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Sirota, Eric B.1993 Structure of Membrane Surfactant and Liquid Crystalline Smectic Lamellar Phases Under Flow
 1994 Structure of complex fluids under flow and confinement. X-ray Couette Shear Cell and the X-ray Surface Forces Apparatus
 2006 Lamellar Gels and Spontaneous Vesicles in Catanionic Surfactant Mixtures
 2006 Zero Spontaneous Curvature and Its Effects on Lamellar Phase Morphology and Vesicle Size Distributions
 2007 Polymer Crystallization: Metastable Mesophases and Morphology
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 2001 High-resolution ink-jet printing of all-polymer transistor circuits
 2002 Microcutting Materials on Polymer Substrates
 2003 Influence of the Molecular Weight on the Thermotropic Alignment of Thin Liquid Crystalline Polyfluorene Copolymer Films
 2003 Meso-Epitaxial Solution-Growth of Self-Organizing Discotic Liquid-Crystalline Semiconductors
 2005 A Zone-Casting Technique for Device Fabrication of Field-Effect Transistors Based on Discotic Hexa-peri-hexabenzocoronene
Sirringhaus, Henning1997 Self-passivated copper gates for amorphous silicon thin film transistors
 1998 Integrated optoelectronic devices based on conjugated polymers
 2003 Inkjet printing of polymer thin-film transistor circuits
 2004 Influence of the Casting Solvent on the Thermotropic Alignment of Thin Liquid Crystalline Polyfluorene Copolymer Films
 2005 Solution-Processed Zinc Oxide Field-Effect Transistors Based on Self-Assembly of Colloidal Nanorods
 2006 Surface Tension and Fluid Flow Driven Self-Assembly of Ordered ZnO Nanorod Films for High-Performance Field Effect Transistors
 2008 High-Mobility Aligned Pentacene Films Grown by Zone-Casting
 2008 Materials challenges and applications of solution-processed organic field-effect transistors
Sirutkaitis, R.1977 4-aya Vses. Konf. po Zhidk. Kristallam i ikh Prakt. Primeneniyu
 1979 Effect of perfluorination of the 4-cyanophenyl ring on mesomorphic properties of phenylbenzoates
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 1981 Polyfluoro-substituted liquid crystals
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 1989 Selective ion permeation across membranes containing crown ethers with steroid moieties
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 1990 Liquid-crystalline polymer gels. 2. Anisotropic swelling of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) gel crosslinked under a magnetic field
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 1990 Switching of excimer/monomer ratio in chiral bilayer membranes containing pyrenyl groups
 1990 Synthesis, structure, and excimer formation of vesicular assemblies carrying 1- or 2-naphthyl chromophores
 1991 Hole transport in liquid crystalline media. II. Hole drift mobilities of copolymers of acrylates with side-chain mesogens and dimeric carbazoles
 1991 Hole transport in liquid-crystalline media. I. Effect of matrices on hole drift mobilities of 1,2-trans-bis(9H-carbazol-9-yl)-cyclobutane doped in polymer liquid crystals
 1991 Liquid-crystalline polymer gels. 4. Photocontrol of dye orientation in a polymer gel having a cholesteric liquid-crystalline order
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 1993 Induced circular dichroism from cholesteric polypeptide films doped with an azobenzene derivative
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Siskin, M.2006 Asphaltene Molecular Structure and Chemical Influences on the Morphology of Coke Produced in Delayed Coking
 2006 Chemical Approach to Control Morphology of Coke Produced in Delayed Coking
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Sissano, Joseph A.1994 Blends of Amorphous-Crystalline Block Copolymers with Amorphous Homopolymers. 2. Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(ethylene-propylene) Diblock Copolymer and Crystallization Kinetics for the Blend with Atactic Polypropylene
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 1998 Polymerization of Preformed Self-Organized Assemblies
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 2002 Control of Liquid Crystal Orientation in Optical Devices Using Porous Engineered Thin Films Grown by Glancing Angle Deposition
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 2008 A Birefringent and Transparent Electrical Conductor
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 1988 Manifestation of the bistability effect in liquid crystal cells of various thickness
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 2003 Formation of Mesoglobular Phase of Amphiphilic Copolymer Chains in Dilute Solution: Effect of Comonomer Distribution
