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Shoji, Masahito1997 OCB-mode liquid crystal display with improved wide-viewing-angle
Shoji, Masato1988 Highly-multiplexed large-area achromatic liquid crystal display
 1998 Liquid crystal display array substrate and its manufacture
Shoji, Masayuki1988 Optically active Schiff bases as liquid crystals and their preparation
 1988 Optically-active Schiff base for liquid crystals
 1989 Optically active benzoic acid ester liquid crystals and their preparation
 1989 Optically-active 4-[4-(4-alkoxyphenyl or alkoxy)benzylideneamino]benzoic acid 1-methyl-2-ethoxycarbonylethyl esters as chiral smectic C liquid crystals and their preparations
 1989 Optically-active 4-[4-(4-alkoxyphenyl or alkoxy)benzylideneamino]benzoic acid 1-methyl-2-ethoxycarbonylethyl esters as liquid crystals
 1989 Optically-active benzoate or biphenylcarboxylate esters, their intermediate p-[2-(4-methylcyclohexyl)propoxy]phenol, their preparation, and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Preparation of p-aroyloxybenzoic acid (R,R)-2-(4-methyl-3-cyclohexen-1-yl)propyl esters as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1990 Optically active 2-(4-methylcyclohexyl)propoxybenzoate, their intermediates, their preparation, and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1991 Liquid-crystal display device
 1991 Method for orientation of liquid crystal containing photoisomerizable mesogen dye
 1992 Erasable optical recording medium
 1992 Optically active oxazoline compounds and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1992 Polymer liquid-crystal recording medium
Shoji, Mitsuo2006 Theoretical Calculations of Magnetic Interactions in Frustrated Antiferromagnetic Cluster
Shoji, Osami2001 Secondary Structure and Side-Chain Chromophore Orientation in Poly(L-glutamines) Having Pyrene Chromophores in the Side Chains
 2002 Side-Chain Chromophore Orientation and Excitation Energy Transport in Films Prepared from Poly[N5-(R)- and N5-(S)-1-(1-naphthyl)ethyl-L-glutamines]
Shoji, Shinya1991 Synthesis and properties of long-chain mono-n-alkyl esters of p-phenylenediacrylic acid (p-PDA)
Shoji, T.1986 12th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
 1987 13th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Fukuoka
 1988 14th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Sendai
 1989 15th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Osaka
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 16th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Hiroshima
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystalline compounds having a chiral center directly connected to the core aromatic ring. Synthesis of chiral 4-(1-propoxyethyl)benzenol and -benzoic acid, 4-(1-carboxyethyl)benzenol and the esters derived therefrom
 1990 Optically active O-acyl cyanohydrins as chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1990 Optically active sulfoxides as ferroelectric liquid crystals and their chiral dopants
 1990 Synthesis of optically active α-cyanobenzyl alkyl ethers
Shoji, Tadao1987 (Phenyl or biphenyl)carbonyloxyphenylpropionate esters as ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystals for display devices
 1987 Benzyloxypyridinecarboxylate derivatives for liquid crystal compositions and optical switching devices
 1987 Chiral smectic liquid crystals for optical switching devices
 1987 Chiral smectic liquid crystals for optical switching devices
 1987 Chiral-smectic alkoxycarbonylphenyl benzoyloxybenzoates for liquid-crystal displays with rapid response
 1987 Fluorobiphenyl benzoate derivative liquid crystals for optical switching devices for display
 1987 Liquid crystalline benzoate esters, their compositions and optical switching devices
 1987 Liquid crystalline optically active alkoxycarbonylmethyl(bi)phyenyl benzoates or biphenylcarboxylates for chiral smectic C liquid crystal displays
 1987 Liquid crystals, compositions, and optical switch
 1987 Liquid-crystal compositions for optical switching devices
