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Siemensmeyer, K.1986 Temperaturinduzierte Helixinversion in Mischsystemen mit nematogenen und cholesterogenen Komponenten
 1989 Effect of molecular rotational hindrance on the spontaneous polarization in the chiral smectic C phase of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1989 Ferroelektrische Induzierte SC*-Phasen
 1989 Tilt angles and spontaneous polarization in induced smectic C* phases
 1991 Glasartig erstarrende flüssigkristalline ferroelektrische Seitenkettenpolymere
 1992 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1992 Photoconductivity in the Liquid Crystalline Phase
 1993 Flüssigkristalline Photoleiter mit 1,3,4-Oxadiazol-Seitengruppen
 1993 Freely-Suspended and Transferred Freely-Suspended Films of Polymeric Liquid Crystals
 1993 Highly photoconductive discotic liquid crystals: structure-property relations in the homologous series of hexaalkoxytriphenylenes
 1993 Liquid crystalline photoconductors
 1993 Transient photoconductivity in a discotic liquid crystal
 1994 Fast photoconduction in the highly ordered columnar phase of a discotic liquid crystal
 1994 Ferro- and Piezoelectric LC-Elastomers
 1994 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Oligomesogens: Synthesis and Properties
 1994 Influence of Order and Phase Structure of Liquid Crystalline Materials on their Photoconducting Properties
 1995 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Oligosiloxanes
 1995 Phase transitions between smectic A phases as well as smectic C* phases and undulated structures in terminal non-polar compounds
 1997 Novel Polymerizable Liquid Crystals
Siemensmeyer, Karl1988 Ferroelectric properties of induced smectic C* liquid crystalline phases
 1989 Liquid crystalline norcholesteryl esters: influence of the axial methyl groups on the phase transitions and the cholesteric helix
 1991 Dialkynyl malonate derivatives and their uses
 1992 Fast Electroclinic Switching in a Siloxane Copolymer
 1992 Ferroelectric and Electroclinic Switching in a Highly Diluted Siloxane Copolymer
 1992 Influence of Molecular Weight and Polydispersity on the Physical Properties of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1992 Liquid - crystal compounds, their preparation, and their use
 1992 Liquid Crystalline Photoconductors
 1992 Liquid crystalline polymers with a nearly uniform molecular weight
 1992 Reversible or irreversible production of an image
 1993 Discotic liquid crystals - A new class of fast photoconductors
 1993 Methods of producing a ferroelectric or antiferroelectric or ferrielectric order in glassy solidifying liquid crystals
 1993 Optically active esters of phenoxypropionic acid
 1993 Organic photoconductor with liquid crystal cells
 1993 Organic photoconductors with liquid crystal properties
 1993 Use of chiral (1S,4R)-1,4-dihydroxy-2-cyclopentenyl groups as components of polar liquid crystalline substances, substances containing the groups, the use of the substances as dopants for liquid crystal media, and the use of the media
 1994 Chiral chiral dihydropyranyl benzoates and tetrahydropyranyl benzoates as liquid crystal dopants
 1994 Defined oligomeric liquid crystalline compounds with smectic phases
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid-crystalline elastomers
 1994 Photoconductivity in discotic liquid crystals: a new class of high-mobility materials
Siemensmeyer, Karl (cont...)1994 Preparation of monomeric and polymeric benzotriazole-containing liquid crystal compounds
 1994 Use of chiral group 4-hydroxyl-1-alkyl-2,3,5-tridesoxy-b-d-glyceropento-pyranoside for production of polar, liquid-crystal material
 1994 Use of chiral group R-(+)-3-oxyalkyl-cyclopentene for production of polar, liquid-crystal material
 1995 Chiral compounds
 1995 Comparative dielectric investigations of liquid crystalline oligomers and monomers
 1995 Electroluminescent devices
 1995 Mixtures of polymerizable liquid-crystalline compounds containing vinyl groups
 1995 New chiral 2-substd. 5-pyranyl-oxy and dihydro-5-pyranyl-oxy compounds
 1995 New chiral 2-substd. 5-pyranyl-oxy and dihydro-5-pyranyl-oxy compounds
 1995 New triphenylene compounds and manufacture of discotic liquid crystalline crosslinked polymers
