order in cholesteric liquid crystals
Smith, H.M.1900 Vermischte kyroskopische Beobachtungen: Über p-Azoxyanisol als kryoskopisches Lösungsmittel
Smith, Henry I.1978 Alignment of liquid crystals using submicrometer periodicity gratings
Smith, I.C.1990 Elucidation of motional modes in glycoglycerolipid bilayers. A deuterium NMR relaxation and line-shape study
Smith, I.C.P.1970 Sterol structure and ordering effects in spin-labelled phospholipid multibilayer structures
 1981 A comparison of spin probe ESR, 2H- and 31P-nuclear magnetic resonance for the study of hexagonal phase lipids
 1984 The nature and significance of liquid crystals in biological membranes
Smith, I.W.1974 Dynamics of angular fluctuations in a liquid crystal near a second order nematic to smectic A phase transition
 1975 Dynamics of electrohydrodynamic instabilities in nematic liquid crystals
Smith, Ian C.P.1970 Spin label studies of oriented phospholipids: Egg lecithin
 1972 The effects of alcohols on lipid bilayers: A spin label study
 1973 A spin probe study of the influence of cholesterol on motion and orientation of phospholipids in oriented multibilayers and vesicles
 1976 A deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance study of the condensing effect of cholesterol on egg phosphatidylcholine bilayer membranes. I. Perdeuterated fatty acid probes
 1977 Deuterium NMR study of lipid organisation in Acholeplasma laidlawii membranes
 1981 The thermotropic behavior of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine bilayers. A Fourier transform infrared study of specifically labeled lipids
 1981 The thermotropic behavior of dipalmitoyl phosphatidylsulfocholine as determined by deuteron and phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance
 1982 Lipid phase transitions in fatty acid-homogeneous membranes of Acholeplasma laidlawii B
 1983 A 2H-NMR analysis of dihydrosterculoyl-containing lipids in model membranes: structural effects of a cyclopropane ring
 1983 The effect of headgroup class on the conformation of membrane lipids in Acholeplasma Laidlawii: A 2H-NMR study
 1984 Structural and dynamical details of cholesterol-lipid interaction as revealed by deuterium NMR
 1985 Effects of the replacement of a double bond by a cyclopropane ring in phosphatidylethanolamines: a deuterium NMR study of phase transitions and molecular organization
 1985 NMR of liquid crystalline lipids in biological membranes
 1985 Organization of cholesteryl esters in membranes. A deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance study
 1986 A detailed analysis of the motions of cholesterol in biological membranes by 2H-NMR relaxation
 1986 Structure and dynamics of a glyceroglycolipid: a deuterium NMR study of head group orientation, ordering, and effect on lipid aggregate structure
 1987 The dependence of glyceroglycolipid orientation and dynamics on head-group structure
 1988 Angular dependence of 2H NMR relaxation rates in lipid bilayers
 1990 Molecular order and dynamics of diphytanylglycerol phospholipids: a 2H and 31P-NMR study
 1991 Dynamics of glycolipids in the liquid-crystalline state: 2H NMR study
Smith, Ian C.P. (cont...)1992 Interactions of aminoglycoside antibiotics with phospholipids. A deuterium nuclear magnetic resonance study
Smith, J.1980 Flat television display
Smith, J.A.1972 Electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of copper (II) and oxovanadium (IV) complexes oriented in nematic glasses from liquid crystal solvent
 2003 Locating LCD Glass for Robotic Handling
Smith, J.C.1982 Polarization absorption spectroscopy: determination of the direction and degree of orientation of absorption transitions
 1995 The effect of a potential-sensitive barbituric acid molecular probe on the thermal phase transition properties of multilamellar 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine suspensions
Smith, J.G.J.1994 Potential liquid crystalline polyimides
Smith, J.H.1988 Investigation of SSFLCD director configurations using optical transmission symmetry
Smith, J.M.1974 Effect of hydrotropic salts on the stability of liquid crystalline systems
 1990 Prediction of stiffness properties for design of engineering thermoplastics
