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Serpi, H.S.1992 Theory of Main Chain Nematic Polymers: The Influence of Spacer Length and Parity on Ordering
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 2000 Shape parameters and uniaxial deformability of mesogenic dimers with flexible spacers
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 2004 Liquid-crystalline thermosets from liquid-crystalline epoxy resins containing bisazomethinebiphenylene mesogens in the central core: Copolymerization with a nonmesomorphic epoxy resin
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 1990 Vanadyl metal mesogen derivatives: an EPR study
 1991 Dielectric behavior of the relaxational modes in a ferroelectric liquid crystal
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Serrano, J.L. (cont...)1993 Paramagnetic smectic liquid crystals: synthesis and properties of bis(N-aryl-4-[(4'-decyloxy)benzyloxy]salicylaldimine)copper(II) and oxovanadium(IV)
 1993 Persistence of short range order in the fluid phases of a mesogen copper complex studied by EPR
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 1994 Ferroelectric Behavior in Metal-Containing Liquid Crystals: A Structure-Activity Study
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 1996 Metallomesogenic polymers derived from salicylaldimine complexes
 1996 ortho-Palladated metallomesogens: the effects of structural modifications on their liquid crystalline behavior
 1996 Synthesis and mesogenic properties of 6-n-decyloxy-2-(alkoxybenzylidenamino)benzothiazoles
 1996 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 6-n-decyloxy-2-[4'-(N-alkoxyphenylimino)methyl]quinolines (IV)
 1997 FLCs with a five-membered ring in the mesogenic core
 1997 Glassy Mesophases and Ferroelectric Properties of Chiral Low Molar Mass Liquid Crystals
 1997 Influence of the Metal Crosslinking on the Dielectric, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of a Liquid Crystalline Polyazomethine
 1997 The stabilization of smectic A phases in mixtures of twinned-calamitic, metal organic complexes with 2,4,7-trinitro-9-fluorenone
Serrano, J.L. (cont...)1997 The state of the art in metallomesogenic polymers
 1998 Anisotropic crosslinked materials obtained by in-situ photopolymerization of reactive mesogens
 1998 Smectic Cu(II), Pd(II) and VO(IV) complexes: synthesis, EPR and thermogravimetric studies
 1998 Switchable Columnar Metallomesogens. New Helical Self-assembling Systems
 1999 Influence of Hydroxy Functionalization and Metal Cross-Linking on Fiber Properties of Liquid-Crystalline Polyazomethines
 1999 Mesomorphic and dielectric properties of a side chain liquid crystalline polyacrylate and copper(II) crosslinked derivatives
 1999 Mesomorphic and Orientational Study of Materials Processed by In Situ Photopolymerization of Reactive Liquid Crystals
 1999 New liquid crystals containing the benzothiazole unit: amides and azo compounds
 1999 Photopolymerization of Reactive Mesogenic Schiff Bases and Related Metallomesogens
 1999 Synthesis and mesomorphic properties of 2,6-disubstituted derivatives of quinoline: amides and esters
 1999 Synthesis of new mesogenic compounds having the isoflavone core group
 2000 Pockels effect in photopolymers derived from ferroelectric liquid crystals
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 2001 Photo-induced alignment of LC polymers by photoorientation and thermotropic self-organization
 2001 Rigid Chiral Building Blocks for Copper(II)- and Palladium(II)-Containing Liquid Crystals
 2001 Sugar-Coated Discotic Liquid Crystals
 2002 Chiral Codendrimers Derived from Poly(Propyleneimine)
 2002 Design of Salicylaldiminate Metal Complexes for Columnar Mesophases
 2002 Emissive Anisotropic Polymeric Materials Derived from Reactive Liquid Crystalline Fluorenes
 2002 Helical Columnar Organisations from Polycatenar Metallomesogens
Serrano, J.L. (cont...)2002 Metallomesogens Derived from Tris[2-(Salicylideneamino)Ethyl]- Amine. A Molecular Meccano. A Versatile Plastic Ligand.
 2002 Metallomesogens: a promise or a fact?
 2002 Structure-Property Relationships and Optical Behaviour of New Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystal Molecules
 2002 Supramolecular H-Bonded Columnar Polymers
 2003 Paramagnetic Bimetallomesogens
 2004 Emissive Anisotropic Polymeric Materials derived from Liquid Crystalline Fluorenes
 2004 Structure-activity studies of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric imine ligands and their square-planar complexes
 2005 End-on nematic liquid crystal dendrimers
 2005 Insight into the mesogenic character of 15-membered triolefinic azamacrocycles, and their diolefinic open precursors and Pd(0) complexes
 2005 Light-Induced Orientation of Liquid Crystalline Terpolymers Containing Azobenzene and Dye Moieties
 2005 Mesogenic driving forces in dendrimers
 2005 New chiral Schiff's bases with a 1,3,4-thiadiazole ring in the mesogenic core: synthesis, mesomorphic and ferroelectric properties
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 2005 Side-on nematic liquid crystalline dendrimers and codendrimers
 2006 Characterization by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and 2D IR Correlation Spectroscopy of PAMAM Dendrimer
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 2006 Supramolecular chirality of columnar mesophases consisting of H-bonded complexes of melamine and polycatenar benzoic acids.