 1995 Organic charge transporting compound with liquid-crystal properties
 1995 Photoconductivity in the columnar phases of a glassy discotic twin
 1995 Polymerizable liquid-crystalline aromatic esters containing vinyl groups
 1995 Preparation of carboxyl residue-containing liquid crystal compounds
 1995 Preparation of polymerizable aryl liq. crystalline compounds
 1995 Preparation of polymerizable chiral liquid crystal intermediates
 1996 Chiral compounds and their uses
 1996 Chiral nematic polyesters from mesogenic group-containing diols and their uses
 1996 Coating and printing process using liquid crystalline monomers
 1996 Electronic properties of discotic LC-materials
Siemensmeyer, Karl (cont...)1996 Liquid crystal compound for optical information display
 1996 Liquid crystalline allene for optical display element
 1996 Oligomeric liquid crystal triphenylene derivative and its usage as charge transport substance in electrophotographic photoconductor
 1996 Polymerizable chiral compounds and their use in electrooptical imaging systems
 1996 Polymerizable chiral compounds containing mesogen groups and their application
 1996 Preparation of liquid-crystal mixtures
 1996 Transient photoconductivity in a discotic hexagonal plastic crystal
 1996 Use of low-molecular wt. and/or polymeric organic compounds having columnar helical phase with liquid crystalline properties
 1997 Chiral compounds and their use as dopants in liquid -crystal compositions
 1997 Electronic components with transistor functionality
 1997 Manufacture of pigment particles
 1997 Manufacture of pigment particles with defined shape and size
 1997 Photopolymerization and transport properties of liquid crystalline triphenylenes
 1997 Polymerizable liquid-crystalline compounds
 1997 Polymerized liquid crystal compositions containing cellulose derivatives
 1997 Use of organic compounds having plastic-columnar discotic liquid-crystal phases for transport of electric charges
 1998 Chiral dopants for liquid crystal media
 1998 Chiral smectic liquid crystal compound
 1998 Compounds for use as chiral dopants for nematic or cholesteric liquid crystals
 1998 Liquid - crystal compounds and their use in display and data-storage devices
Siemensmeyer, Karl (cont...)1998 Polymerizable oligomesogenic compounds
 1998 Preparation of polymerizable liquid-crystal compounds, compositions containing them, and their uses
 1998 Producing pigment particles of defined shape and size
 1998 Sheet with cholesteric liquid crystal ordered structure
 1999 IR-reflecting thermally insulating coatings, their formation, the multicomponent layer systems obtained and their use, and adhesive foils comprising the thermally insulating coating
 1999 Liquid-crystalline ether carbonates
 1999 Pigments for coatings with a cholesteric effect
 2005 Procedure for the treatment of polyester-polyurethane blend fabric
Siemensmeyer, Klaus1992 Structure-property relationships determining the spontaneous polarization in FLC polymers
 1993 LC elastomers by chemical and physical crosslinking
Siemianowski, S.D.2009 Stable field-induced ferrielectric liquid crystal phases in devices
Siemianowski, Simon2009 Recent news on liquid crystals in industry
Siemiarczuk, A.1986 Fluorescence lifetime of chlorophyll a in pure and mixed langmuir-blodgett films
Siemiarczuk, Aleksander1989 A novel approach to analysis of pyrene fluorescence decays in sodium dodecylsulfate micelles in the presence of Cu2+ ions based on the maximum entropy method
Siemion, Ignacy Z.1993 Tadeusz Roptarski's scientific work - Polish episode in the early stage of research into liquid crystals
Siems, R.1988 Hypersonic properties of nematic and smectic polymer liquid crystals
Siemsen, Gisela1982 The d.c. voltage-resistant liquid crystal mixtures for field effect displays
Siemssen, Brent2007 Synthesis and Photophysics of New Donor-Acceptor Copolymers Based on Fluorene and Phenylquinolines
Sienkowska, Monika J.2002 Influence of the alkyloxy chains length on the liquid crystalline polymorphism of the 4-alkoxybenzylidene-4'-alkoxyanilines
 2003 Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized Biphenyls as Intermediates for a New Class of Liquid Crystals