Smith, J.R.1984 The conductance of lecithin bilayers: The dependence upon temperature
Smith, Jack2009 Hyperspectral imaging utilizing LCTF and DLP technology for surgical and clinical applications
Smith, James Allbee1970 Electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of metal complexes oriented in nematic glasses
Smith, James D.B.1998 Electrical insulation using liquid crystal thermoset epoxy resins and insulating electric conducting devices
Smith, James David Blackhall1997 Electrical circuit protection devices comprising PTC conductive liquid crystal polymer compositions
Smith, Jeremy A.2004 SF5-Terminated Fluorinated Schiff Base Liquid Crystals
Smith, Jeremy C.2003 Energy resolution and dynamical heterogeneity effects on elastic incoherent neutron scattering from molecular systems
 2007 Differential Effects of Cholesterol, Ergosterol and Lanosterol on a Dipalmitoyl Phosphatidylcholine Membrane: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study
Smith, Jeremy J.2002 Active invisible liquid crystal display screen
Smith, Jerry L.1989 Optical and environmental properties of NCAP glazing products
Smith, Joanna J.2009 Free-Standing Silica Colloidal Nanoporous Membranes
Smith, Joe N.1993 Development of a model of Cs-graphite intercalation compounds under neutron irradiation
Smith, John2009 Laser speckle contrast reduction measurement using diffractive diffusers
Smith, John Henry1969 Thermodynamic properties of carbon tetrafluoride from 12K to its boiling point. Significance of the parameter ν
Smith, John Stephen2000 Apparatuses and methods for forming display assemblies
 2003 Methods and apparatus for fluidic self assembly
 2003 Methods and apparatus for improved flow in performing fluidic self assembly by forming openings in a substrate and placing functional component elements into the openings
Smith, Joseph V.1985 Cathodoluminescence zoning and minor elements in forsterites from the Murchison (C2) and Allende (C3V) carbonaceous chondrites
Smith, K.1997 Fluorophobic Effect Generates a Systematic Approach to the Synthesis of the Simplest Class of Rodlike Liquid Crystals Containing a Single Benzene Unit
 2001 In-plane-aligned membranes of carbon nanotubes
 2005 Regioselective Mononitration of Simple Aromatic Compounds under Mild Conditions in Ionic Liquids
Smith, K.A.2004 Dynamics of a drop at a fluid interface under shear
Smith, K.J.1980 The orientational order of a reentrant nematic phase. An electron resonance investigation
Smith, K.M.2005 Synthesis and Cellular Studies of Nonaggregated Water-Soluble Phthalocyanines
Smith, Kevin1997 FT–IR study on microscopic structures and conformations of POP–PPO and POP–OPO molecular compounds
Smith, Kevin E.2008 Nature of the Band Gap of In2O3 Revealed by First-Principles Calculations and X-Ray Spectroscopy
Smith, Kevin W.2007 Slow Recrystallization of Tripalmitoylglycerol from MCT Oil Observed by 2H NMR
Smith, Kyla M.2001 Recent molecular advances in studies of the concentrative Na+-dependent nucleoside transporter (CNT) family: identification and characterization of novel human and mouse proteins (hCNT3 and mCNT3) broadly selective for purine and pyrimidine nucleosides (system cib)
Smith, Lee1995 An Orientational Study of Small Solutes in Zero Electric Field Gradient Nematic Liquid-Crystal Mixtures
Smith, Leland L.1975 Cholesterol autoxidation: Identification of the volatile fragments
 1978 Sterol metabolism. XLI. Cholesterol A-ring autoxidations
 1987 Cholesterol autoxidation 1981–1986
Smith, Louis C.1975 Multiple thermotropic phase transitions in Escherichia coli membranes and membrane lipids. Comparison of results obtained by nitroxyl stearate paramagnetic resonance, pyrene excimer fluorescence, and enzyme activity measurements
Smith, M.E.1996 High modulus liquid crystalline thermosetting resins through novel processing techniques
 1997 Processing of polymers in high magnetic fields
 1997 Solid state NMR characterization of the thermal transformation of Fuller's earth
Smith, M.H.1989 Location of the discotic lamellar-nematic tricritical point and isotope effects in the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate (CsPFO)/water system as established by cesium-133 NMR spectroscopy
