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Brasselet, E.2004 Optical transitions driven by self-induced walk-off in nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Optical tuning of nonlinear dynamics induced by light in nematic liquid crystals
 2004 Optically induced dynamics in nematic liquid crystals: The role of finite beam size
 2005 Light-induced instabilities driven by competing helical patterns in long-pitch cholesterics
 2006 Chaotic Rotations Generated by Light in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Brasselet, Etienne2001 Optical manipulation of liquid crystals using a two-beam technique
 2008 All-optical switching and multistability in photonic structures with liquid crystal defects
 2008 Light-induced orientational effects in periodic photonic structures with pure and dye-doped nematic liquid crystal defects
 2009 Light-Induced Nonlinear Rotations of Nematic Liquid Crystal Droplets Trapped in Laser Tweezers
 2009 Optical Vortices from Liquid Crystal Droplets
Brasselet, S.2005 Local orientational distribution of molecular monolayers probed by nonlinear microscopy
Brasseur, N.1997 Syntheses and Photodynamic Activities of Novel Trisulfonated Zinc Phthalocyanine Derivatives
Brasseur, R.2006 Lipid-destabilising properties of a peptide with structural plasticity
 2007 Lipid-destabilizing properties of the hydrophobic helices H8 and H9 from colicin E1
Brasseur, Robert1984 Mode of organization of lipid aggregates: a conformational analysis
 1996 Aminoglycoside antibiotics prevent the formation of non-bilayer structures in negatively-charged membranes. Comparative studies using fusogenic (bis(ß-diethylaminoethylether)hexestrol) and aggregating (spermine) agents
 2002 Membrane destabilization induced by ß-amyloid peptide 29-42: Importance of the amino-terminus
Bratberg, I.2002 Dynamic rearrangements and packing regimes in randomly deposited two-dimensional granular beds
Bratek, Krystyna1980 Carbonizations under pressure of chloroform-soluble material of coking vitrinite
Bratko, Dusan1986 Electrical double layer interactions with image charges
Bratkovsky, Alexander M.2009 Unusual Flexoelectric Effect in Two-Dimensional Noncentrosymmetric sp2-Bonded Crystals
Bratman, V.L.2004 Dispersion of helically corrugated waveguides: Analytical, numerical, and experimental study
Bratton, Larry D.1993 Perfluorocyclobutane containing aromatic ether polymers as an electronic-grade resin for flat panel displays
Bratukhin, S.M.2008 Computer simulations of the behavior of arylpropargyl phenol esters
Bratulescu, G.1998 Determination of phase transitions in liquid crystals by optical absorption spectroscopy
Bratulescu, George1998 Synthesis of some 4,4'-bis(arylmethoxy)azoxybenzene derivatives, potential liquid crystals , by phase-transfer catalysis
Bräuchle, Christoph1987 Liquid crystalline polysiloxanes for optical write-once storage
 1989 Reversible holographic-optical data storage in cholesteric liquid-crystalline siloxanes
 1989 Reversible Holographic-Optical Data Storage in Cholesteric Liquid-Crystalline Siloxanes
 1990 Hologram Growth in Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Polymers - Influence of the Sample Temperature on Hologram Efficiency and Photosensitivity
 1991 Ultrasonic measurements of the anisotropic viscoelastic properties of a nematic elastomer
 1992 Chiral Liquid Crystalline Polymers with Azo Dye - Generation of Additional Reflection Bands with Linearly Polarized Light
 1993 Cholesteric liquid crystalline siloxanes with azo dye: generation of additional reflection bands with linearly polarized light
 1993 Optical elements made from helical liquid crystal substances with reflection bands for linear polarized light, and a method for their manufacture
 1993 Photoinduced generation of noncentrosymmetric structures in glassy liquid-crystalline polysiloxanes for second harmonic generation
 1993 Photoinduced reorientation of cholesteric liquid crystalline polysiloxanes and applications in optical information storage and second harmonic generation