 2006 Exploring and expanding the structural diversity of self-assembling dendrons through combinations of AB, constitutional isomeric AB2, and AB3 biphenyl-4-methyl ether building blocks
 2006 Influence of the smectic standard's polarity on their stability in mixtures with 4-decyloxybenzylidene-4'-alkyloxyanilines
 2007 Liquid crystalline behavior of tetraaryl derivatives of benzo[c]cinnoline, tetraazapyrene, phenanthrene, and pyrene: the effect of heteroatom and substitution pattern on phase stability
 2007 Liquid crystalline properties of 4-hexyloxybenzylidene-4'-alkyloxyanilines
 2007 Photoconductivity of liquid crystalline derivatives of pyrene and carbazole
 2007 Preparation of a discotic 2,4,7,9-tetraaryl-6H-dibenzo[c,e][1,2]thiazine and generation of a persistent Radical 1
 2007 Smectic polymorphism of 4-decyloxybenzylidene- 4'-alkyloxyanilines and their mixtures with polar standards of mesophases
 2007 Smectic polymorphism of 4-dodecyloxybenzylidene-4'-alkyloxyanilines
 2007 Smectic polymorphism of 4-nonyloxybenzylidene-4'-alkyloxyanilines
 2008 Liquid crystalline polymorphism of 4-alkyloxybenzylidene-4'-alkyloxyanilines and entropic effects of their phase transitions.
 2009 Liquid-crystalline properties of 4-octyloxybenzylidene-4'-alkyloxyanilines and their mixtures with 4-pentyloxybenzylidene-4'-heptylaniline
Siepmann, J.1993 Dynamic Mechanical and Stress-Optical Measurements on Liquid Crystalline Side Group Elastomers
 2000 Dynamics of backbone chain and side groups in a nematic liquid single crystal elastomer studied by combined mechanical and stress-optical measurements
Siepmann, J. Ilja2001 Simulation Studies of Retention in Isotropic or Oriented Liquid n-Octadecane
Sierakowski, Claudia1996 Coating and printing process using liquid crystalline monomers
 2000 Cholesteric layered material and method for producing the same for pigments
Sierakowski, M.1978 Investigations of electrochemical processes in 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
 1994 Nonlinear liquid-crystalline optical cells
 1995 Liquid crystal light attenuator for fiber optic network
 1997 Multiplexed fiber optic liquid crystalline system for pressure monitoring
 1997 Structural Optical Nonlinearity in Chiral Nematics
 1999 Optical modulation in chiral nematics
 1999 Optical nonlinearity in liquid crystalline optical waveguides
 2001 Liquid crystal fiber-optic systems in information processing
 2005 Dye-enhanced nonlinearity threshold measurements in liquid crystals
 2006 Depolarization of partially coherent light in liquid crystals
Sierakowski, Marek1992 A Novel Liquid Crystal Light Modulator
 1993 A novel liquid crystal light modulator
 1994 Application of optical nonlinearity in liquid crystals to optical logic
 1995 Liquid crystalline directional coupler with asymmetrical nonlinearity
 1996 Nonlinear optical experiments on liquid crystal chiral structures
 1997 Application of nonlinear optical effects in measurements of liquid crystalline parameters
 1998 Optical nonlinearity in chiral nematics for light modulation
 1998 Self focusing in liquid crystalline waveguides
 1998 Study of structural optical nonlinearity in chiral nematics by reflected-probe-beam technique
 2002 Ionic interface-effects in electrooptical LC-cells
 2002 Light beam propagation in twisted nematics nonlinear waveguides
 2005 Self-focusing of light beam in twisted nematic waveguide
 2006 Spatial Solitons in Twisted Nematic Layer
 2007 Electrically-controlled depolarization of light by use of liquid crystal cells
Sierakowski, Marek W.1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystals for polarization-based optical binary-logic gates utilizing polarization-maintaining optical fibers
 1993 Highly birefringent optical fibers for liquid-crystal logic systems
 1995 Liquid crystal cells and optical fibers in neural network implementation
 1997 Liquid crystal optical fibers in hydrostatic pressure monitoring
 1998 Fiber optic liquid crystal devices for pressure sensing
 1998 Nonlinear liquid crystalline directional coupler
 1998 Structural optical nonlinearity in chiral nematics
 2001 Liquid crystalline fiber optic colorimeter for hydrostatic pressure measurement