 1989 Magnetic-field-induced deuterium quadrupole splitting in a solution of discotic micelles approaching an isotropic-to-nematic transition
 1990 Nematic-lamellar tricritical behavior and structure of the lamellar phase in the ammonium pentadecafluorooctanoate (APFO)/water system
 1997 Solvent Isotope Effect on the Self-Assembly and Liquid Crystalline Phase Behavior in Aqueous Solutions of Ammonium Pentadecafluorooctanoate
 2001 Nature of the liquid crystalline phase transitions in the cesium pentadecafluorooctanoate (CsPFO)-water system: The nematic-to-isotropic transition
Smith, M.J.2002 The Effect of Terminal Chain Modifications on the Mesomorphic Properties of 4,4'-Disubstituted Diphenyldiacetylenes
 2004 The effect of terminal chain modifications on the mesomorphic properties of 4,4'-disubstituted diphenyldiacetylenes
Smith, Mark A.G.2001 Optically addressed spatial light modulators for replaying computer-generated holograms
 2003 100-megapixel computer-generated holographic images from Active Tiling: a dynamic and scalable electro-optic modulator system
Smith, Mark E.1996 Effect of high magnetic fields on orientation and properties of liquid crystalline thermosets
 1996 Phase behavior of liquid crystalline thermosets
 1997 Bisacetylene liquid crystalline thermosets with flexible tails
 1997 Magnetic field processing of liquid - crystalline thermosets
 1997 Properties of liquid crystalline thermosets and their nanocomposites
 1998 High magnetic field processing of liquid crystalline polymers
 1998 High-magnetic-field-processing of thermosetting liquid crystalline polymers
 1998 Magnetic Field Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Epoxy Thermosets
 2008 A Potential Novel Rapid Screening NMR Approach to Boundary Film Formation at Solid Interfaces in Contact with Ionic Liquids
Smith, Matthew B.2009 Asphaltene Adsorption onto Self-Assembled Monolayers of Mixed Aromatic and Aliphatic Trichlorosilanes
Smith, McL.1995 Second-order nonlinear optical properties of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers studied by second harmonic generation from thin films
Smith, Michael J.2005 The effect on mesomorphic properties of a triple bond in a terminal chain of 4,4'-disubstituted phenyl benzoates and phenyl thiobenzoates
Smith, N.J.1999 Convergent beam guided mode technique for use in liquid crystal studies
 2000 Developments in waveguide studies of director profiles
 2002 Direct Optical Quantification of Backflow in a 90° Twisted Nematic Cell
 2006 Isolation techniques for long-term bistability of the bistable twisted nematic mode
 2007 Nematic liquid crystal alignment on chemical patterns
 2007 Observations of focal conic domains in smectic liquid crystals aligned on patterned self-assembled monolayers
Smith, N.M.1984 Properties of the liquid crystals formed by certain 4-alkoxy-N-(9,10-dihydro-2-phenanthrylmethylene)anilines
Smith, Nathan2005 Control of liquid crystal alignment in an optical device
Smith, Neil R.2008 Flat electrowetting optics and displays
Smith, Nigel Robert Martin1990 Thiophene monomers and polymers prepared electrochemically therefrom
Smith, Norman B.1981 Effect of temperature on the NMR spectra of sonicated dispersions of isomers of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine
Smith, P.1982 Phase behavior of the quasiternary system N-methylmorpholine-N-oxide, water, and cellulose
 1990 Highly oriented low-modulus materials from liquid-crystalline polymers: the ultimate penalty for solubilizing alkyl side chains
 1995 The synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline oligoimides and polyimides
 1998 New photoluminescent display devices
 1999 Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline aromatic copolyesters with lactide moieties
 1999 The surface-ordered phase of liquid heptadecane: a simulation study
 2000 The behaviour of liquid alkanes near interfaces
 2002 Microcutting Materials on Polymer Substrates
 2003 Design, Synthesis, and Properties of New Biodegradable Aromatic/Aliphatic Liquid Crystalline Copolyesters
 2006 Charge Mobility in the Room-Temperature Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductor Poly(di-n-butylstannane)
Smith, P. Griffin2005 Electrostatically Stabilized Metal Oxide Particle Dispersions in Carbon Dioxide