 1987 Liquid-crystal compositions for optical switching devices
 1987 Optically active carboxylic acid derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1988 (Alkoxycyclohexyl)ethylphenyl alkoxybenzoates as smectic C liquid crystals, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and optical switching devices using the compositions
 1988 Optically active benzoate ester liquid crystals
 1988 Optically active liquid crystal compounds
 1988 Optically active phenyl benzoate derivative liquid crystals
 1988 Optically active phenyl benzoate liquid crystals
 1988 Optically-active pyridazyinyl carboxylates or biphenylcarboxylates for ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystal display devices
 1988 Triester liquid crystal compounds
 1989 Biphenyl ester derivatives as ferroelectric liquid crystals
Shoji, Tadao (cont...)1989 Liquid crystal for ferroelectric composition in display device
 1989 Novel lactic acid derivatives and liquid-crystal compositions containing them
 1989 Optically active aryl lactates and liquid-crystal compositions and display devices containing them
 1989 Optically active benzoate derivatives as liquid crystals
 1989 Optically active biphenylcarboxylates as liquid crystals and their preparation
 1989 Optically-active 1,3-dimethyl-3-alkoxypropyl benzoate derivatives for chiral smectic C liquid-crystal compositions
 1989 Optically-active phenyl esters for chiral smectic C liquid-crystal compositions
 1989 Phenoxypropionate ester derivatives for ferroelectric liquid-crystal display devices
 1989 Preparation of 2,5-diphenyl pyrazine derivatives, pyrimidine derivatives, and liquid crystal containing the same
 1989 Preparation of pyrimidine derivatives as liquid crystals
 1989 Substituted phenyl 2-alkoxypropanoate derivatives as liquid crystals with large spontaneous polarization
 1990 2-(4-Alkoxy-3-fluorophenyl)-5-(4-alkylphenyl)pyridines, smectic C liquid-crystal compositions, and ferroelectric liquid-crystal display devices
 1990 2-(Fluoro)phenyl-5-phenylpyridine derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions, and ferroelectric liquid-crystal display devices
 1990 2-[4-[(trans-4-Alkylcyclohexyl)methoxy]phenyl]-5-alkylpyrimidines as smectic C liquid crystals, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liq.-crystal display devices
 1990 4-(Phenoxymethyl)biphenyl or 4-benzyloxybiphenyl derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and liq.-crystal display devices
 1990 Arylpropionates as liquid crystals and their preparation
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid crystal composition
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal composition
 1990 Ferroelectric liquid-crystal compositions
 1990 Optically active biphenyl derivatives as liquid crystals and their preparation
Shoji, Tadao (cont...)1990 Optically active dicyanobenzene derivatives as liquid crystals
 1990 Optically inactive 2,5-diphenylpyrimidine derivatives as smectic C liquid crystals, liquid-crystal compositions, and display devices
 1990 Optically-active 2-(flurophenyl)-5-phenylpyrimidine derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions containing them, and ferroelectric liquid-crystal display devices
 1990 Optically-active 2-alkoxypropanoic acid derivatives, liquid-crystal compositions, and liquid-crystal display devices
 1990 Preparation of chiral biphenyl compounds as liquid crystals for display devices
 1990 Preparation of optically active 1-alkoxy-1-phenylethanes and their intermediates and liquid crystal composition containing them
 1990 Preparation of optically active biphenylcarboxylates as liquid crystals
 1990 Preparation of optically active sulfoxide compounds as liquid crystal compositions
 1990 Preparation of propionate esters as liquid crystals
 1990 Tricyclic cyclohexane compounds as components for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Chiral smectic C ferroelectric liquid crystal composition
 1991 Chiral smectic ferroelectric liquid crystal composition
