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Skrifvars, Bengt-Johan1998 Predicting the ash behavior during biomass combustion in FBC conditions by combining advanced fuel analyses with thermodynamic multicomponent equilibrium calculations
 2000 Bed Agglomeration Characteristics during Fluidized Bed Combustion of Biomass Fuels
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 1999 Thermal and liquid crystalline properties of unsaturated polyesters containing rigid segments
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 1999 Transformation of the supramolecular structure of pitches during heating
 2000 Mesomorphism of pitches
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 1990 Liquid-crystal phase transformation in islet films of binary alloys. II. Fusion kinetics of solid solutions
 1990 Liquid-crystal phase transition in binary alloy islet films. I. Kinetics of nucleation of crystals
 2000 Ideal solution as a reference system in two-phase equilibria
Skriver, Elisabeth1983 Factors influencing the formation of two-dimensional crystals of renal sodium-potassium ATPase
Skrtic, D.1993 On the formation of catanionic surfactant precipitate
 1996 Phase behavior of sodium cholate/calcium chloride mixtures
Skryabin, D.V.2003 Four-wave mixing instabilities in photonic-crystal and tapered fibers
 2004 Theory of the soliton self-frequency shift compensation by the resonant radiationin photonic crystal fibers
Skryabin, Dmitry V.2002 Polarization dynamics of Bragg solitons
 2002 Stability of spiralling solitary waves in Hamiltonian systems
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Skrzypek, K.2007 Electrophysical properties of a system with induced antiferroelectric phase comprising cyano compound
 2007 Properties of induced antiferroelectric phase
 2007 Thermodynamic analysis of the low frequency relaxation time in the smectic A and C phases of a liquid crystal
 2008 Synthesis and Mesomorphic Properties of Chiral Esters Comprising Partially Fluorinated Alkoxyalkoxy Terminal Chains and a 1-methylheptyl Chiral Moiety
 2008 Synthesis and properties of high tilted antiferroelectric esters with partially fluorinated alkoxyalkoxy terminal chains
 2010 Dielectric Behavior of Antiferroelectric Phase Induced in a Binary Mixture
Skrzypek, Katarzyna2006 Helical Pitch in Bicomponent Mixtures with Induced Antiferroelectric Phase
 2006 The Induction of Antiferroelectric Phase in the Bicomponent System Comprising Cyano Compound
 2008 Physical properties of two systems with induced antiferroelectric phase
 2009 Dielectric and DSC Studies of the Bicomponent Systems with Induced Antiferroelectric Phase Comprising Cyano Terminated Compounds
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 1997 Segmental Motion of Liquid Crystal Molecules during Eletroclinic and Ferroelectric Switching
 1997 Segmental orientation and mobility of ferroelectric liquid crystal polymers
 1997 Time-Resolved Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy on the Inter- and Intramolecular Orientational Dynamics in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Dimers
 1998 Mechanical modulated waveguide spectroscopy
 1998 Segmental motion of ferroelectric liquid crystal polymer and elastomer during electro-optical switching
 1999 Electric-Field-Induced Segmental Reorientation in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Elastomers
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1999 Liquid crystalline polymers under uniaxial mechanical stress as observed with modulated waveguide spectroscopy
 1999 Reorientation behavior of bent core molecules in response to an external electric field as detected by time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy
 1999 Structure and mobility in ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers
 1999 Time-Resolved FTIR Spectroscopy on Structure and Mobility of Single Crystal Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Elastomers
 1999 Time-resolved polarized FTIR-spectroscopy on the molecular structure and mobility of ferroelectric lc elastomers (FLCE)
 2000 Structure, mobility, and piezoelectricity in ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers
 2001 Giant lateral electrostriction in ferroelectric liquid-crystalline elastomers
 2001 Time-resolved polarized FTIR-spectroscopy on structure and mobility in banana-shaped liquid crystal molecules
 2002 Molecular arrangements and reorientation behavior in a dibenzopyrene-derivative ferroelectric columnar liquid crystal as studied by time-resolved Fourier-transform ir spectroscopy
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 1998 Piezoelectricity in ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers
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 2001 Structure and mobility in ferroelectric liquid crystalline elastomers as studied by time-resolved FTIR spectroscopy
Skupin, S.2004 Filamentation of femtosecond light pulses in the air: Turbulent cells versus long-range clusters
 2004 Stability of weakly nonlinear localized states in attractive potentials
 2007 Nonlocal Stabilization of Nonlinear Beams in a Self-Focusing Atomic Vapor
Skupsky, S.1989 Cryogenic-laser-fusion target implosion studies performed with the OMEGA uv-laser system
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 1985 Formation of liquid-crystalline microphases of double-stranded nucleic acids and synthetic polynucleotides of low molecular weight