Smith, P.F.1994 Solvent Interactions with an Insoluble Liquid-Crystalline Polyester
Smith, P.G.R.2005 Integrated Bragg grating sensor applied to detection of phase transitions in liquid crystal and water
 2005 Tunable liquid crystal waveguide devices for filter and sensor applications
 2009 Direct Optical Observation of Walls and Disclination Effects in Active Photonic Devices
Smith, P.J.1992 Twisted smectic A phases in side chain liquid crystal polymers
Smith, P.M.1976 Molecular rotations in the plastic phases of nonafluorocyclohexane and perfluorocyclohexane
Smith, Patrick1996 Optical byte correlator for serial data streams employing Karnaugh mapping FLC SLMS
Smith, Patrick J.1996 Noise degradation and fault tolerance in annealed binary-phase hologram interconnections
 2000 Programmable array microscope demonstrator: application of a ferroelectric liquid crystal SLM
 2008 Theoretical investigation of the influence of nozzle diameter variation on the fabrication of thin film transistor liquid crystal display color filters
Smith, Patrick M.1999 Display pixels driven by silicon thin-film transistors and method of fabrication
 1999 Plastic substrates for active-matrix liquid-crystal display device incapable of withstanding processing temperature of over 200° and method of fabrication
Smith, Paul1988 Liquid crystalline suspensions of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) 'whiskers'
 1989 Molecular weight and temperature dependence of the cold-drawing behavior of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
 1989 Some industrial applications of soft condensed matter in high-performance polymers processing
 1991 Highly oriented thin films of poly(tetrafluoroethylene) as a substrate for oriented growth of materials
 1992 Orientation of materials onto thin highly ordered PTFE films
 1992 X-ray structural studies of poly(3-alkylthiophenes): an example of an inverse comb
 1993 Deposition of highly oriented PTFE films and uses therefor
 1993 Liquid-crystalline solutions of electrically conducting polyaniline
 1994 Polymer friction-transfer layers as orienting substrates
 1997 Liquid - crystalline , highly luminescent poly(2,5-dialkoxy-p-phenyleneethynylene)
 1998 Incorporation of Photoluminescent Polarizers into Liquid Crystal Displays
 1998 Novel liquid crystal displays based on highly polarized photoluminescent polymer films
 1998 Polarizing energy transfer in photoluminescent materials for display applications
 1999 New photoluminescent display devices
 1999 Oriented pearl-necklace arrays of metallic nanoparticles in polymers. A new route toward polarization-dependent color filters
 1999 Oriented polymer/metal nanocomposites: a new method for the production of polarization dependent color filters
 1999 Photoluminescent polymer films for display applications
 2000 Electrically controlled light scattering from thermoreversible liquid-crystal gels
 2000 Poly(p-phenylene alkylene)s - a forgotten class of polymers
 2000 Surfactant structure around DNA in aqueous solution
Smith, Paul (cont...)2000 Tensile Orientation Behavior of Alkoxy-Substituted Bis(phenylethynyl)benzene Derivatives in Polyolefin Blend Films
 2000 Thermo-reversible liquid-crystal gels: towards a new processing route for twisted nematic displays
 2001 Cholesteric Thermo-reversible Liquid-Crystal Gels: Phase Behaviour and Electro-optical Response
 2003 The Binary System Isotactic Polypropylene/Bis(3,4-dimethylbenzylidene)sorbitol: Phase Behavior, Nucleation, and Optical Properties
 2007 A Case for Discotic Liquid Crystals in Molten Triglycerides
 2008 Polystannanes: Polymers of a Molecular, Jacketed Metal-Wire Structure
 2010 Stable Holographic Gratings with Small-Molecular Trisazobenzene Derivatives
Smith, Paul R.1992 Neutron diffraction studies of liquid and crystalline trilaurin
 2007 Slow Recrystallization of Tripalmitoylglycerol from MCT Oil Observed by 2H NMR
Smith, Paula K.2007 Characterizing dielectric tensors from angle-of-incidence Mueller matrix images
Smith, Peter A.2001 Liquid crystal display element having a precisely controlled cell gap and method of making same
Smith, Peter G.R.2007 100GHz electrically tunable planar Bragg grating via nematic liquid crystal overlay for reconfigurable WDM networks.