 1991 Oxymethylene-containing fluorinated tricyclic compounds, liquid crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal displays
 1991 Preparation of benzoic acid esters as liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of optically active (alkenyloxy)cyanomethylphenyl esters as liquid crystals
 1991 Preparation of optically active 2-aryl propionic acid thioesters and their intermediates and ferroelectric chiral smectic liquid crystal compositions containing them for liquid crystal display devices
 1991 Preparation of optically active compounds as liquid crystals for display devices
 1991 Preparation of optically active compounds as liquid crystals for display devices
 1991 Preparation of optically active compounds for liquid crystal compositions for display devices
 1991 Racemic fluoro-containing biphenyl derivatives, liquid crystal compositions, and display devices
Shoji, Tadao (cont...)1991 Racemic fluoro-containing biphenyl derivatives, liquid crystal compositions, and display devices
 1991 Syntheses and properties of ferroelectric liquid crystal compounds having a chiral center directly connected to the core aromatic ring
 1991 Synthesis and properties of new optically active γ-lactones as chiral dopants for ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1991 Tricyclic compounds containing oxymethylene bond as smectic C liquid crystals, liquid-crystal compositions, and liquid-crystal display devices
Shoji, Tatsumi1997 Dry etching of hydrogenated silicon nitride-nonsingle crystal silicon laminate for taper etching
 1997 Fabrication of thin-film transistor for active-matrix liquid - crystal display
 1997 Thin-film semiconductor devices and methods of manufacturing them
Shoji, Tatsuya2000 Parameterization of the Gay-Berne potential for nCB
 2001 Parameterization of the Gay-Berne potential for nCB and molecular dynamics simulation of 5CB
Shoji, Toshihiro1990 Liquid crystal light-regulating and displaying material and its manufacture
Shoji, Yoshihiko1987 Thermal cracking of heavy oils
Shoji, Yoshiko2009 Electric Field-Assisted Alignment of Self-Assembled Fibers Composed of Hydrogen-Bonded Molecules Having Laterally Fluorinated Mesogens
Shoji, Yu2009 Synthesis of thermotropic liquid crystalline polyimides with siloxane linkages
Shoji, Yukiyoshi1990 Synthesis and liquid-crystal properties of thermotropic copolycarbonates composed of biphenyl and diphenylpropane moieties
Shokuie, K.2009 Characterizing the structure of protein layers adsorbed onto functionalized surfaces by means of in-situ X-ray reflectivity
Sholin, Veronica2006 Photoluminescence Enhancement in MEH-PPV Polymer Thin Films by Surfactant Addition
Sholler, Elizabeth A.1996 High-performance applications of light valve device displays
Shonago, M.1994 20th Jpn. Symp. Liq. Cryst., Nagoya
Shonago, Mami1995 Syntheses and physical properties of ferrocene derivatives. V. A study on the phase transition of liquid crystals containing ferrocene by X-ray PSPC system
Shonaike, G.O.1994 Studies of blends of poly(phenylene sulfide) and a liquid crystalline polymer - 1. Compatibility and mechanical properties
 1994 Through-thickness distribution of LCP in PPS/LCP blends
 1995 A preliminary investigation of flash formation during injection molding of polyphenylene sulfide and liquid crystalline polymer blends
 1995 Studies of blends of poly(phenylene sulfide) and a liquid crystalline polymer: time-temperature superposition
 1995 The effects of temperature and liquid crystalline polymer (LCP) on mechanical properties of a blend of polyphenylene sulfide and LCP
 1999 Mechanical and thermal properties of copoly(styrene/acrylonitrile) compatibilized nylon-thermoplastic elastomer blends
Shonaike, Gabriel O.1998 Studies on miscibility of uncompatibilized nylon 66-Santoprene blends
 1999 Miscibility of nylon 66/Santoprene blends
Shonaka, Hirokazu2005 Size Effect of Anisotropic Polypyrrole Actuator
Shong, Xiangyu1994 Study on structure and properties of polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid crystals. IV. X-ray diffraction of poly(MMA-co-BMA) and cholesteryl nonanoate mixtures