 1993 Time-Resolved Impulsive Light-Scattering Studies of Liquid Crystalline Side Chain Polysiloxanes
 1993 Ultrasonic properties of a nematic sidechain polysiloxane in the 100 MHz-1 GHz range
 1994 A dispersion step in the ultrasonic region of a nematic liquid single crystal elastomer
 1994 Influence of surface interaction on the reorientational dynamics of pentylcyanobiphenyl confined in a porous glass
 1994 Methods of preparing materials having good nonlinear optical properties
 1994 Photoinduced Generation of Noncentrosymmetric Structures in Glassy Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxanes and Their Application
 1995 Charcterization of Photoinduced Noncentrosymmetric Structures in Glassy Liquid Crystalline Polysiloxanes by Linear and Nonlinear Optical Methods
 1995 Structuring cholesteric polysiloxanes by photoinduced rotational diffusion
 1996 Cyclic liquid-crystalline siloxanes as optical recording materials
 1996 Generation of noncentrosymmetric structures in glassy liquid crystalline siloxanes
Bräuchle, Christoph (cont...)1998 Liquid crystalline coronene derivatives with extraordinary fluorescence properties
 1998 Optically addressed spatial light modulator on the basis of bacteriorhodopsin
 1998 Solvation dynamics of ionic dyes in the isotropic phase of liquid crystals
 1998 Spatial light modulation with a bacteriorhodopsin-driven liquid-crystal cell
 1998 Spatial Liqht Modulation with a Bacteriorhodopsin-Driven Liquid Crystal-Cell
 1999 Characteristics of solvation dynamics of rhodamine 700 in cyanobiphenyls
 2001 Temperature Dependence of Solvation Dynamics in Alkylcyanobiphenyls
Bräuchler, Martin1991 Dynamic Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy of liquid-crystalline elastomers
Braudaway, Gordon W.1999 Color calibration of liquid crystal displays
Braudo, Evgeny E.1998 Structure formation in liquid solutions and gels of polysaccharides. A review of the authors' work
Bräuer, A.2003 Reciprocity theorem and perturbation theory for photonic crystal waveguides
Brauer, B.1981 Experimental investigation of twisted nematic phase with Fourier analysis
 1990 Ein einfaches, aber unverstandenes Experiment im Nematen
 1990 Schneller Schalteffekt mit nematischer Drehzelle
 1992 Sign reversal of the spontaneous polarization in the C* phase of a side-chain polyacrylate and its monomer
Bräuer, P.2004 Molecular traffic control in single-file networks with fast catalysts
Braughler, J. Mark1991 Use of a lamellar liquid crystal as a matrix to follow free radical initiated lipid peroxidation
Braun, Birgit2009 Single-Step Method for the Isolation and Surface Functionalization of Cellulosic Nanowhiskers
Braun, C.1993 Modellunabhängige Analyse von Reflektivitätsdaten oberflächenreduzierter Schichtstrukturen an der Grenzfläche Flüssigkeit/Gas
 1998 Surface effects accompanying the Lα-to-Lα+ transition of the amphiphile C12E4 in water as studied by neutron reflectivity
 2000 Surface effects of lyotropic liquid crystalline phases of nonionic surfactants
Braun, C.D.1999 Discotic liquid crystalline crosslinkers and anisotropic networks
Braun, Chr.1998 Surface relaxation of a hexagonal lyotropic mesophase
Braun, Christian1999 Interfacial effects of dilute solutions and lyotropic liquid crystalline phases of nonionic surfactants
Braun, D.1987 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 1. Copolymers of 1-alkenes with sulfur dioxide
 1988 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 2. Structural investigation
 1988 Synthesis, structure, and phase behavior of laterally n-alkyl-substituted polyesters with cyclohexylene moieties in the main chain
 1989 Liquid-Crystalline Poly(Olefine Sulfones) - Synthesis And Structure
 1991 Liquid Crystalline Networks Composed of Rigid Monomers
 1991 Rigid Mesogenic T-Molecules and Rigid Stars
 1993 Effects of non- mesogenic comonomers on the phase behavior, the structure and the miscibility of side chain liquid-crystalline polymers
 1993 Grafting of polyesters by free-radical chain transfer
 1994 λ-Shaped mesogens. Structure, phase formation and properties