Siu, Tony1997 Portable instrument for detection of illicit drugs
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 2006 Liquid crystalline supramolecular polymers formed via complementary nucleobase pair interactions
 2006 Liquid-crystalline supramolecular polymers formed through complementary nucleobase-pair interactions
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 2004 Structure and properties of the mesophase of syndiotactic polystyrene. VIII. Solvent sorption behavior of syndiotactic polystyrene/p-chlorotoluene mesophase membranes
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Sivakumar, Sri2009 Liquid Crystal Emulsions as the Basis of Biological Sensors for the Optical Detection of Bacteria and Viruses
 2009 Size-dependent ordering of liquid crystals observed in polymeric capsules with micrometer and smaller diameters
Sivaniah, E.1998 Surfaces of semi-fluorinated block copolymers studied using NEXAFS
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 2003 Early stages of polymer interdiffusion
 2003 Observation of Perpendicular Orientation in Symmetric Diblock Copolymer Thin Films on Rough Substrates
 2004 Managing polymer surface structure using surface active block copolymers in block copolymer mixtures
 2008 Nonplanar Surface Organization of Monodendrons in Side-Chain Modified Liquid Crystalline Block Copolymers.
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 2000 The Orientation of Semifluorinated Alkanes Attached to Polymers at the Surface of Polymer Films
Sivaprakasam, S.2002 Inverse anticipating chaos synchronization
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 1985 Stereoselektive Synthese von langkettigen 1-O-(β-D-Maltosyl)-3-O-alkyl-sn-glycerinen (Alkylglycerylether-Lysoglycolipide)
Sixl, F.1986 Designing new lyotropic amphiphilic mesogens to optimize the stability of nematic phases
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 1982 Orientational order in mesomorphic cellulose solutions
 1982 Phase diagram of mesomorphic cellulose derivatives solutions
 1983 A Landau-de Gennes theory of nematic polymers
 1983 Addition of a flexible polymer, poly(vinylpyrrolidone), to a mesomorphic aqueous solution of a semirigid polymer, hydroxypropyl cellulose
 1983 Anisotropic-isotropic transition of solutions of cellulose derivatives: a DSC study
 1983 Effect of the flexibility on the phase transition of polymeric liquid crystals
 1983 Liquid crystalline polymer solutions and mixtures
 1983 Molecular model for nematic polymers in liquid crystal solvents
 1983 NMR study of mesomorphic solutions of cellulose derivatives
 1983 Phase studies of a liquid crystalline polymer: hydroxypropyl cellulose
 1983 Phase transition of nematic polymers in elongational flow
 1983 Rheological studies of cellulose derivatives solutions
 1983 Statistical theory of semirigid nematic polymers
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 1983 Thermotropic behavior of polyisocyanates
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 1984 Mesomorphic polymer solutions
 1984 Mesomorphic transitions in a mixture of a flexible and a semi-rigid polymer
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 1984 Phase diagram and electrohydrodynamic instabilities in a nematic aromatic polyester
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 1989 Solidified in blue phases in a polysiloxane mesophase
 1989 X-ray diffraction study of a polybutadiene, side chain, mesomorphic polymer
 1990 Biphases, blue phases, and shapes of nucleation
 1990 Biphases, blue phases, and shapes of nucleation
 1990 Dielectric behavior of side chain liquid crystal polymers: a study by the thermally stimulated current (TSC) method
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 1992 Dielectric Relaxations in Liquid Crystal Polymers
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 1992 Study of Phase Transitions in Polymers Dispersed Nematic Chiral Liquid Crystal Films
 1994 Chain conformation in nematic elastomers
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 1996 Mechanical spectroscopy of side chain liquid crystalline polymers
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Sixou, P. (cont...)1998 Effect of UV-curing conditions on the ferroelectric behavior in FLC networks
 1998 Materials for light flux control
 2000 Evolution of the switching current during the preparation of polymer network-ferroelectric liquid crystal microcomposites
 2001 Active broadband polymer stabilized liquid crystals