 2003 Propagation properties of elliptical liquid-crystal core fibers
Sierocki, Paul2006 Photoisomerization of Azobenzene Derivatives in Nanostructured Silica
Sieron, A.2006 The Effect of Serum Albumin on Binding of Protoporphyrin IX to Phospholipid Membrane
Sieron, Leslaw2006 A new liquid crystalline derivative of dibenzotetraaza[14]annulene: synthesis, characterization and the preliminary evaluation of mesomorphic properties
Sierra-Sastre, Yajaira2008 Biotemplated Nanostructured Materials
Sierra, M.B.2006 Computational Study of the Structure and Behavior of Aqueous Mixed System Sodium Unsaturated Carboxylate-dodecyltrimethylammonium Bromide
Sierra, M.L.1996 Phase Diagrams of the Ternary Systems Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate/Poly(propylene glycol) (425 and 1000 Molecular Weight)/H2O. Study of the Physical Properties of the L Phase
Sierra, M.T.1988 A new SC chiral smectic family derived from 2,2',4,4'-tetrahydroxybenzalazine
 1988 Ferroelectric heterocyclic liquid crystals: a comparative study with some carbocyclic analogs
 1989 Chiral mesogenic compounds: carbocyclic and heterocyclic Schiff bases
 1989 Dielectric behavior of a new SmI* ferroelectric liquid crystal 2-hydroxy-4-decyloxybenzyliden-4'-amino 1-carboethoxyethyl cinnamate
Sierra, Ma. Luisa1997 A phase diagram of the N-cetylpyridinium chloride/1-BuOH/water ternary system
Sierra, Miguel A.2006 Synthesis of α-Onoceradiene-like Terpene Dimers by Intermolecular Metathesis Processes
Sierra, T.1987 A new method for high accuracy tilt angle measurements in ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1989 New dimeric liquid crystals with chiral flexible spacers
 1991 Dielectric behavior of the relaxational modes in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1991 Synthesis and study of β-chlorhydrine and α-chloroacid ferroelectric liquid-crystal derivatives
 1992 An Approach to the Molecular Structure - Ferroelectric Properties Relationship by MM2
 1992 Chiral Metallo-Organic Materials for Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1992 Electronic Nonlinear Optics in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
 1992 Influence of the Position of the Chiral Center on Spontaneous Polarization of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Materials
 1992 Synthesis and study of new α-haloacid ferroelectric liquid crystal derivatives. MM2 approach to the molecular structure-ferroelectric activity relationship
 1993 β-Chlorohydrins vs α-chloroacids as chiral tails for ferroelectric liquid crystals. MM2 approach. 2
 1995 Low and high frequency relaxations of a ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Ferroelectric behavior of chiral bis(salicylideneaniline) copper(II), vanadium(IV) and palladium(II) liquid crystals
 1997 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Nonlinear Optics Applications
 1997 FLCs with a five-membered ring in the mesogenic core
 1997 Molecular and collective modes in ferroelectric liquid crystals studied by dielectric spectroscopy
 1998 Switchable Columnar Metallomesogens. New Helical Self-assembling Systems
 2001 Rigid Chiral Building Blocks for Copper(II)- and Palladium(II)-Containing Liquid Crystals
 2002 Helical Columnar Organisations from Polycatenar Metallomesogens
 2002 Structure-Property Relationships and Optical Behaviour of New Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystal Molecules
 2002 Supramolecular H-Bonded Columnar Polymers
Sierra, T. (cont...)2004 Structure-activity studies of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric imine ligands and their square-planar complexes
 2005 Insight into the mesogenic character of 15-membered triolefinic azamacrocycles, and their diolefinic open precursors and Pd(0) complexes
 2005 New chiral Schiff's bases with a 1,3,4-thiadiazole ring in the mesogenic core: synthesis, mesomorphic and ferroelectric properties
 2006 (S)-Isoleucine and (R)-2-octanol as chiral precursors of new chiral liquid crystalline thiadiazoles: synthesis, mesomorphic and ferroelectric properties
 2006 Supramolecular chirality of columnar mesophases consisting of H-bonded complexes of melamine and polycatenar benzoic acids.