Smith, Philip Lance Urlwin1992 Liquid - crystalline compound plasticizers for thermoplastics
Smith, Philip S.2004 Arene-perfluoroarene interactions in crystal engineering: structural preferences in polyfluorinated tolans
Smith, R.1999 Device characteristics of nanostructured poly(p-phenylenevinylene)
 1999 Optically detected magnetic resonance studies of nanostructured PPV-composites
 1999 Photophysical properties of nanostructured PPV-composites
 1999 Structural properties of nanocomposite materials based on a lyotropic liquid crystal
 1999 Synthesis of PPV nanocomposites using lyotropic liquid crystal monomers
 2000 Photophysical studies on nanostructured PPV-systems
 2000 Structural properties of polymerised lyotropic liquid crystals phases of 3,4,5-tris(omega-acryloxyalkoxy)benzoate salts
 2000 The H2-phase of the lyotropic liquid crystal sodium 3,4,5-tris(ω-acryloyloxyundecyloxy)benzoate
Smith, R.A.1980 Measurement of the permittivity of nematic liquid crystal in magnetic and electric fields using extrapolation procedures
 1984 The physical properties of fluorine derivatives of 4-cyanobiphenyls
 1985 The physical properties of fluorine derivatives of 4-cyanobiphenyls
 1989 Dipole moments and dielectric properties of fluorine-substituted nematic liquid crystals
Smith, R.E.1979 Analysis of flaws in high-strength carbon fibers from pitch
Smith, Ralph L.2000 The interaction of MRI contrast agents with phospholipids
 2001 The effect of the choline head group on phospholipid hydration
 2004 The interaction of water with the phospholipid head group and its relationship to the lipid electrical conductivity
Smith, Rashida N.2003 13C Solid-State NMR Study of Polyelectrolyte Multilayers
Smith, Richard R.1993 Liquid crystalline polyester-containing rubber compositions for tires
Smith, Richard Robinson1990 Rubber compositions containing thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer modifier
Smith, Robert1991 Preparation of 3'-fluoro-4'-cyanobiphenyls for liquid crystal electrooptical imaging devices
Smith, Robert Andrew1981 Liquid crystal ester compounds exhibiting a negative dielectric anisotropy and liquid crystal materials and devices containing such compounds
 1984 Disubstituted ethanes and their use in liquid crystal materials and devices and in the production of liquid crystal materials
 1986 Liquid crystal esters
Smith, Robert E.1980 Analysis of flaws in high-strength carbon fibers from mesophase pitch
Smith, Robert J.1986 Thermotropic properties of human erythrocyte membrane proteins as affected by hydroxychloroaromatic compounds
Smith, Ronald T.2000 Application-specific integrated lenses (ASILs) for the next generation of wearable displays
 2000 DigiLens color sequential filtering for microdisplay-based projection applications
 2000 Holographic PDLC for photonic applications
 2001 Electrically switchable Bragg grating technology for projection displays
Smith, Rosemary L.2004 Dielectrophoretic manipulation of finite sized species and the importance of the quadrupolar contribution
Smith, Ross1990 Solid-state carbon-13 NMR studies of the effects of sodium ions on the gramicidin A ion channel
Smith, Ryan C.1997 Controlling materials architecture on the nanometer scale: composite synthesis using lyotropic liquid-crystalline monomers
 1997 Lyotropic liquid-crystalline template formation of composite materials
 1997 Ordered Poly(p-phenylenevinylene) Matrix Nanocomposites via Lyotropic Liquid-Crystalline Monomers
 1998 Chemistry in the crosslinked inverted hexagonal phase: novel composites and heterogeneous catalysts
 1998 Controlling materials architecture on the nanometer-scale: PPV nanocomposites via polymerizable lyotropic liquid crystals
 1998 Nanocomposites, their preparation and use as membranes and catalysts
 1998 Polymerizable Lyotropic Liquid Crystals Containing Transition-Metal and Lanthanide Ions: Architectural Control and Introduction of New Properties into Nanostructured Polymers
 1999 Design of liquid crystal monomers for the polymerization of high curvature lyotropic mesophases
 1999 Polymerizable liquid crystal assemblies as a route to functional, nanostructured materials
 1999 Polymerizable liquid crystals as building blocks for functional, nanostructured materials
 1999 Synthesis of functional, nanostructured composites and catalysts using polymerizable lyotropic liquid crystals
 2000 Advances in the design of polymer nanocomposites using polymerizable lyotropic liquid crystals as matrix molecules
Smith, S.1996 Viscoelastic behavior of nematic monodomains containing liquid crystal polymers
 1997 Reflective cholesteric displays from conducting polymer substrates
 2003 Synthesis and characterization of laterally substituted bis(alkoxybenzoyloxy)hydroquinones
Smith, S. Desmond1984 Nonlinear waves guided by thin films