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 2001 Formation of polymer network liquid crystal microcomposites: evolution of mechanical properties during the curing process
 2001 Nematic and cholesteric PDLC elaborated under shear stress
 2001 Passive broadband reflector: elaboration and spectral properties
 2001 Polymer network cholesteric liquid crystal operating in the near infrared
 2002 A hybrid-aligned polymer network liquid crystal: optical and electro-optical properties
 2002 Dye Doped PDLC and PNLC
 2002 Normal-Hemispherical Transmission and Reflection of a Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
 2002 Optical Properties of a Passive Choletric Reflector Using a Composite Alignement
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 1989 Cellulosic mesophases
 1991 Liquid crystals for new composites
 1992 Droplet size effects in polymer dispersed nematic chiral liquid crystal materials
 1993 Study of a cholesteric liquid crystal polymer in solution in a low molar weight liquid crystal: phase diagram and electric field effect
 1994 Laminated composites having changeable colors
 1995 Preparation and characteristics of cholesteric gel from pentyl ether of hydroxypropyl cellulose
 1996 Adaptable and adaptive materials for light flux control
 1996 Stability of liquid crystals, whether encapsulated or in a polymer lattice
 1997 Morphological study of a chiral polymer network in a nematic liquid crystal from a concentration gradient
 1999 Cellulosic liquid crystals
 2000 Adaptive materials for optical applications: example of polymer/liquid crystal microcomposites
 2000 Adaptive materials for optical applications: example of polymer/liquid crystal microcomposites
 2000 Adaptive materials for optical applications: example of polymer/liquid crystal microcomposites
 2000 Adaptive materials for optical applications: example of polymer/liquid crystal microcomposites
 2003 Adaptive chromogenic materials and devices
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 1981 The observation of hydrodynamic instability in a cholesteric liquid crystal layer having a free surface
 1983 Marangoni convection in cholesteric liquid crystals of low thermal sensitivity
 1986 Study of the temperature distribution during ultrasonic deformation of sodium chloride single crystals using cholesteric liquid crystals
Sizykh, M.Yu.2002 Effect of halogen atoms on the mesomorphism of acetylene compounds
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 1998 Internet remote-controlled optical correlator based on 256 x 256 FLC spatial light modulators
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 1997 Nonaqueous surfactant systems
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 1989 Relaxation and aggregate structure in the system trioxyethylene dodecylether/water as studied by dielectric time domain spectroscopy
 1990 Surfactant and cosurfactant packing in the lyotropic liquid crystalline phase D and adsorbed on a solid surface
 1990 Surfactants and cosurfactants in lamellar liquid crystals and adsorbed on solid surfaces. I. The model system sodium dodecyl sulfate/butanol or sodium dodecyl sulfate/benzyl alcohol and α-alumina
 1991 Surfactant and cosurfactants in lamellar liquid crystals and adsorbed on solid surfaces. II. Influence of electrolyte on the model system sodium dodecyl sulfate/benzyl alcohol and α-alumina
 1991 Surfactants and cosurfactants in lamellar liquid crystals and adsorbed on solid surfaces. III. The model system sodium dodecanoate/benzyl alcohol and α-alumina
 1992 A dielectric spectroscopy study of the system tetraoxyethylene dodecyl ether (C12EO4)/water/copper nitrate/cyclohexane
 1992 Amphiphilic association structures and the microemulsion/gel method for ceramics: influence on original phase regions by hydrolysis and condensation of silicon tetraethoxide
 1992 Interactions between drugs and nonionic lamellar liquid crystals as studied by dielectric spectroscopy and phase equilibria
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Sjöqvist, Lars2002 Characterization of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator for beam steering
 2003 Laser beam steering and tracking using a liquid crystal spatial light modulator
 2004 Characterization of depolarizing fringing fields of a liquid crystal spatial light modulator for laser beam steering
 2004 Fringing fields in a liquid crystal spatial light modulator for beam steering
 2005 System trials with modulated retro-reflective optical communication
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