Shono, Hiroaki1987 Manufacture of precursor pitch for carbon fibers
 1988 A method for producing chopped strands of carbon fibers and such strands coated with binders
 1989 Mesophase pitch for high-quality carbon fiber production
 1990 Hydrogenation mechanism of coal tar pitch for carbon fiber. (Part 1). Estimation of hydrogen mobility of coal tar pitch for high performance carbon fiber using tritium tracer methods
 1991 Characterization of pitch-based carbon fibers. (Part 1). Carbonization behavior of stabilized mesophase pitch fibers
 1996 Manufacture of pitch-derived carbon fibers with improved mechanical strength
Shono, Yasuo1995 Optical approach for LCD inspection
Shonova, N.1975 Memory effect at a twisted NLC [nematic liquid crystal] layer
 1983 Low frequency electrooptical oscillations in a liquid crystal display-photoresistor system
 1983 Observations of electrically surface-induced regular arrays of focal conics in a homeotropic NPOB smectic A liquid crystal
 1987 Diffraction investigation of transient processes of domain formation in liquid crystals
 1988 Odd-even effects in the dielectric properties of nematics 4-(trans-4'-n-alkylcyclohexyl)isothiocyanatobenzenes
 1990 Coupling of ferroelectric modes in chiral smectic liquid crystals
 1990 Investigations of electrooptical dc controlled. Pulsations in the system LC cell - polar Liquid
 1991 On a discovery of a new chiral liquid crystal with unusual electrooptic behavior: experimental results
 1993 Temperature-driven anchoring transition in nematic liquid crystals interacting with Langmuir-Blodgett films
 1998 Photoflexoelectric effects in a homeotropic guest-host nematic
 1999 Flexoelectric spectroscopy measurements of surface dissipation of energy and surface viscosity of weakly anchored homeotropic nematics
 2000 Surface dissipation of energy in homeotropic nematic layers, weakly anchored on various self-assembled substrates
Shoo, K.2008 Transparent thin film transistors based on InZnO for flexible electronics
Shook, David A.2008 Semi-active control of torsionally responsive structures
Shoop, Barry L.1998 Optical implementation of the wavelet transform using smart pixels
Shoosmith, D.1999 Low molar mass organosiloxane liquid crystalline dyes for dye guest host ferroelectric display devices
 2002 Structural characterization of organosiloxane liquid crystals with a transverse or longitudinal dipole
Shoosmith, D.E.2000 Nitroazo and nitrostilbene dyes for low molar mass organosiloxane liquid crystal dye guest host ferroelectric displays
 2000 Novel fluorinated organosiloxane materials for use in ferro- and anti-ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 2001 Novel room temperature fluorinated ferroelectric organosiloxane liquid crystal mixtures
Shopland, David1993 Polymer molding compositions containing polycarbonates and polyesters and liquid crystalline polymers and their manufacture
Shopov, D.1968 Determination of stability constants of an olefin-liquid crystal system by means of gas-liquid chromatography
Shoppee, C.W.1952 Steroids. Part I. A new preparation of the cholesteryl halides
 1952 Steroids. Part II. The preparation of epicholesteryl chloride and bromide
 1954 Steroids and walden inversion. Part XIII. The epimeric cholest-5-ene-3-carboxylic acids and the epimeric cholestane-3-carboxylic acids
 1955 Steroids and walden inversion. Part XXII. The configuration of cholesterylamine
 1956 Steroids and Walden inversion. Part XXVII. 3α-Cholesterylamine and coprostan-3α-ylamine
 1956 Steroids and walden inversion. Part XXXIV. Solvolysis of cholesteryl toluene-p-sulphonate with thiophenoxide ions
 1957 Steroids. Part XIII. Catalytic hydrogenation of 3α- and 3β-substituted δ4-steroids
 1957 Steroids. Part XIV. Some 3β-fluoro-steroids
Shoppee, G.W.1954 Steroids and walden inversion. Part XII. The epimeric 3-cholesterylacetic and 3-cholestanylacetic acids
Shore, K.A.2002 Inverse anticipating chaos synchronization
 2002 Lag times and parameter mismatches in synchronization of unidirectionally coupled chaotic external cavity semiconductor lasers