 1985 Three dimensional liquid crystal ordering of double-stranded DNA molecules at different solvent cation contents
 1986 Evidence of the formation of two types of liquid-crystal microphases in low-molecular-weight DNA molecules in water-salt solutions containing poly(ethylene glycol)
 1986 Polymer condensed DNA: a study by small-angle x-ray scattering, intermediate-angle x-ray scattering, and circular dichroitic spectroscopy
 1987 Regulation of spatial organization of DNA liquid crystals by compounds of the anthracycline and anthraquinone groups
 1987 Two types of thermal transitions of liquid crystals formed from poly(I).poly(C) molecules
 1988 DNA liquid crystals as a potential system for testing the interaction of platinum(II) biologically active compounds and certain antibiotics with DNA
 1988 Formation of ordered optically isotropic liquid crystalline phase of low-molecular-weight DNA with cis-dichlorodiammine-platinum(II)
 1988 Pseudoencapsulated liquid crystals of nucleic acids
 1988 The liquid-crystalline phases of double-stranded nucleic acids in vitro and in vivo
 1989 Liquid-crystal dispersions of circular supercoiled DNA as a basis for biosensors
 1990 Change in the structural organization of DNA liquid crystals in the presence of natural compounds
 1990 Effect of platinum(II) chemotherapeutic agents on properties of DNA liquid crystals
 1990 General principles of creation of sensing units based on nucleic acid liquid crystals
 1991 General principles of creating biosensing units based on double-stranded nucleic acid liquid crystals
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 1991 The nucleic acid synthesis and spatial organization of DNA molecules in the presence of heparin and the quaternary ammonium salt of conidin oligomer-25
Skuridin, S.G. (cont...)1992 Biosensors based on liquid crystalline dispersions of double-stranded nucleic acids
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 1994 Photochemical alterations in DNA revealed by DNA-based liquid crystals
 1995 Liquid crystals and liquid-crystalline dispersions of DNA.daunomycin complexes
 1995 Restructuring space ordering of (DNA-protamine) complexes in liquid crystalline dispersions under proteolytic enzyme treatment
 1996 Characteristics of circular dichroism spectra of liquid-crystalline dispersions of double-stranded DNA molecules and DNA complexes with colored compounds
 1996 Comparison of calculated and observed CD spectra of liquid crystalline dispersions formed from double-stranded DNA and from DNA complexes with colored compounds
 1996 Poly(ethylene oxide) hydrogels containing immobilized particles of a liquid crystal dispersion of deoxyribonucleic acid
 1998 Stabilization of optical properties of DNA cholesteric liquid-crystalline dispersions
 1999 DNA liquid crystalline phases induced by synthetic polycationic molecules
 2003 Molecular constructions based on double-stranded nucleic acid liquid crystals: formation, properties, practical application
 2005 Identification of the pharmaceutical substances with chelating properties by bioanalytical test-system based on the DNA integral liquid crystalline microchips
 2007 Nanoconstructions based on double-stranded DNA in polyethylene oxide hydrogels
 2007 Regulation of the spatial organization of DNA molecules in particles of liquid-crystalline dispersions by means of biologically active compounds
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 1991 A self-diffusion study of the microstructure in didodecyldimethylammonium bromide-dodecane-brine microemulsions
Skuse, Benjamin D.2008 Two-color vector-soliton interactions in nematic liquid crystals in the local response regime
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Skytt, M.L.1997 Shear-induced orientation and relaxation in smectic side chain liquid crystalline polymers
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Slack, Jason2003 Backlight
Slack, Jason Kempton2001 Optical device and projection display
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Slack, Nelle L.1996 Lamellar Biogels: Fluid-Membrane-Based Hydrogels Containing Polymer Lipids
 1997 Lamellar biogels comprising fluid membranes with a newly synthesized class of polyethylene glycol-surfactants
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 1998 The influence of polymer molecular weight in lamellar gels based on PEG-lipids
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Slade, Stuart1987 Advances in heat-sensitive paints
 1987 Thermochromic paints
Sladen, Peter2002 A display window and assembly
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 1982 Phase transition from an intercalated to a nonintercalated structure in a lipid bilayer
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Slaney, A.J.1991 The effect of molecular chirality on the incidence of twisted smectic A phases
 1992 A Non-Chiral Swallow-Tailed Compound Exhibiting a SmC(Antiferroelectric) Phase Structure
 1992 Observations of the Liquid-Crystal Analog of the Abrikosov Phase
 1992 Pressure Studies of the Chiral Smectic-A Phase
 1992 The Steric and Dipolar Effects of the Chiral Centre on Phase Formation and Properties in Optically Active Mesogens
 1992 The Synthesis and Physical Properties of Four New Series of Chiral Materials Derived from α-Amino Acids