 1994 Induced LC Order in Comblike Copolymers
 1995 Dielectric relaxations in bilayer structures of comb-like copolymers: perfluoroalkyl and liquid-crystalline side chains
 1997 Two-component diacrylate networks from liquid -crystalline and non- liquid - crystalline monomers. Part 1. Synthesis of the monomers, phase behavior of the binary monomer mixtures, network formation
 1997 Two-component diacrylate networks from liquid -crystalline and non- liquid - crystalline monomers. Part 2. Small- and wide-angle x-ray scattering
Braun, David B.1995 Formulating and characterizing cosmetic suspensions/emulsions
 1997 Electroluminescent devices using oriented liquid crystal-containing active layers and their fabrication
 1997 Electroluminescent illumination system and flat-panel picture display device provided with such system
Braun, Dietrich1969 Polyradikalanionen und Polydianionen aus Copolymeren mit p-vinyl-trans-stilben-Grundbausteinen
 1986 Liquid-crystalline polyesters with 1,4-cyclohexylene units
 1989 Blends of semiflexible liquid-crystalline polyesters with polystyrene
 1989 Liquid-crystalline polyesters with trans-1,4-cyclohexylene units
 1989 Thermostability of liquid crystalline polymers
 1991 Planar liquid-crystalline compounds composed of rigid linear segments
 1992 Liquid crystal/liquid-crystalline network composite systems: structure formation and electrooptic properties
 1993 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 3. New copolymers from 1-alkenes with sulfur dioxide
 1994 Liquid-crystalline polysulfones. 4. Radiation-induced degradation
 1995 Liquid crystalline networks composed of rigid spacerless monomers: kinetics of network formation, anisotropic structure and mechanical properties
 1995 Synthesis and characterization of liquid-crystalline main-chain polyesters for use in blends with thermoplastics
 1997 Rigid-chain polyesters grafted with flexible-chain vinyl polymers
 1997 Tetrahedral adamantane derivatives. Glass formation and melting behavior
Braun, E.1991 Long- and Short-Range Interactions of Defects in Anisotropic Hydrodynamical Systems
 1991 Mechanism of Transition to a Weak Turbulence in Extended Anisotropic Systems
 1993 Filamentation and undulation of self-focused laser beams in liquid crystals
Braun, Erez1991 Eckhaus instability and defect nucleation in two-dimensional anisotropic systems
 1993 Strong self-focusing in nematic liquid crystals
Braun, F.1989 Synthesis and thermal behavior of model compounds for thermotropic main chain polyesters
 1989 Synthesis and thermal properties of diurethanes containing various mesogenic units
 1990 Silicone containing liquid crystalline polyurethanes and polyesters
Braun, F.N.1996 Director distortion in a nematic wetting layer
 1996 Microscopic calculation of the surface tension of nematic LCs
 1996 Oblique anchoring at a free nematic surface
 1998 Azimuthal ordering in Langmuir monolayers
 1999 Critical properties of the oblique to homeotropic anchoring transition at nematic liquid-crystal surfaces
 1999 Effect of director fluctuations on the surface tension of nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Fluctuations at the domain edges of nematic liquid crystals in two dimensions
 2000 Spinodal dewetting of a nematic liquid crystal film
 2001 Disclination renormalization of the disjoining pressure between walls bounding a nematic liquid crystal
 2001 Fluctuation-entanglement mechanism for director anchoring at nematic polymer surfaces
 2001 Line Tension Anisotropy in Two-Dimensional Uniaxial Crystals
 2001 Thermal orientation of nematics confined between non-anchoring walls
 2004 Sequence variability of proteins evolutionarily constrained by solution-thermodynamic function
Braun, Frank1990 Synthesis and thermal properties of liquid-crystalline polyesters with mesogenic units and siloxane spacers in the main chain
Braun, H.A.2004 Influence of time-delayed feedback in the firing pattern of thermally sensitive neurons
Braun, James C.2000 Polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell collector plate and method of fabrication