 2002 Parameter mismatches and perfect anticipating synchronization in bidirectionally coupled external cavity laser diodes
Shorin, Sergej V.1995 Anisotropic spinning solution and aramid fiber prepared from the solution
Shorokhova, M.A.1975 Effect of an alternating electrical field on the absorption of ultrasound in p-azoxyanisole
Shorono, Masahiro1998 Ferrielectric liquid - crystalline compound and active matrix liquid crystal display device
Shoseki, Naoki1997 Liquid crystal device having composite film of polymer matrix and cholesteric liquid crystals
 1998 Liquid crystal element having composite film
 1999 Manufacture of polymer dispersion liquid crystal display
Shosenji, Hideto2007 Study of Pinacol Coupling Reaction to Synthesize Functional Macrocyclic Molecules
 2007 The Synthesis and Property of Dihydropyrene Derivatives Containing a Nitrogen Atom
Shoshan, Einav Ben2007 Hexosome and Hexagonal Phases Mediated by Hydration and Polymeric Stabilizer
Shoshi, M.1998 Sol-gel production of silica microparticles
Shoshi, Makoto1998 Manufacture of monodisperse silica particles
Shoshin, V.2007 Experimental model of 3D volumetric display based on a stack of FLC light-scattering shutters
Shoshin, V.M.1973 Possibility of constructing matrix display apparatus using the effect of dynamic scattering in nematic liquid crystals
 1976 Mesomorphic material
 1978 Phase equilibriums in systems made of liquid-crystalline cyanophenyl esters of alkylbenzoic acids
 1979 Liquid crystal material with matrix addressing for display
 1981 Nematic material with low optical anisotropy value
 1982 Phenol derivative liquid crystals with negative dielectric anisotropy
 1983 Matrix screen made from liquid crystals
 1984 Mesomorphic material with low optical anisotropy
 1985 Liquid crystalline material for electrooptical devices
 1985 Liquid-crystal material for electrooptical devices
 1995 Electrooptical properties of the homogeneous chevron state of a ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal
 1996 Liquid crystal device and process of its manufacture
Shoshin, Vadim Michajlovic1985 2,5-Disubstituted pyridines useful as liquid crystalline materials
Shota, Ikumori1999 Light diffusing layer, optical device, and liquid crystal display device
 1999 Reflective polarizing plate with heat and moisture resistance
Shoubara, Kiyoshi1999 Liquid crystal display device with good display property and high reliability
Shouche, S.V.1994 Effect of particulate solids on the rheology of a lyotropic gel medium
Shouda, Takamori2000 Light-diffusing polarizing plate for liquid crystal display
Shouji, Hideki1996 Solution Properties of Double-Tailed Cationic Surfactants Having Ferrocenyl Groups in Their Hydrophobic Moieties
Shouji, Kiyoshi1990 Liquid crystalline phase in PLGA/PVP/NMP [poly(L-glutamic acid)/polyvinylpyrrolidone/N-methylpyrrolidone] ternary system
Shoumarov, K.2003 A further experimental study of parallel surface-induced flexoelectric domains (PSIFED) (flexo-dielectric walls)
 2003 Rubbing-induced surface textures in nematic MBBA layers and their behaviour under applied d.c. or a.c. voltages
Shoumura, Katsunari2000 Dust collectors for vacuum chambers, their manufacture, and their regeneration
Shoute, L.C.T.2007 Spatial Organization of GaSe Quantum Dots: Organic/Semiconductor Liquid Crystals
Shouval, Harel Z.2004 Analysis of the intraspinal calcium dynamics and its implications for the plasticity of spiking neurons
Showalter, Kenneth2003 Synchronization of spatiotemporal patterns in locally coupled excitable media
Shpak, M.1990 Harmonic distortion of the induced helical structure of the nematic liquid crystal detected by the distributed feedback laser
Shpak, M.T.1976 Generation of induced radiation by organic dyes in a nematic liquid crystal
 1978 Tuning of the emission frequency of a dye laser with a Bragg mirror in the form of a cholesteric liquid crystal
 1980 Generation of tunable radiation by doped cholesteric liquid crystals
 1981 Induced tunable radiation in a doped cholesteric liquid crystal
