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 1984 Physical and mechanical properties of conductive composites
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 1985 Thermotropic polyketones: a new class of main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 1985 Thermotropic polythioethers and copolythioethers based on 4,4'-dithiolbiphenyl
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 1977 X-ray structure study of the liquid crystalline structure of the sodium pentadecylsulfonate-water system
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 1979 X-ray diffraction study of the effect of sodium chloride concentration on the structure of a mixed lyotropic liquid crystal consisting of molecules of amphiphile and water-soluble polymer
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 2001 Principles for Measurement of Chemical Exposure Based on Recognition-Driven Anchoring Transitions in Liquid Crystals
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 1992 Synthesis and Characterization of New Mesogenic Phenyl Hydrazones
 1992 Synthesis and characterization of new mesogenic phenyl hydrazones
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 1992 Synthesis and Characterization of New Mesogenic Phenyl Hydrazones
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 1992 Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
 1992 Introduction to liquid crystals and their molecular order
 1992 Langmuir Films of Materials Showing Bulk SC* Phases
 1992 Langmuir-Blodgett multilayer films of a ferroelectric liquid-crystalline copolymer using an alternate deposition method
 1992 Molecular Approach to Achieve a Room Temperature Ferroelectric Polymer with Large Polarization
 1992 Novel Ferroelectric and Antiferroelectric Materials
 1992 Smectic-Ad-Smectic-A2 Critical Point
 1992 Spontaneous Polarization and Tilt Angle Coupling in Mixtures of a Side-Chain Copolymer and its Side-Group Mesogen
 1992 Studies on the Structure and Phase Transitions in Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers and Monomers
 1992 Synthesis and Characterization of New Ferroelectric Liquid Crystalline Polymers
 1992 The behavior of ferroelectric liquid crystalline compounds at the air-water interface
 1992 X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Tubules Formed from a Diacetylenic Phosphocholine Lipid
 1992 X-Ray Investigations on Multilayer Films of Liquid Crystal Side-Chain Polymers
Shashidhar, R. (cont...)1992 X-ray studies of lyotropic liquid crystals
 1992 X-ray studies of thermotropic liquid crystals
 1993 Do the smectic O and the antiferroelectric smectic C phases belong to the same phase type?
 1993 Dynamics of phospholipid tubules in a concentrated solution: Results from high-field magnetic birefringence and quasielastic light scattering
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