Braun, Jose E.2000 Chiral liquid crystalline m-nitrotolans and tolans: synthesis and mesomorphic properties
Braun, L.2005 Differences between smectic homo- and co-polysiloxanes as a consequence of microphase separation
Braun, Lydia2003 Oligothiophenes for Pattern Formation by Stamping
 2007 (Photo)crosslinkable Smectic LC Main-Chain Polymers
 2008 Solubilization of multi walled carbon nanotubes by α-pyrene functionalized PMMA and their liquid crystalline self-organization
Braun, M.1995 Influence of powder properties on the sintering of polyaromatic mesophases to high-strength isotropic graphite
 1995 Influence of powder properties on the sintering of polyaromatic mesophases to high-strength isotropic graphite
 1995 Kinetics of mesophase formation in a stirred tank reactor and properties of the products - VI. Catalysis by iron benzoate and naphthoate
 1996 Element-substituted polyaromatic mesophases: I. Boron-substitution with the pyridine-borane complex
 1996 Sintering of powders of polyaromatic mesophase to high-strength isotropic carbons: III. Powders based on an iron-catalyzed mesophase synthesis
 1998 Element-substituted polyaromatic mesophases: II. A comparison of various synthesis routes for boron substitution
 2000 New carbon materials from boron- and silicon-substituted polyaromatic mesophases
 2009 Efficient Chiral Dopants Derived from the Regioisomeric Triphenylaminoethanols
Braun, Manfred2002 Synthesis and liquid crystalline properties of 5-alkyl-1,4-dioxane-2-carboxylic esters
 2002 Use of chiral, uncharged metal compounds as doping agents for liquid crystals
 2005 Bis-chelated imine-alkoxytitanium complexes: Novel chiral dopants with high helical twisting power in liquid crystals
 2007 Helical twisting power of chiral titanium complexes in nematic compounds
Braun, Markus2005 Chirp Dependence of Wave Packet Motion in Oxazine 1.
Braun, Matthias1994 Catalyst for liquid-phase pyrolysis of hydrocarbons.
 1994 Kinetics of mesophase formation in a stirred tank reactor and properties of the products. V. Catalysis by ferrocene
 1997 Preparation of sinterable mesophase polyaromatic powder
Braun, O.M.2003 Driven kinks in the anharmonic Frenkel-Kontorova model
 2003 Dynamics and melting of a thin confined film
 2003 Stimulated diffusion of an adsorbed dimer
Braun, P.1978 Orientation of nematic phases in magnetic field
 1978 Temperature dependence of the rotational viscosity above the SA-nematic phase transition in 4-nitrophenyl 4-n-octyloxybenzoate
Braun, P.V.1997 Counterion Effects in Liquid Crystal Templating of Nanostructured CdS
 2005 Macroscopic Nanotemplating of Semiconductor Films with Hydrogen-Bonded Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
Braun, Paul V.1996 Semiconducting superlattices templated by molecular assemblies
 1999 CdS mineralization of hexagonal, lamellar, and cubic lyotropic liquid crystals
 1999 Nanostructure Templating in Inorganic Solids with Organic Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
 2004 Lyotropic Liquid Crystals as Nanoreactors for Nanoparticle Synthesis
 2004 Two-Dimensional Diffusion of Prodan on Self-Assembled Monolayers Studied by Fluorescence Recovery after Photobleaching
 2005 Double Direct Templating of Periodically Nanostructured ZnS Hollow Microspheres
 2007 Templated Mesoporous Silica Colloids with Controlled Internal Structures
 2009 Double Direct Templated Hollow ZnS Microspheres Formed on Chemically Modified Silica Colloids
 2009 SiO2 Nanoparticle Sequestration via Reactive Functionalization in Holographic Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystals
Braun, Peter1981 NMR studies on the reorientational behavior of nematic phases of some homologous series and on the connection with rotational viscosities
 2003 Nonlinear volatility of river flux fluctuations
Braun, S.1984 NMR and X-ray investigation of the gel phase of phosphatidylethanolamines
Braun, T.2002 Structural peculiarities and raman vibrational modes in the c60 films
 2005 Radiative Recombination of Frenkel Excitons in Solid c60 Under Radiation Damages