Smith, S.D.1985 Lasers, nonlinear optics and optical computers
Smith, S.R.1993 Dependence of viscoelastic properties on spacer length and molecular weight for a side-chain liquid crystal polymer in a nematic solvent
 1997 Viscoelastic studies of liquid crystal polymers dissolved in nematic solvents
Smith, S.W.1984 The dependence of orientational ordering on temperature and pressure studied by deuterium NMR
 1987 A spin-labeled liquid crystal: a new spin probe for the study of the orientational order and molecular dynamics of liquid crystals
 1990 The pressure and temperature dependence of the orientational order of a biaxial solute dissolved in a nematic solvent
 1993 Constitutional isomeric effect on the dielectric relaxation of a nematic liquid crystalline polymethacrylate containing a methoxymethylstilbene side group
Smith, Samuel M.1995 Use of sliding mode controller functions in a TSK-type FLC
Smith, Scott A.1996 Performance and chemical stability of a new class of ethoxylated sulfate surfactants in a subsurface remediation application
Smith, Scott W.1993 Salt and mesophase formation in aqueous suspensions of lauric acid
Smith, Shannon M.2003 Effects of Monomer Organization on the Photopolymerization Kinetics of Acrylamide in Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Phases
 2003 Physical Properties of Hydrogels Synthesized from Lyotropic Liquid Crystalline Templates
Smith, Steve1997 Conducting polymer films for plastic liquid crystal displays
 1997 Conducting polymer substrates for plastic liquid crystal display
 1997 Plastic liquid crystal displays from conducting polymer
Smith, Steven D.1996 Effect of Short Diblock Copolymers at Internal Interfaces of Large Diblock Copolymer Mesophases
 2001 Anomalous Phase Inversion in Polymer Blends Prepared by Cryogenic Mechanical Alloying
 2004 Synthesis and Phase Behavior of Side-Group Liquid Crystalline Polymers in Nematic Solvents
Smith, Steven W.1999 Advances in Ch-LCD devices using plastic substrates with conducting polymer
Smith, Stewart2003 SPICE modeling of ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon microdisplays
Smith, T.R.1980 Gas-chromatographic separation of underivatized steroids using a BPhBT liquid crystal stationary phase
Smith, Terrance P.1998 Method for assembling layers with transfer process using crosslinkable adhesive layer
Smith, Thomas D.1951 An X-Ray Diffraction Study of Calcium Stearate Monohydrate-Cetane Systems
Smith, Thomas H.1980 Excess volumes as functions of composition and temperature for binary mixtures of asymmetric, homologous nematogenic azobenzenes
 1981 Dilatometric studies on columnar mesogens: benzene hexa-n-alkanoates
Smith, Thomas W.2003 Liquid crystal display module with improved continuity between a conductive pad on a display assembly and an electrode on a substrate
Smith, Trevor A.2009 Conformational Changes and Photophysical Behavior in Poly[2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethyl-hexyloxy)-1,4-phenylene vinylene] Thin Films Cast under an Electric Field
Smith, Tricia1994 Pulmonary lung surfactant synthetic peptide concentration- dependent modulation of DPPC and POPG acyl chain order in a DPPC:POPG:palmitic acid lipid mixture
Smith, Vivianne C.2005 Melanopsin-expressing ganglion cells in primate retina signal colour and irradiance and project to the LGN
Smith, W.1995 Computer modelling of the 4-n-alkyl-4'-cyanobiphenyls adsorbed on graphite: energy minimizations and molecular dynamics of periodic systems
 1999 The surface-ordered phase of liquid heptadecane: a simulation study
 2000 Surfactant structure around DNA in aqueous solution
 2000 The behaviour of liquid alkanes near interfaces
Smith, W.H.1984 Formulation and predicted properties of nematic eutectic mixtures of esters
 1986 Guidelines for selecting or synthesizing nematic liquid crystals
 1989 Effects of off-state alignment in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 1991 Liquid crystal alignment method for long lifetime tilted-perpendicular light valves
 1992 Liquid Crystal Birefringence for Millimeter Wave Radar
 1993 Liquid crystal birefringence for millimeter wave radar
Smith, Walter F.2007 Organic electronics Self-assembly is ready to roll
Smith, Wendy E.1995 The synthesis and transition temperatures of some 4'-alkyl- and 4'-alkoxy-4-cyano-3-fluorobiphenyls
Smith, Wendy Elaine1985 Ethane derivatives
Smith, William1996 Molecular dynamics calculation of elastic constants in Gay-Berne nematic liquid crystals
Smith, William L.2004 Synthesis of four isomers of parinaric acid
Smith, William R.2002 Direct Monte Carlo simulation methods for nonreacting and reacting systems at fixed total internal energy or enthalpy
Smith, Willis H.1978 A new Method for inducing homeotropic and tilted Alignments of Nematic Liquid Crystals on Silica Surfaces