 2007 Wide temperature range mesomorphic behaviour of highly fluorinated 15-membered macrocycles and their open trisulphonamide precursor
Sierra, Teresa1991 Design and synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals. 15. FLC materials for nonlinear optics applications
 1992 A ferroelectric liquid crystal dimer: Synthesis and properties
 1992 Ferroelectric dimeric liquid crystals with a chiral flexible spacer
 1992 Paramagnetic SC*-materials: a new class of ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1993 Ferroelectric metallomesogenic palladium(II) complexes derived from bidentate Schiff bases
 1994 EPR study of a chiral metallomesogen. Bis{N-[4''-((2S)-chloropropoxy)phenyl]-4-(4'-decyloxybenzoyloxy)salicylaldimine}copper(II)
 1995 Ferroelectric liquid crystals for nonlinear optics: can we really do it?
 1995 Improving FLC Properties. Simplicity, Planarity, and Rigidity in New Chiral Oxazoline Derivatives
 1996 Chiral Promesogenic Monomers Inducing One-Handed, Helical Conformations in Synthetic Polymers
 1996 Design and synthesis of ferroelectric liquid crystals. 22. Side-by side dimers for nonlinear optics
 1996 Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals for Nonlinear Optics: Orientation of the Disperse Red 1 Chromophore along the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Polar Axis
 1996 Switchable smectic C main chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1997 Tetrathiafulvalene-containing liquid crystals
 1998 Long-Range Chiral Induction in Chemical Systems with Helical Organization. Promesogenic Monomers in the Formation of Poly(isocyanide)s and in the Organization of Liquid Crystals
 1998 Synthesis and liquid crystal behavior of tetrathiafulvalenes containing cyanobiphenylyloxy groups
 1998 The first discotic liquid crystal with a tetrathiafulvalene central core
 1999 Chiral linear isocyanide palladium(II) and gold(I) complexes as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 2000 Switchable columnar metallomesogens
 2002 Chiral hexacatenar metallomesogens: supramolecular organization versus steric demand of chiral cores
 2003 Supramolecular Helical Stacking of Metallomesogens Derived from Enantiopure and Racemic Polycatenar Oxazolines
Sierra, Teresa (cont...)2004 Structural Study on Columnar Mesophases Consisting of H-Bonded Supramolecules
 2004 Structure-activity studies of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric imine ligands and their palladium(ii) complexes. An antiferroelectric metallomesogen
 2005 Strict Steric Requirements for the Formation of Helical Mesophases Consisting of H-Bonded Supramolecules
 2005 Supramolecular Helical Mesomorphic Polymers. Chiral Induction through H-Bonding
 2006 Long-range effects of chirality in aromatic poly(isocyanide)s
 2006 Propeller-like Hydrogen-Bonded Banana-Melamine Complexes Inducing Helical Supramolecular Organizations
 2007 Light-driven supramolecular chirality in propeller-like hydrogen-bonded complexes that show columnar mesomorphism
 2008 Chiral photochemical induction in liquid crystals
 2008 Photoinduction and Control of the Supramolecular Chirality in Liquid Crystalline Azomaterials
 2008 Side-chain supramolecular polymers with induced supramolecular chirality through H-bonding interactions
 2008 Synthesis, Properties, and Polymerization of New Liquid Crystalline Monomers for Highly Ordered Guest-Host Systems
Sierro, Philippe1997 Structure of a lyotropic lamellar phase under shear
Siesler, H.W.1993 Characterization of the orientational behavior of liquid-crystalline side-chain polymers for reversible optical data storage by Fourier-transform-IR-spectroscopy
 1993 Vibrational spectra and thermal and mechanical properties of polymers
 1994 Characterization of the segmental mobility of liquid-crystalline side-chain polyesters by Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy
 1995 Characterization of the electric-field-induced orientation and relaxation dynamics of liquid crystals by time-resolved step-scan Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
 1995 Dye-containing SC* side-on/end-on copolymers
 1996 Rheo-optical Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy of a liquid-crystalline block copolymer
 1996 Segmental mobility of liquid crystals and liquid crystalline polymers in an electric field: a study by time-resolved rapid-scan and step-scan FTIR spectroscopy
 1996 Step-scan and 2D-correlation FTIR spectroscopy of liquid crystals and liquid-crystalline polymers in an electric field
 1998 Photo-induced orientation effects parallel and perpendicular to the polarization vector of the incident laser light observed in the same azobenzene-containing LC polymer film
 2001 Polarized infrared spectroscopic study on the orientation of the molecules in the smectic-C* phase of a ferroelectric liquid crystal with a naphthalene ring: Alternative theory for the analysis of polarization-angle-dependent intensity changes
 2002 Photoorientation of a liquid crystalline polyester with azobenzene side groups. 1. Effects of irradiation with linearly polarized blue light
 2002 Time-resolved infrared spectroscopic study of the switching dynamics of a surface-stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal
Siesler, Heinz W.1995 Fourier-transform infrared study of the switching process in a ferroelectric liquid crystalline polymer
 1995 Novel Side-Chain Liquid Crystalline Polyester Architecture for Reversible Optical Storage
 1995 On the explanation of the biphotonic processes in polyesters containing azobenzene moieties in the side chain
 1995 The influence of substituents on the orientational behavior of novel azobenzene side-chain polyesters
 1997 Influence of crosslinking processes on the orientation in thermotropic copolyesters studied by FT-IR spectrometry
 1997 Reorientation of Nematic Liquid-Crystals and Liquid-Crystalline Polymers in an Electric Field Studied by FT-IR Time-Resolved Spectroscopy and 2D-Correlation Analysis
 1997 Time-resolved step-scan FT-IR spectroscopy of a nematic solution of 2-naphthaldehyde in an electric field
 1997 Two-dimensional correlation analysis of time-resolved step-scan FT-IR spectra of a liquid crystalline guest-host system in an electric field
 1998 Selectively deuterated liquid crystalline cyanoazobenzene side-chain polyesters. 1. Preparation and characterization of precursors and diols
 1998 Selectively deuterated liquid crystalline cyanoazobenzene side-chain polyesters. 2. Preparation and characterization of polyesters
 1998 Selectively Deuterated Liquid Crystalline Cyanoazobenzene Side-Chain Polyesters. 3. Investigations of Laser-Induced Segmental Mobility by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
 1998 Simplified equation for ATR spectral intensity of a three-phase system
 1998 The switching process in a ferroelectric liquid crystalline side-chain polymer by time-resolved step-scan FT-IR spectroscopy and 2D correlation analysis
 1999 Orientation of liquid crystalline 5CB under an external electric field
 2002 The Reorientation of the Nematic Liquid Crystalline P-cyanophenyl-p-n-alkylbenzoates in an Electric Field Studied by the Time-resolved FTIR Transmission and ATR Spectroscopy
 2003 Novel Fluorinated Polymer Materials Based on 2,3,5,6-Tetrafluoro-4-methoxystyrene
 2003 Photoorientation of a Liquid-Crystalline Polyester with Azobenzene Side Groups: Effects of Irradiation with Linearly Polarized Red Light after Photochemical Pretreatment
 2008 Deformation Behavior of Sphere-Forming Trifunctional Multigraft Copolymer
Siesling, E.A.2001 Surface Grafting of Poly(l-glutamates). 1. Synthesis and Characterization
Siest, Gerard2001 Protein–lipid interactions in reconstituted high density lipoproteins: apolipoprotein and cholesterol influence
Siettos, C.I.2003 Enabling Dynamic Process Simulators to Perform Alternative Tasks: A Time-Stepper-Based Toolkit for Computer-Aided Analysis