Braune, W.1932 Ph. D. Thesis Halle
Brauniger, T.2008 Relaxation Dynamics of Orientationally Disordered Plastic Crystals: Effect of Dopants
Bräuniger, Thomas1995 Relation between the orientation ordering and the tricritical behavior for smectic-A to smectic-C phase transition
 1996 Effect of a dimethyl substitution on the ordering of four isomeric nematogens
 1997 Orientational ordering of some biforked nematic liquid crystals
 1999 Comment on "Monte Carlo simulations of smectic phase transitions in flexible-rigid-flexible molecules"
Braunlin, William H.2001 Novel Cholesterol Lowering Polymeric Drugs Obtained by Molecular Imprinting
Braunstein, A.2003 Polynomial iterative algorithms for coloring and analyzing random graphs
Braunstein, L.A.2004 Universal behavior of the coefficients of the continuous equation in competitive growth models
Braunstein, Lidia A.2004 Effect of disorder strength on optimal paths in complex networks
Brausch, O.2003 Cellular flow patterns and their evolutionary scenarios in three-dimensional Rayleigh-Bénard convection
Braverman, L.P.1976 Structural-orientational processes in poly(p-benzamide) lyotropic liquid crystals
 1978 Rheological properties of polymeric liquid crystals
 1982 Characteristics of rheological properties of thermotropic liquid-crystal polymers
 1987 Effect of different unit structure related to asymmetry of one of the monomers of poly(amidobenzimidazole) properties
 1987 Viscosity and structure of poly(p-phenyleneterephthaloylbenzamide) solutions
 1988 Nonlinear viscoelasticity of liquid-crystalline solutions and pastes of aromatic polyamides of para-structure
 1995 Change of rheological and optical properties of fiber-forming mesophase pitches during their preparation
 1996 Effect of thermomechanical treatment on mesophase formation in an isotropic pitch melt
Bravic, G.1991 Crystal structure of a new biforked mesogen
Bravina, Svetlana2008 Pyroelectric Thermowave Probing and Polarization Reversal in TGS/PEO Composites
Bravo-Abad, J.2004 Transmission properties of a single metallic slit: From the subwavelength regime to the geometrical-optics limit
Bravo-Grimaldo, E.1996 Liquid crystal properties of N-alkyl(ethylpyridinium) bromides ω-substituted with a mesogenic group
Bravo-Grimaldo, Elda1997 Liquid crystal properties of poly(2-vinylpyridine) fully quaternized with a mesogenic group
 2006 Solid-state Polyelectrolyte Complexes of Branched Poly(ethylenimine) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
 2006 Zinc Coordination of Carboxylate Surfactomesogens to Poly(4-vinylpyridine)
Bravo, N.1969 N.M.R. study of molecular configuration and order in a fluorinated-liquid-crystalline Schiff base
Bray, A.J.1991 Asymptotic structure factor and power-law tails for phase ordering in systems with continuous symmetry
 1992 Phase-ordering dynamics of nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Domain-growth scaling in systems with long-range interactions
 1993 Structure factor for phase ordering in nematic liquid crystals
 1993 Topological defects, correlation functions, and power-law tails in phase-ordering kinetics
 1993 Towards a systematic calculation of the scaling functions for the ordering kinetics of nonconserved fields
 1994 Growth laws for phase ordering
 1994 Phase-ordering dynamics of the O(n) model: Exact predictions and numerical results
 1994 Theory of phase-ordering kinetics
 1995 Ordering kinetics of conserved XY models
 1995 Phase ordering of two-dimensional XY systems below the Kosterlitz-Thouless transition temperature
 1995 Phase-ordering kinetics with external fields and biased initial conditions
 2002 Theory of phase-ordering kinetics
 2003 Survival probability of a diffusing particle in the presence of Poisson-distributed mobile traps
Bray, Alan J.2000 Coarsening dynamics of nonequilibrium phase transitions
 2002 Series Expansion Calculation of Persistence Exponents
 2003 Formal solution of a class of reaction-diffusion models: Reduction to a single-particle problem
 2003 Survival probability of a ballistic tracer particle in the presence of diffusing traps