 1987 Damage to the planar texture of absorbing cholesteric liquid crystals by pulsed laser radiation
 1988 Harmonic distortion of the nematic liquid crystal structure with induced gyrotropy in a distributed-feedback laser
 1988 Spatial distribution of a cholesteric liquid-crystal distributed-feedback dye laser
 1990 Influence of incommensurability in a nematic liquid crystal with induced gyrotropy
 1990 Peculiar oscillation spectra of DFL based on nematics with induced helical structure
 1991 Peculiarities of generation spectra of DFL-based on nematics with induced helical structure
 1991 Study of optical properties of liquid crystals with induced helicity by laser spectroscopy
Shpil'berg, M.B.1988 Hydrogen-donor activity of mesogenic hydrocarbon substances
Shpin'kov, N.I.1979 Nuclear magnetic resonance in a heterogeneous medium
Shragina, Leah1990 Searching for photochromic liquid crystals. Spironaphthoxazine substituted with a mesogenic group
Shrago, M.I.1986 Optical properties of liquid-crystal microphase of DNA in water-organic solutions
Shramko, O.V.2001 Electronic states of C60 ions vs electron interaction and energetics of A3C60 fullerides
 2002 Charge distribution in c60 crystal doped by electric field
 2005 Electron Correlation Effects in Multicharged Ions of Icosahedral C60 Fullerene
 2008 Modeling of Monophotonic Excitation Spectra of Icosahedral C60 Fullerene
Shramkov, A.N.1992 Additive Anisotropic Interactions in Liquid Crystals
 1992 Branchings of the Fully Symmetrical Solutions of the Molecular Field Equation in Liquid Crystals
 1992 Transformational Properties of Molecular Tensors in Calculations Related to Anisotropic Intermolecular Interactions
 1993 Additive anisotropic interactions in molecular liquids and liquid crystals
Shreenivasa Murthy, H.M.2003 Banana-shaped mesogens: a new homologous series of compounds exhibiting the B7 mesophase
Shreenivasa Murthy, H.N.2002 Banana-shaped mesogens: effect of lateral substituents on seven-ring esters containing a biphenyl moiety
 2002 Observation of Filamentary Growth Patterns at the Isotropic Liquid- Smectic C Phase Transition in Unsymmetrical Compounds Composed of Bent-Core Molecules
 2004 A polar biaxial smectic A phase in new unsymmetrical compounds composed of bent-core molecules
 2004 Fluorine-substituted unsymmetrical bent-core mesogens derived from resorcinol
 2004 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of unsymmetrical bent-core compounds containing 1,3-phenylene or 2,7-naphthylene as the central unit
 2006 Bent-core mesogens influenced by hydrogen bonds via salicylideneimine units
 2006 New bent-core mesogens with unusual properties: A reentrant SmCSPA phase, field-induced inversion of layer chirality and polar switching in a crystalline phase
Shreeve, J.M.2004 An Ionic Liquid-Coordinated Palladium Complex: A Highly Efficient and Recyclable Catalyst for the Heck Reaction
 2005 Straightforward Syntheses of Hypervalent Iodine(III) Reagents Mediated by Selectfluor
Shreeve, Jean'ne M.2005 Main chain 1,1'-ferrocene-containing polyelectrolytes exhibiting thermotropic liquid-crystalline and fluorescent properties
 2007 Ferrocene-containing Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 2009 Dicationic imidazolium-based ionic liquids and ionic liquid crystals with variously positioned fluoro substituents
Shrestha, Lok Kumar2006 Foaming Properties of Monoglycerol Fatty Acid Esters in Nonpolar Oil Systems
 2006 Phase Behavior of Diglycerol Fatty Acid Esters-Nonpolar Oil Systems
 2006 Phase Behavior of Monoglycerol Fatty Acid Esters in Nonpolar Oils: Reverse Rodlike Micelles at Elevated Temperatures
 2007 Effect of Water on Foaming Properties of Diglycerol Fatty Acid Ester-Oil Systems
 2007 Formation and Properties of Reverse Micellar Cubic Liquid Crystals and Derived Emulsions
 2007 Phase Behavior and Self-Organized Structures of Diglycerol Monolaurate in Different Nonpolar Organic Solvents
 2007 Shape, Size, and Structural Control of Reverse Micelles in Diglycerol Monomyristate Nonionic Surfactant System