 1992 The Synthesis and Physical Properties of Some New Chiral Materials Derived from Various Optically Active 2-Chloro Alcohols
 1992 Twist Grain Boundary Phases and Antiferroelectric Phases in Smectic Liquid Crystals
 1993 A specialized apparatus for the study of liquid crystals at high pressures
 1993 Chirality in liquid crystals: the remarkable phenylpropiolates
 1993 Inversion phenomena in chiral liquid crystals
 1994 Chirality and frustration in ordered fluids
 1994 Pattern formation at the traveling liquid-crystal twist grain boundary-smectic A interface
 1994 Pattern formation at the traveling liquid-crystal twist-grain-boundary-smectic-A interface
 1994 Pattern Formation at the Traveling Twist-Grain-Boundary / Smectic A Interface
 1996 Assessing ferroelectric materials for application in b.tauVMIN mode devices
 1997 4th Int. Display Workshop (IDW'97), Nagoya
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 1992 Origin of an Inversion in Helical Twist Sense in the Cholesteric Phase
 1992 Twist inversion in a cholesteric material containing a single chiral center
 1993 Inversion of chirality-dependent properties in optically active liquid crystals
 1993 Optical activity and light scattering in the isotropic and smectic A* phases of a highly chiral smectic liquid crystal
 1993 The synthesis and transition temperatures of some difluoro-substituted cyclohexanes
 1995 Greyscale and color in ferroelectric liquid crystal displays
 1995 Liquid-crystalline properties of some chiral benzoate and phenylpropionate esters with optically active centers derived from (S,S)-isoleucine and (S,R)-allo-isoleucine
 1995 Novel chiral mesomorphic compounds based on α-amino acid derivatives: synthesis and properties
 1995 Synthesis and transition temperatures of host materials for ferroelectric mixtures
 1996 Electric field-induced transition from the twist grain boundary TGBA phase to the tilted smectic SmC* phase
 1998 A phenomenological approach to the inversion of the helical twist sense in the chiral nematic phase
 1999 The synthesis and properties of fluoroterphenyls for high dielectric biaxiality ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
Slaney, Andrew John1995 Liquid crystal compounds, mixtures, and devices
 1999 Liquid crystal composition for shutter
 1999 liquid crystal composition for shutter fabrication
 2000 Fluorinated terphenyl derivative liquid crystal for display device
 2000 Quinoline 2,6-derivatives as liquid crystal material for display devices
Slaney, K.2002 Advances in LC display performance using optical films
Slaney, Kim1999 Reflective broadband polarizer
 2001 Circular polarizers
 2001 Process of preparing a reflective film
 2002 Advances in LC display performance using optical films
 2003 Achromatic quarter wave film
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 2004 Polymerization photoinitiator and their synthesis
Slangen, P.J.1995 Dramatic Stabilization of a Hexagonal Columnar Mesophase Generated from Supramolecular and Macromolecular Columns by the Semifluorination of the Alkyl Groups of Their Tapered Building Blocks
Slangen, Pierre2006 Nematic liquid crystals light valve calibration and application to phase shifting speckle interferometry
 2007 Nematic liquid crystals light valve: application to phase shifting speckle interferometry
 2008 Phase shifting speckle interferometry with nematic liquid crystal light valve
Slanina, Frantisek2004 Glass transition in a simple stochastic model with back-reaction
 2004 Inelastically scattering particles and wealth distribution in an open economy
Slark, Andrew T.2007 Novel Difunctional Reversible Addition Fragmentation Chain Transfer (RAFT) Agent for the Synthesis of Telechelic and ABA Triblock Methacrylate and Acrylate Copolymers
Slashchova, G.G.1984 The dilatometry of nematic liquid crystal (NLC) mixtures of cyano-substituted NLC with weak-polar azoxycompounds
 1985 Effect of specific intermolecular interactions on the properties of cyano-substituted nematics mixed with azoxy compounds of low polarity
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Slat, William A.2003 Multilayer preform and container with co-extruded liner
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Slattery, Oliver T.2000 Display characteristics and the impact on usability for stereo
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 2000 Formation of edge dislocations in the surface constrained smectic A film
 2001 Surface depinning of smectic-A edge dislocations
 2002 Stability of a SmA Bookshelf Structure with Edge Dislocations
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Slavnico, S.1997 Influence of Thermal Neutrons on Fatty Acid Systems with Mesomorphic Behavior
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 1997 Influence of Thermal Neutrons on Fatty Acid Systems with Mesomorphic Behavior
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 1998 Influence of thermal neutrons on fatty acids with a mesomorphic behavior
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 1975 Influence of a metastable solid phase on eutectic formation of a binary nematic liquid crystal
 1976 Thermal parameters for crystal-mesophase and crystal-crystal transitions of some benzylideneanilines
 1977 Baseline construction for determination of transition enthalpies by differential scanning calorimetry
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