 1986 Diamagnetic anisotropy measurements of nematic liquid crystals
 1991 Experimental methods for determining the eutectic composition of a multi-component liquid crystal mixture
 1992 Method for inducing tilted perpendicular alignment in liquid crystals
 1994 Inducing tilted parallel alignment in liquid crystals.
 1994 Surface treatment process for liquid crystal cell substrates.
 1995 LC material studies for atmospheric compensation using a liquid crystal light valve
Smith, Z.1990 Synthesis and antineoplastic properties of ether-linked thioglycolipids
Smith, Zachary2004 Segregation in a monolayer of magnetic spheres
Smithen, R.E.2002 Fully-Leaky Guided Mode Determination of Azimuthal and Polar Anchoring Strength for a Nematic Liquid Crystal
Smithers, Juston L.2001 A New Family of Polymerizable Lyotropic Liquid Crystals: Control of Feature Size in Cross-Linked Inverted Hexagonal Assemblies via Monomer Structure
Smithhart, Charles B.1993 Electronic transitions in polarons and bipolarons of poly(p-phenylene) oligomers
Smits, E.1995 Nonamphiphilic carbohydrate liquid crystals containing an intact monosaccharide moiety
 1996 Cholesteric Carbohydrate Liquid Crystals
 1997 Cholesteric carbohydrate liquid crystals incorporating an intact glucopyranose moiety
Smits, Edsger C.P.2007 Manipulation of charge carrier injection into organic field-effect transistors by self-assembled monolayers of alkanethiols
Smits, Elly1994 Gel to liquid crystal transitions for vesicles in aqueous solutions prepared using mixtures of sodium dialkylphosphates (R1O)(R2O)PO2-Na+ and (R3O)2PO2-Na+, where R1 = C10H21, R2 = C14H29 or C18H37 and R3 = C12H25, C14H29, C16H33 or C18H37
 1994 Phase transitions in the bilayers of vesicles formed from binary mixtures of symmetric Di-n-alkylphosphates in aqueous solutions
 1997 Thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystalline behavior of 4-alkoxyphenyl β-D-glucopyranosides
 2000 Mesogenic sugars. From aldoses to liquid crystals and surfactants
Smits, Evelien A.W.2006 Monofluorinated unsymmetrical bent-core mesogens
Smits, Georges1993 Hydrated lipophilic food compositions and their preparation using gels to immobilize the water
Smits, Marc2007 Membrane-Bound Water is Energetically Decoupled from Nearby Bulk Water: An Ultrafast Surface-Specific Investigation
Smokal, Vitaliy2008 New Methacrylic Oxazolone and Thiazolidinone Containing Polymers for Nonlinear Optical Applications
 2008 Nonlinear Optical Effects In Polymeric Azoesters
 2008 Photochemical Surface Modification of Polyethylene Films by New Azidobenzenesulfonamides
Smol, J.P.2000 137Cs distribution and geochemistry of Lena River (Siberia) drainage basin lake sediments
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Smolenko, L.A.1977 Anomaly in the specific heat and the nature of the isotropic liquid-nematic liquid crystal phase transition
Smolenkova, Anna G.1993 Novel aromatic rigid-rod comb-like polyamides and polyesters
Smolenyak, Paul1996 Supramolecular fibers from a liquid crystalline octa-substituted copper phthalocyanine
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 2003 X-Ray Scattering from Freestanding Polymer Films with Geometrically Curved Surfaces
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