Sietz, W.1974 Melting behavior in stretching-induced crystallization of natural rubber
 1978 Crystallization kinetics and melting behavior of oriented natural rubber
Sieval, Alexander B.2000 Liquid Crystalline Perylene Diimides: Architecture and Charge Carrier Mobilities
Sievens-Figueroa, Lucas2008 Photopolymerization in Polymer Templating
 2009 Cross-Linking of Reactive Lyotropic Liquid Crystals for Nanostructure Retention
Sieverdes, F.1992 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal - controlled anisotropic second-harmonic generation
Siewenie, J.E.2006 Orientational Correlations in the Glacial State of Triphenyl Phosphite
Siffert, Michel2001 Synclinic-anticlinic phase transition in tilted organosiloxane liquid crystals
Siffert, Odile1991 The amphiphilic α-helix concept. Consequences on the structure of staphylococcal δ-toxin in solution and bound to lipids
Siffrin, S.1994 Mesomorphic flexible chain polymers based on silicon
Siffrin, Stefan1990 Mesomorphic phases of poly(di-n-alkylsiloxanes)
 1992 Preparation and properties of well defined, mesomorphic organo-modified polysiloxanes
 1996 Well defined columnar liquid crystalline polydiethylsiloxane
Sigal, Herve1996 Singlet Excitation Transfer in Columnar Liquid Crystals Studied by Monte Carlo Simulations
 1998 Influence of Disorder on Electronic Excited States: An Experimental and Numerical Study of Alkylthiotriphenylene Columnar Phases
 1999 Electronic coupling responsible for energy transfer in columnar liquid crystals
Sigalas, Iakovos1998 Comprehensive mutational scanning of the p53 coding region by two-dimensional gene scanning
Sigalov, Alexander B.2001 Oxidation of methionine residues affects the structure and stability of apolipoprotein A-I in reconstituted high density lipoprotein particles
Sigalov, Grigori M.2006 Three-dimensional switchable polymer photonic crystals via various optical wave interference techniques
Sigarev, A.2000 A comparison of orientational behaviour and rotational bias in SmC*, SmCα* and SmCγ* phases of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal studied by FT-IR spectroscopy
Sigarev, A.A.2000 Ferrielectric liquid crystal subphase studied by polarized Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy
 2002 Molecular Arrangement and Related Infrared Absorption Anisotropy of a Ferroelectirc Liquid Crystal Cell Exhibiting V-Shaped Switching
 2002 Orientational and Infrared Dichroic Properties of Various Subphases of an Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal
 2003 Molecular arrangement in a chiral smectic liquid crystal cell studied by polarized infrared spectroscopy
 2003 Molecular orientation and the infrared dichroism of a chiral smectic liquid crystal in a homogeneously aligned cell at different temperature and bias fields
 2003 Publisher's Note: Molecular orientation and the infrared dichroism of a chiral smectic liquid crystal in a homogeneously aligned cell at different temperature and bias fields [Phys. Rev. E 68, 031707 (2003)]
 2004 Molecular Structure of a Partly Deuterated Chiral Smectic Liquid Crystal Studied by Polarized FTIR Spectroscopy
 2006 Dichroic Properties and the Molecular Tilt Angle of a Large-Tilt Angle Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystal Studied Using Polarized Infrared Spectroscopy
Sigarev, Andrei A.2000 Polarized ftir spectroscopic study of a high-temperature ferrielectric phase of an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
Sigaud, G.1973 Magnetic properties of the chloesteric mesophases
 1974 Twist viscosity coefficient γ1 divergence near the nematic-smectic A transition
 1976 Advances in the investigation of the nematic-smectic A transition: magnetic study of mixtures of mesomorphic compounds
 1976 On the thermal dependence of the twist viscosity in nematic liquid crystals
 1976 Orientational order and enthalpic measurements on binary mixtures at the N-SA transition: Comparison with McMillan's models