 2004 Persistence exponents and the statistics of crossings and occupation times for Gaussian stationary processes
 2008 Experimental Test of Curvature-Driven Dynamics in the Phase Ordering of a Two Dimensional Liquid Crystal
Bray, D.1987 Water distribution in creams prepared using cetostearyl alcohol and cetrimide
Bray, P.J.1977 Nitrogen-14 nuclear quadrupole resonance study of substituted nitrobenzenes
 1979 Nitrogen-14 nuclear quadrupole resonance in several liquid crystals in their solid state
Brazeau, Julien1998 Orientation in stretched polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 1999 Oriented polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
 2000 Orientation and anchoring effects in stretched polymer dispersed nematic liquid crystals
Brazhkin, V.V.2003 Structural transformations in liquid, crystalline, and glassy B2O3 under high pressure
 2004 Structural Transformations in Liquid, Crystalline and Glassy B2O3 under High Pressure
 2008 AsS Melt Under Pressure: One Substance, Three Liquids
 2008 Elastic properties of crystalline and liquid gallium at high pressures
Brazis, Paul W.1999 Flux synthesis of new multinary bismuth chalcogenides and their thermoelectric properties
Brazovskaia, M.1996 Arch-texture in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1996 Motion of islands on vibrating smectic films
 1996 Nonlinear effects in vibrating smectic films
 1997 Smectic Films and Quantum Billiards
 1998 Diabolical points in the resonance spectra of vibrating smectic films
 1998 Self-Tuning Behavior of Vibrating Smectic Films
 1998 Smectic films and quantum billiards
 1998 Stability and vibrations of catenoid-shaped smectic films
 1998 Transfer of smectic films to a solid substrate by the method of Maclennan
 1998 Vibrations of smectic films
Brazovskii, S.A.1975 Phase transitions in cholesteric liquid crystals
 1978 Critical phenomena in cholesteric liquid crystals
Brazzach, Milton Leoncio1991 Rheological properties of a suspending media with Veegum HV, carboxymethyl cellulose and sucrose
Bream, Richard2006 Methylcyclopentane
 2006 trans-1,2-Dimethylcyclohexane
 2006 trans-1,4-Dimethylcyclohexane
Breban, L.2006 Thermally induced order in PPV derivatives
Breban, Romulus2003 Phase synchronization of chaotic attractors with prescribed periodic signals
 2003 Scaling properties of saddle-node bifurcations on fractal basin boundaries
 2004 Publisher's Note: Scaling properties of saddle-node bifurcations on fractal basin boundaries [Phys. Rev. E 68, 066213 (2003)]
Brecht, Volker2001 Parameters influencing the determination of liposome lamellarity by 31P-NMR
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Brecl, M.1995 Synthesis of polyurethanes with a mesogenic unit in the side-chain
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 1997 Characterization of mesophases of 4-{ω-[bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]- alkoxy}-4'-nitroazobenzenes and corresponding polyurethanes
 1997 Side-chain liquid - crystalline polyurethanes
 1997 Synthesis and characterization of side-chain liquid crystal polyurethanes
 1998 Side chain liquid crystal polyurethanes with azobenzene mesogenic moieties: influence of spacer length on hydrogen bonding at different temperatures
Brecl, Marko1998 Liquid crystalline behavior of 4-{ω-[bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]alkoxy}-4'-cyanoazobenzenes
 1999 Hard segmented side chain liquid crystal polyurethanes with azobenzene mesogenic moieties
 1999 Mesomorphic properties of 4-{ω-[bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]alkoxy}-4'-methoxyazobenzenes
 1999 Phase-separated polyurethanes with pendant mesogenic units
 2002 Aromatic side-chain liquid-crystalline polyurethanes with azobenzene mesogenic units
Breczewski, T.2002 The Heat Capacity of 4-4'-dichlorobenzophenone
Bredas, J.-L.2000 Almost temperature independent charge carrier mobilities in liquid crystals
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 2004 1,3,6,8-Tetraphenylpyrene Derivatives: Towards Fluorescent Liquid-Crystalline Columns?