 2007 Photoinduced Chiral Nematic Organization in an Achiral Glassy Nematic Azopolymer
 2007 Wide temperature range mesomorphic behaviour of highly fluorinated 15-membered macrocycles and their open trisulphonamide precursor
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 1987 Structural studies of mesogen benzalazine derivatives. Part I. Semiempirical MO calculations (CNDO/2, MNDO) on intramolecular hydrogen bond and vicinal interactions
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 1996 Chiral Promesogenic Monomers Inducing One-Handed, Helical Conformations in Synthetic Polymers
 1996 Effect of the position and number of chiral carbons on ferroelectric liquid crystals from multichain mononuclear ortho-palladated complexes
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Serrano, Jose Luis (cont...)1997 Tetrathiafulvalene-containing liquid crystals
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 1999 Columnar liquid crystals with highly polar groups. Evaluation of the nonlinear optical properties
 1999 Dendromesogens: liquid crystal organizations versus starburst structures
 1999 Rhodium(I) and Iridium(I) Complexes Containing β-Diketonate or Pyrazole Ligands. Liquid Crystal and Nonlinear Optical Properties
 2000 Mesogenic Pyrazaboles: Synthesis, Properties, and Structural Characterization
 2000 Switchable columnar metallomesogens
 2001 Dendromesogens: liquid crystal organizations of poly(amidoamine) dendrimers versus starburst structures. Part 2
 2001 Metallomesogens with a manganese core
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 2004 End-on and Side-on Nematic Liquid Crystal Dendrimers
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 2004 Mesomorphism of a tetrahedral zinc complex
 2004 SmCP-Networked Films Obtained by in Situ Photopolymerization of Neat Reactive Banana-Shaped Liquid Crystals
 2004 Structural study of metallomesogens derived from tris-[2-(salicylideneamino)ethyl]amine. A molecular meccano.
 2004 Structural Study on Columnar Mesophases Consisting of H-Bonded Supramolecules
 2004 Structure-activity studies of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric imine ligands and their palladium(ii) complexes. An antiferroelectric metallomesogen
Serrano, Jose Luis (cont...)2005 Banana-shaped liquid crystals: a new field to explore
 2005 Columnar Mesomorphic Organizations in Cyclotriphosphazenes
 2005 Discotic Liquid Crystalline Poly(propylene imine) Dendrimers Based on Triphenylene
 2005 Metal-containing nanostructured materials through in situ polymerization of reactive metallomesogens
 2005 Self-organization of nanostructured functional dendrimers
 2005 Strict Steric Requirements for the Formation of Helical Mesophases Consisting of H-Bonded Supramolecules
 2005 Supramolecular Helical Mesomorphic Polymers. Chiral Induction through H-Bonding
 2006 Electroactive C3 symmetric discotic liquid-crystalline triindoles
 2006 Liquid crystals from C3-symmetric mesogens for second-order nonlinear optics
 2006 PAMAM- and DAB-Derived Dendromesogens: The Plastic Supermolecules
 2006 Photoinduced supramolecular chirality in side-chain liquid crystalline azopolymers
 2006 Propeller-like Hydrogen-Bonded Banana-Melamine Complexes Inducing Helical Supramolecular Organizations
 2006 Self-assembled bent-core side-chain liquid crystalline polymers
 2006 Supramolecular Structures and Columnar Mesophase Induction in Nondiscoid Pyrazoles by Complexation to Rhodium(I)
 2006 Synthesis and properties of 2-phenylbenzoxazole-based luminophores for in situ photopolymerized liquid - crystal films