 1977 An experimental system for a nematic-smectic A-smectic C Lifshitz's point
 1977 Effect of non-mesomorphic plate-like solutes on thermal behavior of liquid crystalline solvents
 1977 Experimental tricritical point nematic-smectic a in a two components-system
 1977 Magnetic anisotropy and polymorphism in liquid crystals
 1978 Binary diagrams of mesomorphous compounds exhibiting singular points
 1978 Evidence for an hexagonal phase in twisted nematics
 1979 A possible polar smectic A-non-polar smectic A transition line in a binary system?
 1979 Anomalous transitional behavior in mixtures of liquid crystals: a new transition of SA-SA type?
 1979 Critical behavior of dynamic twist viscosity γ1 near polycritical points
 1979 Enantiotropic nematic reentrant behavior at atmospheric pressure in a pure compound
 1979 Measurements in a pure compound exhibiting an enantiotropic reentrant nematic behavior at atmospheric pressure
 1979 Polymorphism and x-ray diffraction of some cyano biphenyl-substituted benzoates exhibiting reentrant nematic phases
 1980 Effect of disk-like solute size on the orientational order of a nematogen
 1980 Influence of a smectic phase on thermodynamical behavior of the nematic to isotropic phase transition
 1980 Magnetic susceptibility of mesophases of disk-like molecules
Sigaud, G. (cont...)1980 New "rod-like" compound with a polar cyano head group giving an orthogonal smectic B phase
 1980 X-ray study of a pure material exhibiting reentrant nematic and smectic A phases
 1980 X-rays investigations of the smectic A1 - smectic A2 transition
 1981 A fluid smectic A antiphase in a pure nitro rod-like compound
 1981 A new type of smectic A phase with long range modulation in the layers
 1981 Anomalies of periodicity in some liquid crystalline cyano derivatives
 1981 Dissymmetric hexasubstituted triphenylenes
 1981 Number of SA phases
 1981 Occurrence of reentrant nematic and reentrant smectic A phases in mesogenic series
 1981 Orientation of nematic liquid crystalline polymer in a magnetic field. Evaluation of magnetic susceptibility
 1981 Reentrant nematic and smectic phases in the n-alkoxybenzoyloxycyanostilbene series
 1982 Inverted reentrant-nematic-smectic-A-smectic-C multicritical point
 1983 Diamagnetic anisotropy of liquid-crystalline side-chain polysiloxanes in the nematic and smectic phases
 1983 New topology for a Nre - SA - SC multicritical point
 1983 Order in nematic phase of semiflexible polymers
 1983 Polymorphism of mesogenic substances containing polar molecules. Part I. Physical chemistry and structure
 1983 The smectic A phases of some long chain substituted 2,6-diarylpyrylium and -thiopyrylium salts
 1984 Dielectric relaxation in fluid smectic phases of polar systems
 1984 Does nematic order depend on diamagnetism ?
 1984 Does nematic order depends on diamagnetism
Sigaud, G. (cont...)1984 Hexagonal columnar mesophase Dh in a new organometallic disk-like compound
 1984 Hexagonal columnar mesophase in new organometallic disc-like series
 1984 Magnetic, thermal behavior and flocculation of asphaltenes and heavy ends
 1984 Order in the nematic phase of semiflexible thermotropic polymers
 1984 Short range order in polar SA phases through dielectric relaxation
 1984 Thermal behavior and flocculation of asphaltenes and heavy products
 1985 A smectic A polymorphism at low temperature
 1985 Critical or tricritical SAd-SA2 point in a (temperature-molecular length) phase diagram?
 1985 Electron microscopy of the two-dimensional fluid antiphase S~A
 1985 Generalization of the polymorphism with 2D fluid smectic phases
 1985 Microscopic characterization of the new "crenelated" SA phase (SAcre)
 1986 Density measurements on liquid-crystalline side-chain polysiloxanes
 1986 Effect of the chemical constitution of the side-chain on the formation and the structure of mesophases in some polysiloxanes
 1986 Evolutions from partial bilayer SA phase (SAd) to monolayer SA phase (SA1)
 1986 Heteroaromatic salts exhibiting thermotropic liquid crystalline properties
 1986 Nematic reentrance extended to mixtures of small molecules with polymers
 1987 Adiabatic scanning calorimetry of the nematic-smectic A1 and the smectic A1-smectic ~A transitions in frustrated smectic mixtures at low temperatures
 1987 How the smectic A phase adapts to two incommensurate periods in asymmetric liquid crystalline systems
 1987 Relationships between molecular structure and immiscibility of liquid crystalline side-chain polymers in low molecular weight nematic solvents
 1988 First examples of heteroaromatics with four paraffinic chains which possess columnar mesomorphic properties
Sigaud, G. (cont...)1988 Role of molecular parameters on the miscibility of side-chain polymer solutes
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