Bredas, J.L.1999 Theoretical design of organic chromophores with large two-photon absorption cross-sections
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 1999 Electroluminescence in conjugated polymers
Bredas, Jean-Luc1996 The Optical, Electronic, and Electroluminescent Properties of Novel Poly(p-phenylene)-Related Polymers
 2004 Charge Transport Properties in Discotic Liquid Crystals: A Quantum-Chemical Insight into Structure-Property Relationships
 2004 Electronic Delocalization in Discotic Liquid Crystals: A Joint Experimental and Theoretical Study
 2005 Colorless Molecular Dopants for Low-Operating-Voltage Nematic Liquid Crystals
 2008 Theoretical Characterization of the Indium Tin Oxide Surface and of Its Binding Sites for Adsorption of Phosphonic Acid Monolayers
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 1985 The Optical Threshold in Twisted ({\f1 p
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 1986 Numerical calculations of director patterns in highly twisted nematic configurations with nonzero pretilt angles
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 1987 The determination of the frank elastic constant for twist deformation of 4'-n-pentyl-4-cyanobiphenyl (5CB) using a conoscope
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Breglio, Giovanni2001 Optoelectronic router based on a liquid crystal waveguide
 2001 Optoelectronic switch and continuously tunable filter based on a liquid crystal waveguide
 2002 Optical multimode interference router in sol-gel waveguide with a liquid crystal cladding
 2003 Electro-optical switch based on a Bragg grating in a liquid crystal waveguide
 2003 Optoelectronic router in glass waveguide with a liquid crystal cladding
Bregni, Carlos1987 Stabilization of emulsions by insoluble complex formation
 1988 Interface phenomena in colloidal systems
 2005 Estructura de las Principales Fases Líquido-Cristalinas Liotrópicas
 2005 Geometría de Micelas y otros Agregados de Sustancias Anfifílicas
 2007 Release of caffeine from two liquid-crystalline systems
 2007 Stabilization of foams by amphiphilic crystalline solids and liquid crystals
 2008 Birefringent emulsions stabilized with Steareth-2 and Steareth-21
Brehamet, Lionel1983 Polarized resonance Raman spectroscopy of Langmuir-Blodgett films
Brehler, K.-P.1998 High-strength graphites for carbon piston applications
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 1974 Orientierung cholesterischer Mesophasen an mit Lecithin behandelten Oberflächen
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 1996 Amphiphilic Two-Fold Hydroxy Substituted Tetrakis(Phenylethynyl)Benzene Derivatives
 1997 Investigations of the Monolayer Behavior of Facial Amphiphiles at the Air-Water-Interface
 2001 Optically induced switching of azobenzene containing self assembling monolayers investigated by Kelvin probe and scanning force microscopy
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Brehmer, Martin1992 LC-Polymers with Special Functional Groups: Ways to Crosslinked Polymers and to Blends with Non LC-Polymers
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 1994 Ferroelectric liquid-crystalline elastomers
 1994 Ferroelectric liquid-crystalline elastomers
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