 2007 Light-driven supramolecular chirality in propeller-like hydrogen-bonded complexes that show columnar mesomorphism
 2007 Roof-shaped pyrazaboles as a structural motif for bent-core liquid crystals.
 2007 Synthesis, Characterization, and Induction of Stable Anisotropy in Liquid Crystalline Photo-addressable PPI Dendrimers
 2008 Biphenyl-based disc- vs. rod-shaped phenylacetylenes: mesomorphism and electronic properties
 2008 New H-bonded complexes and their supramolecular liquid-crystalline organizations
Serrano, Jose Luis (cont...)2008 Photosensitive Ionic Nematic Liquid Crystalline Complexes Based on Dendrimers and Hyperbranched Polymers and a Cyanoazobenzene Carboxylic Acid
 2008 Synthesis, Properties, and Polymerization of New Liquid Crystalline Monomers for Highly Ordered Guest-Host Systems
 2008 TTF-based bent-core liquid crystals
 2009 Piezoelectric and Electric-Field-Induced Properties of a Ferroelectric Bent-Core Liquid Crystal
 2009 Self-Assembly in Helical Columnar Mesophases and Luminescence of Chiral 1H-Pyrazoles
 2009 Structural characterization and physical properties of new tetrabenzopentaphene mesogens
 2009 Terminal Chains as a Tool To Modulate the Properties of Bent-Core Liquid Crystals
 2010 Bent-core liquid crystals in a route to efficient organic nonlinear optical materials
 2010 Self-Assembly of Linear-Dendritic Diblock Copolymers: From Nanofibers to Polymersomes
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 1999 Chiral linear isocyanide palladium(II) and gold(I) complexes as ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1999 Synthesis and studies of sugar-coated discotic liquid crystals
 2000 Copper-containing dendromesogens: the influence of the metal on the mesomorphism
 2002 Light-induced orientation of dyes in azobenzene containing LC polymers
 2003 Supramolecular Helical Stacking of Metallomesogens Derived from Enantiopure and Racemic Polycatenar Oxazolines
 2006 Synthesis and Characterization of Supramolecular Polymeric Materials Containing Azopyridine Units
Serrano, Jose Luis1989 Synthesis and properties of two new series of isomeric liquid-crystalline polyesters with conjugated double bonds
 1990 Synthesis and mesogenic properties of four series of polyesters derived from dicarboxylic and dihydroxylic aromatic monomers
 1991 An hexagonal columnar mesophase in half-disk-shaped thallium (I) complexes
 1992 A ferroelectric liquid crystal dimer: Synthesis and properties
 1992 Thermotropic aromatic copolyesters of catechol
 1993 Paramagnetic rod-like liquid crystals with lateral branches: bis{N-alkyl[5-(4-decyloxybenzoyloxy)]salicylaldiminate}copper(II)
 1994 Pyrazaboles: New room-temperature columnar liquid crystals
 1995 Dielectric relaxation study in a glassy low-molecular-weight ferroelectric liquid crystal
 1996 Second harmonic generation (SHG) with metal-containing ferroelectric liquid crystals
 1996 Second harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
 1996 Side-chain liquid crystalline polyesters derived from diethylmalonate and/or 1,3-propanediol
 2000 Liquid crystalline polymers containing discotic metallomesogens in the main chain
 2001 Achiral diacrylate with an anticlinic smectic phase
 2001 Antiferroelectric Liquid-Crystal Gels
 2002 Dendrimers with laterally grafted mesogens
 2003 Bis(salicylaldiminate) copper(II) and palladium(II) complexes: towards columnar mesophases
 2004 Luminescent Liquid Crystals Derived from 9,10-Bis(Phenylethynyl)anthracene
 2005 Photoreactive main-chain liquid-crystalline polyesters: Synthesis, characterization, and photochemistry
 2006 Cyclotriphosphazene as a Dendritic Core for the Preparation of Columnar Supermolecular Liquid Crystals
 2007 Bent-Core Liquid Crystals from Roof-Shaped Boron Coordination Compounds: Synthesis, Characterization, Dielectric, and Electro-Optic Studies
Serrano, Jose Luis (cont...)2007 Fluorene-based liquid crystalline networks with linearly polarized blue emission
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 2007 Liquid crystalline semifluorinated ionic dendrimers
 2007 Optoelectronic Devices Based on Mesomorphic, Highly Polarizable 1,3,5-Trisalkynyl Benzenes
 2008 Chiral photochemical induction in liquid crystals
 2008 Noncovalent Interactions as a Tool To Design New Bent-Core Liquid-Crystal Materials
 2008 Photoinduction and Control of the Supramolecular Chirality in Liquid Crystalline Azomaterials
 2008 Side-chain supramolecular polymers with induced supramolecular chirality through H-bonding interactions
 2009 Preparation and characterization of nematic polyazomethine/single-walled carbon nanotube composites prepared by in situ polymerization
Serrano, Jose-Luis1991 Paramagnetic nematic liquid crystals
 2003 Lamellar to Columnar Mesophase Evolution in a Series of PAMAM Liquid-Crystalline Codendrimers
 2004 Poly(propyleneimine) Liquid Crystal Codendrimers Bearing Laterally and Terminally Attached Promesogenic Groups
 2006 Long-range effects of chirality in aromatic poly(isocyanide)s
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