 2008 Phase Behavior and Microstructures of Nonionic Fluorocarbon Surfactant in Aqueous Systems
 2009 Intrinsic parameters for structural variation of reverse micelles in nonionic surfactant (glycerol α-monolaurate)/oil systems: a SAXS study
 2009 Tunable Parameters for the Structural Control of Reverse Micelles in Glycerol Monoisostearate/Oil Systems: A SAXS Study
Shrestha, Rekha Goswami2007 Effect of Water on Foaming Properties of Diglycerol Fatty Acid Ester-Oil Systems
 2008 Phase Behavior and Microstructures of Nonionic Fluorocarbon Surfactant in Aqueous Systems
 2009 Tunable Parameters for the Structural Control of Reverse Micelles in Glycerol Monoisostearate/Oil Systems: A SAXS Study
 2009 Wormlike micelles in mixed amino acid surfactant/nonionic surfactant aqueous systems and the effect of added electrolytes
Shreve, Andrew P.2007 Optical Detection of Ion-Channel-Induced Proton Transport in Supported Phospholipid Bilayers
Shribak, M.I.1997 Mechanical and optical properties of the LCD's elements: requirements and methods of control
Shribak, Michael2006 Entropy-Driven Formation of a Chiral Liquid-Crystalline Phase of Helical Filaments
Shribak, Michael I.2002 Rectifiers for suppressing depolarization caused by differential transmission and phase shift in high NA lenses
 2002 Scanning aperture polarized light microscope: observation of small calcite crystals using oblique illumination
 2004 Mapping polymer birefringence in 3D using a polarizing microscope with oblique illumination
Shrivastava, B.D.1986 X-ray K absorption spectra of copper in its soaps and their liquid crystalline solutions in benzene
Shrivastava, Mudita2002 Enhanced water sorption of a semi-interpenetrating polymer network (IPN) of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (PHEMA) and poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG)
Shriver, John W.1989 Characterization of thermotropic state changes in myosin subfragment-1 and heavy meromyosin by UV difference spectroscopy
Shriyan, Sameet K.2008 Multilayer stacking technique for holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystals
 2009 Electro-optical effects of oxidized multi-walled carbon nanotube doping on holographic polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
Shrock, Robert2004 Exact results for average cluster numbers in bond percolation on lattice strips
Shroff, Hitesh1988 Peptide coupling in the presence of so-called liquid crystal formers
Shrono, Masahiro1999 Swallow-tailed compounds, antiferroelectric liquid crystal compositions containing them, and liquid crystal display
Shrubovich, V.O.1982 Mesomorphic state of cholesterol-containing oligoester urethanes
Shtager, V.V.1985 Structure of poly(γ-benzyl L-glutamate) gels in dimethylformamide
Shtakin, V.S.1983 Synthesis and properties of liquid-crystal compounds from naphthalene derivatives
Shtanchaev, A.Sh.1978 Stabilization of nematic liquid crystals
 1979 EPR study of textural layers of a nematic liquid crystal of ethoxybenzylidene-butylaniline type
 1980 Stabilization of nematic liquid crystals of a series of azomethines
Shtan'ko, S.P.1987 Micellization of polyoxyethylene alcohols in water
Shtanov, V.I.1990 Growing lead tin telluride crystals according to the vapor-liquid-crystal mechanism for small temperature gradients
 1990 Growth of lead tin telluride crystals by the vapor-liquid-crystal mechanism
Shtarev, Alexander B.1997 1-Aryl-F-1,3-butadienes and Unsymmetrical α,ω-Diaryl-F-polyenes
 1997 Synthesis of Conjugated F-Polyenes Containing Thienyl Ring Systems
Shtein, Max2006 Thermal and mechanical cracking in bis(triisopropylsilylethnyl) pentacene thin films
 2007 Layer-by-Layer Assembled Films of Cellulose Nanowires with Antireflective Properties
Shteinberg, Ya.B.1983 Derivatives of 1,4-diaminoanthraquinone-2-carboxamide as dichroic dyes for liquid crystals
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 1979 Magnetic resonance spectroscopy in liquid crystals
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Shtennikova, I.N.1972 Reactivity and lifetime of macroradicals during the polymerization of p-[p-(cetyloxy)benzoyloxy]phenyl methacrylate
 1973 Intramolecular liquid-crystal order and electrooptical properties of alkoxybenzoic acid polymer molecules
 1973 Intramolecular liquid-crystal order in polymers with chain side groups
 1973 Intramolecular order in copolymers of crystallike molecules
 1975 Intrinsic viscosity, diffusion, and sedimentation of copolymers of crystallike molecules
 1976 Intramolecular liquid crystal structure in solutions of poly(nonyloxybenzamidostyrene)
 1977 Electrooptics of crystallike molecules of random copolymers
 1977 Intra-molecular Liquid-Crystalline Order in Solutions of Comb-like Polymers
 1982 Conformation and optical anisotropy of comb-like macromolecules with mesogenic side groups
 1982 Hydrodynamic and conformational properties of poly[p-(n-nonyloxy)phenyl p-(methacryloyloxy)benzoate] molecules
 1983 Conformational properties of mesogenic polymers in solutions
 1984 Optical anisotropy of mesogenic macromolecules with a spacer in the side chain
 1985 Conformational properties of macromolecules of mesogenic polymers in solutions
 1985 Optical anisotropy and rigidity of molecules of a comb polymer with mesogenic side groups
 1986 Conformation and optical anisotropy of short chain molecules with mesogenic side groups
 1986 Conformation and optical anisotropy of short-chain molecules with mesogenic side groups
 1986 Optical anisotropy of mesogenic macromolecules with a spacer in the side chain
 1987 Diffusion, sedimentation and flow birefringence of comb-like poly[p-(methacryloyloxy)phenyl p-(n-dodecyloxy)benzoate]
 1988 Molecular structure of polymers with mesogenic groups
 1988 Temperature dependence of the intrinsic viscosity and flow birefringence of some comb-like polymers with mesogenic side groups
Shtennikova, I.N. (cont...)1989 Optical and hydrodynamic properties of comb-like mesogenic polymer and copolymer
 1992 Conformational and optical properties of (acetoxypropyl)cellulose molecules in solutions
 1996 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 1996 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
 1996 Flow birefringence and conformation of poly(diphenylene sulfone terephthalamide)
 1997 Optical Anisotropy and Conformation of Poly (Fluoroalkoxyphosphazenes) in Solutions
 1997 Optical Anisotropy of Linear and Cyclolinear Polyphenylsiloxanes in Solution
 1998 Optical anisotropy and conformation of the molecules of liquid crystal polyesters
 2001 Optical properties of lyotropic LC polymers
Shtennikova, Irina N.1997 Dynamo-optical and conformational properties of poly(biphenylsulfoneterephthalamide) in concentrated sulfuric acid
 1997 Flow birefringence of polyamides and polyesters in acid solutions
 2001 Optical and conformational properties of LC cellulose derivatives in dilute solutions
Shtern, V.2004 Hysteresis and precession of a swirling jet normal to a wall
Shtern, Vladimir2003 Vortex breakdown control by adding near-axis swirl and temperature gradients
 2004 Bifurcation of conical magnetic field
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 1992 Additive Anisotropic Interactions in Liquid Crystals
 1992 Branchings of the Fully Symmetrical Solutions of the Molecular Field Equation in Liquid Crystals
 1992 Quantitative aspects of chirality. III. Description of the influence of the structure of chiral compounds on their twisting power in the nematic mesophase by means of the dissymmetry function
 1992 Short-Range Behaviour of SO(3)-Invariant Expansion Coefficient of the Intermolecular Interaction Energy
 1992 Transformational Properties of Molecular Tensors in Calculations Related to Anisotropic Intermolecular Interactions
 1993 Additive anisotropic interactions in molecular liquids and liquid crystals
 1996 Electrostatic interactions in anisotropic liquids
 1997 Pressure- and Temperarure-Induced Ordering in Molecular Crystal via a Stage of Virtual Smectics-B
 2009 Dispersions of Carbon Nanotubes in Cholesteric Liquid Crystals
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